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Atchafalaya Basin Backwaters in Morning Mist - Louisiana

Key decisions on abortion protections in 2024 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Just a coincidence; Youtube ads

George Harrison - the complete last performance

DeSantis Has Gotten Behind Trump - Dave Granlund Cartoon

Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight (Live 1957)

Joy Reid is destroying DeathSentence

I just got ANOTHER email from the Heritage Foundation.

'Not bluffing': Expert says Trump was 'eager to testify' before defamation trial postponed

Trump's next cognitive test:

Niki Haley has a secret weapon with repuke voters

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz FTW over GOP Rep. Pete Stauber

'The Big Lie 2.0': Former Cruz staffer sends Trump 2024 warning - Deadline - MSNBC

Florida to Borrow Billions to Backstop Insurers After Hurricanes

Cantaloupe-linked salmonella outbreak that killed 6 people is over, CDC says

Nikki Haley questions Donald Trump's mental acuity as GOP primary narrows to two person race - Deadline - MSNBC

George Harrison - Any Road

Ron DeSantis' campaign was over when he decided to have a popularity contest against Mickey Mouse

The Silent Revolution in American Economics, Robert Reich: Big Economic Fixes

Trump to prison in 2024? His ex-lawyer says he 'absolutely' could be convicted by Jack Smith - The Beat - MSNBC

Maine Democrats who expanded abortion access now want to enshrine it in the state constitution

Elon Musk: Diversity-based hiring is antisemitic

Nazism In America

Texans flock to social media to demand the state 'secede' after losing at Supreme Court

Iran is 'directly involved' in Yemen Houthi rebel ship attacks, US Navy's Mideast chief tells AP

Protect Democracy

Lady Mischief, aka Sian, is a very clever little girl

'Mental'? Trump hit over age and 'stability' by Republican rival as 2024 tightens - The Beat - MSNBC

Some members of the Conservatives met with member

Orange Donny still can't STFU

Ron DeSantis ends the most humiliating presidential run in history with one final disgrace

11th Circuit Judge, Charles Wilson, gives notice that he is taking senior status

BTRTN New Hampshire Preview: It's All Over but for the Incessant Shouting

Trump weighs in on border security deal, adding new pressure to Republicans in Congress

George Conway: Our First Rapist President?

'Empty seats all over the arena': Trump busted for moving rallies to tiny venues

Senate GOP fears drop in Trump enthusiasm, energy

US, UK stage multiple airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen

New details emerge about SEC's X account hack, including SIM swap

Remember that TX student who keeps getting suspended for his hair? It gets worse.

Crews battling fire at Port of Ilwaco


'His mind is scrambled eggs': Morning Joe concerned by Trump's increasing mental decline

Duke Ellington - C Jam Blues 🎷

Massachusetts ballot commission dismisses 14th Amendment case against Trump

Will former Ron DeSantis supporters in New Hampshire turn to Trump -- or Nikki Haley? - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Microsoft Embarrassed in New Breach by Russian State Hackers

Ron DeSantis just tweeted that he would veto a proposed bill to have Florida pay millions for Trump's legal.defense

Heads Up! 50th Anniversary Tour of "A Prairie Home Companion"

Immigration overtakes inflation as top voter concern: Poll

Trump Versus Haley

As Trump CONTINUES to defame E. Jean Carroll, expect record high monetary damages award from NY jury - Glenn Kirschner

Does the Democratic Leadership privately wish for Trump to be the opponent in November?

Following Evangelical Christian doctrine and theology should lead away from Trump, not lead to support for him.

When is Nicolle Wallace coming back? Anyone know?

The moment has arrived, I've been a parent for 39 years!!!

Following Evangelical Christian doctrine and theology should lead away from Trump, not lead to support for him.

Why it matters that Trump endorsed a 'strongman' leadership style

☦️ Christian Gospel Praise & Worship Song

OMG, did sununu just suggest that Joe Biden was/is responsible for inflation???

Chris Sununu is a really, really annoying blowhard

The top 10 reasons Ron DeSantis' campaign failed so spectacularly

Ethan Crumbley's new lawyers will try to keep him from testifying in parents' trials

"We Will Pay the Price": Republicans Are Seriously Worried About 2024

OH NO, Rachel's 'a bit under the weather,' and DU gets the flu!!!

My latest fused glass piece

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Her dog was scared to go outside, so she checked under the deck & found this:

TOP SECRET U.S. Government Tunnels Cities Of The Underworld (S4, E2) Full Episode

Has no energy; can barely read a teleprompter

Appeals court reverses judge's ruling, orders appointment of independent examiner in FTX bankruptcy

Lions-Buccaneers was NBC's most-watched divisional-round game since 1994

Miss Amari, Sassypants!

