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Mother reunites with family after banned from U.S. for more than 10 years

DeSantis suspends his campaign...,

A caravan of migrants from Honduras headed north toward the US dissolves in Guatemala

WSJ: Take a Look at the First Major Offshore Wind Farm to Power U.S. Homes

I've received 2 political town hall/ phone calls from Ryan Binkley.

'Very dangerous': Zelensky on Trump's claim he could end Russia-Ukraine war within 24 hours

The Party of Malice

Looking for rational answers to irrational actions?

NBC: Trump targets Haley during campaign with attacks on race and gender

Retrotechnology you have, would like to have, or feel nostalgic for?

Exxon files lawsuit against investors' climate proposal

Ron DeSantis Bends the Knee, Endorses Trump for President - REFLECT

Trump suddenly poised for nightmare scenario - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ron Filipkowski has a good question for our Media...

No Labels: We'd consider Haley on our ticket. Haley: No thanks.

Biden mocks Trump over Haley, Pelosi mix-up

Sundance Shut Down: Pro-Palestinian Protest Closes Main Street; Melissa Barrera Among Demonstrators

Russian Oil Depot Taken OFF LINE by Ukrainian Strike

Governor Whitmer Urges Biden to Push Harder for Abortion Rights

*Charlie Wilson's War on HBO now.

At this point I think there is another reason besides fear and brainwashing that the gop

Dangerous White Christian Nationalist Gives Advice to Fellow Republicans! - Jesse Dollemore

I'm missing something. The political dots aren't connecting, and we're not taking the Maga mess seriously enough.

Normally I don't listen to commercials but one for RO caught my attention.

What am I missing here? Maga and Trump are dangerous, but they dominate the news and control the political narrative.

'The only outcome is Trump gets elected': Why Democrats can't ignore threat of third party - Velshi - MSNBC

So after all the name calling and bitching, Trump now says DeSantis ran "a really good campaign."

At least 72 people have died from frigid storms

lineated woodpecker in action.....

Nine Supreme Court Justices are being called upon to save democracy - can they do it? - Velshi - MSNBC

Not a cult. Nope.

This is a real picture (!) from NH after DeSantis dropped out

Rob Reiner Explains Why Christian Nationalism is a Threat to Democracy - Lovett or Leave It

Tim Scott

Today's Tiedrich rant: fascist fuckfaces shocked to discover their fascist fuckfacery isn't popular

Low IQ audience? From this moron?

is desantis aiming at veep? discuss

About those 2 kids that drowned at the Texas border

John Lithgow Talks Buckaroo Banzai

House GOP already considering a future without Johnson

'It's whack': How 'Big Lie' candidates in MI and PA wreaked havoc on GOP politics - Velshi - MSNBC

"Fire Sale On All Ron DeSantis Merch Today!": Gavin Newsom, Other Politicos And Celebrities Mock Ron DeSantis' Exit Afte

CNN is favoring Trump

AZ: Women rally for reproductive rights as they look to the 2024 elections

Anti-Karamo faction picks former Rep. Pete Hoekstra as MIGOP chair

MI: Ann Arbor kicks off guaranteed income pilot program

I have a neighbor that lives in a well-known Florida retirement community, part time.

NC: 'We have to win.' With Super Tuesday approaching, Dems participate in candidate forum

Netanyahu 'putting his own political skin above the hostages': Sen. Chris Van Hollen - Velshi - MSNBC

Al Franken: Saturday Night Live Writer & Producer Jim Downey

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu goes all out to stop Trump's renomination - But will vote for him if he is the nominee

Everyone prepare for the apocalypse. The world is about to end.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, banking, and overdrafts....

See Ron DeSantis end his 2024 run - MSNBC Reports

Same "if I shoot someone on Fifth Avenue."

Comedian Humiliates Trump in Hilarious Viral Moment - Luke Beasley

Internet mocks DeSantis for quitting with fake Churchill quote: 'It's in books he banned'

Facebook isn't allowing me to change my profile pic unless I allow them full access to all my photos.

Snow drops

What Ron DeSantis' campaign suspension means for Nikki Haley - NBC News

Orange snow cone

She filed a complaint after being denied an abortion. The government shut her down.

Please Please Please

How 'bout those CHIEEEEEEFS??!!!

