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For years tfg heckled Obama to put himself up against a statesman. Now women tear him down

'Huh?': Trump's multiple 'misfires' at Nevada rally raise questions from onlookers

Hot Tuna - Uncle Sam Blues

Koch officials tell donors Nikki Haley was the right candidate to back, despite early losses to Trump

'Chaos' 'Dysfunction' 'Extremism': Jeffries hammers 'do-nothing' GOP Congress - The Weekend - MSNBC

Ukraine says it uncovers mass fraud in weapons procurement

Gunmen in Iran kill nine Pakistanis days after tit-for-tat strikes

Blood kicks off bid against Flood in Nebraska's 1st District U.S. House race

2019 White House Medical Unit dispensary excerpt under Ronny Jackson's supervision:

Simon Rosenberg on Lawrence - Trump and MAGA Are Having Performance Issues

'We are going to defend freedom': Jeffries hits GOP extremism on abortion - The Weekend - MSNBC

Gun-waving St. Louis lawyer Mark McCloskey wants misdemeanor wiped off his record

Chesapeake Bay Bridge: 43 Vehicles, Series of Accidents, 5-Hr Closure, Westbound Span: 'Chain Crashes'

Trump Organization monitor flags errors and financial misstatements ahead of ruling in fraud case

Is It Kornacki Time Again?

'Totally unhinged': Tension grows between Haley and Trump

"Bing bing ding ping poom pang"- Stephanie Miller

Leader of Somalia's breakaway Somaliland says deal with Ethiopia will allow it to build a naval base

Crews extinguish fire on tanker hit by Houthi missile off Yemen after US targets rebels in airstrike

Trump's 'achilles heel'? Haley's refusal to drop out infuriates ex-president

Today is the 250th anniversary of the Princeton Tea Burning.

*C-SPAN 2024 President Biden live NOW.

Man charged in 20-plus calls of false threats in US, Canada pleads guilty

'Step it up': Arizona Secretary of State's urgent call to DOJ on protecting election workers - The Weekend - MSNBC

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley targeted in swatting incident

should I get a milk frother? Are they easy to use/clean up?

Who was St. Brigid and why is she inspiring many 1,500 years after her death?

Early Vote Event with Vice President Kamala Harris in Las Vegas, Nevada

How Taiwan beat back disinformation and preserved the integrity of its election

Venezuela's highest court upholds ban on opposition presidential candidate

Florida: Purging Voters Like It's 2000 Again - Greg Palast

Russia projects confidence as it pursues alliances to undermine West

Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Remix EP 1) 2010

Baltimore's Second Chance Event - Pass It On

Django Reinhardt - Sweet Georgia Brown

Billy Strings performs Pink Floyd's "Fearless"

'The existential threat of our time': Biden's export pause scores major win for climate activists - Velshi - MSNBC

I don't think Trump makes it to the general election

Look, I don't want this G-D dam to break until AFTER tfg gets the kGOPb nomination

Initiative 2124 (sabotaging the Washington Cares Fund) gets certified

trump has another rally tonight..........

WCNSF: Gaza's devastating new acronym for wounded children with no surviving family - Velshi - MSNBC

Republican voters edge Dems by nearly 780,000 in Florida

Found something Pooper will eat!

Old School Deep House Mix (1993-2005)

The Poem: 'I am a nasty woman'

Octavia Butler's big goals: get millions to read her books and change the world. She succeeded. - Velshi - MSNBC

The Daily B***h*: "We learn from history that people do not learn from history."

Saturday Night Live is new tonight.

Germany, U.K., Finland, Italy, Australia suspend UNRWA funding

Doggie poem

Fed-up MSNBC host EXPOSES Republican border SHAM in Must-See Takedown - Meidas Touch

Biden must campaign against a man who already thinks he's president

Holy shit! Check this out on climate change

"A lady always knows when to leave."

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 30: West Point/Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum

Trumps plane gets a new

Wasn't enough to make him stop

Anti-Authoritarian Authoritarianism (a rambling rant) - Steve Shives

Caffeine overdrive: The dark side of America's "no sleep" hustle culture

Las Vegas rally will be Trump's first public remarks since Carroll verdict - MSNBC Reports

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 31: Monkeys and Gorillas/Spotlight: Columbia Pictures 100 Years - The 2000s

Trump's $50 Million Mystery Debt Looks Like 'Tax Evasion'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about RFK Jr, parties, possibilities, and paths....

