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Charlie or Flowers for Algernon?

Trump is 'making democracy a partisan issue': Gov. Gavin Newsom - ABC News

Man arrested after using device to steal over $1,700 worth of fuel from Wawa in Delaware, police say

There is a popular post on DU suggesting Trump won't make it to the General Election. Let's do a poll

I'm not convinced that if Nikki Haley were to be the republican candidate,

How does one hypothetically establish a permanent ceasefire with Hamas left in power?

Finland: Ex-PM Stubb wins first round of presidential vote

How to access the secret Roku menus

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 29 January 2024

Pillars of Russia. On What Does Russian Success or Failure Rest? - Good Times Bad Times

Three US troops killed, up to 34 injured in Jordan drone strike linked to Iran

More and more calls to Federalize National Guard troops

Why Does Donald Trump Have a Huge Problem with Women? - Stephanie Miller

Oklahoma GOP votes to censure Lankford over Senate border talks

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World

Writing By Hand May Increase Brain Connectivity More Than Typing 🖊

My son is giving his second scientific conference talk as first author.

Trump Humiliates Himself, Fails to Count to Six Live on Stage! - Luke Beasley

Trump says this attack would've never happened if he was president - BUT HERE ARE SOME FACTS

Trump's Biggest Mistake

Wolf Moon - Type O Negative

Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso withdraw from West Africa regional bloc ECOWAS as tensions deepen

The TX Border Crisis is Dumber (& Sadder) Than You Think

My wife and I went again to the "Temple" of Liberalism, a 2nd time.

If you play Train Sim World 4, you can use the Biden train I created.

She rescued a squirrel. Now he refuses to leave.

The Teflon is almost completely off Stinky

Carly Simon - He Likes To Roll

GOP legislatures in some states seek ways to undermine voters' ability to determine abortion rights (AP)

Free Webinar: Behind-the-scenes look at Rob Reiner's "God & Country"

Simon Rosenberg cites these six major issues Trump has this time he didn't have last time

tiedrich: "Donald Trump is fucking fucked. broke and befuddled is no way to go through life, son"

Rep. Tom Emmer says his home was 'swatted'

D.C. rabbi attacked by Lyft driver who didn't like his 'energy'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US slowing things down....

Want to know what it would look like if Robert Reich and Michael Moore got together to make a cop movie?

Israel is 'closer to war' with Hezbollah than ever, senior Israeli official says

UPDATE in Matt Gaetz investigation involving minor

Haley Versus Trump


Biden campaign on Trump: 'He shouldn't be within 100 miles of the White House'

Trump's new home after Judge Engeron's ruling:

In an election "on the margins," going after disaffected Evangelical Republicans could be decisive.

Nancy Pelosi seeks FBI probe into protesters calling for a cease-fire in Gaza

Since Trump seems to be talking about acing his cognitive test at every rally now. Maybe every time he lies

sonora ca wether conditions tonight. foooo og. foooo og.

*All Creatures Great and Small,

No Water, Light and Heating - How Russians Survive in 2024? - UATV English

Dean Phillips meets NYT Pitchbot

this works for me...

Rabid GOP Warmongers calling for direct strikes on Iran...

Sarah Cooper / Donald Trump "I Aced The Test"

I am glad President Biden is at the helm.

That damned "verifying browser" by ezoic is back. .twice in three minutes.

Could somebody please post Roy Zimmerman's latest "Lock Him Away".

TERRIFIED Trump Files Very DESPERATE Motion in Georgia - Meidas Touch

RIP...Shelley Ganz..

A question to the Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other mental health workers...

The Self Balancing Monorail

Centre-right party ahead in Finnish presidential election

Continuing the war in Gaza will not achieve its intended end.

