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Systemic US reforms needed to prevent mass death in the next pandemic

'What The Hell Are We Doing Here Then?': Jim McGovern Clashes With McClintock Over Border Comment

Texans' Social Security in Question if State Secedes

Texas Attorney General Expands Pursuit Of Medical Records For Trans Youth

Steve Schmidt On Why We Can Never Forget The Holocaust - The Warning


Southern guy tweets rant on Jan 7/21, "what has this country not given you?" And he's right.

Smithsonian, US Botanic Gardens - Annual Orchid Exhibit 2024: Future, Conservation, Jan 27- April 28

"take our border back convoy" were just regular vehicles, zero real big rig trucks. Pictures

e.jean carroll will be on rachel maddow's show tonight. 9pm eastern.

Alex Murdaugh will not receive a new murder trial, South Carolina judge rules

Might Amelia Earhart's plane finally have been located after 90 years

Collin Allred wins Texas AFL-CIO endorsement after yesterday's #TXSEN primary debate

He loves me he loves me not

CNN Host Triggers Republican, Shuts Down MAGA Lies to His Face! - Pondering Politics

Did Joy Reid just let loose an f-bomb?

Tomorrow, Fl House will try to roll back the Marjory Stoneman Douglas act passed after the Parkland shooting.

Tomorrow, Fl House will try to roll back the Marjory Stoneman Douglas act passed after the Parkland shooting.

Meet the Woman Who Secretly Taped Trump Saying, 'I Need 11,000 Votes'

Special election for George Santos' seat takes shape with focus on the border - NBC News

I wonder how many of these polls are including rape in their surveys of Trump and Biden?

Guitarist Oscar Aleman, Django Reinhardt contemporary and friend - Stardust, Sweet Georgia Brown and more

Texas Faux War

Legal experts: Days after being hit with $83 million ruling, Trump faces "financial death penalty"

Pino Donaggio - Body Double Soundtrack - Telescope

If you've seen it again. If you haven't...buckle up!

Stink eye at Home Depot.

Lauren Boebert May Have Screwed Herself Over by Switching Districts

Trump lawyer says judge's possible conflict may taint $83 mln Carroll verdict

Teamsters Win Nearly $300,000 Grievance Settlement Against Republic Services

Immigration Is Not an "Invasion" under the Constitution

THIS is the most SERIOUS RISK for Donald Trump - Talking Feds

Brian Klaas: Schemas and the Political Brain

Israel claims a tunnel ran through Gaza cemetery it destroyed. A visit raised more questions than answers

Labor News & Commentary January 24, 2024 over half a million people participated in strikes last year

Nikki Haley EXPLODES on Trump dementia, "he's totally unhinged"

Bowling For Soup - Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)

'Loser' Trump loses again: GOP's Haley 'trusts' jury that hit Trump for $83M over lies & assault - The Beat - MSNBC

Smithsonian, US Botanic Gardens, Annual Orchid Exhibit 2024 Future, Conservation Jan 27- April 28-DC

*Children of a Lesser God on TCM now.

The American Dream

BATTLE HYMN OF THE TRUMPUBLIC - God Made a Dictator - Don Caron - Parody Project

The Constitution, the voting citizenry, What rules of voting are we considering?

Trump rages at UAW president after Biden endorsement

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China's economy and talking points to come....

The Fan

Tomorrow, Fl House will try to roll back the Marjory Stoneman Douglas act passed after the Parkland shooting

Justice Sotomayor speaks on frustration following some Supreme Court rulings

I would love to join

Dogg is in the doghouse

What health or drug issue might cause Trump to sweat so much when giving speeches?

GOP candidate accused of supplying young men for disgraced Baptist leader Paul Pressler to abuse

Anti-LGBTQ Candidate Busted Supplying Young Men To Sexually Abusive Pastor - Waldorf Nation

Biden did not cause inflation and helped to alliviate it. But Tr--p

Biden Ad-TFG is a scab

This guy from Mongolia can't speak english but sings

"Who Thinks This Country Needs a Lot More Women Like Alina Habba, And a Lot Less Like Taylor Swift?

Ex-conservative judge sends brief to Supreme Court begging not to fear Trump's voters

The Lincoln Project-Even Fox News is catching on to Trump's senility...

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

LOL: Republican Grifter, Fox News Desperate to revive Failed Biden probe - Pondering Politics

Don't Bogart That Joint

Verifying Browser ERROR‼️‼️‼️

Trump's Secret Plan to Expand Presidential Immunity To 'King George' Levels

X pauses some Taylor Swift searches as deepfake explicit images sp

How Orban's ties to Putin are putting European aid to Ukraine at risk

IBM to Managers: Move Near an Office or Leave Company

State board to hold hearing on if Donald Trump should be removed from Illinois ballots - CBS Chicago

Current "conservatism"..

Document spells out allegations against 12 UN employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack

*E. Jean and lawyers on Rachel show now.

E. Jean and her lawyers on Rachel right now

I got banned from my High School FB group for calling out a guy who reneged on bets we made on

What is Tower 22, the military base that was attacked in Jordan where 3 US troops were killed?

Republican Senator Says Border Deal is Exactly What Trump Wanted as President

Non-profit news sources in Minnesota

Wow I just saw Rachel's bio of E Jean. .. She is billion times smarter and articulate than TFG

Taylor Swift Causes MAGA Meltdown

Its a cat burglar

The number of states pulling fundung from UNRWA is growing. So is the number of Hamas suspects.

Just a note from a lesser mortal ---

Is Taylor Swift the 'greatest ever'? TV news on Taylor, streaming records, Beatles, Grammys & AI - The Beat - MSNBC

DEI bans going up across swath of country

Biden can no longer say he is the only one to

Celebrity/character crushes.

Bidencare Is a Really Big Deal

Seth Meyers - Trump Obsesses Over Cognitive Test; Trump WH Drug Scandal; $83 Million Verdict: A Closer Look

Let say Texas secedes.

Gas stoves aren't going anywhere, but there is a CPSC rule threatening tablesaws

Michigan GOP turmoil threatens effort to flip state for Trump

Aileen Cannon Meets With Jack Smith Behind Closed Doors

Three US troops killed in drone attack on Jordan base named

Good rebuttal to Liz Collin's "The Fall of Minneapolis" in the Minnesota Reformer

Candidates in rematches dominate DCCC's 'Red to Blue' list

DOJ serves subpoena on the House's Sgt at Arms

OAN Busted In Smartmatic Defamation Lawsuit - Raw News And Politics

Minneapolis chamber group performs music written by Polish prisoners at Auschwitz - PBS NewsHour

This year's Super Bowl tickets are the most expensive ever

The anti-abortion plan ready for Trump on Day One

Fox News's Pirro to Taylor Swift: 'Don't get involved in politics'

Australian MP accuses news channel of editing body

Georgia House Advances Bill Democrats Say Targets Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis

Details of the Moms for Liberty wild party with teenagers

In most cases I don't understand the things that upset conservatives, but from what I'm hearing, a pop star

I've been thinking of spontaneous human combustion

NY-16: NY Rep. Jamaal Bowman Promoted 9/11 Conspiracy Theories on Blog

Haley attacked for backing jury in E. Jean Carroll $83 million defamation verdict against Trump

Far-Right Snowflakes Are Terrified of the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift

Rudy Giuliani targets Trump in new court filing - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Old smokers': Strange new type of star discovered in Milky Way

George Takei with a post about progress

Wisconsin Supreme Court gets involved in Dean Phillips fight with Democrats

"Not the Mama." 😁 Not the Camerata that was broadcast. The best I could do.

Republicans would level anti-abortion policies from day 1

Teen birth rate in Texas increases for the first time in 15 years

Authorities announce arrests in killings of 6 people in SoCal desert- related to dispute over marijuana

'Quicksand': Expert slams GOP war hawks pushing war with Iran that would 'inflame region' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Unwell' Trump 'can't control himself': George Conway on E. Jean Carroll $83.3M verdict

Maggie Bell - Wishing Well

I wasn't thrilled to hear that Rachel was doing another

'Unwell' Trump 'can't control himself': George Conway on E. Jean Carroll $83.3M verdict - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Justice Sotomayor speaks on frustration following some Supreme Court rulings

Interesting that the E. Jean Carroll jury was

The Salad

Conservatives tried to call Lauren Boebert their Taylor Swift and it was a huge, humiliating mistake

Nancy Pelosi yells "Go back to China!" at "far-left protesters" connected to China and Russia

Issue with Jury Duty

'Are you all okay?': MAGA meltdown over Taylor Swift says a lot about GOP - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Veronica Swift - This Bitter Earth (Live at the 2023 SFJAZZ Gala)

TFG - the orange Candy Man

Why do so many people believe Trump's lies?

'He is nothing': E. Jean Carroll on the biggest surprise of confronting Trump in court - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Legal Weed Is Being Ruined By Corporate Greed - More Perfect Union

This song is perfect.

"Do I Have to Come Here Injured or Dead?"

Was Zaluzhny Sacked?, How Many Tanks Russia Lost (& Replaced), Pravda Picks Trump's Vice President - Professor Gerdes

Trump's new 'evidence' that Biden lost in 2020 is ridiculously wrong (and dusty)

flood watch issued for motherlode region which includes sonora and environs .

VP Kamala Harris, in San Jose, on abortion rights: "This is a fight that is fundamental"

North Carolina cuts obesity drug coverage for state employees - CNBC Television

Why E. Jean Carroll's legal defeat of Donald Trump matters - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The $400,000 Job That Doesn't Require a College Degree

Here is a really good aid to prepare for POSSIBLE Covid self care in advance.

Mama and baby Wombat

FWIW, I am fed up with posts about magats being HUMILIATED.

