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*All Creatures Great and Small NEW SEASON, tonight.

Too Hot To Handle: Fred & Ginger 💓

*Doc Martin now, PBS

Key legal dates this week

Libya says it suspended oil production at largest field after protesters forced its closure

Are stores relying too heavily on kiosks/self checkouts?

Lords Of The New Church - Open Your Eyes

Last game of the regular season...

At this point, supporting Trump says much more about who you are than him.

Mark Meadows still fighting for removal

and Green Bay just punched their ticket to the playoffs......

New report reveals Trump's two-word response to being told Mike Pence was rushed to a secure location on Jan 6

The urgent fight for democracy - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

A question to ask all the MAGA Congressmen and Senators that won in the last election?

Christian lawmaker wants to ban the Pride flag because Americans should live by 18th-century values

Ordinary Love - U2 - Live on the Tonight Show 2014

Why 2024 is shaping up to be the most crucial election year in world history - Velshi - MSNBC

Has Anyone Suggested To Tr**p That He Might Regret Getting The Courts To Go Along With.....

I am about to throw my phone at the wall.

James Carville: "it's the economy, stupid!" Donald Trump: performing 2016 greatest hits in Iowa

Trump, in Iowa, demands release of those jailed for 2021 Capitol attack

Miles Taylor describes having to write TFG's national security briefings for a first grader

The women who saved the boxes of electoral votes during a riot in the Capitol

2-term Democrats & the economy: Democrats always clean-up Republican messes

Where do you think Bill Belichick winds up next year?

A poll with outsize importance: What to know about Taiwan's election

Thomas Zimmer: January 6 in History

Statement: Biden-Harris 2024 on Trump's Latest Comments

Velshi: The true story & the forces behind Claudine Gay's ouster from Harvard - Velshi - MSNBC

🎙 Lucky Number - Nicholas Brothers 1936

PM Hasina becomes Bangladesh's longest-serving leader after majority win in election

Jack Smith responds after Trump legal team argues for special counsel to be held in contempt

Stefanik calls January 6 prisoners "hostages"

UK: Conservatives pick Peter Bone's partner as candidate for his old seat

When the new DU format rolled out a short while back, some folks said, to those who complained about it, "give it a....

Holocaust Tattoo and the Zoom Shot in Harold and Maude CinemaSlice

Pakistan election body says it is 'fully functional' amid reports of secretary's resignation

Erdogan Names Ex-Minister as His Party's Istanbul Mayor Candidate

Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders Game Highlights NFL 2023 Week 18

The Jan. 6 Capitol riot gave 'new courage to white supremacists,' activists say

Got to love NASA. Watch the video they chose to use when testing laser transmission of data to and from a......

UK: The general election campaign has begun - as Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer focus on the economy

Are Corporations finding out that Tax Cuts are small change


Medhi Hassan On MSNBC

Someone is posting fliers encouraging people (young people?) to feed bears. California state officials say "no"

Are you an organized person? A place for everything and everything in it's place? When you need something you know

To clarify, the only "hostages" from January 6th...

UK: SNP defeat at general election would halt Scottish independence debate, MP warns

"I would rather saw my arm off with blunt glass than vote for Trump."

Trump's promotion of debunked election report reveals divisions in his circle

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Michigan GOP in disarray....

EU's Charles Michel to run in European Parliament election

When Trump dies, who takes over the PAC revenue stream?

Abortion debate heated in NH as these 2024 election year bills hit state Legislature

Claudine Gay's case reflects history of discrediting Black intelligence - Velshi - MSNBC

"Sing, Sing, Sing" By Benny Goodman 📀 Swing Classic

*All Creatures Great and Small on PBS now,

Abortion Advocates In Florida Scored A Win On Friday

Hooray, tiger just showed up! Thank you everyone for all your positive vibes, it worked

Dark money is flowing to groups trying to limit medication abortion. Leonard Leo is at the core

Trump's election interference trial is on hold. It shouldn't be.

The Vatican slaps back at Kentucky Catholic church that blesses same sex couple

Even with abortions mostly illegal in Missouri, Republican lawmakers propose more restrictions

Building a Mercedes-AMG G63 V8 engine

CA: Mayor London Breed Hits the Campaign Trail to Tout Three New Ballot Measures

SNAP Post of the night... (MTG)

New Florida bill could limit access to vote by mail

Bombshell court decisions signal disaster for Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

Very moving dance theater on PBS - Great Performances

THIS is why we oppose that monster.

Ohio Ballot Initiative Seeks to Increase Minimum Wage for Workers

Who says American football is a violent sport ?!! (Short Twitter clip)

Rudy and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

MAGA just tanked Biden impeachment in back-to-back fails - Pondering Politics

Mad World - Vintage Vaudeville - Style Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart

I don't know what just happened to this stock, and I don't care...

FL: Proposed legislation would black out traffic enforcement with Chinese-made cameras

Trump. Didn't. Even. Fucking. Write. The. Tweet. Telling. People. To. "Stay. Peaceful."

Dream On - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Morgan James (Aerosmith Cover)

Black Hole Sun - Vintage Soundgarden Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Wombat knows what those hiking poles are really for:

"Israel's Plan to Encourage Migration Out of Gaza" - An opinion piece from MSNBC.

An alert on a misinformation source

Thompson issues warning three years after Capitol riot: 'Our country is still in peril'

Mehdi Hasan is leaving MSNBC. He didn't say what's next.

Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on the Orange Incontinent Psychotic's Dictator FANTASY

Chicago mayor slams Texas governor for 'evil-spirited' approach to migrant crisis - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Database of 16,000 Artists Used to Train Midjourney AI, Including 6-Year-Old Child, Garners Criticism

Saturday night playoff game ONLY on Peacock!

Has there ever been a person more damaging to America than Donald Trump?

Evangelical Trumpies are condemned by their own conservative interpretations of the Bible.

One of Trump's closest aides gives Jack Smith sharply incrimination info about Trump's 1/6 conduct - Glenn Kirschner

Trump says he will build a 'giant dome' over the US to protect from 'a hostile source' if re-elected.

Gift link to a very good new article on building a moral and kind America again -- The Atlantic

Get Up Jake - The Band

this evenings temp for sonora ca @ 7:50 pm is 35 degrees f. tonites overnite low will be 26. burrr.

Never Forget-#TrumpAttackedDemocracy

Cat Hears Cries Of An Orphaned Kitten And Immediately Becomes Its New Mom

CNN just did a great job on Trump, his henchmen, and 1/6/21

No Golden Globes threads?

Janis, Pigpen, and the Dead - Turn on Your Lovelight - 7/16/70

*Mehdi Hassan show rerunning now, MSNBC.

House Speaker Mike Johnson says House GOP won't back more border funds without policy changes - Face The Nation - CBS News

Ad would be deleted if it were a post on DU.

Proud of our NY teams today!

"Have to be prepared" to defeat Trump at ballot box despite Supreme Court case, Liz Cheney says - Face The Nation - CBS News

Elise Stefanik Won't Commit to Certifying Election

Rep. Elise Stefanik refuses to commit to certifying 2024 election results - Meet the Press - NBC News

How can there be any sin in sincere?

Another digital watercolor and ink

Trump Makes Desperate Request Amid Legal Free Fall - Rebel HQ

Cindy Morgan, 'Tron' and 'Caddyshack' star, dies

Did Wordle this morning..All Green

Trump's LETS IT SLIP, Biggest FEAR about the Supreme Court - Meidas Touch

If you could pick one GOBer who decided to switch to the Democratic Party.....

Just a thought, about what I read on FB

Falcons fire Arthur Smith as head coach after three seasons

Sinn Fin walks immigration tightrope toward power in Ireland

I read

Rep. Crockett: We know Trump got more than $7.8 million from foreign governments - Ayman - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Star Wars, Fox, Sci-Fi, and comfort....

Bronte - Gotye

Trump Cultist Turns on Trump, Puts Him On Blast in CNN Interview! - Luke Beasley

'Baffling': Fmr. Rep. Denver Riggleman on Secy. Lloyd Austin delay to alert WH on hospitalization - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Trump Braces for FINANCIAL DEVASTATION as Trial Ends - Meidas Touch

Chinese property firm Evergrande's EV company says its executive director has been detained

2nd tweet--Such good timing:

Democrats crush hypocritical Republicans over major Trump scandal - Pondering Politics

Blinken tries to avert wider war in Middle East during fourth trip to region - MSNBC Reports

From law enforcement to lawmaker: Why Harry Dunn is running for Congress - Symone - MSNBC

Harvard's first Black president Claudine Gay: Who will stand up against targeted takedowns? - Symone - MSNBC

First US lunar lander in over 50 years rockets toward moon with commercial deliveries

Chinese shipping giant reportedly suspends trips to Israel as Red Sea tensions mount

There Is Nothing We Can Do W/Trumps Brain Dead Base

Breakfast Monday 8 January 2024

The cost of rich people

What happened to the land that belonged to Texas property owners

Lovely Read -I wouldn't have missed it for the world': 10 things I learned when my father had dementia

Wordle 933 Jan 8 ***Spoiler Thread***

New Mexico justices hear challenge to public health ban on guns in public parks and playgrounds

You Made Me Love You - Helen Forrest, Harry James 💖

"Our software indicates you may have experienced a fall. Should we call emergency services?"

Biden campaign raises $1M online in 24 hours after Jan. 6 speech

Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces warns: Everyone in Sweden must be prepared for war

How Yemeni rebels are wrecking the global economy - CaspianReport

McCain vs. Trump

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 8 -- January 12)

Labor News & Commentary January 3, 2024 labor commentators prepare for another ground-breaking year

Photos: Italian 'Nativity in Gaza' shows baby Jesus with missing limbs

Pope calls for universal ban on surrogacy in global roundup of threats to peace and human dignity

Door plug that blew out of Boeing plane is found in Portland backyard

Business Insider story on Harvard antagonist's wife draws owner's scrutiny

'The only savior I can see': Iowa evangelicals increasingly turn to worshiping Trump

'Plague of leaks': Netanyahu wants ministers to take polygraphs

Ivanka Trump's Post About Husband Jared Kushner Has People Saying, Hmm

At a recent dog show

Monday TOONs

India Among Nations Most Vulnerable To Heat; Rapid Growth Of AC Making Its Climate Outlook Even Worse

The power of propaganda

Why is everyone up in arms over Sec of Defense Lloyd Austin being in the hospital?

Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2024: Spider-Man, X-Men, the Ultimates, Star Wars and More

In Memoriam: Phyllis Coates

In Memoriam: Lance Reddick

E-mail has been hijacked.

The Rundown: January 8, 2024

Mouse secretly filmed tidying man's shed every night

Editorial The IDF Must Investigate the Kibbutz Be'eri Tank Fire Incident - Right Now

I hope Biden has a line or two about the Slobfather's attack on Lincoln

On This Day: Gabby Giffords, 18 others, shot; 6 killed - Jan. 8, 2011

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? Robert Reich

Mid-Atlantic: Strong Storm Expected Tuesday

David Bowie would have been 77 today. His producer/friend Tony Visconti tweeted a photo of Bowie at 20.

Donald Trump is possessed by a fascist mania

David Bowie would have been 77 today. His producer/friend Tony Visconti tweeted a photo of Bowie at 20.

Florida Considers Socialist Model to Combat Soaring Insurance Costs

British post office scandal put hundreds of innocents in legal hell since 1999

May I present to you the handsome Snowdon!!

A Russian close to Putin has died of poisoning.

My general ignorance of our own sordid history continues to astonish me.

In Brazil, Another Way to Remember an Attempted Coup

Golden Retriever Isn't Into The New Puppy Until...

The Bar Can't Get Any Lower

Israeli strike kills an elite Hezbollah commander in the latest escalation linked to the war in Gaza

Taste Testing Global Ingredients We've Never Tried Before! - Sorted Food

'LIVE: Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on Trump's Dictator FANTASY The Weekend Show'

Buying Home and Auto Insurance Is Becoming Impossible (WSJ)

Jim Jordan accidentally humiliates himself on Fox News - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rogoff: China Risks World Economy In 2024; Geopolitical Flashpoints; Hong Kong Stocks - China Update

Gimme Some More

Fears grow that Israel, the US and Iran's allies are inching closer to all-out war with each strike

The outrage cycle -by Tom Tomorrow

🏈 Rivera and GM out in Washington. Two GM's to head football operations

You raised $75.00 on January 7, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Shaping Heroes with Brad Meltzer - The Enemies List

MAGAt: "You can't fight fire with water." (video)

The Most Important Thing Joe Biden Can Do Right Now... and He's Doing It

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the budget, demands, and moves in the House....

You raised $10.00 on January 7, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Supreme Court leaves California's ban on flavored cigarettes in place

Will Pink Slime "Journalism" Turn Us Into Right-Wing Zombies?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and career the subject of new children's book - Morning Joe - MSNBC

With all the discussion over SECDEF Austin in hospital, does anybody know

Landrieu to join Biden's campaign as national co-chair

Trump's Bonkers Plan to Weaponize an Archaic Law for Mass Deportations

Supreme Court rejects appeal by Elon Musk's X on disclosing federal surveillance

Biden's Schedule for Monday, January 8, 2024

Barack Obama, John Mulaney, Carol Burnett Among Winners of Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Supreme Court Denies Alaska's Bid to Revive the Copper and Gold Pebble Mine Proposal Blocked by EPA

The rise of rightwing extremism is happening worldwide. A tweet by the International Human Rights Foundation

Born Again Тяцмp Meme

ABC News reveals new evidence about Trump's inaction on Jan. 6

Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear forms PAC to support candidates across the country

Florida Bill Would Make Accusations Of Transphobia Defamation With A $35K Penalty

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: Stiffed: How Trump's campaign visits cost local police departments

Bernie Sanders: In 2024, what's the way forward?

We finally got my grandson moved out! I've got my exercise room back!

Sergeant Gonell: "This is me: Defending the tunnel entrance against Trump's "hostages".

Washington vs Michigan Championship Game tonight. 7:30 eastern ESPN

todays weather conditions for sonora ca @ 0805 a

EARLY Birds!

German anti-fascists aim to trademark Nazi slogans to 'hit them where it hurts'

Sen. Bernie Sanders has a new target: the high price of inhalers

The Daily B###h*: I would love tp help you, but I accidentally misplaced my wand.

BREAKING: Activists from many groups around the city are blocking outbound traffic at the Holland Tunnel-NYC....

Pic Of The Moment: Anti-American Extremists Honor Violent Thugs On Anniversary Of Attempted Coup


On the river!

Drumpf's re-imagined useful idiots - "Different type Evangelicals" - what to call them, Libertarian fundies?

Great supercut by Morning Joe contrasting Biden and Trump's speeches this past week.

Uh oh Andrea Mitchell is deeply concerned about the Austin issue

Trump wants Georgia election subversion case dismissed, arguing he has presidential immunity

LSU scrubs diversity statement from website, renames inclusion office, videos from speaker series on racism pulled

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 8, 2024)

GOP Interviews Instantly Go OFF THE RAILS on Live Television

2024 Primary Election Calendar (will be updated frequently)

BUCKLE UP! Donald Trump Faces Legal Week from Hell! Stephanie Miller

Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli strike, Lebanese security source says, as fears of wider conflict grow

Andy Kim's suit donated to the Smothsonian

Pro-fascist rally in Italy 2024

I would love to see people come together around ethical behavior,

Yellow school buses are going green with a $1 billion investment


Fueling online antisemitism is China's new tool against the West

CNN Anchor Sara Sidner Reveals Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis: 'I Love My Life More Now'

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 8, 2024

The recent rains have sparked a lot of vibrant greens..

Woke up from nightmare last night

'Shocking' Reality of Ukraine Blowback Hammers Putin at Home

Kellyanne Conway is selling the GOP a dream that's destined to backfire

The moment breeder dog realized she was free

What's the smartest or funniest thing you have seen an animal do? When we had 3 dogs. The husky would stand first,

Trump's lawyers are throwing spaghetti at the wall, filing in Fulton Co not just one but FOUR new motions.

