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Kansas lawmakers want a report on last year's police raid of a newspaper

No one wants to talk about why Boeing planes fail

I can't leave my ringer on my phone on

Oscars nominations: Where did they screw up and what did they get right?

IRS will start simplifying its notices to taxpayers as agency continues modernization push

There are a shortage of Republican ballots in some locations.

Wisconsin Republicans make last-ditch effort to pass new legislative maps

Tanya Woo chosen to join Seattle City Council for citywide seat

Judges: U.S. Exceeded Scope of Warrant in Search of BH Safety Deposit Boxes

I'm so over it.

Military veteran charged in Capitol riot is ordered released from custody

If TFG either wins by an unimpressive margin or loses tonight,

Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris defends lending Hunter Biden $5 million

Unprocessed Write-In FTW!

Dave Wasserman calls it...

China earthquake topples homes and buildings, deaths and injuries reported

Trump already whining:

Group sues Arkansas attorney general for not approving government records ballot measure

Has there ever been a version of the Dead's "He's Gone"? A "She's Gone" version? Would like to hear....

Unprocessed Write-ins is crushing it in NH

Dave Wasserman I've seen enough: Donald Trump wins the NH Republican presidential primary, defeating Nikki Hakey

Dave Wasserman: I've seen enough: Donald Trump wins the NH Republican presidential primary, defeating Nikki Haley

Mexico's Yucatan tourist train sinks pilings into relic-filled limestone caves, activists show

Tensions erupt in private Senate Republican lunch over border talks: 'It's an ugly place in the conference right now'

State Department responds to Putin on Alaska: 'Certainly he's not getting it back'

Sen. Bob Menendez says gold bars and cash at his residence were illegally found and seized

We need to get the media talking about Trump's mental decline.

Stable Genius (Lincoln Project)

Wasserman's seen enough: Pres. Joe Biden wins the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary

Mass Shooting In Illinois

Biden Aims to Stop Countries From Exploiting Americans' Data for Blackmail, Espionage

Our clinic today did nine patient visits for STD evaluation/treatment.

Climate Change in the Marshall Islands...

Trudeau Overreached in Quelling Covid-Rule Protests, Canadian Court Rules

South African police arrest man who says he started a fire that left 76 dead to hide another killing

AP just projected: Trump wins NH

Trump wins New Hampshire primary

Sam Cutler wishing us a Happy New Year, JGB, 1975

State officials warn 1.5 million families could lose home heating benefits without additional funding

Ocean wave hits military base in Marshall Island

The Associated Press is already calling it for Trmp..Also MSNBC

AP BREAKING: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire.

The big news is that President Biden won NH by write-ins. He didn't campaign and wasn't on

New Hampshire Democrat on write-in vote for Biden

Is there a bigger phoney the Nikki Haley?

Trump Compares Himself To Pedophile Priests In Rant About Immunity - Farron Balanced

We got a horse race. Haley finished much closer than was expected and Donny is bleeding support,

Hailey's into the lying portion of her speech so it is time to shut her off

watched mr . ed on tubi tonight. what fun.

Last Week in the Republican Party - January 23, 2024 - The Lincoln Project

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about malaria, Cameroon, and lessons....

Scientists Discovered an 'Ultra-Large Structure' in Space That Shouldn't Exist

TCM Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Johnson & Johnson to settle talc baby powder investigation, will reportedly pay $700 million

Why America was an easy mark for Nazi ideas

Marjorie Taylor Greene struggles to ignore Vermin Supreme fans photobombing her interview

Can someone please explain the NH Democratic Primary numbers I'm seeing?

Gustav Mahler - Piano Quartet in A minor, played by the Prazac Quartet

Felons must get gun rights back if they want voting rights restored, Tennessee officials say

Austin delivers virtual remarks in first public appearance since hospitalization

Biden wins New Hampshire's Democratic primary as a write-in candidate, NBC News projects - MSNBC

When did Chloriquin become so expensive?

The fun's not over yet! Cheato's going to speak!

Biden-Harris 2024 Statement on tonight's results in New Hampshire

Biden wins New Hampshire primary through a write-in effort after declining to campaign there

Ron DeSantis Says 1 Thing Is To Blame For His Humiliating Campaign Defeat

The New York Nazis Who Loved Hitler, Hated Jews, and Packed MSG

Trump Versus Haley

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

Top Biden White House aides head to the campaign

HOLD ON BRUH!! ill never smoke weed with willie again Reaction

Haley comes in second in a two person race

"He deservesd the win"????

"It's up to the big doners"

Nazi Town, USA

Wealth of Elon Musk 2012: $2,000,000,000 2023: $245,600,000,000

"People Are Outraged": $16,000 reward offered by Greene County Sheriff for information in burned dog incident

Trump And The Media

So Dean Phillips is no Gene McCarthy, tonight...

Baby Elephant "LekLek" and Her Happiness With Mother "Moh Loh" In Sanctuary - ElephantNews

Jackson Browne - Take it Easy.

Mary Trump Awards GOP Lawmaker 'Top Gaslighter' For 'Lie That Backfired'

Happy Jackal noises at SaveAFox Sanctuary

Biden defeated Trump in New Hampshire in the 2020 election by over 7%. (52.7% - 45.4%) nt

There is no objective argument to vote for Trump over Biden.

Chris Stapleton Sings "You Were Always On My Mind" Live Concert Performance Willie Nelson

They have the dumbasses standing behind Trump at his winner speech.


Wow! Trump is slamming the NH governor. That should really help Trump do well in November. nt

ABC News: Extreme wave in Marshall Islands highlights dangers of climate change, experts say


Democrat Carol Blood announces bid for Nebraska's 1st District congressional seat

Anyone following the latest on sex trafficker Gaetz?

Republicans look to pick up Democratic NH House seat

Full DC appeals court, including 3 Trump-appointed judges, REJECT Trump's attempt to lift gag order - Glenn Kirschner

*Nancy Pelosi's on the JOB!

Via the 1968 Dem primary precedent, Trump has LOST the NH Primary!!!

Request denied: D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals declines to hear Trump gag order appeal again - Deadline - MSNBC

'Looks pretty weak': Internet erupts after 'Trump is a loser' chant at Nikki Haley rally

Texas birth rate among teens in 2022 hit 15-year high

Seth Meyers - Trump Joined by Three Former Opponents at New Hampshire Rally - Monologue 01/23/24

Hey trump supporters - THIS is your candidate

Trump said to Tim Scott that he must really hate Nikki Haley because she appointed him to the Senate.

MAGA Morons Have No Shame, Even Now - Rebel HQ

BREAKING: Trump wins New Hampshire primary, cementing status as clear frontrunner, NBC News projects - MSNBC

"REMEMBER THE ALAMO!" Yeah, ok....

Johnny Marr blasts Donald Trump for playing the Smiths song at rally

'This race is far from over!': Defiant Nikki Haley vows to fight Trump 'chaos' in South Carolina - MSNBC

It should start any time and will go until the election

Update on the two older disabled brothers living in car in AZ, Mostly good, need just a bit of food

'The rapture might come': Haley stays in as criminal defendant Trump faces possible conviction - MSNBC

Trump hit with bad news amid New Hampshire primary results - Brian Tyler Cohen

Anne Briggs & Bert Jansch - Blackwaterside (Live)

*Failure at the Fence, Frontline NOW

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust

Why 'Trump Is Not Well' Is Trending On Twitter - Raw News And Politics

Moderates (Lincoln Project)

Felons must get gun rights back if they want voting rights restored, Tennessee officials say

'He's a Loser!' Nikki Haley Crowd Goes Wild When She Hammers Trump For Election Losses, Mental Capacity

Trump gets SHUT DOWN by D.C. Court - Talking Feds

Trump claims if she stays in and wins, Nikki Haley be under investigation in 15 minutes--and I

'I'm No Conspiracy Theorist' Says Heritage Foundation President After Promoting Conspiracy - Waldorf Nation

Market Macro

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up - Live at Munich, 1980 🌴 🦜

A D.C. pundit warns us to beware the would-be spoilers: the ego tripper, the deranged man and Putin's paid puppet

Van Jones says Trump 'looks weak' for not wanting to debate Haley - CNN

Visibly Nervous Fox Host Talks Trump's Body in Cringy Plane Interview! - Luke Beasley

See Rachel Maddow shred Trump with live fact-check of victory speech - MSNBC

'The Lord told us to': US pastor says he stole $1m from Christians to remodel home

Keto diet observation and question

Democratic candidate Dean Phillips says he will not drop out of the race - ABC News

'He's a constant liar': Nancy Pelosi reacts to Trump confusing her with Nikki Haley - MSNBC

"Nobody cares...nobody cares...GENOCIDE!!!"

Chris Hayes: Trump using 'disgusting birtherism' against Haley helped him close out NH GOP primary - MSNBC

Been at DU for 23 years - 70 now. The most important intellectual connection and constant, in my life.

The Conservative Legal Movement Runs on Perpetual Grievance

What went wrong for Nikki Haley? Steve Kornacki breaks down the numbers - MSNBC

Hamas releases propaganda doc denying atrocities, blaming Israel for civilian deaths on Oct 7

Near Miss

L.A. County D.A. to pay $5 million in civil rights case over bungled election conspiracy prosecution

Comedian TORCHES Aaron Rodgers in Scathing Takedown

Tom Petty's "American Girl"--- Did the Haley campaign have permission,

BREAKING: Nikki Haley EXPOSES Trump's WEAKNESS in N.H. Primary - Meidas Touch

Kimmel: Trump Challenges Nikki Haley to an Aptitude Test, Oscar Nomination Day & Depend Underwear Models!

CNN and MSNBC Forced to Fact Check Error-Riddled Trump Victory Speech

Trump v. Biden

Oklahoma gives education job to far-right influencer linked to bomb threats at schools

Rachel Maddow: Not very much democracy in election about saving democracy - MSNBC - Decision 2024

Harpo Marx - Everyone Says I Love You (from Horse Feathers)

Watching MSNBC try to find something to gripe about in NH

Roger McGuinn - Lover of the Bayou - 1975

What Former Trump Voters Are Saying In New Hampshire - Raw New And Politics

I would like to see President Biden thank the people of NH for his win.

You're Still A Young Man - Tower of Power 🎺

Hot Tuna - 2011 - That'll Never Happen No More.

New Hampshire Primary - PBS News Special Report - PBS NewsHour

Nikki Haley's husband is deployed in Africa with his National Guard unit from SC..

MAGA Threatens Rebellion over Major Supreme Court Defeat - Pondering Politics

We're still waiting for FL Supreme Court to decide about abortion rights

We're still waiting for FL Supreme Court to decide about abortion rights

Wow! More Trump Lawyers MAY LOSE Legal LICENSES - Meidas Touch

"White Rabbit" (Jefferson Airplane) - Jorma Kaukonen & Teresa Williams

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the New Hampshire results....

Trump Lawyer Habba is at TFG victory event

Gov. Gavin Newsom Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The Daily Show: TDS Covers the New Hampshire Primary Through the Years

Dean Phillips says he will drop out if

Malcolm Nance: Ukraine Medical Relief Loop Video

Trump got destroyed in NH. I don't understand the headlines.

Dead, 1972, Boulder, CO - NFA - GDTRFB - NFA

Rise & Fall of the Second Trump Reich - A Cautionary Tale - Thom Hartmann

Sammy Hagar - I'll Fall In Love Again

TROUBLING NEAR-MISS in U.S. Supreme Court - Talking Feds

Charles Osgood dead at age 91

Nielsen's 'Aladdin Suite' (some lighter movements)

Haley Takes Dixville Notch Trump's War On The English Language Rudy Pours Coffee In NH

Arrogant CEO's Lifetime Pharmaceutical Industry Ban Upheld By Federal Appeals Court - Rodecast

The GOP is dead

Does Nikki Haley have a path forward after New Hampshire? - CBS News

You know it's time to drop out when...


Strauss 'Oboe Concerto' 3 ways (Nobody doesn't like an oboe.🤭)

Trump's Coup Clowns - Jan 23, 2024 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Saint-Saens 'Symphony No. 3'

MSNBC: See Maddow shred Trump with live fact-check of victory speech

Trump's victory speech in New Hampshire fact-checked by NBC News - NBC News

"People Are Outraged" $16,000 reward offered by Greene County Sheriff for information in burned dog incident

The best evidence yet that banning Airbnbs will make rent go down

Trump STRIKES OUT Again with STUNT in Federal Court - Meidas Touch

My last adopted candidate was John Fetterman. This time it's Eugene Vindman in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

My last adopted candidate was John Fetterman. This time it's Eugene Vindman in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

Can Trump be a dictator for just one day? Anthony Davis EXPLAINS. Tuesday January 23, 2024. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

Through the looking glass

Godzilla 1985

Biden's humanitarian parole for Cubans, Venezuelans is at risk in negotiations with GOP

After animal rights campaign, giraffe Benito arrives at new Mexican home

Rio City Councilman Implicated in Murder of Marielle Franco

Archeological evidence shows hunter-gatherers in South America ate mostly plants

Breakfast Wednesday 24 January 2024

Was Biden Right To Remove Deadly Razorwire From The Border? - Thom Hartmann

Amy Siskind: NEW: Biden to shake up his campaign, and bring Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, the lead who won 2020


Animals Can See Colors We Can't--And New Tech Offers Us a Glimpse

Mexico wins appeal in lawsuit against US gunmakers filed in Boston

Killing of nine-year-old girl reignites debate on security in Argentina

Felons must get gun rights back if they want voting rights restored, Tennessee officials say

Democrat Dean Phillips vows to continue campaign after losing New Hampshire primary

Biden administration demands that the Texas attorney general give Border Patrol access to a park taken over by Texas

Trump's biggest weakness suddenly exposed - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump voter: somebody who would rather see thousands of people die, than to wear a mask.

Stray Dog Chooses His Family By Jumping Into Their Car

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/23/24

WORDLE 949**1/24 ***SPOILERS***

Scott Perry 'offends me,' says Republican running for his seat

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism, Jelani Cobb

'Far from over': Nikki Haley vows to stay in race after losing to Trump in New Hampshire

Appeals court finds FBI did violate rights of some Beverly Hills safe-deposit box holders

'Jews rape kids': Antisemites among crowd at anti-abortion rally in San Francisco

FAFSA fix to combat inflation could give some students additional aid

New Transcript Blows Up James Comer's Entire Hunter Biden Argument

LA Times laying off 20% of newsroom staff

Oregon Democrats unveil bill to recriminalize drug possession, step up access to treatment

New York AG pushing for lifetime Trump ban cites Martin Shkreli ruling

Russian plane carrying 65 Ukrainian PoWs has crashed, Moscow says

It's rigged! The whole New Hampshire GOP Primary!

Judge issues recommendation in case seeking to unseal warrant for Scott Perry phone


Trump won the New Hampshire Republican Primary by....winning Republican votes.

Those kidneys are going to cost Trump a pretty penny.

Wednesday TOONs

Mazi Pilip finances: Assets reported to Nassau differ from federal disclosure (NY-3)

Ringing the bell today for my last radiotherapy

**Apple Watch 8, 9, and Ultra owners** Turn off auto updates if you want to keep your O2 sensor functionality

The White House has its own pharmacy--and, boy, was it shady under Trump

This is bad: Russians entered Avdivka. 22,000 approached from the North. Belarus received nukes. - The Russian Dude

Comer again fails to incriminate Biden with new impeachment inquiry witness: transcript

Greenpeace unfurls Shepard Fairey's Gaza Cry for Help illustration outside the Reina Sofia Museum

Kari Lake calls on Arizona GOP chair to resign after reports of leaked audio

This Is Bad: China's Stock Market Mess; China's UN Human Rights Review - China Update

Is the Slobfather gonna name Tim Scott as his running mate?

Quinn was 17, working as a barista, and living in their car

Georgia secretary of state says it's unconstitutional for board to oversee him, but lawmakers differ

Narcissists have to destroy others.

Trump Has A Full-Blown All-Caps Freakout Over Nikki Haley

Another visit from Carys, last night. The first in a LONG time

"Donald Trump is very confused"-- good overview of his mental lapses and weirdness

64 Ukrainian army POWs killed

People fleeing area near Nasser hospital being shot at by Israeli tanks, says Al Jazeera reporter

Latest Federal Court Order Favors Right to Carry Guns in Some New Mexico Public Parks

The Weekly Pull: Detective Comics, Resurrection of Magneto, Universe Monsters: Dracula, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (1/24/24)

The Webcomics Weekly #267: A Tall Glass of "Honey Lemon" (1/23/2024 Edition)

The Rundown: January 24, 2024

CNN Host Stunned After Trump Voter Says He Wants His Boss To Get Another Tax Cut - Waldorf Nation

Live Free Or Die - Clay Jones Cartoon


Netanyahu's Likud Ministers, Far-right MKs to Attend Israeli 'Gaza Resettlement' Confab

Video shows Russian military plane crashing near Ukrainian border - DW News

Wanna feel old?

You raised $10.00 on January 23, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

'The Lord told us to': US pastor says he stole $1m from Christians to remodel home

You raised $25.00 on January 23, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Masks are back: Maryland hospitals, doctor offices require face coverings again

Tim Scott to Don Trmp during his 'victory' speech...

Lol, Criticize Me Again About My Opinion Of Polls

Moana Bikini draws internet's ire after male model wears women's one-piece in social post

International smuggling ring sending sanction technology to Russia gets busted.

Time to face it: Republicans want Trump

Where's Secretary Blinken when you need him?

You'd think the Japanese porn stars would be ok financially

Van Jones can go straight

So I am channel surfing last night and

Claire McCaskill: A really bad night for the Shameless Classless Orange Turd

Handsome Young Bull Elephant Navaan Enjoys The Mud Pit! - ElephantNews

On This Day: Japanese soldier holds out for almost 28 years - Jan. 24, 1972

'I just need you to trust me. Please.' Lions coach Dan Campbell's speeches are legendary.

Dear Nikki Haley:

NH exit polls -Trump lost Independent/undeclared voters by 30 points & lost moderate voters by a stunning 53 points

Watch This Sad Pittie Get So Silly And Happy

Did someone use an automotive paint gun to spray Trump's face?

Trump claims the [Biden] jobs numbers aren't 'real'

Doug Kershaw has a birthday today.

Let's Go Appeals Court

Robert Motherwell was born on this date.

Fani Willis Appreciation Thread

Dear Tim Scott, being a Trump sycophant doesn't pay

Aaron Neville has a birthday today.

Neil Diamond has a birthday today.

Best Damn Twitter Handle I've Seen

Kornacki: We've never seen this large a gap between the independent vote and the Republican vote in an NH GOP primary

Whitmer plans to use State of the State to request funding for free community college for all

A fired-up Kamala Harris becomes the Biden campaign's voice on some of its most central political issues

Warren Zevon was born on this date.

More questions than answers persist as to who is running the Michigan Republican Party

Something is not adding up

Developers propose Oklahoma City skyscraper that, if approved, would be the tallest in the U.S.

The Current Governor Of Florida Describes Himself As "Not A Global Warming Person" - Well, Good Luck With That

We Are Normalizing Trump. Again.

Love that Haley beat Trump at his own game

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Louisiana maps being approved....

Turn On This New iPhone Setting to Protect Your Money and Photos

Inspectors Reveal Mismanagement at White House Pharmacy Under Trump Administration

Who did it better?

**Apple Watch 8, 9, and Ultra owners** Turn off auto updates if you want to keep your O2 sensor functionality

After Trump's New Hampshire win, Biden gets the opponent he wants

Biden Plays Man to Man defense, pressure offense.

See how Trump pulled support from his 2016 rivals to fuel New Hampshire win (WP)

Just another entitled; feeling emboldened by the political times; blaming her airport outburst on "America"

Biden Widens Lead in Pennsylvania Over Trump: Poll

Nikki Haley should go to one of trump's trials

Moderates. Lincoln Project

On this day, January 24, 1943, Sharon Tate was born.

On this day, January 24, 1941, Neil Diamond was born.

Of 28 pics on one site (, twelve (12) are of Drumpf, like we need stabs in the eye

Puff is Happiest in the Cold Sun

The Dark Shadow Of Trump - The Enemies List

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 24, 2024

Several killed in gas truck explosion in Mongolia: officials - Reuters

Name a song/songs with "time" in the title or lyrics, Mine is " Time in a Bottle". What's yours?😀

Israeli hostage posters at Harvard vandalized with antisemitic messages

Dig A Pony

Ohio pastor William Dunfee found guilty of federal charges for his role in Jan. 6 attack on US Capitol

What Haley wants.

Nikki Haley should use one liners, funny ones, against him,

Putting Kamala Harris as VP into perspective

Let me make this pelucidly clear

"MAGA vs. MAGA Polite": Trump Beats Haley in New Hampshire, Haley Vows to Fight On

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 24, 2024)

The Smiths' Johnny Marr Has Had Enough of Trump's Shite

Boeing, not Spirit, mis-installed piece that blew off Alaska MAX 9 jet, industry source says

Obamacare enrollment hits record level as Trump vows repeal

sonora ca forecast.

I'm feeling much more optimistic Biden will win now

Religious 'Nones' are now the largest single group in the U.S.

Lindsey Graham 'threw Trump under the bus' in Georgia case, book says

"Trump Is the Nominee. Fascism Is on the Ballot." Author Jeff Sharlet on New Hampshire & Beyond

Works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction receive $10,000 "Science + Literature" awards

This is the actual story Republicans are going with. 🤣🤣🤣

Trump Hammers Former Press Secretary McEnany After New Hampshire Win: 'Don't Need Any Advice From RINO'

Jen Rubin hits the mark when she says his base "Just wants to be Entertained"

Yale, Duke and Columbia Among Elite Schools to Settle in Price-Fixing Case

Kornacki shows that the combined majority are non-Republican in the New Hampshire primary

Should Trump Be Barred from the Ballot? A Debate over the Insurrection Clause

Joe: Trump has so many problems going into the general; he is so weak

Question about the MI primary

Today's Winner -'The Lord told us to': US pastor says he stole $1m from Christians to remodel home

Unsolved Mysteries and the 2024 Russia-Ukraine Information War - William Spaniel

'This is not over,' Texas says after Supreme Court lets Biden administration remove razor wire at US-Mexico border

Republicans Turn on Their Impeachment Chairman

Former Pentagon UFO Investigator Is Pissed Because Congress Believes In Conspiracy Theories

Let's be clear: Trump hand-picked three Supreme Court justices because he intended for them to overturn Roe v. Wade.

--- NFL Conference / Opening Spreads ---

Gary Graham, star of 'Star Trek' and 'Alien Nation,' dead at 73 due to cardiac arrest

Chris Matthews: Trump thought he could put Haley away in NH, but he didn't

What Justice Scalia Thought About Whether Presidents Are "Officers of the United States"

Jon Stewart Returns to 'Daily Show' as Monday Host, Executive Producer

lol - trump "retruthed" a photo of him with six fingers on right hand!

D.C. area could hit 70 in January for first time in four years Friday

Former NRA President Oliver North says he was ousted after he raised concerns about corruption within the organization

Weekly Skews - 1/23/24 - Gone DeSantis

Ford recalls nearly 1.9 million older Explorer SUVs over loose trim pieces that may increase risk of crash

Boeing is in trouble if this is true....

Hugo awards Science fiction awards held in China under fire for excluding authors

I dreamed my Mom made me a latte.

Pity MTG, not even The Groper wants to squeeze her (gagging Twitter clip)

Yesterday in the local news it was being reported that a Delta Flight. Boeing 737 mind you had lost a NOSE GEAR

Donna Brazile: Panicking over polls showing Donald Trump ahead of President Biden? Please stop

Young Democrats form new PAC to mobilize young voters in Florida

Why did London police take a half-hour to respond to an antisemitic attack despite 10 phone calls for help?

Repugs Figure Out How To Dump Tr**p Without Endangering Their Jobs, Their Lives Or The Party....

Men with Banjos Who Know How to Use Them

GOP rep introduces RAZOR Act to ban feds from removing border barriers

Joni Mitchell - Urge for Going (Live 1966)

The Gaza Strip: History of Jewish Settlement

New Jersey Sheriff Richard Berdnik fatally shoots himself in restaurant after officers charged

International Court of Justice in The Hague to deliver verdict on emergency measures against Israel on Friday

NPR: Raped, pregnant and in an abortion ban state? Researchers gauge how often it happens

Five players on 2018 Canadian junior [hockey] team reportedly asked to surrender to face sexual assault charges

jon stewart to return to the daily show

MAGA Prognosticator - Granlund Cartoon

A Minnesota trooper is charged with murder in the shooting death of Ricky Cobb II

Biden regulators target transaction declined fees, considered another type of bank 'junk fee'

I'm in shorts

Naked woman falls from the 175-foot level of a monopole and is snagged to safety by two firefighters

Brilliant! A crescent wrench that's both standard and metric.

Samuel Perry: Why Evangelicals Went All In on Trump, Again

Today's lunch soundtrack is all Irish

Nikki Haley isn't the only one having a problem with the civil war question.

Update on IL-76 Shot Down: Geolocation Shows it Heading AWAY From Belgorod, Faked Passenger List

Has anyone seen "Beau is Afraid?."

😃🇺🇸🥜🧈🗓️❗️Your favorite way to have peanut butter?

Who was the first presidential candidate you voted for? Mine was JFK.

Today, working in the basement

Lindsey Graham 'threw Trump under the bus' in Georgia case, book says

Everything This Girl Thought She Knew About Cats Was Wrong

Cartoons 1/24/2024

Barabbas and Pontius Pilate?

As homelessness trends up, 'it's really important to hear their stories'

Donald Trump's New Hampshire victory gets him closer to dangerous fantasy of a golden age

What an idea!

Sen. Whitehouse: Warming Oceans Pose Economy-Wide Risks - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Comment: Whistle-blowers should step forward on 737 Max issues

Proud Boys member sentenced to 6 years in prison for Capitol riot role after berating judge

Trumper Calls For Public Hangings of Democrats (OH BOY,....)

Jon Stewart to return to 'The Daily Show' as a host and executive producer

Nikki! Drop out! Right now!

Trump furious as he fails to knock out Haley before South Carolina

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (Live 1973)

The Snap Dragon Buds Are Popping. Finally.

UN and Doctors without Borders attacked in Gaza

Trump doesn't love Kayleigh McEnany any more.

Trump thoughts on Haley "I don't get too angry, I get even."

Over 60,000 Rapes Resulted in Pregnancy in States With Total Abortion Bans Since Roe Was Overturned

'Bewildered and betrayed': Donors sue centrist No Labels over 'bait-and-switch' scheme

Arkansas abortion ban may be scaled back, if group can collect enough signatures

Is Steve Garvey, or his California campaign, for real?

U.S. strikes Iranian-backed militias in Iraq over attacks on American forces

Biden reacts to Trump wishing for a market crash

trump angry that Haley didn't drop out last night threaten to reveal some damaging secrets about her...

Senator Warren, other Democrats ask Commerce to extend gun export pause, increase oversight - letter

Loud, Celebrity Politicians - Part One: The GOP - SOME MORE NEWS

With Trump the world is not enough

New Hampshire Voters - The Lincoln Project

EU Parliament will see far-right surge at election, study says

Goat *infuriated* by Grinch pajamas and/or plumber's crack

Dog "Attack": Hilarious Proof That Golden Retrievers Are Terrible Guard Dogs

Hoping to chip away at Biden's Black vote, conservative group to test menthol cigarette message in South Carolina

As GOP rivals collapse, Wall Street warms to second Trump term

Palestinian journalists Dahdouh and Azaiza share photo

Senate panel advances bill to seize frozen Russian assets for Ukraine

I've got a long list of movies to watch

Just spoke to my health insurance agent.

Deputies find 6 dead people in a remote Mojave Desert area in Southern California

Texas is exploiting a loophole in a new Supreme Court ruling to keep putting up razor-wire fencing at the border

Reid Hoffman pauses Nikki Haley funding after New Hampshire loss

Shawn Fain, president of the UAW, giving Biden a helluva endorsement

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump is weak and stupid and also has six fingers on his freakishly tiny hands

Boeing 757 lost nose wheel preparing for takeoff during a very rough stretch for the plane maker

More Workers Want to Change Jobs, but the Market Is Getting Tougher - WSJ

Trump's White House Pharmacy Handed Out Drugs Like Candy: Report

ITV report captures moment Palestinian man is shot dead minutes after speaking to media

Factory never tested applesauce packets that were recalled due to lead poisonings, FDA finds

You know how I know that Haley doesn't have the guts to be President?

Harvard's 'Apartheid' Prof and the Antisemitism Task Force - WSJ Editorial

Trump, Biden Invited to Meet with Teamsters Rank-and-File, Leadership on January 31

No health care for Russians: Moscow loses access to modern medicines - The Gaze

A Dangerous New Home for Online Extremism

Tweety and the Morning Schmo say Haley can be a Black Swan

Republicans Push To Legalize 'Property Owners' Killing Homeless People in Kentucky

Biden, Harris will remind voters it was Trump who took away abortion rights: Sen. Kaine - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Even Republicans disapprove of Comer's 'clueless investigation'

Biden Has Brought Happy Days for Investors - WSJ

Biden Receives Endorsement from United Automobile Workers Union

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

Labor News & Commentary January 19, 2024 dissent in Teamsters after union president meets with Trump

We Need to Get Back to 1980 on Immigration - NYT Opinion

Abortion pill restrictions would be 'damaging for women,' Biden admin tells Supreme Court

Arizona GOP chair resigns, alleges pressure from Kari Lake team

Could have sworn I read that an Appeals Court hearing on the question of Immunity for the psychopath was today..

Ohio bans gender-affirming care and restricts transgender athletes despite GOP governor's veto

'I didn't know what I was supposed to do': US women who miscarry are in dangerous legal limbo post-Roe

Russia Wants Alaska Returned to their Empire

Government submits document to court warning J6 defendant Marc Bru is planning on disrupting his sentencing.

Washington state reaches $149.5 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson over opioid crisis

CO man blew business loans on personal stuff, says bank should have known and denied the loans

In Iowa, 50% of the caucus-goers risked their lives in freezing and blizzard conditions

Kitty turns the tables:

Bacon tells partisans he will back Trump if former president wins GOP nomination

Difficult to imagine John Belushi turning 75 today, January 24th

'The Trump Show': How the former president churns trials to financially milk supporters

UAW endorses Biden. Union president calls Trump a "scab".

An alternative analysis of the New Hampshire Primary

Qatar harshly rebukes Netanyahu for allegedly labeling it as 'problematic': Could undermine Gaza mediation efforts

US Supreme Court declines to halt execution of Alabama inmate set to be the first to die by nitrogen gas

The Suburbs Have Become a Ponzi Scheme

RIP Sgt. Abu Latif an Israeli Bedouin, killed in Gaza

It's Official, The J6 Trump Trial Will Be Delayed

"Looking for my brother's ghost."

Texas Goes Full Fort Sumter On Supreme Court (Wonkette)

Biden wins the New Hampshire primary after Democrats write him on the ballot

Seemingly Drunk Marjorie Greene Goes Off The Rails in Election Night Interviews - Luke Beasley

Harris: House Republicans don't want immigration fix because 'they want a political issue to run on in November'

British zoo has new plan to rehabilitate its potty-mouthed parrots

Electric truck development gets $131 million boost - sulfur is a winner

WOW! BIG gaggle enjoying sunny warmth! 53 degrees here now!

More than 70 are dead after an unregulated gold mine collapsed in Mali, an official says

Good job again, MSNBC!

Arizona GOP chair resigns after Kari Lake bribery allegation, says she threatened him

Ozempic and Other Weight-Loss Drugs Are Sparking a Risky New War on Obesity

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Haley or Trump is a bigger problem for Biden.....

One On One With AOC: Trump, Child Labor, Worker Uprisings - More Perfect Union

Who Are No Labels' Donors? Democratic Groups File Complaints in an Attempt to Find Out

A Boeing passenger jet's nose wheel fell off just before takeoff

I invite technicians to rotate this!

Democrats score huge win, Republicans to lose House seat - Brian Tyler Cohen

Deep in the pockets

Through the Cheval Glass: Reproduction in the Photographs of Clementina Hawarden

Part of gaggle moved to sandbar, and then decided to fly off!

Melanie, Singer Who Performed at Woodstock and Topped Charts With 'Brand New Key,' Dies at 76

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 25 January 2024

Robitussin cough syrup sold nationwide recalled due to contamination

Brenden Dilley, a General In Trump's 'Meme Militia,' Doesn't 'Give a Fuck About Being Factual'


Not for nothin'... but it seems to me Melania has a lot of power over Trump...

Southern MD sun approaching set, 1/24

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 24, 2025

UAW President Shawn Fain: 'Donald Trump Is A Scab!'

Jon Stewart To Return As 'The Daily Show' Host

For Melanie, with Love and Respect

USPS bringing in extra workers to help with mail delays at Houston-area processing centers, congressman says

U.S. Fans raise $260,000 for cat adoption charity in honor of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass

More Bad News For Fossil Fuels: Green Hydrogen Is Making Green Steel Happen - CleanTechnica

Whiny Donny does not care, his followers don't care about facts

The Dollyrots - Brand New Key

UAW President Shawn Fain on Fox News on endorsing Biden: "Nowhere in history has Donald Trump ever stood for the America

Collins Says She Won't Endorse Trump Even if He Wins Nomination

Texas Had More Than 26K Rape-Related Pregnancies

Rape-Related Pregnancies in the 14 US States With Total Abortion Bans: 64.5 THOUSAND

On Being a Human Being

Bill Advances to Seize Russian Assets for Ukraine War


White House Pharmacy Had Shady Practices Under Trump

Hat tip to the DC appeals court who are taking their sweet time to swat down drumph's bullshit immunity argument.....

Hewlett Packard Enterprise reveals hack by Russian state actor


Porno Graffitti- Link

Small asteroid hit Earth{'s atmosphere} above Germany Sunday morning (

Colorado.... I am looking to move to the Denver area.

Republican Endorsements for Trump

Another crossroads in life.

Ring will no longer allow police to request doorbell camera footage from users

Robert Reich: Why Are Billionaires Backing Trump? Wrong Way Jamie

AITA I think I am getting ripped off but I'd like another opinion.

RIP to singer Melanie

Carville bringing it on Ari's show!

Melanie, Singer Who Performed at Woodstock and Topped Charts With 'Brand New Key,' Dies at 76

Ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro to be sentenced for defying Jan. 6 committee subpoena

FAA halts Boeing 737 Max production expansion, but clears path to unground Max 9

The early tapes of Melanie

Trump legal news brief: Judge Chutkan's move indicates delay in Trump's Jan. 6 trial

Democrats launch campaign to curb disinformation, focusing on voters of color and immigrants

Elon Musk Faces Increasing Union Pressure in the Nordics

War of narratives: Syrian imagery falsely illustrates Gaza

2 US-flagged ships with cargo for US Defense Department come under attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels

Goodbye dear soul

I know MSNBC has been going after Trump for his errant behavior and attempts to fort the government with lies!

PECKER PICS!!!! Photography in the RAW! Hey PEEPERS...You all have got to see this...

Exclusive: Biden administration urges US Congress to approve F-16 sale to Turkey -sources

Trump allies target Nikki Haley in extreme pressure campaign

If you squint you can see an image of Donald Trump..

Bounty hunter sentenced to 10 years in prison for abducting Missouri woman

Exclusive: House ethics probe of Gaetz seeks information from DOJ and woman who allegedly had sex with congressman

Marine heat waves trigger shift in hatch dates and early growth of Pacific cod

Fox News allowed to pursue claims that voting firm's defamation suit is anti-free speech

Melanie - Lay Down

Florida House passes a bill to ban social media accounts for children under 16

Postal Service gripe.

Ari a jury found the Slobfather liable for sexual abuse

Argentina: General strike called against Milei's shock doctrine policies, hyperinflation

A Republican leader in the Colorado House (Mike Lynch) says he'll step down after a DUI arrest came to light