Why Dementia Don Is Trending On Twitter - Raw News And Politics

Sam Alito Suddenly Unconcerned About Judges Ruling Based On Their Policy Preferences

$228.2M in federal funding will help close digital divide in NY

US appeals court revives Mexico's $10 bln lawsuit against gun makers

Golden Retriever politely introduces himself to a one-year-old:

Out of control tippy taps:

Should we start planning how to deal with it

SuperSpeedersRob: Vroom Crashes Hard - A Key Car Market Indicator (Just Now)

Donald Bumpkin says he can stop Ukraine war in 24 hours

Kari Lake THREATENS "1,000 Years Of Darkness" If Trump Doesn't Win

The Choice Is Clear

CA-SEN: Steve Garvey (R) looks and sounds like a Ronald Reagan double.

Everyone just stay cool:

Fake Biden robocall tells Democrats to skip New Hampshire primary - CBS News

Minnesota Representative Praises New Bridge -- Paid For By Infrastructure Bill He Opposed

The superb lyrebird is an Australian songbird. It is one of the world's largest songbirds,

Jen Psaki is learning. She has inside insight.

Biden administration announces new abortion initiatives on Roe anniversary - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Roe Anniversary Is a Painful Reminder of What the Right Took Away

I had to turn off Jen Psaki tonight. She kept talking over gov. Sununu. Sounds like chicken squawks.

A Hazy Shade Of Winter

Some Americana and Country and Western. Jesse Roper and Western Century

Pa.'s broadband authority reverses position on key state law before new federal funding arrives

Wilson's Bird of Paradise--brilliant mating display:

Scientists Issue Major Warning About Micro Pollution - Thom Hartmann

Crowded House - Into Temptation

Golden guppies:

Dinner tonight, anyone?

Smile pretty!

Wonderful Life - Black

TCM Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Lehtos Law: Las Vegas County Ordinance - Causing Someone to Stop Walking is Now a Crime in Vegas

Seth Meyers - DeSantis Campaign Ends in Humiliation; Confused Trump Blames Haley for Jan. 6: A Closer Look

Jesse Roper with a charming song that showcases his seriously impressive chops.

Republicans can sod off, die, rot, and kiss my cellulite ass. I fell the need to say this today

Timbuk 3 - Easy

Fadeaway - Bodeans

"...I'm not quite sure how something that's just a little tiny prick could be so powerful."

SOME may recall,

Musk calls himself "Aspirational Jew"

No! I am staying with my human.

Jim Jordan, a quick rundown on his career of bootlicking, lying and crying.

CNN: The 1.5-degree climate goal may be 'deader than a doornail,' and scientists are bitterly divided over it

Remember folks: when you go to the polls this November, you can either choose 'd' for democracy or 'r' for rapist. N/T

I met with Andy Kim (NJ-3) tonight

'Karma': DeSantis' 'cruel, craven' politicking called out after presidential bid flames out - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Double - The Captain Of Her Heart

Astrophysicists offer theoretical proof of traversable wormholes in the expanding universe

Crowd HEADS FOR EXITS as trump struggles to speak; people thrown out; Chaos in the Cult

Posted Without Comment

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington, North Idaho say staff facing harassment, threats

So you want to be a Houthi...

'Humiliating': Trump's GOP flunkies fawn over former president as 2024 GOP nomination seems sealed - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Holy a life long Democrat, with Democrat in my DNA

The Flamingos - Where or When

From JUST SECURITY: Why Fani Willis is not disqualified under Georgia law.

What Ukraine's funding problem could mean for its war with Russia - CBS News

Hero Pastor Arrested For Saving Freezing Homeless People In Blizzard?!? - Thom Hartmann

Former California firefighter started wildfires, planted bombs on highway, police say

If Trump becomes President again. What do you think will happen?

Putin Signs Decree Declaring Sale Of Alaska Null & Void

Anna Bower read Nathan Wade's unsealed divorce documents. Here's what she found.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump is the first candidate to ever campaign for his right to commit any crime - The Last Word MSNBC

Gaza's sky is black but Qatar is always sunny

Cambridge Analytica involved in christofascist plan to rewrite the constitution according to xtian law. OMFG!


Dems eye FL Senate seat: Mucarsel-Powell looks to unseat 'extreme' Rick Scott - The Last Word - MSNBC

How long before tfg tweets out a threat to have the Army take over Dixville Notch ?

Norman Jewison, acclaimed director of 'In the Heat of the Night' and 'Moonstruck,' dead at 97

Manhunt underway for suspect in killings of 7 people in 2 Chicago-area homes, officials say

Sen. Warren: Trump & GOP 'coming for everybody' with nationwide abortion ban - The Last Word - MSNBC

How Steve Garvey became a punchline at the first California Senate debate

Trump CONTINUES DEFAMING E. Jean Carroll during trial - Talking Feds

Norman Jewison, acclaimed director of 'In the Heat of the Night' and 'Moonstruck,' dead at 97

And Dixville Notch NH has spoken

Part 69: With Love in Defense of Los Angeles - Why I'm Endorsing Aura Vasquez for CD-10

Louisiana governor signs new Congressional maps into law

Ruby Bridges on Colbert just now:

Rehash of what most of us know.

