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Serious Question: If Trump is Elected, How Long Do You Think Biden, Obama, Bush, and Clinton Will Get To Keep Their

Marcy Playground - Sherry Fraser

Adam Serwer: Trump's Unwitting Enablers

Biden Advisers Brainstorm Best Policy Pitch

DeSantis campaign cancels appearances CNN's State of the Union and NBC's Meet the Press.

Tweet of the Day

Fox Hosts Visibly Uncomfortable as Co-host Breaks Bad News for Trump - Luke Beasley

The Missouri GOP wants to block an abortion amendment. Its worst enemy is the GOP

How Ron DeSantis learned to embrace mainstream media and turn off Fox News

'You're bad because you may be white': Ron DeSantis continues DEI assault

WTF? Couldnt have a clearer case of police brutality. Twitter.

Have to log in every time I access site on my iPhone 12.


Eric Swalwell: "Prosecute Roger Stone For Planning To Murder Me"

On DU's 23rd anniversary, I'm thinking it would be fun

Why allegations regarding DA Fani Willis's personal relationship have no legal impact on Trump case - Glenn Kirschner

Republicans' Plan to Cut Social Security Sparks Fierce Backlash

Deadheads vs Cheeseheads.

Fox Dumb Fux Baffled By The Stock Market Breaking Records, Try to Credit Trump

Mike McCarthy reportedly won't get Cowboys extension; will coach 2024 season on expiring contract

Violin and Piano Duet - Chaplin and Keaton - 'Limelight' 🎻

Mack The Knife - Lotte Lenya & Louis Armstrong

Is it possible that Donald Trump could end up convicted? Tacopina: Absolutely.., They're serious prosecutors

My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Eartha Kitt

House Republicans Are at Each Other's Throats Over the Border

'He's a five year old': George Conway pans Trump's in court 'tantrum' - The Weekend - MSNBC

Stefanik stands by her man, pushes back on reports Trump mixed up Haley, Pelosi

Train service between Seattle and Portland suspended after landslide

My (current) favorite Townes Van Zandt video:

The Ripple James Suggs

Biden may turn out to be the U. S. president who saved democracy..

CATO Institute: New Data Show Migrants Were More Likely to Be Released by Trump Than Biden

TCM now, Tea and Sympathy,

Want to be safe on a plane? Just become a right winger!

'Nuclear holocaust': See Trump under oath - The Weekend - MSNBC

Watercolor flowers

Will the 2024 New Hampshire primary shake up Trump's road to victory? - The Weekend - MSNBC

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

The Faces With Keith Richards - I'd rather go blind

Trump's ex-lawyer: Trump 'absolutely' can be convicted by Jack Smith I MSNBC EXCLUSIVE

'Pathetic sycophantic dance': Michael Steele calls out Tim Scott and Elise Stefanik's antics - The Weekend - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a special grand jury in Uvalde....

Trump Trials - January 20, 2024 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Grace Potter - Ready Set Go

House Republicans attempt to thwart Senate immigration deal - The Weekend - MSNBC

U.S. personnel wounded in missile attack on Iraq airbase by Iranian-backed rebels

This baby's reaction to kiwi is pretty hilarious (Twitter clip)

Trump seems to be leading a prayer on the stock market and MAGA.

Carroll's Lawyers Seek More Money for Trump's Statements This Weekend

Trump's own lawyer signals Trump can be convicted - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fucking police, fucking FBI! Fuck you, you fucking fucks!

Tech CEO plunges to death making grand entrance at company silver jubilee

Just a question about this deposition with Hunter. Could he go in there wearing a wire?

This is how you know fascism is a deliberate choice of late-stage capitalism. It takes decades of working to undermine

EU's Borrell says Israel financed creation of Gaza rulers Hamas

Sound Transit closes light rail station due to planned pro-Palestine demonstration

U.S. teen fatally shot in West Bank by Israeli forces, Palestinian officials say

My favourite meme for these times:

Strange day at the laundry

Hello DU! Anyone want to help a couple of crusty old ladies? 😆

Nailed it!

