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Brrr! Ron DeSantis' campaign jackets are no match for the Iowa chill

Lots of stories recently about how Republicans are coalescing around Trump. It's always framed as a % increase.

'Beyond Crazy': The Liberal Jew Mugged by a Post-Oct. 7 World

11-year-old killed in Iowa school shooting remembered as a joyful boy who loved soccer and singing

All I can say is 'grow up;.

The inventor of the wind chill factor died the other day...

Thames headwaters--Kemble, Cotswolds, UK:

Celebration of 50th anniversary of American Graffiti in Modesto, where it was filmed.

Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) music video from American Graffiti

NRA civil trial threatens to shake up gun rights organization even with leader's resignation

Desolation Row

New poll shows democracy and elections in doubt in South Dakota

Opening scene to "A Hard Day's Night"

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (opening scene to the film)


61-year-old with schizophrenia still missing three weeks after nursing home shut down

Some mistakes...

St. Pete Beach lawsuit claims city illegally skipped special election

FEC fines Marjorie Taylor Greene $12,000 for illegal PAC fundraising

Make it 17 consecutive years that Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record

The Beatles - She Loves You (2023 mix)

Judge rejects Giuliani's request for 'indefinite extension' of deadlines in Georgia election case

The Beatles - I'm Down (Shea Stadium)

Town Board voted to allow me to have chickens

187 Minutes: The January 6th Insurrection VICE Special Report with new footage


Ganymede Is Like a 'Snowglobe' Inside, Which Could Explain Its Mysterious Magnetism

Honk? Who honked? Who the hell just honked?!

Shark's Torn Fin Seen Regenerated a Year Later in an Incredible First

Harvard's first Black president received so many death threats that police watched her residence 24/7, report says

What's next for federal authorities investigating Jan. 6 rioters - MSNBC Reports

Hyundai delivered 500 FCEVs in Guangzhou, China

Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You

Rep. Dean: Democracy is a fragile thing, I didn't realize it until Jan. 6 - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Biden BLASTS Trump in new ad, TERRIFYING new Jan 6 footage drops

US and EU launch twin diplomatic mission to calm tensions in Middle East

Fmr. Capitol Police Officer announces run for Congress - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Tonight Saturday January 6th's Opera Lounge: Norma with Maria Callas

and OMGOSH.......the "new" announcer for the Liberty Mutual advertisement

U.S. unemployment has been under 4% for the longest streak since the Vietnam War. (NPR)

Which countries made payments totalling $7.8 million to Trump's businesses during his presidency?

As Pressure Mounts, Israeli Minister Proposes Plan for Postwar Gaza

Flawed China Missiles Led Xi to Purge Army (Corruption)

MSNBC anchor gets emotional thanking Jan. 6 officer who was attacked - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Starsky or Hutch?

Longtime New Mexico state Sen. Mary Jane Garcia dies at age 87; champion of children, families, history

Longtime New Mexico state Sen. Mary Jane Garcia dies at age 87; champion of children, families, history

The Simple Solution

Have seen many suggestions about what January 6th should be called in the future.

[9th Circuit] prevents California from banning guns in most public places

Trump Refuses Pledge to Not 'Overthrow the Government'

INVESTIGATION: Does trump Sh*t Himself? The Kyle Kulinski Show

Do not accept friend requests from Andrew or Sarah Borden. They've been hacked!

Piece of Alaska Airlines plane detaches mid-flight, prompting emergency landing - NBC News

Hamas command in north Gaza destroyed, Israel says

Rick Reacts: Third Anniversary of January 6th

Liz Cheney sees the danger ahead with Trump's power grab

'It's really urgent': CO Sec. of State explains decision to put Trump's name on ballot for now - Velshi - MSNBC

The "Trumpification" of the GOP's Jan. 6 pardon push

Trump Omits Customary Illinois Pledge To Not Overthrow Government: Report

'Trump, confused': Biden campaign fires back at Trump

Missed LA Bhopal: The 2015 Torrance, CA Exxon Refinery Explosion: A Nice Process Based Animation of the Failure.

Trump chose to 'light a match': Election official says Trump needs to be kicked off Maine ballot - Velshi - MSNBC

Dems PUT THE SCREWS in Trump with HIS OWN Secret Records - Meidas Touch

9 lol lessons on life and luck

What about the "keep digging" theory? Do I want Trump do go down in flames right now and give the

Some of Trumps rally talk in Clinton Iowa tonight.......

'Absolutely infuriating': Dem Stacey Plaskett torches MAGA's Jan. 6 revisionism - Velshi - MSNBC

This thing keeps stopping and it says DNS server something. I followed some steps


This Jan 6th, Ashli Babbitt would like to remind you to get your shots.

On Jan. 6 anniversary, DeSantis accuses Democrats of waving 'bloody shirt'

Eddie Lang - Rainbow Dreams (1928)

Meme of the week (Obama/Bin Laden/TraitorTrump)

Missouri election official threatens to take Biden off the ballot.

OBAMA worried about trump

COVID rebound (this sucks)

Analyzing Trump's Petition in Colorado Case and the Supreme Court's Next Moves - Talking Feds

See GOP lawmakers confront rioters in never-before-seen Jan. 6 video - MSNBC

Cats with snow zoomies:

Supreme Court STRIKES AGAIN with SHOCKING Ruling - Meidas Touch

New footage shows January 6 rioters yelling at GOP lawmakers

Death threats get Republicans to fall in line

Cockatoo & Cat--dueling hands:

Pupper & cat playing cute:

Normalising the far right: a warning from Austria

Be careful about staring into the abyss!

Such a good guy:

-Octopus camouflage:

Another NYT Disaster: 'Is Taylor Swift Queer?'

Plot twist:

Miniature horse struts his stuff:

Trump LOSES IT Over Court Case in UNHINGED Speech

Donald in Iowa tonight: pulling out all his 2016 GREATEST HITS

Wakey, wakey!

2nd tweet--Cats! (Compilation):

Such catitude!

What Really Happened At The US Capitol On January 6 - Raw News And Politics


*Watch The American Buffalo, PBS

New York AG's office reaches settlement with NRA defendant Joshua Powell - MSNBC Reports

Assange granted 'final' hearing

There's some great memes on Imgur today for the 3rd anniversary of the insurrection

Critical Infrastructure Is Sinking Along the US East Coast. (Wired)

UPDATE: Rumor that Boebert punched her husband in the face tonight

Boebert claims she's 'protecting my voters' by abandoning them for a safer district

Trump may be on to something with his magnet theory . . .

Stardust ⭐ Artie Shaw & His Orchestra

NYT Editorial:This Election Year Is Unlike Any Other

Trouble cut and pasting from news sources

Elon Musk Has Used Illegal Drugs, Worrying Leaders at Tesla and SpaceX (WSJ)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about peace plans, ingredients, and ink....

The lasting impact of January 6th: D.C. Mayor Bowser on the battle to preserve America's democracy - Symone - MSNBC

Trump tries to corrupt 2024 election with falty voter registration software

Trump humiliates himself on stage at his own rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

NASA's Perseverance rover captures 360-degree view of Mars' Jezero Crater (video)

Medical Negligence Caused Death of Trailblazer Fmr TX US Rep, Eddie Bernice Johnson-D, Lawyer Says

Mount St. Helens records more than 400 earthquakes since mid-July

TFG is prohibited from arguing that the first jury didn't conclude that he raped E. Jean Carroll under NYS law.

A (hopefully) funny flash of insight

Florida man arrested 3 years after Capitol riot - 10 Tampa Bay

'Arbitrary' Israeli inspections slow aid into Gaza, US senators say

A bookshop owner in Southampton, England has asked for help as he moves his library

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Moon, VIPER, and you....

TCM today

Boogie Woogie - Glenn Miller & Tommy Dorsey 🎺

Trump Gets Instantly NEUTERED by RETURN OF the DARK BRANDON - Meidas Touch

BRICS Expands - a Phantom Menace to the West? - UATV English

Crystal-studded space rock found in the Sahara may rewrite the history of the early solar system

Keyless Car Theft Epidemic as Electronic Devices Used to Steal Vehicles & Insurance Costs Soar - Joe Blogs

The Moment January 6th BACKFIRED In Trump's Face

Sinister Agenda Behind Secret UFO Meeting EXPOSED - Thom Hartmann

Honduras must strengthen protection mechanism after TV reporter's murder

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon halved in 2023

Capitol Police Sergeant reflects on the ongoing toll of the January 6th attack - Symone - MSNBC

Try Not to Laugh When You Hear What Lauren Boebert Just Said! - Luke Beasley

Trump Offers Sage Advice to Iowa After School Shooting: 'Get Over It'

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson suggests blurring out the faces of 1/6 insurrectionists ...

Sunday Funnies 1/7/24

Ashli Babbitt was holding back the mob when shot, per Trump's story.

DOJ Instantly FIGHTS BACK Against MAGA Governor's CRIMES - Meidas Touch

Al Franken: Heather Cox Richardson on Her Book "Democracy Awakening"

Ukrainian Spies in Crimea, NATO's Missile Intelligence Bonanza, Belgorod's Gov to Move Residents - Prof. Gerdes Explains

Breakfast Sunday 7 January 2024

A California law banning the carrying of firearms in most public places is blocked again

New video shows Republican congressman scolding Jan. 6 rioters through barricaded House Chamber

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Trial and Error Edition

Greetings from the Philippines

During flogging for not wearing a hijab, Roya Heshmati chanted "in the name of woman..."

SpaceX executives worried Elon Musk was on drugs during 'cringeworthy' all-hands meeting, WSJ reports

The US sees a drop in illegal border crossings after Mexico increases enforcement

Trump's ATTACK Did Not End, it is the GOP Platform - Against All Enemies

Photojournalist son of Al Jazeera's Gaza bureau chief killed in air strike

Pro-Trump Republicans Heap Blame On Trump During Aftermath Of Jan 6 Attack In Devastating Viral Video

US warns Israel of failure in war with Hezbollah: Report

How maladaptive daydreaming interferes with reality

Far-right show hosts want LGBTQ+ people 'back in the closet'

US expresses concern after Burundi president says gay people should be stoned

Doonesbury Plus.....It's Football Season

Told Dunc he needs to cooperate

Congrats to DeMeco Ryans and staff

The Boeing 737 Max: Greed strikes again.

NYT Gets Flamed for 'Cowardly' Jan. 6 Headlines

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 12, 2024--The Saint, Dentists in Love, and Guest Programmer Chad Stahelski

Belarus: Lukashenko signs law giving him immunity from criminal prosecution - DW News

Winter weather batters both US coasts; Sierra snow shuts down I-80; East Coast storm into Monday

Trump refuses to sign loyalty oath not to overthrow the government

"When I watch Jan. 6 footage I see a wall of white racists foaming at the mouth"

Why China's Economic Crisis Is Worse Than Many Think; Red Sea Attacks; East & South China Seas - China Update

Wordle 932 1/7 ***spoilers***

Why is it that people always say get help' but never have any idea how to pay for it.

Bill Ackman vows plagiarism checks on MIT president and faculty after wife pulled into fray: 'We will share our findings

In Israeli army camps, Gazan detainees subjected to torture and degrading treatment

On This Day: Chrysler saved by $1.5 Billion bailout; saved again by minivan - Jan. 7, 1980

Yesterday was a sad day.

The irony of the entire Slobfather coup project is that if he were trying this shit in any other

DeSantis Admits He's 'Looking' for 'Credible Case' To Ban Biden From Florida's 2024 Ballot

Overview of 2023's CO2 Weekly and Monthly Concentration Data at the Mauna Loa Observatory.

You raised $503.00 on January 6, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"Poor Unfortunate Trolls" (Disney Parody) - Kinsey Sicks

This morning I've had it with the wealthy, the well to do-what nasty people make up this nation

Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump's inaction on Jan. 6: Sources

North Korea again fires near the sea border with the South, as its leader's sister mocks Seoul

NonFiction of the week 7 January 2024

Special Counsel Uncovers New Details About Trump's Inaction

Judge Blocks Trump Lawyers From Arguing About Columnist's Rape Claim at Upcoming Defamation Trial

There was a mass police presence at a mall

Down Memory lane with US destabilization in Jamaica 1976-1980

27 degrees f here in sonora ca @ 0615 am.

I told Trump to deploy military with 'Insurrection Act

Soul Power '92

Wow! I just got another letter about all my

The Numbers That The Media Won't Talk About Show Trump's Weakness

Chinese hospital finds new genetic sequence for rare blood type p during routine tests

35 vehicle pileup near Bakersfield due to fog

If you too would like to be controlled ruthlessly, Trump is your candidate!

Dementia Hitler speaking in Sioux City, Iowa.

Dentist shoplifts New Mexico Target four times within a month

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY, the NRA, and late breaking news....

MSM- "Biden is too old..." Meanwhile

just now, this orange monkey tried to KILL me....

Re the 737 Max 9s, please acknowledge prompt action by the Biden administration

Trump Vows to 'Take Over Our Capitol' on Anniversary of Deadly Riot

Traitor tRump signs a hat, "It'll never get sold. It will be in my family," Green said of the hat.

update . more . snow got below sonora. in cluding sonora peaks north and south wich are @ 3000 feet.

26-Year Oil Industry Veteran From Azerbaijan To Head Climate Talks In 2024; Oh, And He's Their Environment Minister

21 Easy Soup recipes for the crockpot

Scientists - UK Winters Are Going To Be Warmer, Wetter; Floods Like This Week's Will Grow In Scale

***BREAKING*** Trump says Civil War 'could have been negotiated'

So many, just so many, many Baptist pastors. But let's not forget all the police officers, politicians and priests. Ho

New photos of Bronwyn and Rhian

dear m$g

Anyone thinking of pulling their money from the banks and Wall St. until the threat of a possible

Rep. Andy Kim reflecting on Jan. 6 insurrection: 'What is the opposite of helpers?'

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 2024 January 7 The Cat's Eye Nebula in Optical and X-ray

Count Basie - Swingin' The Blues - 1941 Big Band Hot Swing Jazz 🎹

'I support Hamas, you f-king Jew': Antisemitism ends NY girl's hoops game

the andromeda galaxy

GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik won't commit to certifying the 2024 election results

Is green pork chili popular in Texas like it is in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado?

My Two Cents - Tech Bros, Financial "Wizards", Pundits and Academia....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 7, 2024)

Experts Worry Trump Supporters Will Go On Killing Sprees If He's Jailed - Farron Balanced

Dropped off in suburb wearing T-shirts and sandals, migrants finally reach Chicago by Metra train

Photo contest happening in Photography Group!

Trump allies seek to co-opt coming election-security case to bolster 2020 lie

Drag cabaret, Sarah Lawrence, 2003 - Jake and Elwood

The Sun Came Out..

Oil for weapons: Armenians Suffering in Nagorno-Karabakh Are Going Largely Ignored in US Media

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 7, 2024?

My last painting of 2023.

🎶 Let Yourself Go - Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, By Irving Berlin

Pentagon waited three days to inform White House that the defense secretary was hospitalized in ICU

Trump the Confederate

Is Georgia's election system constitutional? A federal judge will decide in an upcoming trial

Way Worse Than Imagined

Jan. 6 insurrection wasn't normal. It may be start of something worse

Just started Fool Me Once on Netflix. The first episode certainly pulled me in and I can't wait to continue

Son of Al Jazeera bureau chief Wael al-Dahdouh killed in Gaza - BBC News

Terror summer camps in Gaza, Hamas indoctrinates children into evil

If I buy an EV, I think I'll pass on any Chinese models!

If SCOTUS states Presidents have immunity then

Update on neighbor's suicide that shocks.

Lauren Boebert's Ex Called The Cops After Physical Fight in Public on Saturday Night

how do you order online from Panera?

Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump's inaction on Jan. 6: Sources

UNMC researchers reduce signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice

Call It Trump's Coup Attempt, Because It Damned Well Was

TFG mocks the late Sen. John McCain's arm injury, sustained while he was a prisoner of war

For anyone reading Rachel Maddow's "Prequel" ....

About to learn length and depth of the shaft UPDATE

Two Cuban documentaries show effects of US sanctions on island nation

As Hamas torched their home, mom told her daughter: 'I am sorry, we are about to die'

i just got done watching forbidden planet on tubi. i never realized that leslie nelson played heavy roles !!.

Her Cat Hates The New Kitten

US lambasts 'meritless' South African request for ICJ to charge Israel with genocide

LOL tiedrich:the American president and some gibbering lunatic both gave speeches on Friday

Cattle in The Earliest European Cities Weren't Bred as Food

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling like we Dems are playing too much defense and not enough offense?

Israeli High School Principal Faces Suspension for Facebook Post Sympathizing With Gazan's Suffering

Favorite political podcast?

Charles Barkley Dismantles Lauren Boebert With Ease

The dog actually ate the paperwork. $4,000

It takes a special kind of stupid.

The Orange Incontinent Psychotic Deserves Life in Prison & Here's Why..." Glenn Kirschner w/ Stephanie Miller

Pastimes, waste-times?

A Warning About Donald Trump and 2024

Slim's here! (Egret/Heron)

Elise Stefanik refers to the "January 6 hostages" on Meet the Press, and Kristen Welker lets her get away with it

IMHO: We need low info voters in swing states to know he was challenged

More Than 10 Children a Day Lose a Limb in Three Months of Brutal Conflict: Save the Children

R's hate high voter turnout resulting from WI pandemic absentee voting

Hamas command in north Gaza destroyed, Israel says

Actual playoff championship: University of Montana vs South Dakota State University

Merry Little Christmas!

George Steph doing a great expose by Dan Scavino on jan 6th

Anyone else expects an Austin resignation?

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 8 January 2024

An Elephant got upset because his care taker is sitting on another Elephant:

It's my turn now:

In trying to rewrite the facts of January 6, Trump is trying to steal history (President Biden)

"Have to be prepared" to defeat Trump at ballot box despite Supreme Court case, Liz Cheney says

Very restful:

I halp!

So it seemed one day a mother could no longer tolerate

New ad campaign that should run from now

Surprise element of Trump's disqualification surges into spotlight - Brian Tyler Cohen

Meet The Press and Kristen Welker

Not Hostages - The Lincoln Project

Meet The Press and Kristen Welker

Think back, Who was your best friend in grade school. Please first names only. Mine was Maryann. We did all kinds of

Young Palestinian girl killed when Israeli police fire at suspected attackers in West Bank unrest

Cartoons 1/7/2023

Magpie & Pittie being adorable together:

Poll: Americans increasingly see border as crisis, call for tougher measures

Why Jan. 6 is a problem for Trump's campaign

Pelosi condemns Trump amid newly reported details of his inaction on Jan. 6

Learned some history today looking for info. on Nazi Klaus Barbie, aided by US Gov't in hiding in Bolivia after WWII:

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 7, 2023

Trump tells Iowans to 'get over' school shooting at campaign event

Stefanik stands by Trump's comments about migrants 'poisoning the blood of our country' - NBC News

Who ya got for Super Bowl LVIII ?

Silt police called to incident involving Lauren Boebert and ex-husband

@GOP Rep. @Jim_Jordan is a stinking louse!!

For your Sunday viewing pleasure. Something beautiful.

Mike Pence refutes Trump on Jan. 6, urges GOP voters to pick different candidate in 2024

A vacation for some...

'Qanon Shaman' Demands FBI Return Horns He Wore During Riot

Ted Nugent Has The AUDACITY To Say Taylor Swift Has "No Substance"

A nation of laws or a nation of men?

GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik won't commit to certifying the 2024 election results

BIG family blowup

Congressional leaders reach deal that would avert government shutdown

Acosta discusses 'bizarre' video Trump shared on social media

A quote by Mark Twain:

Merry Christmas to our Ukrainian friends.

Kentucky state GOP passes resolution for 'wrongfully held' suspects in Jan. 6 riot

Loren Boebert can't sing the musical scale.

A tense new Jan. 6 video shows Republican congressmen admonishing rioters trying to enter House chamber

If Antifa and the FBI attacked the Capitol on Jan.6th, why would Trump want to pardon them?

Meghan McCain: "I would rather saw my arm off with blunt glass than vote for Trump."


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SECDEF being out of commission....

Sweaty Trump Descends into total confusion in Iowa Speech! - Luke Beasley

We progressives can thank Trump heartily for one thing...

Texans are division champs

Texans are division champs

Hi Honey, I'm Homo! Sitcoms, Specials, and the Queering of American Culture

Jefferies, Schumer Joint Statement on Bipartisan Topline Appropriate Agreement

'Mobster form of justice': Raskin blasts Trump comments on Supreme Court justices - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Update, he's here!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻Need some positive vibes and some help worrying about old Tiger

Killing of top Hamas official Arouri sparks protest in Ramallah in the West Bank

Tips have helped the #FBI identify people who assaulted police officers or members of the media at the U.S. Capitol

American Research Group New Hampshire primary poll: Trump 37%, Haley 33%

The real reasons the GOP suddenly pretended to care about Harvard

Grocery delivery is a godsend to us senior citizens, but schedule delivery EARLY as you can!

Fewer Americans Expect Economic Slowdown

Orla Gartland - Figure It Out (Live in London)

John Fetterman Praised by Conservatives: 'Better Than Oz'

China - $3 Trillion Debt Contagion Risk as Shadow Banking Giant Zhongzhi Files for Bankruptcy - Joe Blogs

"..from the NAZIS" Tom Hanks breaks down "Casablanca "

'Completely on brand': Trump refuses to sign Illinois pledge promising not to overthrow government - MSNBC Reports

Derrick Henry: Hall of Fame worthy?

New Florida Bill Would Effectively End All Legal Recognition of Trans People

boebert accused of domestic violence

Caller Exposes Key Fact About Ben Shapiro's Origin Story - Majority Report

Country Joe & The Fish - Vietnam Song - Live at Woodstock

Fox News Snowflakes Triggered After Biden Puts Them On Blast - Pondering Politics

My therapy for the day.... It is getting better... but slowly ..... for those who care


Southern MD sunset 1/7

Money buys racism (and other forms of hate)

'Dead loser': Weissmann on Trump immunity claim - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

(JEWISH GROUP) What have you read?

Article on Nikki Haley. ... TDLR: she's anti-worker & pro-Koch

Finger pointing at themselves.

trump would have negotiated Slavery,,,really?? Sunday baby!

What's Next for Populist Dems After Trump & Biden? (with Josh Green) TNL Sunday

Jonathan Karl, Tired of Winning - Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party

Stefanik pre-emptively declines to commit to accepting 2024 election results

Hypocrisy and bad faith re: Dr. Gay---28 more instances of "plagiarism" found in Dr. Oxman's (Ackman's wife's) articles

Palestinians must be able to stay in Gaza - Blinken

It's now a crime in Idaho for doctors to perform an emergency abortion - MSNBC Reports

Lauren Boebert's Ex Called The Cops After Physical Fight in Public on Saturday Night

Trove of newly released Jeffrey Epstein documents weaves a familiar tale of manipulation and sexual abuse

Many diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes may actually have a different form of the disease

Trump's lawyer suggests Justice Kavanaugh owes Trump

Donald Trump: Much more than just a 'pageant creep' - a SELF CONFESSED molester, accused of and/or found guilty of

Vivek Ramaswamy: no conspiracy theory is a bad conspiracy theory...

Donald Trump: more than just a 'pageant creep' - a SELF CONFESSED molester, accused of and/or found guilty of...

Did anyone watch FOX coverage on January 6th, 2021 ?

CNN just covered the Boebert story

New Images of Jupiter's Moon Io Capture Infernal Volcanic Landscape

Back to Back Jacks!

Cat thinks every dog's her baby

Coal miners in North Dakota unearth a mammoth tusk buried for thousands of years

The Conservative Values of Violence and Threats

House Republicans plot swift impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas as moderates signal support

Spending bill reached by Congress expected to total $1.59 trillion - MSNBC Reports

Will You Be Ready? Deep Forest

Trump BEGS for FINAL CHANCE to Remove FEDERAL GAG - Meidas Touch

Any Midsomer Murder fans here?

Today's Tiedrich rant: the American president and some gibbering lunatic both gave speeches on Friday

You Won't Believe Who Dershowitz Blames After Being Exposed On Epstein List - Majority Report

Night Mode not working correctly during Jury Duty

January 6th, this could have been resolved with a batch of Kool-Aid

Radio broadcaster Audacy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Is TFG threatening us?

'Smoke coming from the Capitol is [Trump's] legacy': Nancy Pelosi - This Week - ABC News

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards show is on tonight - here are the winners

Galveston sunset tonight