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Freed Israeli hostage says she met a Hamas leader in a tunnel, where she was kept in dire conditions

Paul Begala: The disaster looming for Trump

Biden Administration Reportedly Pauses Approval of 'Carbon Mega Bomb'

Nevada judge approves signature-gathering stage for petition to put abortion rights on 2024 ballot

House Republicans cry James Comer's "clueless investigation" is a "disaster": report

Whiny Donny will remind voters that he appointed the justices that overturned Roe. We should, too

The Israelis who campaign to occupy Gaza - DW News

How a Ragtag Militia in Yemen Became a Nimble U.S. Foe

In 1980 N.H. primary, Carter beat Kennedy by 11 points.

Jaguar XJ13 Replica - Jay Lenos Garage (This is just a spectacular build)

Biden slams Trump's job record: "He is already Herbert Hoover!" - MSNBC

Mastadon - Show Yourself

Biden extends State of the Union invitation to a Texas woman who sued to get an abortion and lost

After Auschwitz, Elon Musk Goes Full Crazy With New Claim About Holocaust

Begin The Beguine - By Cole Porter - Artie Shaw Swing Band 🎷

I get the feeling that Trump's appeal is slowly but surely in decline.

Ron Filipkowski speaks for many of us, lol.

Arizona GOP chair resigning after Kari Lake recording surfaces

Report: Boeing, not its supplier, may be at fault for door-plug incident on Alaska Airlines jet

Jon Stewart to return to The Daily Show

Trump leans into voter fraud playbook, preparing to cry foul if he loses expected Biden rematch

'A deeply, deeply pathetic moment': Trump humiliates Tim Scott in NH - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Happy 83rd Birthday, Neil Diamond!

I saw on MSNBC with the ReidOut show Biden had 66% of the votes in NH.

Fake News: Putin Declares the 1867 Sale of Alaska to the US 'Illegal' in January 2024 (False, yet is being posted here)

Trump cheats at golf and would believe aliens stole the election, ally told court

Religious 'Nones' are now the largest single group in the U.S.

The South is rising again

Pissed off that palestinian supporters showed up at UAW CAP Convention.

Trump Privately Pressuring GOP Senators To 'Kill' Border Deal To Deny Biden A Win

Jim Harbaugh Leaving Michigan, Accepting NFL Job: Report

'Humiliating': Sharpton embarrassed watching Tim Scott tell Trump 'I just love you!' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Brands these days...

Al Sharpton Says He's 'Embarrassed' by Tim Scott for Backing Trump 'in Such a Way That Is So Humiliating'

'Zynsurrection': GOP rallies behind Zyn nicotine pouches after Schumer call for action

Matt Gaetz, the House GOP's Token Troublemaker, Caught in Escalating Ethics Probe That Could Lead to Expulsion

Family Raises Duckling Who Was Rejected By All The Other Ducks

Trump's New Hampshire win shows signs of weakness of his general election candidacym- Deadline - MSNBC

Justices to take up Florida redistricting fight

Alina Habba Spotted At Trump Victory Party After Delaying Defamation Trial Over Illness

A progressive green-growth narrative

A progressive green-growth narrative

'Biden is ready for battle:' Biden campaign views GOP Primary over, ready to take on Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Judges Should Have to Explain Exactly How Deranged They Are

Florida Supreme Court will consider challenge to DeSantis' redistricting map

Florida Supreme Court will consider challenge to DeSantis' redistricting map

Orban backs Sweden's NATO bid in sudden U-turn

Day 24 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR**: 30. Dead: 70. Wounded: 83.

Taylor Swift and Bono on Graham Norton (2022) - with America's best talk show host

Sweden's Nato application has been approved by the Turkish parliament, but there are still a number of steps required

*Gandhi, on TCM now.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the pitch in Russia from the West....

Grateful Dead: Tighten Up Symphony

Letitia James compares Trump to 'Pharma Bro' urges judge to ban Trump from real estate industry - Deadline - MSNBC

An Open Letter to Nikki Haley Your party is broken. So go for broke--tell the full truth about Trump.

Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones eyes late March bankruptcy exit

Ukraine shoots down big Russian IL-76 passenger jet... full of Ukrainian POW's

Mike Luckovich-Dementia Test

Trump's running out of time to hide

Researchers say experimental drug at UAMS sees cancer disappear in afflicted patient

After Early Primary Victories, Republicans in Congress Fall in Line Behind Trump

Ron's Revenge? DeSantis vows to block taxpayers footing Trump's massive legal bills - Deadline - MSNBC

Check this out.

Tim Scott's Humiliating Campaign to Be VP..Trump mocks his marriage status from stage

Uh huh Susan Collins, we'll believe it when we see it......

Her sweet rescue cat has turned into WFH police

WTF??? Right in the middle of posting, suddenly the screen blanks, and a new

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Charlie Kirk Tells MAGA Fans To Stop Going To The Hospital - Waldorf Nation

Losing again: MAGA frets about Trump's 'weakness': Carville & Steele - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump: "Everybody Got In On The Action" Of Corrupt Presidency - Reflect

House ethics probe of Gaetz seeks info from DOJ and woman who allegedly had sex with congressman as a minor

If Trump is Hitler, Evangelicals were Poland. The GOP establishment is France.

The enemy is among us

Update on the 3 frozen friends..father is saying it..thinks inside friend drug them outside

Joe Bonamassa - Live From The Royal Albert Hall - Full 2009 concert, on his YouTube channel

Democrats Finally Take Off The Gloves Against Republican Liars - Pondering Politics

*Driving while Black: Race, Space and Mobility in America, PBS

Nikki Haley might stay in the race because Donald Trump might be kicked off the presidential ballot - Glenn Kirschner

Melanie -The Saddest Thing (Live at Carnegie Hall, 1970)

Fox News Host Finally Snaps, Shreds Republicans in Unexpected Takedown! - Luke Beasley

New Hampshire and Iowa Reveal Broader Weaknesses for Trump

LilBit is gone

Trainwreck': Conservative GOP senators break on border, Ukraine deal as Donald Trump pressures Republicans

Minnesota state trooper charged with murder, manslaughter in fatal shooting of Black motorist

Democratic groups file complaint in push to force No Labels to reveal donors

First lady invites Texas woman who fled state for abortion care to State of the Union

United Auto Workers endorse Biden; union president calls Trump a 'scab'

Chris Hayes: Paying attention to Trump 'sucks.' We must do it anyway. - All In - MSNBC

Trump threatens Haley donors

Short eared owls

A Study of the Extraction of Plutonium and Neptunium into Ionic Liquids.

Taj Mahal, with a couple from his debut album. Every single American should know this, damn.

Trump's Makeup Job

Democrats win challenge to North Carolina voter election law

Trump Hates Love......

Arizona GOP chair resigns following leaked recording

Bidens Invite Kate Cox To State Of The Union As Honored Guest

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff on his Jewish heritage and fighting antisemitism

The Marigold Sonnets

Alina Habba Spotted At Trump Victory Party After Delaying Defamation Trial Over Illness

Colorado House GOP Leader Mike Lynch Steps Down After DUI Scandal

Collectors, let's be real: Do we collect to delve deep or to just hoard?

I like that Haley slams tmp, and that it gets under his skin SO BAD, Threw a Temper Tantrum!

NY-03: Mazi Pilip (R) finances: Assets reported to Nassau differ from federal disclosure

The UAW president's speech endorsing Biden was terrific

NY-03: Ex-Rep. George Santos won't vote in Feb. 13 special election, misses Congress

Trump: Anyone who makes a contribution to Nikki Haley from this moment forth will be permanently barred from the MAGA

NY-03: Outside political groups have spent $6.3M in 3rd Congressional District race

Seth Meyers - Late Night Republican Presidential Debate: DeSantis vs. Haley

Updated New Hampshire Democratic Primary results

Evert & Navratilova: We didn't help build women's tennis for it to be exploited by Saudi Arabia

Furious Conservatives Say Border Bill 'Ain't Gonna Pass'

In blow to Fox Corp., judge rules Smartmatic case over 2020 election lies can proceed

Lindsey Graham 'threw Trump under the bus' in Georgia testimony, new book says - All In - MSNBC

WI: Assembly approves amended maps, sending them to Evers for expected veto

Film Symphony Orchestra 2016 Oficial Conan the Barbarian

The Texas Tribune Is Unionizing

Mitch McConnell confirmed that Trump told Republicans in Congress not to pass immigration reform

OR-05: Bend tech executive (D) enters intense 5th Congressional District race

eBay is laying off 1,000 employees, about 9% of its staff

Nancy Mace's Bizarre Jan. 6 Plan: 'Get Punched in the Face'

Ballot initiative to legalize abortion in Arkansas advances; signature gathering to soon begin

Just felt a little earthquake (SoCal)

Trump warns Haley donors will be 'permanently barred from the MAGA camp'

Does Trump Get More Fascist w/Every Victory? - Thom Hartmann

Trump's coup part 2: How MAGA GOP enablers are apparently plotting to crown Trump 'king' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

GA: State Senate panel presses ahead with bill that would ban ranked choice voting in Georgia

☦️. Eastern Orthodox Midnight Prayer (for the next day.)

SD: Medicaid work requirement authorization takes first step toward the ballot

Stupid plots

A Leaked Memo from Google CEO Sundar Pichai Comes Amidst Employee Discontent. No CEO Wants This for Their Company

LA-06: Fields (D) to run for Congress in Louisiana's new majority-Black 6th District

I learned the difference between waffles and pancakes - all frozen, no gourmet porn here

Why Nikki Haley will battle Trump to the end - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Phish - Weigh

Haley presses Trump to debate: 'Bring it Donald, show me what you got'

RNC: Kristina Karamo 'properly removed' as Michigan GOP chair; review ongoing

Seth Meyers - Even Fox "News" Admits New Hampshire Result Was Bad for Trump, Good for Biden: A Closer Look

The Meaning of Gaza's Tunnels - Stephens, NYT

Ohio Supreme Court: State Highway Patrol expenses to protect governor not public record

Ohio Republicans propose ending income tax, critics worry about economic crisis

Thinking about pootie and his newly-demonstrated concern for ruzzian assets,

Raped, pregnant and in an abortion ban state? Researchers gauge how often it happens

Sundance Doc 'Union' Exposes Amazon's Union-Busting Shenanigans

Sundance Doc 'Union' Exposes Amazon's Union-Busting Shenanigans

Gothic Revival Meeting

MN-08: In Minnesota's northeast, Schultz (D) tries again to unseat Rep. Stauber (R)

Trump made the cover

North Dakota judge won't temporarily block part of abortion law for doctors

More than $1 billion awarded to Minnesota, Wisconsin bridge

Great News Everyone....