'They want this chaos': The truth about Donald Trump's 'norm-shattering' appeal - Velshi - MSNBC

Eagles - In The City

**AYMAN rerunning, msnbc,

Big air biscuits:

Why did DeSantis cancelled media apperances today??

Bad pun time

Carvilles Commando's

The end of government as we know it? What happens if Chevron deference is overturned - Velshi - MSNBC

Erroll Garner Plays 'Misty' 🎹

Fascism is capitalism in decay:

Confrontational Las Vegas police officer under internal investigation. Ring camera catches him having a meltdown

North Dakota libraries are under attack - Velshi Banned Book Club - Velshi - MSNBC

'I would vote for Mickey Mouse, I would NEVER vote for Donald tmp!!!'

Oh shit!

***MSNBC, Ayman show, important segment coming, suggesting 17 former tmp admin members

Be glad we don't have this. Yet.

Trump wants immunity for his crimes. Anthony Davis EXPLAINS. Saturday January 20, 2024 - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

We could all use some Sarah Cooper lip synching right now

Long ago

I knew this guy wasn't in this for the Democratic party

Got Sarah Longwell's OP Ed:

Trump says Truman wouldn't have dropped the bomb without total immunity

Yes, Donald, it would be easy to end the war.

Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun (Live 1979)

'Total clown car insanity': Legal expert dunks on Trump lawyer - MSNBC Reports

Emma Thorne: Alex Jones Made A Conspiracy Video Game (NWO Wars) Review

SNL: Trump Courthouse Cold Open

Here's Why Tesla's Cybertruck is the Deadliest Vehicle Ever Made

Robin Trower - Little Bit of Sympathy (Live 1974)

SNL: Alaska Airlines Ad

New Hampshire is the most moderate of the early voting states in the Republican presidential primary.

BREAKING: Twitter is ranked at #42 in the App Store -- while Threads is ranked at #2.

Murders spiked to worst level in a generation under the last president and have fallen at a near record pace under

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, the US, and the Red Sea....

SNL: Weekend Update

"I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I have been."

Paul Krugman on inflation:

The best part of my day

Jack Bruce - Theme For An Imaginary Western (Live 1988)

I was asked "You're going to lose friends over politics?!!".

Iran accuses Israel of Syria strike that killed five military advisers - MSNBC

Graphics I did years ago while I was on DU.

'It's a power grab!' Mystal on SCOTUS's mentality on the Chevron Deference case - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Trump WHINES about HIS TRAUMA as Cases Intensify - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Sunday 21 January 2024

Todays Othello

Katie Phang: 'By taking on Trump, these lawyers are forever tainted' - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Mr. 'Cognitive Test' Fails to Know the Difference Between Haley and Pelosi

'He's a Psychopath!' George Conway Flips Out On Trump With A Million Insults In Scathing Depo Video Review

'The fascist nightmare looms': Columnist says Trump's election may end democracy worldwide

'Access Hollywood' tape of Trump won't be shown to jury at defamation trial, lawyer says

A new book showcases RBG's legacy for the next generation - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Saturday in the District was frigid, scenic and historic

US-Mexico immigration coordination producing results, official says

It's Gonna Be A Long Winter

Standing Back and Standing By: Trump's MAGA Jihadists

Trump's EMBARRASSING Lawyer Tries TWISTED Argument in Court - Meidas Touch

Sunday Funnies 1/21/24

Doonesbury Now & Then


Russian cadets sing their vows to help Putin take Alaska back from United States

Bernie Sanders: Netanyahu has made his position clear: He will never allow a Palestinian state, ever.


DC Bar Files Ethical Complaints Against Election Denying MAGA Lawyers - Rodecast

A sobering realization

Wordle 946 Jan 21 ***Spoiler Thread***

Trump's feral close to the New Hampshire primary

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Freddie Purrcury Edition

Nice and easy for Sunday morning

A number of U.S. personnel are undergoing evaluation for traumatic brain injuries.

Always a smooth guy

trump STUNNED by Nikki Haley Taking it TO HIS THROAT--Meidas

Venezuela Facing Collapse as USA Lifts Sanctions, Inflation 190%, National Strikes & 2024 Election - Joe Blogs

New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary ballot

Palestinian death toll in Gaza surpasses 25,000 with no end in sight to Israel-Hamas war

Top Chinese Economist Shock Admissions on China's Economic Outlook - China Update

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

E. Jean Carroll's Lawyer Pounces on Latest Donald Trump Attack

For lurking Trump supporters:

Deconstructing America has never been racist Nikki- this is good😀

On This Day: Women's March largest single-day protest in U.S. history - Jan. 21, 2017

Orange Degenerate COLLAPSING FAST in Disastrous Speeches -Meidas network

The pos rag Manchester Union Leader has endorsed the panderer Nikki.

Wise words from Victor Wooten

It sure was nice to have little Rhian run up to me, this morning

You raised $440.00 on January 20, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $42.00 on January 20, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

All Ron DeStantis events taken off of Events page on campaign website

Trump takes on 'dictator' Biden as his upside down show moves to New Hampshire

The singe state solution.

Inside the Heritage Foundation's Plans for "Institutionalizing Trumpism"

Russia suspends operations at gas export terminal after suspected Ukrainian drone attack

On this day in history, January 21, 1977, President Carter pardons Vietnam War draft dodgers

It has been snowing since Friday in my area-Bedford Ohio. We have more than

Dog With Wings For Fur Is So Floofy Now

Israel's Netanyahu rejects any Palestinian sovereignty post-war, rebuffing Biden

CNN Poll: Trump's lead over Haley widens to double digits in New Hampshire

Kitten asks for a home

in the discussion for sonora ca .

Chana & ChomPu Investigate! - ElephantNews

Blast from the past - Tim Scott's girlfriend 😆

After Stripping Billions In Profits & Filling Rivers W. Shit, Privatized UK Utilities Set To Raise Rates

A Partial LIst Of The Environmental Laws/Rules UK Has Dropped Since Brexit. It's Long.

Uvalde Police's Cowardice Way Worse Than Reported - MajorityReport Emme Vigeland

Leading Polar Scientst Warns That Australia Is In No Way Ready For What Rapid Changes In Antarctic Will Do To The Nation

James Carville is on a roll about Trump... Hilarious!

FURIOUS Navy Vet Delivers Major WAKE UP CALL to Steve Bannon

Steppenwolf. "Draft Resister"

"Days of the Bagnold Summer"

'Both sides' is a farce.

Tens of thousands protest in Germany against the rise of the far right

Hostage Packing List: Body armor.. Mace... Knife...

FUNNY! What Does Jesus Have in Common w/ Donald Trump? John Fugelsang - Stephanie Miller Show

Lithium Concentrations in Groundwater Used as Drinking Water for the Conterminous United States.

High Speed Sailing (Image heavy, dial-up warning)

What's the difference between lady bugs and Asian beetles???

Here's a suggestion for the media

Allegations against Georgia prosecutors likely damaged case against Trump

Frank Luntz decrying negativity on MSNBC...

Light Up Or Leave Me Alone

Simon Rosenberg: With Democrats, Things Get Better - January, 2024

Richie Havens was born on this date.

Edwin Starr was born on this date.

At least 16 cemeteries in Gaza have been desecrated by Israeli forces, satellite imagery and videos reveal

Miss You

CALLOUS Rick Santorum Compares Himself to a Woman Forced to Flee Texas for Abortion! - Jesse Dollemore

On This Day: Women's March largest single-day protest in U.S. history - Jan. 21, 2017

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 21, 2024)

As Trump Treats Trials Like Rallies, Judges Study How to Rein Him In

In small-town Wisconsin, looking for the roots of the modern American conspiracy theory

AI could flag patients' dangerous alcohol use before surgery

With all the hyperbole, why aren't all the maggots dead yet along with their leaders?

Some resources to help guard against fraud.

gilligans island

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Nikki, and Nancy....

Is America like the Soviet Union in 1990? It sometimes feels that way

I have a question. How do other DUer deal with political donations when you are on fixed income?

Trump Supporter CHANGES MIND on Biden in 60sec!

Genocide: Healing From the Horrors of Wounded Knee 133 Years Later

Operation Desert Storm Delivered a Swift and Sweeping Victory, in Vietnam

Never mind Hitler: "Late Fascism" is here, and it doesn't need Hugo Boss uniforms

The worst joke i ever heard

Thousands protest in Russia: What does this mean for Putin and Russian politics? DW News

Haley says America has never been 'racist.' Her own family history says otherwise

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 21, 2024?

Trump Supporter CHANGES MIND, Disowns Trump in Liberal Debate!

It's Make or Break in New Hampshire for Nikki Haley (with Tim Miller) The Focus Group Podcast with Sarah Longwell

Think back. what things, activities, procedures were in our classrooms ,--Elementary, JH or SeniorHigh. I went to a 3

i'm remembering another inauguration day. '09

Testing ANTIQUE Kitchen Gadgets - Sorted Food

Dan Pfeiffer: The Republicans Actually Want a Border Crisis

Buy now, Pay later is a trap!

I just walked 2.5 miles in the newly fallen snow. It was heaven to me.

Talking With Your Hands - Are There Classes That Teach You How To Do This?.....

The truth behind organized religious opposition to Roe and abortion

Any "Columbo" fans here?

The intent was that black people were not fully human

Will Be Zooming With The GrandKids Later Today - Ages 7 & 5 Looking For Some Jokes....

Time once again for this classic.

'America Is Under Attack': Inside the Anti-D.E.I. Crusade

Maxwell Frost Took This MAGA Doormat To CLASS

The Fiddler's Dues.

Brutal: DeSantis shut down live on air by Fox host - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump steamroller flattens everything and everyone.

Military interests are pushing new nuclear power, and the UK government has finally admitted it

Jeff Tiedrich: friday: what's slovenian for "fock off"?

Australian Open 2024: Elina Svitolina column on Ukraine's fight against Russian invasion

What the conspiracy theory about Nikki Haley's citizenship is really about

Surprisingly Colorful On A Grey Morning

Biden abortion ad marks campaign shift to emphasize reproductive rights

Do cult members realize they are in a cult??

On this day, January 21, 1854, a White Star Line liner sailing from Liverpool sank on its maiden voyage.

On this day, January 21 1942, Mac Davis was born.

On this day, January 21, 1950, George Orwell died.

Sen. Hassan says write-in campaigns are 'tough' as N.H. Democrats try to help Biden - NBC News

The Degenerate Just Confessed on "Truth" Social, So What Now?!- Stephanie Miller

Joe Biden: I don't agree with Nikki Haley on everything, but we agree on this much: She is not Nancy Pelosi.

On this day, January 21, 1924, Benny Hill was born.

Republicans want to forget that January 6th ever happened.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 22 January 2024

Please help us if you can.

At least 27 people are reported killed in an attack on Donetsk in Russian-occupied Ukraine

Guess which show my wife just found on Prime

Biden campaign dismisses 3rd-party and No Labels threat in 2024: Voters won't be 'fooled'

Head of DeSantis super PAC pictured working on 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for hours rather than the campaign

Jeff Daniels voiced NBC's open for the Buccaneers vs. Lions game at Ford Field.

George Conway Explains: How A trump Conviction Could Break His Voters

Southern MD afternoon sunny, breezy, and cold 1/21

Cartoons 1/21/2024

Netanyahu is a dictator "wannabe".

Highway 529 to close for months between Everett, Marysville

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute and her buddies are hardcore racists..just read their emails

CO2 Hydration Conditions during Hydrogen Evolution and Carbon Dioxide Reduction Gas Diffusion Electrode Reactions

Russia suspends operations at fuel export terminal after suspected Ukrainian drone attack

They are ruining the NFL

Ethnic killings in one Sudan city left up to 15,000 dead - UN report

The great American myth is that bullies always lose.

DHS raids Chinese car parts maker's U.S. headquarters

Hamas Toll Thus Far Falls Short of Israel's War Aims, U.S. Says

The most important Supreme Court case you've probably never heard of

Sen. Coons responds to Sen. Scott's claim the economy was better under Trump - CNN

It's absolutely true that they're in a cult, BUT

Senate Democrat 'optimistic' border deal is reached in 'coming days'

How the internet is erasing the Oct 7 Hamas massacre

Let Your Love Flow

Biden needs to step aside': Unknown Billionaire Hedge Fund manager

Bobo switched districts in a bid to stay in Congress. Winning over voters won't be easy

Gotta admire true blood lust.

Repeat problem with Windows Spotlight, after fix from last year doesn't fix anymore. UPDATE *FIXED*!

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk, at USC.

Rooster Sprints To His Wife Every Single Morning

DeStupid may be out. Just on MSNBC.

Tiny Ron is dropping out

Biden campaign puts reproductive rights front and center as it plans to tie Trump to abortion bans

Ron DeSantis ends presidential campaign before New Hampshire primary

Newspapers stolen after a story about rape charges at Colorado police chief's house

DeSantis exits presidential race

Ron DeSantis ends presidential campaign before New Hampshire primary

MSNBC reported that DeSantis just suspended his campaign in NH and has endorsed trump. Pathetic.

Federal Judge in E. Jean Carroll case tells jurors something about Trump that sums him up perfectly - Glenn Kirschner

I predict that DS voters will mostly go to Cheato

The 'Freedom Caucus doesn't understand they have a majority in name only': Rep. Becca Balint

Not disqualified under Georgia law

Thousands Sign Christian Petition Urging Bishops Not to Back Donald Trump

I got around to eating some of the pistachios Santa put in my stocking.

Interesting poll by Nate Silver on twitter

It would be nice if President Biden won by write-in in NH over Phillips, because if that happened,

Elie Mystal: This Republican primary is not a real thing - Ayman - MSNBC

Canada Weighing Extra Border Measures for Asylum Seekers From Mexico - Minister

Trump did not win the election in 2016

John Fugelsang: Congratulations to Ron DeSantis for finally figuring out

Nikki Haley says Trump "tried to buddy up with dictators" while in office

There should be no doubt that the republican party is the trump party.

Nick Fuentes celebrated Trumps win in Iowa.,,

Missouri Senate grinds to a halt as Freedom Caucus pushes for action on ballot measures

Metropolitan Diary

Labor News & Commentary January 18, 2024 widespread refusal to bargain in good faith by Starbucks

Here's What You Need To Know About Climate Change (with David Wallace-Wells) TNL Sunday

Not You, Ron Ron Ron, Not You, Ron Ron. Was I right, or was I right?

No stick, no problem:

So long DeSantis. Crawl back to Florida

Nikki Haley said she would sign a national abortion ban if elected president.

DeSantis suspends his presidential bid and endorses Trump - MSNBC Reports

If your dog runs, R U N!

ABC news reporting DeSantis has quit.

Brian Tyler Cohen Absolutely Annihilates Trump, Republicans in Brutal Takedown! - Luke Beasley

Aloha Mississippi DUers. Our newspaper, The Honolulu Star Advertiser, is likely being acquired by Carpenter Media Group.

Jared Kushner's money from Saudi Arabia comes into sharper focus

Shoving it in with two hands!

Americans participate in the "Bigger than Roe Women's March"

'Absolutely amazing': 1,800-year-old shattered Roman arm guard is reconstructed from 100 pieces

DeSantis drops out. Endorses Trump via X.

Russia gas terminal burns in suspected drone attack - Reuters

Ron "oily stool" DeSantis drops out and endorses the big turd

'God spoke to me': Ryan Binkley's quixotic quest for the Republican nod

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump probably paying more....

Repairing the American Dream.

Everyone freaking out about DS dropping out just shows

MSNBC Host Torches Right Wing Snowflake on Bill Maher Show - Pondering Politics

Today, in the nutsy cult - Empty Greene retweets Alex Jones re-writing of....Charlottesville

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 25, 2024: Alcohol & Alcoholics /The Power of Film (Heroes & Villains)

Newburgh Four: judge orders release of man convicted in US terror sting

Part 68: Religion in Hollywood - Scientology and the LAPD vs. Social Media Influencers

Matt Gaetz gets drink thrown at him... (short twitter clip)

If trump beats Hayley in NH

Looks like DeSantis WOKE up to the fact that he's a loser.

FED UP Ret. General DROPS THE HAMMER on Trump

The unrelenting grace that surrounds Hunter Biden, the prodigal son.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 21, 2024

U.S. gun crime, health insurance woes scare off Canadian diplomats, union says

Holy Cats...

Ron DeSantis should have to carry his Presidential run to term even if it threatens the life of his party.

Biden Has a Michigan Problem

PA man stabs his neighbor to death over snoring...

Question from my husband.

R U Sh*tn Me?? DeSantis drops out, supports trump. Sunday Baby!

Too Funny🤣

Jamie Dimon, worst Tufts grad since Jumbo the Elephant, thinks Trumf was 'kind of right' about a lot of things

so, Nikki Haley now has the fight no other Publican had. 1on1 with Trump. She will fuck it up by....?

Confirmed: facing facts is fatal to conservative movements

About the Hebrew Calendar and the Holidays we Celebrate

Great Egret (Ardea alba) - St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

Will Bunch: Is corporate America welcoming a Trump dictatorship? History says 'yes.'

ZZ Top - TV Dinners

Blinken departs for West Africa as Russia and China look to leverage their influence

In this Oklahoma town, almost everyone knows someone who's been sued by the hospital

Backed Down

Billboards in the Twin Cities

How to Deal with Toxic Boss

Waxing Gibbous, 80% visible

Police say 4 killed in suburban Chicago 'domestic related' shooting, suspect is in custody

Amid tough reelection fight, San Francisco mayor declines to veto resolution she criticized on Gaza

Tiger is here! Too dark to get a good picture but I'm including this one. Finishing up second can of fancy feast

New wave of undocumented migrants is reducing wages for prior arrivals

Forced. Every Women's Worst Nightmare. (Joe Biden Ad)

US State suffers wrath of new Covid variant with 75 percent increase in deaths

Iran launches satellite that is part of a Western-criticized program as regional tensions spike

STUNNED Republican GETS OWNED by Democrat on Live TV! - Jesse Dollemore

Non DeSantis. nt

The unknown Jewish engineer behind Hitler's vaunted Volkswagen Beetle

Southern MD sunset plus, 1/21

Netanyahu rejects Hamas conditions for Israeli hostage deal

DeSantis aborts presidential bid.

Weissmann: Trump won't 'win in the courts,' so he's making election a 'referendum on his legal woes' - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Saudi's foreign minister: No normal Israel ties without path to Palestinian state


How the Feud With Disney Helped Sink DeSantis' Presidential Hopes

Man cited for stealing newspapers the day a story published on alleged sexual assault at a Colorado police chief's home

The media doesn't just want Haley as an alternative to TFG

Israel drops leaflets on under-siege Palestinians asking for their help to find Israeli hostages, as Gaza death toll hit

DeathSentence finally "tek weh himself"

Football racism: Forfeit matches when fans are racist - Fifa's Infantino

'He wants the problem': Psaki reveals why Trump is scheming to tank border deal - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Homeless Man Beaten by LA Cop Filed Lawsuit Against LAPD, Then Was Shot & Killed 1 Week Before His Deposition

The REAL reason DeSantis dropped out.

Ed Warren

The parents of a school shooter are heading to trial. The rare case could pit them against each other.

@CaseyDeSantis wears a leather jacket with a human with his head cut off.

Guess who's back. RHYS!!!!

Video shows Florida residents roasting Moms for Liberty founder Bridget Ziegler at school board meeting

Town cleaned itself up. I have tried to get the post from Instagram to show up

People who voted forTrump, then Biden, and will vote for Trump again

Van Halen - Atomic Punk

Thawing day

When does DeSantis jump on the Trump's bandwagon again?

Now DeSatan can get back to the real business of fucking over FL full time.

Josie at KVI Beach today

A Danish University Moves Toward a Nuclear Engineering Curriculum.

Palestinians are using donated eSIM cards to stay in touch with the outside world

Vision Pro

Thinking about the evolution of TV's over the past 10 years.