Words of wisdom from MSU's Tom Izzy:

Fox host HUMILIATES himself trying to praise Trump for BIDEN WIN - Meidas Touch

Women come from as far away as Texas and Florida to get abortions and to be treated for other

Why China isn't Scared of Robots - PolyMatter

Sen. Tim Scott is engaged 💍

Supreme Court Sides With Trans Student & Against Bathroom Ban - Rodecast

I got to see one of the GOATs last night, Lewis Black!

NAZI TOWN, USA Chapter 1 American Experience PBS

Donald trump just posted a montage clip

Use a basket for easy shopping . Ummm excuse me...

Sparks - Talent Is An Asset (Live on the Midnight Special, 1974)

I'm a Star member, but I don't see an option for posting a poll

US Military Strike Back Against Houthis

Republican Congressman Whines About Leaks In Private Meeting...Which Then Gets Leaked To The Press - Ring of Fire

Koch network memo warns Trump is a 2024 loser

SNAP post of the day from Mrs. Betty Bowers (DeSaster)

Germany is beginning to wake up

I guess Guv Deathsatan didn't get

Trump-linked attorneys at risk of losing law licenses - Brian Tyler Cohen

MI-SEN: Love (D) leaves Michigan U.S. Senate race, while Amash (R) weighs a run

Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Orchestra - Gene Krupa, Harry James 🎺

AZ: Women rally for reproductive rights as they look to the 2024 elections

You know what pisses me off, I park at a restaurant or store and there can 5 open

Jack Smith was 10 steps ahead of Trump lawyers when he filed charges for Jan 6.

The moon, tonight!

Baby ChaBa's Adventure! - ElephantNews

In small-town Wisconsin, looking for the roots of the modern American conspiracy theory

Why Alabama's plan to execute a prisoner using nitrogen gas is raising concerns - PBS NewsHour

As early voting in Minnesota's presidential primary starts, parties await prized data

Reading the article about how Texas authorities prevented anyone

Joe Henderson: Ron DeSantis hits finish line on road to destruction

'It's every woman's worst nightmare': Joe Biden ad highlights consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade under Donald Trump

5,000 current food stamp recipients list their occupation as "active duty military",

Another thing pisses me off, I go to Walmart there are 16 spaces next to the entrance

Huffpost: Germans float ban on far right party

Have you given any thought to what a shit show Trump could turn the. 2024 Republican....

The fact that Donald Trump is trying to kill a bipartisan border deal so that he can use what's happening

CT: Bridgeport Democrats return to polls Tuesday for an election "Do-Over"

Germany: Organizers say over 1.4 million protested against far right over the weekend - DW News

Anyone see the movie, "Saltburn" **NO SPOILERS**

NY-03: House GOP PAC unloads on Tom Suozzi with $2.3M attack ads to back Mazi Pilip in special election for Santos seat

New Hampshire Democrats pushing to encourage voters to write in Joe Biden

NZ: Hamilton East Ward by-election 2024: Voting for new councillor position opens this week

white faced monkey headshots from today

Indonesia election 2024: woman whose 'words carry weight' could determine winner of presidential polls

Irony is Haley would be harder for Biden to beat

Did you know that Stefanik is married to a gun humper?

The failed promise of independent election mapmaking

Pueblo's Mayoral Runoff Election is Tuesday

TX: Former candidate for city council in Chambers County community arrested, accused of election fraud

Search ends for Navy SEALs lost at sea on mission to seize Iranian arms

Trump "Feels Good" About His Racism Against Nikki Haley - REFLECT

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says not to assume "about what the next election is going to bring"

India opposition party charged over election march through Assam

CFPB Director reveals Biden Administration's plan to boost economic satisfaction for all Americans - The Weekend - MSNBC

Modi to open grand Hindu temple with eye on India's upcoming elections

Charlemagne Tha God is hard on BIDEN. Consider the source.

For my non German-speaking followers: several hundred thousand people are in the streets today in Germany to protest

Two opposition leaders in Senegal are excluded from the final list of presidential candidates

Indonesia: Why This Presidential Front-Runner Is Stirring Fears of the 'Death of Democracy'

'A total failure to launch': Why Ron DeSantis was doomed from the start

CA-04: This Inland congressional district could help decide control of Congress

It's Been A Long, Long Time - Harry James Orchestra - Kitty Kallen 🎙

ExxonMobil sues ESG investors to stop climate proposals on ballot

NM: Referendum on Edgewood's anti-abortion ordinance moves forward

Nebraska voter ID: What you need to know as early ballot requests start

'May the best woman win': Nikki Haley reacts to Ron DeSantis suspending 2024 campaign - MSNBC Reports

How long will it take after the polls close on Tuesday for Nikki Haley to drop out and endorse Trump?

