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somehow, overnight, this. Edge not loading on laptop.

Federal appeals court temporarily delays new state-run court in Mississippi's majority-Black capital

Amazing Visits with Phabeni and the Elephants -- & A Very Curious Limpopo

Apparently it's okay to endanger lives to protest endangering lives...

W. 16 $1 Billion Or Bigger Disasters In 2023, Texas Leads The Nation In Explosive Growth In Insurance Premiums

Will this video appear at Trump's trial ?

Opinion - In 2024, Rise Up from Your Couch and Save Democracy 🇺🇲

Was it really the war of northern aggression?-youtube short video.

Credence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

North Dakota State Rep. Nico Rios (R) unleashed a racist and homophobic rant at police during his DUI arrest:

12 reasons you may not want to move to Hawaii...according to one source

Ukrainian troops stuck it to Putin by helping recreate a 19th Century masterpiece

Deadly New Year's collision near Rochester, NY, venue being investigated as possible terrorism: Source

Fox News Panelist Is Surprisingly OK With Trump Being 'President From Jail'

good night du sleep tight. end of the first day.

Lauren Boebert blames district swap on Barbra Streisand

First Lady Rosalynn Carter interviewed on "60 Minutes" in 1977

Jon Prine - Paradise - Live at Farm Aid ☀️

Marjorie Traitor Greene Attacks Bill Clinton's Jeffrey Epstein Ties, Ignores Trump's

Ramaswama ding dong accuses CNN of 'egregious interference' with Iowa GOP caucus over town halls

How one man's heroic efforts (with the support of his community) led to a lost dog making it home for New Years

Biden offers optimistic new year's message as Trump lashes out

*Just in case there are M*A*S*H fans here,

Israel's Supreme Court strikes down key part of Netanyahu's judicial overhaul - MSNBC Reports

"When a clown moves into a palace..."


My Toot Toot

Congratulations Michigan

America's Airborne Anti-hero - Jake "McNasty" McNiece- You tube video.

Opinion: There's a reason the U.S. economy soared and others were mediocre - WaPo Heather Long

Trump Instantly INCRIMINATES Himself in New Year Post - Meidas Touch

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about withdrawing troops....

New laws take effect in 2024 - CBS News

☦️ Fr. Seraphim, Mull Monastery in Scotland/'How To Pray When You Feel Dead Inside'

An organic catalyst for PFAS degradation with hydrated electrons and OH radicals.

Sound of Freedom, the movie, anyone seen it? It's a local scandal in Utah where Tim Ballard lives

China tests world's largest, 600,000-ton, coal-to-ethanol production plant

Israel is pulling thousands of troops from Gaza as combat focuses on enclave's main southern city

New laws in CA for 2024....

Trump endangers Maine Secretary of State Bellows; it's long-past time to detain Trump pending trial - Glenn Kirschner

Drums 🥁 you say? Bill Ward. Sabbath. Enjoy.

South Korean opposition leader is attacked and injured by an unidentified man, officials say

Rachel Maddow's response about polls.

Justice Roberts ignores Trump in annual report - NewsNation Now

I started this out as just a comment

Have a great New Year, everyone!

At 18 Months And Counting, Sunak Somehow Can't Find A Chair For Scientific/Climate Advisory Committee

Tiedrich: free clue: you can't fight fascism by rolling the fuck over and playing dead

Late December Heatwave Crushing Records Across W. Canada; Flooding, Hail Swamp Parts Of Saudi Arabia

U.S. aid to Ukraine being stalled by domestic politics is 'disturbing,' says Ukrainian MP - NBC News

Doctors Unionize as Healthcare Services Are Consolidated into Corporate Systems: PBS

What if.....

