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Inslee: Jan. 6 riot was 'not a fever dream' Trump 'has said he will do it again' - MSNBC Reports

Wouldn't a better screening process at the border help?

NO Reductions

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani raises less than $1 million from 13 donors in legal defense fund

Texas fertility rate grew after abortion ban -- almost only due to Latinas

US applications for jobless benefits rise, but layoffs remain at historically low levels

Alabama execution of Kenneth Smith on hold pending a Cert petition to SCOTUS

Trump's mental instability

Biden has been racking up some pretty good numbers lately.

Unsealed original divorce documents don't mention Fani Willis

Trump would drain the South Carolina wallets that Haley helped fill - George Will (is pissed)

Kaitlan Collins Visibly Stunned as Republican Horrifies the World on National TV! - Luke Beasley

Wait a minute! They don't want the southern border secured?

Black Republican Men: It's Becoming a Thing -- From Lauren's Blog

Fastest, simplest mental acuity test for TFG...

Eugene Daniels: Donald Trump is 'talking to potential voters' during the E. Jean Carroll trial - MSNBC Reports

Mike Luckovich-The economy is so bright that Biden is forced to wear shades

Democrat Floated Idea of Protecting Mike Johnson

Border standoff between Texas, feds intensifies as governor defies Supreme Court ruling - PBS NewsHour

Convicting Trump

McConnell Says He Still Supports Border-Ukraine Deal

Trumps "best people" that he hired are criminals.

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania challenge state, federal actions to boost voter registration

George Conway Explains: trump's 91 Problems (& Jail is One)

Wisconsin Republicans advance bill banning abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy

Giuliani defense fund raises less than $1 million from 13 donors

'A big part of that is Trump': Rep. Himes on why Congress has not passed a border deal - MSNBC Reports

I Haven't Been Able To Watch Much Of MSNBC Lately - But Does Joyce Vance Look Different?.....

Watch Romney make a Biden campaign ad

The Southern "Problem" Part 1.

Lyin' Donnie Trying to Take Credit For Stock Market Rise Under Biden's Watch

Boebert's GOP Opponent Resigns After Criminal Coverup Gets Revealed - Waldorf Nation

Trump's next-to-nothing NON-TESTIMONY - Talking Feds

Presentation: What We've Learned About 2024 From Iowa and New Hampshire w/Special Guest Tom Suozzi

In the mornin newspaper a photo of drought in the Amazon. Also about groundwater depleting

Surprising poll result. Or is it?

Professors Slam Columbia's Response to Chemical Skunk Attack on Students at Pro-Palestine Protest

now the day is ovr. night is drawing neigh, when the shadows of the evening drift acrross the sky.

A Reagan Appointed Judge Calls Out MAGA'S Attempted Rewrite of January 6

Has Greg Abbott Gone Mad With Power?

Japan's precision moon lander has hit its target, but it appears to be upside-down

'Bogus claims don't work': Ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro sentenced to four months in prison - Deadline - MSNBC

Huey Lewis and the News - Walking On A Thin Line

Post an obscure trivia question about a TV show or movie & see if anyone knows the answer W/O using Google

Cowardly Republicans Cave to Trump, Major Bipartisan Deal in Danger! - Pondering Politics

The Stephen Principle: Trevian Kutti

Biden family business associate had no contact with Joe Biden, lawyer says

Experts slam Trump's lawyer for letting him testify: "Habba did absolutely no good for her client"

McConnell on Republicans in the Senate threatening border deal: 'The politics have changed' - Deadline - MSNBC

Why Is A Putin Fan Getting A Talk Show?; Good News For Democracy; Ep. 4 - Renew Democracy Initiative

Hey, Alabama, you fucking GHOULS. Why not just tie him on a gurney and put a pillow on his face or a plastic bag . . . .

Trump ramps up the threats of violence -- and as usual, the media looks away

Fux News Queen K ayleigh P'Oed Because MSNBC and CNN Fact Checked Their LIAR IN CHIEF

News Literacy Project

GOP senators seethe as Trump blows up delicate immigration compromise

Prison time for Trump White House aide who admitted coup plot on live TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Tim Scott kisses Trump's ass even harder 'Trump did more for minorities than Biden will ever do'

Know any good scams?

Mike Murphy on Hacks Podcast is SO funny!

Navarro sentenced to 4 months in prison; Trump violates judge's instructions when testifying - Glenn Kirschner

Vote for destruction in November

What do you see?

Defendant Trump rebuked on witness stand in defamation trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump ramps up the threats of violence -- and as usual, the media looks away

'Mistake' dog gets another chance at life

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Gen Z and the GOP....

Does anybody have any good IT or tech jokes?

Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right - Benny Goodman Orchestra🎙

Linda Ronstadt with Eagles - Silver Threads & Golden Needles

Slow wheels of justice aiding Trump 'run-out-the-clock' legal plan - All In - MSNBC

15 States Shut Out Food Aid for 8 Million Children ALL Led By Republican Governors - OF COURSE

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Fox spent the night trashing the United Auto Workers union as "corrupt" after they endorsed

Have you seen this movie?