Republicans' Chances of Flipping Senate in 2024 Election

Judy and Iz both sang the song Over the Rainbow. What/who would you like to see over the rainbow.? Go with your heart

Rudy defends Donny

Woman Carries Injured Falcon Up A Cliff

Arkansas group looking to legalize abortion one step closer to the ballot

New Minnesota state flag becomes partisan issue in 2024

Canada: Durham, Ont. byelection to take place March 4 after seat vacated by O'Toole

'Dangerous escalation': Fmr. CIA chief on death of three U.S. soldiers in drone attack - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Nearly half of Washington voters will see Feb. 13 ballot proposals

Biden praises Black churches' role in campaign stop - Reuters

Poland's Tusk tries to roll back 1 of Europe's strictest abortion bans

Nebraska Legislature won't consider abortion limits this year as all eyes focus on petition drive

Some Minnesota corporations quietly resume donations to election disputers

So who are the MAGAts gonna root for/against in the SuperBowl?

The Daily Show: What Would a Second Civil War Look Like? - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse

'Outright hate': Parents who lost kids in war respond to Trump campaign's attack

Habba claims 'conflict of interest' between judge, Carroll's attorney

Trump engaged in insurrection but should stay on Illinois ballot, ex-judge tells state election board

Bipartisan congressional deal is finalized on border reform - MSNBC Reports

Who Is More Dangerous?

Cities in Dust - Siouxsie And The Banshees +Garbage do a good cover

Swedish Prime Minister 'won't negotiate' with Hungary on Nato bid

What's fueling a new spike in anti-semitism - MSNBC Reports

Need a law requiring getting a security clearance to run for federal office...also teeth for lying on financial disclosu


osprey closeup

My credit card wants to charge me $9 to speak with a human!!

China Evergrande ordered to liquidate, owing $300 bln

How Nikki Haley could be using Trump's legal troubles to her advantage - Velshi - MSNBC

For anybody who remembers test patterns

'It is a sin and a shame': Exposing Racism in the U.S. Tax Code - Velshi - MSNBC

Doing a Harry Potter marathon today

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Nikki Haley OUT of The Republican Party

Rep. Waters on Biden losing support with Black voters: 'I don't buy it'

It's horrific': Mini Timmaraju on the real-world impact of state abortion bans - The Weekend - MSNBC

Out of curiosity, Nato or nato, rather than NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Hats off to Detroit from this Forty Niner fan. That's one hell of a team.

I am currently renting a 2023 Toyota Corolla while my own car is being worked on.

Donald Trump's hold on GOP from campaign trail to Capitol Hill - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

If Trump has some fraudulent business things-how many of the monied have the same thing

'Chaos Caucus in Action': GOP split over tanking border deal for Trump - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

When a MAGA comes at you:

Rep. Maxine Waters: Mayorkas impeachment inquiry all comes back to Trump - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Massachusetts Wakes Up to a Hospital Nightmare

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Taylor Swift vs Trump and endorsements....

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Full Movie

Details Emerge on U.N. Workers Accused of Aiding Hamas Raid

Trump dealt worst blow possible ahead of next trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

'We've created 14 million jobs--nearly 800,000 new manufacturing jobs.

Trump's New Slogan FULLY EXPOSES His Plans - Meidas Touch

The heart of a champion.

Propaganda and Repression: How Putin Controls His Population? - UATV

Threads link re what it's like to live on the border in this crisis:

Hong Kong court orders Chinese property developer Evergrande to liquidate - DW News

Breakfast Monday 29 January 2024

UAW president on Biden endorsement: 'He has a history of standing with the American worker' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Wow, a total take down! Trumps record ...

Nikki Haley Crosses the Rubicon

A fictional board game master explains perfectly why sane, educated people should beware the Trump supporters

Philips' US sales of sleep apnea devices face years-long halt after FDA deal

Biden is marking the 15th anniversary of landmark pay equity law with steps to help federal workers

Could American Politicians Be Running Drugs Over Border? - Thom Hartmann

Can the IMF and the World Bank really be changed?

Wordle 954 Jan 29 ***Spoiler Thread***

Trial Deck SHUFFLES to CRUSH Trump to a PULP He Deserves - Meidas Touch

Elizabeth Warren rips Fed for fueling affordability crisis in housing, calls for rate cuts

Alina Habba

Delusional Rioter Says J6 Was The "Greatest Time" Of His Life & He's Ready For Prison - Rodecast

Sore Winner, Big Loser - Talking Feds Podcast

Mahomes or Brady? Which player do you want as your starting QB in the Super Bowl?

On this day, January 29, 1880, William Claude Dukenfield, aka W. C. Fields, was born.

Monday TOONs

On Sunday, January 28, 1962, D.C. Transit abandoned streetcar service in DC.

On this day, January 29, 1979, Brenda Spencer said "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

Just heard a radio ad for 120 little blue pills

Biden and senators on verge of immigration deal to tighten border policies

Democrats endorse their first slate of challengers in the fight for the House majority

Nikki Haley calls Trump 'totally unhinged' during rally - Way Too Early - MSNBC

'You can't campaign a defamation verdict away': Morning Joe

'You can't campaign a defamation verdict away': What's ahead for Trump - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Trump Cash Stockpile at Risk From $450 Million Dual Verdicts

Can Meme Theory Explain the maga Cult?

So, this is a theory of no proof, but........

The Rundown: January 29, 2024

Chinese Investors 'Desperate' To Get Out; Chinese Economy, Stocks & Japan; US-China - China Update

10% of UN Gaza staff have ties to Hamas

If I donate $1.00 to Nikki's campaign, can I get on Donald's enemies list?

Charlie Sykes: There's a cumulative weight of Trump's legal baggage - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Question about the money Trump owes

E Jean says "I'd like to give money to something trump hates"

Snoop Dog has nothing but "love and respect" for tfg!

Biden administration to launch Instacart partnership as part of 'Food is Medicine' summit

George Conway: Verdict not just about defamation but about Trump's 'distorted state of mind' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The Raven was published on this date in 1845

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 29 -- February 2)

E. Jean Carroll discusses what she plans to do with $83M granted in Trump defamation decision - Good Morning America ABC

Iran executes four people it says are linked to Israeli intelligence -state media

On This Day: Egyptians who are not members of recognized religions allowed IDs - Jan. 29, 2008

Austin experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. They spent the no-strings-attached cash mostly on housing, a stud

Question for ReTHUGs

Iran Distances Itself From US Base Attack as Biden Vows Response

You raised $533.00 on January 28, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Yemen's Houthi rebels say they attacked a US warship without evidence. An American official rejects the claim

Pakistan and Iran agree to work together to improve security after tit-for-tat airstrikes

Ron DeSantis, humiliated in defeat, returns to Florida a bigger threat

People of Praise: New role for Amy Coney Barrett's father inside Christian sect sparks controversy

Michiganders set new record for Obamacare enrollment amid Medicaid 'unwinding'

Shop that inspired 'Toy Story' is closing, citing 'perils' of San Francisco

Swing Left fights for the future: "One-stop shopping" for progressive wins in 2024 and beyond

Court appoints lawyer in Oklahoma death penalty case

Whitmer wades into special House primary elections as the 2024 election year heats up

No Rest For Gaza Dead With Swift Burials, Bodies Dug Up


abbots razor wire is just for show

The Audacity of E. Jean Carroll

Texas Border live

E. Jean Carroll's Attorney Reacts To $83.3 Million Verdict In The Rapist's Defamation Trial-CNN

Pro-Trump network OAN execs may have 'engaged in criminal activities' while promoting 2020 election lies, Smartmatic all

Financial Monitor FINDING is BIG TROUBLE for Trump - Meidas Touch

Hang the future collapse of the border bill around Trump's neck!

Tim Scott Says Voters Aren't Interested In Verdict Against Trump In E. Jean Carroll Case

Nakedly-cynical politics' at play in efforts to tank border compromise

Figure skater Kamila Valieva disqualified in Olympic doping case. Russians set to lose team gold to US

Everything is great! -by Tom Tomorrow

Who else is watching True Detective?

Details Emerge on U.N. Workers Accused of Aiding Hamas Raid

The Second Insurrection

Here we go again! A definite winner of delusional conspiracy theory statement of an idiotic Maga cult member!

drop migrants off at mar a lardo

Jennifer Rubin: Judges rebuke lawless MAGA Republicans. We need more of the same.

Republicans are fine with this picture but lose their minds seeing Taylor Swift cheering for Kansas City. Go figure.

Pa. Supreme Court OKs Medicaid funding for abortion, overturns 1982 law

Verdict (Lincoln Project)

Late bloomer

Americans know that Nikki Haley IS trumpism. "I would pardon Trump..." she said to NH.

Information on the Bipartisan border bill here

Instacart is using "the magic of AI" to write recipes and generate surreal images of the food.


Verdict. The Lincoln Project

'Everything is at stake' if Trump wins 2024 election, says Bernie Sanders - 7.30

FWIW, Nikki Haley is the Dolores Umbridge of Lauren Boeberts

French Farmers Block Highways Around Paris as Protests Sharpen

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 29, 2024)

Juror testifies comments by clerk of court influenced her decision to convict Alex Murdaugh of murder

We should invite Taylor Swift to the SOTU

Taylor Swift Is Living Every Woman's AI Porn Nightmare

AP gets the sads for Trump

If Trump were President, he and MAGA and Fox, would be declaring this the greatest economy of all time.

Alex Murdaugh tries to prove jury tampering led to his murder conviction

Donald Trump has not been 'hinged'

Pro-Trump network OAN execs may have 'engaged in criminal activities' while promoting 2020 election lies, Smartmatic all

Here we have drugs and a rapist.

My question remains: How did that scumbag get away with it for decades?

Has anyone noticed Taylor Swift ONLY gets the blame for another team's loss

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about two 14th amendment developments and Trump....

"We're BEING INVADED!!!!!!!" Republicans say, "But we think we can hold on until January 2025."

Pic Of The Moment: I Mean Unless It's All Just Some Incredible Coincidence

Worst Lawyer Ever? Alina Habba is Must-See Comedy! - Stephanie Miller

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 29, 2024

Florida Rep. Salazar gets called out for her hypocrisy and it is absolutely glorious.

"Typeface (2009)" - documentary film on wood type letterpress printing.

Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso quit ECOWAS regional block

Drone Strike Kills 3 U.S. Troops in Jordan as Risk Grows of Regional War over Israel's Gaza Assault

A future idea for a B-movie

'He's a little confused these days': Biden seizes on Trump gaffe - CNN

Trump lashes out at financial monitor in business fraud case after she reports errors

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands

Evangelicalism and Power Politics - The Enemies List w/ Rick Wilson

Navy has recruiting problems, lowers admission threshold.

Question: Why don't casino ATMs have "deposit" buttons to bank one's winnings on the spot or at least return the "junk

AI companies will need to start reporting their safety tests to the US government

Palestinians Charge Genocide in U.S. Court; Biden & Blinken Sued for Backing Israel's War on Gaza

Bank of Cyprus Closes Accounts of Russians - UATV

Peak MAGA delusion

Ex-IRS contractor who leaked Trump's tax returns sentenced to 5 years

Posted w/o comment

Texas Border Crisis: Rhetoric, Revolution, and Russia

tiedrich: "Donald Trump was found liable for rape. Republicans don't care because Republicans fucking suck"

Why the F do we have troops in Jordan in the first place?

John George Todd III: Jury trial begins for Missouri man charged with injuring officer during Capitol riot

Spanish Moss & Cypress Knees in Blackwater Swamp

Progressive Yearbook 2024 - free e-book

Retired Republican judge: "Absolutely damning" evidence in new bid to bar Trump from Illinois ballot

Despite Looming Gaza Famine, U.S. Halts UNRWA Funding After Israel Claims Staff Aided Oct. 7 Attack

Count Basie - Blow Top (1940)

Jonathan Turley of Fox News(!) admits there is no basis to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. It's all about

Taylor Swift for Biden, October 2020.

Expert on AI deepfake detection interviewed by Scientific American thinks AI companies should be held liable

CNN Doctor Trolls Trump Over 'Dementia' Boast With 1 Simple Sentence (HuffPost)

On this day, January 29, 1967, the Mantra-Rock Dance took place in San Francisco.

Request an Application for a Ballot by Mail

Laurence Fox loses libel battle with Twitter users he called paedophiles

House Democrats propose crackdown on fake, AI-generated robocalls

Alaska Airlines returns 737 Max 9 plane to service for first time since grounding

Greg Sargent: GOP Senator Reveals the Sick Truth About the Trump-MAGA Border Scam

Nancy Evans, former first lady of Washington, dies at 90

Could a Hydrogen Plant Rise out of a Retired Whatcom County Smelter?

ADHD medication recalled because bottles may contain completely different drug

Cartoons 1/29/2024

Matted Cat Shows Up On Couple's Doorstep

Comment: Old-gtowth forests still the king of carbon capture

New from Mark Knopfler - Ahead Of The Game

Election polls aren't meant to predict the winner

So the teacher

Steve Vladeck: Governor Abbott's Perilous Effort at Constitutional Realignment

Republican legislatures in some states are trying to keep abortion off the ballot

For $50, a New Jersey animal shelter will 'neuter your ex'

MAGA's Bad Blood for Taylor Swift Shows Just How PATHETIC They Are Tim's Take

Part of Judd Legum's "the second insurrection"

Donald Trump is a traitor, and he's not even hiding it.

DU Book of Parental Sayings that we heard---Wait till your Father gets home and don't run in the house.

Dying thief who stole 'Wizard of Oz' ruby slippers from the Judy Garland Museum gets no prison time

Taking away Trump's business empire would stand alone under New York fraud law

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands (AP)

US appeals court won't block West Point's race-conscious admissions policy

Enemy Drone that killed US troops in Jordan was mistaken for a US drone, preliminary report suggests

Right-Wingers Say Super Bowl Is Rigged So Taylor Swift Can Endorse Biden (Rolling Stone)

New role for Amy Coney Barrett's father inside Christian sect sparks controversy

Arizona Republicans Relentlessly Boo Kari Lake On Home Turf Following Scandal

Sun! After a week of low, thick clouds and fog, expecting 40s this week

Where you'll find the cat

Fascism Is At The Core Of The Rapist's MAGA Movement - The Warning

To beat Trump, we need to know why Americans keep voting for him. Psychologists may have the answer

Federal report finds steady rise in hate crimes at schools

The big idea: what if every little thing you do changes history?

Amelia Earhart's long-lost plane possibly detected by sonar 16,000 feet underwater, exploration team claims

Ex-White House Press Secretary Recalls Trump's Oval Office Test About E. Jean Carroll

A U.S. drone was returning as another attacked the base, confusing air defenses.

Opinion: Trump is wrong. This is the real terror threat in America

White House announces new federal investments in Regional Innovation Engines

Pervert Hoover trying to steal Biden's economic success

Jasmine Crockett Crucifies Lauren Boebert's Showing In Colorado Straw Poll

I can't imagine that anyone, even MAGAts, would believe that this is "the trump stockmarket"! 😅

Historical Context, American insurrection (long post)

Key border deal negotiator says bipartisan agreement has been reached, could be ready in the coming days (CNN)

Putting this here for anyone interested

A secret shelf of banned books thrives in a Texas school, under the nose of censors

Rep. DESTROYS Right-Winger With His Own Words

Hmmm...Office for the Sergeant at Arms has been subpoenaed by DOJ

in sonora ca , the current temp is 74, yes 74 degrees f.skies are clear to fair. i am wearing light trainers instead of

IRS launching new programs to make filing easier as 2024 tax season begins

How Fringe Anti-Science Views Infiltrated Mainstream Politics -- And What It Means in 2024

'Fedsurrection' Looms Large as 'Army of God' Protest Convoy Heads to Border

US Capitol Arrests: Jason Howland

Pa. Supreme Court sets the stage to consider whether the state constitution protects abortion

Amelia Earhart's long-lost plane possibly detected by sonar 16,000 feet underwater, exploration team claims

Wayne LaPierre authorized helicopter rides so NRA execs could avoid traffic to NASCAR races

Biden campaign goes on the offensive on immigration, decrying "scary" Trump plans

A short refrigerator rant

Gavin Newsom Says Democrats Have Improved Their Messaging Ahead Of Presidential Race

John Mulaney Plays "What's New Pussycat?" 21 Times on a Diner Jukebox

Why NASA Is Watching Where Idaho's Parachuting Beavers Landed

Patrick Mahomes is the new Michael Jordan. He's blocking Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Tua...

Cardinals' pitchers and catchers report in 16 days. The real sport is on the way

Re: magats, I think it'd be so much fun

Michigan and Ohio GOP legislators discuss 'endgame' of banning all trans health care

Now who was it that stirred up the hornet's nest with Iran by pulling out of our treaty with them?

"Right to Try" Drugs

The thread about school lunch boxes started me thinking about elementary school.

"This is to notify you formally pursuant to rule 8 of the rules of the House of Representatives that the office of the s

DU Update: We just uploaded a new minor patch

I missed this a few days ago: Lindsay Graham has flipflopped on Trump *again*

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has spent more than $200,000 of taxpayer funds on private jet travel: report

An Ohio baby was flashbanged by police. The courts say that's an acceptable risk.

Evidently, Abbott & Paxton not only want TX to sucede , they want to be the boss of all other states?

I wonder where my Iranian friends from school are now? I had several in the early 80s. Those guys were party

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ✨

For Europe and NATO, a Russian Invasion Is No Longer Unthinkable

Republican legislatures in some states are trying to keep abortion off the ballot

(Russian) PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2024 UPDATE Why This Is One Man's Show?

Sorry to share bad news

What a Jim Crow era-asylum can teach us about mental health today

Roanoke College (Va) to offer cannabis studies major (& minor)

Maker of recalled sleep apnea machines agrees to halt sales in US

Mike Luckovich- The new Trump To er

Fox Business Analysts: Look at the border! AAAAAA!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Jordan, the US, and what's next....

Really Really Bad Attorney at Work:

Sainte Chapelle, Paris France

Opinion: How did Ron DeSantis fall so far, so fast and so hard?

Corporate profits are responsible for inflation.

trucker convoy gets a few dozen instead on the700,000 they

Republicans are quietly deleting mentions of abortion from their websites. We asked them why

Metropolitan Diary

'You're Dancing on Their Blood': Israeli Hostage Families Outraged Over Resettlement Conference

I reached my 20.000 milestone on Sunday morning to late to have Earl post it. Thank you for making me feel at home and

"this small man in search of a balcony", dunking on the dreams of the poor, the young, the different, or the struggling

trump White House EXPOSED as PILL-MILL in SHOCKING Report

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 29, 2024

Somone coughed up a lamborghini

Taylor Swift must be a real threat to republicans.

Sen. Warren weighs in on Trump's desire to tank border bill - CNN

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday. 30 January 2024

Heads up on New York State (and perhaps other states) income tax electronic filing.

Texas's Abbott encouraging criminal white extremists to come to border, Latino rights group says

Republican called out on her secret to her face in brutal interview - Brian Tyler Cohen

Heads up on New York State (and perhaps other states) income tax electronic filing.

Financial Monitor Tells Court That Trump's Finances Are Still Riddled With Inaccuracies - Ring of Fire

Pelosi accuses some protesters demanding Gaza cease-fire of having ties to Russia

War on Gas Stoves hit detente. War on Christmas gets time to ramp up for 2024.

Bird lovers watch in horror as hunter guns down Tundra swan that rarely appears in Florida

WH press secretary "shook it off" when asked about a possible President Biden-Taylor Swift campaign appearance.

Israeli intel shows 10% of UNRWA workers in Gaza have ties to Hamas/IJ

Former IRS contractor sentenced to prison for leaking Trump's tax returns - NBC News

Missouri Republican bids to bring back dueling for senators

Question for the "knowledgeable about estate sales" people:

The movement to save democracy from threats is too quick to overlook problems that have been present since the founding.

i dont get maga hatred for the NFL and taylor swift

Who will the loons root for in the superbowl Nancy Palosi 49ers or

Slurring, Sweaty trump tells rally crowd that most of them have Dementia

Make America Blue Again

Biden's Options Range From Unsatisfying to Risky After American Deaths

Trump CRUSHED by defamation trial...WHAT NOW? - Talking Feds

Toyota warns drivers of 50,000 vehicles to stop driving immediately and get repaired

Joe Biden is not coming for your gas stove

Southern MD sunset 1/29

Israel military operation destroys a Gaza cemetery. Israel says Hamas used the site to hide a tunnel

Landing over river near sunset.

Politico's Hit Job on U.S. Trade Rep Katherine Tai

Liz Cheney calls out Elise Stefanik amplifying 'crackpot' Jan 6 conspiracy theories - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump businesses are still committing fraud even while in court for fraud

Minor problem with recs listing on the "Posts" tab

There's a donkey on my DU

Anti-Muslim incidents jump in US amid Israel-Gaza war

Donald Trump's Mood Reportedly Plays a Role in How Blonde He Is

Global warming

Joyce Vance: Donald Trump will pay every last penny of this money to E. Jean Carroll - Morning Joe - MSNBC

NYC brothers were stockpiling an arsenal of bombs and ghost guns with a hit list, indictment says

What happens to Trump's $83M judgment if he appeals? - MSNBC Reports

In my opinion, if Trump is not held accountable by the law and the courts...

Amelia Earhart's long-lost plane possibly spotted in the Pacific by exploration team

DU4 Profile Statistics feature request

Donald Trump's claims of wealth come back to haunt him in jury verdicts - Deadline - MSNBC

Anybody seen or heard any more defamation language from you know who?

How many other people think that DjT's party's push for him to run against Biden...

Republican Panics as Her Lies Get Exposed on Live TV! - Luke Beasley

Attorney General Merrick Garland to undergo surgery, Justice Department says

Is anyone watching "The Gilded Age" on HBO?

Facebook Fails to Enforce Their Own Animal Abuse Policies

"We are lowering prices, because we know things are tough these days."

"Donald Trump is a SCAB!"

White House blames 'Iran-backed militant groups', 3 U.S. service members killed in Jordan - Deadline - MSNBC

Iran allegedly hired Canadians to conduct assassinations on U.S. soil, according to indictment

No, seriously, Trump is taking credit for stock market performance under Biden

Dreaded skin scan tomorrow UPDATE

On immigration, McConnell prepares to bow to Trump's demands

Need rid of pesky flies?

So, Oranges

To beat Trump, we need to know why Americans keep voting for him. Psychologists may have the answer

Rather than address the danger Trump poses, judge tells E. Jean Carroll jury to conceal jury service - Glenn Kirschner

Biden Woos Battleground States with Research Funds

Thomas Zimmer: The Texas Border Standoff Is an Acute Crisis with Terrifying Implications