Liberty suffers worst drubbing in the history of the Fiesta Bowl

Israel pulls thousands of troops from Gaza - FOX 5 New York

Bangladesh court sentences Muhammad Yunus of violating labor laws - WION

Trump Faces TOTAL MELTDOWN in New Year, LEGAL HELL is HERE - Meidas Touch

Mom wakes up after kidney stone procedure with her legs amputated

New CA law requires gender-neutral toy sections at large retail stores

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell LOSES IT during taped deposition after lawyer calls his pillows "lumpy"

Rare clip of Broadway star Christine Ebersole as an SNL newbie in 1981

With the U.S. exchanging fire with the Iran backed Houthi

Scent Diffusers Improve Memory in Seniors

Buckle Up, The 2024 Election Is Here - Robert Reich


Why I Like Santa More Than God:

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi has outlasted all 3 of the "Young Guns"

Those who say their religion causes them to fight abortion disregard the teachings of other religions

Those who say their religion causes them to fight abortion disregard the teachings of other religions

I saw "Godzilla, Minus One" tonight.

Trump's Legal Defenses Instantly FIZZLE in HIS FACE - Meidas Touch

Cliffhanger in the Sugar Bowl...Washington prevails.

countdown, first show of the year; IF THE COURT RULES TRUMP IMMUNE, IT MAKES BIDEN OMNIPOTENT - 1.2.24

I hope 2024 brings you happiness and good health.....

An unknown projection source projected "STFU Musk" at SF fireworks show

I shudder to think what trump would do if he gets in the Oval Office again

After seeing that photo of gums and lara in an earlier DU thread, I will say

Good News, It's 2024 - Bruce W. Nelson

Did you hear it/feel it?

Just because I have a truly warped sense of humour, I had to share. Earlier,

News in pictures: Tuesday January 2, 2024

90 dogs rescued from Pa. home in 'unimaginable scene'

What is the typical outlook for a baby born three months premature?

UW Huskies topple Texas 37-31, punch ticket to national title game

CFP National Championship first look: Michigan vs. Washington

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Germany can teach us about China....

GOP Candidate INSTANTLY DESTROYS Her Entire Campaign with Trump Promise - Against All Enemies

Biden Advisor Stuns Fox News Host into Silence with Facts - Pondering Politics

Acoustic Guitarists: How does one . . . ?/Are there drills online for . . . ?

English actress Cynthia Erivo's stunning performance at the Kennedy Center Honors

Breakfast Tuesday 2 January 2024

Japan Airlines plane erupts into flames as it lands at Tokyo's Haneda Airport

My wife has been admitted to a hospital in Australia.

Trump to face new civil trial for duping investors with failed video phone

Nova massacre survivors suing IDF, Shin Bet, Police for $55 million in damages

Photos: Palestinians shelter among starving animals at forlorn Rafah zoo

Trump set to appeal Colorado 14th Amendment ballot disqualification case

Wordle 927 (Jan 2) ****SPOILERS***

I'm watching Australian cricket and I'm clueless

Nadal is back spoiler

Russian Oil Cargoes Head Away From India Amid Payment Issues

Very Lost Alaskan Loon Spotted in Southern Israeli Resort of Eilat


Justice Department Urgently CALLS OUT Trump THREATS in Rare TV Interview - Meidas Touch

"Ukraine is not our enemy": Putin chose new target for invasion. Russia withdraws Western defenses - The Russian Dude

South Korean opposition leader stabbed

On this day, January 2, 1969, boxer and actor Tommy Morrison was born.

On this day, January 2, 1900, actor William Haines was born.

On this day, January 2, 1900, actor William Haines was born.

On this day, January 2, 1938, transgender activist Lynn Conway was born.

On this day, January 2, 1974, Tex Ritter died.

Oh look, Republicans are worried about not being substantive enough. Isn't that cute?

On This Day: DOJ arrests thousands as suspected socialists - Jan. 2, 1920

On this day, January 2, 1926, country music session musician Harold Bradley was born.

On this day, January 2, 1969, filming of The Beatles rehearsing for "Let It Be" began.

Tribes reject Israeli plan to strengthen their role in controlling Gaza Strip

On this day, January 2, 1990, Alan Hale, Jr. died.

