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BREAKING: Donald Trump appeals Maine ruling taking him off the ballot for 2024 election - Deadline - MSNBC

Now ABC News is saying the commercial plane hit

Total U.S. public debt tops $34 trillion as Congress heads into funding fight

Bipartisan US Senate delegation plans to meet with Israeli prime minister on trip to Middle East

Nazi Town, USA: The Untold Story of Nazi Sympathizers on American Soil - PBS, Jan 23

'Potentially ruinous' - Donald Trump's legal team scrambles to juggle 5 trials in 2024 - Deadline - MSNBC

US has reached a deal to extend its military presence at a base in Qatar for another 10 years

Another short sequence, Osprey Breakfast

Emergency rooms not required to perform life-saving abortions, 5th Circuit rules

DeSantis and Haley pledge to pardon Donald Trump of federal crimes - Deadline - MSNBC

Another House Republican plans early exit from Congress

States and Congress wrestle with cybersecurity after Iran attacks small town water utilities

My limited take on Amazon Prime original shows

California's Ban on Cruising Has Been Lifted

Does anyone know what states CREW may

Ramaswamy doubles down on vow to withdraw from Maine, Colorado ballots

GOP chair Ziegler's rape investigation now includes video voyeurism, affidavit shows

US women are stocking up on abortion pills, especially when there is news about restrictions

EPA gives Louisiana authority to approve projects storing carbon dioxide underground

Jack Smith begs appeals court to SEE THE LIGHT and REJECT TRUMP - Talking Feds

Aaron Rogers thinks Jimmy Kimmel is on Epstein's List. Kimmel Replies.

Jack Smith spotlights the danger of Trump's presidential immunity claim

What the heck are these Huskies doing?

Golden Retriever ready to play with smol calico kitten:

Trump-loving congressman hit with lawsuit seeking to disqualify him as an insurrectionist

Enough to make a grown man cry:

Bird feeds her chick perched on someone's hand:

Epilogue to my story from yesterday (ran over 2-3 chunks of concrete)

Gas Prices Fall Below $3 a Gallon for Most Americans

Jim Jordan and James Comer get shut down in effort to block probe of right-wing activist

Devin Townsend performs 'Kingdom' for EMGtv

Prosecutors recommend six months in prison for a man at the center of a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory

The Porsche Taycan Just Smoked the Tesla Model S Plaid's Nurburgring EV Lap Record

Final Report of the Select Committee To Investigate The January 6th Attack On The U.S. Capital

U.S. debt eclipses $34 trillion for first time

MAGA Threatens Maine Secretary Of State - Raw News And Politics

@KeithOlbermann Hey @cnn have you fired this smug idiot yet for crediting this to big pharma when it was the Biden Admi

How quickly could the Supreme Court hear challenge to Trump eligibility? - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Legal experts: Jack Smith's "tour de force" filing "slyly" takes a hammer to Trump immunity defense

'Murder at the State of the Union? Nightmare Trump scenarios outlined in DOJ coup case'

Andrew Scott halted Hamlet soliloquy after theatregoer used laptop to email

The Maga-publicans do a happy dance whenever a successful, assertive woman of color loses her position...

Vet's take:

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Hamas Used Gaza Hospital as a Command Center, U.S. Intelligence Says

Murder at the State of the Union? Nightmare Trump scenarios outlined in DOJ coup case - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge dismisses lawsuit asking to keep Trump off Virginia ballot

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy

Richard Ojeda ROASTS Republican Embarrassment James Comer

Americans" don't think the economy is bad. Republicans do. - Kevin Drum

Marilyn Manson and Tyler Bates performing Sweet Dreams (Acoustic)

20 Greatest Archaeological Discoveries of 2023

Judge dismisses wrongful death claim against Trump and Brian Sicknick's assailants but allows lawsuit to proceed

America already said no to dump.