RPT: The consensus at Davos: Trump will return to the White House - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

(Corporate socialism) In one year the average American taxpayer making $50,000 a year pays:

US Navy Veteran Caroline Tetschner Delivers Powerful Message: Trump Is A Direct Threat To Democracy - VoteVets

'Doomed from the beginning': Why the DeSantis campaign failed - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

A caravan of migrants from Honduras who were heading to the US dissolves in Guatemala

It is so obvious

Miami Herald Gives Ron DeSantis Ugly Truth About His Presidential Failure

The Pointless Cruelty of Ron DeSantis

Choices of voters in NH Republican primary: Trump at 54%

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Cicadas, life cycles, and weirdness....

'We're back where we started': Sen. Klobuchar responds to DeSantis dropping out - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

So, slime endorses stench.

Breakfast Monday 22 January 2024

The Trump Youth

Frightening Reason Behind Explosions Over Tundra - Thom Hartmann

FAA recommends airlines inspect door plugs on another Boeing model

Trump LOSES IT in New Hampshire over BOOMING Economy - Meidas Touch

How Russia is Losing Kaliningrad (and why it matters) - The Icarus Project

Ron DeSantis' campaign was over when he decided to have a popularity contest against Mickey Mouse

The Most Cringe-Inducing Moments of DeSantis' National Humiliation The Florida governor finally ended his embarrassing c

It's Past Time To End This Nonsense

China's largest oil supplier in 2023 was Russia

Biden administration announces new abortion initiatives on Roe anniversary

Israel, Hamas and the Gaza war: delusion and reality

Macy's Rejects $5.8 Billion Takeover Offer From Investors

The global consequences of the war in Ukraine

Morning JOe Scum has spent the opening 15 minutes tearing Slobby a new one - add ad

A Holy Shit Moment at the Vistex Tech Gathering - graphic warning

Terraform Labs files for bankruptcy protection in US

Monday TOONs

New Biden-Harris Ad Hits Trump Hard Over Abortion

Deviled ham salad trying this recipe

Anyone who rationalizes "trump" won't be "so bad", or believes there is no difference between

'Dude': Matt Gaetz confronted with 'bag full of underage girls' in New Hampshire

On this day, January 22, 1984, the Apple Macintosh TV commercial aired during Super Bowl XVIII.

On this day, January 22, 1946, English impresario and band manager Malcolm McLaren was born.

Vaccine Denial: Measles Is Back, US Pockets, Highly Infectious: Phila., Ga. 5th State To Report

Hey! Don't be fooled by Trump and his deranged actions and words!

Very interesting article

Knesset to convene on no-confidence motion for Netanyahu

On this day, January 22, 1973, Lyndon Baines Johnson died.

Taliban enforcing restrictions on single and unaccompanied Afghan women, says UN report

This is the day that @GOP @RonDeSantis should have been taken down by the media, & health professionals for mocking thes

Josep Borrell: only way to get an enduring peace in the region was for a two-state solution to "be imposed from outside"

The DU has now raised OVER $50,000 for Biden-Harris 2024

An ARNP can get their degree online. And then diagnose and treat patients

Matt Gaetz gets trolled at Trump event, is asked "What's the youngest schoolgirl you've ever been with?".

Relatives of Gaza hostages storm Israeli parliament panel

The Rude Pundit: No One Hates America More Than Trump and the MAGA Cretins

Wordle 947 Jan 22 ***Spoiler Thread***

EJean Carroll and her lawyer are cracking up with laughter

China's Banking Contagion Spreads; Beijing Halts Infrastructure; Cancer Deaths Report - China Update

Detroit Lions send jersey to fan in hospice who dyed his hair blue

Lesley the Bird Nerd has Retired from YT Bird Nerding

The enduring mystery -by Tom Tomorrow

It was sweet Rhys' face staring at me through the window, this morning

Spotted outside Nikki Haley's event tonight, Rudy Giuliani sitting in a parked car with his laptop open.

What image comes to mind?