Imagine how different TV might look

'The end of politics': Donald Trump makes simple offer to voters - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

CA-22: Fearing November lockout, DCCC boosts one Dem for California seat

CA-SEN: How Steve Garvey (R) became a punchline at the first California Senate debate

Dixville Notch, NH has spoken!

Ryan Walters (R) Smears Oklahoma Educators While Proposing New Rules

'Quite the get out the vote strategy': Trump spends day before primary attacking E. Jean Carroll - Inside w/Jen Psaki MSNBC

Oregon Democrats tap Majority Leader Julie Fahey as next House speaker

AI is key to Ukraine's victory, says new analysis

FL House Republicans want to require health insurers to cover anti-trans conversion therapy

TCM Schedule Saturday, January 27 - Holocaust Remembrance Day, The Children's Hour

WA: Democrat who flipped state House seat by 211 votes draws GOP challenger

OC councilman Andrew Do quietly routed $13 million to an org headed by his 22 yr old daughter

(Jewish Group) IDF confirms 21 soldiers killed in action

ND-GOV: North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) not running for third term

Bogus Biden robocall highlights concerns about expanding tool set for dirty political tricks - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

MD: Referendum on abortion access gets kick-off rally as advocates prep for Nov. ballot

Facing pressure from judge, Texas reassigns workers to care for foster kids in unlicensed homes

Judge Judy says she'd vote for this candidate even if they were a frog

NC: Federal judge blocks part of Republicans' new election law

Iowa Medicaid process likely leaves poor off voter rolls, violates federal law, advocates say

Reproductive justice coalition launches campaign to put abortion access in Colorado Constitution

Colorado House GOP leader narrowly survives vote of no confidence

'Are we just coronating Trump?': Gov. Sununu on why he's betting on Nikki Haley - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Four NH House special elections to coincide with presidential primary

BREAKING: Nikki Haley gets all six votes in Dixville Notch midnight vote - MSNBC

Ohio counties pick and choose trans candidates, leading to uneven application of law

U.S. Supreme Court rejects request to halt Michigan House map redraw

Goodnight Irene - The Weavers, Pete Seeger 🪕

New Minnesota organization looks to get out the Gen Z vote

Meme-ifying 2024: how some young organizers are working to get their peers engaged

Israeli military says 24 soldiers killed in Gaza fighting

Republican State Leadership Committe Includes PA House Among Legislative Targets For 2024

'It's whack': How 'Big Lie' candidates in MI and PA wreaked havoc on GOP politics

'The biggest election in terms of abortion': Roe v. Wade anniversary highlights an unprecedented election year

China is unable to invade Taiwan, most U.S. and Taiwanese experts say

Column: Why I'm letting go of Roe


This place is boring

West Virginia House considers changes to election laws

AUS: Labor pledges to cut bus fares in half in Brisbane City Council election pitch

Trump's continued talk of a 'rigged election' focuses attention on Pa.

Auditor alleges top Missouri election official Jay Ashcroft broke law in withholding info

Marianne Williamson (D) says she's a 'homeopathic remedy' in the 2024 presidential election

Ohio board stands by disqualification of transgender candidate, despite others being allowed to run

GOPer fact-checked for crying "election interference" over trial delay that Trump lawyer asked for

LA Times endorses Gascn for re-election, claims backlash to crime policies is a MAGA 'fairy tale'

DeSantis faking height. I know he's out of the Presidential picture, but this needs to be seen:

How a Hindu temple built on the remains of an ancient mosque at Ayodhya could help Narendra Modi win this year's electio

NC: Federal judge blocks same-day voter registration change


This will be my last request for help. Thank you to all who helped us.

CA: Controversial school board president to face recall election in Riverside County

Vice President Harris targets Trump as she rallies for abortion rights in Wisconsin

Ex GOP Leader Cleared Of Rape, Other Charges Being Considered - Raw News And Politics

Vastly Outnumbered, Wyoming House Dems Still Bring Back Bill To Protect Abortion

John Dickerson on Trump's history of name-calling his rivals - CBS News

Connecticut lawmakers, advocates call to protect abortion rights on anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Maine Democrats push to enshrine abortion in state constitution, calling it a 'fundamental human right'

Doctors in the South say a national abortion ban would be a 'hellish reality' for patients

Republicans unable to overcome constituents' Trump devotion fall in line - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Will The Davos Billionaires Team Up Mean The End Of America - Thom Hartmann

Oklahoma bill would make viewing "obscene" materials a felony and defines obscene to include everything