Gaetz Faces Tough Questions... Panics - Rebel HQ

Trump's weak NH primary performance shows MAGA is a failure, Dem strategist says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump Smacked Down by judges He Appointed - Brian Tyler Cohen

The RNC Shuttered Most of the Hispanic Community Centers It Touted as Critical to Winning Over Latino Voters

☦️ The Orthodox Church Explained in a Youtube 'Short' Video

Arizona: Committee shoots down plan to let voters decide red light camera use in Arizona

Holy Horror: A New History of John Brown's Raid (feat. InRangeTV)- Youtube

Tricks to Sharpen Your Memory

Arkansas transparency group will collect signatures for proposed amendment OK'd by AG

Collins presses GOP congressman on 2021 text pleading for Trump to declare martial law - CNN

Kimmel:: MAGA Nuts Rally Around Trump After NH Win, Capitol Rioters Arrested & Trouble Brewing in Dildo

FL: Age verification demands for porn sites passed by House

Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments against Ron DeSantis' congressional map

Gen Z Florida Democrats launch PAC to flip seats in 2024, 'build a renewed bench' for future cycles

US Senate panel backs 'big hammer' plan to seize Russian assets to help Ukraine

Lawrence O'Donnell on why Biden was the big winner in New Hampshire - The Last Word - MSNBC

PA: After first fighting 'extremist' policies in Bucks County, coalition launches to help school boards across the state

PA-SEN: US Senate candidate Dave McCormick (R) tells NH audience "I spend half my time with wealthy donors"

I hope Haley's financers keep her in the game...

Cameron Schroy Seeks Democratic Nomination To Unseat 2020 Election Denier Doug Mastriano In PA Senate District 33

We all know that sometimes our European


Trump Instantly CUT OFF by MSNBC Host, CRUSHED by BRUTAL Fact-Check - Meidas Touch

NY-03: Democrats focus on abortion in NY-3 ad

Listen To Your Heart sung by Edmee Daenen of DHT

NY-SEN: Andy Kim (D), Tammy Murphy (D) will debate on February 18

NY-AD77: Bronx lawyer Landon Dais (D) running in special election, Feb. 13

Indonesian women hope election breaks them into boys' club

KY: 7 sentenced for election law violations

GA: Raffensperger (R) signals he's not worried about domestic meddling in 2024 election

Texas continues to block federal officials from border town park - CBS News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McConnell, Trump, and deals....

Voter turnout in 2024 New Hampshire GOP primary eclipses record

Canada: Charlie Clark says he won't seek re-election as Saskatoon's mayor

CA-20: California secretary of state asks court to remove Vince Fong (R) as congressional candidate

The Doors - End of the Night

AL-HD27: Gov. Kay Ivey schedules special election in vacant north Alabama House district

Tennessee Blocks Half a Million People From Voting in 2024 Election

Head of Russia's Buryatia Moves to Scrap Mayoral Elections in Regional Capital

LOL - TFG Bootlicker Posts Photo with "Sick" Alina Habba in NH Then He's Booted from Election Party

Arkansas women speak on abortion measure that could land on November 2024 ballot

Dems shock GOP in DeSantis' Florida flipping red district blue - The Last Word - MSNBC

Texas teen birthrate rose for first time in 15 years after abortion ban, largely affecting Latinas

Mississippi ballot initiative proposal would not allow changes to abortion laws

'It's cruel': Tennessee bill would make assisting a minor to get an abortion a felony

Hochul, state Democrats announce steps to protect abortion rights in NY

Nevada judge approves signature-gathering stage for petition to put abortion rights on 2024 ballot

Campaigns to enshrine abortion rights in Nevada and Arkansas both get good news

Ohio GOP lawmakers respond to abortion vote with proposed ballot issue funding restrictions

KY rep. files bill requiring video produced by anti-abortion group to be shown in schools Read more at: https://www.ken

France debates plan to enshrine abortion as constitutional right

CT: Bridgeport mayor wins do-over Democratic primary in race marred by ballot irregularities

WA: Initiative that would outlaw state income taxes certified, ballot may be next

American Fascism: Author and scholar John Ganz on how Europe's interwar period informs the present

Ecuador's reactionary war

Rachel Maddow

Lawrence meets Lawrence in Malawi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Nearly all Senate Democrats sign onto Palestinian statehood measure

Politicians and former AGs weigh in on the DICEY Colorado ballot case - Talking Feds

UN chief to sit out Park East Synagogue Holocaust event for first time in 10 years

Influential left-wing Brazilian politician expresses interest in boycott of 'certain Jewish companies'

Major Judaica collection amassed by Yemenite Jewish butcher donated to the National Library of Israel

The Jews (and this newspaper) love trees

Almost one third of British adults believe Israel treats Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews, according to new poll

A 35-foot challah in NYC aims to beat Guinness World Record

J6 Insurrectionist Sovereign Citizen Calls Judge A "Clown" & "Fraud" During Sentencing - Rodecast

Biden, at abortion rights campaign rally, repeatedly interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters

Nearly 65K rape-related pregnancies occurred in abortion ban states, study estimates

'Vital piece of information': Holder encourages courts to process Trump trials quickly for voters - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

IRS Recoups $482 Million Thanks To Dem Bill - Raw News And Politics

Kimmel: Snoop Dogg on Who He Wants to Get High With, Hanging with Oppenheimer Cast & Dionne Warwick Scolding

An airline passenger could face a $120,000 bill after fighter jets were scrambled when he joked about blowing up the pla

Boston area home to 1,800 remaining Jewish Holocaust survivors

Breakfast Thursday 25 January 2024

How Joe Biden may inadvertently sabotage Nikki Haley's chances against Trump in South Carolina - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

A group of Palestinian men waving a white flag is shot at, killing 1

Senate Republicans are coming to grips with another Donald Trump nomination

North Korea says it tested a cruise missile, flaunting new nuclear-capable weapon

Witness says fatal shooting of American-Palestinian teen in the occupied West Bank was unprovoked

Is The GOP Planning To Kill The Poor? - Thom Hartmann


Member of South Korean parliament attacked and is

Biden dedication to unions earns United Auto Workers endorsement - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

South Korea member of parliament attacked

Sen. Whitehouse Questions EPA Assistant Administrator on the Public Health Risks of Toxic Chemicals - Sen. Whitehouse

Judge puts Trump lawyer IN HER PLACE! - Talking Feds

Biden Lands Major Endorsement, Trump Scorched in Brutal Speeches! - Pondering Politics

Humpback whales move daytime singing offshore, research reveals

Is it just me?

Maine's supreme court declines to hear Trump ballot eligibility case

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/24/2024

Biden Vetoes Republican Measure Blocking EV Chargers Plan

Trump Privately Pressuring GOP Senators To 'Kill' Border Deal To Deny Biden A Win

Nevada judge approves signature-gathering stage for petition to put abortion rights on 2024 ballot

Huge stars are born as twins, triplets and more, new images confirm

In Brazil, the Seahorse Black Market Is Bustling

On Mallorca, Gull Dinner Features Spanish Olives

A Study Of How Americans Die May Improve Their End Of Life

Witness says fatal shooting of American-Palestinian teen in the occupied West Bank was unprovoked

What is nitrogen hypoxia? Alabama's untested execution method could be dangerous for everyone in the room

Russian investor made millions off insider trading tied to Trump Media, court docs say

On this day, January 25, 1965, Albert "Al" Nevins died.

Bidens invite Texas woman at centre of abortion legal fight to State of the Union

Italian study reveals exposure to images of mafia violence increases trust in the state

Neo-Nazi Group project big swastika on to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater building and chant

US pharmacy benefit lobby group ramps up spending as lawmakers close in

Researchers engineer bacteria that eat plastic, make multipurpose spider silk

Zaluzhnyi breaks silence after IL-76 crash. Russian "gift" to Ukraine. Z-Army plan to attack NATO - The Russian Dude

On this day, January 25, 1924, pedal steel guitarist Speedy West was born.

With US O&G Production At All-Time Record Highs, GQP Channelling Sarah Palin Pledge As "Policy" Patently Ridiculous

Florida lawmakers want to let children work full-time hours - even on school nights

Donald Trump is a SCAB!

Royal Caribbean Launches 8,000-Passenger, 250,000-Ton Cruise Ship With Much Talk Of "Sustainability"

This is not good

Study - Devastating, Unprecedented Amazon Basin Drought Caused By Anthropogenic Warming

Is DJT really Pennywise?

Wordle 950 Jan 25 ***Spoiler Thread***

Peter Navarro to Be Sentenced

FBI arrest Jan. 6 rioter who was pictured in Biden campaign ad - MSNBC Reports

On this day, January 25, 2004, Mars Exploration Rover - B, aka "Opportunity," landed on Mars.


YouTuber accused topping 150 mph on his motorcycle on Colorado interstate wanted on multiple charges

'The Biden campaign couldn't be happier': Trump's attacks on Nikki Haley attack independent voters - The 11th Hour MSNBC

The U.S. economy boomed in 2023, thanks to consumers opening up wallets

Southwest Airlines removes MAX 7 from 2024 plans, cuts delivery forecast from Boeing


'Be on Trump's good side, not his target': How Wall Street is grappling with a Trump nomination - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Please, Please, Please, Testify Today Donald

Thursday TOONs

Trump Tax Cuts to Sunset in 2025

Biden to announce $5 billion in new infrastructure projects

Trump Attacks on Georgia Prosecutor Could BACKFIRE in MASSIVE Way - Meidas Touch

Why is Donald Trump so afraid of Nikki Haley?

EPA fines Omaha chemical manufacturer for alleged violations involving 2022 warehouse fire

Judge bars EPA action in Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley'

What time is Navarro sentencing? TIA

The Stock Market Loves Monopoly Concentration

Seth Meyers - Mitch McConnell Declines to Say if He'll Endorse Trump - Monologue 01/24/24

Nikki Haley should watch Blazing Saddles on Netflix

Don't let Trump's primary dominance deceive you -- behind the curtain, the GOP is tearing itself apart

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/24/2024

The Hobbit Is About to Be Brought to Life As a Graphic Novel

Art of the Week: Week of 1/24/24

The Rundown: January 25, 2024

Happy Thursday! Here's a watercolor pencil

Big Funeral Exploits Consumers Under Guise of Inflation

Nearly 65,000 US rape victims could not get an abortion in their state, analysis shows

Vast majority of voters back Israel over Hamas: Poll

I Build Cars For a Living. I Can't Afford to Buy One.

Record number of Americans think Israel isn't getting enough US support -- poll

The question that needs to be answered

Seth Meyers: Guest MSNBC Host Alex Wagner

"Once again, and you should be accustomed to this, your polls were wrong..."

An abortion ban turned a grieving Allie Phillips into a candidate

Carys was back, last night.

The U.S. economy grew at a 3.3% pace in the fourth quarter, much better than expected

Trump's New Hampshire victory speech shows he's running out of time to hide

Morning Joe discussed Republicans wanting to keep border open.

Sexual harassment on women's US Biathlon team leads to SafeSport investigation -- and sanctions

You raised $556.00 on January 24, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

How US archdiocese helped priest accused of abusing deaf children

Skiers leaving 'forever chemicals' on pistes, study finds

Japan: Man sentenced to death for Kyoto anime fire which killed 36

Florida House passes bill banning children under 16 from social media: 'Kids can't stay off the platforms'

Australian Open, spoiler

About The Fani Willis - Nathan Wade Affair

Poll: Do you believe the U.S. economy is improving?

These Billionaires Want to Disrupt Death--and Keep Their Fortunes Forever

All the doctors at my clinic staged a walkout this morning, but no one knows

Ohio pastor guilty of Jan. 6 Capitol breach charges

Donald Trump Gets 'Jarring' News in New Hampshire Results

What Recession? Growth Ended Up Accelerating in 2023

More effed up than I ever imagined!

On This Day: U.S. farmers rebel against merchant-based economy, lose to merchant-hired army - Jan. 25, 1787

Bloomberg: Judge Rules Fox Must Face Smartmatic's $2.7 Billion Defamation Suit

Biden revisits decaying Wisconsin bridge to announce $5B for infrastructure in election year pitch

Police find puppy in pocket of theft suspect during pat down

JON STEWART BACK TO DAILY SHOW THROUGH ELECTION - 1.25.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Growth of US economy under Trump was worst since Hoover

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Thursday, January 25

Inside an Election Denial Facebook Group on Primary Day

Sports Illustrated Implosion Perfectly Encapsulates The Ugly, Ongoing Collapse Of U.S. Journalism

Why The Trump Threat Demands More Media Attention....

A Potentially Huge Supreme Court Case Has a Hidden Conservative Backer

NPR is becoming a joke

Arizona Republican chair Jeff DeWit RESIGNS over bombshell audio bribing Kari Lake to stay out of office

Haley's ageist conundrum

Just asking

States Had Nearly 65,000 Rape Pregnancies After Abortion Bans: Study

Melanie - Tuning My Guitar (German TV's Beat-Club, 1969)

Attention Orlando area Dems:: our friend Bill Penzey is getting ready to open

Antisemitic acts have risen sharply in Belgium and France since the Israel-Hamas war began

Opinion: This is the difference Jon Stewart could make in the 2024 election

Donald Trump, dictator in waiting

AI and crypto mining are driving up data centers' energy use

Veteran Demolishes MTG For Playing Politics with The Military - Rebel HQ

Attention Orlando area Dems: our friend Bill Penzey is getting ready to open

What Nikki Haley should do at this point (but won't)

Ron Filipkowski: Posted by Roger Stone at 2:50 AM. This is MAGA.

Trump warns Haley donors will be 'permanently barred from the MAGA camp'

How long are you willing to hold on a phone for doctor visits, Customer service. Human Services or other services before

Remember the Reform Party?

Minnie The Moocher

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Arizona, audio, the GOP, and the FBI....

Brewing controversy with London

What movie or scene to you was the sexiest, most romantic movie/scene without showing any sex. It relied on the

Do Democrats Need To Fight Dirty Like Trump on Abortion? (YES!) - Hysteria Podcast

Live: Former Trump adviser Navarro sentenced for contempt of Congress

The relationship between a husband and wife is psychological.

Housing is now unaffordable for a record half of all U.S. renters, study finds

California could require car 'governors' that limit speeding to 10 mph over posted limits

Urgent Measures: China's Market Crash; Chinese Economy; Tesla's Big China Problem - China Update

Why Virginia Costco Workers Organized With the Teamsters

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 25, 2024

Another insurance company stops offering new home policies in California

I Love James Carville

It's frightening to imagine what Donald Trump could do with the CIA in a second term

2 Puppies Found On Side Of Road Reunite Months Later

MSNBC and others need to stop using the 2016 photo of Trump in their election reports.

Rick Hasen: The 2024 Election Will Be Fair. People Still Won't Believe

Amy Goodman Reflects on the Build Up to the Iraq War and the Role of Media

Greg Abbott Urged To 'Fully Militarize' Texas State Guard To Counter Biden

Health costs eating a bigger chunk of household budgets in California

Trump's Lawyer EXPOSED in BIG LIE to Judge as Trial RESUMES - Meidas Touch

'Straight outta the Sopranos': Experts stunned by Trump issuing 'Mob Boss Fatwa' on Haley

Almost All Senate Democrats Sign Amendment Supporting Palestinian Statehood

'Trainwreck': Conservative GOP senators break on border, Ukraine deal as Donald Trump pressures Republicans

The GOP frontrunner rage tweeted 37 times late last night about E. Jean Carroll

Traveling Wilburys/End of the Line

The hurricane cone graphic is changing this year. Here's why experts say it's needed

Lemire: McConnell's admitting Trump's doesn't want this border security deal

Microsoft Laying Off 1,900 Activision Blizzard and Xbox Employees, Nearly 9% of Gaming Staff

"Blue Orchid"

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 25, 2024)

Palestinian Economist on Israel's Economic Warfare in Gaza and the West Bank

Ana Navarro apologizes to potatoes

Puget Sound Energy Abandons Dangerous Expansion of Tacoma LNG Terminal

Feud erupts on air between Trump and longtime ally Kayleigh McEnany - Brian Tyler Cohen

How Many Of The 10 Commandments Has Tr**p Violated?.......

The Republican view of women

Republicans are ratcheting up the very crisis at the border that they claim they want solved.

We're now on a short break. Carroll's team said they're about to rest.

Jurors shown video of him confusing Carroll with his ex-wife

Prosecutors ask for six months and a $200k fine

Palestinian Journalist Akram al-Satarri Reports Live from Gaza

I'm getting so tired of channels like TYT tearing down Biden and saying he can't win

Classic rock sound: Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts - Take The Long Way / Ballad Of A Misspent Youth

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Pressuring GOP Senators To Reject A Border Deal Before The Election

Brian Karem: There is no horse race -- it's time to see that the stakes are too high this time

Sleepy John Estes was born on this date.

Tuberville is an IDIOT

Speedy West was born on this date.

E. Jean Carroll trial - Plantiffs rest. tfg's lawyers are up next.

looks like clear to partly cloudy skies for sonora ca for the next 8 days . but thats what nws said

Etta James was born on this date.

Alicia Keys has a birthday today.

Professors Slam Columbia's Response to Chemical Skunk Attack on Students at Pro-Palestine Protest

Dan Froomkin - The duty to intervene: What news organizations need to do in 2024

Lunch is over, We made a communal Dagwood. See #39 for the ingredients. We are not taking any more ingredients. The DU

City of Seattle settles BLM protesters' lawsuit for $10 million

Olivia Reeves, 147kg Jr World Record Holder

Stephen Colbert did a great bit on Dean Phillips loss.

Ruben Bolling Tom the Dancing Bug comic

Biathlon champ was harassed for years, SafeSport inquiry finds

Tesla CEO Musk: Chinese EV firms will 'demolish' rivals without trade barriers

RNC Shuttered Most of the Hispanic Community Centers it Touted as Critical to Winning Over Latino Voters

Melanie live with the Edwin Hawkins singers 1970 "Lay Down"

Not normally a Lounger, but this has me scratching my head....

Can Nikki Haley contribute to Trump's loss in the general election?

Trump LOSES IT After NH Primary! Tim Scott Shamelessly Bends the Knee to Him The Next Level

"Happy People Aren't D#cks!" John Fugelsang Takes Down MAGA Morons! - John Fugelsang & JoJo from Jerz

Navarro gets

Trump Defense in Carroll defamation case has begun...

Wouldn't it be juicy if trump was hit with

Republican states unite with pro-life doctors for SCOTUS abortion pill battle

US CIA Chief to Help Broker Gaza Hostage Deal -Source

🎩 Top Hat (1935) Musical Film, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers *Irving Berlin Classic Songs

Trump adviser Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months in prison for defying Jan. 6 committee subpoena

Bad parenting is criminal.

North Dakota judge won't block part of abortion law doctors say puts them at risk of prosecution

Trump not again magazine cover

Smol friends:

How "Disease X" Conspiracy Theories Hamper Preparations for Actual Future Pandemics

Navarro sentenced to four months

Republicans Determined To Make Anti-Abortion Laws So Much Worse - The Majority Report

Im just

seize the immigration debate from the GOP

Outrage as New Restaurant Opens Called 'October 7'

I've done another bird - a puffin this time.

Rock Fest announces 2024 lineup

Igor Girkin shot down a passenger jet, then insulted Putin. Which one put him in jail?

Capybara wearing crocs:

I halp!

Carroll defamation case breaks for lunch. Trump expected to testify on return. BUT.....

2nd tweet--I also halp!

What's Going On With Brett Kavanaugh?

Judge proposes Spain's Luis Rubiales face trial over Hermoso World Cup kiss

Tensions erupt in private Senate Republican lunch over border talks: 'It's an ugly place in the conference right now'

Trump's White House Pharmacy Handed Out Drugs Like Candy: Report (Rolling Stone)

They should call him Scooter:

How you will kill a man tonight, Alabama

Israel vows to fight Hamas all the way to Gaza's southern border. That's fueling tension with Egypt

WOW - TLP 'Abuser'

Ultimate trust fall:

Kill! Kill! Must kill! Nothing can stop us!

Hoppy little crab puff kittens:

Sen. Sanders Leads Press Briefing On Decision To Subpoena CEOs Of J&J And Merck

Many Rivers to Cross

Sploot compilation:

RNC Moving to Declare Trump Its Presumptive Nominee

This one always makes me laugh & say, "Awwww!"

Will Bunch: Biden must federalize the Texas National Guard.

The turkeys are back!

Biden to deploy CIA director to help broker major Gaza deal

EJean case - Judge - Before he takes the stand I have a few things to say

I just think this is incredibly cool!

Trump threatens to blacklist Haley donors

Al Gore on the State of ESG and the Energy Transition WSJ

Chris Thomas King - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Skip James cover. Live 2012)

As doomsday predictions dissipate, Biden aides savor booming economy

Cursive writing is not being taught in much of America.

Oh, how I wish there were cameras in the courtroom at this moment.

Yawning anteater:

Cartoons 1/25/2024

Darya Trepova: Russian woman jailed for 27 years for cafe bomb killing

Peter Navarro being heckled by resisters *more cowbell please*

What I learned while riding in a sacred canoe. Bartell's Backroads video

Pizza Hut Faces Boycott Calls for Feeding Israeli Soldiers

Pennsylvania's governor says he wants to 'get s--- done.' He's made it his slogan, profanity and all

Harrop: Biden using a both/and transition from oil to electric

Igor Girkin shot down a passenger jet, then insulted Putin. Which one put him in jail?

Vancouver construction company fined for teenager's injuries that resulted in amputation of his legs

FAA approves inspection process that could clear the way for grounded Boeing planes to fly again

Trump direct examination was one minute long. Habba: Do you stand by your testimony in depo? Trump: "100% yes"

First Responders in New Hampshire Vote Unanimously to Join Teamsters

It's time for another grow experiment...UPDATE.

Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer He Paid to Keep Quiet

It's Time for Biden to Take Back Control of the Texas Border

Brief testimony in defamation case

The Immortal Jellyfish

"I Got Mine..."

Apparently Judge Kaplan was vague on how he would respond if Trump got out of line.

Habba Danna Do calls President tfg to the stand, the Judge corrects her

Qatar, a key mediator in sensitive Israel-Hamas talks, lashes out at Netanyahu over critical remarks

Romney says trump is telling rethugs not to fix border

Do I have this right? Democrats were the racists, KKK and what have you. They put up the Jim Crowe era

Meanwhile In Texas...

Wingnuts celebrate good economy & gas prices & bipartisanship on border. - I *keed* I *keed*!

Wild Fish Follows His Diver Best Friend Everywhere

Texas cold leaves alligators frozen underwater, but still alive. Here's how

Ever since Trump came down the ramp in 2015

Donald Trump implies Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH) is on drugs after he wins the state's primary: "He's like hopscotch."

The hurricane cone graphic is changing this year. Here's why experts say it's needed

Will Nikki Haley bend the knee to Trump when she gets out of the race?

Why don't GOP voters care about electability this year?

Workers want unions, but the latest data point to obstacles in their path

We Threw Out the Old Playbook: The New Union Drive at Mercedes

"I call President Donald J Trump to the stand"?

Felicia and Cory Konold: Arizona Siblings Sentenced on Felony Charge for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Straight from a microphone to your eyes.

TCM today

Really want to promote this earlier post on "If All Else Fails" podcast (Stefanik, constitutional sheriffs, etc.)

Michigan GOP descends into chaos amid an escalating leadership battle

Missouri Rule Change Would Allow Senators to Challenge Each Other to a Duel

Warm (62), cloudy, foggy southern MD day, 1/25

Why this US Navy Warship is NOT in the Red Sea

Woodstock singer Melanie Safka has passed at 76.

Phoenix-area homeowners want protections from out-of-control short-term rentals

Turkey's Erdogan signs off on Sweden's NATO membership ratification

Judge in Georgia election interference case hearing motions from Trump co-defendant Jeffrey Clark

Katy Tur is trying to suggest that Biden is in trouble with supporters.

Ukraine-for-border negotiations hit snag as Trump moves toward nomination

Still Attacking a woman that the Judge has Determined he RAPED.

My Maria by B.W. Stevenson

trump Testifies for 3 minutes

Trump takes the stand for one question.

So... Navarro...

Michigan GOP descends into chaos amid an escalating leadership battle

RNC Moving to Declare Trump Its Presumptive Nominee

Trump briefly testifies at E. Jean Carroll sex defamation trial

Dragons' Den (UK Shark Tank): BBC defends show after ME criticism of Acu Seeds quackery

Jennifer Crumbley trial opening statements focus on her parenting before son's school shooting

Which is it psycho?

House Ethics Committee drops its investigation of Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Frank Zappa and the Mothers, with what ranks as (MAYBE) the most conventional song he released

Top Trump ally sentenced to prison - Brian Tyler Cohen

The President's bipartisan infrastructure bill: ALL BEER, NO FOAM (pic posted by Amy Klobuchar)

Biden administration lays out strategy to protect endangered whales during wind power development

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Wisconsin maps and republicans being republicans....

Update from Haaretz: Source familiar with cease-fire/hostage release talks: Israel, Hamas reached basic understandings

Is there a word for a handwriting/typing equivalent to stuttering?

Capitol Hill lawmakers struggle over bipartisan tax deal - ABC News

Where will YOU watch the new Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Mondays only)?!

i just heard the kari lake's clearly a political stunt....

Some Roky Erickson

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 25, 2024

If Trump really is falling into a deep mental decline, what are the legal implications of that?

Yellen visits Midwest to showcase improving consumer sentiment, take aim at Trump tax cuts

Texas Republicans Threaten Civil War - The Ring of Fire

Part 70: USC Leadership Goes on the Record - Title IX Cases and the Avoidance of Resolution

How about creating a list of people donating to Nikki Haley and send it to Trump?

Argentina Hits Rock Bottom - 211% Inflation is World High, Peso Collapses & National Strikes Spread - Joe Blogs

As Trump left the courtroom shaking his head, repeatedly saying: "This is not America. This is not America. This is not

@amyklobuchar Nothing like having a beer with some great union workers and ⁦yes, that would be @JoeBiden ⁩ in Superior,

Trump no longer coming to Arizona; AZGOP Freedom Fest canceled

Ukraine-for-border negotiations hit snag as Trump moves toward nomination - WP headline

Homemade Black Forest (Mini) Cake Recipe (video)

Patates Lemonates (Greek Lemon Potatoes)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #16-1: Honey, I Shrunk The Cult! Edition

Tabs give me superpowers -Cory Doctorow

Pete Buttigieg Exposes Republicans Live on CNN! - Luke Beasley

Trump is trying to start another insurrection

Jill Biden is helping the White House promote a new gun safety initiative with school principals

Southern MD cloudy-foggy afternoon/'sunset' 1/25

Trump briefly testifies in E. Jean Carroll damages trial, clashes with judge

Andy Borowitz on Trump's makeup.

Hot Ones (series on YouTube)

Social Europe: From vision to vigour (free E Book)

Sharing a cool meme for Biden's Re-election - "Four More"

Transcript Proves Hunter Biden Right For Rejecting Closed Door Deposition - Waldorf Nation

Trump says Haley contributions 'banned from MAGA camp.' Scaramucci reacts to Trump's threat

Fuck Vince McMahon and the WWE

A man goes to the courthouse to legally change his name.

Rapist Brags About Reversing Roe v Wade

Arby's Foundation pays off school lunch debts in Georgia. No 🧀🥪

Everybody's jaw just dropped': The Degenerate takes the stand in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Trial

Aging is so variable

Trump encourages all states to send their troops to Texas to help Greg Abbott

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 26 January 2024

BREAKING: Trump takes the stand in E. Jean Carroll defamation trial - MSNBC Reports

Republican National Committee considering move that would declare Trump the presumptive nominee

Ingenuity: Damage puts end to ground-breaking Mars helicopter mission

After Three Years on Mars, NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Mission Ends

President Biden declares America in 'infrastructure decade' and mocks Trump's record - MSNBC

Conservatives Are Finally Admitting That They Hate MLK

Missouri Republican leader suggests expulsion of GOP lawmaker as tensions mount in state Senate

Sci-Fi hugo awards under fire for apparently exluding authors who have been critical of china

Fox News Asks Republican Governor About Civil War, His Response Will Shock You! - Pondering Politics

Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months in prison

'He is going to be writing a big check to E. Jean Carroll': Trump takes stand in own defense - Deadline - MSNBC

Arizona Siblings Sentenced To Prison For Roles In U.S. Capitol Attack

This amazing performance of Purple Rain on America's Got Talent came across my feed.....

Our freedom to protest U.S and/or Israel policy toward the Palestinians may be temporary

Missouri Republican Leader Suggests Expulsion of GOP Lawmaker as Tensions Mount in State Senate

Trump's E. Jean Carroll case is 'about damages, not whether he did it or not' says Chris Mattei - MSNBC Reports

Haley Versus Trump


RFK Jr or Donald Trump? You guess. Whose quote is this?

Ouch. That 'free' annual checkup might cost you. Here's why. - WaPo