Judge slams Republicans for January 6 rhetoric - MSNBC Reports

Investigation underway after woman gets stuck overnight on ski gondola, 23 degrees

Wes Montgomery - Here's That Rainy Day (Live 1965)

Dean Phillips just had his "please clap" moment at the South Carolina Democratic Party event.

Kotoko - shooting star

'Wasn't enough to make him stop': Trump lashes out at Carroll 93 times on social media this week - MSNBC Reports

Long Beach Pike Cyclone Racer: Re-Creation

World marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day - DW News

The TRUTH about Border Security and America's Broken Immigration System

Heather Cox Richardson: Lincoln's 1838 speech, "The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions."

American mercenaries hired by UAE to kill in Yemen BBC News

Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen - Santana

There is a video about the orange menace that he had banned and is now available on amazon

An idea for what to do with Classic cars

Fmr. Trump press sec.: Melania 'really pressuring' Trump to combat Carroll allegations - MSNBC Reports

UFO - Prince Kajuku

How many times a week do you eat out?

A short bit of history about the destruction of a political party.

"I don't need nobody's help with nothin', said the loneliest man to live"... Western Centuries. "Three Swallows"

Killing Joke - Requiem

In The Land Of Grey & Pink Caravan

The Plimsouls - Lost Time

Lauren Boebert's dismal straw poll numbers after debate 'drew gasps' from crowd

Funkadelic - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing

Erin McKeown - Blackbirds

Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware

The Fleshtones - Roman Gods

The Cult of AI

'I'm done': Fans vow to quit CNN after host platforms two 'conspiracy theorists'

RNC member scraps plan for resolution to declare Trump presumptive nominee - Ayman - MSNBC

SNL Cold open up next. Dakota Johnson hosts, Justin Timberlake is musical guest. N/T

THE SHANGRI-LAS - sophisticated boom boom

Statesboro Blues

The Cranberries - Linger

TCM now

Trump's Dumbest Crony Gets Heckled Mercilessly - Rebel HQ

Thoughts on RNC on seeking a line of credit?

Apparently the Trump White House Medical Unit Was Handing Pills Out Like Skittles

Jerry Jeff Walker and David Bromberg - Mr. Bojangles...Austin, TX - 2/27/87

This Texas Law Is Killing Women... Just Like It Was Supposed To... - Thom Hartmann

Florida plan to have taxpayers pay Trump's legal bills nixed after DeSantis veto threat

tonites moon,2 days past full

American kestrel

Lately I've been collecting some AI-created artwork, from web sites...

Jury Hands E. Jean Carroll A Huge Victory Over Trump - Rodecast

The Dune Sea - 'User Error'

Freedom Convoy II weirdness

He Just Won't Stop...

Trump Could Be THROWN IN JAIL with Judge's Next Move - Meidas Touch

Trump says he will send the military to seal up the border - NewsNation

Update on my wife's 4 year trek for green card - she passed her IR1 medical in Bangkok

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about changing American foreign policy....

Finland to Vote for a New President in Its First Election Since Joining NATO

Arizona G.O.P. Picks New Leader After Scandal Creates a Vacancy

Boebert Gets Busted Lying About Her Arrest Record - Rebel HQ

Democrats Plan To Cover House Republicans In Trump Stink

UK: George Galloway throws his hat into the ring for Rochdale by-election to 'teach Labour a lesson'

Just heard a driver in a truck stop actually say......

Jerusalem elections: How are parties drumming up support?

Republican governors rally behind Texas in border showdown after Supreme Court ruling - CBS News

Swing Left 2024 Super State Strategy

SNL: NFL Championship Sunday Cold Open

Sunday Funnies 1/28/24

I watched a clip of Trump's rally in Las Vegas from earlier this evening, a very short clip

Republican: 'I Know Women's Healthcare Because I'm A Veterinarian' - Waldorf Nation

Breakfast Sunday 28 January 2024

SNL: Weekend Update

MAKA Back Ergative Absolutive Hey, friends, a quick reminder that although Make

WHAT IF .....GODZILLA were real?