FED UP MSNBC host BLASTS Republican in BRUTAL Live TAKEDOWN - Meidas Touch

38 Science-Backed Tricks to Sharpen Your Memory

Family Guy - Trump Supporters

OpenAI suspends bot developer for presidential hopeful Dean Phillips

Breakfast Tuesday 23 January 2024

'You can squint and see how Haley could win': Countdown to New Hampshire primary - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'A political miracle': What Nikki Haley needs to win New Hampshire - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Florida Republican nixes plan to have taxpayers pay Trump's legal bills

Biden, Harris team up to campaign for abortion rights in Virginia

'Trump wants to control the narrative desperately': Carroll's damages trial against Trump postponed - The 11th Hour MSNBC

The tiny town in northern New Hampshire opened and closed its poll just after midnight ET on the

trump DEMENTIA CRISIS: DAY EIGHT - 1.23.24 Countdown

GOP Sues MAGA Leader To Force Her Out - Raw News And Politics

California professors end strike after one day

Kimmel: Goodbye to Ron DeSantis & Stable Genius Donald Trump Confuses Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, DeSantis, Haley, and what's next....

Most Americans Support This Right GOP Is Trying To Outlaw - Thom Hartmann

NATO signs key artillery ammunition contract to replenish allied supplies and help Ukraine

The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows are untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders crumbles on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

California Senate candidates compete for voters during first debate - KCAL News

Mexico demands investigation into U.S. military-grade weapons being used by drug cartels

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/22/24

Minnesota Representative Praises New Bridge -- Paid For By Infrastructure Bill He Opposed

Visibly Annoyed Hannity Accuses Fox Host of Moving Left After Fact Check - Pondering Politics

A very special guy

Slurring Confused Trump Gets Hilariously Mocked By Joe Biden - Waldorf Nation

Hi all


KJP Slyly Calls Out Doocy's Trump Cult Badge - REFLECT

Stephen Colbert - Guest Trevor Noah

Republican Desperately Tries to Defend Trump, Fails Miserably! - Luke Beasley

Stephen Colbert - Guest Ruby Bridges: Author, Civil Rights Activist and Icon of American History

For anyone who has not heard of SYML

GOP lawmaker calls on TX to 'stand ground' against the fed's 'civil war'

Wordle 948 Jan 23 ***Spoiler Thread***

Florida allies back down on $5 million in state funds for Trump's legal bills after DeSantis threatens to veto

US Supreme Court rejects redistricting commission's request to halt map redraw

GA state reps forming committee to investigate whether Fanni Willis

Trump Lawyer MISLEADING Jury Will Come Back to HAUNT HER - Meidas Touch

On this day, January 23, 1898, Randolph Scott was born.

On this day, January 23, 1870, the Marias massacre occurred.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about cops taking a wrong turn in Albuquerque....

Every American Baby Will Need...

Has any candidate ever been laughed to scorn like

Ukraine did it! Russian border breached. Crimea liberation is ready. Russians fall back - The Russian Dude

One of first US uranium mines opens near Grand Canyon after eight years

Candidate for Trump VP nom? Republican who tried to steal election standing again, says it was stolen from him

Question: If Nikki Haley loses in NH, does that mean the orange goon is the rethug nominee? nt

On the afternoon of January 22, 2016, "Snowzilla" began.

Tuesday TOONS

Do you remember J. Wellington Wimpy from Popeye.

Politifact: No, the U.S. government is not giving people who crossed the border illegally $5,000 gift cards

Seth Meyers - Ron DeSantis Suspends Presidential Campaign and Endorses Trump - Monologue 01/22/24

Trumpets of Excitement - Turn Up the Volume! - ElephantNews

On this day, January 23, 1920, Fred Morrison, inventor of the "Pluto Platter" flying disc, was born.

'Good One, Donald': Biden Trolls Trump With Blunt Reminder Of His Worst Prediction

An Ohio church is suing a city over not being allowed to house homeless people

Minnesota Representative Praises New Bridge -- Paid For By Infrastructure Bill He Opposed

Texas' Dry Winter: Rio Grande Reservoirs Near Record Lows; 2024 Summer Forecast - Hot And Dry

This is such a cat thing to do

Joe: If an upset is going to happen anywhere, it will be in New Hampshire - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Eugene Robinson: The nation's gain is Florida's loss

Haley Says Global Warming Is Real: Proposes "Drill Baby Drill" And "Energy Dominance" As "Responses"

The new climate denial: climate economics

'27 Year Low' - China Injecting $2 Trillion Into Stock Market; Trade: Russian Oil & Chips - China Update

Bishop Gene Robinson on why "God called me out of the closet"

Republican Senator Proposes Law To Give Public Money To Indicted Criminals - Rodecast

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 1/14-1/20/2024

The Rundown: January 23, 2024

'He's a crook': Trump probably not winning back ex-supporters who 'absolutely hate him'

Donations swell to Ten Lives Club cat adoption group for Bills kicker Tyler Bass

Does anyone remember a presidential election when the press openly advocated for candidates to drop out in favor

Turkish parliament expected to approve Sweden's Nato bid this week

Trump Attacked Nikki Haley & RFK Jr. Praised FBI Surveillance of MLK... Who is The Biggest Loser? - Lovett or Leave It

Trump FALLS DEEPER into Total Madness with Latest Behavior - Meidas Touch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, robocalls, and New Hampshire....

Please, please, please, if you read nothing else on DU today, PLEASE read jmbar2's post on Cambridge Analytica.

On This Day: Lindbergh presses for neutrality with Hitler - Jan. 23, 1941

Heritage Foundation head defends Trump, scolds 'elites' at World Economic Forum: 'You're part of the problem'

You're Only Lonely

It's About Damn Time We Hear The Truth About Fani Willis

Russia 'thinks the US wouldn't dare respond to nuclear attack'

Donald Trump has a big problem ahead

Haley tells Fox and Friends she will not drop out (if she loses in NH)

Orange Guy's Cabinet

Ron DeSantis' campaign may be done, but his brand of MAGA petulance will continue to plague us

Suspect dead in Texas after 8 people are killed at 3 locations in Joliet, Illinois

You raised $175.00 on January 22, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Colombia captures its first narco-submarine of the year carrying almost 800 kilos of cocaine

@SenatorBaldwin 51 years ago, the Supreme Court rightly ruled that women should be in charge of their own bodies & have

When I die, this worldly existence of mine will miss, more than anything else,

Trump booed mercilessly in NH

Alzheimer's blood test detects risk 15 years before symptoms, Swedish scientists find

Republicans Are Freaking Out After Realizing They've Accomplished Nothing - Waldorf Nation

Breezy Day

Wild Squirrel Introduces Her Baby To Her Favorite Dog

The Israeli military says 21 soldiers were killed in a single explosion.

The Daily B###&*: Screw your extended warranty. How about you start

Delivered today

Strange story unfolding in Missouri. 3 men found frozen to death in friends backyard two days after watching game

'Biden is going to beat Trump like a drum' - Anthony Scaramucci - Times Radio

Looks like R. Robertson has been nominated

Reed Responds: DeSantis Drops Out, Trump's Cognitive Decay, and Countdown to New Hampshire - The Lincoln Project

Trump's former economic advisor on Fox: Lower inflation, higher stock prices, better consumer sentiment. They're saying

Mike Luckovich- Dexter King-Mom, Dad I'm Home


First results in New Hampshire Republican Primary 2024: Nikki Haley wins SIX votes in tiny Dixville Notch (Fixed?)

Just for 💩 and giggles, predict the final NH GOP results.

"We are an institute in a powerful death penalty."

Kamala Harris puts abortion on the ballot with 2024 'freedom tour'

Senator on the effort to write Biden's name on the NH ballot - Morning Joe - MSNBC

What is your description of the Republican Party?

Change Is Coming Soon

Investigation Opened Into Voter Suppression Effort Against Democrats Using Fake Biden Robocalls

I joined Facebook to keep in touch with my friends. But today it has become nothing

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about New Hampshire's stakes today....

phones .

Trump Fumes As His Own Inner Circle Exposes The MAGA Cult - Rebel HQ

Republican Congressman Calls on Texas to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling Because Biden Is 'Staging a Civil War'

'Our System Needs to Be Broken, and He Is the Man to Do It'

'Our System Needs to Be Broken, and He Is the Man to Do It'

"The fact that Mr. Trump sexually abused - indeed, raped - Ms. Carrol has been conclusively established."

The Bob Marley Movie One Love

Will Roe v. Wade ever be restored? How certain legal challenges could reinstate abortion protections

Anyone here familiar with Millvale, Pennsylvania? A friend is looking to move there - what can you tell me about it?

Baby wombat:

@SenatorBaldwin We cannot allow hate like this to be normalized and must condemn it any time it rears its ugly head.

2nd tweet--I could haves danced all night!

2nd tweet--Newborn baby wombat doesn't have his fur yet:

Republicans Push To Legalize 'Property Owners' Killing Homeless People in Kentucky

Snopes: Did Putin Declare the 1867 Sale of Alaska to the US 'Illegal' in January 2024? (They call it False)

Major shakeup rocks Republican primary - Brian Tyler Cohen

Game of Thrones--with goatlets:

Django Reinhardt was born on this date.

Hungarian PM invites Swedish PM to Budapest to discuss Nato

2nd tweet--Did I say stop?

Vice President Kamala Harris in the house

When you lie on your resume but still get the job.

"Fool me once...."

Marty Paich was born on this date.

Election question here.

'I don't do what he tells me to do': Nikki Haley on Trump saying she'll drop out - CNN

2nd tweet--Baby gorilla and his daddy:

U.S. House moms seek rules change to vote remotely after childbirth

Finally got some new photos of Rhys

Why would Nikki Haley drop out tonight, or at any time,

Amish horse and buggy stolen from Sturgis (Mich.) Walmart

GOP rep celebrates infrastructure bill funding he voted against and called 'socialism'

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 23, 2024)

Why don't trump supporters

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 23, 2024

'Losing His Marbles': Trump Is Getting a Pass on His Mental Acuity

'Libs of TikTok' Account Owner to Join Oklahoma Advisory Committee

Hamas said to reject Israeli offer of two-month pause in war for release of hostages

Why Not Control All Drug Prices?

From Freezing Cold to Housing Insecurity, Migrants Face Crisis in NYC, Chicago & Beyond

Elise Stefanik Gets Shredded For Shrugging Off Donald Trump's Obvious Mental Problems - Farron Balanced

FUNNY! No One Listens to More Trump Speeches Than Hal Sparks...

Haley wins Dixville Notch 6-0

"River Queen"

"Many of My Shows Have Been Canceled": Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei on Israel, Gaza & Censorship

Great pun for your lawyer friends :)

Russian Army Gains Ground on Multiple Axes, Kyiv Claims Punishing Losses Inflicted

Ron DeSantis's Campaign: An Utter Failure -

Russian Roulette: Air Travel Turned into Nightmare - UATV English

Pennsylvania Poll that will dismay Chubby Cheddar: Biden 47 Trump 39 Other 06

Pruneface was a Klansman

'It's really concerning': UW-Whitewater #Wisconsin students, parents react to racist display

The answer to why he does what he does is very simple: No one with the power to do something ever does something

Daily Beast: NYT Correspondent Nixes Eyebrow-Raising Climate Change Post

Waiting On The DC Appeals Court Decision

US court lets mexico sue gun makers

Israel-E.U. Meeting on Gaza's Future Yields Division and Confusion

WMSC Issues Safety Audit of WMATA's Automatic Train Control, Signals Program

E. Jean Carroll trail was off today and will reconvene on Wednesday

Just for fun - The most beautiful footage of strangers dancing in public...

Nebraska State Sen. Carol Blood poised to run against Rep. Mike Flood for Congress (NE-1)

Irony! The funniest thing you'll read all day!


Guess what happened today???

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Party Master Plan In A Nutshell

Jared Kushner Could Be Made Secretary of State in Second Trump Term, and No, That's Not a Joke

Bucks County, PA Emergency services down due to cyberattack

Patriot Front Nazis Stymied By New York City Subway Turnstiles

Pod Save America - Gavin Newsom Wasn't Surprised by DeSantis' Campaign & Wants Democrats to Focus on Beating Trump

GOP rep celebrates infrastructure bill funding he voted against and called 'socialism'

Goodbye to Ron Desantis / Jimmy Kimmel

DC Court declines to rehear appeal. Only path left to The Defendant is the Supremes.

'The Lord told us to': US pastor says he stole $1m from Christians to remodel home

DC Circuit denies Trump's request for a panel rehearing over his gag order in the federal Jan. 6 case

DUers check in -- did everybody survive the deep freeze OK ?

DC Circuit denies Trump's request for a panel rehearing over his gag order in the federal Jan. 6 cas

Today's Tiedrich rant: four SCOTUS Justices are totally cool with mangled children in razor wire booby traps...

Haley says Americans don't want a coronation

"This is a horror show": Ex-judge warns Trump lawyer is "playing with fire" by irking Judge Kaplan

Unionization rate dropped to new low in 2023

Trending on X/Twitter #DementiaDon

"You passed legislation that gives people a chance," business owner Juan Vargas told Pres. Biden

OK state superintendent appoints stochastic terrorist Chaya Raichik to library board

US denies Yemen's Houthis claim of attack on US military cargo ship Ocean Jazz in Gulf of Aden

Travel bans for abortion proposed in Tennessee & Oklahoma

Americans' Hot Sauce Preferences, Broken Down By State

'So snarky': Nikki Haley surrogate teaches Fox News host 'math' on Trump's age...'

I came across a video last evening.

An annual photography competition attracted stunning images from around the globe

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Prophecy Fizzles As Biden Economy Booms

Peter Kay's mis-heard lyrics

Former Aide Says Trump Will Likely Pick Sarah Huckabee Sanders As His Running Mate - Ring of Fire

Why is the Slobfather visiting polling stations

Chip Roy: Texas should ignore Supreme Court's border razor wire ruling

Final remains in Green River Killer case identified as Everett teen

The world should learn from Poland's tragedy: restoring democracy is even harder than creating it

Cartoons 1/23/2024

Sound Transit starts testing light rail on track bound for Lynnwood

74 yr NH voter-Voted for Trump in 2016-Voting for Haley because she doesn't want grandkids to grow up in a dictatorship

Fox Host Stuns Colleagues With Trump Fact-Check - Rebel HQ

House speaker's favoring of Christianity threat to faith

Extreme cold doesn't contradict climate change

Charles Osgood, veteran CBS newsman and longtime host of "Sunday Morning," dies at 91

Libs of Tik Tok will now be choosing library books for students in Oklahoma.

Pentagon has no more money for Ukraine as it hosts a meeting of 50 allies on support for Kyiv

NH Voter: Anything but trump. Reporter: That was your priority? Voter: That's my biggest priority.

Will Javier Milei's Experiment Save Argentina? - Good Times Bad Times

Donald Trump Challenged Nikki Haley To An 'Aptitude Test' And You Know What Happened

and it continues

House ethics probe into Rep. Matt Gaetz picks up steam with new witnesses contacted: Sources

Appeals court lets gag order stand in federal January 6 case

Immigration negotiations move to a new phase - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Fargo, season 5 -- Hulu

'This Land Is Mine' (TURN ON the captions!)

Iran executes another prisoner detained during nationwide protests that erupted in 2022

Tennessee Brando- Ron Kissed The Ring

Major Dementia tries to describe missile defense

Said no one EVER.

A not particularly murderous flock of crows at sunset

Trump is posting AI pictures of him praying in a church.

Judge delays fraud trial

Worried about Trump? Fearful of another Trump administration? Take're healthy and you

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 24: Mitchum (continued)/Spotlight: Columbia Pictures 100 Years - The 1980s and 1990s

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 23, 2024

Colorado pastor accused of multimillion dollar crypto scheme

The philosophical puzzle of incoherence

well, i'm cancer free for now.

House Ethics Probe Into Matt Gaetz Is Heating Up Again

Google's Chrome browser gets an AI writing tool soon to help you "articulate your thoughts on public spaces and forums"

The Houthis are not a group that can be bombed into extinction

NYPD investigating alleged chemical attack on pro-Palestine Columbia University students

Hawley, McConnell in GOP standoff over nominees

Why is Chuck Fraud on my TeeVee

Sanctions Hit Russia: No Oil Exports No Money For War - UATV English

North Dakota judge won't temporarily block part of abortion law for doctors

Virginia Senate votes to ban preferential treatment for public college legacy applicants

DeSantis' campaign spent more on private airplane travel than advertising

Mike Johnson Fought to Keep Alcohol Out of This Louisiana Town

Charles Osgood, veteran CBS newsman and longtime host of "Sunday Morning," dies at 91

Man wanted for killing 8 people in Chicago suburb believed dead near San Antonio, police say

The dumbest part of Trump's Supreme Court ballot brief

I want to say something about dementia in public officials:

Hey, MSNBC just interviewed a Biden voter!

Nazi Town USA - this evening on PBS (ironic to have it when Whiny Donny will be coronated)

Nikki Haley Torches Fox News Hosts To Their Faces on Live TV - Pondering Politics

Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish survivors are still alive

House Republicans now have one of the smallest majorities in history

How Big AI plans to get away with piracy as a business model

The 91 indictments Rapist is divine intervention from Gawd

Using president Biden's time

4 min video from R Reich re: Biden's positive focus on the economy

Martin Shkreli's lifetime drug industry ban is upheld

Supreme Court sides with Pres. Biden in Texas border dispute - ABC News

Biden is going to get creamed?

France fines Amazon $35M for 'excessively intrusive' monitoring of warehouse staff

Turkey votes in favor of Sweden's NATO membership after months of delay

Marc Elias: The Republican Inferno And The Nine Circles Of Trump

Trump Loses Gag Order Case

Steve Garvey 'repeatedly laughed at by audience' in train-wreck debate performance

Steve Garvey 'repeatedly laughed at by audience' in train-wreck debate performance

Greta and Barbie had their moment. But the Kens always win in the end.

After failing to govern, Republicans fear possible consequences

Pastor created 'worthless' cryptocurrency targeting Christians to support 'lavish lifestyle': Authorities

A Call for Former High-Level trump Appointees to Speak Out

China Stock Market Collapse Forces China into 2 Trillion Yuan Bail Out Facility as Economy Crashes - Joe Blogs

Prediction: Dean Phillips wins the NH Democratic Primary...


@Liz_Cheney This is what ⁦⁦@EliseStefanik ⁩ said, in a rare moment of honesty, about the January 6 attack on our Capitol

Louisiana court upholds air permits for petrochemical complex in Cancer Alley

On this day, January 23, 1974, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone each bought a guitar at Manny's Music in New York City.

Why it matters that Trump promoted a birther story targeting Haley

More women who rock.

Abortion rates are down in Florida, but not for out-of-state residents

Renewing Passports!!!

On this day, January 23, 1991, KLSK-FM in Albuquerque, NM, played "Stairway To Heaven" for twenty-four straight hours.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, Taiwan, surveys, and media consumption....

Voter interviews

Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center taking Kamin family's name after historic $65 million gift

Hannity Panics as Liberal Co-Host Humiliates Trump Live on Fox News! - Luke Beasley

I Build Cars For a Living. I Can't Afford to Buy One. - More Perfect Union

Dominating the primaries doesn't mean he'll beat Biden

George CONWAY finds a non-Deplorables Deplorables telling who they really are

Is Greg Abbott Intentionally Trying To Trigger Right-Wing Violence In Texas?

Biden-bashing Dean Phillips will be going through some things today in New Hampshire

Reproductive Rights Event with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and Doug Emhoff

Reporter Jacob on MSNBC reported that vote tallies for Republican candidates will be before Democratic.

Judge Kaplan adjourned the Carroll v. Trump trial again -- until at least Thursday

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 24 January 2024

What if everyone on Earth was white, Christian, and spoke English?

No Border Security Vote This Week

Some sense from The Guardian

Just got a text urging Joe to appoint Pres. O to SCOTUS...

For a special friend

Can we get a running list of Trump monikers/names?

Full DC Appeals Court says gag the mutherfucker.

Why don't they use robot dogs in the tunnels of Gaza?

Colorado newspaper hits back at man who stole editions with explosive rape article

MSNBC keeps the "Haley at 100%" chyron up on screen...

LA Times to lay off one-fourth of newsroom staff starting this week: Union head

Greene Threatens 'Eradication' of Non-Trump Republicans

The Conversation: 'It's not game over - it's game on': why 2024 is an inflection point for the climate crisis

When being on hold using the iPhone

Tape Reveals Arizona GOP Chair Trying to Bribe Kari Lake

Don't be fooled, trump and rethugs have no intention of winning a free and fair election

I wonder how voter turnout would be in Iowa if it had been today?

Nikki Haley is a terrible candidate

Exclusive: One-month Gaza truce focus of intensive talks, sources say

Sha-Na-Na Live @ Woodstock 1969

'Sell Out!' MAGA Rages At Amy Coney Barrett For Ruling Against Texas - Waldorf Nation

Man suspected of killing 8 people outside Chicago was related to most of the victims, police say

New York man convicted of murdering woman who wound up in his backcountry driveway after wrong turn

This Modern World: The Unfathomable Mystery

FIRED UP Biden to FIRED UP crowd: 'Republicans about to find out about the power of women in America!'

Home after overnight trip. What's new, guys???

DC Circuit rejects Trump's en banc request over gag order in election subversion case

How do I move a post I made in the Lounge to GD? Please help

Domestic Textile Industry Crashing Because of Trade Loophole

Donald Trump has a big problem ahead A whole swath of GOP voters appears firmly committed to not voting for Trump

more woodpecker photos! something interesting for pixel peepers, too....

Rant On: E-waste and unsustainability

It is amazing to me how Cable political channels thinks people are all excited

NY AG is going full speed ahead on a lifetime ban for Trump from engaging in the real estate industry in New York

Top GOP Election Denier Sued After Refusing To Leave Office She Was Voted Out Of This Month - Rodecast

Tennessee Republican files 'abortion trafficking' bill for pregnant minors

The Weak Link in Industrial Policy: Corporate Patriotism

Steve Kornaki or shingles?

What TV show did/do you wish wasn't cancelled or put out to pasture too soon?

Hey EarlG - would you consider making changes to encourage inclusiveness?

24 IDF soldiers killed detonating a building yesterday

US stages retaliatory airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq, officials say

Manufacturer Danco urges US Supreme Court to reverse abortion pill curbs

Texas National guard ordered to put razor back after fed removed the deadly wire 👇🏻

What tv show lasted past its prime. All in the Family. the spin offs stunk.TY bucolic-_frolic for the idea

US pushes for pause in Gaza as Israel suffers worst loss of soldiers

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

Near home 'crowd' is growing!

Why it matters that Americans are feeling better about the economy

Prosecutors rebut ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon's attempt to dismiss fraud charges

Wisconsin Republicans make last-ditch effort to pass new legislative maps

Anyone else watch these two young goofballs on MSNBC?

Edward Richmond Jr.: Military veteran charged in Capitol riot is ordered released from custody

FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter whose photo was featured in a Biden campaign ad

Maryland afternoon/evening

MAGAT Shoe Cartoon

Sign: Justice For Dog Found Tied Up & Burned

SP&R PA Poll: Biden 46.8%, Trump 39.3% (Biden +7.5, MOE 3.7)

Top Biden White House aide heads to the campaign

Donald Trump Vs. Nikki Haley: More Republicans Throw Their Support Behind The Ex-President - Lovett or Leave It

MAGA Moron Thinks MLK Jr Would Be A Trump Supporter - Rebel HQ

Las Vegas-to-California high-speed electric rail project gets OK for $2.5B more in bonds

Elected to baseball Hall of Fame in 2024: