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Fathom Events upcoming big-screen classic movies in 2024

Trump and buyer's remorse.

Workers at Ocean Casino Vote Overwhelmingly to Join Teamsters

The One Climate Policy All 2024 Candidates Support Is Actually Terrible

** COMING UP on Joy Reid -- the co-founder of Moms for Liberty 🍿

Janis Joplin - Summertime

Need opinions of any sleazy mofos out there

Trump again demands mistrial in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

It's Amazing How Many Americans Think They Live in the Midwest When They Don't

seriously it is time to talk about peace in the ukraine.

New York solar firm accused of union busting after furloughing staff (link added)

Just curious.

Charley Crockett - "Killers of the Flower Moon" (Official Video)

Bankruptcy Judge Lets Giuliani Challenge $148 Million Judgment

You would know.

That Moms for Liberty Co-Founder is being slammed by Joy Reid.

Name some things you would see in your grandmother's or mother's house that you won't see today. First the house was

Moms for Liberty Mobbed by Protesters During NYC 'Town Hall'

Trump's Final Message to NH Voters: I Need Immunity For My Crimes

Joe: 'Yesterday in North Carolina, I stopped by Eric's house to have lunch with him and his two sons'

Hunter Biden Witness's Lawyer Says Comer Lied About Client's Testimony

Starting My Stop Watch To See How Long It Will Take Faux News To Blame This On DIVERSITY.

Trump Team's New Argument: Carroll Is Lucky He Defamed Her

Friday Talking Points -- The Changing Of The Vibes

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson rallies with anti-abortion advocates at March for Life


CNN witnessed first-hand results of Israel's bulldozing of graveyards in Gaza

Is Gov Pritzker's tone deafness w/ Joy-Ann Reid's concern about Biden's acts & messaging 2016 again?

As Rep. Jasmine Crockett boldly scolds the GOP on immigration, a timid Colin Allred betrays Biden.

Microsoft says state-sponsored Russian hacking group accessed email accounts of senior leaders

Rep. Maxwell Frost to GOP on immigration- The least you can do is not be a damn liar.

My first sketches in about 5 decades . . . updated to add the second page of sketches.

There's no shoes like snowshoes like no shoes I know

Winter garden

Good evening, DU. My wife and I are in need of help.

The Lincoln Project sent a billboard truck showing #GodMadeADictator to Trump's rally in NH this evening.

Alina Habba Strikes Again: Trump Lawyer CAUGHT LYING to Jury about DEFENSES (Legal AF)

Promises Promises - Dionne Warwick

Nikki Haley pandered to MAGA's bigotries for years -- now Trump's turned that firehose of hate on her

Entire Town's Newspapers Stolen On Day It Runs Story About Rape At Police Chief's Home

Louisiana lawmakers OK new congressional maps, adding Black-majority district

She's A Lady - Tom Jones

Americans Are Suddenly a Lot More Upbeat About the Economy - WSJ

Grand jury called to investigate flawed police response to Uvalde shooting

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Wedding Bell Blues - 5th Dimension

UAW expected to take up presidential endorsement this weekend

Top 100 Rodney Dangerfield Jokes

Gramma shreds it ...

Monday Monday - Mamas and the Papas

Ousted Florida GOP leader Christian Ziegler won't be charged with rape

Lead Singer of 1960s Girl Group The Shangri-Las Dies at 75

Lighting Strikes - Lou Christie

Grand jury called to investigate flawed police response to Uvalde shooting

Opinion: After Mel's funeral snub - Stinky won't choose a woman for veep......

Bleeding Heartland's editor files suit against Chief Clerk of Iowa House

Police could have saved more lives at Robb Elementary. It's criminal that they didn't.

Democrats' War Room: Florida Republicans' Extreme Abortion Bans Would Not Be Possible Without Donald Trump

Memphis - Johnny Rivers

'The case that gets under Trump's skin': New York civil fraud case shows the Trump brand downfall - Deadline - MSNBC

The sin...the depravity...the wickedness!!!