Russia projects confidence as it pursues alliances to undermine West

Trump's $50 Million Mystery Debt Looks Like 'Tax Evasion'

New Legal Precedent in NY is DEATH BLOW to Trump in Fraud Case - Meidas Touch

Man in his 80s kills wife, 2 adult children in murder-suicide at Granada Hills home

CDC warns health care workers to be on alert for measles amid rising number of cases

Smart grandma:

U.S., U.K. among 8 countries pausing funding to UNRWA amid allegations 12 employees were part of Oct. 7 attack

Biden returns to South Carolina to bolster support with Black voters

Farfetched basis for appealing Trump's $83.3 million judgment

Iran launches 3 satellites into space that are part of a Western-criticized program as tensions rise

Protesters throw soup at Mona Lisa painting

Colombia 'strongly' condemns Argentine president's remarks about President Petro as 'Communist killer'

Man drowns in Carmel pond after saving 4-year-old son

He retired at age 34 with $3M, 12 years later he is struggling to support family of 4 "comfortably"

Why images of Holocaust survivors were projected onto NYC landmarks on Saturday night

HEY! WAKE UP AND GET ......well, that clearly didn't work.

The Maga mind

The Smiths - There us a Light that Never Goes Out

A little something to ease into the day

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Thin Eggshells Edition

Seen in stores all over New York

Why do Trump crowds keep chanting "USA USA"?

Bryan Ferry - Kiss and Tell

I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore...

Al Franken: Guest Michael Steele

A little more of the laid back for a Sunday

Polyrock - Romantic Me (1980)

Negotiators Close In on Hostage Deal

Going to a 5th set

Time for an easy breakfast

Cheney recirculates Stefanik Jan. 6 statement after she reportedly deletes it

Wordle 953 ***Spoiler Thread***

Gary Numan-Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric

Hermit crabs are 'wearing' our plastic rubbish

WATCH Colombian Navy seizes first narco-sub of 2024 with 800kg of cocaine

Russia's 9 Step Plan for World War 3 as Plans to Invade Poland Could Cause Full Scale War with NATO - Joe Blogs

The search for Trump's running mate: 'like auditions for The Apprentice'


I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East: Critter Crossings in the Cascades

Possible Democratic fundraiser?

Terence Trent d Arby - A Change Is Gonna Come.

Kayakers Save The Sweetest Baby Deer

Carroll Promises to Do 'Something Good' With a Fortune Won From Trump

Ukraine says corrupt officials stole $40 million meant to buy arms for the war with Russia

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 2, 2024: Race Car Drivers / Black History Weekend Marathon

The smile on the dog that was last to get adopted

Tiger get his breakfast in bed. Pouring rain and very wet here this morning

On This Day: Iceland legalizes clinical abortions - Jan. 28, 1935

If Beatles made the submarine in that song song green...

On This Day: Iceland legalizes clinical abortions - Jan. 28, 1935

Nebraska GOP fight with delegation spills over into its endorsements

Trump Unleashes His Doubts On NATO: 'We Don't Get So Much Out Of It'

Article shows the truly misinformed and ignorance of rural America

The list of countries pausing funding to UNRWA pending an investigation

China Debt Crisis Deepens; 98% Collapse In Americans In China; Tourism & Chinese Economy - China Update

Doonesbry Now & Then

Beware of fake Join dates on X/Twitter

First-of-its-kind campaign fundraiser in the works with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Biden

God is going to fix the border

Social Security: The Best and Worst Years To Be Born

You raised $90.00 on January 27, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Doctors Could Refuse Patients Over Religious Beliefs Under New Bill

First-of-its-kind campaign fundraiser in the works with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Biden

Hartford Stops Writing New Homeowner Policies In California Effective February 1st

So the party that separated children at the border

House Republicans unveil articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

"Pretending That We Are Doing A Good Job, Pretending That It's Not Going To Be That Bad"

NYT: We Asked A.I. to Create the Joker. It Generated a Copyrighted Image.

Anybody who would consider being Dotard's running mate needs their head examined.

Ukraine says corrupt officials stole $40 million meant to buy arms for the war with Russia

Can we send Trump into exile? It worked (sort of) with Napoleon

Love And Happiness

Right-Wing Billionaires Are Funding a New Plan To Gut Government

More People Are Being Classified as Gig Workers. That's Bad for Everyone.

Things Martha RADDATZ let Tim SCOTT skate by. The word "craven" fits Tim to his T.

Meanwhile down at the Texas Border

Constant clouds over US Great Lakes area could hurt residents' mental health

Google's New AI-Powered Browser Could Mark the End of the Human Internet (New York magazine)

One of the greatt test match finishes - shoutout to Canetoad

Let's face it, some of us are just darn goofy, and we're okay with that!

Across the Desk S9:E1 (Abortion as a Winning Issue for Democrats)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Biden impeachment inquiry....

Israel Struggles to Destroy Hamas's Gaza Tunnel Network

Trump is going to owe a lot of people a lot of money

'Bombshell' report raises questions about new possible Trump tax evasion

The Barnet Council's Graph Of Doom From 2011 Turned Out To Be Startlingly, Horribly Accurate As Funding Falters

For you viewing pleasure and amusement:

Albert trumpstein and his "good genes".

And another thing,

Blocked (re-post) I should have posted here in general discussion. I am learning

Self-Pitying Trump Thinks He's Been Treated Worse Than Lincoln, Who Was Assassinated

On choosing the right subject


WOW, UAW President is on Face the Nation

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 28, 2024)

Just got back from the weed dispensary.

Vehicle drives off Virginia Beach Fishing Pier; presumed dead

The border's political value is crushing talks on policy

MUST-SEE: Tim Interviews the GENIUS Lawyer Who COST trump $85M!--Bulwark

I will be happy if Trump isn't the nominee.

UN chief calls for resumed funding of Palestinian aid agency after allegations of militant ties

Vassar Clements - Air Mail Special

Found on FB


NOW is the time to play border politics! . . . Strike while the iron's hot!

WaPo: Falling inflation, rising growth give U.S. the world's best recovery

Three US troops killed in drone attack in Jordan, at least two dozen injured

🚨MUST-SEE: Tim Interviews the GENIUS Lawyer Who COST Trump $85M!

Biden administration discussing slowing some weaponry deliveries to Israel to pressure Netanyahu

U.S. tour 2024 ..... Dark Brandon and the Juggernauts

Cecile Richards...The former PP chief is still fighting for abortion access -- even while living with brain cancer.

Has anyone seen the show "Flaked?"

U.S. and China to hold high-level talks aimed at curbing the fentanyl crisis

I really liked the way this one turned out.

Lankford: Trump opposition to border deal due to 'misinformation'

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 28, 2024?

Detroit. Shows. Up.

🏈 Deadheads - one of Detroit's Okwara brothers arrives in San Jose

Lankford "very positive" about prospects of Senate immigration deal, despite Trump's opposition

UAW President Shawn Fain rips trump a new one on Face the Nation this morning

Beware of customers who write bad checks!

How is Trump's 'Mob Boss' Routine a Losing Strategy?

Trolling Anti-Abortion protestors at the March for Life

"Satire" on Facebook is spreading lies faster and farther than any right wing 'news' site.

So i was diagnosed with "Melanoma IN SITU at least" this past Tues

David Cay Johnston: Big Trump Secret About to be Revealed

Autumn Pawsed

Oklahoma Republicans don't want Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) working on the border deal; OK GOP censures Lankford

Trump is "The Leader" that must not be disobeyed

Right-Wing Lies Get Exposed In Real-Time - Rebel HQ

Trump Unleashes His Doubts On NATO: 'We Don't Get So Much Out Of It'

"Let the voters decide..."

A Political/Cultural Glimpse Into America's Future: Generation Z's Views on Generational Change & the Challenges Ahead

My GoFundMe, Part 2

Tom Sullivan: "Harbingers of re-appearing tyranny"

If Trump loses in 2024 and manages to stay out of jail and stick around...


Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris Medley Live from Northern Quebec

Chris Hayes on the batshit loon Scott Adams (Threads post)

This isn't good- 3 US troops killed by Iranian-backed drone strike in Jordan, Biden says

Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump mixing her up with Nikki Haley

Joe Biden Speech Blasts 'Loser' Donald Trump on Economy

So I went to see a friend's band at a local bar last night.....

Could This Change Air Travel Forever?

TLP taunts Trump with his father's dementia

Why These Voters Have Turned on FOX News (with Brian Stelter) The Focus Group Podcast

Michigan and Ohio GOP legislators discuss 'endgame' of banning all trans health care

Lions drone show over downtown Detroit last night

USA Hockey will mandate neck laceration protection for players under 18 effective Aug. 1

30,000 🐒🐒Small town residents unite to fight a common enemy: A huge monkey farm🙈🙉🙊

Climate change threatens WI ice road.

CIA Director William Burns to hold Hamas hostage talks Sunday with Mossad chief, Qatari prime minister

I try not to bore with my fetish du jour, currently plane spotting, but............

If syrup was not available, what would you put on your pancakes? Me--Honey

No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing)

I'll say it again,

Anti-Abortion Propaganda in Schools

Labor News & Commentary January 23, 2024 Democrats introduce bill to increase taxes on CEO salaries

Trump's candidacy on the Illinois ballot should be decided by the courts, an elections board hearing officer says

State Sen. Ileana Garcia, R-Miami was going to give Donald Trump, a private citizen 5 million tax-payer dollars! Pissed!

New Ranking of Best Grocery Stores in NJ

Trump: Maybe next time I won't choose Alina Habba

Nice duet cover of Everybody's Talkin'

Another barbaric spouting here: Guess I won't see "Maestro" - am listening to MAHLER

You cannot be providing money and weapons for people who have killed

Biden promises retaliation after 3 US troops are killed in Jordan, escalating Middle East conflict

NJ Has 4 Of The 25 Healthiest Counties In The U.S., New Study Says

Details of Lavish Lifestyle in NRA Corruption Trial

It's interesting looking at which news programs have the most Youtube subscribers. Fox is not #1 on Youtube

On this day, January 28, 1956, Elvis Presley made his first national television appearance.

On January 27, 1956 RCA Victor released "Heartbreak Hotel."

Will Bunch: Alabama's nitrogen gas execution and the crueler, vengeful America to come

Ha'aretz Opinion: Why the Israeli Left Should Support the War in Gaza Against Hamas

Major General Paul Eaton (from Vote Vets) on why we MUST Defeat Trump

Breaking: Travel bans proposed in Tennessee & Oklahoma

On the night of Saturday, January 28, 1922, the roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre collapsed.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2024 January 27 - Full Observatory Moon

On the night of Saturday, January 28, 1922, the roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre in Washington, D.C., collapsed.

I feel i should explain my post about LilBit.

Let me add,


Will Alina Habba get paid?

Confirmed: Red State District Court Judges appointed by Joe Biden

Will we survive Trumpism?

White House clinic improperly distributed controlled substances during previous administrations, new report says

Who's watching Chiefs v. Ravens?

Biden praises Black churches and says the world would be a different place without their example

Illinois hearing officer finds that Trump should be disqualified

We all know this

Great Basin tribes want Bahsahwahbee massacre site in Nevada named national monument

Biden Adviser Sees Limited Inflation Impact From Red Sea Attacks

I dug out my old 2008 Obama/Biden hat and have been wearing it around town.

On January 13, 1982, Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River just after takeoff

Trump's $50 Million Mystery Debt Looks Like 'Tax Evasion'

Dinner tonight.

Found a great appetite suppressant.

Quiet rebellion threatens House GOP chair over surprise tax deal

Rep. Larsen outlines 'to do' list for opioid crisis

Looks like $83M won't shut him up.

This Truth Social post, which purports to show former President Donald Trump criticise his lawyer Alina Habba...

After series of deaths, Snohomish County Jail to put cameras in detox unit

The latest science denial - 1986 Challenger explosion

Ministers From Netanyahu's Party Join Thousands of Israelis at 'Resettle Gaza' Conference

How right-wing influencers turned airplanes and airports into culture war battlegrounds

TCM today

'You're the reason I am president': Biden embraces Black voters in SC

If you play Train Sim World 4, check out my Biden train

Trump Is a Combination of Every Threat We Have Ever Faced in Our History

'You are the reason Donald Trump is a loser,' Biden tells South Carolina voters ahead of primary

The Rude Pundit: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Border Bullshit Depends on Federal Funding

CDC issues measles warning to health care workers

BREAKING: House GOP unveils articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas - The Weekend - MSNBC

Trump's scheme against his own party backfires on him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Dean Phillips Pleads With Audience to Pay Attention to Him at Democratic Fundraiser

Activists splatter 'Mona Lisa' with soup in Louvre Museum in Paris

Watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Harris in Las Vegas warns Trump poses 'profound threat' to democracy, individual rights

Judge rips GOP for 'preposterous' Jan. 6 claims, Committee Investigator weighs in - The Weekend - MSNBC

Nebraska GOP fight with delegation spills over into its endorsements

Michigan case offers an example of how public trust suffers when police officers lie

Southern MD The Foggy, Foggy Dew!!!

After LA police raid home of Black Lives Matter attorney, a judge orders photographs destroyed

House Democratic candidates make abortion access top focus of '24 campaigns

Trump Touts Cognitive Skills Citing He's Related to an MIT Professor: 'Same Genes'

Trump's attempt to slash Obamacare 'ruinous' says Health and Human Services Secretary calls - The Weekend - MSNBC

Democrats Plan Biden, Obama and Clinton Fundraiser

Ministers From Netanyahu's Party Join Thousands of Israelis at 'Resettle Gaza' Conference

sonora ca wether conditions @1316 hours pst.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 28, 2024

Ron Filipkowski: "Why is Biden's name in this headline?"

