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Jeffries raised more than $113M for House Democrats in 2023

Rachel Maddow's entire interview with E. Jean Carroll and her attorneys - MSNBC

Yes, There Has Been A Change In The Trump Narrative, But It Has Nothing To Do With The Economy Etc.

Texas Supreme Court pauses depositions in Paxton whistleblower case

Georgia's Fulton County is hacked, but prosecutor's office says Trump election case is unaffected

Is Ted Cruz Starting to Panic Just a Little About His Re-Election? (from MeidasTouch)

How I'd like Biden to respond to the attacks from Iran backed militias

Dan Gilbert tears down historic National Theater.

Haley: "He (Trump) can't beat Joe Biden if he's spending all his time and money on court cases and chaos."

Authorities investigating massive security breach at Global Affairs Canada

Elvis Costello - " Everybody's Crying Mercy" (Mose Allison)

Has anyone ever gone to a Turkish bath house?

Rethuglican takes credit for bill she voted against, host Humiliates her

Trump pressured prosecutor to 'blow up' Hunter Biden's gun plea deal: court filing

Exclusive: Hotelier Robert Bigelow gives Trump $1 million for legal fees

'We are obliged to end the war': A new Russian unit fights for Ukraine

A classic - Jon Stewart's Beef With Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

A case you probably don't remember...

US Job Openings Rise to Three-Month High But Fewer Workers Quit

Immigrant Workers Are Informing on Bad Bosses -- And Getting Work Permits

BREAKING: Donald Trump gets devastating news as a powerful super PAC announces that it will spend a staggering $250 mil

Trigger Man and Trigger Woman

A sharp right turn: European Parliament election forecast

Smoking gun proof': fossil fuel industry knew of climate danger as early as 1954, documents show

Winter here in NYC has been super mild. No snow. Not really all that cold.

Millions of expats given vote by Tories 'will punish party for Brexit'

Colorado voters vie to KEEP TRUMP OUT - Talking Feds

Trump Looks PATHETIC and WEAK as Messaging BACKFIRES in His Face

Rattled Trump and GOP fail in plot to quash primaries: MAGA elitism report - The Beat - MSNBC

Little-known Democrat runs for North Dakota governor

Consumer Confidence Hits Two-Year High Amid Strong Economic Numbers

Last Week in the Republican Party - January 30, 2024 - The Lincoln Project

Arizona Republican Proposes Bill That Would Allow Politicians To Overturn Elections

Elon Musk says the first human has received an implant from Neuralink, but other details are scant

Toyota urges owners of old Corolla, Matrix and RAV4 models to park them until air bags are replaced

Maybe I'm cruel, but now that a woman may have managed to teach Trump what STFU means,

The US hasn't seen syphilis numbers this high since 1950. Other STD rates are down or flat

*Brilliant Tex Dem Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett on C. Hayes show now.

Protesting farmers have France's government in a bind

Man demands trial, says 'cheesy' Combos snacks don't have enough cheese

"Impossible to enforce": Attempts to ban abortion travel are scare tactics, legal expert says

Boebert Losing To Conservative Who Paid For Girlfriend's Abortion - Raw News And Politics

Malcolm Nance is live on Twitter... topic is Iran

Trump stays on Illinois' ballot as the election board says it lacks power to remove him over Jan. 6

My father was stationed in Hawaii in 1937. He mentioned several times, being taught swimming by Duke Kahanamoku.

White House touts highest consumer confidence in more than 2 years

Former U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan, the first woman to represent Missouri in the Senate, has died at 90

Van Morrison - Gypsy

BMG Splits With Roger Waters Over Pink Floyd Co-Founder's Comments on Israel

Speaker Moses denies trying to kill the Senate border proposal to help Trump.

What is 'pyttipanna' and why is Sweden serving it up to the French president?

Taylor Swift has broken Fox News.

'Conservatives need to calm down and shake it off': Inside the right-wing Taylor Swift conspiracy - Deadline - MSNBC

Donald Trump Reportedly Tells People Close To Him That He's Bigger Than Taylor Swift

New trump Crimes About To Be Revealed. Pulitzer Prize author and journalist David Cay Johnston

Florida barring gender changes on driver's license puts trans residents at risk, critics say

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

YIKES: this Fox News stunt may cost Republicans the election!

TCM Wednesday 1/31

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the House GOP and taxes....

Cases delayed until April for second group of Michigan Republicans charged in fake elector plot

Jack Posobiac reveals big plans to combat Taylor Swift:

'It's a real mess': Houston Jews blast HISD for botching school calendars

Frontline is about charges against TFG N/T

*FRONTLINE now. PBS Democracy on Trial, all about the crimes of Donald Trump. I HATE them MORE every day.

Taylor Swift conspiracy theories engulf conservative social media

America's Image Abroad Rebounds With Transition From Trump to Biden

Jeffries raised more than $113M for House Democrats in 2023

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift's music. I mean, I just don't get it.