Stray Cat Decides To Work At A Car Shop And Greet Every Customer

2023 saw record killings by US police. Who is most impacted?

Biden being introduced now

First painting of the new year!

Biden's Refusal of Gaza Ceasefire Could Drag U.S. into Middle East War

The White House will review Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's lack of disclosure on his hospital stay

India court restores life prison sentences for 11 Hindu men who raped a Muslim woman in 2002 riots

Courtroom and campaign calendar collision

Ron Filipkowski FTW over Bikers for Trump

January 6th videos

Keep shining the light

Full coverage of Biden in SC NOW on C-Span.

A quote by Elvis:

Biden will visit church where Black people were killed to lay out election stakes and perils of hate

Did an Abortion Ban Cost a Young Texas Woman Her Life?

Texas Court of Appeals Allows Deposition of AG Ken Paxton in Whistleblower Case

Biden admin to announce independent contractor rule that could upend gig economy

LIVE: Biden speaks at church in South Carolina

Trump suggests that, if re-elected, he would have Biden indicted

Israel Is Targeting Media in Gaza to Hide Its Atrocities from the World

Music of The Sixties - The Girl Groups 👄

What was the most useless/ridiculous thing you ever bought? Mine were those copper pans that they had on TV, Luckily

US Supreme Court declines to hear Exxon, Koch Industries appeal on venue in climate case

Volkswagen says it's putting ChatGPT in its cars for 'enriching conversations'

When you're not on the list!

Florida prosecutor fighting DeSantis over suspension says he won't seek re-election

Ohio's GOP Governor Vetoed an Anti-Trans Bill. Then, He Made It Worse.

Roseate Spoonbill Preening

Was January 6th the beginning of the Second Civil War?

"Wake-Up Call": Mother of Boeing Crash Victim & Boeing Whistleblower on Latest MAX Jet Disaster

Bwahahaha picked up some breakfast at my local spot

Biden at Mother Emanuel AME Church

Today is my 72 th birthday

Tanya Chutkan, the judge overseeing Trump's federal election interference case, appears to be victim of 'swatting'

Trump Is Connecting With a Different Type of Evangelical Voter

Section 1, politicians call for investigation of antisemitic incident at Yonkers HS game

Yellen: 100,000 firms join business database aimed at unmasking shell company owners

The 'walking route': How an underground industry is helping migrants flee China for the US

The King is dead, Long live the King. Happy birthday Elvis, wherever you are.

Trump claims he didn't have 'fair notice' that Georgia actions could be illegal

Australia bans Nazi salute, swastika, other hate symbols in public as antisemitism spikes

Cookies and candy are latest victims of climate crisis as sugar prices surge

Anthony Fauci begins 2 days of interviews with House panel on COVID-19

Lonely Dog Was Abandoned At A School

Holy shit - breaking -swatting attack at Judge Chutkan's home last night- link added

Tomorrow could be a very eventful day as appeals court hears arguments on presidential immunity

AIPAC mobilises against US Senate resolution to investigate Israeli abuses

(Mesquite, TX) Report: IHOP employees fired after server refused to wait on Black couple

Australia bans Nazi salute, swastika, other hate symbols in public as antisemitism spikes

US homebuyer confidence up in December; more see loan rates falling

'Indiscriminately striking' civilians is war crime, pope says in major speech

Tanya Chutkan, the judge overseeing Trump's federal election interference case, appears to be victim of 'swatting'

Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear forms PAC to support candidates across the country


Today's Tiedrich rant: no, Elise Stefanik, jailed insurrectionists are not 'hostages.' what the fuck is wrong with you

Biden chokes up when talking about the death of his son Beau

Got my Dark Brandon mugs! And Biden Harris dark roast coffee

The shoplifting scare might not have been real -- but its effects are

If you are in congress and cannot commit to honor and certify the results of a free and fair election,

Steve Schmidt explains how Elise Stefanik became donald trump 2.0 - The Warning

Biden goes after Trump in second straight speech for pushing 'second lost cause'

"You're a good man!"

Trump's taunt of John McCain reads like trouble for Kari Lake

Wisconsin Republicans unveil medical marijuana bill after Evers voices support

Trump cannot challenge writer's rape claim at defamation trial, judge rules

Discount Goebbels aka Stephen Miller whines about Republicans being compared to Nazis

D.C. area forecast: Rainy week with big, windy storms Tuesday and Friday.

Cartoons 1/8/2023

Israeli Supreme Court rejects petition to ease Gaza access for foreign journalists

D.C. area forecast: Rainy week with big, windy storms Tuesday and Friday.

Comment: Do public officials control own social media spaces?

A Scalia opinion may end Trump's bid to delay trial

Florida Republican Party ousts Christian Ziegler as chairman after rape allegation

A couple of days before Christmas I got to hear all about the greatest pawn shop gun selection and display

Let the courts decide Trump's future

There is a D.C. spending deal. But that's no guarantee it will prevent a US shutdown.

Trump had sex regularly at Epstein mansion

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 9: Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum

Lighting definitely does not strike twice with Dunc the golden retriever.

In case you didn't know it, "God Made Trump"

Head of Putin's state-run TV empire Zoya Konovalova, 48, found dead with ex-husband after being 'poisoned'

Jessica Valenti: How to Report Post-Dobbs Deaths

"You're a good man, and we realize that."

The Sopranos 25th Anniversary Official Promo HBO

A heavy wave of Russian missile attacks pounds areas across Ukraine, killing at least 4 civilians

Civil rights groups denounce Donald Trump's comment that Civil War 'could have been negotiated'

Poopy Le Pew Threatens to Indict Biden if Immunity Bid Fails

The Great Franz Beckenbauer, World Cup-winning captain and manager, dies aged 78

Supreme Court declines to weigh in on Minnesota's climate lawsuit against big oil companies

Biden wants Mexican help to stop the migrant surge. Here's what Mexico wants in return.

'I am terrified': Michelle Obama opens up about sleepless nights

Report: Jaguar sighting in Arizona, 8th different one in southwestern US since 1996

From the dog walk

Olive Oil Taste Comparison at 4 Price Ranges (Low to High)

MAGA cynics have decided to destroy diversity efforts to prove we're all equal

Republicans Think This Is Art...

The inflated cost of asthma inhalers in the U.S. is unconscionable

Biden Sets the Terms for 2024

Bucshon joins GOP members announcing retirement

HAHAHAHA -- This John Ashcroft's son? Idiocy certainly runs in that family

BORIS SANCHEZ: What would be your justification for removing Joe Biden from the ballot in Missouri? JAY ASHCROFT: There

Biden lays out the stakes: It's about democracy

Jim Jordan Comes Up Empty

I would never have guessed that career criminal would ever be a path to the presidency

I was watching some video clips and it occurred to me "what is the strangest thing you have personally witnessed?

Yellow school buses are going green with a $1 billion investment

Are we really back to 1024 again? I'm getting whiplash!

Roger Stone Spoke With Cop Pal About Assassinating Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler

American Company's Spacecraft Malfunctions on Its Way to the Moon

Worth Sharing With Christian Friends -- 15 Biblical Verses that Identify Trump as the Antichrist

Trump and his Cult will not accept any election results where he does not win.

Man arrested after attempted theft of Picasso, Warhol, other art pieces at Scottsdale gallery

Cat Power, Mountain Goats, Dropkick Murphys, & More Announced For Sinad O'Connor & Shane MacGowan Tribute At Carnegie

US Supreme Court rejects X Corp's surveillance disclosure challenge

#GO BLUE# University of Michigan by 3 over Washington. Tonight 7:30 eastern US time.

Iowa school shooter appeared to be active on Discord and discussed 'gearing up' in moments before attack

Multiple State Republican Parties Are Going Broke

'Israeli aggression on Gaza has exceeded all limits': Jordan's foreign minister

'See how crowd reacted when protesters interrupted Biden's speech'

'Grotesque and Offensive': White House Responds to Trump's Labeling Jan 6 Detainees 'Hostages'

Winter is about to arrive in SE Wisconsin

WTF is it with all these fees to apply for an apartment?

LOL! Call with the VA

Midwesterner? Where will you wait out the snow storms?

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 9 January 2024

United Airlines inspections find loose bolts on several Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft after grounding

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 8, 2024

Asking people to "do the research" on fake news stories makes them seem more believable, not less

"If you don't have kids, who will take care of you in your senior years?"

The Democratic Primary Elections In Texas - Part Three

Rare blizzard warning for Washington Cascades; dangerous mountain pass travel expected

Demand Justice for Neglected Dog: Remove April Sloane as Washington County Controller

'I support Hamas': NY high school basketball game cancelled over 'antisemitic slurs'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, immunity, and 11,780 reasons he's wrong....

Southern MD sunset 1/8

Jan. 6 Was Merely a Party - Luckovich Cartoon

Dismisses wrongful death claim against The Don and assailants of Sicknick

Dr. Fauci appearing at a Retrumplican held House hearing is an example of what's "F'd" up in America

Judge Swatted Last Night

Happy New Year to all

I just opened the book I ordered from IKEA.

Biden Blasts Trump again in Viral speech: "He's a loser." - Pondering Politics

BONUS Skews Episode - 1/6/24 - Cybertrucked Up

Possible Gas Explosion at Sandman Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth - WFAA

Can Biden Convince Voters His Brand of Populism Is Best?

Holy Sh*T: the New Yorker's front cover.

NY 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has "denied" Trump's request to reconsider his immunity From E Jean Carrol's lawsuit

Gillian Anderson wears dress with embroidered vaginas to Golden Globes: 'Brand appropriate'

Russia painted fake fighter jets at its airfields, new satellite images show, likely to trick Ukraine

Lauren Boebert Under Investigation Over Alleged Physical Fight! - Luke Beasley

There Is No "Both Sides" to Donald Trump's Threat to Democracy

I think my HP boot sector was erased

*This America ReFramed special explores the complex issue of reparations in the U.S.

Can't wait for Spring

325 arrested for blocking Williamsburg bridge today

More women join challenge to Tennessee's abortion ban law

Congressman Jamie Raskin: Democracy vs. Autocracy in 2024

Wonkette: Fist-Pumping Seditionist Josh Hawley So Unpopular In Missouri A Democrat Could Possibly Beat His Pasty Ass

Pic of the Fort Worth hotel. Another natural gas explosion. 10 injured

Must-see: Pro-Trump official goes down in flames on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ulysses S. Grant on the 2024 election ...

Ali V just announced that court ruled TFG has no immunity in E. Jean Carroll case

tonights dinner is really simple . coup of noodles . yes i am using chopsticks .

#BREAKING: Significant Explosion has taken place at a Hotel with mass casualty incident declared 📌#FortWorth #Texas

Gazans to IDF: Hamas steals URNWA food, kills civilians who ask for aid

Judge Orders New North Dakota Legislative District for 2 Native American Tribes

Ukraine Blows a Russian Railway Bridge, Daghestani Teen Charged with Destroyed SU-34; RU says 500K - Professor Gerdes

Migrant families with kids will have to leave NYC shelters starting this week

I never get any DU mail

Fox Liberal Checks Idiot Co-Hosts, Brings Out the Receipts - Rebel HQ

Florida GOP removes Christian Ziegler as party chairman amid sex scandal - CNN


United finds several loose bolts on 737max9s add link

"Much ado about nothing:" Trump tries to dismiss GA case - MSNBC Reports

No:You don't get to break my treat in half

I keep thinking about The Second Coming... No, not Jesus; Yeats.

Pro Trump very rightwing dailymail is reporting "blackmail videos" of trump having sex

How To Mock trump- James Carville

Internet Hilariously Mocks Trump For Saying Magnets Don't Work Underwater - Waldorf Nation

Last night I was in the kitchen listening to music video when I hear Trump's voice

Newsom announces special election to fill McCarthy's seat

Sandman hotel explodes in downtown Fort Worth just in the last hour or so

Governor Shapiro of Pennsylvania:

Filing alleges 'improper' relationship between Fulton DA, top Trump prosecutor