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Glynis Johns, Tony Winner for 'A Little Night Music,' Dies at 100

Florida venue cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene event after learning of its Jan. 6 focus

Steve Schmidt explains why donald trump will be Defeated in 2024 - The Warning

The U.S. is facing the biggest COVID wave since Omicron. Why are we still playing make-believe?

Rep. Swalwell and family threatened, as swatting calls on the rise across the United States - Deadline - MSNBC

NFL playoff brackets as of today:

Group of Massachusetts voters file to remove Former President Trump from ballot

NY Times at least worded this correctly

Riyadh, Doha Condemn Israeli Calls For Gazans' Emigration

Holland Lop Kicks Electronic Bunny

Virginia Giuffre Denies Flying to Epstein Island with Bill Clinton, Contradicting Earlier Report

Illinois and Massachusetts voters seek to take Trump off 2024 ballot

Voters in Illinois and Massachusetts seek to remove Trump off 2024 ballot - NBC News

Will Bunch: Before Trump, an illegitimate Supreme Court stands in the way of democracy

Revealed: Roger Stone's Secret Call With Proud Boys Leader in Lead-Up to Jan. 6

A story of heroism and sacrifice on Oct. 7

Trump businesses got millions in foreign money during presidency, Democrats say - CBS News

Corporate Transparency Act creates new ownership reporting requirement for small businesses

America's Political System is Being Manipulated - but by who? Thom Hartmann - 10 min.

Texas Thinks The Supreme Court Will Let It Have Its Own Immigration Regime

A friend of mine posted this on facebook as a help for people who are depressed.

It took decades, but San Francisco finally installs nets to stop suicides off Golden Gate Bridge

White Nights, Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines (corrected)

Nikki Haley's Republican rivals are ramping up their attacks on her as Iowa's caucuses near

Few Beneficiaries Know Part D Out-of-Pocket Cap Now in Effect

New York mayor sues bus operators that brought migrants from Texas for $708m

Darn it, after 4 years of outwitting it, Covid caught up with me.

Reporter Angers House Republicans With Question on Who Will Vote to Shut Down the Government

Coming up in a few days

How Trump Has Used Fear and Favor to Win Republican Endorsements

Conway: 'His case looks terrible': Trump reportedly worried about SCOTUS ballot ruling - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Supreme Court should ban Trump from the ballot. And not worry about the political fallout.

#TrumpsNewAmerica-WARNING: This video should scare the hell out of you!

#TrumpsNewAmerica-WARNING: This video should scare the hell out of you!

Great Backyard Bird Count 2024

Trump seeks to hold special counsel in contempt for violating pause in election case

Movements in Illinois and Massachusetts to remove

Trump broaches UNPRECEDENTED TERRITORY in HUGELY IMPORTANT new petition - Talking Feds

White House says GOP blocked border funding as Republicans plan tour

Today's Tiedrich rant: 23 state capitols got bomb threats yesterday. what the fuck is going on?

'Fala Speech,' FDR Turns His Dog on Dewey, 1944 Campaign, WW2, Wins 4th Term US President

Why trump needs to be JAILED in order to protect Judges.

I am a little mixed up as to the Jan. 9th oral arguments.

Busted: As Trump eyes jail risk, new report busts millions from U.S. adversaries abroad - The Beat - MSNBC

Jan. 6 'likely the largest single-day mass assault' on law enforcement in US history: DC US attorney

Expert: "Treasure trove" of documents debunks Trump claim that president isn't an "officer" of US

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iran, good news, and bad news....

Is the threshold 270 electors or majority ?

Trump took Millions from China while in office - Pondering Politics

OMWVFT - Only a moron would vote for Trump.

The war in Gaza may widen. The Biden admin is getting ready for it.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Haley Proves There Are No Moderates In The GOP - Raw News And Politics

Roger Stone busted on tape: I told trump to deploy military with Insurrection Act

Stop calling them "shooters." They're "killers, murderers!"

I'm starting to believe

Beware the 'botshit': why generative AI is such a real and imminent threat to the way we live

Trump's lawyers file ABSURD motion asking Judge Chutkan to hold Jack Smith in Contempt - Glenn Kirschner

The plagiarism accusations against Dr. Gay, explained

Venue Cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene Event

now i lay me down to sleep with lots of zzzzs to keep. zzzzzzzzzz

Florida venue cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene event after learning of its Jan. 6 focus

Quote of the Day

Guy driving drunk mistakes a police department for his hotel...