If Al Franklin wasn't railroaded where would he be now

Trying to catch the windshield wiper.

FYI The styles sheet doesn't seem to be loading at the moment for DU Jury requests...

'Don't let him escape': James Carville on keeping Trump 'front and center' in 2024 - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

artist who appeared fully nude in museum exhibit , sues MoMA alleging it failed to protect him from sexual assault

Latin music "Perfidia" on shortwave

Iran Assassination Network Hired Hells Angels to Kill Dissident Who Fled to US

Lawrence O'Donnell: $83M to Carroll could start Trump's 'collapse into bankruptcy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

TCM today (1/30)

E. Jean Carroll friend: 'No political agenda' against Trump, it's about the 'truth' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Republicans Who Screamed About A Crisis On The Border Now Oppose A Plan To Fix It (HuffPost)

Heads Up: DEMOCRACY ON TRIAL, Frontline Airs on January 30, 2024

To those who I annoyed

US marshals lure fugitive killer of Texas cyclist out of hiding with yoga ad

'We beat Donald Trump': E. Jean Carroll and lawyers on Trump's fallibility - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Scientists Have Successfully Achieved The First-ever "Teleportation" Of Images Using Quantum Technology

Pelosi's Foolishness on Gaza Protesters

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about E Jean Carroll spending Trump's money....

Drone that killed US soldiers in Jordan followed American drone onto base

Did anyone lose a pair of black socks?


Democracy to tyranny: Unelected Trump commands elected GOP leaders top Dem says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"I aspire to that level of pettiness." Beau of the fifth column on E Jean

Elon Musk says his startup Neuralink has implanted a device in its first human

How Trump Brought GOP To Its Knees... - Thom Hartmann

China is protesting interrogations and deportations of its students at US border

George Harrison - Beware Of Darkness

US condemns ban on Venezuelan opposition leader's candidacy and puts sanctions relief under review

Israel claims 12 U.N. aid workers participated in the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks. Here's what we know.

Israel-Gaza war: Counting the destruction of religious sites

Israel claims a tunnel ran through this Gaza cemetery it destroyed. A visit to the site raised more questions than answe

This has been my phone screensaver for the past 8 years

Hamas regroups in northern Gaza to prepare new offensive

E. Jean Carroll Devastates Trump In Rachel Maddow Interview

That's MY CAR!

'[Trump] can be knocked down': E. Jean Carroll reacts after $83M verdict - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Palestinian and Muslim students demand investigation into Harvard for allegedly failing to protect them from harassment

The Alan Parsons Project - Nucleus/Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)

Gaetz Admits To Ousting McCarthy Over Ethics Probe - Raw New And Politics

MAGA Howls: NFL Rigged For Taylor Swift! Trump's unthinking MAGA horde claimed that the NFL rigs its results

'A tough call for the president': Biden weighs response after attack in Jordan kills U.S. troops - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'A complete failure on [Trump's] part': Mark McKinnon on battle over border bill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Teacher says....🤣

E. Jean Carroll FINALLY Speaks, Puts Trump IN HIS PLACE after Verdict - Meidas Touch

New sonar images may reveal location of Amelia Earhart's plane - Today - NBC News

50 Years Of Illegitimate Treasonous Presidents IN THE UNITED STATES?!? - Thom Hartmann

Medical world concerned after U.S. sells helium stockpile - NBC News

TheBlaze's Jason Whitlock Quietly Deletes Promo of Antisemitic Interview

Man arrested after brandishing knife at kosher supermarket in Golders Green, London

Suspect arrested for violent threats against Massachusetts synagogues

Inside the tunnels of Gaza - ABC News

O hai!

Cyberattack hits Georgia county where Trump faces election interference charges

Trump Gets an F in SCATHING Financial Report - Meidas Touch

Dog thrilled when his human speaks his language:

Breakfast Tuesday 30 January 2024

Former Planned Parenthood Leader Cecile Richards Reveals Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Chicago to extend migrant shelter stay limits over concerns about long-term housing, employment

When you turn off the TV for the children:

2nd tweet--Did you see that?!

Elephants enjoy music:

US Congress negotiators reach deal on 12 gov't spending bills -Republican lawmakers

Pupper says "Time to play with me!"

Cat and kitten play like maniacs:

Black pastors pressure Biden to call for a cease-fire in Gaza

Fox News steps up its attacks on Taylor Swift.

Doggo is so ready for bed!

House Democrats release new report defending Mayorkas against GOP's "sham" impeachment effort

Israel's Far Right Plots a 'New Gaza' Without Palestinians

Cleaning supervisor:

Michigan man charged with threatening to kill Biden, Harris, officials in X posts

App lets Indigenous Brazilians connect in own languages

Guess what the conservatives latest plan is to 'stick it to the libs!' ?? ...

