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Elizabeth Warren: Netanyahu's saying the quiet part out loud

Woman Set Her Dogs To Tear Neighborhood Cat For Video Entertainment (Petition)

CNN now: dump team warns SC that chaos & bedlam will be

Speaker Mike Johnson says he speaks with Trump 'frequently' about border negotiations

Congress sends Biden temporary funding bill to avert government shutdown - PBS NewsHour

Ben & Jerry's and Vermont scoop shop employees reach contract agreement

California Elections Worker Opens Fentanyl-Laced Envelope

In memory of PDQ Bach (Peter Schickele)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign Forms New Parties in Six States to Ease Ballot Access Requirements

9/11 victim's remains identified nearly 23 years later as Long Island man

AG Garland: Uvalde school shooting 'a failure that should not have happened' - MSNBC

Ben Carson Compares Trump To KING DAVID

Georgia: Stalin Icon removed from Tbilisi church

Two US lawmakers denounce Netanyahu's rejection of a Palestinian state

TFG's attorneys has filed his SCOTUS brief on TFG's disqualification under Section 3 of 14th Amendment

El Salvador woman freed after abortion conviction

El Salvador woman freed after abortion conviction

'How did so much go so wrong?' - Uvalde report released, detailing multiple law enforcement failures - Deadline - MSNBC

Water ice buried at Mars' equator is over 2 miles thick

Predator of the United States:

Michigan Republicans Are BROKE, In Default & Looking To Sell Headquarters

Would someone please provide me the link to donate to organizations

Opinion: Trump's behavior in E. Jean Carroll trial is a chilling trigger for sexual assault survivors

Thailand: Man jailed for 50 years for defaming monarchy

Winter wonders Here and abroad

'Everything was trickle down, but not a lot trickled': Biden hits Trump's economic record - MSNBC

Indiana bill defining antisemitism advances to state Senate

German far-right party assailed over report of extremist meeting

Mexico, Chile refer Israel-Hamas conflict to ICC over potential crimes

Trump eyes Rep. Elise Stefanik as potential VP pick - Deadline - MSNBC

Weather-related deaths climb to 41 as winter maintains icy grip over much of US

Mike Luckovich-CAUTION-House GOP fleeing

New mystery object could be lightest black hole ever seen

Rep. Garcia: And despite the attempted cover-ups, we can still prove that Trump and Jared Kushner were making national s

I've fought the cancer to a standstill. Took about 10 years. No more treatment. Just monitoring ...

Texas AG Paxton won't contest facts of whistleblower lawsuit central to his 2023 impeachment

DVR alert - are you a fan of Steven Wright the standup comic?

Ken Paxton paid $2.3 million to defense lawyers for impeachment trial

Trump incriminates himself - again - in new social media post, providing Jack Smith more evidence - Glenn Kirschner

Peter Navarro and Hunter Biden? And Contempt of Congress?

Paxton had to spend $2.3 million to contest his impeachment

It appears Trump has effectively stalled

Japan will attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon precisely

Statement from President Joe Biden on today's DOJ Report on Uvalde Shooting Response

More than 200 Spokane churches were asked to open their doors to homeless people during extreme cold weather ,4 agreed

What Uvalde teaches us:

Bar Noir - Dark Jazz Compilation Vol. 1 🖤🎵🎼🎹🎶

Federal judge won't shut down Michigan attorney general's case against 2020 fake electors

i photographed yellow headed caracaras mating right in front of one of my bird blinds....

Three in five Americans believe the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade has been bad for the country

Indicted loser? Trump trials may help Haley if primary runs long: Melber on history lessons - The Beat - MSNBC

The House GOP Mayorkas impeachment is unconstitutional, experts say

Russia-Ukraine war - live: Kyiv targets St Petersburg oil facility in rare drone attack on Putin's home city

Watch Japan attempt to ace its 1st-ever moon landing on Jan. 19 with this free livestream (video)

Outrage as Oklahoma Republican's bill labels Hispanic people 'terrorists'

Trump renews focus on targeting networks' broadcast licenses

Statement from Vice President Kamala Harris on today's DOJ Report on Uvalde Shooting Response

I just got off phone with my counselor

'The Mandalorian & Grogu' will be the next Star Wars movie

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton WREAK HAVOC at southern border - Talking Feds

White House Dismisses Netanyahu's Opposition to Palestinian Statehood

Now that the football season is over

Rep. Andy Biggs' (R-Ariz.) bill tells providers to display ultrasound images to those seeking an abortion

John Prine Wouldn't Use A Tour Bus

US carries out fifth strike against Houthis as Biden admits bombing isn't stopping attacks

Trump says presidents should be allowed to 'cross the line' without being prosecuted - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Psssst! Hey you, Murdoch fan. Season 17 to date is on YouTube.