Seth Meyers - Bombshell Report Says Lindsey Graham Threw Trump Under the Bus in GA Case: A Closer Look

BREAKING: The Trump White House Went Through A LOT Of Drugs

Wisconsin State Rep: I'm 'Qualified' to Ban Abortion Because I'm a Veterinarian

Sarah Vaughan - Tenderly - Live from Sweden 🎼

'I don't open restaurants, I tell stories': Chef Jos Andrs on his singular approach to food

Biden heads to swing state Wisconsin to announce investment to replace bridge

The cream of Texas songwriters when they were young'ns

Blown away with the current Celtics.

'3-minute man': Legal expert says Trump testimony will 'blow up in his face' - All In - MSNBC

'No Time to Go Wobbly': Why Britain Is Lobbying U.S. Republicans on Ukraine

Alabama executes a man with nitrogen gas, the first time the new method has been used

Love the process in my drawing class -

Lawyer for Sidney Powell faces disciplinary charges

No regrets about "Marshall Law" text

Haley raises $1 million since Trump donor warning, but loses a prominent funder

Voters go viral with nightmare news for Trump - MSNBC

Gavin Newsom on Trump's gambit to kill border legislation.

Donald Trump joins effort to bounce Georgia DA Fani Willis from election interference case

Cat Ale Psy

Elon Musk Is Spreading Election Misinformation, but X's Fact Checkers Are Long Gone

GOP senators seethe as Trump blows up delicate immigration compromise

WWE's Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking in Lawsuit From Ex-Staffer (Newsweek)

Saturday morning November 7, 2020

Trump's bombshell bankruptcy? Possible $100 million payout to victim could break his bank - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Vince McMahon accused of trafficking former WWE employee in new lawsuit

Alabama executes Kenneth Eugene Smith by new nitrogen gas method for 1988 murder of pastor's wife

He blew off Congress for Trump... Now it's prison time - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Wolf Moon

Arizona Senate Race Looking More And More Promising For Democrats

Trump Throws Four-Minute Tantrum In Court - Raw News And Politics

Matt Gaetz Privately Told Colleagues His Real Motivation for Kevin McCarthy Ouster Was Ethics Probe (The Daily Beast)

An absolutely MUST WATCH video from Simon Rosenberg on what we learned from Trump's performance in Iowa and NH

Hawley calls on Biden to keep Missouri aluminum plant open

Trump's attorney caught lying to judge, faces punishment - Brian Tyler Cohen

MAGA Extremists Get Laughed Out Of NYC After This Video Went Viral - Rebel HQ

Did you ever use a penknife as a pen knife?

New House maps in New York stall as deadline for June primaries nears

IN TRUMP'S FASCIST AMERICA - Hate, Racism, and Bigotry - Proud and on Full Display

NY-03: Democrats dominate airwaves in race to replace Santos

Why Going to the Pharmacy Sucks Now - More Perfect Union

New book reveals the 'gut wrenching and appalling' history of a Jim Crow asylum - Morning Joe - MSNBC

It's time to ignore all Supreme Court rulings: Chip Roy has given the word

Republican Fancies Himself An Abortion Expert Because He's A Veterinarian

'You are not a victim': Judge scolds Navarro during sentencing - CNN

The universe may be younger than we thought (

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 26, 2024 - Colleen Moore

Voters go viral with nightmare news for Trump

TCM Schedule for Monday January 27, 2024 - 50 Oscar Nights with Dave Karger and Alicia Malone

Inside the Shady Finances Behind Mike Johnson's Longtime Pastor

Taylor Swift is driving voter registration, and conservatives are terrified

Jan. 6 rioter got his sentence thrown out. Then his prison time doubled.

Dingell: Democrats are 'not doing a good enough job' giving Biden credit for the economy - NBC News

MT-SEN: G.O.P. Infighting and Democratic Mischief Animate Montana Senate Race

FL Supreme Court will take its time deciding fate of Black-opportunity congressional district

Can We Debunk Trumped Up Charges Against Fani Willies w/ Sabrina Haake - Thom Hartmann

Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers file suit against Biden and Shapiro over election authority

Chico Marx tickles the ivories

Biden Set to Halt Review of Natural Gas Export Approvals on Friday

Arkansas education group tweaks, resubmits ballot initiative after talks with AG's office

PM Lee attends Henry Kissinger's memorial service in US, calling late diplomat a 'great statesman'

One dead after stolen plane crashes along Texas-Oklahoma border - NBC News

Colorado GOP completes transformation into cult

NC Democratic Party leader vows to focus more attention, resources on judicial races

Kimmel: Trump's Courtroom Confusion, Jimmy Actually Agrees with Ted Cruz & a Birthday Prank on Guillermo!