When a little kid I worried about the puppy dogs whose

Houthis launch sea drone to attack ships hours after US, allies issue final warning.

We need bumper stickers that say...

Most Republicans Think Trump Is a 'Person of Faith'

George Takei with his own SNAP Tweet of the day...

Trump campaign launches first attack ad against GOP rival Nikki Haley - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Car crashes into Leesburg gun store during overnight burglary

UNHINGED Trump ATTACKS Jack Smith in SANCTIONABLE Motion - Meidas Touch

How Trump compels GOP lawmakers to 'bend the knee' - All In - MSNBC

Arizona's 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio touts signatures to qualify to run for mayor of Fountain Hill

California lieutenant governor 'swatted' after push to boot Trump from ballot

Michael Fanone Has A Grave Warning For Voters

Chris Hayes: There's only one anti-Epstein candidate--and it's not Trump or RFK Jr. - All In - MSNBC

'The grassroots have left DeSantis': Trump crushes Florida governor in Miami-Dade GOP straw poll

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 7, 2024 - Starring Charles Boyer

There are good people in this world

Jan. 6 Rioter Who Fled Arrest and Faked Overdose Gets 10-Year Sentence

TCM Schedule for Monday January 8 - World Premiere Restorations

In Tense Election Year, Public Officials Face Climate of Intimidation

Trump grift exposed? Dems say his businesses raked in millions from foreign governments while president - The ReidOut MSNBC

State lawyers ask FL Supreme Court to accept elimination of Black congressional seat

CO-04: Democratic congressional candidate in Colorado arrested for alleged protection order violation

Dakota Adams, 26, declared his candidacy as a Democrat (son of Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes)

Steve Schmidt explains why Donald Trump will be defeated in 2024 The Warning

Can Boebert Even Get On The Ballot In Her 'New' District?

Trump's Colorado crossroads: Top Dem says Supreme Court appeal could undo Colorado ballot ban - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Martin Sheen is NOT supporting RFK Jr. - not attending Jr's party.

I am SICK of this GAZA War....

WA: Redrawing contested legislative district could cost several GOP state lawmakers their seats

Carrefour Will No Longer Carry Pepsi, Lays, Doritos. Why? They're Tired Of Getting Gouged

WA: Ballot initiatives cast shadow over Washington legislative session

Arkansas AG rejects second proposed amendment to make abortion a constitutional right

America's Political System is Being Manipulated - but by who? - Thom Hartmann

NH House passes bill to ban gender-affirming care for minors, sending bill to Senate

Nikki Haley: "some of my best friends are....."

NH lawmakers will be taking up major voting bills this year. Here are some to watch for.

Ohio transgender candidate disqualified for only including legal name, not former name, on petitions

Ohio Attorney General sends voting rights coalition back to the drawing board

Ohio House plans to override DeWine's veto of bill banning gender-affirming care for trans youth

Another year, another push to make period products more accessible in Kentucky

Group launches campaign to overturn Michigan solar siting law

Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo held in contempt over party squabble

Minnesota Republicans endorse Trump for president

Maine needs to stop splitting its Electoral Collge votes. Presenting the Maine nightmare of nightmares scenario:

Jan 6 Suspect Was Trump Employee Tied To Neo-Nazi Site - Raw News And Politics

All In The Family - Et Tu, Archie...Link

Wisconsin redistricting to cost up to $100,000 per consultant

☦️ Greek Carol - 'Agios Vasilis Erxete'

GOP bill would encourage out-of-state UW students to vote at home

U.S. reliability on global stage imperiled as GOP plays politics with Ukraine aid - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The Trump campaign embraces Jan. 6 rioters with money and pardon promises

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's 'A Winter's Tale'

DeSantis Would Defund the IRS

Florida Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Rep. Eric Swalwell's Kids

California Teachers Association & National Education Association Endorse Dave Min (D) in CA-47

Feds Say Bannon-Tied Groups Part of 'Criminal Organization'

CA: Orange County's Most Competitive Congressional Races

Trump CAN'T CONTROL Himself as his LITTLE FINGERS Type Away - Meidas Touch

Hobbs (D), Yee (R) want Mayes (D) to weigh in on Clean Elections appointment cadence

Eddie Bernice Johnson's family says medical neglect led to former congresswoman's death

Poll: Florida voters trust election officials, mail-in ballots

Jacksonville City Council probes controversial removal of Confederate statue

Conservatives broaden attacks on U.S. institutions to weaken resistance to right-wing overhaul - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Rating updates: Peltola (D), Perry (R) face tougher races

Haley and DeSantis have been absolutely retail-level campaigning in Iowa

PA: Montgomery County officially has a new Board of Commissioners as history-making members take office

Apparently the UFT feels teachers need to drive to work in Manhattan...

Is Putin Looking For a Way Out of War In Ukraine? w/ Phil Ittner - Thom Hartmann

PA: New Lancaster County clerk of courts (R) fires 'courthouse employee of the year'

PA: Bucks County Democrats Won Big In 2023. Here's How We Ensure A Repeat In 2024

Insulin prices plunge for Pennsylvanians due to Biden's American Rescue Plan

NY could become first state to offer paid leave during pregnancy

Trump, GOP threat to democracy seen extending beyond U.S. borders - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

NJ: Governor signs bill allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries

Taiwan election poses early 2024 test of U.S. aim to steady China ties

Went for the hearing aids today. 2nd attempt, this time Costco.

House Republicans push D.C. Board of Elections over voter database breach

Jeffrey Epstein Fixer's Office Burglarized Hours Before Document Dump (Exclusive)

The Fifth Estate - 'Enchanted'

Special election announced to replace Ohio US Rep. Bill Johnson, who is leaving to become president of Youngstown State

Early Voting for City of El Paso, District 2 Runoff Election begins

MT: Counties draw new precinct lines ahead of 2024 elections

Oh Oh. Pollution Abatement Catalyst Generates the Ozone Depleting Greenhouse Gas N2O.

Brilliant move, kitty!

'Not how you litigate': Weissmann blasts Trump for Jack Smith contempt request - The Last Word - MSNBC

CA: Former Lodi city council member Shakir Khan takes plea deal in election fraud case

Cameroon Opposition Calls for Single Candidate to Face Biya in Next Election

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) will not run for reelection

Panda being especially goofy:

US targeted member of Iranian proxy group in Iraq strike, US official says

EU elections could be major turning point for Europe's far-right

Trump THROWS A TANTRUM in latest FLIPPANT MOTION - Talking Feds

Serbia opposition doubles down on election fraud claims as full results released

St. Louis Department of Health recommends wearing masks in public as respiratory illness data shows increase

The "I won't vote for the lesser of two evils" rubbish

UK party leaders kick off general election year

Where Were You?! - Samuel Saint

King Charles under huge pressure to punish brother Prince Andrew after he is named 69 times in damning Epstein docs

Stanford Professor: 'Of course' Trump can be prosecuted after impeachment - The Last Word - MSNBC

The D.C. area is often near the rain-snow line. Here's why.

Rep. Goldman: GOP needs to investigate Trump, not Biden - The Last Word - MSNBC

Scandalism from Los Angeles to the Caribbean - Dirty Secrets of Hunter Biden and Jeffrey Epstein

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Maine, Trump, the 14th, and impeachment....

Trump and Republicans slammed with nightmare news - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump's FINAL BRIEF to Appeals Courts IS DOOMED for Instant Failure - Meidas Touch

Report: Trump Got $7.8 Million In Foreign Payments During Presidency - Rebel HQ

Did Jack Smith Tease More Trump Potential Trump Charges? - Waldorf Nation

'The way to Trump's heart is to pay towards his business': Trump raked in money from foreign nations - The 11th Hour MSNBC

230 Ukrainians Returned from Captivity - Zelenskyy's Strong Appeal - UATV English

Wes Moore: 'Trump will spend the next 10 months fighting for his freedom-- not any of ours' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

December jobs report expected to show hiring slowdown, declining wage gains

Trump Gets RUDE AWAKENING as Defamation Trial Could END HIM - Meidas Touch

Trump is terrified of Supreme Court, per his own attorney - Pondering Politics

'Their effort is doomed': The truth about No Labels - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Are Courts Empowering Anti-Voter Vigilantes? w/ Greg Palast - Thom Hartmann

I didn't understand Holocaust denial until Oct. 7

Secret Decrees of Putin: What the Dictator Ordered? - The Gaze

A viral post demonizing Zionist doctors sounds eerily like a Soviet antisemitic conspiracy theory

Justice Department preps for legal battle with Texas over immigration enforcement law - ABC News

Record number of migrants -- 302,000 -- cross the U.S.-Mexico border in December, as Congress waits to act

Japan earthquake: Nearly 250 missing as hope for survivors fades

Bill Ackman's wife is accused of plagiarism after her husband crusaded against Harvard's president over the same problem


'The future of DEI is at risk here': DEI under attack after Harvard president's resignation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Air Force crew ejects safely as B-1 bomber crashes during landing in South Dakota

Trump presidency poses 'massive security risk' to Ukraine and NATO - Lord McDonald - Times Radio

Wyoming coal could be in for a rough year

Snow forecast: Here's how much DC, Maryland & Virginia can expect from this weekend's winter storm

Neoliberalism: still to shrug off its mortal coil

Trump Gets the Humiliation He's Been Dreading with Bombshell New Report! - Luke Beasley

FBI issues 'cyber kidnapping' warning after a Utah student was found in the mountains

On this day, January 5, 1914, actor George Reeves was born.

On this day, January 5, 1923, Sam Phillips was born.

On this day, January 5, 1998, Sonny Bono was killed in a skiing accident.

Federal appeals court denies effort to block state-run court in Mississippi's majority-Black capital

Warner Bros amends description of Holocaust film One Life to include 'Jewish' following backlash

Giuliani calls on Fulton County judge to schedule hearing on motion to toss Georgia indictment

Wordle 930 Jan 5 ***Spoiler Thread***

Breakfast Friday 5 Jan 2024

Norway Allowed Direct Weapons Sales to Ukraine - UATV English

Foreign governments spent millions at Trump businesses while he held office, Democrats say - PBS NewsHour

On January 4, 1916, film and television music composer Lionel Newman was born.

2-TERM DEMOCRATS make our country better -- Trump agrees (on film)

TCM tonight ((3 favorites!!!))

On this day, January 5, 1949, Harry Truman announced his "Fair Deal" proposals.

Broward political provocateur challenges Trump's eligibility for Florida ballot

The overlooked polymath whose theatrical oeuvre made all of Rome a stage

Trump Lawyer Slammed For Saying The Quiet Part 'Out Loud' On Supreme Court Hopes

"DeSantis uses softer tone on abortion"

propaganda offensive 2024

Will Corrupt Media Watch As Fascism Rises - Thom Hartmann

Joseph Stiglitz: Those who believed inflation would be transitory were proven right, and those who demanded the

Tesla recalls over 1.6 million EVs exported to China to fix automatic steering, door latch glitches

Oscar Pistorius released on parole 11 years after murdering girlfriend

HIMARS time! Russia lost enormous base in Crimea. Cutting edge radar "Yastreb-AV" in destroyed - The Russian Dude

Habba: I think it should be a slam dunk in the supreme court. I have faith in them. You know, people like Kavanaugh, who

Friday TOONs

State employees union claims Nebraska violating pause on return-to-office order

2024 brings new gun restrictions in several states - PBS NewsHour

Good on the officials who cancelled MTGooball's J-6 anniversary event in Florida on Saturday!

Abortion Rights May Be on the Ballot in Florida

Violent J6 Proud Boy Who Tried To Fake His Death Sentenced To Decade In Prison - Rodecast

watched a silly stupid movie last night

Mike Johnson Floats Border Negotiations with Biden

watched some of topper last nite on tubi.

Monster Hunter World: Barroth Hunt

The disconnect the mass psychosis.

Congratulations, DUers living along 40 degrees north latitude. This morning's sunrise is the latest of the year.

New Year's 2024 Special Message Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

New Year's 2024 Special Message Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

I think I understand the Biden campaign election strategy

My sweet little snuggle boys

Will Upcoming Taiwan Election Spark War?; Chinese Economy: Stimulus, Equities, Trade & Services - China Update

Happy 83rd birthday to Hayao Miyazaki.

The Line it is Drawn - 2024 Call to Artists!

In Memoriam: The Star Wars Family We Lost in 2023

In Memoriam: Paul Reubens

My Comics Year 2023: A Year (or Two) Without comiXology

The Russian Army Could Not Effectively Protect Russia Itself - The Gaze

The origin of Super Villians: Ibac

In addition to artillery shelling and air strikes, there are attacking drones hovering at a low level.

🚨🕷️Largest male specimen of world's most venomous spider found in Australia. Meet Hercules.🕷️🚨

100+ Zombie Fires Burning Now In BC; After North Dakota-Sized Area Of Canada Burned In 2023, 2024 Outlook Turning Grim

My 20 year old floor jack died last night

Trump allies behind January 6 also leading Biden impeachment, says watchdog

What is your sure fire way to get rid of hiccups?

Gaza genocide case at the ICJ has an unwitting ally: Israeli politicians

Exploding toilet at a Dunkin' store in Florida left a customer filthy and injured, lawsuit claims

'OMG, she went there': Nikki Haley shocks with 'Black friends' response to slavery gaffe

Today, it's "for real". That is, I must do more than de-clutter.

U.S. payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, much better than expected

Hey Joni Ernst!

Dog lovers - want input. Getting dogs as soon as we are in W, PA.

Court Rules Texas Women Not Entitled To Life Saving Emergency Abortions - Waldorf Nation

Ok, we're now in Jim Jones territory... Unf*cking Believable

Doomsday predictions are a dream for climate deniers

American man, 2 daughters, pilot killed after Caribbean plane crash in Bequia: Authorities

Senate Democrats Warn Auto Makers to Not Interfere With Sweeping UAW Union Drive

You raised $40.00 on January 4, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

🌅 2024 😎😳😁

2014, The Year of Democracy

The Billionaires Got Organized. The People Didn't. The Rest Is History - Thom Hartmann

deleted because of duplication

Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn announces run for Maryland's 3rd Congressional District as a Democrat

Jan. 6 was bound to be celebrated by Republicans -- it was only a matter of time

Pipe bomber mystery still puzzles FBI three years after Jan. 6

The border doesn't sound very crisis-y to me if that's the way you're gonna talk

I think we can all agree on the following few statements

New research reveals the strange ways gut bacteria breathe without oxygen, influencing our health

I really miss common sense and common courtesy

Why Newfies are awesome. Listen five seconds in for the dog's reaction and what it does by instinct.


She [Nikki Haley] says you can't have an "80 year old sitting in jail.".........

How Ukraine could crack down on draft dodging - Reuters

Anyone here from the Akron area?

On This Day: Dreyfus paraded through streets amid chants for death - Jan. 5, 1895

George Conway questions Trump's mental state after his 47-post tirade about E. Jean Carroll

'Pipe bomber mystery still puzzles FBI three years after Jan. 6'

How Christofascists became the heart of the MAGA movement

Hydroxychloroquine could have caused 17,000 deaths during COVID, study finds


Pass The Peas

Nearly 17,000 may have died from taking hydroxychloroquine

Album released on this date in 1973.

Fear of MAGA "Backlash" Is No Reason To Let Donald Trump Make an Illegal Run for President

Indian navy commandos board a hijacked Liberia-flagged bulk carrier for clearing operations

Josie and Midnight

Elizabeth Cotten was born on this date.

U.S. payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, much better than expected

Why not declassify the briefing about TFG that McConnell threatened to blow up democracy for? (redacted for operatives)

Those were not payments to Trump those were BRIBES

All 34 episodes of BBC's Rough science are on internet archive

Sam Philipps was born on this date.

Iris Dement has a birthday today.

You know what I'd love to see?

Same-sex couples able to marry in Estonia from New Year's Day

In a sane world, the only campaign ad that POTUS Biden would have to run

Mike Luckovich-Proof Envy

Proof Envy

Puppy Abandoned In A Snowstorm Demands All His Dad's Attention Now

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Nikki Haley and citizenship....

Name a cartoon character that fits your personality or other various characteristics.

The secret is confirmed ...

New jobs report shows 2023 ended on a surprisingly strong note

Shot and Chaser

Statement from President Joe Biden on December Jobs Report

NV-03: GOP rolls snake eyes in swingy Vegas district

White Light/White Heat

Jan. 6 protesters were praying and singing until Capitol Police attacked them! (NewsMax)

Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn announces bid for Congress

Hillary Was Right - They Are Deplorable

Actor David Soul, one half of 'Starsky and Hutch,' dies at 80

I may have moved someone to vote Democratic this next election.

Neo-Nazi podcasters sent to prison on terror charges for targeting Prince Harry and his young son

Biden administration cuts pay for student loan servicers after a bungled return to repayment

F.D.A. Issues First Approval for Mass Drug Imports to States From Canada

Found on FB

Trump's campaign guided filing of Michigan's false electors certificate, emails show

Conservatives Toppled Two College Presidents. They're Not Done Yet.

David Soul: Starsky & Hutch actor dies aged 80

Sparkly and I will be able to vote for Officer Harry Dunn for Congress. We live in his district.

Did chris Rufo Play you into squeezing out Claudine Gay?

President Biden's Jan 6th anniversary speech today

Kudos to Massachusetts. The state has joined others to keep tRump off the ballot.

WAPO OP ED: (Rubin)You can bet on the Supreme Court's abject partisanship

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Border "Negotiations" Just Another Election-Year Lie Designed To Hurt Democrats

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 5, 2024

I don't understand the popularity of the "John Wick" movies.

Rebuttals to Eric Trump's Talking Points about His Daddy's Corruption

Republican Congressman Goes Ballistic On Fox News Over Stock Trades - Farron Balanced

Teamsters chief, Trump meet as union weighs 2024 presidential race

"My Heart Is Still in Gaza": Palestinian Scientist Flees Israeli Bombs, Begs World to Stop Genocide

Serious question re greatest country on the planet

Sen Patty Murray re: Jan 6 "I will not let the history of that day be rewritten. It was an attack on our very democracy"

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 5, 2024)

Drought state of emergency enters 5th month in central B.C. town

Helen Forrest - Perfidia - Benny Goodman Orchestra 🎷

What movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of? Mine is Blazing Saddles , Not Pc today but it is funny.

Warpy! 110000 interesting, informative posts! 😯

DuBois paid more than $307,000 in legal fees related to city manager corruption investigation, records show

Meet Meital Yaniv, Former Israeli Soldier Turned Anti-Zionist Organizer

So You Want To Become A Russian Citizen

Court says even passive members of Jan. 6 mob can be convicted of disorderly conduct

Can 2024 be the year that choice 'feminism' dies?

D.C.-area forecast: Sunny chill today. Rain Saturday after starting as snow.

I have probably dumb question: how do so

Investigation: Trump businesses received millions from foreign governments

Boston Globe Editorial Board: America must not forget Jan. 6

Plagiarism and Oxman: Has MIT rescinded her degree yet?

CNBC-A seemingly disappointed Cramer: "It's a great economy. There's nothing you can do about it, it's a great economy"

Pooper Update #2

Supreme Court Could Evaporate Trillions Of Dollars - Majority Report

Middle Age tweet:

Eric Adams teaches you how to search your child's room (Not a SNL skit)

The Breakdown - Guest Fmr. Rep. Denver Riggleman2024, January 6 Anniversary, and 2024 GOP Primary

Trump makes shocking move against Jack Smith - Brian Tyler Cohen

Takeaways from CNN's town halls with DeSantis and Haley

Missiles and Bombs Fall on Russia Itself: Negligence Is the Russian Way - UATV English

Jan. 6 was an example of networked incitement − a media and disinformation expert explains the danger of political...

The Biden administration cuts $2M for student loan servicers after a bungled return to repayment

'Americans deserve to know the full truth': Congressman calls out Trump's foreign earnings - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Dan Froomkin: How much of Trump's support is due to racism?

New Physical Keyboard Case Brings iPhones Back to BlackBerry's Glory Days

Cat not interested in living indoors, saves dog from *TWO* coyotes

African Migration to the U.S. Soars as Europe Cracks Down (NYT)

Trump posts disturbing video that God has chosen him to battle the Deep State

House GOP ready contempt of Congress charges against Hunter Biden

FDA approves Florida's plan to import cheaper drugs from Canada

Latino civil rights group sues banks, credit unions for denying loans to eligible DACA recipients

Casual Friday! w/ Ryan Grim - MR Live 1/5/24

my god is trump insane

Closing Arguments Have Been Submitted In The Trump Fraud Trial

Russia Desperate for Soldiers - Russian Citizenship Offered to Foreigners to Fight in Ukraine - Joe Blogs

Abortion rights groups reach petition threshold to put abortion on Florida ballot in 2024

Question about insurrection & Trump.

RIP David Soul

Trump's campaign guided filing of Michigan's false electors certificate, emails show

Abortion on FL Ballot in Nov Has Huge Political Implications

AG Wants to Ban Trump from NY Real Estate Biz for Life, Pay Nearly $370 Million

So let's talk about...ephebophilia:

Looking northwest @ sunrise time

I have some very strong horseradish and some frozen peas.

Per Bloomberg: Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers called on US business leaders to set aside

'Swapping homes like stocks': Wall Street-backed firm buys 264 Las Vegas homes in a day

NY Attorney General calls for a $370million dollar fine against the

Get out of your head and do aerobics

Wisconsin's Democratic governor says Trump should be on ballot, Biden must visit to beat him

Anhinga, a quick slideshow

Federal government proposes $275K in fines against Omaha beef plant after OSHA investigation

Per Bloomberg: Trump taps lawyer know for Texas abortion law in ballot fight

Trump lawyer expects Kavanaugh to 'step up' in eligibility case

It speaks volumes for the current GQP that Niki Haley may be the last best hope for the party.

Jamie Raskin Uncovers Proof Of Trump's Foreign Bribes

Republican lawmakers move to strip Ohio courts of jurisdiction over abortion amendment

Opinion: Kool-Aid is for sissies

Punish, Torture, Kill: The Reality of Pregnancy in 'Pro-Life' America

Abortion rights measure in Florida reaches signature threshold for 2024 ballot

Abortion rights measure in Florida reaches signature threshold for 2024 ballot

Strange sound, like a smoke alarm detector

Ranking Member Raskin's Statement on Committee Republicans Contempt Vote

Democrats Urge Clarence Thomas To Recuse Himself In Trump Ballot Case

Governor Shapiro's calls on voters to 'protect our democracy' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Trump should be banned from NY real estate for 'outrageous' fraud, attorney general says

Court Approves Vigilante Mass Voter Challenges Devastating Threat To 2024 Election

Here's my argument for section 3

Photo: France and Jordan teamed up to airdrop seven tonnes of aid to civilians and aid workers in Gaza

Florida appeals court rejects minor's attempt to get abortion without [parental] consent

Florida appeals court rejects minor's attempt to get abortion without [parental] consent

Biden about to deliver the Valley Forge speech - added live feed link

EVERYTHING You Didn't Know About Jan. 6 (with Tom Joscelyn) Ballot Box

'Crazy' Florida Bill Could Allow Wrongful Death Lawsuits Over Abortions

'Crazy' Florida Bill Could Allow Wrongful Death Lawsuits Over Abortions

House Democrats demand Clarence Thomas recuse himself from Trump ballot case

Word peeves - two here

Sharpton Leads Protests Against Bill Ackman's Office - Bloomberg Television

A new study PROVES that gun control works

The Ohio Supreme Court is up for grabs in the 2024 elections

The Ohio Supreme Court is up for grabs in the 2024 elections

NRA Head Wayne LaPierre Stepping Down From Gun Rights Group

Opinion: 'Godzilla Minus One': A monster of America's making (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT)

Why I think Haley could be a threat

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre announces resignation

White House looks for federal spaces to house migrants amid pressure from cities

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 5, 2024

LIVE (3:15): Biden speaks at Valley Forge ahead of Jan. 6 anniversary

Chinese asset management giant Zhongzhi files for bankruptcy - WION

Joe Biden-What will we do to maintain our democracy?

Joe Biden, live from Blue Bell PA. MSNBC, now, 3.24pm EST

Biden to mark Jan. 6 anniversary by calling Trump a threat to democracy and freedom

Cartoons 1/5/2024

Naoto (Inti Raymi) Level 44

Another Bartell Drugs store to close in Everett

Clinic to offer free care for Mountlake Terrace High students

What do you think about David Plouffe's idea that liberals should vote for Haley...

Wood: Alive and Dead

Note to Aaron RODGERS: Drop the ROGAN schtick. At least ROGAN admits he's just a know-nothing.

Judge Shuts Down Attempt to Kick Donald Trump Off Ballot

Constitution is clear; insurrection is disqualifying

The Daily B###h*: " If you can't handle being insulted, don't ask for my opinion."

Rocking out to Joe's speech right now!

Important safety information. Potato chips

Florida abortion rights amendment reaches signature threshold

Biden Goes There. Wow! Added C-Span video.

Harrop: Centrist Democrats find voice to counter party's left

So, about Sergeant Schultz.

Court records bring new, unwanted attention to rich and famous in Jeffrey Epstein's social circle

Made slippers for my granddaughter

Proud Boys member who went on the run after conviction in the Jan. 6 riot gets 10 years in prison

movie i cant stop watching over and over is close encounters of the 3rd kind.

lamborn CO-5, will not seek re-election. A couple of my political friends just

That speech said it all! Drop mic by our President, Joseph R, Biden!

Hundreds of convictions, but a major mystery is still unsolved 3 years after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Echoes of Another War

Imagining that Washington and Lincoln are smiling, with tears from beyond, along with many of us,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, Patriots, and prisoners....

'Cross that bridge when we get to it': Will House GOP object to 2024 election results?

Shimmering and bright in the cold dark night

Congress must not provide any more U.S. funding (Bernie Sanders)

What Biden Needs to Tell Us (Great description of MAGA and populism)

Say it ain't so, Joe: NRA chief LaPierre resigns for "reasons of ill health"

Kari Lake offers up the mother lode of COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Biden marks Jan. 6 anniversary by calling Trump a threat to democracy and freedom

One minute clips from President Biden's speech today

Fulton County judge rejects Rudy Giuliani's request for an indefinite delay while he reviews discovery

Why taking Trump off the ballot is not "undemocratic"

Central Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill To Reverse Ron DeSantis' Takeover Of Disney Theme Park District Board

Central Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill To Reverse Ron DeSantis' Takeover Of Disney Theme Park District Board

Biden Lays it out Clearly, trump is a Threat to Democracy! B&B Friday baby!

House Republicans Down Another Vote

If only the Supreme Court and the Republican leaders could be as honest as Joe Biden about Jan 6th

Could removing Trump backfire? (How the electoral college can be manipulated)

Malcolm Nance Welcome to 2024

Such an image of vim and vigor

Marjorie Taylor Greene fined $12K by FEC for illegal fundraising

Tensions in the Middle East are rising beyond Israel. Here's where.

Tarrant County's White Supremacy Problem

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise to undergo stem cell transplant

Are the Republican caucuses run the same as the Democrats' ?

Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road

17 Minutes of fun

Long Covid causes changes in body that make exercise debilitating - study Experts say severe muscle damage, mitochondria

Tessa, Wood faery

Supreme Court to hear arguments on Colorado

In The Garden of Eden

NEW: The Supreme Court takes up a case challenging Trump's constitutional eligibility to run for president

The Supreme Court will decide if Donald Trump can be kept off 2024 presidential ballots

The Supreme Court freezes a decision that legalized emergency abortions in Idaho (EMTALA preemption case)

Supreme Court allows Idaho to enforce abortion law against emergency room doctors ahead of hearing case

Scientists Discover An Amazing Practical Use For Leftover Coffee Grounds

The right is not going to stop the coup.

Just to be clear: The Supreme Court will now be deciding TWO major abortion cases this term

Boogie around the kitchen while making dinner

John Roberts court has a chance to defend democracy

Supreme Court will not rule on whether or not Trump "engaged in insurrection" ?

'Outrageous': Azerbaijan Picks Former Oil Exec to Head COP29


NYT: Starbucks Faces New Pressure Over Union Campaign

Supreme Court allows Idaho's near-total abortion ban in emergency room in blow to Biden

Harry Dunn, ex-officer who defended Capitol on January 6, to run for Congress

Wait...wut?!?!! FOX news "how to tell if you're patriotic" edition

I suspect the Supreme Court will punt on Colorado...

A girl was allegedly raped in the metaverse. Is this the beginning of a dark new future?

Florida's Surgeon General is a Quack!

New Mexico attorney general says fake GOP electors can't be prosecuted, recommends changes

Feel better

President Biden Does NOT Hold Back His Disgust For Trump Calling Our War Dead "Suckers" And "Losers"

Southern MD sunset 1/5

Bela Fleck - " Rhapsody in Blue (grass)"

World's first tunnel to a magma chamber could unleash unlimited energy

Party of Treason

Ari (msnbc) is getting hung up on requiring an insurrection full trial

Colorado's Doug Lamborn announces retirement

Jena Griswald is pushing back on Ari Melber by pointing out that the judges in Colorado, didn't make anything up,

TFG tells parents of shooting victims in Iowa to "get over it."

breaking . national weather service issues a severe winter storm warning for the entire west

BREAKING: Supreme Court to weigh whether Trump can be kicked off Colorado ballot - Deadline - MSNBC

Joe Biden with the fighting spirit!

Italian Premier Meloni says curbing migrant arrivals from Africa is about investment, not charity

Marjorie Taylor Greene KICKED OUT of Hotel when Plan is UNCOVERED

"We have receipts": Democrat demands House investigate Trump family "bribes" after damning report

Officer Fanone: 'Americans need to be reminded' of the Jan. 6 insurrection 'every single day' - MSNBC Reports

well, i may have found the perfect way to start the year.

The Supreme Court Will Decide if Trump Can Run for President. It's Not Ready for the Fallout.

Oldie! The Zombies - Time Of The Season