Transgender candidate facing disqualification in Ohio now cleared to run despite omitting deadname

Are you familiar with eggplant?

Semolina Cara Cara Orange Cake

Semolina Cara Cara Orange Cake

How many words can you use as a caption for this sad, sad picture of a sad, sad group of people

French FM: Accusing Israel of genocide 'crosses moral threshold,' is exploitative

Jamie Raskin Drops Stunning Trump Scheme TRUTH BOMB At Hearing

Seems Alex Wagner and Melissa Murray NYU Law Professor regarding Fulton Co. DA

Trump compares himself to a 'rogue cop' in rant demanding criminal immunity - All In - MSNBC

What if President Biden went to the border and made a short film about it that refutes

'Won't be the end of the world': U.S. execs unconcerned about Trump victory - All In - MSNBC

Do Pregnant Women Have the Same Rights Under the Law as Everyone Else?

These People Vote. Lincoln Project

Only 20% of Americans would vote Trump if he is convicted of a crime, including 43% of GOP voters and 14% Independents.

You can't claim to be "pro-life" if you are okay with letting children drown at our border just

Animsl footprints in beach sand - Galveston

Icy winter blast gripping US blamed for deaths from coast to coast

They Made a Fortune Trying To Overthrow The Government w/ Dan Friedman - Thom Hartmann

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 21, 2024 - Guest Programmer: Noah Baumbach

Nikki Haley dropping out of debates was 'big mistake,' says New Hampshire GOP ex-chair - All In - MSNBC

Meta documents show 100,000 children sexually harassed daily on its platforms

*Katie Porter coming up on Lawrence show.

TCM Schedule for Monday January 22, 2024 - 50 Oscar Nights with Dave Karger

Willis accuses wife of special prosecutor of interfering with election case

Fulton DA Alleges Conspiracy Between Trump Co-Conspirator and Her Special Prosecutor's Ex-Wife

A baseball analogy ...

Uvalde report critical of police response, leaders

TCM Monday 1/22

Schiff Instantly TAKES DOWN MAGA Republicans With NO REGRETS - Meidas Touch

Florida Names Penis As Official State Genital

L.A. Times Guild calls for one-day strike to protest looming staff cuts

Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang - Wild Cat

Despite the fact that the annual death rates for sepsis and gun deaths are nearly equal, the US government spends

For those of my DU friends that I did not insult in 2023...

Trump has ALWAYS "appeared disoriented"--- even in 2016,

Katie Porter was just on with Lawrence O'Donnell

Seth Meyers - Trump Lawyer Humiliates Herself Again as Judge Mocks Her, Threatens to Expel Trump: A Closer Look

Did this publisher just withdraw James Patterson's 1991 non-fiction research book "The Day America Told The Truth"?

Bill advanced by Florida rainbow flags, no Palestinian flag, no BLM pins, no lgbt pins in gov property

Mr. 'I Can Do/Say Whatever the Fk I WANT Is Now Threatening the Supreme Court

Accumulating snow, slick roads expected in D.C. area Friday.

With the odds any drumph trial happening dwindling before election

I'll talk everybody down.

A certain rhythm on my mind. Starting with the Wailers

Continued Batsh--tery and Ratfkry in DeSantis' Florida

I guess that this nearly 68 year old - me - is naive. I can't fathom how a monster like TFG

Fmr. AG Holder: American democracy could end with the election of Donald Trump - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Montana Supreme Court upholds landmark climate ruling that said emissions can't be ignored

Endured a four-hour exposure to Fux Noise today

when sat night live was really funny - Earthquake News Report soc sec name change office

in 2 minutes elton john writes a song with an oven manual for lyrics.....

Suspended State Attorney Worrell launches re-election campaign as she awaits Supreme Court ruling

Matt Gaetz Sparks Backlash After Saying 'Julio And Jamaal' Will Make MAGA Movement More Diverse In Bonkers Rant

Dept. of A-Kissers Gotta Kiss A: McConnell and Cruz defend Trump to Supreme Court, asking: What does 'insurrection' mean

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Louisiana senate doing something right....

GOP's ultimate PSYOP: Terrifying immigration propaganda while blocking immigration reform - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Possible change to Trump's DC trial date surges into spotlight - Brian Tyler Cohen

New map shows U.S. areas at risk of damaging earthquakes

Rep. Schiff Makes Powerful Case for Universal Background Checks - Rep. Adam Schiff

☦️ Orthodoxy - There are over 1,000 African Saints...

Estonia Bans State Education in Russian, Russia Will Be Outraged - UATV English

Trump Gets SMOKED OUT by Biden in New Ad

Hi DU! My wife and I really need help.