Trump is a horrible person to be running (again) for President of the United States

Sen. Whitehouse: Trump's fate may be in hands of 'MAGA-ized Supreme Court' - All In - MSNBC

Amarillo citizen group moves forward with abortion ordinance petition

Begger Rudy Giuliani pleads for money after filing for bankruptcy..........

What an abandoned stroller tells us about our broken border with Mexico

U.S. construction spending rises for 11th month in a row in November

Fox News Schedules Donald Trump Town Hall On Same Night As CNN's Iowa Debate

*Hopper on PBS/MPT ch 22 now.

Ricky Nelson....God Love Yeah.

Has anyone seen Trump's reply brief to Jack Smith's Dec. 30 filing, which was due today?

When will TFG's attorneys file the Reply Brief

Mark Meadows hires 'big gun' lawyer who once declined to represent Donald Trump

Michigan GOP committee plans meeting to remove Kristina Karamo. She says it's illegal.

Violet Orlandi - Zombie (Acoustic)

Trump Gets Away With Jailing His Enemy - Raw News And Politics

Judges warn Trump lawyers 'discrete issues' need to be discussed in immunity claim

Lara Trump is whining that the "the rockers we look to, to fight back against The Man" are establishment shills

Activist pushes to remove Republican lawmaker from 2024 ballot, mirroring efforts to disqualify Donald Trump

Here we go, breaking-in 2024 - "Murders in the Building" on network

Russel Brand, Narcissism, Anti-Vaxxers, the Great Reset, Narrow News Consumption, and Conspiracy Belief

'Too lame to lead': GOP candidates launch attack ads in final weeks before Iowa - All In - MSNBC

Pro-Trump Grifter "Prophets" TOTALLY WRONG About 2023 'Prophecies From God"!

LOSER Trump's DELUSIONAL Argument will Quickly BACKFIRE in HIS FACE - Meidas Touch

Sean Hannity moving to Florida to be close to his reptilian brethren

The intent of the 14th Amendment's disqualification clause...

Three from George Winston

John Fetterman Plays Against Type -WSJ oped

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Foreign Agents and another Former Trump advisor....

Man I'm glad to finally have Christmas over and done with.

Last Week in the Republican Party - Jan 2, 2023 - The Lincoln Project

Ren "Hi Ren" has me in tears. Vocal ANALYSIS of one of the most moving videos I've ever watched.

Big Lie bombshell: Man Trump hired to prove election fraud says he debunked it to Trump and Meadows - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Republican Demolishes The Entire GOP In Epic Anti-Trump Rant - Rebel HQ

Astonishing real-time animated sand art from Kseniya Simonova

Trump has 1 hour left to file his Brief to the Appeals Court,

Breaking Down the Spending at One of America's Priciest Public Colleges (Auburn) - WSJ

Message to Nikki Haley: 'Civil War was about states' rights to permit human slavery' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Emergency Rooms not morally required to perform life-saving measures for

BREAKING: Mark Meadows petitions 11th circuit to rehear bid to move case to federal court - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is it safe to turn the TV on yet...?

Visibly-Unhinged Fox News Host Demands Supreme Court Help Trump - Pondering Politics

Court rules Texas can ban emergency abortions despite federal guidance - NBC News

☦️ Orthodox - Psalm 33 Chanted by Nuns of Holy Nativity Convent

'Idiots': Officer electroshocked by Jan. 6 rioter slams Republicans claiming it was 'inside job' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Trump Fires Back at Jack Smith's Arguments in Presidential 'Immunity' Appeal

Prosecutors RACE to Deliver FATAL BLOW to Trump - Meidas Touch

☦️ Orthodox Chant - 'Rich Men Have Turned Poor'

Rudy Giuliani says he regrets not having pension

New alleged Menendez bribery scheme 'stinks to high heaven,' Litman says - The Last Word - MSNBC

5th Circuit blocks Biden administration guidance protecting abortion access in Texas

☦️ Orthodox Prayer for Night

Laurence Tribe obliterates Trump's Maine ballot challenge argument - The Last Word - MSNBC

Expert Hired By Trump To Prove "Massive Fraud" Cooperating w/ Jack Smith - Rodecast

SETI Just Talked to a Whale To Test Alien Communication Ideas (youtube)

Why The Courts Won't Save Us From Trump w/ Dean Obeidallah - Thom Hartmann

Congress faces 2 shutdown deadlines in coming weeks - CBS News

"Prior to 1821, abortions were generally accessible and were often performed by midwives, as well as doctors. ..........

