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Hundreds of migrants in Denver tent city evicted by authorities over health, safety

Why hasn't Governor Greg Abbott been charged with human trafficking?

Clark County NV Judge viciously attacked in Court (warning graphic)

Hey Ari Melber:

Trump claims he has Presidential immunity and can't be charged with insurrection.

People driving fancy cars offroad in death valley, get stuck/ damage ecosystem

I believe it is quite possible (likely) that if The Defendant wins, our country will be a dictatorship in hours, . . . .

Russian Reserves Value Crashes as Pipeline Sales Collapse & LNG Sales Fall Despite Massive Reserves - Joe Blogs

Jeffrey Epstein documents unsealed

Should Scott Perry (R) PA-10 be allowed to run for re-election?

Imagine this.

Donald Trump's recent post signals that even HE knows criminal convictions are coming - Glenn Kirschner

Teen's promising swimming career in limbo after he is accused of slapping teammate on the backside

Vote Blue!

While I deplore poor prison conditions for those incarcerated...

BREAKING: Trump asks Supreme Court to overturn Colorado ballot eligibility ruling - Deadline - MSNBC

Imam killed outside New Jersey mosque, and the shooter remains at large, authorities say

New Attack Ad Buries Trump in Must-See Takedown! - Luke Beasley

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Kentucky, costs, and conversations....

Court records related to Jeffrey Epstein are set to be released, but they aren't a client list

Social Burden

I Will Give You Everything - Skydiggers

Colorado GOP asks SCOTUS to take up Trump ballot case - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Russian Troops Beaten Up Upon Returning From Ukraine

House GOP resolves to 'shut down the border or shut down the government' in 16 days

Please don't repost this photo anywhere:

April Wine/ You Could Have Been A Lady...

Gen Z Pranks Fox News Host Live On Air - Rebel HQ

Which scam busters do you like? I recently started watching a guy on youtube

Chris Christie says he would not pardon Trump if elected: "You don't accept responsibility -- too bad, go to jail."

Cock Robin - When Your Heart Is Weak

A Far-Right Court Just Admitted a Truth That Abortion Foes Want to Hide

Trump Files LAST MINUTE DISQUALIFICATION Petition with Supreme Court - Meidas Touch

Most Americans still blame Trump for violence on January 6: Poll

Tom Morello Issues Hilarious Response To Fox Crying About 'Woke' Bands - Waldorf Nation

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi is on Chris Hayes

Native tribes are getting a slice of their land back -- under the condition that they preserve it

Broward political provocateur challenges Trump's eligibility for Florida ballot

The ultimate guide to Cockney rhyming slang


'A deadly serious pattern': Five state capitals evacuated after a series of bomb threats - Deadline - MSNBC

You Take Russian Passports - Your Take Arms. Migrants Mobilised in Russia - UATV English

Jake Tapper , Mike Johnson interview

Amazing how we keep hearing Bill Clinton re Epsteain, while current kGOPb frontrunner

I've been laughing and crying for three days now

Biden treating Trump as their de-facto opponent in 2024 Election ahead of January 6 speech - Deadline - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iran and Lebanon....

Trump's FOOLISH REPLY to immunity decision - Talking Feds

Texas, where women are less important than a fetus

MTG Blames Own Son For Her Alleged Corruption - Rebel HQ

Staffers for ex-Speaker Lee Chatfield plead not guilty in financial misconduct case

American Myths Are Made of White Grievance--and the Jan. 6 Big Lie Is Just the Latest

ESPN Host Apologizes As Jimmy Kimmel Threatens Lawsuit

Americans Are Stockpiling Abortion Pills...Just in Case

Idle Eyes - Tokyo Rose

Opinion- Want to know how real conservatives think? Read their brief on immunity.

Tonight a Rose bouquet.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Something pretty amazing happened to me today.

Rush - Red Barchetta

Senator Ron Johnson Really Needs To Lawyer Up Now

Seth McFarlane TAKES DOWN Bill Maher

A new Florida Man

Florida surgeon general calls for halt on mRNA covid vaccines, citing debunked claim

Jeffrey Epstein: documents linking associates to sex offender unsealed

'Pummeling' Trump into losing: GOP candidates ignore lessons from Trump's past failures - The Beat - MSNBC

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

the "golden" boy. It occurred to me while reading and commenting on a

Nigel Lythgoe sued again over alleged sexual abuse - US media

FL GOP Leader Investigated For Another Crime - Raw News And Politics

If I'd Been The One - 38 Special

Salman Rushdie stabbing trial delayed over upcoming book

Mr. Miller knew I loved comics, especially superhero ones. On Sundays I'd skip out of Sunday school

This guy actually committed plagiarism.

Dog BFFs Get Their Parents To Start Dating

Jail cell or Oval Office? High stakes for Trump's 2024 as Biden hits Jan. 6 again - The Beat - MSNBC

Robert Plant - '29 Palms'

Republicans launch process to impeach Maine Secretary of State Bellows

Proof Trump MUST be Removed From 2024 Ballot? - Thom Hartmann

Panelists react to Trump's appeal to the US Supreme Court - CNN

Motherfucker Chris Rufo: How We Squeezed Harvard to Push Claudine Gay Out

*THANK* you, - Universe/ "gawd"/Lounge/DU/whomever

Special Counsel Shreds Trump's Unhinged, Anti-American Demands - Pondering Politics

Hamas' brutality is unpardonable

Who says Trump is wrong on 'get out of jail' card'? His own lawyer, GOP leader, Nixon... - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump makes consequential move to US Supreme Court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Wm. L. Dawson's 'Negro Folk Symphony' (now on American Public Media's Performance Today)

Brent Terhune satirizes "American Pickers"

Ice House - No Promises

Trump Accidentally DUMPS More Evidence AGAINST HIMSELF to Prosecutors - Meidas Touch

'Are you better off now?': What America was really like four years ago under Trump - All In - MSNBC

The Motels - Only The Lonely

It's clear that when Tump is convicted he cant be put in prison with the general inmate population

Nancy Pelosi makes the case for Biden 2024: 'Let's get back to that kitchen table' - All In - MSNBC

Ukraine could make use of female soldiers to aid its 'recruitment crisis' - Times Radio

How We Squeezed Harvard to Push Claudine Gay Out

Jeffrey Epstein: Prince Andrew and Clinton named in Epstein court files

Did anyone watch the "Mustache of Understanding" tonight on Lawrence O'Donnell's show tonight?

i finally banished nytimes emails to my spam folder

Gaza cease-fire activists crash California Assembly on first day back

Satellite imagery analysis shows immense scale of dark fishing industry

Hundreds of migrants in Denver tent city evicted by authorities over health, safety

AI in India reading scripture and then offering advice.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Silly Love Songs - Wings At The Speed Of Sound

OMG a nerd's dream website.

Why Aren't Amazing Public Spaces Car-Free? (Like Pike Place Market)

Joy: Alleged Trump coup bandits still at large in Congress - The ReidOut - MSNBC

What's your favorite color,? Mine is dusty pink How about you?

Everyone knows it's Windy! (Song by The Association.)

Florida Surgeon General Calls for Halt on mRNA Vaccines

Pet squirrel plays with a stuffed ball:

Dog's reaction to seeing a kitten for the first time:

Mother Sparrow feeding her babies at restaurant:

The Constitution has a right to defend itself against Donald Trump

GOP Candidate Busted Faking Home Cooking Brag - Waldorf Nation

2nd tweet--Hummingbird feeds its chicks in its tiny nest:

Obviously a pro!

So the House GOBers go to the southern border and for what?

Taking out the Christmas tree:

In a time in need of solutions

Repub state Rep. Josh Schriver of MI will attempt to remove "tax exempt status from non-theistic churches."

How stunning this is!

Why do it the easy way?

Exclusive: Biden's Gaza strategy makes Palestinian American official quit his administration - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Teamsters president Sean O'Brien met with Trump tonight. They posted different photos afterward.

Adorable duck:

A cat is a cat is a cat:

'Kalevala Suite'

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump wants a SCOTUS with three Trump justices to save his candidacy - The Last Word - MSNBC

2nd tweet--Baby panther (melanistic leopard) playing "Catch me when I jump."