The Republican Attack Upon the Right to Vote: WAR ON YOUNG VOTERS

'It's absurd': Barbara McQuade destroys Trump's absolute immunity argument - The Last Word - MSNBC

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Stupidity Stuns Democratic Witness - REFLECT

Kimmel: Trump's Hands Stir Up Syphilis Speculation & MyPillow Mike Sells Organs After Getting Dropped by Fox

Making friends with the new girl:

Mom, play with me:

Man accused of harassing New York City halal cart worker has hate crime charges dismissed

idea for a skit based on tfg's "presidential immunity" garbage

Do Fries Go With That Shake?

What TFG said about Debanking actually makes sense.

Do Fries Go With That Shake?

Confused later in life

Top NATO military officer urges allies and leaders to plan for the unexpected in Ukraine

Rep Lee said: "institutional racism is in the DNA of our country" ....

21 Winter Salad Recipes

Florida lawmakers seek to ban kids under 16 from social media

Florida lawmakers seek to ban kids under 16 from social media

Russia Bans Ukrainian in Occupied Territory Schools, Medvedev Posts 'Genocidal' Tirade

Now that it's time for the Super Bowl, what teams would be best in it?

Cannabis Edibles For Anxiety - Things You Should Know

What is an Athiest Church?

Just in case anybody was wondering about any other

Elie Mystal: "If I was Biden and the Ginni Thomas SCOTUS says Trump has unlimited immunity..."


What is the latest news concerning our 2 missing SEALS.

The interesting case of Blulaska

Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath

Lawrence O'Donnell: Judge schools Trump lawyer on 'Evidence 101' - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Imagine if these cops had not been afraid': DOJ report reveals Uvalde response failure - The Last Word - MSNBC

Herbert Hoover's Great-Granddaughter Wants Dems To Drop Their '90-Year-Old Talking Point'

California Elections Worker Opens Fentanyl-Laced Envelope

What's Wrong With Trump's "Diseased" Finger - Thom Hartmann

On the threat from criminal defendant donald trump. "In my 30 years as a prosecutor, only TWO of the cases

How do I delete a duplicate post of mine?

Utah lawmaker wants to require schools to post the Ten Commandments

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the USS Georgia and a mystery that isn't....

Louisiana House committee alters, advances congressional map with 2nd Black district

This time he knows how to do it: Trump telegraphs intention to 'cross the line' in second term - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Virginia Democrats continue push to hike state minimum wage to $15

Triggered MAGA: Republicans Fold, Democrats Avert Shutdown! - Pondering Politics

LA: Senators pull back on Gov. Landry's closed party primaries proposal

my history lesson for the day: "President Isn't Above the Law, Nixon Insists"

Arkansas Supreme Court will hear supporters' case for paper ballots amendments

Trump co-defendant hopes to generate scandal to escape Georgia prosecution - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

ND: Property tax reform group touts progress on forcing statewide vote

SCOTUS asked to delay implementation of new Michigan House districts until 2026

"Did You Not Hear Me?" Judge Unloads On Trump Lawyer For Ignoring Him - Waldorf Nation

3 misleading messages from Louisiana leaders on closed primaries

CUT THE CRAP on Trump Prosecutor's Personal Life - Meidas Touch

Trump urges Supreme Court to keep his name on ballot, warns of 'bedlam'

Hakeem Jeffries Devastates House Republicans At Press Conference

IN: Election security bill with citizenship, credit agency data provisions moves to House floor

Peregrine, aiming to be first private lunar lander, burns up in Earth's atmosphere

NY-03: Democrats Hold Small Lead in New York Special Election

If trump had been a U.S. Presidential candidate at any other time in U.S. history, he would be a fucking JOKE!

'Stunning lack of leadership': Ex-Trump official on Haley's defense of 'racist country' remarks - CNN

Be careful of scammers over the phone and computer

Diligence of U.S. court system plays into Trump's delay strategy - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Ohio Supreme Court weighs whether candidate with a felony conviction can run for Statehouse

The RNC wants Republicans to embrace early voting. Trump's rhetoric makes it tough

NYC: Former city Comptroller Scott Stringer launches committee to explore 2025 mayoral bid against Eric Adams

Immigration, reform push become flashpoint in NY-03 special election

Nikki Haley 'rightly or wrongly' takes tepid tack against Trump - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

NY-AD77: Hochul sets special election for Feb. 13 to fill Bronx seat in state Assembly

DLCC Announces Spotlight Designation for Alabama House Special Election Candidate Marilyn Lands

Supreme Court set to REVOLUTIONIZE the law - Talking Feds

PA: Erie Democrat King, a staff member for U.S. Sen. John Fetterman, enters state Senate race

Democrats seeking to be Pennsylvania's next attorney general meet in virtual forum

FL: How Tom Keen (D) won HD 35 and why it's all Ron DeSantis' fault

'The win needs to be for the American people': GOP tension grows over border deal - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'We're just a bagel shop': Local Jewish and Israeli restaurateurs targeted over Gaza war

TX-07: Houston congressional candidate accused by former staff of sexual misconduct and using Israel conflict as cover

Heroes del Silencio - Entre dos tierras

Leader Jeffries: We Will Crush the Extreme MAGA Republican Effort to Criminalize Abortion Care - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

SF: Rowdy District 9 Supervisor Debate at El Rio Draws Hecklers, Very Vocal Peanut Gallery

Why Iowa Turned So Red When Nearby States Went Blue

'We're going in the right direction': U.S. economy defies expectations - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Florida's Election Police Force Report show most complaints did not amount to a crime

SC: Two candidates seeking open seat on Bluffton Town Council

AUSTRALIA: By-election date set for former premier's seat

MAGA Republicans' Lies Finally Demolished To Their Face in Live Hearing! - Luke Beasley

FL: Suspended State Attorney Worrell launches re-election campaign as she awaits Supreme Court ruling

Potential problems with New Hampshire's aging ballot scanners could prompt conspiracy theories

KY: Even-numbered year gubernatorial election bill passes Senate, heads to House

Transgender candidate facing disqualification in Ohio now cleared to run despite omitting deadname

Hellish Vision Of a "Christian" America Republicans Pray For... - Thom Hartmann

Wisconsin Republican leader derides GOP impeachment attempt targeting state's top elections official

Breakfast Friday 19 January 2024

OH: Miami County election board refers sheriff dispute to state officials

Election monitor will oversee primary in NH town

Nebraska voters urged to prepare for election changes

Socialists pick Nicolas Schmit to lead EU election campaign

MI: Whitmer: Abortion rights will be 'front and center' in the 2024 election

An award-winning fiddler's remarkable story - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Idaho Republican wants to remove rape, incest exceptions from abortion laws

Initiative petition to restore abortion causes gridlock in Missouri Senate

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Credit card debt reaches record high in US

Missouri GOP again tries to make an abortion rights amendment harder to pass

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/18/24

State Democrats are leading on abortion policy. D.C. Democrats don't want to get left behind.


Spinach, salad kits sold in Mass. recalled due to possible listeria contamination

DOJ seeks 6-month prison term for former Trump adviser convicted of contempt of Congress

No Labels files DOJ complaint about groups boycotting its 2024 presidential ballot access effort

Biden administration to forgive $4.9 billion in student debt for 73,600 borrowers

Trump Erupts As Syphilis Claims Go Viral - Rebel HQ

Why the Russian Arms Export Industry Is in Deep Trouble - William Spaniel

House committee requests Austin's testimony on recent hospitalization

U.S. appeals court issues narrow win for gun advocates in Pa. case

US Minuteman III missile replacement breaks $96 billion budget, triggers Pentagon review

Wordle 944 Jan 19 ***Spoiler Thread***

Federal judge won't shut down Michigan attorney general's case against 2020 fake electors

GOP front runner for NC gov called women who have abortions murderers, now has softened stance

Cold Enuff? Watch: 'THE THING! From Another World' (1951) SciFi Horror in the The Arctic 🌨

'Largest presidential grift in history': House Dem drops the hammer on Trump and Kushner

This GOP Rep.'s Anti-Abortion Stances Keep Vanishing From Her Website

Bach - Cello Suite No.1 i - Prelude

Anything that weakens Biden strengthens Trump

Otis Reading, I've been loving you too long

Otis Reading, I've been loving you too long

It is over: Last Wagner eliminated in Avdiivka. Ukraine attacks St. Petersburg. NATO's mega support. - The Russian Dude

How climate change risks disproportionately impact people with disabilities - PBS NewsHour

I love putting fresh warm underwear on right out of the dryer.

Friday TOONS

We are living in an episode of The Twilight Zone...

What will be your weekend dinner?

Good morning, DU. My wife and I are humbly asking for help.

A man cleared in a 1996 Brooklyn killing said for decades he knew who did it. Prosecutors now agree

On this day, January 19, 1974, Notre Dame ended UCLA's 88-game winning streak.

Solidarity with Argentinians Resisting the Far Right

Cats try catnip tea for the first time.

DOJ issues scathing review of failed police response to Uvalde school shooting - PBS NewsHour


Soldiers raid Ecuador prison as two arrested for prosecutor's murder

Sometime in January 1964, Chuck Berry recorded "You Never Can Tell."

'It's very scary now': Fear grips Haiti's Port-au-Prince amid gang violence

Dangerous Times: Taiwan, The South China Sea & India: Asia's Geopolitical Flashpoints - China Update

'You can just tell how worried he is': Trump again mixes up Biden with Obama - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Cuba's placement on the State Sponsor of Terrorism list has led to damaging consequences

Trying my hand at dating was trying to get couple phone numbers at grocery store.