Chris Hayes on the 'looming threat' of a widening Middle East conflict - All In - MSNBC

Trump backs challenger to Texas Speaker, citing Paxton impeachment effort

Democratic legislative campaign arm jumps into special Pennsylvania state House race

Former US Sen. Jean Carnahan (D) dies at 90

Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy; says Donald Trump has stiffed him on legal fees - Glenn Kirschner

Watch Fox News drop the best Biden campaign ad yet

New York City's pro-cop mayor loses high-profile fight over policing legislation

As U.S. economic recovery leads the world, Trump seeks credit

Florida Republicans want to block removal of Confederate monuments

This is why we should ignore Biden's low approval ratings.

Following subpoena, House Dem confirms Justice Department probe

Arizona Republican Proposes Bill That Would Allow Politicians To Overturn Elections

Pentagon sends more air defense systems to Jordan military base

I Should Have Known Better - The Beatles 🕶

The problem(s) with Trump's ugly rhetoric about the Jordan attack

Senate Democrats Urge Biden To Deschedule Marijuana Entirely

Report: Trump spent $50 million in donor money on legal bills in 2023 - All In - MSNBC

GOP's Tommy Tuberville isn't done disparaging the U.S. military

Peggy Lee w/the Benny Goodman Orchestra - Why Don't You Do Right

Taylor Swift sends Fox hosts into meltdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

I worry that if Trump flames out too soon

You've been entertained by drag your whole life. Don't pretend it is a problem now.

I don't like it when we send mixed messages in an election year

U.S. prepares response to Jordan attack as Qatar pushes for Israel-Hamas ceasefire - PBS NewsHour

Democracy on Trial (full documentary) FRONTLINE (On Youtube / direct link)

Bloomberg: US Consumer Confidence Climbs to Highest Since End of 2021

Democracy on Trial (full documentary) FRONTLINE

J Pod orca calf feared dead after being reported missing during recent encounter

Camera Obscura - Big Love

Michigan's GOP Chair Drama Takes Another Nasty Turn

Seth Meyers - In Other News: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated

Super Bowl ticket dilemma!

Georgia GOP senators take new step to eliminate use of QR codes on paper ballots


AZ: Rep. Leezah Sun (D) guilty of 'disorderly behavior,' paving the way for her expulsion

Kentucky Senate votes to bar college ID as a primary form of voter identification

A town in Saskatchewan was 20 Celsius today, one off the record for this day for all of Canada.

Meet the woman who secretly taped Trump saying, 'I need 11,000 votes' - All In - MSNBC

Historians tell SCOTUS Trump is disqualified under 14th Amendment

What was the best SCOTUS in the past 50 years?

Democrats Reveal Strategy to Win 2024 Senate Elections - Let's Talk Elections

E. Jean Carroll's lawyer threatens sanctions against Alina Habba

Man 'beheads his federal employee father',blaming Biden & immgrants; shows head on YouTube

Trump Is Reportedly Telling People He's 'More Popular' Than Taylor Swift

The Dollyrots - Brand New Key

This year's bullshit GOP election issue.The Border

Trump's attorney's last-ditch scheme blows up in her face - Brian Tyler Cohen

I tell you, She's EVERYWHERE

The anti-abortion plan ready for Trump on Day One

☦️ Eastern Orthodox - International Orthodox Christian Charities

Television - Torn Curtain

'Don't use my daughter': Fallen soldier's dad slams Marjorie Taylor Greene politicizing her death - The ReidOut - MSNBC

So, what is "big" money today in Presidential Politics? When Nixon ran for re-election in 1972, The "Committee to.....

Powerful Iran-backed militia in Iraq to suspend military ops against US forces in region

I need some help with genocide explanation

Trump's Chaos Agenda - Robert Reich

Pa. Supreme Court sets 'high hurdle' for commonwealth's Medicaid abortion ban

Trump's PACs Spent Roughly $50 Million on Legal Expenses in 2023

ND-GOV: Democrat announces run for North Dakota governor

$500 million Harvard megadonor halts donations, says elite schools produce 'whiny snowflakes'

North Dakota Dems hope to turn heads and a few seats in 2024

Iran on high alert as Biden mulls response to killing of US servicemen

MT: Great Falls School Board election to go forward with all mail-in ballots

'They'd impeach Taylor Swift if they could': GOP's angry threats slammed by top Dem - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Federal appeals court won't rehear closely watched Arkansas redistricting case

Clint Watts on Stephanie Ruhle doing a Kornacki on the Middle East

Transparency group moves to end ballot language dispute, drop lawsuit against Arkansas AG

Trump's Legal Bills.

AZ: Election distrust in Cochise County runs deep, and change is slow to come

Kimmel: MAGA Nuts Melt Down Over Taylor Swift, Trump Goes Totally Off the Rails & A.I. Joe Biden

"You don't know how much that means to us." Biden calls parents of fallen Georgia soldier.

5th Circuit grants motion against Black voters to rehear case over La. supreme court seat

Here's a little tidbit for the magaloons to chew on

So to hide the problem they were sent home to die

Bolton: Trump can't understand that dictators want to take advantage of him - CNN

MI-SEN: Where is Mr. Rogers' (R) neighborhood?

Nessel asks for dismissal of Right to Life lawsuit to repeal Michigan abortion rights amendment

Lawrence O'Donnell: Historians' brief teaches Supreme Court 14th Amendment's real history - The Last Word - MSNBC

OR-05: National Democratic campaign backs Janelle Bynum for Oregon's 5th District

*ROB REINER on Amanpour now, PBS.

Colin Cowherd points out sexism in the frenzy over Taylor Swift (X video)

Who Did It Better? "Take it Easy" Eagles or Jackson Browne?

For Everyman - 1973 - Jackson Browne......whatta album.

DLCC Announces Investment into the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus Ahead of Pivotal Bucks County Special Election

Democrats urge Biden administration to --remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act altogether.

WI: Gov. Evers vetoes Republican legislators' maps proposal

Singapore, a blueprint for America's cities.

Local Tech CEO and Political Donor Garry Tan Tweets That Some SF Supervisors Should 'Die Slow' In Late-Night Rant

GOP MTG-the idiot FOOL sells Defund the FBI shirts & hats for $30 EACH on her website......

Backing Biden, United Auto Workers boss Shawn Fain says Trump serves himself - The Last Word - MSNBC

The most impressive Holocaust survivor story I have heard....

CA-45: The LA Times endorses Kim Nguyen-Penaloza (D) for Congress in CA-45

Just for the record and for visiting right wingers

Need some algebra help

CA: Open Northwest Orange County Supervisor Seat Sees Packed Primary

RNC seeking new credit line to help climb out of money hole

Will California's Prop 1 Help Curb Homelessness or Cut Mental Health Programs?

jaime harrison (democratic national committee chair) was just on colbert

CA: Eastern OC Supervisors Election Could Get Decided in March Primary

Jimmy Kimmel (3 minute compilation of Fox's meltdown on Taylor Swift)

Hey MAGAts

NY-03: Suozzi (D) wins abortion rights group's nod in fight for ex-Rep. George Santos seat

I really liked SNL's skit about football being over with the divisional championships,

NY-03: Early voting for special election of New York's third congressional district starts Feb. 3

Trump ATTACK on Georgia Prosecutor NOW A MASSIVE FLOP - Meidas Touch

NY-17: DCCC makes nice with Mondaire Jones in 2024

I recently acquired an earworm.

PA-HD140: Another Make or Break Special Election in the PA State House

Delaware court takes away Eloon's $56 billion compensation package. He reacts like a child.

PA: Former GOP lieutenant governor candidate held on charges including punching a teen at her daughter's birthday party

PBS - Frontline - is anyone watching this??

U.S. Supreme Court schedules March 26 oral arguments in abortion pill access case

Biden Wants Taylor Swift to Join His Campaign... So The Swifties Will Protect The Capitol - Lovett or Leave It

Democratic governors rake in record cash ahead of 2024

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands

Historian David Blight. On Lawrence

CT: Unopened absentee ballots found in Bridgeport election, result remains the same

Pakistan court jails ex-PM Khan for 10 years ahead of election

GOP invents Taylor Swift conspiracy theory instead of facing reality about unpopular policies - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Judge orders Wisconsin elections officials to move quickly on changing absentee ballot rules

CA-13: Battle for CA-13 heats up with national support to flip seat

US moves to reimpose sanctions on Venezuela after opposition candidate barred from presidential election

Bad timing for Trump as court-appointed monitor flags accounting of tens of millions of dollars - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

By the Way, Fetuses Can't Consent to Health Care

"Help America Vote Day" encourages voter preparation, participation in Election Day

Late-night vote sends historic Mayorkas impeachment vote to House floor

Scaramucci: I'll help President Biden and fundraise for his re-election campaign

Pasadena voters to consider charter amendments in March election

Sinema's fundraising plummets as reelection decision deadline nears

Labour hasn't won a UK general election since 2010. Will 2024 be any different?

How Missouri Republicans want to change the process for voters to amend the constitution

More "navigators" are helping women travel to have abortions

TX: What If They Held an Election and Every Special Interest Came?

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown

France Makes History With Constitutional Guarantee Of Abortion Rights

Anti-Abortion Movement Details Its 2025 Plans and They're Terrifying

AR: Ballot language rejected for proposed constitutional amendment aiming to ease access to medical marijuana

Speaker White (R) discusses Mississippi ballot initiative proposal

How Greed Kills People & Destroys Democracy - Thom Hartmann

Democrats want to nix Arizona's early ballot collection prohibition

Trump Gets POUNDED by Every Single Judge in DC and BEGs for more LOSING - Meidas Touch

Herman Miller unveils first rebrand in over two decades

Breakfast Wednesday 31 January 2024

'A political stunt': GOP moves to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Watch What Happens When You Sell Your Soul To Billionaires - Thom Hartmann

'Accountants are bringing up the f-word -- fraud': Errors flagged in Trump Organization filings - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ohio reverses local flavored tobacco bans, infuriating doctors

Stretchin Out

Texas Supreme Court hears oral arguments in challenge to ban on gender affirming care for youth


Arizona Republican Proposes Bill That Would Allow Politicians To Overturn Elections

Business and agricultural groups sue California over new climate disclosure laws

Trump's FRIVOLOUS Late Filing will BACKFIRE like ALWAYS - Meidas Touch

House committee advances Mayorkas impeachment articles, teeing up historic floor vote

Argentinian court overturns Milei's labor rules, in a blow to his reform plans

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/30/24

El Salvador VP acknowledges mistakes in war on gangs but says country is 'not a police state'

Why would the Biden Administration use Taylor Swift as their political strategy to win the presidency again?

Stephen Colbert: Guest DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

Brazil, confronting calls for reparations, grapples with slavery's painful legacy

Wordle 956 Jan 31 ***Spoiler Thread***

Civil rights group says North Carolina public schools harming LGBTQ+ students, violating federal law

House GOP weighs sidecar tax deal on 'SALT,' child credit

Looks like Trump is winning again?

TRUMP DECLARES WAR ON TAYLOR SWIFT - 1.31.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Ambassador responds to call by Evert and Navratilova to keep women's tennis out of Saudi Arabia

Progressive group launches six-figure ad campaign for Supreme Court term limits

Plaque commemorating Black history of a stretch of California coastline is stolen

'We said, there must be ladies': the pioneering Maasai women ending all-male leadership of the land

The deepfake deluge has only just begun

Seth Meyers - Trump Called "Unfit" for Presidency by Former National Security Adviser John Bolton - Monologue 01/30/24

NYPD officers will have to record race of people they question under new police transparency law

Iran threatens to 'decisively respond' to any US strikes as Biden weighs response to Jordan attack

Rap lyrics can't be used against artist charged with killing Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay, judge rules

Missouri Senate Republicans filibuster in hopes of making it harder for voters to amend constitution

Republicans advance Mayorkas impeachment as Democrats decry process as a sham

Wednesday TOONs

For 150 years, Black journalists have known what Confederate monuments really stood for

That feeling when your boss messed up so bad they have to give you your job back with backpay and a promotion!

Mitch McConnell's Plan to Sabotage Social Security From Within

Dean Phillips Was Allegedly Cheating And Still Got Blown Out By Biden

Dem Tells Republicans She's Sick Of Their 'Same Old Sh*t' At Hearing

I Laugh At People Who Claim The Courts Held, Saved Us

CIGNA Health Insurance wants to sell it's Medicare Advantage plan to non-profit health insurer HCSC.

The Weekly Pull: Dead X-Men, Trinity Special, Coda, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (1/31/24)

The Webcomics Weekly #268: Still Here Not "Dead but Not Gone" (1/30/2024 Edition)

The Rundown: January 31, 2024

Why do people have to start out saying: " I'm not a fan but....."

Gore him Judge Engoron

Dem Lawmaker Rips GOP Reps To Their Faces: 'You Bend The Knee To The Orange Jesus'

Christopher Rufo, who led ouster of Harvard president, linked to 'scientific racism' journal

Private payroll growth slowed to just 107,000 in January, below expectations, ADP reports

Screach Owl

Oklahoma asks teachers to return up to $50,000 in bonuses the state says were paid in error

On This Day: Congress votes against slavery, but for forced prison labor, still to today - Jan. 31, 1865

Mike Johnson Is Praying the Senate Doesn't Pass the Immigration Bill

McGovern UNLEASHES On Trump And His "Stupid" Wall

Franz Schubert was born on this date.

E. Jean Carroll's lawyer threatens to seek sanctions over Alina Habba's "utterly baseless" claim

Roosevelt Sykes was born on this date.

Israel army says flooding Gaza tunnels to halt Hamas attacks

Middle-aged and gay. Who knew??

Weekly Skews - 1/30/24 - Borderlands of Insanity

Charlie Musselwhite has a birthday today.

"Our patience is over": Ukraine attacks Russia with "secret weapon". 500,000 prepare for last stand. - The Russian Dude

Terry Kath was born on this date.

India's navy rescues two hijacked boats. British military warns of two pirate groups in Indian Ocean


They Knew - Charles Keeling's Foundational Research Into CO2 & Climate Was Funded By Oil & Car Companies In 1954

Utah joins 10 other states in regulating bathroom access for transgender people

Big Hong Kong News - Trillions Wiped as China Stocks Hit Record Lows - China Update

Why the Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About Taylor Swift Is Good for American Democracy

Does Donald Trump have dementia?

Zuckerberg among tech bosses to testify on child safety

Another Record For Ocean Temperatures In 2023; Heating Tracked Up To 2,000 Meters Below Surface

Apparently X finds my posts disruptive.

Yeah..."Holy War"...

The new T.V. limited series, Griselda....

Ocala man arrested after running around naked outside a thrift store, shoplifting

You raised $290.00 on January 30, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

OK Just an idea

'Fantasy Island' Memes

Pro-Palestine protesters chant 'Genocide Joe' at every Biden campaign event - report

Happy 'Watch Trump Lose His Shit' Day when Judge Engoron slaps him with his penalty for financial fraud

Military veteran who killed Iraqi civilian is ordered jailed on Capitol riot charges

Son of Israeli diplomat accused of intentionally running over Florida police officer. . immunity?

As America Sleeps, Republicans Advance Mayorkas Impeachment

Peter Gunn '92

BORING (Cartoon)

You raised $10.00 on January 30, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

Zelensky to oust Ukraine's top general amid tension over new mobilization

Why is the GOP so eager to impeach the first Hispanic DHS Secretary?

Photographer snaps extremely rare 'aurora curls' after magnetic wave rings Earth's atmosphere 'like a bell'

It's another case of whodunit at Elephant Nature Park!

The 'God's army' convoy traveling to Texas to stop migrants has seen a vehicle get lost, tires slashed, and someone stra

Robert Reich: The so called "party of fiscal responsibility" is full of it.

pineapple express arives in sonora ca tonight and its not a passenger train.

Why the Trump Presidency sucked?

what could biden realistically do to stop the israel gaza war

Three AI insights for hard-charging, future-oriented smartypantses -Cory Doctorow

The Fascist Four Know Not What They Do

Just What We Need -- Another Border Wall! - Jim Hightower

I'm tired of 'proportional retaliation'.

The Lincoln Project Won't Be Gagged by No Labels

Michigan cannabis sales hit record high in 2023, creating tax windfall for governments

Pioneer Ridge Teamsters Unanimously Ratify First Contract

Space photo of the week: Ancient 'labyrinth of night' on Mars, one of the biggest mazes in the solar system

MI: Democrats Xiong, Herzberg win state House special primary races in metro Detroit

'I hate this': George Conway whacks New York Times for projecting 'rationality' onto Trump

My God Dentures! $37,000!!!!!

The Federal Reserve Meets Wednesday. Here's What to Watch.

Far-right mayor faces tough reelection in Alaska's largest city

The real Biden border crisis.

Are they exomoons or not? Scientists debate existence of 1st moons seen beyond our solar system

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Wednesday, January 31

Trump says he is shopping around for new law firm as Alina Habba faces scrutiny

Just listening to Lindsey Graham lecture Zuckerburg about

Discrimination On The Basis Of Sex - Pennsylvania Supremes condemn Dobbs

Question about procedure in New York civil fraud case

My best friend since high school died

Can't afford a Rolls-Royce?

The broken promises of the NFL concussion settlement

Florida will throw trans people in jail if they try to update the gender on their driver's licenses

Chris Rufo linked to 'scientific racism' journal

Far from Ukraine and Gaza, Another War Just Killed 50,000 People

listening to the "new abnormal" podcast from the daily beast and they made an interesting point.

Trump to meet with Teamsters in fight with Biden over union support

My ebook is now free on Amazon

My ebook is now free on Amazon

The 'Profound Influence' of Christian Extremists on Mike Johnson

Lol Swalwell forces them to read his amendment listing all Trump officials who defied subpoenas. (tweet)

Quick question. RE: "New York City hush money case"

Nearly 6 million U.S. women became pregnant due to sexual violence

Biggest injury loss for the 49ers defense may be a player you seldom hear of ...

Haley camp seeks to convince top donors that Trump would cost GOP the House

the jetsons .

Chip Taylor and "Wild Thing"

Trump campaign plans a 'holy war' on Taylor Swift

Tiedrich tweet: 4 troops killed in Niger in 2017 and Trump did shit and Republicans said shit about it.

"We're looking forward to having a conversation with you."

Iowa schools could hire religious chaplains under proposed legislation

Zelensky to oust Ukraine's top general amid tension over new mobilization

The exact same Republican Congresspeople who are anti abortion because they want to "save the babies"

34 years ago I went into rehab.

How much has Stinky cost himself and his followers so far?

Inside the Taylor Swift deepfake scandal: 'It's men telling a powerful woman to get back in her box'

Man accused of destroying Satanic Temple display at Iowa Capitol is now charged with hate crime

Scientists Are Racing to Unearth the Secrets of an Ancient Underwater World

Virginia man who murdered co-worker over stolen food is sentenced to 70 years

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pennsylvania, rhetoric, and believing it....

Top European Leaders Test Positive for Cancerous 'Forever Chemicals'/PFAS

David Bennett Piano - Bowie's 'Life On Mars?' is revenge on Frank Sinatra

Daily Telescope: Webb telescope reveals breathtaking structure of galaxies

Private Schools, Public Money: School Leaders Are Pushing Parents to Exploit Voucher Programs

NYS Writers Institute summer writing workshops now open

An oldie but a goodie

How Donald Trump fuels QAnon cult that claims Biden killed JFK

UK Guardian: Activist who led ouster of Harvard president linked to 'scientific racism' journal

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 31, 2024

Just finished Rachel Maddow's Prelude and now listening to Ruth Ben-Ghiat's Strongman.

Everyone Thought This 4,000-Year-Old Tomb Had Been Destroyed. Then, an Archaeologist Found It

Splitting the angry crackpot vote

Say we get the ceasefire the protesters want

GHOSTBUSTER: FROZEN EMPIRE - Official Trailer (HD) - In theaters 3/22/2024

Conversation with an Old Man: Climate Change

Biden's Middle East Policy "Leading Us into a War Whose Aims We Have Not Defined"

Nathan Wade and wife settle divorce case

Man arrested after claiming he decapitated father and posted anti-Biden rant

Alina Habba May Have Used Fake Person

Troy Nehls Goes On Racist Tirade Against Black Congresswoman

Undercover Israeli Raid on Jenin Hospital Draws Condemnation

EBay will pay $59 million settlement over pill presses sold online as US undergoes overdose epidemic

Just heard on the news that Speaker Asswipe proclaims border deal in the Senate is DOA in the House

Senator Hawley drills Zuckerberg over taking responsibility!

5-Year-Old Boy Insists On Rescuing Abandoned Puppies

Northern Ireland to get new Brexit trade rules in deal to restore power sharing

What Happens When A School Bans Smartphones - A Complete Transformation

Rob Reiner on Christianity, Abortion, and How Christians Should Vote

Fulton County says cyberattack did not impact election interference case

Israeli Cabinet Members Join Event Calling for Ethnic Cleansing & Resettlement of Gaza

Preliminary test crashes indicate the nation's guardrail system can't handle heavy electric vehicles

My two lovebirds, a pair of cardinals, visited outside my big window today....

Rage in Gaza isn't directed only at Israel. Some are angry with Hamas too

PBS: Democracy on Trial (Full Film)

Days of Darkness: How one woman escaped the conspiracy theory trap that has ensnared millions (AP)

Dash Cam: Tooele Police release video of semi speeding into cars and auto mall

What Normal childhood game that you used to play , indoors or outdoors, that you loved to play, but haven't played

Lunch time tune, Thin Lizzy, "Slow Blues" alternate version

Michigan's Arabs and Muslims push to defeat Biden in critical state

My ebook is now free on Amazon

Why are so many robots white?

Cartoons 1/31/2024

Ugh, Ben Shapiro has released a rap song

Today's Tiedrich rant: holy shit, Taylor Swift has broken Donald Trump's worm-infested brain

Watching the Senate interviews of Tech CEOs.

Lynnwood's Binda to challenge Rep. Larsen for Congress

Harrop: Trump, GOP have learned to love chaos of open borders

Pointed conservative criticism on Mayorkas impeachment

In new program, nurses help 911 callers who don't need an ambulance

Stunning Prehistoric Jewelry Reveals 9 Hidden Societies in Ice Age Europe

I've been on a Thin Lizzy Kick lately, but I managed to miss Brian Downey's Birthday last saturday.

Trump Decays, Democrats Surge Rick WIlson's The Enemies List WSG Simon Rosenberg

A federal judge has struck down California's ammunition background check requirement

Republicans' border battle at risk of blowing up

The 14th Amendment Wasn't a Creative Writing Exercise

"That would be a crime": Attorney warns Trump can't use campaign funds to pay E. Jean Carroll $83M

Haley calls Trump 'toxic' in latest rebuke

Unrepentant Jan 6 Convict Sentence Doubled - Raw News and Politics

Arlington resident Jack Burkman, DC lawyer, to give up license following voting robocall conviction

Sean Hannity Lists 'Lies' About Republicans To Woo Taylor Swift To GOP -- It Backfires

I'm not a football fan, but I'll force myself to watch the Super Bowl.

Oligarchs expect universities to produce more oligarchs.

Tom Cotton channels Joseph McCarthy

Seahawks hire Mike Macdonald as new head coach, per report

Sludgy, simple and loud

Seahawks hire Mike Macdonald as new head coach, per report

Pastors and politicians slam DeSantis for luring immigrants from a church to be sent out of state

Fox host asks union leader why they didn't endorse Trump, doesn't go well - David Pakman Show

Trump Risks Losing More Than Half of Swing-State Voters If Found Guilty

Congressman urging Texas to ignore the Supreme Court is backed by major law firms

ICYMI - Laura Belin (Bleeding Heartland) has been granted press credentials to the Iowa House

Double post sorry

US rightwing conspiracy theory touts Taylor Swift as 'Pentagon asset'

Rev Al Greens' Lets Stay Together is 50 yrs old today.

YouTuber Simon Whistler: The Mid-East Crisis is Getting Worse. Here's Why.

Alabama auto industry 'may be coming to an end' if union wins fight, commerce secretary says

'Hijack' Renewed for Season 2 at Apple TV+

Orange Idiot threatens "Holy War" on Taylor Swift- Steve Schmidt- The WARNING

Georgia Bill Filed To Discharge And Dismiss All RICO Charges Against Current Defendants

Jimmy Kimmel on Taylor Swift NFL conspiracy theories: 'They think football is fake and wrestling is real'

If there is a shortage of lettuce,

Fed holds rates steady, indicates it is not ready to start cutting

Biden arms Ukraine via Greece

Frontline: a must see if you missed it!

So, are we getting the NY fraud ruling today?

Open Primaries: Out of curiosity

Shame Americans don't watch Frontline

Michigan's Arabs and Muslims push to defeat Biden in critical state

Trump's Worst Lawyer Costs Him Millions (Carroll v. Trump)

Fearless Fund challenges court order blocking a grant program exclusively for Black women entrepreneurs

Dead & Co announced a residency at The Sphere in Vegas

If local Arab leaders tank Biden in Michigan....

What political persuasion do think this person is?

Excellent report on the West Bank from Roger Cohen in today's NYT

John Bolton: 'I'm convinced' trump 'will withdraw from NATO, which would be a Catastrophic Mistake'

U.S. Government Disrupts Botnet People's Republic of China Used to Conceal Hacking of Critical Infrastructure

A group in Iraq is responsible for killing three Americans


A State Supreme Court Just Issued the Most Devastating Rebuke of Dobbs Yet

Judge voids California laws requiring background checks to buy ammunition

Trump campaign chief urges Republican megadonors to ignore Trump's words, focus on primary lead, sources say

Secret history: Even before the revolution, America was a nation of conspiracy theorists

Give Andrea MITCHELL a point: Shades BOLTON to his face about not testifying at Drumpf impeachment

New comedy show "After Midnight"

Wu Tang x Beastie Boys

A Rated Quinnipiac Poll -Biden 50% Trump 44%

Fox Host Finally Gives MAGA What They Deserve in Epic Viral Rant! - Luke Beasley

Scoop: State Department reviewing options for possible recognition of Palestinian state

Here's wishing you and yours a happy, safe, and prosperous National Gorilla Suit Day* !

Is Taylor Swift a Pentagon asset?

Comer to Hannity: "All of the people that we brought in for depositions, they had a hard time remembering the bad things

US rightwing conspiracy theory touts Taylor Swift as 'Pentagon asset'

Russia and Ukraine swap hundreds of POWs despite tensions over a plane crash last week

First thing tomorrow morning I'm outta of jail, aka nursing home and my I don't give a shit 'tude is here

Trump says he's interviewing new lawyers for Carroll case appeal, attacks judge

Meidas Touch: tfg looking for new law firm for E. Jean Carroll appeal

State Dept issues travel advisory for Jamaica

Who likes seeing Taylor Swift in the news more then #45?

What Pittsburgh-Area River Was Just Named the 2024 River of the Year?

Iran Warns It Will Retaliate After Biden Says He's Decided How To Respond To Killing Of 3 U.S. Soldiers

I Know You Rider

US judge dismisses Disney's lawsuit accusing DeSantis of retaliation

POWELL: "Let's be honest. This is a good economy"

Charlie Kirk has gone off the deep end.

Wasn't There Supposed To Be A Big Decision Today That Would Cost Tr**p A Lot .....

Elon Musk Says Neuralink Has Implanted First Ever Human Brain Chip

Windows 11 problem

Pooper is gone

Breaking: Federal judge dismisses Disney's lawsuit against Santis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

Retaliation popular, protracted war not so much, Netanyahu finds.

Breaking: Federal judge dismisses Disney's lawsuit against Santis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

Judge dismisses Disney lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis

Group led by Baltimore native David Rubenstein set to take control of the Orioles

David Rubenstein stepping down as Kennedy Center chairman

Group led by Baltimore native David Rubenstein set to take control of the Orioles

A GREAT meme. Not sure if it has already been posted

Vermont catches up in the race to fleece taxpayers.

PERFECTION: Biden Camp drops advert on Trump's Truth Social hitting Trump on his dementia.

Muireann Bradley - When the Levee Breaks

Israeli Army Occupies Gaza Homes - Then Burns Them Down

Those porch kitcats sure do take advantage of the litter boxes.

10 Facts About "Illegals" A Guide For Racist Idiots

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Taylor Swift, numbers, dads, and the NFL....

BREAKING: Judge Engoron decision on NY AG civil fraud case will likely NOT be released today. Word I'm hearing is that

misogyny in action. taylor swift vs the idiot.

Unhinged Trump Fan Can Expect Visit From FBI After Saying This - Rebel HQ

President Biden has opened up a 6 point lead in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up with former President Trump

Nicknames for the orange con man.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 1 February 2024

Near home

Ukrainian POW's returning home

3,152 days (June 15, 2015 - January 31, 2024) since Trump slithered down his fake golden escalator.

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams: Save the Whales Song

Dire Straits legend's guitars garner six-figure sales

FBI Director Wray says China targeting U.S. civilian infrastructure, economic security - CBS News

Back home from the hospital.

Lindsey Graham says Mark Zuckerberg has blood on his hands, calls social media dangerous - CBS News

Twenty years on, John Bolton is still defending the US's Iraq War UpFront

US military revises account of what happened to 2 SEALs who died trying to board Yemen-bound ship

Did David Jolly copy a Monet Giverney painting for his background on MSNBC interviews?

Southern MD afternoon 1/31

Chicago City Council passes Gaza cease-fire resolution as Johnson casts tie-breaking vote

Russia Will Strike NATO, Alliance Must Be Prepared - NATO Generals - UATV English

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 31, 2024

Putin is 'despicable but not stupid enough' to start a war with NATO Admiral Lord West of Spithead

Senator Lisa Murkowski slams her Republican colleagues who try to scuttle the immigration/Ukraine deal: "It was the Re

UPDATE: Judge Engoron may NOT issue his decision today.....

Tech Layoffs Not Tied to Economic Struggles, but AI Investments

THANK YOU! To all who helped two old ladies!!

Chech & Chong - MAN THAT'S SOAP MAN!!!

Two recent books on WWII Nazi era

Michael Luckovich-Darn Open Borders

FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter IDed with help of facial recognition and a throwback Eagles hat

Moody's Analytics model predicts Biden will win 'close' election and Pennsylvania will be key

Mitch McConnell's Plan to Sabotage Social Security From Within

KOSA isn't designed to help kids

Rocks, a reflection, and a sheen of ice

Moody's Election Forecast Map Here

MAGA Meltdown re Taylor Swift (Lincoln Project)

Accusations, tears and rants: 5 takeaways from today's tech CEO hearing

I don't believe I've ever heard a Taylor Swift song or seen her on stage

RFK Jr. still drawing more backing from Trump donors

The one thing George Soros will not do

Joe Biden has great empathy for people, not to mention great political instincts as...

I feel dirty just listening to Sen. Blackburn, but wow

And now for someone more to my liking

"Hail Satan! Hail Iowa! Thank you for your time."

The Messenger shuts down amid industry-wide layoffs

Gender gap expands between Biden and Trump, new poll shows

House Democrats' campaign arm raised $12.3M to close out 2023

Sen. Pete Ricketts criticizes Biden for 'abuse' of immigration parole authority

Podesta to take on John Kerry's climate role

Democratic governors rake in record cash ahead of 2024

Russian Racism

The Messenger to Close After Less Than a Year

Nine injured after 'corrosive substance' thrown in Clapham, south London

Purple haze, don't know why? Here's the science behind the colourful fog seen in B.C.'s Okanagan

ABBA cover - Madonna: Like an Angel Passing Through My Room

Tesla sued by California counties over hazardous waste

Biden, not Congress, responsible for action on immigration, U.S. House speaker asserts

The Liberal Justices Should Be Talking More Shit

The Lincoln Project Won't Be Gagged by No Labels - Wilson and Galen WSJ letter

Justice delayed is justice denied-- because of corrupt conservative judges

No March 4th trial for Kook?

Zuckerberg tells parents of social media victims at Senate hearing: 'I'm sorry for everything you've been through'

Highlight of my day- sweet Girl Scout came taking orders for cookies

Biden Leads Trump Nationally

What's happened to The Don?

'Find someone who looks at you like Trump looks at an dictator': John Bolton's warning to America

FDA warns of contaminated copycat eye drops

Perfect dental office moment:

A Taylor Swift song that describes MAGA deplorables

Why Donald Trump's mysterious $48 million loan matters

MAGA Adjacent Man Accused of Beheading His Father In Suburban Philadelphia Home And Posting Gruesome Video Online

MAGA adjacent man Accused of Beheading His Father in Suburban Philadelphia Home and Posting Gruesome Video Online

Assault, underage drinking charges held for Bucks County mom behind conservative school movement

Oh boy! The Take Our Border Back convoy is coming through Central Texas tomorrow.

US warship had close call with Houthi missile in Red Sea

US warship had close call with Houthi missile in Red Sea

Election Year Politics Could Still Kill Tax Bill

New Poll; Biden Beats Trump by 6% Nationally

Kansas City man who spent 18 seconds in Capitol on Jan. 6 gets probation, home detention

Ryan Adams - Bad Blood

Is there a Taylor Swift song or songs that would irritate Republicans?

Haley: Texas can Secede from the US if the state decides to do so