What the hell? (Frosted Flakes jingle?)

Reagan-appointed judge slams GOP's 'preposterous' Jan. 6 rhetoric

Trump can delay paying full E. Jean Carroll damages until after appeal

'It's the suck-up Olympics': Obeidallah on GOP folding to Trump across the board - Velshi - MSNBC

Bear romping in the snow:

3 US soldiers killed, many more hurt in drone attack at base in Jordan - CNN

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about California, chickens, eggs, and turkeys....

Hear how retired general thinks the US could respond to drone attack.

Quiet rebellion threatens House GOP chair over surprise tax deal

What a move from Ura! (Sumo)

Tim Scott to serve as key Trump surrogate amid push for Black voters

Man bun or water bottle. Which is bigger trend?

As 2024 race advances, Trump eyes a new priority: blacklisting

I'm hoping there will be massive storms in Texas so that the free dumb convoys protesting the migrants

REAL Conservative Judge Publicly Slams J6 Insurrectionist Defenders - Rodecast

Tim Scott to serve as key Trump surrogate amid push for Black voters

Finland's Stubb and Haavisto head for runoff in presidential election

Take a look at the Texas border live

German rightwing populists defeated in regional election

Strategist confident Trump can't win, Biden will be reelected Simon Rosenberg

UK: Rishi Sunak's allies believe Tories likely to lose two upcoming by-elections

House GOP unveils Mayorkas impeachment articles despite lack of evidence

India: Welfare dynamics may shape Lok Sabha elections

Opinion Sure, Trump and Biden are old. The similarities end there.

Sure, Trump and Biden are old. The similarities end there.

Hero Martin SHORT didn't take any of Bill MAHER's Drumpf-ist tendency crap!

Germany's Social Democrats choose Barley to lead EU election campaign

Kari Lake Brutally Heckled by Her Own Party Live on Stage! - Luke Beasley

We defended Manchin and this is how he repays us.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly Considers Special Election for Education Funding Boost in April 30 Vote

Gross Republicans excuse Trump's abuse, defamation on Live TV! - Pondering Politics

Congratulations to Jannik Sinner, for winning Aus Open tennis.

Could Taylor Swift Influence the 2024 Election? A New Poll Suggests Yes

Nikki Haley says the RNC is 'clearly not' an honest broker after calls to unify around Trump in primary

Federal judge calls out the lies of Trump & his allies when they call J6 defendants "hostages" - Glenn Kirschner

Psaki reveals why The Adjudicated Rapist can't call E. Jean Carroll verdict political

First-of-its-kind campaign fundraiser in the works with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Biden

Oklahoma GOP votes to censure Lankford for doing his job

Lindsey Graham "threw Trump under the bus" in Georgia Testimony, new book says

Haley calling on Trump to debate: You cannot hide behind a teleprompter at rallies... Man up, Donald.

This Simple Question Always Stumps Trump Supporters... - Rebel HQ

'Remarkable': Weissmann on Trump trial reminding him of Genovese mob boss moment - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Biden administration looking to slow weapon sales to Israel in effort to scale back military assault

Mike Marshall's Incredible Bluegrass Journey

Immigration and the border

GOP Rep. Margorie Taylor Greene sure is slimy, Stupid FOOL And politizes the death of 3 US troops

The Thermos

"The dumbest group of voter ever"?

Has anyone participated in a Conqueror Virtual Challenge?

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump is fucking fucked

Civil War Historians Agree 14th Amendment Disqualifies Trump From Ballot

This looks good. Tuesday

Trump targets New York judge, AG as civil fraud case verdict looms

UAW chief Shawn Fain explains why the union endorsed Biden over Trump

*De-Lovely on HBO now!

'Unhinged' and 'confused': Psaki explains why Haley's Trump attacks help Biden - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Man arrested after using device to steal over $1,700 worth of fuel from Wawa in Delaware, police say

This is my friend's third round with cancer.

Lions or Niners?

E Jean should take mara lago and turn it into

Taylor Swift Is Going To The Super Bowl !!! :) ...

Car Industry Seeks to Crush AM Radio; Congress May Rescue It

Black pastors pressure Biden to call for a ceasefire in Gaza

Update in Matt Gaetz investigation involving minor - Brian Tyler Cohen

Nikki Haley