To Tackle Poverty, More States Will Offer Bigger Child Tax Credits in 2024: NPR

Israel's Top Court Deals Netanyahu and His Band of Thieves a Decisive Defeat

Video: Palestinians shelter among starving animals at forlorn Rafah zoo

Jeffrey D. Sachs: Saving Israel by Ending Its War in Gaza

Irish Woman Whose Weather Forecast Changed the Course of D-Day Dies at 100

Japan Airlines plane in flames on runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport

No evidence of terrorism in Rochester, N.Y., crash that left 2 dead and multiple injured, police say

Huge plane crash in Japan

People aren't tired of superheroes, they're tired of bad superhero movies

Marvel Pays Tribute to Stan Lee on What Would Have Been His 101st Birthday

The Best of 2023 & Our Biggest Misses ComicBook Nation

Marvel Teases Major Spider-Man Stories in 2024

2023 Year in Review: Brian Salvatore

2023 Year in Review: Johnny Hall

2023 Year in Review: Quinn Tassin

SAGA-On the Loose (Remastered)

so, can we just stop asking if scotus is going to rule on disqualification? of course they r.

Trump defense strategy in January 6 case may go beyond trying to delay trial, court filings reveal

From the mouths of Trump supporters...

Something for the first work day of the year, OK, cats ...

Trumps Tan made in Indiana?

Suspect arrested after breaking into judicial building in Denver after crash, holding security guard at gunpoint

Trump paid me to find voter fraud. Then he lied after I found 2020 election wasn't stolen.

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster - amazing

Bye bye Bibi- Israeli Supreme Court strikes down Bibi's Judicial Onerhaul Law

You raised $420.00 on January 1, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Genocide case filed by South Africa significant pressure tool, analyst says

Why is Gaza so central to the Palestinian struggle? From Israeli +972 Magazine

You raised $28.00 on January 1, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Beatles - Kansas City - Shindig! Live

Israel says South Africa 'playing advocate for devil'

You raised $10.00 on January 1, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Beatles - I'm a Loser - with a segue in to Boys! - Shindig! live

Ted Cruz jinxed the Univ. of Texas last night

Ted Cruz is a sports jinx and cost the Univ. of Texas last night

Kara Swisher's Tech Tell-All - The Enemies List

East Rutherford, NJ -a Jewish family of four assaulted by 2 scum bags.


The Beatles - I Feel Fine - I'm Down - Act Naturally - Ticket to Ride - and so much more and live (August 1, 1965)

Texas sports fans need to vote Ted Cruz out

What would happen if one reporter asked President Biden .......

This was a part of Trump New years eve party. ........

Anyone also missing MassMutual pension deposits?

Opinion These politicians denied democracy on Jan. 6. Now, they want your vote.

Who here drives an EV?

The Beatles - Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream Skit 1964

Go Ahead

Israel says it will defend itself against genocide accusations at world court filed by South Africa

Happy New Year a bit late! Here's Jasper and Midnight

Will Trump's Name Be Listed From Epstein's Little Black Book

Earthquake felt in D.C. suburbs, startling residents

America's addiction to awful people

Lute Player

California Law Banning Guns In Most Public Places Takes Effect, after Judge's Block Lifted

Majority in new poll say Jan. 6 was attack on democracy that should never be forgotten

Tuesday TOONs

Roger Miller was born on this date.

Woman Brings Home Stray Ginger Cat -- And Her Other Cat Fall Deeply In Love

Man charged with animal cruelty after admitting to intentionally driving over a deer and filming it for TikTok

Bill Clinton!!1!11!1

Amazon Prime...

Very on point meme:

FASCINATING TURN OF EVENTS in Trump's appeal - Talking Feds w/Harry Litman

Stephen Miller Is Coming For You - The David Feldman Show

You Know Who Isn't On The Epstein Flight Logs

Trump set to go to trial over claims he duped investors into backing failed video phone--little known case..........

Team Trump's RELENTLESS efforts to skirt consequences - Talking Feds w/ Harry Litman

Price cuts boost Tesla 4Q sales, beating estimates as electric vehicle growth rate slows

PINS petition

Five ways science conquered our beliefs about the Roman Empire in the year MMXXIII

Window still life

Daylight Wreath

Surprising find proves rainy British city was once the centre of the Roman Empire

U.S. property reinsurance rates rise by up to 50% on Jan 1-broker says

Vast submerged area near Australia may once have hosted 500,000 people

those were 2 awesome games .... Kind of watched the replays too ... woke up @ early and went back ....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 2, 2024)

What does a total abortion ban look like in Dominican Republic?