Haiti: Arrest warrant issued against the widow of Ex-President Mose

Elon Musk says Neuralink has implanted first brain chip in a human

Texas seized part of the US-Mexico border and blocked federal Border Patrol agents. Here's what happened next

Bolivian protesters block major highways in bid to put ex-president Morales back on the ballot

DOJ and SEC unveil charges in $1.9 billion HyperFund cryptocurrency fraud

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/29/24

Around 89,000 Brazilians Applied for Portuguese Citizenship Between 2018 & 2022

'Pandemic of snow' in Anchorage sets a record for the earliest arrival of 100 inches of snow

I have been dealing with something that I learned from a second cousin about something HORRIFIC

I have been holding this horrificaly true and all too common historically happening family story to recount...This is

An Italian Holocaust Survivor Asks if She Has 'Lived in Vain'

Lone protester interrupts Holocaust remembrance event in S.F.

'Hidden' 8th Continent Revealed: 'Zealandia' Map Shows Ancient Underwater Volcanic Region the Size of New Zealand

Wordle 955 Jan 30 ***Spoiler Thread***

The Principle Of Residential Jurisdiction: Abortion Trafficking Bills Are The Opening Salvo

Sea Pines exec arrested in Florida after drunkenly slapping Disney cast member, police say

Tuesday TOONs

Sometimes it helps to be a bit taller Margorie.......

FED UP Army Vet is DONE with MAGA NONSENSE - Against All Enemies

T-Mobile Gets Its Anti-Union Comeuppance

On this day, January 30, 1938, Hannibal Lecter was born.

Imran Khan: Pakistan former PM jailed in state secrets case as election looms

Anheuser-Busch Workers Authorize Strike

Republican US House panel to push forward on impeaching border chief Mayorkas

On the night of January 30, 1959, the Winter Dance Party Tour played the Laramar Ballroom in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Teamsters Triumphant in Strike Against US Foods

WTF? Eleventh Judicial Circuit Judge indicted for misusing court funds, perjury

Trump takes credit for booming stock market - Way Too Early - MSNBC

Morning funny.

Today, January 30, is the "Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution" in California.

Meet the Lonely Republicans Willing to Say It: Trump Is Disqualified

Support staff at Crystal Lake D47 file unfair labor practice charge after district hires staffing firm

Today, January 30, is the "Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution" in Virginia.

Sports Illustrated union files labor grievance over mass layoffs

Rescued Beauty: BunMa's Playful Life at Elephant Nature Park - Elephantnews

On this day, January 30, 1919, Fred Korematsu was born.

Labor Department recovers nearly $16 million in back wages for Afghan refugee project

On this day, January 30, 1882, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born.

My buddy ex wife text him wish you here as she was on a walk.

I just hate January, it's so long, why can't we shorten it and add to February, it's so short

DOJ issues mysterious grand jury subpoena to House of Representatives

On This Day: Soviet Politburo begins process of mass murder and forced deportations of millions - Jan. 30, 1930

On this day, January 30, 1947, Steve Marriott was born.

How do you come in 5th place in a straw poll?

Nikki Haley stands by praising verdict in E. Jean Carroll case - Morning Joe - MSNBC


2023: Governor Murphy Establishes January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 1/21-1/27/2024

The Rundown: January 30, 2024

Takeaways from the AP's investigation into how US prison labor supports many popular food brands


Tammy Murphy and the Nepo State

US figure skaters awarded Olympic gold after Russian skater disqualified

US Steel agrees to $42M in improvements and fines over air pollution violations after 2018 fire

May THE BORDER destroy republicans.

EU moves slowly toward using profits from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine

Tupelo/Cypress Swamp in the Atchafalaya River Basin - Louisiana

Seth Meyers - White House Set to Hold Livestreamed Event for High School Students - Monologue 01/29/2024

You raised $245.00 on January 29, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"If you look it up in the Bible, it's a sin!" Newsmax host slams Taylor Swift fans for idolizing her...

SCOTUSblog: Court schedules abortion pill case for March argument session

MAGA fans fear Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are agents of 'shadow forces': CNN reporter

You raised $4.00 on January 29, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

On this day, January 30, 1969, the Beatles performed together live for the last time.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk at the Loch - Central Park, NYC

Make Him Crazy: George Conway Describes How To Derail Pathological Narcissist Trump

Democrats urge Biden administration to deschedule marijuana

Now I have to root for KC!!!??

Ilhan Omar Deportation Calls Grow From Republicans

New Washington Post Publisher Infuriated His Old News Corp Staff During Phone Hacking Crisis

Man Creates Wacky Costumes To Feed All The Hummingbirds

Johnson's plan to expedite tax deal already faces backlash

Maceo Parker

OAN host explains Taylor/Travis & SPORTS IN GENERAL as a massive psyop to brainwash kids away from Jesus

Early to rise

It's not that MAGA doesn't believe E. Jean Carroll -- they just don't care that Trump abuses women

GM made $10 Billion last year!

The Collapse of Donald J. Trump has begun...Stand Back For the Financial Landslide Coming

Feds: Northern Michigan man threatened President Joe Biden, bombing of Washington, D.C.

FBI and Justice Department use court order to try to disrupt Chinese hacking targeting key US infrastructure

Trump Can't Win: 64% Of Americans Won't Support Him

changes a coming for the weather for sonora and environs .

Bolton says Trump 'unfit' to be President in new memoir intro

"He's nothing, we don't need to be afraid of him. He can be knocked down."

SICKO Trump RAGES as Economy SOARS to New Highs, immigration bill is possible - Meidas Touch

Trump Has Finally Met His Match. And, Her Name Is E. Jean Carroll!

Confused In A Good Way

Dream #4

Pro-Biden super PAC planning largest political ad blitz in history: Report

Metric - Risk

The little jazz giant aka Roy Eldridge, was born on this date.


'Sen. Graham 'threw Trump under the bus' in special grand jury testimony..." And much more 12 min.

Chechens attack Russians in Melitopol. Kadyrov sent to frontline. Kherson to be given up. - The Russian Dude

red sky in morning , sailor take warning. plays the ballad of giligans island w thunderstorm.

She Has Them Now,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UK, Palestine, and a signal....

Party feud breaks out ahead of RNC meeting in Las Vegas

N Scott Momaday, Pulitzer-winning Native American novelist, dies aged 89

MAGA Congressional Zombies doing ribbon cutting

Donald Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Again

oh my dog, i cant fell forth fa farn fhis forning. fingers tripping all over the place . gah.

China Property Market Starts to Collapse as Evergrande is Forced into Liquidation by Hong Kong Court - Joe Blogs

Ex-federal prosecutor predicts Trump will pay 'every last penny' of $83.m defamation judgement

Serving our public interest, to show Americans what is really going on. Let him go!!!

Questions about Georgia, Alabama and Florida

Court monitor's report suggests he evaded taxes

Steve Rattner: Economy performing more strongly than expected

RW bullshit about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is surely to distract from Trump the rapist

Don't bother walking a mile in my shoes...

The reason Trump stayed away from Military ops while Pres.

Mike Johnson says he won't do a deal on the border unless they are zero.

Fani Willis' office and Fulton County hit by cyberattack

Positive Noise - 'Warlords' + 'Refugees' (1981 Scottish Post Punk/New Wave) 🖤🖤

A family member that just turned 18

Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor - Live at the Filmore East

Per Bloomberg TV: GM goes back to the future with plans for plug-in hybrids

👍 Admins on the individual post Rec's now visible on Posts

This is concerning in Michigan? Arab-American leaders in Michigan reject Biden visit over Gaza

Trump's History Lesson Goes Off The Rails Immediately - Rebel HQ

Morning Joe: Sen. Graham 'threw Trump under the bus' in special grand jury testimony, book says

Transgender People in Florida Face Having Their Driver's Licenses Revoked

Oh Yes, Candidate Trump Is In Big Trouble - There's been a change in the narrative.

A wall of art

Undercover Israeli team kills 3 in West Bank hospital; Hamas vows 'response': Live updates

In a song title or lyric, use the word Dove instead of Love. You can use google. Mine is--Blue,Blue, My Dove is Blue.

Florida Republican, Maria Salazar, can't remember voting against legislation that she takes credit for now.

Among scholars there's some debate as to whether Motherfucker is the worst president in history

Mail Me Somewhere Warm

Pic Of The Moment: I Thought They All Stopped Watching When Colin Kaepernick Took A Knee Anyway

Fani Willis used body double in 'dramatic' escape from MAGA threats: authors

XMal Deutschland - Tocsin (Full Album - 1984) German (Hamburg) Post Punk/Goth on the 4AD label

Is this House changing idea possible?

Cheney reveals Stefanik's erased statement on Jan. 6 Riot as GOP's position changes

FYI: IRS: New Online Tax filing software with State tax filing for limited number of States...

Mythology behind anti-Semitism drives disconnect over support for Palestinians

The Tiger Lilies - Heroin

She did

James Carville: 'Don't let him escape'

UN confirms 119.8 degrees reading in Sicily as Europe's record temperature

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 30, 2024

The Small Faces - All Or Nothing (German TV's Beat-Club, 1966)

Question on TFG and EJ Carroll.

UPS to cut 12,000 jobs, citing softer demand and higher labor costs

ACLU warns Supreme Court that lower court abortion pill decisions relied on "patently unreliable witnesses"

Political and Religious Experts Say Evangelical Support for Trump is About More Than Abortion

Texas Is Spoiling for a Civil War

Vincent Hanging With Grabelli (2 Pics)

Rep Tenney has nominated rapist, fraudster, and wannabe dictator for Nobel Prize

'White Lives Matter' member gets 18 years for firebombing church that planned drag events

"Find Me the Votes"- Morning Joe

"The Most Horrible Thing I've Ever Seen": Alabama Uses Nitrogen Gas to Execute Prisoner

Pakistan Swiftie secures Guinness World Record, identifies 34 Taylor Swift songs in a minute

'Do not drive': Toyota recalls 50,000 older US cars over deadly airbag fears

WATCH LIVE: Illinois Election Board considers Removing trump from Ballot under Insurrection Clause

Rock band critical of Putin is detained in Thailand, fearful of deportation to Russia

Minneapolis officials clearing out relocated Camp Nenookaasi encampment Tuesday morning

She's coming for the truckers next..

One Republican Finally Sides with the Law over Trump! The Dark Side w/ JVL & AB

⭐ Happy Days Are Here Again! 1930, FDR Birthday Jan. 30, 1882

Joe Biden Reveals What World Leaders Are Telling Him About Donald Trump

Will Richard Glossip Finally Go Free?

Biden Pauses Approvals for New LNG Terminals

Remember folks we must refer to trump as

Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

The Devastating Toll of the Fossil Fuel Industry in Louisiana's Cancer Alley

The elusive beauty has made an appearance

24 hours after diagnosis

A tweet from Obama

Elie Mystal: Texas Is Spoiling for a Civil War

The Crowd Beyond the Courtroom

The latest from Emerson... Trump with small lead in 5-way race nationally.

BREAKING: Rep Cori Bush is under federal criminal investigation.

Dan Patrick calls Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, and Jean-Pierre the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Question for every elected ReTHUG re the Slobfather

Texas Regulators Allow Fossil Fuel Polluters to Escape Accountability

NY AG sues Citibank for failing to protect customers from hackers and scammers

Smartmatic: OAN execs may have 'engaged in criminal activities'

Trump stays on Illinois' ballot as the election board says it lacks power to remove him over Jan. 6

The trucker convoy: anyone else finding this funnier than The Office?

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail: DBOM and More

Damn uncomfortable and still soaking wet! 🤬I bought some new sweats from Costco yesterday.

Transit Briefs: Bay Area Transit, LACMTA, CTA, Amtrak Virginia

The Morning Sunshine..

Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell

Congresswoman Cori Bush investigated over misuse of security money - report

"I refuse to let my sons play with dolls"

I've been thinking of spontaneous human consumption

I think Habba dabba doo stepped in some doo. Carroll's Lawyer Responds to Habba's Frivolous Ploy, May Seek Sanctions

I heard that EJean Carroll has been nominated for the Nobel

Franklin Graham denounces the jury award in the E Jean Carroll case

Fonts hanging out:

I thought idolatry was frowned upon.

'We are dying slowly:' Palestinians are eating grass and drinking polluted water as famine looms across Gaza

Remember then?

Christopher Walken Meme

Florida has low rate of nursing home residents getting new COVID shot

Why China's Evergrande Collapse Matters; Chinese Economy; China-Russia: Pipeline - China Update

At least 2 people hospitalized after Amtrak train hits milk truck in Colorado

Mark Knopfler still putting out new music

8th Circuit denies petition to rehear case that held that section 2 of the VRA cannot be enforced by private plaintiffs

Man gets life in prison for kidnapping and raping a little girl and a female jogger in Orange County

Hate Crimes Reported in Schools Nearly Doubled Between 2018 and 2022

'Unless You're a Purist, We Don't Want You Voting'

Wisconsin Republicans are asking a liberal justice not to hear a redistricting case

Just got a scare. Turned on my lap top and went to Flight Aware to check on my sister's flight home.

Gov. Tony Evers vetoes redrawn legislative maps Republicans passed last week

It'd be fun to name a young dog Alexa

Far-Right Snowflakes Are Terrified of the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift

Putin Has Finally United Russians Around the World--Against Himself

Just a heads up: Some of you may receive an email from DU today asking you to take a survey -- it's not a scam (update)

They went there...

Sanders Statement on Suspension of Funding to UNRWA

Reagan 'Greed is Good': Broken Airplane Doors, On Hold for Hrs, Walmartification, T. Hartmann

Dean Ford of Marmalade, now and then singing Reflections of My Life

The final order in the NY civil fraud trial is supposed to come no later than tomorrow, correct?

FM Cameron says UK considering recognizing Palestinian state.

Greg Sargent - Meet the Lonely Republicans Willing to Say It: Trump Is Disqualified (Audio)

I hate to admit it, but I have a Ross Perot bumper sticker I actually paid for. Unused though. Why would I buy

School shooting plotted for today in San Diego was averted last night

Where did my cardinals go? I haven't seen either of them out of my big window where they would perch on their way

I just burned one with an old trucker buddy. He brought goodies in for years from up there. He had it stashed in

If your pet was named after the last thing that you ate Sunday, what would their name be? Please put name and pet type

At least half of Gaza's buildings damaged or destroyed, new analysis shows

"I need to ask my staff": GOPer "cannot really remember" she voted against funding she bragged about

'Erase his head from his torso': Iran targets defector on US soil, DOJ says

Russia accidentally bombed itself again, the fourth time this month, UK intel says

LehtosLaw: Here is Why You Must be INSANE to buy an RV These Days

Alina Habba Backs Down Fast After Threat of Sanctions

Gov. Inslee Executive order on AI. Released today 1/30/2024

Three Sleazy Pieces (of 💩)

Efficiency via Amazon

Alina Habba Backs Down Fast After Threat of Sanctions

'White Lives Matter' member gets 18 years for firebombing church that planned drag events

House playing games: Mayorkas impeachment hearings

Wa. Gov. Inslee executive order on generative AI. 1/30/2024 (cross posted in WA group)

The Fulton County Disqualification Allegations: Myths, Facts and Unknowns (Just Security)

"Fail Safe" trailer

Rusty Bowers, Witness on a Central Charge of Trump Indictment, Speaks Out FRONTLINE

Chita Rivera, Tony-Winning Broadway Star, Dead at 91

Steve Vladeck: Governor Abbott's Perilous Effort at Constitutional Realignment

The Despots of Silicon Valley

The Mood in Israel Is Grim and Despairing, Jews see one reality, Arabs another

Colorado Voters Behind Kicking Trump Off Ballot Urge Supreme Court to Deny Secretary of State's Request for 'Prominent R

Why do so many Americans admire billionaires? (A small rant because, at times, these fuckers just piss me off).

France on-track to become the first country to constitutionalize abortion rights

Chicago students walk out to support City Council's Gaza ceasefire resolution

MI AG: Supreme Court's goal 'is ending all abortion rights as we know it,' not 'stopping there'

UPS to cut 12,000 jobs 5 months after agreeing to new labor deal

Abbott thinks it be a Political Blunder on Biden

Undercover Israeli troops dressed as medical staff kill three militants in West Bank hospital raid, officials say

Regional Homelessness Authority set to replace interim CEO

Jan. 6 rioter who 'blind-side tackled' Capitol officer to be sentenced

Chita Rivera, Broadway Legend From 'Chicago' and 'West Side Story,' Dies at 91

Has DeSantis actually dropped out of the race? One of Florida's Democratic senators doesn't think so.

Wrote a straight forward rock song for a change. Back to roots.


World War Two continues: No end in sight

I-405 express lanes soon to become more expensive for commuters

US court will not revisit ruling limiting voting rights lawsuits

U.S. Capitol hosts first screening of 'God + Country' documentary

Innuendo Studios -- The Alt-Right Playbook: The Reverse Gish Gallop

House GOP infighting threatens to derail vote on bipartisan tax package

Teen, Father Arrested After Threats Made Against RB High School

E. Jean Carroll's lawyer threatens to seek sanctions over Alina Habba's "utterly baseless" claim

Just a hunch . . . our retaliation to Iran and its proxies

'Liberal Redneck' Tears MAGA Idiots to Shreds - Rebel HQ

Today's Tiedrich rant: Republicans don't give a fuck about our troops

Democracy on Trial - PBS This evening

STRICTLY DUB Best of TRIPPY Dub Groove 2024 Special Coffeeshop Selection [Seven Beats Music]

Biden Dubs Trump a 'Loser' in Rival's Florida Backyard

Will Ending the Gaza War End the Red Sea Crisis? - William Spaniel

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right (2019)

Fulton County Government Taken Down by Cyberattack

The Greatest Night in Pop Documentary on Netflix

TV Ratings: NFL Championship Games Draw Huge Audiences

Union leader fires back after Trump called him a 'dope' - CNN

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 30, 2024

My Doctor thinks COVID-19 gave me Diabetes Type 1

welp, today is the 1st day of the rest of miss hotlips' life.

Economic Mood Improves

Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found burned, dismantled in trash can: Police

Cori Bush confirms investigation as she rejects 'false' campaign spending claims

New York Expands the Legal Definition of Rape to Include Many Forms of Nonconsensual Sexual Contact

"Make Him Crazy". - George Conway

'I can't face how much she suffered': Argentina femicides at record high as Milei dilutes protections

Biden humiliates Trump after he pulls desperate stunt - Pondering Politics

Manhattan Transfer - The Offbeat of Avenues

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Boebert and politics being local....

NOOOOO!!!!! (Luckovich Cartoon)

Crime and poo-nishment: flags planted in dog feces spark LA mystery

as some of u know , i like to imitate birds .

'Should slavery be legal in Texas?' Houston ISD seventh graders asked in lesson about 1836 Constitutional Convention

New York Times Starts Developing In-House AI for News

DeSantis doesn't seem to have a bright future

French MPs vote to enshrine abortion right in constitution

'Losing Everything!' Mike Pillow Ally Breaks Into Tears Describing What He's 'Endured' - Waldorf Nation

Attacks Haley as Polls Show Him Losing Republican Support

Illinois election board declines to ban him

300+ Hydrogen-Powered Buses Accelerate Green Mobility Transformation in East China City

TFG thinks he's more popular than T-Swift

How a panda cleans the house . . .

Heads Up: Tonight! DEMOCRACY ON TRIAL, Frontline Airs on January 30, 2024

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Family reunited with John Opie painting stolen by New Jersey mob 54 years ago

Trump Endorses Challenge to Texas Speaker

Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla compensation voided by judge, shares slide

Embryo Development Linked to a 500-Million-Year-Old Viral Infection

Trump Spent $50 Million on Lawyers Last Year

Trump under 'enormous financial strain' as new report reveals legal fees are 'staggering'

Rolling Stone: Trump Allies Pledge 'Holy War' Against Taylor Swift

Watch Out Swifties, HERE COMES BOEBIES

Hunter Biden business associate tells House Oversight Committee GOP allegations are 'preposterous'

Some Ohio Republicans are now all set to bring in nitrogen gas for executions

When Nauta realizes he's a step ahead of trump🤦‍♀️ Didn't he know that's s much worse than stepping ahead of the Queen

Faulty economic studies misled Pennsylvania lawmakers on petrochemicals: Report

HF 2082 wants to remove gender identity as a protected class

Letterman weighs in on Travis & Taylor....with a Dave joke thrown in

Democrats ramp up spending in a race that will determine control of the Pennsylvania state House

Illinois election board votes to keep Trump on primary ballot - MSNBC Reports

The Mayorkas sham impeachment is a steaming pile of crap

Texas Oil Regulators Ask State to Sue EPA Over Methane Rule

Donny Deutsch: 'trump was always about strength, and he's looking Weak'

Habba Shares Meme Comparing Herself Favorably to Taylor Swift

This Is The Real Story About Taylor Swift

Hotelier Bigelow gives Orangetan $1 mln for legal fees, will donate $20 million more

iPhone at the farmer's market . . .

Special counsel Wade settles divorce case, cancelling court hearing (Fulton County)

DeSantis Super PAC Funded Anti-Trump Group

Kennedy vows to block Energy, State nominees over Biden LNG pause

Scotland's Renewable Output More Than 100 Percent of Demand - Yale School of the Environment

'Chaotic': Trump's ballot eligibility in limbo after Illinois declines to remove him from ballot - Deadline - MSNBC

Conservative Activists Are Taking All the Supreme Court's Hints

Gaza's Mud Hell: Building a New Society in Dystopian Tent Cities

Blue Monday (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Ken White: Injustice Can Make You Crazy As A Bedbug

Judge voids Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla compensation, shares slide

Typos, sloppiness, and math errors raise new questions about the Trump family business - Deadline - MSNBC

Florida priest among 4 killed in Palm Bay; two cops shot, gunman's motive unknown

In filing, big cities urge Supreme Court to preserve abortion pill access


Generation X - Dancing with Myself

Final Jeopardy today

California cops drove a 54 yr old woman 15 miles to a dump at midnight, left her to walk home. settlement $3 million

Scaramucci says he'll do everything he can to keep Biden in White House

See MAGA Republicans exposed for touting Biden bills they opposed: Melber report - The Beat - MSNBC

Blast from the past: Jon Stewart's Beef With Chicago Deep Dish Pizza The Daily Show

Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City

The Labor Group on the DU

Newsweek has become a joke.

I asked Bing AI to create a Shakespearean sonnet

Georgia prosecutor on Trump election case won't be asked about alleged affair in divorce case after agreement reached

Canadian academic workers union aims to vilify Israel in classes regardless of subject taught

Historians WARN: Trump Must Not Be On the Ballot - Thom Hartmann

Judge throws out Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla pay package

My profile indicates that I don't want to serve on DU juries.

Mike Luckovich-What triggers MAGA types

Orioles reportedly being sold.

This tiny radioactive battery can last 50 years without recharging -- and it's coming in 2025

Labor News & Commentary January 26, 2024 Walmart is hit with a ULP in California

Jan. 6 rioter who 'blind-side tackled' Capitol officer is sentenced to more than 6 years in prison

Attack on U.S. troops needs a rapid response and long-term follow-through

US Consumer Confidence Climbs to Highest Since End of 2021.. This is BFD!

'Three women took Trump to the cleaners': Reaction to a jury awarding E. Jean Carroll $83M - Deadline - MSNBC

American Federation of Teachers Joins Calls for Ceasefire in Israel-Gaza War

I just filed via Turbo Tax

Texas Supreme Court pauses depositions in Paxton whistleblower case after Trump comments

U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer files to run for re-election in Nebraska

Something unusual I found at Youtube, an animated "The Emperor's New Clothes."

Charlie Savage: New York Times national security & legal reporter Re: Immunity Case. Jan. 26

Feds charge 19 in drug trafficking scheme across U.S., Mexico and Canada

Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found burned in trash can

MAGA derangement is about T&T Big Money. Travis Kelce was politically progressive long before he met Taylor Swift.