Biden expands abortion, contraception protections on Roe anniversary

ExxonMobil Decries "Abuse" By Activist Shareholders; Instead Of Appealing To SEC, Will Sue Over Climate Proposal

Margaret Atwood's take on the threats to Democracy - very good

Dementia Don thinks he's running against Obama

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 23: Catalina/Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum

So if a MAGAt says "Nikki Haley" in front of a mirror three times,

Damning New Biden Ad Uses Nikki Haley To Show How 'Confused' Trump Is

🖕🏻Judge Judy🖕🏻

Trying one more time. Thanks again DU.

On This Day: President Obama tries to close Guantanamo - Jan. 22, 2009

Elle King under fire for performing Dolly Parton cover 'hammered': 'Ain't getting your money back'

Trump's criminal rebrand of the Republican Party is complete

IHIP News: Marjorie Taylor Green is a Goblin

We Know Trump's Strategy

The Rundown: January 22, 2024

Fly Alaska Airlines - SNL

Desantis quotes Churchill; except the words were never uttered by Churchill

Greg Abbott is pushing Texas to the brink

'It's embarrassing': Republicans worry they have no achievements to run on in 2024

Israeli forces storm hospital as Khan Younis hit by bloodiest fighting of 2024

Great way to start my day/week...

Glen Affric Tartan: Experts recreate Scotland's oldest tartan after discovery in Highland bog

For older women with money, it's yes to love but 'I don't' to marriage

Hello and my introduction

Anyone claiming they'll deny their vote to Pres. Biden because of Gaza shouldn't be taken seriously

Gaza hostage relatives burst into Israeli parliament, calls for action mount

yay. i have found it.

You raised $145.00 on January 21, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $5.00 on January 21, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Pro-Israel lawmakers in both parties are losing confidence in Netanyahu

Mo Better Blues

Trump's Dream Team is a Nightmare for Democracy (w/ Amanda Carpenter) Bulwark Podcast

Took the three girls to breakfast at a local diner.

How the alligators at Gator Country are keeping warm when the weather gets cold

Trump Chooses Absolutely Baffling New Topic For Latest Rambling Aside

Trump's Legal Showdown with Michael J Moore - The Enemies List

Top U.S. cybersecurity watchdog issues emergency directive to federal agencies about popular software

I sure do miss Image Dump!!!

Why Jan. 6 insurrections sent a letter to the Folger Shakespeare Library

Trump Suggests U.S. Should Not Defend Taiwan

Wild crow goes for walk with woman every day

I thought she said America wasn't racist.

A squadron (AKA a troop of javelinas) is back in the news.

The Real Reason We Don't Have Single Payer Healthcare (Thom Hartmann Interview): 16 min.

New DC law allows women to bypass doctor's approval for birth control prescription

Kentucky politicos okay with a slow extermination of unhoused people.

Covid Exposure leads to delay in Defamation Trial

What television show had the best introduction song? Mine is Cheers. What about you?

Attorney Says He Quit Trump's Legal Team Because 'I Had To Follow My Compass'

Kentucky GOP's New Bill Decriminalizes Use of Deadly Force Against the Unhoused

(UK) Measles jab campaign targets unprotected millions

Democracy by Margaret Atwood

Biden is working behind-the-scenes on the I/P war

Note to self, when they start their little civil war just add a turnstile

Citing Crime, In-N-Out announces closure of Oakland location

Promises. The Lincoln Project

Trump Defamation Trial Is Delayed for Illness, Upending Timetable

Robert Reich: The Silent Revolution in American Economics - How Biden is reshaping the economy to make it better

'The Dark Reason The Rich Hate Democracy Revealed' 12 min.

Israel's foreign minister suggests Palestinians could be housed on artificial island in the Mediterranean - sources

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Monday, January 22

Sunlit Summer Garden

E. Jean Carroll trial postponed 1-day amid Covid concerns

Lesley the Bird Nerd has Retired from YT Bird Nerding

After Roe decision, Floridians are ready to reject GOP abortion bans - Opinion

After Roe decision, Floridians are ready to reject GOP abortion bans - Opinion

Boeing, Spirit and Jetblue, a monopoly horror-story - Cory Doctorow

Nazis confused by turnstiles is comedy gold.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 22, 2024)

M33 the triangulum galaxy

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 22, 2024

Elon Musk visits Auschwitz after uproar over antisemitic messages on X

Palestinian Poet Mosab Abu Toha Decries Israel's "Inhumane" Assault

Linkin Park -- What I've Done

Fake Joe Biden robocall tells New Hampshire Democrats not to vote on Tuesday

Modi Opens a Giant Temple in a Triumph for India's Hindu Nationalists

U.S. Men Are Suffering A 'Friendship Recession'