Trump Coup Clowns - Jan 3, 2024 Updates - Raw New And Politics

I want Biden to run the table against Trump this November.

CO Secy. Griswold: Trump says he didn't incite an insurrection, Colorado courts say he did - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump Makes SHOCKING AND DESPERATE Citation in Appeals Reply - Meidas Touch

600,000 Texas drivers lose licenses under state program targeting unpaid tickets

Giuliani Begs Supporters For Cash To Build An 'Army'

Just tried to...

'This Is the Tipping Point' -- Canadian Jewish Business Firebombed, Defaced with 'Free Palestine' Graffiti

The Arctic prison holding Putin critic Navalny - Reuters

Tom Friedman: Hamas is a terrible organization, first & foremost for Palestinians - The Last Word - MSNBC

Sierra Leone's ex-president charged with treason over failed coup - Reuters

Hey, remember how Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch #PLAGIARIZED a large portion of both his book AND his academic

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Nikki Haley vs Trump....

My unofficial rule

What the shrinking House GOP majority could mean for Speaker Johnson - CBS News

Are Atheists and Democratic Secular

This SCAM Is Stealing Your Medicare w/ Mark Pocan - Thom Hartmann

Claudine Gay: What Just Happened at Harvard Is Bigger Than Me

Can Atheists and Democratic Secular

Trump's Favorite Network Crumbles Over Disastrous Ratings - Rebel HQ

Trump brings battered arguments to ask Supreme Court to put him back on Colorado ballot - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Mark Meadows turns to HOT SHOT LAWYER in TIRELESS BID to move case - Talking Feds

L.A. woman, 88, had private security for protection. A guard mistook her for a burglar

L.A. woman, 88, had private security for protection. ASC guard mistook her for a burglar

How citizen investigators are helping the FBI track down Jan. 6 rioters

'Dog and pony show politics': GOP border theatrics gives Democrats opportunity for contrast - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Japan stocks: a minute's silence, then a slide - Reuters

Schumer takes dig at Johnson for visiting border amid deal talks - CBS News

Florida man arrested and accused of threatening to kill Rep. Eric Swalwell and his kids

MI-08: Democratic state senator running for House in toss-up Michigan district

Why Democrats can't rely on abortion ballot initiatives to help them win

Report: Audacy Preparing To File For Bankruptcy Within Weeks.

Special prosecutor sees no crime in alleged NEGOP break-in

'A fundamental question for our democracy' - Can presidents be charged for crimes in office? - Deadline - MSNBC

PA: Innamorato (D) raises minimum wage for hundreds of Allegheny County workers

MI: Former Chatfield (R) aides plead not guilty to financial felonies

MI: New members selected to help redistricting commission fix voting maps tossed by federal judges

Legislative Republicans launch process to impeach Maine Secretary of State Bellows

Trump Hit QUICKLY With UNEXPECTED Legal LOSSES he Didn't See Coming - Meidas Touch

Arguments over abortion-rights initiative set for Feb. before Florida Supreme Court

As of now: No Democratic presidential primary election in FL in March; but court hearing next week


Michigan Rep. Walberg (R) draws backlash for telling Uganda to 'stand firm' after passing anti-gay laws

OH: Stalking charges not being filed against Rep. Elliot Forhan (D) due to lack of evidence

WI: Dane County judge overhauls standards for witness address in absentee balloting

Ohio woman criminally charged after a miscarriage - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

From my friend GERMS, new art...

WI: Dane County elections: 10 supervisors drop out, 10 districts contested

Can We Repeal The Law That Killed The Middle Class? - Thom Hartmann

UFCW Local 1776 Endorses 'Pro-Worker' State Representative Jared Solomon For PA Attorney General

Breakfast Thursday 4 January 2024

San Diego State U sent an email supporting students after Oct. 7. It's now being investigated for Islamophobia.

Cherelle Parker publicly sworn in as Philadelphia's first female mayor

Midstate PA Senate seats draw attention from Democrats and Republicans alike

Cease-fire letter falls flat in Alameda after a tense 5-hour meeting

NYC: Adrienne Adams reelected council speaker; Faras in, Powers out as majority leader

Controversy continues after the resignation of Harvard's President Claudine Gay - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Attorney General's office opens criminal probe of Jersey Freedom

Well at least Trump has a GOOD reason...