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump lawyers inventing an immunity argument they hope SCOTUS can accept - The Last Word - MSNBC

@Sen Warren: Donald Trump's favorite court-- the Fifth Circuit he stacked with MAGA judges-- ruled that if a woman's dying

Glenn Kirchner gave me hope tonight that one of drumps trial will start by April at latest

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Menendez and a question on resignation....

TFG's attorneys cite TFG's post on Truth Social citing made up report on 2020 voter fraud


Parental Rights Activist Arrested For Assaulting Teens, Serving Them Alcohol - Raw News And Politics

Turkey denies passage to minehunter ships donated by UK to Ukraine

Gorgeous iridescent cloud:

Husky next to wolf--quite a difference!

Last Week in the Cuckoo Nutjob Party

He voted for Trump twice. Now, he wants him off the ballot in 2024 - CNN

Mary L Trump: BOOM: Audio involving WI @GOP Senator Ron Johnson is being investigated by prosecutors....

'More than a century too late': Raskin schools Republicans over 14th Amendment complaints - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

'Trump has no new arguments': Ex-president skewered for last-minute immunity filing

penzeys billboard & their commentary on republicans - wow

Trump's OWN WORDS to Come Back to HAUNT HIM in Filing - Meidas Touch

Three high-ranking ex-Trump officials sound the alarm - Pondering Politics

The more trump's lawyers file absurdities,

Mother mouse save her baby from a snake:

Pro-Trump media bubble, supporters' delusions flummox GOP primary opponents - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Those teeth!

Fox Guest Serves Up Whopper Of A Lie On Minimum Wage - Waldorf Nation

Decaff coffee and heartburn?

The Georgia news YOU MIGHT BE MISSING - Talking Feds

Pupper wants desperately to pet the new kittens:

Sean Hannity announced he was leaving New York for Florida

New York and California consider wealth tax - CNBC Television

Russia's Best New Artillery-Detecting Radar Was Blown Up--With Artillery

Right-wing culture warriors develop formula to manipulate soft targets in high education - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

NY-03: Democrats say Republican running for Santos seat was 'handpicked' by 'MAGA extremists'

'Storm the Capitol' board game offers an 'insurrection in a box'

Will The GOP Carve Racism Back Into American Law? - Thom Hartmann

Latina candidates plan abortion rights push

Frightened creatures emitting dark clouds:

George Santos reveals his New Year's resolution is to be I.C.E. director under Trump

Tackling Homelessness in Costa Mesa, OC, CA

CA-16: Money flows into ex-San Jose mayor's (D) bid for House seat in Silicon Valley

Authorities expanding investigation into Florida GOP chair accused of rape

Federal Judge Dismisses Counts In Lawsuit Against Trump, Rioters Over Death Of Capitol Police Officer

Russia Is on a Risky Offensive. Will It Backfire? - William Spaniel

Conservative Group Wins Legal Victory Over 2020 Voting Challenges in Georgia

Trump faces 91 felony counts across 4 criminal cases as 2024 campaign picks up - CBS News

MIGOP could face shakeup as most district leaders endorse ousting Chair Karamo

3 new members to be selected for Michigan redistricting commission after influx of resignations

Abortion could be on the ballot in 11 states

Transgender candidate running against sponsor of the drag ban bill for Ohio House seat

Breakfast Wednesday 3 January 2024

Will Michigan's first redistricting commission get to redraw districts federal court tossed?

'These are strong cases on the evidence': Trump using court messaging on campaign trail - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Buckle up: 2024 is sure to be a wild time in Wisconsin politics

Think Automatic Voter Registration Favors Dems? Think Again.

NJ: McGreevey (D) has massive seven-week fundraising haul

Bangladesh deploys armed forces ahead of general election

Trump Quickly Files VERY WEAK DISQUALIFICATION Appeal - Meidas Touch

Africa 2024: Volatile elections threaten democracy

WV: Two candidates emerge for Huntington mayor as city election filing period opens

PA: Senate Dem to file ethics complaint against Mastriano (R) over insurrection, 2020 election

'Harvard won't be the last place affected': Harvard President resigns - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Green Bay City Council elections draw 28 candidates for 12 seats. Here's who's running

TN: Upcoming Super Tuesday primary will feature long ballot, many candidates, election chief warns

7 Jews in India die in a rocket attack on their synagogue. Here is why it was not considered an antisemitic attack.

A New Year's Day Angeles Crest Highway Story - Should the Racetrack Be Saved?

NV: Washoe County Registrar of Voters resigns ahead of 2024 election

Arizona Senate Republicans hint at lawsuit over Election Procedures Manual

FL-HD35: Botched Florida GOP mailer advertises wrong date for January special election

some kids want to run off & join the circus, other kids--not so much

The first meteor shower of 2024 peaks on the night between Jan. 3 and Jan. 4.

Will Trump Go To Prison or Lose 2024 Election - Thom Hartmann

There's a total solar eclipse coming soon. Here's everything you need to know.

Conspiracy Theorists Try Hard To Smear Bill Clinton Prior To Release Of Epstein Legal Docs - Rodecast

Trump Accuses Liz Cheney Of Deleting Evidence That Never Existed - Waldorf Nation

Trump's Voter Fraud Investigator: We Proved There Was No Fraud

Things to know about Minnesota's new, non-racist state flag and seal

US to reopen four legal crossings along southern border

The furthest reach of World War One.....

Montana appealing ruling that blocked state from barring TikTok use

Mark Meadows asks appeals court to reconsider his failed bid to move Georgia election subversion case to federal court

Trump WALKS RIGHT INTO Fed-Up Appeals Court READY TO CRUSH HIM - Meidas Touch

Biden to speak at Valley Forge to mark 3 years since Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Former Kentucky clerk in gay marriage case must pay additional $260K

Irony wept. And wept again.

Chicago suburbs seek to restrict migrant dropoffs

Oh how we danced

Israel in talks to send Palestinians from Gaza to Congo, other countries

Wordle 928 Jan 3 ***Spoiler Thread***

The first thing that Morning Joe puts on their show this morning?

Is there a way to make Alexa stop saying "by the way" and offering to create unnecessary routines?

Thousands of doctors in Britain walk off the job in their longest-ever strike

Supreme Court SURPRISE in Trump DISQUALIFICATION a Reality? - Meidas Touch

Why Trump's GOP rivals don't dare hit his greatest liability even as time runs out to take him down

Kellyanne Conway Thinks Republicans Can Win Back Women in 2024 by Saying, "We Took Away Your Abortion Rights, but...

Big military plans leaked! Shoigu's next offensive revealed. Russians attack themselves in Voronezh - The Russian Dude

Trump DANGEROUS Behavior REACHES New Level, Top Political Analyst SOUNDS ALARM - Burn The Boats

Electric car lunatics support 'Murica

Israel on alert for possible Hezbollah response after senior Hamas leader is killed in Beirut strike

On The Ice Sheet, Hairline Cracks Become Moulins Overnight, Shaking Our Understanding Of Greenland's Stability

US slams 'irresponsible' calls by Smotrich and Ben Gvir for emigration of Gazans

As Expected, 2023 Was The Hottest Year In The Instrumental Record; As El Nino Continues In 2024, What's Next?

Has any US ex president ever had this much visibility

Lawsuit aims to keep U.S. Rep. Scott Perry off ballot over Constitution's insurrection clause

As 2024 Begins, Great Lakes Ice Cover Lowest In At Least 50 Years

Why 2024 could be a year of American optimism

Wednesday TOONs

The 'Death Of Hong Kong'; BYD Dethrones Tesla; Chinese Stocks & Economy; Jimmy Lai - China Update


10 Incredibly Underrated Marvel Comics From 2023

Most Anticipated of 2024 Breakdown ComicBook Nation

The Weekly Pull: Birds of Prey, Fall of the House of X, Pine and Merrimac, and More

President Biden will address the nation to mark three years since the Jan 6 insurrection in a speech near

In Memoriam: The Batman: The Animated Series Family We Lost in 2023

In Memoriam: Rachel Pollack

Some parents are prosecuted or fined when children miss school.

21,978 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza since Oct. 7 - Gaza health ministry

6th of January Guy Fawkes

34 years later, a 13-year-old hits the NES Tetris "kill screen"

The International Space Station this morning

The First Amendment's Free Speech Clause does NOT extend to ACTIONS.


Is there a way to change Alexa's gender? I'd like to have an Alex with a British accent who

A right-wing tale of Michigan election fraud had it all - except proof (WP)

On This Day: Bitcoin network created with mining of genesis block - Jan. 3, 2009

You raised $215.00 on January 2, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024


Welcome to the Neighborhood! Wall Street Designed It

Why Trump's GOP rivals don't dare hit his greatest liability even as time runs out to take him down

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. qualifies for presidential ballot in Utah, the first state to grant him access (link corrected)

Men who feel threatened by Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Barbie deserve to feel bad


Proposed IA CO2 Pipelines Have First Responders Wondering Who Will Pay For Upgraded Airpacks, EV Trucks

Who could use a laugh?

all signs point to

House committee to formally begin impeachment proceedings against Biden Homeland Security chief over border policies

Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for throwing son under bus when asked about stock trades

Sean Hannity, making NewYork great again. 👇 �� 👇 👇

I read national coffee week is.

Russia hacked Kyiv surveillance cameras to pick targets for its huge missile attack, Ukraine's security service says

"We believe that a more personal touch is achieved when customers visit our website or Facebook page"

Angry Lions fans put "Decker Reported" billboards up around Detroit

Enuf Said

Costco's CEO just shared a surprising response to a warehouse unionizing

I think the porch kitties were about to report me as a missing person, this morning.

Jimmy Kimmel Threatens Legal Action Against Aaron Rodgers After QB Suggests His Name Might Be on Epstein List

Go Ahead/Uptown Up/Shake Everything You Got

Italian priest struck off for calling Francis an 'anti-pope usurper'

Green Day Goin' All Out With 'American Idiot' in 2024

As I'm sure you know, Congress recently approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to keep DoD open

Miracle at Haneda: how cabin crew pulled off great escape from Japan plane fire

Conservatives use language as a weapon...

Another Sham Impeachment with Michael Gerhardt - The Enemies List

The fox Sewer is consulting psychics now

Doug Mastriano faces ethics complaint over efforts to overturn 2020 election

Mother called yesterday. I did send a card. She asked why I wasn't calling. I told her about the funeral behavior of my

Iran says at least 103 people killed, 141 wounded in blasts at ceremony honoring slain general

Anyone watching the Latest Fargo series on FX?

BLS Report: Hires and total separations decrease in November; job openings change little

I contend that the U.S. cannot be a civilized country IF

Victor Borge was born on this date.

House GOP Whip Tom Emmer endorses trump, solidifying leadership support

George Martin was born on this date.

Biden campaign casts Trump as threat to democracy ahead of speech on Jan. 6 anniversary

On this day, January 3, 1897, silent movie star Pola Negri was born.

Weekly Skews - 1/02/24 - Happy Skew Year!

On this day, January 3, 1905, actor Ray Milland was born.

Grambling women's 🏀 159 - College of Biblical Studies 18

Elon Musk is still fuming over John Oliver roasting him

On this day, January 3, 1943, Van Dyke Parks was born.

Stephen Still has a birthday today.

I used to be a fan of Aaron Rodgers, but no longer.

On this day, January 3, 1917, steel guitar player and Texas Playboy Leon McAuliffe was born.

John Paul Jones has a birthday today.

Is Assassination of Hamas Official in Lebanon a Warning Sign of Wider War?

Greta Thunberg 21st birthday January 3, 2024.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 3, 2024

Michigan unemployment rate drops sharply to 3.6%

Michigan UE rate falls to 3.6%

House Republicans rush toward unprecedented impeachment of Biden Cabinet secretary

New race track coming. Six-mile, 34 turns and a 30 carousel - New Flatrock Motorsports

How a GOP Campaign Ousted Harvard's Claudine Gay

On December 28, 2020, the Hotel Harrington announced that it would be closed during planned Jan. Pro-Trump demonstration

Inaugural medical class at historically Black university in LA is 'what medicine has needed'

Threating death etc to civil service people should put the one threating in jail

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 3, 2024)

The Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death (Full Album) [Official] 1997

In 2020 and 2021, Djt and his supporters made every effort, even resorting to violence, to nullify the votes ...

Simple reasoning: Funding Ukraine is the wisest course for US and our allies.

Nikki Haley Fails to Cite Slavery as Cause of Civil War

Top Republican at Colorado Capitol jumps into crowded 4th Congressional District race

OMG, Fox News relies on ONLY the most credible political prognosticators... (5 second Twitter clip)

dear du birders .

Israel's Push to Expel Residents of Gaza

Record half million people crossed the treacherous Darin Gap in 2023

Any ideas pf how to get my column syndicated?

Biden's speech at Valley Forge on January 6, 2024 will be a moment in history...

How To Stop Trump Ballot Box with Bill & Tim

Can someone explain what being "swatted" is? I heard it discussed on Morning Joe and didn't catch the explanation.

Names of artists whose work was stolen to train Midjourney + developers talking about laundering to avoid copyright

In new bid for power, Guy Philippe vows to 'fix' Haiti's gangs in 90 days

Front row on Batman rollercoaster.

Les McCann, jazz musician with a politically charged hit, dies at 88


For the Safety of Jews and Palestinians, Stop Weaponizing Antisemitism

Pic Of The Moment: Apparently Having Nothing Better To Do...

I love DIY videos

Imam in critical condition after being shot outside a Newark mosque, police say

I have a delicate question about bidets.

From Simmering To Boil, Mayra Flores' GrubGate Scandal Deepens

TFG's latest filing lists TFG as POTUS and cites a TFG truth social post

A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless.

Sybil the Psychic tells Jesse Pinhead at Fox Noiz that Trump is toast.

Harry and David is having a 50% off sale right now

Me at the buffet: "Do you serve crackers mam?"

Ghost Swamp - Trunk Show

If the immigration problem is so bad and Biden/Harris so negligent about it, perhaps Republicans can explain this?

Scoundrels - I saw an album from them called "Music From the Arch" and wondered why I'd never seen 'em around...

Today's white Christian nationalists are looking more and more like Nazis

Multiple state capitols evacuated due to threats, but no dangerous items immediately found

What am I doing wrong?

Thom Hartmann: Why Don't Americans Know Who's Manipulating our Political System & Why?

Found on FB

Scientists hail new antibiotic that can kill drug-resistant bacteria

A right-wing tale of Michigan election fraud had it all - except proof

The Truth About Trump

Rick Perlstein: You Are Entering the Infernal Triangle

Haiti is owed reparations for the Independence Debt, not another intervention Opinion

George Carlin statement is still 100% true...

FBI calls bomb threats that led to brief lockdowns and evacuations of some state capitols a hoax

Russia and Ukraine exchange hundreds of prisoners of war in deal brokered by United Arab Emirates

An idea for EV charging

What is the best or your most favorite room in your house? Mine is the family room. How about you?

the great orion nebula

In Colombia, illegally felled timber repurposed to help bees

Job openings nudged lower in November, down to 1.4 per available worker

Just found this swatting incident. It just happened at Yale.

Gorgeous Birman cat ekekekeking

The 'Accidental Activist' Who Changed the Face of Mathematics

Shirley Henderson plays one of the creepiest characters ever! 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

'An unbreakable plurality of the GOP explicitly wants fascism': defense analyst

We should thank Trump for exposing the REAL Republican Party.

Brazil jails: Hundreds of inmates use Christmas release to escape

How the US "State Sponsors of Terrorism List" Reinforces the Illegal Blockade of Cuba

Can someone here answer how TFG can make statements like "i'm gonna get rid of the Constituion if elected" and not be

Fascism Is An Underestimated Threat To US Democracy 🇺🇸

Investigate Rep Stefanik

Whatever The Thousands Of People Have Said About A Trump 2nd Term

California's largest home insurer to hike rates this year

Fake Photo of Kamala Harris With Jeffrey Epstein

The GOP's most Trump-skeptical bloc starts falling in line

Interior Design Couple Builds Stray Cat A Winter Home


Virginia is trying to get broadband to 162,000 locations without it. Old utility poles may get in the way.

ZE Energy Sources for Locomotives

Cartoons 1/3/2024

I wonder how long Kathy Lee Gifford has been a scammer?

Three years ago last night

How a GOP Campaign Ousted Harvard's Claudine Gay

How to contact your state lawmaker in the 2024 legislative session

Switch Gaming System

'Good to be home': Johnson is first woman to be Snohomish County sheriff

Biden to jump-start 2024 campaign by highlighting sharp contrast with Trump

Trump's vows to deport millions are undercut by his White House record and one family's story

Duomo Milan

B.C. couple evict black bear after it attempts to den under their home

Suburbs put the brakes on migrant bus arrivals after crackdowns in Chicago and New York

Iran says at least 103 were killed in blasts at a ceremony honoring slain general

I've never cared for Laura Ingraham, but always thought she was pretty

Wabtec Set To Close Wilmerding, Pa., Plant

Trump's Threat To Democracy Is The Heart of Biden's Campaign - & Trump's

Former advisers to Trump, Ben Carson admit to unlawful lobbying on behalf of Qatar

'World's Oldest Pyramid' in Indonesia? A Study Draws Skepticism

Ukraine attacks Russian city of Belgorod and occupied Crimea overnight as retaliatory strikes intensify

Commander Marcos Reappears, On The 30th Anniversary Of The EZLN Uprising In Chiapas

Mickey Mouse horror game gets a name change amid antisemitic accusations

The story that the Israeli government is seeking "voluntary migration" officially denied.

Berlin police investigating vandalism of Kindertransport memorial following pro-Palestinian demonstrations

Bill Ackman Calls For Harvard Board's Resignation After Claudine Gay Ouster

Mayo Zambada Gunmen Teach A Civilian A Valuable Lesson


EXPOSED! Mike Johnson's Year Has Gotten Off to a Bad Start. John Fugelsang

'Decker reported' on billboards in Detroit

Berlin police investigating vandalism of Kindertransport memorial following pro-Palestinian demonstrations

we need to look at Aaron Swartz as the model of activism of first amendment

Supreme Court of Florida has set abortion ballot initiative oral arguments for February 7th.

Supreme Court of Florida has set abortion ballot initiative oral arguments for February 7th.

Baby boy thriving 1 year after 'world's first partial heart transplant'

The Times They Aren't a-Changing: More Carbon, More Heat, More Hot Air Expected in 2024

Is this working as designed? While you're replying to a reply by "X", their post is shown as a "Reply to X"

Media Ideals vs. Reality USA

DeSantis finally attacks Trump:

Did anyone on Epstein's list actually own up

Why Tom Emmer's support for Trump's 2024 candidacy matters

US reaches deal to stay at Al Udeid for another 10 years, reports say

New Drug That Is 10 Times More Potent Than Fentanyl Confirmed In The U.S.

What world do we live in that finds an ex president arguing that he had the right to try to overthrow the government.

Ford recalls more than 112,000 F-150s for roll away risk

Mark Jacob's 200 reasons to vote against Donald Trump

SpaceX illegally fired workers critical of Elon Musk, US labor agency says

New Maryland report highlights stagnant state economy

Tarot reader live on Fox News predicts Trump's loss

To Protect My Health / Leaving Texas - Luckovich Cartoon

D.C. attorney general rejects requests from Jordan, Comer (again)

Very special stuff

we had a brief weather impulse go through last night.

Mike Luckovich-Reason for Leaving Texas

To protect my health.....

Alien World Denser Than Steel Confounds Our Understanding of Planet Formation

Skype a Scientist!!

These threats to state legislatures are effin out of order

NATO to Help Buy 1,000 Patriot Missiles to Defend Allies as Russia Ramps up Air Assault on Ukraine

F.W.I.I.W. I had the drain tube removed from my liver today

Romanes Eunt Domus

Dane Co. judge rules clerks can accept absentee ballots with incomplete witness addresses

Runway warning lights were broken at time of Japan Airlines plane fire, report shows

Can Colorado and Maine (and others) keep Congress members off ballot too?

Mike Johnson and his Maga-buddies are on a mission to scare Americans about immigration, abortion and 'election fraud'.

The Real Reason MAGA-World Is Trying to Rehabilitate Nixon

Israel's Supreme Court delays activation of law that makes it harder to remove Netanyahu from office

Molly Jong-Fast: Donald Trump's Tirades Barely Make a Blip

Name one annoying habit another person can have. Sniffling their nose. On this YouTube channel I use.this artist is .

And how damned sad.

My cookie selection form is in Russian maybe

Hezbollah chief says group won't 'be silent' after killing of Hamas leader

The Supreme Court Is Teed Up to Decide Its Biggest Abortion Case Since Dobbs

PRESS RELEASE: ICJ LIVE Public Hearings Jan 11 and 12, South Africa against Israel

Three Republican judges just told pregnant women to drop dead

Psychic Delivers Prophecy For Trump On Fox News, And It Doesn't Sound Good

We have had heroes!

Saw a picture of Trump speaking on a stage. There

The Daily B###h*: "I feel sorry for people who are not smart enough to talk

EJean will have the last laugh first

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 3, 2024

Trump asks US Supreme Court to review Colorado ruling barring him from the ballot over Jan. 6 attack

BREAKING: Trump has asked SCOTUS to overturn the Colorado Supreme Court's 3, 14A decision to keep him off the ballot.

Last YEAR in the Republican Party (Lincoln Project)

Former Guard Official Says Army Retaliated for His Account of Jan. 6 Delay

Israeli public figures accuse judiciary of ignoring incitement to genocide in Gaza

A belated thank you for a major improvement on DU4

Actually feel better after talking to my SHRINK

The border crisis is not Joe Biden's fault end of story

Fox starts laughing when her favorite human visits her

Ray Epps: Prosecutors recommend six months in prison for a man at the center of a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory

Be:First Goodbye

Justice Department sues Texas over law that would let police arrest migrants who enter US illegally

dan crenshaw far right rep from texas goes after jesse waters on fox

2 Democratic incumbents in Georgia House say they won't seek reelection after redistricting

About 1,000 NYC-bound migrants have come to N.J. in less than a week, Secaucus says

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 4 January 2024

Gunman breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building; intrusion unrelated to Trump case, police say

It's not always cats. 🤣😂🤣

New rule designed to protect LGBTQ foster children draws GOP opposition

'Debtor's prison' lawsuit filed against St. Louis suburb resolved with $2.9 million settlement

Justice Department sues Texas over law that would let police arrest migrants who enter US illegally

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