New Film Examines American Jews' Growing Rejection of Israel's Occupation

Hamas says October 7 attack was a 'necessary step', admits to 'some faults'

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Taking America To A Dark Place

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 26, 2024: Joan Leslie Birthday Tribute / Elaine May

Israeli forces storm hospital as Khan Younis hit by bloodiest fighting of 2024

WTHF?? LISTEN: Fake Biden robocall tells voters to skip New Hampshire primary

Charlie Sykes: 'Extraordinary moment' as GOP lines up for 'elderly, accused felon and bigot' Trump

How Israel has repeatedly rejected Hamas truce offers

NY Siena poll: Biden still up big in NY

Putin Signs Decree Declaring Sale Of Alaska Null & Void

The Supreme Court Cooked Up Another Phony Case to Tear Down Major Precedent

Alina Habba exposed to COVID, also a sick juror?

Gavin Newsom has the Winner ............or perhaps mrs betty bowers has..........

SEIU calls for ceasefire

The Electrical World of the Honey Bee

Robert Reich: Why Jamie Dimon Loves Trump's Policies - OpEd

How the Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Language

Senate GOP fears drop in Trump enthusiasm, energy

The abortion activists who say bringing back Roe is not enough

Fanni Willis will not have to sit for deposition.

WOW.... I never realized Jim Harbaugh was an anti-choice fanatic.

A Great line from the Miami Herald...

California State University faculty launch weeklong strike across 23 campuses

Narco-sub with $27m of 'scorpion' cocaine seized in Colombia

On now: CNN - Judge Judy. Endorses Haley.

U.S. targets Iraqi airline, its CEO and Hamas cryptocurrency financiers for sanctions

Watch Trump & Kushner get called out for corruption by Rep. Robert Garcia while we LAUGH

Judge Judy thinks Biden needs two daily naps, so he shouldn't be Prez.

Judge issues stay of Fulton County DA Fani Willis' deposition in prosecutor's divorce case

Fake Joe Biden robocall tells New Hampshire Democrats not to vote on Tuesday

Judge issues stay of deposition in prosecutor's divorce case

New Hampshire Poll Suggests Disaster Lurking For Trump

If elected, will Trump continue to do business with foreign countries?

Supreme Court rejects Devon Archer appeal in criminal case

If Alina Habba gave COVID to the Orange Menace and he died

Yellen to step up campaign touting Biden's economic record

The Israeli Quotes That the Press Got Wrong

BIS chief says central banks on cusp of holy grail: a soft landing

I have a question about CNN giving 1.5 h s of free airtime to Haley last night.

Feedback session set for Monday on NC home insurance rate hike plan of 42.2%

Cartoons 1/22/2024

It's Time for Democrats to Make Some Enemies

Israeli plan to destroy Hamas not working, peace talks needed - EU's Borrell

As we confronted Hitler, we must confront Putin

Statement from President Joe Biden on the 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

As carjackings rise, food delivery drivers navigate harrowing risks

Outdoor cats threat to other animals, themselves

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Roe v. Wade Wasn't Overturned by Accident. Now We Need to Fight Back

Accused Fraudsters Bankrolled Star-Studded MAGA Bash

Sen. Tim Scott makes it "official": Engaged to be Married

Two US Navy Seals declared dead after raid to seize Iranian weapons bound for Houthis

Vaccine Denial: Measles is Back, US Outbreaks, Medical Dumbassery- Health

Historian Rick Perlstein on Trump's Grip on the GOP

Today's Tiedrich rant: good fucking riddance to Ron Fucking DeSantis

"I Miscarried in Texas. My Doctors Put Abortion Law First"

Best Biden Ad Yet!

Dexter Scott King, son of Martin Luther King Jr., has died at the age of 62

Donald Trump Slurring Words at Rally Raises Questions

Dexter Scott King, youngest son of MLK, dies of prostate cancer

A group of small dick energy guys including Ted Cruz made this stupid movie Don't know if this has been posted

Trump is not the only crazy world leader, Putin considers reclaiming Alaska


Johnson At Risk of Becoming a SINO: Speaker In Name Only

Winter in Los Angeles . . .

Senate Democrat: GOP presidential candidates want to end democracy

Biden isn't on the ballot in New Hampshire's primary but 21 other Dems are.... Here's why

SORRY that sweet bluebird flew away before I could capture the activity.