Who doesn't love the ending of Fargo five? Not me! 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

Merrick Garland urges for Trump to receive a speedy trial in election interference case - Deadline - MSNBC

Republicans ask Supreme Court to back Trump in 14th Amendment case

If I burn in hell, so be it! Tonight I made a Hawaiian pizza with a hot honey drizzle, and I loved it!

Sunset pics? Tonight in Galveston

Raiders' Antonio Pierce Retained as Permanent Head Coach

DAMN Tim Scott.

'She knows better': Nikki Haley defends comments that America has never been a racist country - Deadline - MSNBC

California Senate leader aims to be the state's first woman and LGBTQ+ governor

Geesh! Tim Scott did his endorsement and it was like a "Professional Wrestling" announcement.

(LOL) Alina Habba is persona non grata at her Pennsylvania law school

Trump on Black Supporter - "Look at my African-American"

NY-03: Republicans blitz NY race with migrant crisis ads

Mary Trump discusses donald's Outbursts in Court, why MAGA is so Dangerous and more

A neo-Nazi with prior felony convictions will be allowed to remain on the GOP ballot in North Carolina,

Confused Trump blames Nikki Haley for January 6th

Don't know about anyone else, but I have no interest in hearing from or communicating with friends or relatives

Behind on this subject..but has Fani denied affair? Saw

Watch: Trump goes under oath as fraud receipts haunt him - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump Ratchets Up Racialized Attacks on Nikki Haley With New Nickname

The Trump Brand: How much is it worth?

What Would A Second Trump Term Look Like? Ask The Supreme Court.

Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine

Friday Night No-Buzz Thread. Starting my weight loss program tomorrow.

The Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music - Toulouse Street (1972)

Republicans Predict Turnout in New Hampshire's Primary Could Set a Record

Trump begs Supreme Court to rule in his favor in 'closing message' to New Hampshire voters - All In - MSNBC

On Roe anniversary, abortion opponents look to White House to fast-track national ban

70's rock cont'd. Never Been Any Reason

What the DeSantis campaign cost: 87,000 lives, $150 million and Ron's dignity - All In - MSNBC

WSJ: Americans Are Suddenly a Lot More Upbeat About the Economy

Rapist Demands Immunity, Presidency (Ferret)

The biggest loser in Iowa was the news media. (Truth was a close second.)

Silicon Valley insiders are trying to unseat Biden with help of AI

"Nikki Haley is in charge of (Capitol) Security...."

"Nikki Haley is in charge of (Capitol) Security...."

Moms for Liberty co-founder defends de facto book bans with 'graphic' example - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Was DeSantis really a Navy Fighter Pilot ? Ummmmm...

'He's aging very fast': 'Deeply confused' Trump slammed for blaming Nikki Haley for Jan. 6

Trump's ALL-IMPORTANT brief to Supreme Court LEAVES OUT key arguments - Talking Feds

For the women of the DU Lounge...

Shangri-Las Lead Singer Mary Weiss Dies at 75

More '70's

Just a word to the wise. Trashing a title works on words containing the trash term, not just the whole word.

DeSantis allies start to back off book bans amid national outrage: 'May have gone too far'

NYT Columnist David French breaks down the 14th amendment argument against Trump - MSNBC Reports

Why the hell wasn't this guy in jail?

South Padre Island at Sunset

Tesla: You'll Have to Wipe Dead Bugs and Bird Poop off Your Cybertruck ASAP to Avoid Corrosion

Republicans Prove There Is No Border Crisis - Raw News And Politics

The "Oversite committee" has posted a graph of supposed 20 shell companies

Did Wile E. Coyote lend his ACME card to Mike Huckabee?

Pete Buttigieg: The safety record of U.S. aviation is 'never taken for granted' - MSNBC Reports

Blue Ash - Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)

Haha for today

Anyone ever figure out what's up with Bloody Spots on Cheetolini's hand?

First Avenue Streetcar Cost Estimates Soar to $410 Million

Grateful Dead - Skull and Roses - Not Fade Away- Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Capitalism, Slavery, And The American Dollar.

A deeply confused Trump confuses Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley multiple times: Nikki Haley was in charge on Jan 6

sorry--1st tweet is snakes, but 2nd tweet is so cool--tight AF!

I'm watching Gavin Newsom's interview with Bill Maher and

Soft, cuddling babies:

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/19/24 (Season Premiere)

HOW IVANKA Dished Dirt on HER DADS FELONIES NYC deposition tapes

Van Morrison - Live, at the Opery House, Belfast, IR

Perfect launch from this little lemur:

A Christmas Puzzle

Armageddon Update - Jesus 2.0

Disingenuous': Moms for Liberty co-founder called out for graphic defense of de facto book bans - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Orange kitten brings the chaos:

Heat Exposure among Adult Women in Rural Tamil Nadu, India

When you just need a hug:

John 5 (guitarist) - The Ghost

A creative solution to our Trump Problem

Good chance Netanyahu may not be Israeli PM by year's end, expert says - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

2nd tweet--handsome lynx:

This Week at Justice - January 19, 2024 - The Justice Department

John 5 - Sugar Foot Rag

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about surprising economic vibes....

My sister's fiance and I had a blow up over Biden being a war criminal.

U.S. is producing a record 13.2 million barrels per day - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Fox News Liberal Destroys Piers Morgan, Dave Rubin in Viral Panel - Pondering Politics

Richard Ojeda Reacts To The Internet's Wildest Trump Rumor - Rebel HQ

Virginia House's first Black speaker 'excited about the future' - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump Blames Nikki Haley For 1/6 Capitol Hill Insurrection - REFLECT

Trump confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi when talking about Jan. 6

Seth Meyers - Trump Mocks Biden and Compares Himself to Al Capone at Rally - Monologue 01/18/24

What do you think she said here?

Seth Meyers: Guest Robert Smigel Snuck Triumph the Insult Comic Dog into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Panicked MAGA Republican Confronted by Fox Host About Trump - Luke Beasley

Bernie Madoff - Did Madoff Fight As Hard As Tr**p Is With Trial Delay Tactics?...

Mickey Guyton - Nothing Compares To You, ft. Kane Brown

This SCOTUS Case May End It All - Thom Hartmann

How a cocktail party led George Conway to advise E. Jean Carroll - CNN

GOP senator says some conservatives might scuttle a bipartisan immigration-Ukraine deal to stick it to Biden

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's total presidential immunity....

After Supreme Court ruling, Biden cancels student loan debt for millions of borrowers - PBS NewsHour

"Queers for Palestine?". Maher mentioned them in his "New Rules" in search of sanity

Lawmaker Slammed For Bill Labeling All Hispanic People As "Terrorists" - Waldorf Nation

Sen. Whitehouse Chairs Budget Hearing on Closing Tax Loopholes that Reward Offshoring Jobs & Profits - Sen. Whitehouse

Victor Shi: This is good

New Hampshire Poll Reveals How Biden Wins in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

'The most important question of the 2024 election': Accountability for Trump remains a wild card - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump Makes Crazy "Nuclear Holocaust" Claims In New Deposition Video - REFLECT

Steve Bannon Loses It After Mike Johnson Says Biden Presidency Is 'God's Will'

Why Trump Wants MORE Competition in 2024 Election - Thom Hartmann

New districts for Louisiana Supreme Court justices die without a Senate vote

Through the looking glass

Graves (R) to lose U.S. House seat under Louisiana redistricting plan that adds minority seat

Actual governing threatens to trip up Republican anti-government messaging - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'I'm livid': High-profile Democrats clash over Louisiana congressional map

Katie Porter BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN and ENDS Republican Border Scam Instantly - Meidas Touch

Lawyer of Hunter Biden Friend in Scathing Letter to Comer: Stop Lying - WhoWhatWhy

AZ Democrats look to abortion to help them win the legislature in 2024

The US is now fighting a regional war in the Middle East - even if the Biden administration won't admit it

Here's How To Overturn The Russian Narrative (But I Need Your Help) - Professor Gerdes

Karamo's MIGOP faction takes legal action, as opposition is set to name a new chair on Saturday

Pakistan seeks to de-escalate crisis with Iran after deadly airstrikes that spiked tensions

Spoilers! Wordle 1/20/24

Federal judge won't intervene in Michigan fake elector case

Ohio is poised to become the 2nd state to restrict gender-affirming care for adults

Utah House passes transgender restrictions bill, fast tracks to Senate

Missouri abortion ballot effort raises more than $1 million in first day of launch

Republican senator files bill to ban ranked choice voting in Oklahoma

Trump Accidentally Proves He's Terrified of This in Hannity Interview! - Luke Beasley

Detroit area redistricting effort continues: Five things to know

More synchronized arms!

State board OKs petition to repeal Michigan renewable energy siting law

It's weird reading the news and hoping Haley beats Trump on Tuesday

MI: Whitmer kicks off abortion access tour for Biden-Harris 2024 presidential campaign

'Vibes' finally begin to catch up to positive economic indicators - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Column: My best advice to voters in 2024: Focus on policy and the stakes, not the braindead political circus

Georgia judge SHAKES THINGS UP in Fulton County DA MESS - Talking Feds

Trump Intentionally Shoots Himself In The Foot Over & Over In E. Jean Carroll Trial - Rodecast

A message for the MAGAs in your life:

That's A Hat Trick! Three Examples of Trump Dementia In One State.

Both Oakland and SF School Districts Face Federal Investigations, Allegedly Over Antisemitism

Trump Lawyer CAUGHT LYING to Jury about DEFENSES - Meidas Touch

After Flipping a Seat in Florida, the DLCC Prepares for Critical Future Special Elections Including in Pennsylvania's Ba

On the 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, State Legislatures Remain on the Frontlines of Protecting Abortion Access

Green Day's New Album Will Enrage Elon Musk and the MAGA Masses

'Trump was a middle finger to the system': The Nightcap's Max Rose on Trump's appeal - The 11th Hour - MSNBC (2 videos)

Confused Trump Gets Ridiculed In Epic Fashion - Rebel HQ

CO: Custer County GOP attempts to redraw election lines

How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

UK: Shock by-election loss for Hackney Labour after suspension and trans row

Wisconsin pro, anti-abortion groups weigh in on Republican proposal for spring referendum

Millionaire CEO Wants To Be Taxed To Save The 'Dwindling American Dream' - Waldorf Nation

ME: Democrats look to enshrine abortion rights in constitution

VP Kamala Harris to visit Waukesha County, will discuss abortion restrictions

Kentucky lawmakers push for constitutional amendment question on November ballots related to school choice

MI: Recall petitions rejected, ballot questions make progress at Board of State Canvassers meeting

How will the Ukraine be rebuilt? w/ Svitlana Romanko - Thom Hartmann

US House lawmaker threatens subpoena over firearms documents

Utah House passes transgender bathroom ban

WOW! Trump Finally PUT IN HIS PLACE by Judge - Meidas Touch

Senate panel narrowly advances Muslim federal appellate court nominee

Andrew Cuomo sues New York attorney general for documents in sexual misconduct investigation

JetBlue and Spirit appeal judge's ruling that blocks their proposed merger

Appeals court rules lawsuit seeking Jan. 6 emails from Texas governor, attorney general can move forward

Wordle 945 Jan 20 ***Spoiler Thread***

It's Tom Baker's birthday today!

Breakfast Saturday 20 January 2024

John Eastman and Harrison Floyd Georgia election interference case appear in court for motions hearing

Wisconsin Republicans introduce a bill to ban abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy

Discomfort with Israel's onslaught, which started with the party's liberals, is moving to the Democratic mainstream

Nikki Haley says Pardoning Donald Trump Would be 'Healing' for the United States.

George Baker Selection -- Little Green Bag

Amid shortages in medicine, Gazans endure amputations, surgeries without anesthesia

Are you a day behind?

Unions Are Critical in the Fight Against Israeli Apartheid

Republicans are evil stupid people

More Than 850 Medical Transportation Workers in Chicago Join Teamsters (After Months of Union Busting Efforts by Employe

TFG proves that a person can have a fool for a lawyer and client without being your own lawyer

Hostage families protest outside Netanyahu's home, ramping up pressure for a truce-for-hostages deal

Good morning, DU! If you are able to help my wife and me, we would be so grateful!

Cancer vaccine with minimal side effects nearing Phase 3 clinical trials.

Labor News & Commentary January 17, 2024 local unions hold out on endorsing Biden's reelection

Ukraine FINDS ENTRANCE to Russian SECRET TUNNELS. 1.2TB of Shoigu DATA STOLEN. Huge FACTORY ON FIRE The Russian Dude


It is time for CSD, Conservative Spectrum Disorder, to start being diagnosed as a mental disease.

Is the New Hampshire primary make-or-break for Trump's rivals?

On this day, January 20, 1900, Colin Clive, Dr. Frankenstein, was born.

On this day, January 20, 1920, DeForest Kelley, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, was born.

Marine Corps called 911 to report missing F-35 jet in South Carolina after 'mishap'

Exclusive: Iranian and Hezbollah commanders help direct Houthi attacks in Yemen, sources say

Russian Ruble Collapse is Destroying Economy as Import Costs Push up Inflation & Interest Rates - Joe Blogs

On this day, January 20, 1982, Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat.


Losing his mind; trump Confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi

On this day, January 20, 1969, Led Zeppelin played the Wheaton Youth Center, in Wheaton, Maryland.

Democrats press Justice Department on police use of facial recognition

On this day, January 20, 1969, Led Zeppelin played the Wheaton Youth Center, in Wheaton, Maryland.

On this day, January 20, 1923, Slim Whitman was born.

Three Democratic Reps. Vote To Cut Social Security: Earl Blumenauer (OR.), Scott Peters (CA), and Jimmy Panetta (CA)



Leadbelly was born on this date.

Pastor Charged With Housing Homeless in Church Sparks Fury

On January 19, 1935, Owsley Stanley, LSD manufacturer and soundman for the Grateful Dead, was born.

Tx Tribune: Tx appeals court denies Paxton & Abbott J6 emails case to be thrown out

Esquivel (Juan Garcia Esquivel) was born on this date.

On January 19, 1935, Owsley Stanley, LSD manufacturer and soundman for the Grateful Dead, was born.

Josie at KVI Beach

Only MINUS 9 degrees F here in mid Wisconsin today but little wind so it is tolerable for

The coolest Rolling Stones song you probably never heard before.

China's Market Collapse Smashes Economy; China & Hong Kong Equities; Nuclear Weapons - China Update

On January 14, 1967, the Human Be-In took place at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Make America Mad Again -- Mad About the Trillions of Dollars Taken From Them by the Very Rich

This is just one of those mornings

Anyone Hear What Andrew Weissmann Said Last Night?

Melania Trump Apparently Refused To Ride With Donald Trump At Her Mother's Funeral

Only one

Joy Reid went there tonight, interviewing a Mom for Liberty on book bans.

On this day, January 20, 1968, the Houston Cougars upset the UCLA Bruins, ending UCLA's 47-game winning streak.


You raised $125.00 on January 19, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Maximum soul & blues from Danny Liston.

What will the people who say TFG was picked by God say if...

On This Day: King who "can do no wrong" put on trial, later beheaded - Jan. 20, 1649

On this day, January 19, 1926, Fritz Weaver was born.

Can we have a sticky "Dumb things Nikki Haley said" thread?

RIP Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las

Mary Trump discusses Donald Trump's outbursts in court, why MAGA is so dangerous and more - Dean Obeidallah Show

Ron Filipkowski on the ABC/CBS/NBC Saturday morning news shows avoiding showing/mentioning Trump's confusion

Thin-skinned men triggered by Taylor Swift at NFL games should get a grip

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 22 -- January 26)

Land trusts, ?

Revealed: far-right figures try to create white nationalist 'haven' in Kentucky

Tweet from President Biden this morning with a 2-1/2 minute video on his administration's accomplishments

Donald Trump's 'total immunity' rant is an argument for a police state

Nikki Haley Is A HUGE Coward - Emma Vigeland, Majority Report

Charge of the Goddess

Netanyahu Tells Biden Opposed To Palestinian Sovereignty In Gaza

I've decided that once you break out a Steel Wool Pad,

You shall not admonish Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds!

With latest offensive against Haley, Trump abandons all subtlety

Just orange cat things

Trump's New Cognitive Exam

Have you ever tweeted, then realized your spelling or grammar is pathetic, but went with it anyway?

Still one of my favorite photos of Nikki Haley

Here is a pic of @GOP House #Republican @RepStefanik hiding from the #Jan6 rioters........

Dealing with Chlorine in the Electrolysis of Seawater to Make Hydrogen: Discussion of an Approach.

You may not draw when the cat is near

It's still 8 degrees here, and the constant drip, drip, drip of the indoor faucets and open cupboards and vanities are

Funny thought

"No time to chat, I heard the can opener!"

Turmoil Plaguing State Parties Could Hurt Republicans

In the Dead of Winter (image heavy, dial-up warning)

Pro Tip: Don't Bring Yer 'Moms For Liberty' Sh*t To New York City

121-year-old Michigan-made winter hat is seeing a resurgence

Orange wine is the new white wine. Here are the best bottles to buy

Brother Blood

Why congressional Republicans need Trump to be cleared of insurrection

Gov. Gavin Newsom Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 20, 2024)

Meidas Touch: Trump Lawyer Makes FATAL ERROR to Jury at Trial (actually it's more like two)

Bay Area DA admits 6-year-old's playground fentanyl overdose never happened

Candace Owens Shares Her Satanic Munchkins 'Wizard Of Oz' Theory - Majority Report Emma Vigeland

Eisenkot: Key Israeli war leader challenges Netanyahu over Gaza strategy

Yemeni pirate banned from TikTok after video goes viral

Lawsuit seeks to have Karamo officially declared removed as Michigan GOP chairwoman

Culture of lies: Amanda Knox testifies in Olympia about police interrogation bill

E. Jean Carroll jury is seeing 'there is something seriously wrong' with Trump: attorney

The irony of well- to- do Magats complaining about the economy

Board of State Canvassers axes recalls, moves forward on property tax and zoning measures

Trump's Getting DESPERATE - Majority Report Emma Vigeland

Sovereign Citizen Movement - I just found

Florida man with underwear around his neck accused of prowling in same yard as reported bonsai tree theft

"Toyota" demos its eco-conscious AI assistant, Electra, at the National Press Club--revealing just how powerful she is...

LAT: Column: Yes, you can fight city hall. Huntington Beach retirees are waging a revolution

Washington medical board charges Dr. Ryan Cole

Interesting article about the science behind our polarized politics:

Biden says the airstrikes in Yemen will continue (short Twitter clip with him and a reporter's question)

I like peanut butter on graham crackers

On this day in history (January 20, 2001)

TRUMP SHOW 33 - Vivek Ramaswamy, Elon Musk aka Space Karen, Lauren Boebert, Marge the Bounty Hunter

How rebellious are you? I no longer

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Democratic New Hampshire primary....

Revealed: far-right figures try to create Christian nationalist 'haven' in Kentucky

Bad optics likely won't impact case, experts say

Lincoln Backyards

The solution for the '24 presidential election: vote for Biden, vote a straight Democratic ticket. It's simple.

The Empire Was Right (Star Wars)

Donald Trump died and went to Hell...

Southern MD morning 1/20 26 F feels like 14 F @ 3:50 p.m.

'Far out of line': CNN legal expert calls Fani Willis' latest move 'improper'

On board the USS Bataan warship, anchored off the Mediterranean coastline. CBS youtube

Senior Iran Revolutionary Guard officials killed in Syria strike blamed on Israel

Dollar Diplomacy

Reminder that Trump has heart disease

121 unmarked graves in a former Black cemetery found at US Air Force base in Florida, officials say

'Hiding' from the wind,

Adam Kinzinger explains why trump should be Mocked, not feared

Just out of morbid curiosity...

Jimmy Kimmel Rains Hell On Trump Over Claims God Chose Him To Be President - Farron Balanced

I live in a messy apt

US personnel injured as missiles target forces at Iraq's Ain al-Asad airbase

Biden Says Border Hasn't Been Secure for 'Last 10 Years'

Trump Gets Racist & Photoshops Nikki Haley's Head Onto Hilary Clinton's Body - Lovett or Leave It

'He's a five year old': George Conway pans trump's "in Court Tantrum"

Cartoons 1/202/2024

Judge orders release of 'Newburgh Four' defendant and blasts FBI's role in terror sting

Jeff Beck and Tai Wickenfeld - full 50 minute set at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007

Edmonds-Kingston ferry route had largest rider increase in 2023

What are the BEST BOOKS you've read in 2024?

For the first time in three years, I'm surfing DU from my reading chair in my library.

MIT News: Cobalt-free batteries could power cars of the future

Air Force general seeks retirement instead of court-martial

Grand jury seated Friday to consider criminal charges against officers in Uvalde school shooting

The Supreme Court looks set to make Steve Bannon's dream come true

"Democrat shenanigans": Experts alarmed as MAGA fans cry "fraud" in Iowa -- despite Trump's huge win

Trump's Not The Only Republican To Face Disqualification Over Jan. 6

Guy Makes A Private Elevator For His Cat

After Trump 'Aced' Cognitive Test, He Incorrectly Blames Nikki Haley for Jan. 6

U.S. Army Special Forces Vietnam Combat Veteran David Lucier FIERCELY Calls Out Trump

Must read article on Hamas' tactics and strategy

Why aren't M$Greedia showing the Slobfather's dementia

Norman Solomon discusses the immorality of Israel & U.S. complicity in the Israel-Hamas war.

Wendell Potter, Fmr Health Insurance Exec & Healthcare Advocate, on the Medicare Advantage Fraud

Alex Lawson, Social Security Works Exec Dir, confronts GOP committee trying to cut Social Security.

Stephanie Thomas, Connecticut Secretary of State, details her ascension and policy accomplishments.

A concerted pro-democracy campaign would help Biden win in November

Kiela Smith, Co-founder of Artists Design The Future, discusses their progress over the last year.

Snowdon is getting pretty chummy with me, as long as I'm on the other side of the window

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Lightning Strikes Lou Christie HD {Stereo} 1080p

hell has no fury like a woman scorned

The Cramps - Garbageman

In The Room Where You Sleep Dead Man's Bones

Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)

Nikki Haley goes there big time on Trump:

I'm really stoked to see the four games happening this weekend!

California Senate race

MI: Board of State Canvassers axes recalls, moves forward on property tax and zoning measures

Jack Smith has CELL TOWER EVIDENCE & will use it at trial to show movements of DE OLIVEIRA & NAUTA as they conspired to

Happy Birthday D.U.

Most amazing experience Friday (for Plane Spotters)

Should be obvious that, without Garland's convictions of rioters, there wouldn't be firm evidence of Trump's complicity

The world has always had its Donald Trumps.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby Colorized (1964) 4K

New Video Shows How St. Louis Police Arrested Owner After Crashing Into His Bar

Soldier's wife demands his return at Putin election HQ

Lilly Winwood & Steve Winwood - Higher Love

How do my pair of cardinals survive in CT's winter?

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home) / David Bowie - Space Oddity

CANADA: Closeness of B.C. election to U.S. election 'likely' to lead to more false news

New political party launched in S.Korea ahead of April's general election

Donald Trump goes from calm to indignant in newly released deposition video of civil fraud lawsuit

Bolero - George Raft & Carole Lombard ⭐ Extra: Geo Raft Dances Sweet Georgia Brown

Russia will consider property confiscations for those convicted of discrediting the army

The Raiders just named Antonio Pierce as head Coach, removing the interim tag from his title.

If Dogs Wore Clothes

Bronx Democrats select nominee for special Assembly election

California picks its next governor in more than 1,000 days. Why the race is already so crowded

Ex-Obama official Stuart Seldowitz gets plea deal in NYC hate crime case

Wayne LaPierre's brain is shrinking, and he is too ill to commit to all-day testimony in his NRA corruption trial

Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Bill to Ban Abortions After 14 Weeks of Pregnancy

A 'whale' of a tale: Trump continues to distort cognitive test he took

So my 11 year old grandson in NYC wanted to burn his report card.

CO-04: Anti-Abortion GOP Lawmaker Paid for Abortion

I want to say that I am sorry for posting a "disappointing, sexist, and misogynist" OP with the squirrel/ music. I

Gavin Newsom Stuns Bill Maher into Silence in Epic Response - Pondering Politics

The Future, Right Now, Is A Dream

Eating Cold Noodle Flowing from Bamboo River

Far-right Rep. Paul Gosar says lack of white recruits is 'a crisis of spirit' for the US Army

Hungary accuses Sweden of not prioritising Nato application

POLITICS - NEWS ANALYSIS Trump Reportedly Tried to Cheat on Melania in the White House With a 'Young, Highly Attractive'

Is being in prison in Japan bad? Kinda sorta

Flemish far-right MEP's 'Nazi-like' language in European Parliament under investigation

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about averting a shutdown and the House GOP....

As an aside: so who's he screwing?

New polls showing Biden leading Trump again...not making a big splash, but an attempt at recovering credibility?

Haley Questions Whether Trump Is 'Mentally Fit'

Secret plan against Germany

A jury found him guilty. That's not a witch hunt, that's a court of law

The RW steps up its attacks on Taylor Swift.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 20, 2024

NFL: National Anthem....

In 6th set of Yemen strikes, US hits Houthi anti-ship missile launchers ready to fire

New Marist New Hampshire poll shows Biden's approval rating at just 38%. It also shows him leading Trump 52-45.

They had an ad for Trump on the Ravens/Texans telecast:

Tucking in the baby:

The charge of the 2-month-old elephant:

Wish I were independently wealthy to "buy" Melania out of her contract with Donnie.

Elise Stefanik hiding from hostages.

I have some WONDERFUL news!! Rhian is back!!!!

Sealed with a kiss:

Dad who left dying daughter at car wreck has history of reckless driving and DUIs

Just my opinion but I wish Ackman and Buck

Here's the beautiful girl.

3 yrs old video, Trump's gross reality. Disgusting, hearsay, confirmation biased, yuck.

Confused pittie:


Southern MD sunset 1/20

Let's say I have $1000 to donate this year to Democrats

Copper thieves bring down 500-foot Oklahoma radio tower

"Queers for Palestine?". Maher mentioned them in his "New Rules" in search of sanity

Trump's Brain Suddenly Stops Functioning Live on Stage, Crowd Goes Silent! - Luke Beasley

Wish us luck this week

Raven - Don't Need Your Money

Nikki Haley questions whether Trump is 'mentally fit' after he confuses her with Nancy Pelosi

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Miss me with using Weissman's one comment on one appearance on MSNBC.

Illinois Supreme Court to decide if police may search vehicles based on smell of marijuana or if it's an 'aroma of legal

BMW, Honda and Hyundai (& Toyota) all still think hydrogen cars are the next big thing - here's why

Congratulations EarlG and Elad! 23 Years! And still humming along, keeping this site working

Ukrainian Bradley crew members described the battle in which they overwhelmed a powerful Russian T-90M tank

Dozens of possible graves from former Black cemetery found at MacDill Air Force Base, military officials say

Imagine if Joe Biden did this:

Okay, I took a nap, a really good nap. Thought i woke up on Sunday morning. My bad

Sports Illustrated's publisher lays off most of its staff, union says

Looking for simple YES or NO - Will The Defendant face a jury and prosecutor before the election?

Estonia Banned the Russian Metropolitan from Staying in the Country - UATV English

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work

Where Are trump's Health Records? James Carville Explains

NASA finds Ingenuity after losing contact with the Mars helicopter

Can someone please tell me when Biden was anointed King of Israel?

Trump suffers concerning cognitive impairment live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

SNL - it all starts tonight with host Jacob Elordi. The actor known for Saltburn,

Puppy Gets Her First Swimming Lesson From Her Big Dog Sister

Americans are feeling much better about the economy thanks to slowing inflation

Kentucky GOP's New Bill Decriminalizes Use of Deadly Force Against the Unhoused

The King of Snark (LOD) does it again

Part 67: Understanding the Culture of Indifference - Can The Los Angeles Times Be Saved?

The moment a dumped dog realizes she's safe

Dollar General Overcharges 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Customers, Lawsuit Alleges

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

TCM SUNDAY/Monday a.m.

Mike Johnson was the Chief Insurrectionist in the House - Kinzinger

Leaving NY for NH today. Everything is choreographed.