Iron Butterfly - Butterfly Bleu / In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Live 1999

Haley and DeSantis offer Trump blanket pardon for nothing in return.

Water beads could be banned soon. Why you should keep this toy away from kids.

Video of Tokyo airliner landing and breaking into flames

Mrs. Betty Bowers on the Flight Logs

Maersk suspends shipping through Red Sea 'until further notice'

China's BYD is selling more electric cars than Tesla

What the heck???? Duke's Mayo had it's own Football Bowl Let's name a new Bowl for next year. See Post #34. We

China removes official after video games rules spark turmoil

State's massive solar project challenges traditional energy stronghold: 'We're both proud and excited'

Asked and answered. Or, more accurately, wondered and answered

'Biden unplugged: President goes off-script in election fundraisers'

Levis button fly 501 circa 1980-2000 might be the single best value most durable item of clothing you could buy ever.

Bidenomics work. The Biden economy really surprised all the experts. A very, very solid performance

Missing exchange student from China found alive, possibly victim of cyberkidnapping

Video from inside Tokyo airliner

225K migrant encounters in December 2023, highest monthly total since 2000

Unpacking the "Friends" References in "Leave the World Behind" (Spoilers)

California father and 10-year-old son arrested after the child shot and killed another boy, deputies say

Pic Of The Moment: Two Weeks Until Iowa: The Current State Of The Republican Presidential Primaries

Judge rules former clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses must pay $260,000 in fees, costs

Yoga With Adriene - Flow - Day 1 - Set

From gender-affirming care bans to minimum wage increases, these new laws take effect January 1

Vulcan Affinity for Humans

Jewish Rutgers law student could be expelled for exposing antisemitism: lawsuit

SCOTUSblog The morning read for Tuesday, January 2

Ex-GOP student leader's links to Jan. 6 Capitol riot and a neo-Nazi web site

1.7 magnitude earthquake shakes residents awake in Roosevelt Island, Queens, NYC

Driving in to our condo today we stopped to

Ms.Trump has a new dress for NY eve party...........

Appeals Court denies Trump's effort to delay E. Jean Carroll civil trial

Klee Benally, Navajo advocate for Indigenous people and environmental causes, dies in Phoenix

Sunny and breezy southern MD 1/2/24


Senior Hamas figure Saleh al-Arouri killed in Lebanon

Top Hamas official Saleh Arouri, who headed West Bank operations, killed in Beirut blast

The Threat from Trump Today Is Worse Than on January 6th

Did you know that Earth's orbit around the sun isn't a circle? Instead, it's an ellipse.

Cherelle Parker makes history as Philly's 100th mayor

Confusion, uneven reporting hurting Pentagon effort to combat extremism

NFL will end the season Sunday night with Buffalo @ Miami

@SenChrisLarson Wisconsin ended 2023 with a record number of people working-Yet Min wage is $7.25/hr

Florida is pulling out all stops to block voters from deciding on abortion

Fully booked flight burst into flames after landing in Tokyo


Cherelle Parker makes history as Philly's 100th mayor

Hundreds of migrants dropped off in New Jersey, bypassing New York City restrictions

RFK Jr. hires top anti-vaccine activist as campaign communications director

Armed man breaks into Denver building housing Colorado Supreme Court

US pastor accused of trying to put wife's co-worker's head in deep fryer

At least be consistent.

Christian Ziegler Now Investigated for 'Video Voyeurism'

Expert Trump Hired to Prove Election Fraud Debunks His Every Point in Scathing Op-Ed

I have a love/hate relationship with Wordle.

The Myth of Meritocracy Runs Deep in American History

Here Are 10 New Years Resolutions for Saving American Democracy: Robert Reich 🇺🇲

Kim Davis must pay $260,000 legal fees over same-sex marriage license refusal

D.C.-area January outlook: Turning colder and maybe whiter

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Japan's earthquakes....

Lauren Boebert blames 'Hollywood elites' for decision to switch districts

Florida is pulling out all stops to block voters from deciding on abortion (Opinion)

Florida is pulling out all stops to block voters from deciding on abortion (Opinion)

South Africa Files Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice over "Genocidal" Gaza War

Oh Holy Night

Do you swear? What's your go to swear word. Mine is damn. try to keep it a little clean. Story to do with this. One day

There is little scrutiny of 'natural' deaths behind bars

Fidelity says Elon Musk's X value has plummeted 71% since he bought it.

US was top LNG exporter in 2023 as hit record levels

Infestation 88 - Official Reveal Trailer

Yesterday, today and the shadow of fascism

Russian Ruble is Dead as a Currency - Yale SOM Lists Reasons Why 2023 Was a Disaster for Russia - Joe Blogs

'I'd still vote for' Biden if he was 'dead': Pa. voters react to Trump-Biden 2024 rematch

Two men arrested in connection with the beating of a lesbian and a trans woman in Miami

Critical Thinking and Intellectual Honesty and logical fallacies


Sen. Van Hollen: 'We need to deal with both' Ukraine and border funding, linking them is 'harmful' - MSNBC Reports

A story for your afternoon "pleasure":

Emergency Medical Doctors Lead List Of 2023 Your HHRS News "Jersey-Est" Awards

All these posts that say Epstein's list has been released

AIPAC vs. AOC & The Squad: Pro-Israel Lobby Group to Spend $100M to Target Progressive Lawmakers

Shenna Bellows' decision to disqualify Trump is thoughtful and brave

Nebraska health department extends temporary gender-care regulations

Les McCann, oft-sampled soul-jazz pioneer, dead at 88

Trump Attacks Mitch McConnell For Not Believing His Conspiracy Theories - Farron Balanced

Elon Musk Rushed To Hospital After Attempting To Impregnate Toaster (The Onion)

israel/paletinian war crimes

Grand Blanc, Michigan/ It's the talk of the town! Powerball Jackpot!

Israel to appear before ICJ to counter South Africa's Gaza case

The Man Who Turned Gun Rights Into A Fetish Is In Trouble

Mama cats raising their babies together:

These fucking people

New: The Biden admin asks SCOTUS to lift an injunction imposed by the 5th Circuit that lets Texas maintain wire barriers


Will 2024 See China's Reckoning?; Chinese Economic Questions of 2024; Housing Crisis - China Update

Cartoons 1/2/2024

Ukrainians will keep fighting, with or without our aid

Check-out time on the Hill

Legislators want to boost state's recycling rate, but they disagree on how

Article in Washington Post about avoiding ultraprocessed foods

Babies arguing with adults:

Police arrest suspect in connection to beating of 15-year-old in north Phoenix

You need to hear what this election prophet has to say about 2024 - Pondering Politics

One-third of adults in new poll say Biden's election was illegitimate

Trump Supporters Are Losing It Over Green Day Changing The Lyrics To One Of Their Most Popular Songs

IMO: Due to physical/mental impairments, tfg is almost over.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 2, 2024

Top Hamas official Saleh Arouri, who headed West Bank operations, killed in Beirut blast

'Cursed' Ted Cruz Blamed As Yet Another Sports Appearance Goes Badly Wrong

Mike Luckovich-Vote for Inmate of the Month was rigged

Smol, feisty friends:

The vote for inmate of the month was rigged

Poopy Le Pew's latest rant

Clarke: Beirut strike is 'a signal not only for Hamas, but Iran,' could 'drag in other major actors' - MSNBC Reports

DOD news release regarding latest aid package to Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about gerrymandering, the GOP, and Wisconsin....

Pasta Puttanesca

Donald Trump Claims Liz Cheney DESTROYED ALL THE EVIDENCE That Would EXONERATE HIM!!!

The limits of Trump's Jan. 6 revisionism

Cat: "Please put the phone down & pet me!"

I don't have a problem with Claudine Gay's resignation

NEW: 5th Circuit temporarily blocks Mississippi from creating a new, unelected court in Hinds County

I halp! (For reals!)

Russia pounds Kyiv, Kharkiv with deadly air strikes - Reuters

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 3 January 2024

Who are the "Predators"? Sexual Abuse lawsuit involving Religious Right Leader, Southern Baptist Convention settled.

Officials Delay, Disabled People Confined to WV State Hospitals, Advocates Warn 'Warehousing' 'Patient Dumping'

In honor of 2024...

Lawsuit seeks to remove Scott Perry from Pennsylvania ballot using 14th amendment

Today's white Christian nationalists are looking more and more like Nazis

Rejection of Irresponsible Statements on Resettlement of Palestinians Outside of Gaza

On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder - Videos of Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Senator Sanders: Let me be clear: NO MORE U.S. funding for Netanyahu's illegal, immoral war

Kellyanne Conway recommends Republicans embrace contraceptives to secure votes


Southern MD sunset 1/2


Michael Cohen can't hold Donald Trump liable for retaliatory imprisonment, appeals court says

Study: From NYC to DC and beyond, cities on the East Coast are sinking

Lauren Boebert Blames Her Failures On Barbara Streisand... Yes, Really. - Rebel HQ

I've always taken the phrase "puppet masters" as vocabulary of the looney conspiracy theory crowd...

Trump, 5 other Republicans and Biden approved for Wisconsin primary ballot

House Majority in peril as Bill Johnson resigns

Prosecutors accuse Sen. Bob Menendez of introducing Qatari royal family member to aid NJ businessman

Germany bans neo-Nazi group Hammerskins with ties to US that sees itself as the elite of the rightwing skinhead scene.

Advice regarding a 2 lb leg of lamb

The Electric-Vehicle Transition Is Quietly Surging Ahead

Apparently. I need $770,000 to retire in Maine.

So when does Epsteins list officially get released?

Kitten almost eaten by hawk

U Can't See Me. I'z invisibul!

Oh Snap

U Can't See Me. I'z invisibul!

Jack Smith warns of Trump immunity claim which puts democracy at risk - Deadline - MSNBC

From The Daily B###h* "What wine goes with LOTS more wine?"

This is very interesting and a major FU to Bibi

How death threats get Republicans to fall in line behind Trump

After Section 3 Comes Section 2: The election lawsuit about the 14th Amendment that you might not know about

US slams Israeli ministers' statements on resettlement of Palestinians outside Gaza

Prosecutors say Sen. Menendez cashed in by linking Qatari royal family member with NJ businessman

The punk was back at it

Past Tents

Former Kentucky clerk faces $360,000 in payments in marriage license dispute

Federal appeals court blocks Biden administration from enforcing guidance meant to protect abortion access in Texas

Edward Hopper on PBS. Today

Trump appeals Maine secretary of state's decision barring him from primary ballot

More Women Who Are Not Pregnant Are Ordering Abortion Pills Just in Case

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to let Border Patrol remove razor wire on US-Mexico border

Rick Beato: Bela Fleck interview

Menendez Faces a New Accusation: Aiding the Qatari Government (as Fetterman said, he is a national security threat and

Stress relief loose floral

The Human Body Is Bags, Bags and More Bags

Billy Squire - In The Dark

Michael Moore called it right

Can Mayra Flores' Political Career Survive GrubGate?

Good space station sighting tomorrow a.m.

The next president of Harvard should be Christopher Rufo.

Here's a couple* of photos from today's Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market!

Does anybody here think Spanish moss is kind of ...eerie?

LIVE FEED of remains of JAL plane which collided at Haneda Airport

Lawsuit Seeks to Remove Scott Perry from Ballot

The MAGAT MOTHERFUCKERS win another one . . . .

Whole Colonies Of Emperor Penguin Chicks Wiped Out, Sea Ice Area Collapses: Antarctic Work "A Gut Punch" For Scientists

Maine Official Who Disqualified Trump Swatted

Just wondering here.

Nikki Haley Passes Ron DeSantis

It is past the time for all good Democrats to send campaign bucks NJ's Andy Kim

Federal Judge Rules Right Wing Group's Mass Voter Challenges Did Not Intimidate Georgia Voters

Former Iowa Rep. Steve King endorses Vivek Ramaswamy for president

Elizabeth Warren: Stop bombing Gaza. Resume the cease-fire. Work toward a permanent peace.

Dec Legal Recap: From no Trump immunity against civil suits to no Trump immunity against prosecution - Glenn Kirschner