Dog Is Obsessed With His Stuffie

Piedad Cordoba, an outspoken leftist who straddled Colombia's ideological divide, dies at 68

Piedad Cordoba, an outspoken leftist who straddled Colombia's ideological divide, dies at 68

Guy Rescues The Oldest Dogs Out Of The Shelter

Sososososososo full of Motherfucker her eyes are turning brown

Stop Cleaning Your Dog's Paws! 😂

Deluded former campground owner goes to jail...

Trump Ruthlessly Mocked on Social Media Over Latest Flub - Stephanie Miller Show

White House accuses the GOP's James Comer of 'blatantly lying'

I remember watching Joe Biden speaking on the Senate floor, pacing into the aisle

Stuart Stevens On Jim Acosta: Whats Going On In The Republican Race

One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash / Donald Trump song parody)

Anita Earls, America's Only Honest Judge, Cleared In Whiny Baby Ethics Investigation

Biden Releases BRUTAL New ads ATTACKING trump

Dexter King, MLKs youngest son died today

INXS - Mystify

So what "gaffes" has Biden supposedly made?

The antique mall where I have my booth

The Rise of the American Oligarchy

Biden mocks Trump over Haley, Pelosi mix-up

Once DeSantis has chosen campaignus interruptus & withdrawn, what do we do with all those cute names we made up for him?

Maricopa County needs a Democrat to succeed Paul Penzone as sheriff. So 3 GOP law enforcers switched parties

MAGA: Psychopathy Personified - an "Extraordinary Moment"

'Our System Needs to Be Broken, and He Is the Man to Do It'

Teen DESTROYS Shapiro with one calm question Casually Debunked

Freedom From Ghostly Shackles

SCOTUS sides with Biden administration in fight with Texas over strip of border w/Mexico

Ex-soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing Iraqi civilian arrested on Jan. 6 charges

How much aid Gaza needs to survive: A visual guide

House Democrat hopes Republicans take border deal - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Raskin demands Trump Org turn over business records in probe of foreign payments

The Pointless Cruelty of Ron DeSantis

Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border

'The Showman' author looks at the invasion that made a leader of Zelensky - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Southwest Airlines pilots approve new five-year contract

Biden Drops Nuclear Regulator Nominee After Senate Backlash

US Supreme Court Lets Border Patrol Remove Texas Razor-Wire Fencing - for Now

"Project 2025" is already in motion

Hamas starts citing Western protesters

Harris blasts Trump for saying he was 'proud' to end Roe: 'How dare he'

U.S. Proof Sets Question:

Giggly monkey:

Ex-Army soldier charged in Capitol riot was convicted of manslaughter for killing Iraqi man in 2004

An Honorable Duel: Rep. Glenn Rogers (R) vs. Ag Commissioner Sid Miller (R)

NEW: By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court restores Border Patrol's access to the portion of the border fenced off

Please check before kicking the ball!

Gaza hostages' families storm Knesset meeting to demand their return

laura loomer has lost what little of her mind she has left

Oh Goody! CNN is finally answering the question we've all been asking!

When you don't wake up before getting a drink of water:

Scoop: Israel proposes 2-month fighting pause in Gaza for release of all hostages

I find it interesting that we never hear from potential Biden's voters

Oh, we are marching to Pretoria!

Remember what the Captain of the Titanic said, "Free Ice in Every Room."

2nd tweet--birds loving their bath:

Where Is Gerasimov? Putin's Top General Missing Two Weeks After Death Rumor

The Job Interview

Budgie & bunny:

(2nd tweet) Compilation--kittehs!

Israel proposes 2-month fighting pause in Gaza for release of all hostages

It took me a second to 'get' this meme. Then I LAUGHED

Plenty more flying fish in the sea? Tobago's fears as Bajan boats move in

Florida bill would funnel $5M of public money to Trump to pay legal fees

"My turn now":

Smol but determined:

MacMail does not like Firefox browser

German, Austrian extremists secretly met on 'mass deportation plan' - even of citizens

San Diegans, Check in! First major city -wide flood of the century...

Oklahoma is begging the Supreme Court not to make it kill a man

I Hate the GQP in Florida!

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 23 January 2024

Producer and Director Norman Jewison has passed

Favorite novels about Arkansas?

Director Norman Jewison has passed away at 97

What That DeSantis Smile Showed

Nancy Mace (R) from South Carolina shows how to be two-faced

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 21, 2024

It is open enrollment for suggestions to add to the Ten Commandments. Please feel free to make suggestions.