On This Day: Army starts crossing of the Andes to liberate Chile - Jan. 19, 1817

The operator of a porn site that officials say features hacked athletes, revenge porn victims...charged

Tulip Fae

The Rundown: January 19, 2024

The origin of Super Villians: Terra-Man

Israel's emergency government may be 'close to collapse' as Gaza war continues

On this day, January 19, 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was born.

New Mexico Republicans Start Effort to Impeach Governor

Retail crime and theft isn't actually going up

Jimmy Kimmel Trump Syphilis Hand

Trump Syphilis?

Not sure about the new season of Succession.

The Response of Human Immune Cells to PFAS Pollution, Intractable Per and Poly Fluoralkylate Substances

Netanyahu rejects two-state solution, says Israel will control 'from the river to the sea'


San Francisco Ice Cream Alligators!

Dark Lord of the Syph

Is Astrology Real or Made Up by a Straight White Man? - Lovett or Leave It

Look Who It Is

On this day, January 19, 1967, the Beatles began recording "A Day in the Life."

Snow Drifts

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits, report finds

Sold Their Souls To Trump - Luckovich Cartoon

Switzerland says Israeli president subject of criminal complaints at Davos

Can't decide what I want to see happen in New Hampshire.

Pro-Biden group raised $208M as Dems brace for tough election year

EU ministers to meet Israeli and Palestinian top diplomats on Monday

Global survey finds high public support for nuclear

Paul Cezanne was born on this date.

Janis was born on this date.

Chaos engulfs Michigan Republicans after election-denying chair's removal

No Labels... Spot the SHILL.

Latest legal action shouldn't hurt merit of Trump's Georgia election case

Dolly Parton has a birthday today.

Photos: Wedding at a tent camp in Rafah, southern Gaza

Robert Palmer was born on this date.

Whitmer: Abortion rights will be 'front and center' in the 2024 election

Trump in serious Decline: - Thinks he's running against Obama: Joe Scarborough & Jonathan Lemire

The Shins - Australia (Peter Bjorn and John Remix) [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Biden administration to cancel $4.9 billion in student debt for 74,000 borrowers

Wanted to remind everyone

FEMA overhauls disaster assistance program as climate crisis fuels more destructive extreme weather

Your favorite game show/episode...

Four days out, Nikki Haley finally realizes she's running against someone.....

Ah, how lovely ... it's again the season for yellow snow.

How is it Dump is the first president in 46 to "need" this "total immunity".

Moms for Liberty Mobbed by Protesters During NYC 'Town Hall'

Geesh! No Labels reps on MSNBC Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. and former US Prosecutor Dan Webb

Funky Friday with Milwaukee's favorite sons, The Altered 5 Blues Band

Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin" Official Video - 2015


Bill to ban child marriage gets unanimous support in Washington House, moves to Senate

Green Day - Bobby Sox (Official Music Video) + articles on the video & song

You raised $240.00 on January 18, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Green Day - Bobby Sox (Official Music Video) + articles on the video & song

Americans Might Tune Out the Trump Show Reboot

Trump's Presidential Immunity Claims are as Dumb as Trump Himself (w/ Ben Wittes) Bulwark Podcast

Trail in the Antelope Wilderness Study Area

A cluster of galaxies

Fulton DA files protective order against special prosecutor's wife

Snow Drifts

So, Nims, when are you going to condemn Motherfucker as a rapist?

A dangerous undercurrent is pulling Americans toward the political extreme. The media is turning a blind eye to it

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the DOJ report on Uvalde....

'Captain Caps Lock:' Trump Ranted About 'Total Presidential Immunity' At 2:00 AM

Sand Mafias Are Plundering the Earth

Lawyer For Hunter Biden Benefactor Says Rep. James Comer Misrepresented His Testimony

Japan announces successful SLIM lunar landing, fifth country to reach moon's surface

Israeli Military Dug Up Gaza Graves to Search for Dead Hostages: Report

Trump Is So Broke Due To Legal Bills That He Can't Afford A Long GOP Primary

How many Trump supporters are flat-earthers?

New EPA rule could save 4,200 lives a year. Industry warns it could cost Biden his reelection.

How ratfucking works and why you shouldn't deny vague accusations

conditions for sonora ca and environs.

(Jefferson Parish, LA) After refusing murder charge, JPDA wants to charge victim's father $18k for public records


'False, inaccurate, and misleading': Attorney for Hunter Biden associate says GOP staffers lied during deposition

Women added to Cop29 climate summit committee after backlash

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 19, 2024

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 19, 2024)

New Zealand's right wing govt: New Zealand's Māori king has called a rare nationwide meeting.

Bay of Biscay: France temporarily bans fishing to protect dolphins

How the anti-CRT push has unraveled local support for schools

John Fugelsang FTW

La Kena: Notorious Mexican cartel leader captured

Elon Musk's scheme to gut worker protections nationally

Anyone here have a "Cat Exercise Wheel"?

Chaos engulfs Michigan Republicans after election-denying chair's removal

Uvalde Failure: DOJ Report Finds 377 Officers Waited 77 Minutes as 19 Kids, 2 Teachers Were Killed

Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love 👄

Chris Matthews: I see an upset coming in New Hampshire

NYT editorial today on how to solve the issue of abortion. Why didn't we think of that?

Gaza: Khan Younis battle threatens biggest hospital still working

Key Hunter Biden Witness Blasts James Comer for Cherry-Picking His Testimony

What was you worst school cafeteria meal. Mine was a concoction of mashed potatoes with ground meat on top--no gravy

Greg Sargent: Trump's Angry Rant About His Legal Mess Reveals an Ugly MAGA Truth

Ukraine war: Russian oil depot hit in Ukrainian drone attack

OMG What the Heck Was That Stuff on Trump's Hands?! Hal Sparks

Istanbul Basaksehir fine and loan out Israel's Eden Karzev for social media post

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits, report finds

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

The Baltimore Sun and the Great Failure of Liberal Billionaires

Ruth Ben-Ghiat on how propaganda is being used to dehumanize immigrants

Israel says it is exhuming bodies in Gaza to determine if they're hostages

Sean Hannity Calls Rachel Maddow a Make-Believe Journalist. Lawrence O'Donnell Fires Back!

Janis Joplin - Summertime (Live in Stockholm, 1969)

The March for Life rallies against abortion with an eye toward the November elections

Midwife fined $300,000 for falsifying the vaccine records of hundreds of school-aged children

Proof Magats have internalized their crazy label: msnbc

Help!, Does anyone have a link to the article on the percentage of child molestations by party from 2 days ago?

Rifts emerge among top Israeli officials over how to handle the war against Hamas in Gaza

Hmmm: Alina Habba is persona non grata at her Pennsylvania law school

"Geese in Flight and Dogs That Bite .."

They're morons and they vote

Poland's parliament votes to lift immunity of far-right lawmaker who extinguished Hanukkah candles

The missile went in the wrong direction.

"We won't be a spoiler for trump": No Labels founder defends group

Weird Placement of "The Beginning."

Former Republican legislative candidate pleads guilty to role in the US Capitol riot

Comer released a cherry picked statement on testimony about hunter

Texas Lawmaker Slams Greg Abbott's Immigration Crackdown After Mom & 2 Kids Drown in Rio Grande

Meet Tal Mitnick, First Israeli Jailed for Refusing Military Service in "Revenge War" on Gaza

The new Trump campaign signs are here!

Robert Reich: Corporations have been salivating over this SCOTUS decision

"Vote for the guy with military experience..."

Sen. Bob Casey asks congressional investigators to look at 'greedflation'

Russia says it pressed Hamas to free hostages during Moscow delegation visit

The Commodores with Lionel Richie - Brick House 🧱

88,888 posts is a very auspicious number, so I am told. So good luck to all you DUers...

British Doctor on Witnessing Israel's Destruction of Gaza Hospitals, Horrific Injuries to Children

Ron DeSantis Is Quietly Starting to Build His Off-Ramp From 2024

Thank god my neighbors have snowblowers!

Update Gallbladder sludge

On this day, January 19, 1953, Desi Arnaz Jr., of Dino, Desi & Billy was born.

Malia Obama Premieres First Film 'The Heart' at Sundance

I love Ronda Santas and other closed captions made by computers.

The Conservative Plan to Ban Abortion Without Congress

Microplastics cost 1/4 trillion dollars in lost productivity, people are getting sick.

Added link. My daughter just sent a picture of her little dog in a pink unicorn costume

Why would he stop at assassinating his enemies?

Car you sold , or gave away that you wished you had it again. Mine was my Jeep Liberty. Gave it to my cousin. Never

Democratic Black Congresswoman, Barbara Lee, Shut Out of Cuba Hearing By Cuban American Rep. Mara Elvira Salazar (R)

Sports Illustrated's Publisher Lays Off Entire Staff. Future Unclear

Trump edges out Nikki Haley for Tim Scott's endorsement

Nikki Haley, moderate (sarcasm alert)

Did Jared Kushner's Shadow Diplomacy Contribute or Lead to October 7th?

Ted Cruz Poll Raises Alarm Bells in Texas Election

Teh Nikki under attack over alleged infidelities. - UPDATE: Daily Mail banned from her events.

US Consumer Sentiment at 2-1/2-Year High; Inflation Expectations Ease

Today's Tiedrich rant: a pastor was arrested for saving homeless people from freezing. what the fuck have we become

Maine secretary of state appeals ruling deferring Trump ballot decision

Economic vibes are finally improving, consumer sentiment surges

Bill Maher tonight (Rhiannon12866, where are you?)

Exclusive: US FDA finds new manufacturing lapses at Eli Lilly plant

DOW and S&P 500 both at all time record highs


Republicans Are Just Servants, The Root of Our Danger In America Is The Oligarchs 💸

VOTE MAGA! I just saw an ad on YouTube

U.S. existing home sales drop to near 30-year low

One of the best things about DU is that smart people post here

Sly cat will smoothly steal your heart

Nikki Haley Says Pardoning A Convicted Donald Trump Would Be 'Healing' For The Country

Sports Illustrated's publisher lays off most of its staff, union says

Numavut independence: 'It's high time': Nunavut officially takes over land, resource responsibilities from feds

Interview with Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm The Problem with Jon Stewart

US Navy fighter jets strike Houthi missile launchers in Yemen, officials say

Who poses for a photo at a funeral?

Exclusive: Attorney General Merrick Garland says there should be 'speedy trial' of Trump as 2024 election looms

Andrew Yang Backs Biden Primary Rival, Says President Can't 'Reinvent Grandpa'

I got "raided" again last night, then "mugged" this morning.

Happy Birthday, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg!

Satanic invocation made a powerful point

Cedar Waxwing Museum (during 'snow shower') southern MD

Snow 'shower' southern MD 1/19

US postage stamp and shipping prices go up Sunday

David Rothkopf: The GOP Is Actively Supporting Russia's Ukrainian Genocide

Republicans actively make things worse for Americans, block solutions to the problems THEY complain about, and/or

Discarded Face Masks and Effect on Marine Life.

Uvalde Failure: DOJ Report Finds 377 Officers Waited 77 Minutes as 19 Kids, 2 Teachers Killed by 1 AR-15

Cartoons 1/19/2024

Everett's Anchor Pub to reopen with new operators, new name

See donald trump Under Oath in never-before-seen Deposition

Businessman faces 20 years in prison over accusations of illicit chip exports to Russia

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, but misdiagnosed

Edmonds senator wants LGBTQ+ history taught in public schools

Porch Pirates Strike Again

Separate Cars

Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton! Enjoy "Wildflowers" with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris.

Alec Baldwin indicted for involuntary manslaughter.

Panama Canal traffic cut by more than a third because of drought

Johnson's Big Problem: House Republicans Lack a Governing Majority

Snowy Day Dreaming

Controversial facebook statements by NC GOP gov candidate resurface

Alec Baldwin Is Charged, Again, With Involuntary Manslaughter

Ex-Prosecutor Explains Why Donald Trump's Latest Freak-Out Is A Gift For Jack Smith

Ballots start flowing to NC voters...

Judge denies Donald Trump's bid to hold special counsel Jack Smith in contempt

Could abortion flip a red Senate seat blue in Florida?

Could abortion flip a red Senate seat blue in Florida?

The latest in neck wear

Wordle is holding my stats for ransom now

💲 Super Rich CEOs: 'It Won't Be The End of The World' If Trump Wins - Davos, Switz.

The Truth about "No Labels" - Lincoln Project

About The Hunter Biden Witness Testimony

Test your color sense!

Florida Republicans considers allowing lawsuits for wrongful death of 'unborn child'

Attn: To all the people @ the March for Life Rally in D.C.

This Windsor, Ont., restaurant serves people who can't afford to pay

Florida Republicans considers allowing lawsuits for wrongful death of 'unborn child'

San Diego Councilmember plans on proposing rodeo ban within city limits

One of my all-time favorite albums

Wisconsin Republicans introduce a bill to ban abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy

Louisiana lawmakers approve a new congressional map with a second majority-Black district

Appeals court rules Pennsylvania can't bar 18-to 20-year-olds from carrying guns


Fox's 2024 election denial push is already underway


American Airlines Flight Attendants Make Second Request for Release from Mediation

Pocket money:

The good news for Biden Harris continues

Are those for me?

Deposition video shows Trump claiming he prevented "nuclear holocaust" as president

The eyeballing game

The Republicans helped pass a spending bill that tells us they're scared spitless about losing everything in 2024

Looking for something different?

2nd tweet--A day out in Iceland:

Ousted Florida Republican chair cleared of rape allegation, but police seek video voyeurism charge

MAGATs sure have their talking points

Important to note: Judaism and abortion

Entire Town's Newspapers Stolen On Day It Runs Story About Rape At Police Chief's Home (Huff Post)

Panda fun:

Guy Fosters A Very Pregnant Pittie, And Then All Her Babies Too

DC bar authorities file disciplinary charges against pro-Trump 2020 election lawyers

Shouldn't Biden call out Trump for trying to sabotage the border security deal? This is one of Joe's weak points

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a surprising statement, Blinken, and Biden....

2 tweets--Living with siblings be like--

Unfounded Claims of "Organ Harvesting" Reignite Embers of Decades-Old Hospital Scandal and Centuries-Old Trope

There was an attempt:

Donald Trump Jr. Says Tucker Carlson As Vice President Is 'On The Table'

Trump screws himself with idiotic admission - Brian Tyler Cohen

Hakuna Matata!

Stock market today: Wall Street hits record high following a 2-year round trip scarred by inflation

The Second Coming

A Strong Economy May Begin to Boost Biden

flood watch for sonora ca and environs

NYTimes: Credit Card Statements Suggest Prosecutors in Trump Case Traveled Together (Re GA case)

Biden Leads Trump in New Hampshire

Why America was Never a Christian Nation

Spellman College, an HBCU for women gets big big money donation

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 19, 2023

Biden Cancels Another $5 Billion in Student Loan Debt

Who is most efficient in health care? Study finds, surprisingly, it's the VA

Mueller she wrote: What's taking the DC Circuit so long

NJ college Democrats threatened for endorsing Andy Kim...

Republicans Want Women to Have C-Sections Instead of Emergency Abortions

Popular Jamaican singer Pluto Shervington died in Miami last night

Lacking evidence, GOP advances plan to impeach DHS's Mayorkas

Yes, the Fourteenth Amendment Covers the Presidency

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits, report finds

A Visibly Nervous Trump Spirals in Hannity Interview - Pondering Politics

In first known action in criminal justice system, special grand jury to examine Uvalde response, newspaper reports

The Time Albert Einstein Was Offered a Partnership in a Plumbing Company.

House Democrats Ask Biden Admin To Clarify That Palestinians Can't Be Pushed Out Of Gaza

Why Joe Biden Thinks He Can Flip North Carolina Blue in 2024

America Stares Down a Trump-Biden Repeat in Disbelief and Denial

L.A. Times union walks out in protest of 'substantial' coming job cuts

Trump mocks Nikki Haley's first name. It's his latest example of attacking rivals based on race

'You don't see the frenzy': The New Hampshire primary is a bust

Ford cuts F-150 Lightning production as EV demand softens

Southern MD 'Sun'set 1/19

Breaking - New Filings in E.Jean Carroll case

Alex Jones Is Sick Of People Spreading This Conspiracy Theory - Waldorf Nation

I have only one thing to say; one thing for which I live.

Sometimes a boy just needs a cuddle from his mom

Man sentenced to life plus 30 years in 2018 California spa bombing that killed his ex-girlfriend

Trump Will Remain on Washington's Primary Ballot, Secretary of State Declares

Alec Baldwin indicted again in 'Rust' shooting - CNN

Georgia prosecutor on Trump case paid for trips with District Attorney Willis on his credit card, court filing shows

Now eyeing a longer haul, the US reshuffles its warships in the Mediterranean

Israel To Allow Flour Shipments For Gaza Through Key Port

Hosting Hamas delegation, Moscow urges release of hostages, including 3 Russian nationals

WSJ Survey: Probability of Recession Down Sharply, But Will Feel Like Recession for Many

Scorching Jack Smith filing vows to "expose" Trump's "mischaracterizations and baseless arguments"

Netanyahu not opposed to two-state solution, says Biden

Trump has bizarre glitch on stage, embarrasses himself - Brian Tyler Cohen

TCM February 2024 At a Glance

Political Standoff: The Tug-of-War Over Border Policy

Putin Orders Hunt for Property of Russian Empire, Soviet Union

Top US, Mexican Officials in Washington for Migration Talks

Nebraska state agencies say they can end remote work options now despite legal battle

Stock market today: Dow, S&P 500 hit record highs as tech stocks soar

Giuliani to fight $148 million verdict despite bankruptcy

Child tax credit bill passes committee on a big bipartisan vote, heading to House floor


Haley calls Trump insecure for spreading false 'birther' claims

In This Okla. Town, Almost Everyone Knows Someone Who's Been Sued By The Hospital: NPR

Anybody watching Monsieur Spade on Acorn?

trump Claims he did Not Swear an Oath to 'Support' the Constitution as President

Defense Department to target 'forever chemicals' contamination near military base

Why do you think Melanie refused to allow her DH to ride with her? (Tweet)

Japan lands on Moon but glitch threatens mission

finally got the results and they were good.

Trump's Horrible Lawyer Steps into It Again in Federal Trial - Meidas Touch

"Waiting for that Bolt of Lightning from the Sky" It's Friday Baby!

Labor News & Commentary January 16, 2024 Alabama governor Kay Ivey warns against unionization

I really want..

How are everybody's outdoor kitties. I just took a plate of food Tiger outside

Can you tell me your experience with cataract surgery?

Indignant Donald Trump pouts and rips civil fraud lawsuit in newly released deposition video

Donald John Trump is unwell. He is physically and mentally unstable.