UK General Election: When should Sunak pull the trigger?

UK: Lib Dems refuse to rule out an election deal with Labour in the event of a hung parliament

SLOPPY Judge Cannon ATTEMPTS to Hide her Corrupt Rulings - Meidas Touch

California man, Shray Goel, arrested, accused of nationwide 'bait-and-switch' Airbnb grift

Substack is being faced with having to decide whether or not to host

Trump's WEAK appeal shows FEAR of disqualification - Talking Feds

First major U.S. offshore wind farm sends first power to the grid

How much snow will Maryland see this weekend?

Exclusive: Russian hackers were inside Ukraine telecoms giant for months

Trump Appeals Colorado Insurrectionist Ballot Ban To US Supreme Court - Rodecast

Contrasting campaign messaging from Biden and Trump as 2024 gets underway - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Wordle 929 Jan 4 ***Spoiler Thread***

And They Know Who They Want To Lead Them

Iran's Supreme Leader vows 'harsh response' after explosions kill 95 - DW News

In Denmark a McDonalds worker makes $20 an hour and, if they are over twenty, the company starts paying

Trump blames Liz Cheney for his own misdemeanors. Anthony Davis EXPLAINS. Wednesday January 3, 2024. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

Good news: Several new studies reveal that getting multiple COVID vaccine doses provides strong protection

Germany's CO2 emissions are at their lowest in 7 decades, study shows

French Inflation Inches Higher on Energy, Services Costs

Senate Democrats scoff at Biden's Israel arms sale

Biden administration announces $162 million to expand computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon

Somalia Rejects Ethiopia's Somaliland Port Deal: What Next? - TLDR News Global

ADP Report Preview: US private-sector employment set to increase slightly in December

Rockaway this Thursday - I love this Beres

It's Clear to Everyone Gazans Must Be Destroyed, Israeli Lawmaker Says

Detroit sees lowest number of murders since 1966

On January 2, 1929, "Twilight Zone" author Charles Beaumont was born.

Extreme cold leaves thousands without power in Nordic countries while floods again hit Germany

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Now Conservaters want to take Canada out of the UN.

On this day, January 4, 2007, Nancy Pelosi became the first woman sworn in as speaker of the House.

On this day, January 4, 1905, Sterling Holloway was born.

On this day, January 4, 1987, the northbound Amtrak Colonial wrecked in Chase, Maryland.

It's time! Putin prepares "sensational statement". Ukrainians retake crucial positions in Verbove. - The Russian Dude

Biden administration announces $162 million to expand computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon

On this day, January 4, 2021, Donald Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Devin Nunes.

Photos: Surgeons report unprecedented numbers of amputations among children in Gaza

The Trump campaign embraces Jan. 6 rioters with money and pardon promises

If you voted Republican because you fear socialism......

Court documents reveal names of powerful men allegedly linked to Jeffrey Epstein

The Epstein Documents via "The Guardian"

Thursday TOONs

On This Day: Baltimore native breaks 12 year GOP majority with Speaker's chair - Jan. 4, 2007

US calls for urgent UN action on attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels on ships in the Red Sea


Fox Reporter Blasts Conservatives For Lying About Migrant Caravans - Ring of Fire

😃🇺🇸🍝🗓️❗️Your favorite spaghetti?

REVIEW: Action Comics Annual 2023

In Memoriam: Andre Braugher

Art of the Year: 2023

Sandy Hook parents press gunmakers to stop marketing weapons of war to kids

How many soldiers died in the attack upon Ft Sumter?

US Military Academy at West Point can continue to consider race in admissions, judge rules

US Mint releases coins honoring Harriet Tubman

GOP Committed to Criminal Trump Ahead of Iowa! The Next Level

Private payrolls added 164,000 in December, beating expectations, ADP says

Time to sign up and join the fight!

50% Crash: Shocking Reports on Wages, Land & Debt; Chinese Economy; US-China: Spying - China Update

I have seen this seen this show before but now it starred Dr. Gay instead of Al Franken.

I told you it would happen-capitalism is not for the common man only for the well to do

UN says it is 'very disturbed' by Smotrich, Ben Gvir's call for Palestinians to leave Gaza

Regarding abortion rights and the right wing ...

Fox Host Disgusted With Co-Hosts' Penis Picture Theory - Rebel HQ

TFG is NOT arguing that he is innocent but that TFG has the right to commit the crimes charged

Florida woman sues Hershey over Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins packaging not being 'cute'🤪

On border policies, GOP's Nehls says the quiet part loud (again)

Fear of MAGA "backlash" is no reason to let Donald Trump make an illegal run for president

On border policies, GOP's Nehls says the quiet part loud (again)

Governor Newsom Announces World-Leading Science & Technology Research Center in Los Angeles

What are your favorite "tiny luxuries" for under $10?

US weekly jobless claims fall more than expected

The Biden campaign just released its first ad of 2024

The 60-second TV spot, 'Cause,' narrated by President Biden is a very powerful ad

Bascule Bridge Up

TFG is arguing that the 14th Amendment only bars someone from holding office, not running for office

Scientists solve mystery behind why pee is yellow

Humiliated: GOPers who 'kowtow to psychopath' Trump buried by ex-Republican George Conway

You raised $10.00 on January 3, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Addicted Love

Mother and uncle of a US serviceman are rescued from Gaza in a secret operation

A border deal to nowhere? House GOP ready to reject Senate compromise on immigration

RW Extremist: Non-MAGA Republicans Should Be Executed For Treason

OMG have you seen this scam?

Israeli Officials' Calls For 'Voluntary' Migration Of Palestinians Alarm Human Rights Experts

Let's Revisit this Classic Video (Biden: Weapon of Choice)

Americans are tuning out. That's a good thing

Active shooter at high school in details

No Labels: We May Not Put A Democrat On Our Bipartisan Ticket In 2024

Japan jet crash: Airline pilots unaware of cabin fire until crew told them

'Much Harder for Children': Severe Hunger Is Spreading in Gaza. Four Voices From a Human Catastrophe

I need advice re: shotty construction..

Trump Again Raises Eyebrows By Snubbing His Wife To Party With Alina Habba - Farron Balanced

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Red Sea, pirates and emperors....

There doesn't appear to be a mature adult at any table of power on Earth.

I just updated the Donate to re-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris page with the new ad

"The Best Offer." Excellent thriller starring Geoffrey Rush.

Active shooting confirmed at Iowa high school on the first day after winter break

Trump's Overconfidence Could Lose Him the 2024 Election - Let's Talk Elections

Trump Received Millions From Foreign Governments as President, Report Finds

John McLaughlin has a birthday today.

The Symptoms of COVID JN.1

Seth MacFarlane Rips Bill Maher's Antivax BS To Shreds - Majority Report

January 4, 2007. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as Speaker of the House, the first

Trmp properties made more than 5.5 Million while he was in office from China alone.

Safari/MacBook peculiarity

'Come and kill your children': Threats to murder Democratic congressman get man arrested

Judd Legum: Chicago in January with flip flops

🏈 The Vikings actually still have a chance to get into the playoffs

Trump received millions of dollars from foreign governments while president, House Democrats allege

why is a canada jay called a whiskey jack? thanks

White House for Sale: How Princes, Prime Ministers, and Premiers Paid Off President Trump

A Beautiful Black Skimmer Skillfully Skimmering.

i have a nasty cold. how do i decomtaminate my apartment afterwords.? thanks

Active shooter at Iowa high school

Korean actor of Award winning "Parasite" fame faced societal and political pressures in Korea and committed suicide.

todays . morning temps for sonora ca are 32 degrees f.

Freed Israeli hostage says she endured 'psychological warfare' during 50 days of Hamas captivity

I was feeling pretty good, this morning. Then I checked on 'current events'

"We Sat Down With the Conservative Mastermind Behind Claudine Gay's Ouster"

I asked the librarian if the library had any books on paranoia...

The the Steele dossier was right in 2016. Trump was millions of dollars in debt to foreign governments

COVID hospitalizations, deaths surge in California -- and worst is yet to come, CDC warns

Rachel Bitecofer on Teamsters president Sean O'Brien meeting with Trump yesterday

casting call for the Donald

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 4, 2024

this is dust as seen by a satelite using different radio wavelenths .

Is there a way to search the archives?

NIH study suggests metformin protects against long covid

A quarter of Americans believe FBI instigated Jan. 6, Post-UMD poll finds

Deadly Bombing in Iran Could Exacerbate "Shadow War" with U.S. & Israel: Historian Arash Azizi

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 4, 2024)

Ty Cobb shredded for defending Trump's presidential immunity claim (?)

Could the Supreme Court actually disqualify Trump?

2024 Pro Bowl Roster

****Breaking**** ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in Iran

Can Russia Be Defeated? Nina Khrushcheva on Why "the West Must Face Reality in Ukraine"

There has been no substantive increase in the number of trucks entering Gaza since the UN resolution passed on 22 Dec.

Long Covid Causes Changes In Body That Make Exercise Debilitating - Study

Vaccination Dramatically Lowers Long Covid Risk

Islamic State Takes Responsibility for Deadly Bombings in Iran

James Carville Explains Moms For Liberty

Trump wants Jack Smith held in contempt

AMC Theater Tosses Bishop William Barber for Bringing Disability Chair to See "The Color Purple"

What is your guilty pleasure? Mine is home made salsa and corn chips, Doesn't have to be food.

Donald Trump's presidential candidacy challenged in Illinois for 2024 elections

EX500rider, congratulations! 10,000 posts!

Donald Trump's presidential candidacy challenged in Illinois for 2024 elections

I am in a quandary about Henri Matisse...can anyone talk to me about it?

Second Biden official resigns over Israel-Hamas war concerns

This is a comment on a local weather site on Facebook

Senate Democrats scoff at Biden's Israel arms sale

This is coming back to haunt us

Mike and Gloria's friends are getting married.

TFG is planning to attend next week's appeals court arguments on the immunity issue

Gay couple sells Virginia restaurant at center of small-town dispute

Health Experts Dismiss FL Anti -Vax Surg. Gen., Wants To Block Distribution, Put Lives At Risk

A Joint Statement from the Governments

Biden Could Kill Donald Trump And Not Be Prosecuted, Under Trump's Own Legal Theory

Lunch break band of the day. Cold Chisel.

I'm too old for this shit...

Virginia cake pop maker battles state regulators for right to post pics on Instagram

Homemade Samosa Pastry Recipe (video)

Great. I just got a letter from Mr.Cooper, my previous mortgage

Trump wants special counsel held in contempt for allegedly violating stay in Jan. 6 case

Revealed: Roger Stone's Secret Call With Proud Boys Leader in Lead-Up to Jan. 6

Tiny Abandoned Kitten Asks Woman For Help

Dionne Warwick Blasts Claim She'll Appear At RFK Gala

The irresistible Arthur in a 'Throwback Thursday' photo

Artificial Intelligence Development and Uses -- 60 Minutes Episodes

What was the most awe inspiring place/places you have been to? Mine are Grand Canyon, Arches, Moab. Bryce.

My uncle, who is 60, is in need of health insurance.

Lawmakers take second swing of hammer for housing

Rationalizing rejecting money that would give hungry kids food while you're being chauffeured around by a private driver

Verified torture, rape, physical abuse, desecration of a human body of the captives by their 'HamAss' captors.

Cartoons 1/4/2023

Florida's Surgeon General is insane.

Minimum wage hike, new gun regulations become law in 2024

Fact Check: No, Cheney didn't destroy proof of Trump's call-up

Who else is PROUD to be a damn liberal!

Most Republicans Believe Trump Is More a 'Person of Faith' Than Romney, Pence: Poll

Fear of MAGA "backlash" is no reason to let Donald Trump make an illegal run for president

Speaking truth on election lies isn't partisan politics

Listen M$Greedia hacks - the reason 25% of Americans and 30% of

Sanders: "No More US Funding" for Israel as It Wages "Illegal" Assault on Gaza

Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein court papers - read document in full

Please send vibes for Pooper

One attack, two interpretations: Biden and Trump both make the Jan. 6 riot a political rallying cry

Progressive in Washington

Mary Ann Shadd, abolitionist and first Black female newspaper publisher, included in 2024 Canada Post stamps

Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Believe Jan. 6 Riot Was an Attack on Democracy Not to Be Forgotten

Federal judge 'quickly disposes' of Trump's immunity claims while ruling in favor of Brian Sicknick's estate in Jan. 6 l

There's finally evidence for right-wing claims of China corrupting a president

Poopy Le Pew and his minions already claiming 2024 election is rigged.

The Law and the US Constitution

Tucson car-lot coyote video

Biden Could Kill Donald Trump And Not Be Prosecuted, Under Trump's Own Legal Theory

US says Russia has used North Korean ballistic missiles in Ukraine and is seeking Iranian missiles

Sedition Hunters and Ryan J. Reilly on tracking down January 6 rioters (PBS NewsHour)

How soon before MAGATs stop bathing/wiping their butts to show unity with Smelly tRump?

Eric Trump claims profits from foreign countries were donated to U.S. Treasury

Republican Press STUNT Instantly BACKFIRES In THEIR FACES

Biden's January 6 speech is bigger than the 'horserace'. Can the media say that?

Microsoft will add a Copilot (AI) key to all its keyboards, replacing the right Control key for "the era of the AI PC"

A California restaurant's ordeal shows how racist tropes about Asians eating dog meat persist

Trump's candidacy is challenged by a group of Illinois residents

Trump's businesses received at least $7.8 million from 20 foreign governments during his presidency,

Trump wants special counsel held in contempt for allegedly violating stay in Jan. 6 case

GOP Rep. Says Quiet Part Out Loud About Rejecting Border Deal

Under U.S. Pressure, Israel Weighs Opening Erez Crossing for Gaza Humanitarian Aid

Biden campaign staff issue anonymous letter protesting approach to Israel-Hamas war

Republican admits the GOP is why the problems on the southern boarder won't go away

Trump is weak, not strong.

Florida surgeon general calls to stop COVID-19 mRNA vaccines over health claims refuted by FDA

Democrats need to state everything they have done for the country since they took over the presidency in 2021

State government buildings face bomb threats for second consecutive day

Trump's Rivals Were Shocked By How Gross His Cult Followers Really Are

The Woman in the Wall Official Trailer - BBC

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 4, 2024

Houthis launch sea drone to attack ships hours after US, allies issue 'final warning'

Joe Biden has become so irrelevant that

Jan. 6 Proud Boys defendant who led law enforcement on manhunt sentenced to 10 years in prison


Certain Israeli ministers think there are too many Palestinians in gaza...

Kellyanne Conway Thinks Republicans Can Win Back Women in 2024 by Saying, "We Took Away Your Abortion Rights, but We're

kGOPb Frontrunner in Jeffrey Epstein papers with no mention from the legacy press

Opinion: This surprise argument could derail Trump's effort to delay the Jan. 6 trial

This Guy Keeps Rescuing Wild Animals

MAGA Church: Holy War (Lincoln Project)

Cool trick:

About GOTV

Consumer Reports finds 'widespread' presence of plastics in food

Nick Wright on AAron Rodgers comments on Kimmel.

The investigation into Trump's $7.8M Foreign govt money was only 2 years and 4 businesses

I can do that, too!

NYC sues bus companies that transported migrants for $708 million


Kitten's got moves!

Mono Architekten tops perforated concrete car park with public plaza in Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany

He is the GOP's worst nightmare

Glynis Johns, 'Mary Poppins' star who first sang Sondheim's 'Send in the Clowns,' dies at 100

Dog teaches a baby how to crawl? Probably not. He is probably just imitating her.

Explainer: Charging Israel w/Genocide at the ICJ: The Petition, the Precedents and the Punishment. Questions & Answers

JinJoo!!!! Guitar Solo!

Love you!

RIP EBJ - I know she would be so proud of Rep Crockett

More than 500 Biden campaign alumni want a Gaza ceasefire

Some facts about presidential approval

Cats & mice together:

A judge in Oregon refuses to dismiss a 2015 climate lawsuit filed by youth

Bill Ackman's wife, academic celebrity Neri Oxman, plagiarized in her dissertation.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the shrinking GOP House majority....

Republican lawmakers ask Wisconsin Supreme Court to reconsider redistricting ruling

Far + Dang creates long Oklahoma cabin for three families within the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains

Americans spent a record $222 billion shopping online this holiday season

Iowa - Upcoming Caucuses - Candidate Campaigns - Border/Immigration/Economy - and then . . . . .

Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away [Official Music Video]

Republican Iowa congressman says he is 'beyond angry'

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 5 January 2024

1 killed, 5 others injured by Iowa school shooter on the first day after winter break

a friend sent me this article - good for spousal/partner loss

Blue Oyster Cult - Hot Rails To Hell

Trump's candidacy is challenged by a group of Illinois residents

A New Road to Farm, Food and Climate Progress By Jim Hightower


The Daily B###h*: "Let's just save some time, and assume that I am never wrong."

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel (Live Aid 1985)

'Mass casualty event' by far right is 'hanging in the air' if Trump loses in 2024: experts

New, from the Stupidlican party. A Halt to COVID Vaccines.

Hypocrite Ted Cruz comes to Round Rock to discuss CHIPS ACT

i posted to somones post that i never heard of a bidit until i read their post.

'Martyrdom is his thing': Pelosi responds to Trump's ballot fights - CNN

Southern MD afternoon (and sun set) 1/4

I told a prospective employer that I have been indicted on 91 federal charges

PSA for the green cap Huy Fong Srirachi lovers!

Post I saw in NYT op ed comments - GOP stands for

Subway Trains Collide in Manhattan, Causing Derailment, M.T.A. Says

Basdeo Panday, Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago died on Monday

Restored Book Tower in Detroit features hospitality venues by Method Co

TCM sked Saturday 1/6/24: Spinal Tap, Dames, The Apartment, Jane Fonda, George Burns

DEA tells Congress it's considering easing marijuana restrictions

TCM tonight

Top 10 Conservative Idiots presents: Throwback Thursdays!

Tiedrich: 23 state capitols got bomb threats yesterday. what the fuck is going on?

Should the Biden campaign hammer the 91 indictments, the finding of sexual assault, etc., in their ads . . . .

Head of the IDF has begun the process of appointing a team to investigate events leading to October 7 attacks

Mike Luckovich-The Arrival of a Dangerous Caravan

The Arrival of a Dangerous Caravan

Starbucks accused of rigging payments in app for nearly $900 million gain

The real reason Mike Johnson chaperoned 60 House Republicans at the border

Illinois just said they are joining CO and ME

Breaking per MSNBC: Illinois challenges The Defendant's ballot access.

A sixth grader was killed today

Man and his dog rescue two dogs in icy reservoir

"When You Say Trump Should Be Allowed to Run for Office, You Sound Like a Fucking Idiot"

Sean Hannity brings on a tarot card reader on his program, doesn't turn out to be a good thing...

Voters in Illinois and Massachusetts file challenges to remove TFG from ballots

Iowa Judge Tosses Book Ban That Would Have Barred The Use Of Pronouns In Schools

The Far Right Is Growing Stronger--and Has a Plan for 2024

Video: Dog Cecil eats $4000

$500,000 Reward Remains in Effect for Information About Capitol Hill Pipe Bomber

If the price of gas keeps going down.

White House: North Korea provided Russia with ballistic missiles, launchers

Hydroxychloroquine could have caused 17,000 deaths during COVID, study finds

Teenager definition.

Second set of Jeffrey Epstein court filings unsealed in New York

Update on Pooper!

It's been 17 years and President Bartlet is still making Josh do stuff

Chinese First Time Watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Movie Reaction & Review)

The Democratic Primary Elections In Texas - Part Two

Ex-Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's family plans lawsuit alleging negligent care led to death

Trump's Colorado appeal may force Supreme Court to act sooner rather than later - Deadline - MSNBC

Another senior House Republican plans to retire from Congress

Baby's first steps

I don't want a U S. president who worships himself, demands blind loyalty...

Whats with this Stanley cup obsession? (The drinking cup, not hockey)

The Babies

Trump plans to make a week full of court proceedings and campaign events a 'spectacle' - Deadline - MSNBC

20 House Dems NOT running for 2024 Re-election; & 5 Dem Senators not running..