Michigan Dems renew push to kill panels that give industry say in regulations

Texas Democrat calls on Biden to seize control of Texas National Guard

der fuhrer is setting up a massive purge of the neo nazi party. will dems benefit substantially enuff to win?

This full exact one just finished being broadcast. Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto

Ohio business leaders support redistricting reform amendment

☦️ Orthodox - 'Behold The Bridegroom Cometh At Midnight'

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump becomes first former president to testify as a defendant in his own trial - The Last Word MSNBC

WI: Divided Assembly GOP passes bill to put 14-week abortion ban before voters

More Gen Z Americans Are LGBTQ Than Republican - Waldorf Nation

MN: DFL state Rep. Curran pleads guilty to drunk driving charge

Poland's security boost to Ukraine - The Gaze

Dem Party Chair: It's 'clear' to WI voters Biden, not Trump, delivered on infrastructure - The Last Word - MSNBC

Full moon music: Concert guitarist Eric Henderson plays "Moonlight Sonata"

So, if House Republicans can't pass legislation to support Ukraine, should NATO take over the lead role?

Trump BLOWS UP Major Deal and EXPOSES Entire Republican Party - Meidas Touch

Ava DuVernay explores race and class in new film 'Origin' - The Last Word - MSNBC

It's funny the way something hit you. My uncle died on Jan. 2. My cousin died Jan. 4.

The Scheme 26: The Myth of the Unelected Bureaucrat - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Old & In The Way - Midnight Moonlight (Live 1973)

Ex-Trump aide FACES HIS FATE in court - Talking Feds

I rode North America's First Hydrogen Train

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, defiance, and reality....

'So pathetically weak': Newsom rips GOP abandonment of immigration deal at Trump's behest - Ayman - MSNBC

Jessica Tarlov Eviscerates Trump, Sean Hannity's Attacks on Biden's Age - Reflect

'We keep crushing it': Gavin Newsom cites Democratic momentum for 2024 enthusiasm - Ayman - MSNBC

If you are a fan - Andrew Gillum and Tiffany Cross are co-hosting a new podcast!

'Divorce is not an option': Gavin Newsom emphasizes national unity as goal in engaging Fox "News" - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

We all need this song - Isn't This World Enough?

Photographer snaps extremely rare 'green flash' coming from Venus

Fox News Host Triggers Trump, Praises Biden Live On Air! - Luke Beasley

Peter Navarro Sentenced To Prison - Raw News And Politics

Breakfast Friday 26 January 2024

Why is a Far Right Influencer Running Our Schools?! - Thom Hartmann

'Donald Trump is out for blood': Fani Willis under fire - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

A tale of two frontrunners - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Knife in the phone booth': Did McConnell find a way to blame Trump if immigration deal goes south? - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Alabama carries out first US nitrogen gas execution on Kenneth Eugene Smith

Ethics Committee Contacts 17 Year Old In Gaetz Probe - Raw News And Politics

Government warns funeral homes to stop misleading bereaved customers about pricing

Robert De Niro Talks about you know who.....

TCM today

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/25/24

Veterans Group Sues Government To Cover Gender-Affirming Surgery For Veterans

TOP Cult Expert CONFRONTS trump Cult, Exposes Brainwashing Methods

Immigration Deal: My suggestion to Biden

Biden hits pause on natural gas projects amid thread of carbon 'mega bombs'

For one Nazi Holocaust survivor, Hamas' Oct. 7 attack hit harder

Sen. Sanders: Netanyahu's Right-Wing Government is Starving the Palestinian People

ICJ will rule on South Africa's genocide case against Israel

Trump's Coup Plotter Peter Navarro Sentenced To Prison - Rodecast

DNC launches ad campaigns in South Carolina and Nevada targeting minority voters

Trump joins effort to oust Fulton DA, citing racial bias

Why Venezuela wants to annex Guyana - CaspianReport

Wordle 951 Jan 26 ***Spoiler Thread***

Most of GOP Field in Colorado Race Has Been Arrested

Republican National Committee pulls resolution declaring Trump as the 'presumptive 2024 nominee'

Ohio Attorney General Rejects Voting-Rights Coalition's Ballot Petition for a 2nd Time

Escalation begins: Z-Army ends stalemate. 10,000 approach Krynky. Black Sea fleet set in motion. - The Russian Dude

On January 25, 1947, Thomas Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann applied for a patent for the first ever electronic game.

Trump's Win-Win Strategy to Take Back Power--Even if He Loses in November Opinion

Brazil police probe Bolsonaro's ex-intel chief for illegal spying

On this day, January 26, 1918, Vito Scotti was born.

Lawmakers want attorney general to create new task force on missing and murdered Indigenous people KUNM By Bella Davis

LIVE: ICJ ruling on SA's case against Israel

Media workers strike to protest layoffs at New York Daily News, Forbes and Cond Nast

Newly Discovered, Parrot-Like Dinosaur Roamed North America Alongside T. Rex

George Carlin estate sues over fake comedy special purportedly generated by AI

⚽️ Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to leave at the end of season

Japan Tsunami 2011 Rare Footage Compilation with some Unseen Footage

Democrats are blowing up House GOP efforts to take down Biden

Matt Gaetz Privately Told Colleagues His Real Motivation for Kevin McCarthy Ouster Was Ethics Probe

"I am a Jew who owns a gay porn company, and I want you to come to Israel."

Utility giant PG&E agrees to $45 million settlement related to California's second-largest wildfire

TOP Cult Expert CONFRONTS Trump Cult, Exposes Brainwashing Methods - Against All Enemies

3/11 -- The Tsunami: The First 3 Days)- NHK WORLD PRIME

Friday TOONS

Top UN court orders Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza but stops short of ordering cease-fire

Argentina's Javier Milei to water down privatisation push

On This Day: Virginia readmitted to the Union amid oppression of freedpersons - Jan. 26, 1870

Five Police Officers Shot To Death In Central Mexico

Carys was a real sweetheart, last night. The proof is in the pic.

Also from Borderland Beat: Romanian Gang in California Skimmed EBT Cards to Trade Baby Formula with Mexican Cartels

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, January 26, 2024

ICJ denies SA's demand for an immediate unilateral ceasefire by Israel in its military operation against Hamas

Defendants in GA election case have no reason to complain

Best Indie Comics Currently In Print (January)

The Rundown: January 26, 2024

The origin of Superheroes: The Meteor Man

I failed this right brain/left brain test because...

This MAGAt driving fail tweet is hilarious.

Unholy Guacamole: Deforestation, Water Capture, and Violence Behind Mexico's Avocado Exports

Fed's favorite inflation gauge rose 0.2% in December and was up 2.9% from a year ago

Canadian tar sands pollution is up to 6,300% higher than reported, study finds

I think housing and jobs are going to be big issues this year.

Doubling down on insurrection

Strange things when I mail packages...

$6 Trillion Lost: Time To Buy or More Pain Coming?; Chinese Economy & Stock Market; Clean Energy - China Update

'You're gonna get sued again'

Why Brock Purdy's throws were so "off" vs the Packers (it wasn't the rain):

We're fucked. 30% of today's youths don't know what gender they are. 23% don't believe in no God.

You raised $1,305.00 on January 25, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

BHP Group to review court decision on $31.53 bln Fundao dam claim

Omaha Starbucks store employees vote to unionize

'Illegal and invalid': Kenya court halts deployment of police to Haiti

'Illegal and invalid': Kenya court halts deployment of police to Haiti

Levi's extends naming rights deal with 49ers stadium ($170 million), then announces major layoffs

Helicopters for Ukraine: Germany's Game-Changing Military Aid - UATV English

Why Trump's followers still love the boss: Crime is a feature, not a bug

Call me a Philistine, but....

Jurgen Klopp has announced he will stand down as Liverpool boss at the end of the season

Arrests and fines after balaclava-clad neo-Nazis swarm Sydney train

Trump's Momentum Has World Leaders Bracing for Round Two (WSJ)

THEIR laws, THEIR orders - 25 MAGA Governors and Trump Have Decided SCOTUS Rulings 'Ain't SH---T

Bear that captivated Traverse City neighborhood was killed by hunter

Gen Z Is Listening to What Netanyahu Is Saying. Is Biden?

SEIU Calls for Cease-Fire, Joins UAW and a Shifting Labor Movement

Ron Filipkowski: Dementia Trump

Florida man accused in fatal triple shooting after trying to date his own daughter

Trump has only 32 of 1215 delegates needed to win, so why should Haley concede???

Pod Save America - Liz Cheney Talks Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell Being Weak and the 2024 Election

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is confident more Americans will love electric vehicles


any state governor that sends people to "defend" the border should be disqualified under teh 14th amendment

Media workers strike to protest layoffs at New York Daily News, Forbes and Cond Nast (AP)

Williamson says she discussed with volunteers whether to end presidential campaign

U.N. aid agency probes staff suspected of role in Israel attacks

Is (duh?) the text in daylight mode supposed to be blue? (yeah, I know we're Dems, but...) Black text* where art thou?!

'Mass casualties' as UN shelter struck amid intense fighting in Khan Younis

Raz Segal, Holocaust scholar on ICJ ruling

ICJ badmouths Israel for 35 minutes, then Israel wins - analysis

ICJ Orders Immediate Release Of Hostages Held By Hamas

Fed's Preferred inflation measure (PCE) falls to 2.6%

Same Beat/Happy Full Moon

Just plain mean!

Reagan-appointed judge warns GOP's 'preposterous' claims about Jan. 6 could pose threat

Haley's Best Hopes Of Beating Trump May Be In The Hands Of U.S. Supreme Court

Cigarettes After Sex, Apocalypse

Lauren Boebert mounts defense to criticisms of 'carpetbagging' in packed first Republican debate

Serious allegations against UNRWA staff in the Gaza Strip

China presses Iran to rein in Houthi attacks in Red Sea, sources say

This is the republican party in one clip, comparing women to dogs.

The Daily B###h*: "The only thing influencers influence me to do is to roll

Trump Aide Gets RUDE AWAKENING at Sentencing - Meidas Touch

Exclusive: Musk brain implant company violated US hazardous material transport rules -documents

Well, it's been 7 years

Judge Kaplan: "Sit down. You are on the verge of spending some time in the lock up."

Closing Arguments have begun for the E Jean Carroll Defamation case. It is not starting off well for Trump

E. Jean Carroll trial - tfg walks out of courtroom during closing arguments

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 26, 2024

Mike Luckovich-Melania/Nikki Haley endorsement

Three Articles About the Alabama Execution

Trump storms out of NYC courtroom at E. Jean Carroll defamation trial

Went no contact

"Cowboys & Aliens." Ignore the title, it's actually very good!

Why is the Appeals Court so slow in ruling on immunity?

International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza, Fails to Order Ceasefire

Closing arguments in defamation damages trial

Rick Beato and Tim Pierce: The Death of the Middle Class Musician

Secret State of North Korea (full documentary) FRONTLINE

State Dept suspends UNRWA funding after 12 employees participated in Hamas attack

Right-wing media escalate civil war rhetoric after Supreme Court rules against Texas in razor wire case (Media Matters)

Can Israel Ignore World Court's Order? Experts Weigh in on ICJ Genocide Case

Important legal analysis of ICJ decision

Pro-Trump media are divided on DeSantis' political future after his primary flameout (Media Matters)

U.S. halts UNRWA funding over staffers' involvement with Oct. 7 terror attacks

What did you do as a teen/kid that parents today would have a fit if they knew you did it. Mine---sliding down huge

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 26, 2024)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Missouri GOP and a new rule....

Roberta Kaplan closing argument has wrapped...Alina Habba takes the stage in five minutes

Winger claims he's an "abortion expert" because he worked with Animals.

Cartoon: Frickin' On the Border

Full Document of the ICJ Ruling - gift link from NYT

What Does the ICJ's Provisional Ruling Mean for Gaza? Experts Preview Political Pressure on Israel

Learning cursive writing and using an abacus improve kids' reading and math skills

Sorry to say this

BREAKING: trump Walks Out of Courtroom during Closing Arguments in E. Jean Carroll Trial

Smithsonian letter to man donating garden artefacts

GOP candidates are asked to raise their hands if they've been arrested:

U.N. Aid Agency Investigates Claim That Workers Were Involved in Oct. 7 Attack

What is the maximum the jury can award Carroll?

Punitive vs. compensatory damages.

They hate Trump, but will still vote for him

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Governor proposes ban on vasectomies.

Kansas abortion opponents want veto overrides and to protect GOP supermajorities in 2024

Trump's Walking Out Of Trial Was Planned

Putin Sends US Signal on Ukraine Talks, Seeing War Advantage

Judge bars EPA from enforcing Civil Rights Act provision in Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley'

Friendly fire and accidents have killed a lot of Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

American Taliban: A men's movement takes reins in a nationwide quest to end abortion (and contraception)

Roland OBLITERATES Tim Scott For 'Trump Did More For Minorities Than Biden Will Ever Do' LIES

Poem by Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral who died in 1957

Alina Habba is circling the drain in the Carroll defamation trial

Texas governor ignores Supreme Court ruling, adds more razor wire to border

On this day, January 26, 2001, lacrosse coach Diane Whipple was killed in a dog attack in San Francisco.

Aid for Israel

Why Trump fears a Biden-GOP immigration deal

Zebra - Who's Behind the Door

Map Shows 25 States Now Backing Greg Abbott in Border Feud

Yemen Houthi rebels fire a missile at a US warship, escalating worst Mideast sea conflict in decades

Half of America's Cities Are Depopulating. We Could Be Headed for a Ghost Town Era.

Now for something completely different...

"Habba did absolutely no good for her client"

Meanwhile, Trump is Truthing from the Courtroom

ICJ conclusion and compliance

VAVA - My New Swag (我的新衣) featuring Ty. & Nina Wang (王倩倩) (Official Music Video)

Far-Right Extremists Are Organizing an Armed Convoy to the Texas Border

The NSA buys Americans' internet data, newly released documents show

Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell said "sexual assault" rather than "sexual abuse"

For her stellar performance, Alina Habba is receiving.....

CRY BABY STORMS OUT of Court During Trial--- Popok; Legal AF

Here's my prediction for the outcome of the E. Jean Carol trial. What are yours?

@GOP @RepMTG uses Razor wire in her picture and says Come and get it..........

U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger says he will retire from Congress after 11 terms

Tin-hat theory for a dreary Friday.

Ron DeSantis condemned as Florida removes sociology as core college class

In honor of Paul Newman's birthday list your favorite Paul Newman movie(s).

TAKEI: More Gen Z Americans Identify As LBGTQ Than As Republicans

I feel bad for Israeli soldiers.

Strange (sad) death of three men near Kansas City

Morning swim

"Scarlet R plan" : How many registered republicans are there anyway?

BREAKING: Judge in the Carroll defamation case is giving Jury instruction in a locked Courtroom

This is how arguments start.

Southern MD warm and sunny, 1/26

Ecuadorian workers can pursue pesticide claims against Dole

Discredited UNRWA cited 50+ times in SA's "genocide" claim against Israel.

Per Bloomberg TV: Johnson calls bipartisan Senate border plan DOA

Bannon update

West Virginia: Don Blankenship files to run for US Senate -- as a Democrat

Oh No!! Alina Habba was late showing up and argued about some evidence.

Per Bloomberg TV: UN fires Gaza staff over claims they joined Hamas Oct 7th attack

Cartoons 1-26-2024

Jessica Valenti: Anti-Abortion Propaganda in Schools

Snohomish County lawmakers again push to lower alcohol limit to 0.05%

Space shuttle Endeavour gets new out-of-this-world display

Timothy Snyder: Constitutional Courage

Alaska's daily flight from Everett to Honolulu will change to seasonal

In 100 years the death penalty will be regarded as repugnant as slavery.

Found on FB

Bobo defends decision to run in different Colorado congressional district

Protest Convoy Headed to Southern Border Is Calling Itself an 'Army of God'

Gas Lighting, American Style (Instagram meme clip)

Trump storms out of court, judge threatens Trump attorney with jail - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Whoa!': Larry Kudlow Shocks Fox News Host With Biden Economy Admission

The Biden Deepfake Robocall Is Only the Beginning

'Heartless crime': Bronze Jackie Robinson statue cut down, stolen from youth baseball field

SE Cupp: Tim Scott is an example of Trump's emasculation of the GOP

IHIP NEWS: Kitten Heels Drops Out

Dogs Have The Best Reactions To Meeting Their Puppy Siblings

WWE Founder Vince McMahon Accused of Sexually Assaulting Employee: Lawsuit-GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Reagan-appointed judge warns GOP's 'preposterous' claims about Jan. 6 could pose threat

UN agency staff under investigation for suspected role in Oct. 7 attacks on Israel

These Women Are Selling Mary Kay Makeup From Bomb Shelters In War Torn Ukraine

Putting On A Show

Yesterday I paid $1400 on auto repair, today the warning lights came back on

What would you consider immigration reform?

This is cruel and unusual punishment

When you were a kid did you have a metal lunch box,, with a small thermos, and a scene from a cartoon or tv series, Who

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Crime Report)

Severance - on Apple TV - my goodness, one of the greatest shows we've ever watched

This season's Fargo

Analysis ICJ Fires Warning Shot at Israel Over Genocide Case at World Court. This Is Why Netanyahu Should Be Worried

I Stand for the Flag (But I'd Kneel to Kiss Trump's Bottom) satire

Mitt Romney: Trump Trying To Kill Border Bill Is 'Really Appalling'

Boeing Max 9 jets back in the air today

Trump Campaign Reportedly 'Bars' NBC Reporter After Viral Confrontation With Stefanik (Mediaite)

This is an an actual, unretouched photo of DjT at a recent rally...

Democrats Need to Play Hardball with Crazy House Republicans (w/ Rep. Jake Auchincloss)

OIG Report on Drugs given to Trump WH include fentanyl, ketamine and morphine

Hey folks! Anyone else being spontaneously "subscribed" to RW newsletters?

'Heartless crime': Bronze Jackie Robinson statue cut down, stolen from youth baseball field

Father, Long Covid Patients Plead with US Senate for More Research Funding, Sen. Tim Kaine

Biden Campaign to Open Office Near White House

Ron Filipkowski: 1. The Speaker of the House is Donald Trump.

Trump Was Secretly Behind RNC Plan to Coronate Him That He Publicly Rejected

Strategy Session Live Trump is Weaker Than Ever: "A Cause For Hope?" With Simon Rosenberg

Holy shit Marcy!!

Inside the Heritage Foundation's Plans for 'Institutionalizing Trumpism' (aka Fascism)

Giuliani ordered to testify under oath in bankruptcy proceedings

Wouldn't it be something if compensatory and punative damages for E Jean Carroll were high reached fast? nt

Judge 'shocked' by efforts to 'rewrite history' of Jan. 6 attack, those who label perpetrators 'hostages'

Trump must pay $83.3 million for defaming E. Jean Carroll, jury says

Letter from Teamsters Vice-president eviscerating Sean O'Brien for meeting with Trump

deleted. sorry for mistake

Germany Uncovers Russian Disinformation Campaign on X - Report

'You have to answer violence with violence': Bill to allow teachers to conceal carry goes to Idaho House

What will you be drinking to celebrate with E Jean Carroll?

'Oath-breaking insurrectionist' Trump is ineligible for office, Colorado voters tell the Supreme Court

Trump Loses It, Unleashes Dangerous Midnight Meltdown Video! - Luke Beasley

UK halts trade negotiations with Canada over hormones in beef ban

My Fellow Gazans: We Must Demand the Release of the Israeli Hostages Opinion

Iowa promised $75 million for school safety. Two shootings later, the money is largely unspent

My Fellow Gazans: We Must Demand the Release of the Israeli Hostages (Opinion)

CNN just reported that a person close to Donald Trump said Trump is "rattled by President Biden and his campaign's...

Former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed more than a dozen staffers, DOJ says

Sanders says pharma CEOs facing possible subpoenas will testify about drug prices

Joe Biden Can--and Should--Take Over the Texas National Guard

Nearly 200 Years After South Carolina, Texas Provokes a New Nullification Crisis


The Definitive Guide to "Up North" 🤣

History for stupid people: Noem Edition

'God's Army' trucker convoy heading to southern border on 'biblical' anti-migrant crusade

The first Dem trifecta in 40 years did this...

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donny's having a big mad because Nikki won't let him be the Big Boy Candidate all by himself

Finally, a David Brooks column that doesn't make me want to eat my face.

Trump's Court-Appointed Monitor Tells Judge Company Gave 'Incomplete' and 'Inconsistent' Disclosures with 'Errors'

Spatial oddity

US pauses funding to UN agency for Palestinians after claims staffers were involved in Hamas attack

E. Jean Carroll's book sells for fortune after Alina Habba mentions it at Trump trial

What is the general feeling - and your own feeling - about when we'll see the finding of the E. Jean jury?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, LNG, and next week's news....

Steve Bannon Admits Bank Account May Have Evidence of Fraud

Houthi rebels fire on U.S. Navy destroyer in Red Sea


January scorcher: DC sets new all-time high temperature for January; 80 degrees at Washington National Airport

Republicans dealt crushing blow in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Happy Birthday!

I REALLY, REALLY want The Defendant to hang . . . .

Fight over border intensifies as @GOP#Texas governor @GregAbbott pledges more razor wire--to tear at the skin of #asylum

LOL! "Response for you're doing."

Repugs have been screwing their voters for decades

CNN - verdict has been reached.Carroll case. 4:35 reading

What's for Dinner, Fri., 2024

Verdict has been reached. Any minute now. n/t

How Solar Ironworkers Zapped Tiers

7.3M / 11M / 65M

I think this could solve most everything.

83 million dollars

Under oath, Lapierre admits that he's a sleazeball

Hurry awards $83 million...

Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll over $83 million in defamation damages, jury rules

$83.3 million in damages.

83.3 million $s for Ms. Carroll

Trump's Big Mouth Just Cost Him Bigly - Waldorf Nation



When We Get Trump To Court He Loses

*The award included $65 million in punitive damages,

I'm assuming tfg wasn't hanging around the court house, today

I'm all for Ms. Carroll tearing this tacky monstrosity down and rebuilding the Bowit Teller Building in its place.

Trump's the goat, I mean real goat, not that other g.o.a.t.

Now we need NY Judge Engoron to reach his decision

Welcome to the NRA Military Showdown. 😆 Funny stuff

Grocery Workers Make Waves in the Land of Lakes

Texas attorney general requests transgender youths' patient records from Georgia clinic

Republican State Governors

Could we have a few more people post "$83 Million?"

I'm betting Trump's next rally will be completely off the rails?

Judge's advice jurors: "Never disclose that you were on this jury"

$83 million for petes sake

83.3 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Verdict In....

The E Jean Carroll case has to hit Trump hard with his election campaign.

On behalf of my wife, my ex wives, my daughters and granddaughters, I am elated that

Hey Donald! God didn't have to pay a $83 million defamation suit!

Eighty Three Million, Three Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars!!!!

We all know he won't pay...

Trump reacts to the verdict.:

He says he will appeal this Joe Biden directed witch hunt verdict

Southern MD sunset 1/26 (68 degrees F!) added post-sunset colors!

Police Arrest Teen Said to Be Linked to Hundreds of Swatting Attacks

Why the 83 million is not higher (it's good)


She grabbed him by the what?

Man, it would be nice to live in a region that posts at least once a week.


A picture is worth ...

Labor News & Commentary January 21, 2024 "directly to blame" for a 16-year-old's death

He could have paid the $5million and

Let the ketchup FLY!

Judge Kaplan, to jurors: "My advice to you is that you never disclose that you were on this jury."

Donald Trump offers a respectful opposing viewpoint...

Verdict is in: Trump ordered to pay massive penalty in defamation case - Brian Tyler Cohen

Could Habba get in trouble for crying about the judge after the hearing is concluded?

He's already calling it a witch hunt

head of the Biden campaign!!

Hey donny! "They just let you do it"...

Teamsters Warn Anheuser-Busch: Sign Contract or Face Strike, Nationwide Boycott

Trump's revenge list for January 2025 grows...

So what happens when trump does NOT shut his fat mouth?

the Crapture is nigh

Trump Gets Roasted While Biden Wins Huge Endorsement - Rebel HQ

Can that trump guy appeal...

Something to remember: Trump has to pay the damages from his own pocket...

Is this true? In order to appeal, Trump has to put up at least the $83.3M?

LOL: Fox News Struggles with Great Bidenomics news! - Pondering Politics

Just heard the news so I tuned in to Fox to see how they are dealing with the verdict.

Judge Lewis Kaplan was very wise to advise the E Jean jurors to be and stay anonymous

Just read if he appeals he will have to post the $83 million.

Lawyer hits new in closing argument

Univ of California declined to move forward w bold plan to hire immigrant students who lack legal right to work in US

Uh Oh, Donald: $88.3 Million Edition (Lincoln Project)

It wouldn't surprise me to see...

Let's hear it Judge Kaplan

We may soon be catching a clue about how much cash The Defendant has

Ron DeSantis' Anti-LGBTQ+ Push Didn't Work Nationally. But It's Working Too Well In Florida.

E. Jean Carroll appreciation thread...

GOP Invokes Nullification In Border Standoff Between The U.S. And Texas

Who did this?

International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza But fails to Order Ceasefire

Gov. Josh Shapiro proposes sweeping reform of Pa. state-funded higher education

Former L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar sentenced to 13 years in prison in corruption case

Haley campaign statement: "Donald Trump's week is just a small taste of what the next nine months might be like...

83M $

Disabled cat is seriously funny

Inmate's Spiritual Adviser Weeps Describing Nitro Execution

Is it time for The Don to declare bankruptcy?

Will we also get an indication if he maintains support or people don't want to help him financially anymore?

E. Jean Carroll, UCC-1 is your friend

Ok, this is how far we have deteriorated...

Place your bets that Moscow Mitch

Bad news for the Lions

Biden response to Trump being "rattled" by Biden campaign: "Be Best"

Illinois election board hears objection to Trump candidacy based on January 6 insurrection

TIEDRICH: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 83.3 million bucks

Legitimate question, lol.

(La Center, WA) Teen Loses Both Legs After Getting Dragged Underneath Trencher Blade: 'Should Never Have Happened'

Lawsuit against No Labels proceeds

Maryland Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger to retire

OMGAWD!!!!!! There's a new singer for the advertisement we ALL hate......

Missouri GOP Lawmaker Floats Rule Change to Bring Back Duels

Joe Biden: Be Best. (OMG... lol!)

Another bubble that has been burst by these juries

Trump too scared to say Carroll's name in latest online rant: expert

Guy Finds Hermit Crabs Living In Plastic And Offers Them New Shells

Russia struggles to sell Pacific oil, 14 tankers stuck - sources, data

Bayer ordered to pay $2.25 billion in latest Roundup trial

MSNBC just used this photo onscreen

Statement from President Joe Biden On the Bipartisan Senate Border Security Negotiations

Houthis Fire Missile Close to a Tanker Hauling Russian Oil

trump Gets Hit with $83m Penalty, it's a Good B&B Friday Baby!

I hope Trump's attorneys got their fees up front.

Trump Was Secretly Behind RNC Plan to Coronate HimTrump Was Secretly Behind RNC Plan to Coronate Him

Trafigura Oil Tanker Hit by Houthi Missile - Bloomberg Television

I have a feeling Haley is going to win in South Carolina.

when you need more ketchup! quick!!1!!

The US bankruptcy trustee may be suing Donald Trump on Rudy Giuliani's behalf for unpaid legal expenses. 👀

Democrats Call On Biden To Federalize Texas National Guard In Growing Border Dispute

New satellite images catch world's worst polluters red-handed: 'Now we really know exactly where it's coming from'

Aliens are among us!

'Utter stupidity': Missouri Republican bids to bring back dueling for senators

Texas attorney general requests transgender youths' patient records from Georgia clinic

Da num...da num....nnnuh nnnuh nnnuh nnnuh .... 😆 😆😆

Republican senator who voted to acquit Paxton wants Senate to consider reopening impeachment proceedings

Nikki Haley Assails Trump as 'Unhinged'

One Less Bell To Answer

Navarro becomes the latest Team Trump member to be sent to prison

GOP Senators Seethe As Trump Sabotages Border Deal - Waldorf Nation

1988, Eric Clapton in Tokyo with Mark Knopfler and Elton John. Full concert video tape digitally restored.

Michelle Mone has L75m of assets frozen as NCA investigates fraud

How about we coordinate an "Operation Chaos" vote for Haley to defeat Trump in SC.