My Silver Scripts prescription has gone up 1,080% since last December!

Strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes remote western China, state media say

Why is Marianne Williamson's name first on the Virginia Democratic ballot?

Dow rises more than 100 points to close above 38,000 for the first time ever

Uber-eats employs new pizza guy.

A cat's house

Question about Apple settlement check

Massive 26 Billion Record Leak: Dropbox, LinkedIn, Twitter All Named

Another of MLK Jr's children has died

presented without context 😶

As much as I think Haley is more of a challenge to Biden than Trump, I'd still enjoy seeing her crush him tonight.

Judge blocks Republican-backed North Carolina provision on same-day voter registration

BTRTN New Hampshire Preview: It's All Over but for the Incessant Shouting

1st Circuit holds Mexico can sue gun manufacturers

Isn't the RAPIST the biggest flip-flopper of them all?

Trmp posted over 40 times on his social media about E.Jean Carroll TODAY.

NH Attorney General Probing Fake Joe Biden Voice Urging Dems Not To Vote in Primary

CA1 panel (Obama, Biden, Biden) says Mexico can sue American gun companies for making and selling assault weapons

Colorado abortion rights groups formally launch 2024 ballot measure effort

Imagine when Trump finally has his "Lonesome Rhodes" or worse moment that shows he's done mentally.

It's what they do.

Back to reality in Florida, DeSantis better drop the culture wars and get to work - Opinion

Back to reality in Florida, DeSantis better drop the culture wars and get to work - Opinion

'How dare he!': Kamala Harris hammers Trump saying he's 'proud' to have overturned Roe v. Wade - MSNBC

Kamala Harris is on fire 🔥


'Completely Nonsensical': Andrew Weissmann breaks down trump's Immunity Claims

Albuquerque cop corruption.

Dexter Scott King, MLK's younger son, dies at age 62 - CBS News

Boogaloo Boy Joshua Barnard: Former Marine charged in 2020 Columbia, SC riot sentenced to 2 years in prison

'Heir to the Trump movement': MAGA has reportedly found a successor to its leader"

Supreme Court allows Biden administration to remove razor wire on US-Mexico border in 5-4 vote

After mom died, I found great comfort in a medieval Andalusian tale

Biden mocks Trump over Haley, Pelosi mix-up - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Dow closes above 38,000 for 1st time, setting record high

Gaza Doctor Amputates Niece's Leg at Home Without Anasthesia

Fortum considers Nordic sites for new nuclear power

Why Biden won't be on New Hampshire primary ballot - CBS News

Politico: DeSantis Should Have Used Trump's Media Strategy

Ohio board stands by disqualification of transgender candidate, despite others being allowed to run

US, British militaries launch new round of joint strikes against multiple Houthi sites in Yemen

Soft Moon musician Luis Vasquez, DJ Juan Mendez found dead in downtown L.A. loft

Haley is NOT criticizing TFG

Appeals court reverses judge's ruling, orders appointment of independent examiner in FTX bankruptcy

By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court just ruled that federal law still applies in Texas.

Jennifer Rubin: About time: The economic narrative shifts in Biden's favor

"It's embarrassing": Republicans worry they have "zero accomplishments" to run on in elections

Georgia lawmakers advance bill to revive disciplinary commission for state prosecutors

U.S. sanctions Iraqi airline Fly Baghdad, its CEO and Hamas cryptocurrency financiers

New York City plans to wipe out $2 billion in medical debt for 500,000 residents

Waxing Gibbous, 88% visible

Sun setting, MD to Baltimore

The Doctor at 90

Facial recognition used after Sunglass Hut robbery led to man's wrongful jailing, says suit

Highlights from NEWLY RELEASED TRUMP deposition video - Talking Feds

FTC bans TurboTax from advertising 'free' services, calls it deceptive advertising

Border Security Talks 'Largely Done'

Texas woman tells her tale of torture during her miscarriage

Did Trump just compare himself to a pedophile priest?

Elon Musk visits site of Auschwitz concentration camp after uproar over antisemitic X post

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators targeted by apparent stink bomb at Columbia University

Oklahoma is begging the Supreme Court not to make it kill a man

Israel Offers Two-Month Pause for Release of Hostages

Louisiana court upholds air permits for petrochemical complex in Cancer Alley

Mike Johnson said Roe v. Wade is why the US can't afford Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid