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3 years since the insurrection. Let's make one thing perfectly clear.

Trump Is So Dumb He Thinks Stephen Miller Is Smart - Rebel HQ

House Republicans release contempt resolution against Hunter Biden

Why Iowa Turned So Red When Nearby States Went Blue

Salon: Jack Smith's "dramatic new proof" so "overwhelming" reluctant witnesses may decide to flip

There Is No "Both Sides" to Donald Trump's Threat to Democracy

Moon landing attempt by US company appears doomed after 'critical' fuel leak

The wild true story of an ice skating animal trainer, a serial killer and a chimp

After Two Decades Undercover, She's Ready to Tell the Real Story of Human Trafficking

Winter storm forecast: Most of the U.S. is at risk of extreme weather this week. Here's everything you need to know.

Singing on Trump? Stunning report reveals top WH aide spilling secrets to Jack Smith - Deadline - MSNBC

Elvis was born on this date.

Trump is promising to reduce inflation. His plans may reignite it.

Having my very first art exhibition March and April

CFP officials in contact with FBI over threats made after Florida State snub

Old church turned into a one-of-a-kind home

Michelle Obama says she's terrified about potential outcome of 2024 election - CNN

Bobo: Police look into apparent Colorado restaurant row

Who do you think is going to win the College football championship tonight?

Mayorkas visits Texas border ahead of historic GOP impeachment proceedings

'Dangerous for democracy' - Rep. Stefanik's audition to be in a future Trump administration - Deadline - MSNBC

There Is No "Both Sides" to Donald Trumps Threat to Democracy

'White supremacy has no place in America': Biden visits South Carolina church visited by hate - Deadline - MSNBC

Many Chiefs fans are furious about playoff game against Miami being on Peacock (KC Star)

'Trump is a piece of s***' Meghan McCain slams Trump after mocking her father...again - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump Presidential Immunity Appeal Denied--Again--In E. Jean Carroll Case

Foreign governments spent millions at his businesses while he held office

Do we need a new baseball statistic?

"No children survived."

Why is Iowa still "first in the nation" to vote for President?

Newly sworn in, Louisiana's governor calls for special session to draw new congressional map

New Hampshire sends DNC cease-and-desist letter: Stop saying our primary is 'meaningless'

Trump Is So Dumb He Thinks Stephen Miller Is Smart - Rebel HQ

More women join challenge to Tennessee's abortion ban law

How can you listen to the oral argument??

Pence says Trump 14th Amendment ballot ban 'antithetical' to democracy

Finally, a SANE Christian!!

Trump's 'a loser': Biden humiliates Trump in South Carolina stump speech - (full speech) MSNBC

MAGA Republicans seek two more impeachments?! - Pondering Politics

Special counsel Jack Smith was targeted by attempted swatting on Christmas Day

Is there a 'Ted Cruz curse' in Texas sports? Theory gains traction after Longhorns' Sugar Bowl loss

Is there a 'Ted Cruz curse' in Texas sports? Theory gains traction after Longhorns' Sugar Bowl loss

Is there a 'Ted Cruz curse' in Texas sports? Theory gains traction after Longhorns' Sugar Bowl loss

IRS announces January 29 as start of 2024 tax season

The world sees what America does not. Fareed explains

Judge Chutkan "swatted" by maga thugs

Special counsel Jack Smith was targeted by attempted swatting on Christmas Day

Special counsel Jack Smith was targeted by attempted swatting on Christmas Day

George Conway: The Courts Know trump is an Insurrectionist

If Rudy has to pony up $148M for Lady Ruby and Shaye...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UAE and taking advice....

Newly sworn in, Louisiana's governor calls for special session to draw new congressional map

Is malice an element of swatting?

Indicted Trump shows nerves about 2024 & Iowa loss: Don't believe 'the polls' - The Beat - MSNBC

Haley accuses Biden of giving 'offensive' speech at the church where racist mass shooting occurred

Biden went there

NY AG eyes TOTAL SHELLACKING for Trump - Talking Feds

Substack says it will remove Nazi publications from the platform

Thomas Benjamin Wild esq. - I've No More Fucks To Give

Trump's coup nightmare comes true: Jan. 6 attacker's own videos get him convicted - The Beat - MSNBC

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Sister Nancy is tearing Slobby a new one on Jen Psaki - add link

George Takei:

The Face of Evil: P01135809 Mugshot (B&W)

'So what?' Trump's response when told Pence was in danger: ABC report - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I believe him.

Allies Incriminate Trump In Jan 6 Grand Jury Testimony - Raw News And Politics

Gaza photojournalists joined in raiding safe rooms, lynching on Oct. 7 - report

One of my favorite cute videos:

Cat's way of helping with the laundry:

So this is and was a big fat lie.

Has Trump Caused More Deaths Than Jim Jones?!? - Thom Hartmann

This one's also mine:

China Doesn't Want You to Say 'Tibet' Anymore

National Park Service scraps plan to remove Philadelphia statue after online firestorm

trump hopes the economy crashes so he can blame it on biden

Trump tries to claim immunity in new post, but doesn't seem to realize what he's advocating for - Glenn Kirschner

'Despicable': Dem eviscerates Trump for calling Jan. 6 criminals 'hostages' - MSNBC Reports

'Shocking' Reality of Ukraine Blowback Hammers Putin at Home

Putinism hides its failures just like communism

Buying Home and Auto Insurance Is Becoming Impossible

Biden drew comparisons between 2020 and the Civil War, when defeated Confederates could not accept defeat

I support Biden calling out MAGAs for being white supremacist.

Not just Trump: Fox's 'lies' stoked Jan. 6 for weeks, media expert says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

ST:ENTERPRISE - Intro to In a Mirror Darkly

'Terrorist supporter Stefanik': Top Trump ally sparks outrage by taking Big Lie to next level - The ReidOut - MSNBC

*The cost of inheritance: An America Reframed Special,

Who is Stephanik's Democratic competitor in her district?

Kudos New Yorker

National Association of Realtors President Resigns After Blackmail Threat

SNAP Post of the night (Middle Age Riot on Egoloonie)

Masters of the Air Apple TV +

Brazil dispensed with Bolzanaro 1 year post election. ⁷

Prosecutors Instantly OUTMANEUVER Trump in Appeal - Meidas Touch

Russia can't protect its citizens - The Gaze

Mass shooting* totals in US 2023: 604**. dead: 746. wounded: 2, 442.

Day 8 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 10** Dead: 18. Wounded: 36.

Did anyone see Daniel Levy's "Good Grief?"

Andrew Weissmann: 'No way Donald Trump wins' immunity appeals argument - The Last Word - MSNBC

Go Blue.

Congratulations to Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines -

Judge Denies Rudy Giuliani's Motion For Indefinite Delay In Criminal Trial - Rodecast

Nashville Cats.

All In The Family - Gloria Poses in the Nude...Link

President Biden in S.C. today telling the truth about racism, 'and it matters.'

USA Air Disaster - Is Boeing 737 Safe After Door Falls Off Brand New Boeing 737 Max 9 at 16000 Feet - Joe Blogs

Biden destroys Trump as the evil insurrectionist authoritarian he is in his Valley Forge Speech.

The latest jobs report analysis proves Biden was much better than Trump's failed presidency.

While Biden is no progressive, he proved progressive policies work because he tried them.

New Hampshire sends DNC cease-and-desist letter: Stop saying our primary is 'meaningless'

MSNBC journalist exposed PragerU, a Right Wing brainwashing nonprofit for the farce that it is.

'So what?': Bombshell report on Trump's reaction to Pence fleeing on Jan. 6 - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Senate Democrats move to beef up campaign staff in Montana, Ohio

AJC: Filing alleges 'improper' relationship between Fulton DA, top Trump prosecutor

Nikki Haley suffers blow to her campaign amid major gaffe - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rep. Steny Hoyer set to seek reelection

Haley accuses Biden of giving 'offensive' speech at the church where racist mass shooting occurred

Who is still "unfriended" in your life since the 2016 election?

Say it ain't snow. Iowa's forecast is terrible and it's impacting the campaign.

Louisiana's new governor wants to scrap the state's unique open primaries

Jack Smith PRESSES TRUMP'S BUTTONS - Talking Feds

Gov. Newsom announces delayed special election for McCarthy seat

Horrific Treatment of an Unhoused Person.

New Hampshire attorney general's office warns DNC over 'voter suppression' after party lambasted primary

Kimmel: Jimmy Kimmel Reacts to Aaron Rodgers Comments & Donald Trump Wants a Giant Dome to Protect the U.S.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Immunity appeal is Defendant Trump's most important court day yet - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hail to the Victors!

Biden speech in South Carolina church interrupted by protesters

Right-Wing Sicko Behind Violent Threats Had Thousands of Ammo Rounds, Feds Say

Seth Meyers - Incoherent Trump Melts Down After Biden Calls Him Out in Jan. 6 Speech: A Closer Look

ND: Judge selects legislative district map in tribal voting rights case

'He's a loser': Biden likens Trump MAGA movement to lost cause of Confederacy - The Last Word - MSNBC

Third proposed Arkansas government transparency amendment submitted to AG

Arkansas group files third draft of proposed abortion amendment

Florida prosecutor fighting DeSantis over suspension says he won't seek re-election

NC-GOV: Did Mark Robinson (R) break the law during his 2020 campaign?

Gym Jordan's Lies EXPOSED By Richard Ojeda

Louisiana Legislature to take on congressional redistricting in special session

BIDEN FINDS THE MAGIC trump WORD: "LOSER!" - Tuesday Countdown

January 6 Fugitives Arrested - Raw News And Politics

Alaska Airlines plane had warnings days before mid-air blowout

Thirteen years ago, today, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot...

Missing door plug from Alaska Airlines plane found - MSNBC Reports

Millennials are moving to 'the most boring places in the world'

Tell me I'm wrong.

The Incontinent Psychotic goes FULL DEMENTIA on Joe Biden at bonkers rally

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden calls Trump a 'loser' because he knows how much that word hurts Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

The differences between a criminal charge, a civil charge and a credible accusation

Texas Senate candidate backed by Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick faces mounting eligibility challenges

Maine is again considering joining movement to elect U.S. president by national popular vote

U.S. GOP shows unique rejection of democracy with embrace of Trump: Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Virtually all abortions would be illegal in Florida under new proposal filed by a House Republican

Florida Republicans want age verification on porn sites. Here's how that worked out in other states

Keep the faith. Joe Biden, best president for this moment, is running the campaign America needs.

MI: AG releases report on sexual abuse allegations at Gaylord Catholic Diocese

Listen Live page for tomorrow's 9:30 am oral arguments in the DC Circuit on Trump's immunity claim.

Trust that owns former Michigan GOP headquarters seeks dismissal of lawsuit and sanctions

Gov. Katie Hobbs gets serious about flipping the Arizona Legislature

ND: Democrats schedule state convention April 4-7 in Fargo

MI-GOV: Benson (D) hints at a 2026 run for governor

Trump's Supreme Court Blunderbuss-The Supreme Court will decide whether the Colorado court was right to bar TFG

Trump's day-one dictatorship tops litany of contrasts targeted by Biden campaign - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Blues in the night

Can Michigan redistricting panel play nice, draw legal maps? It may get messy

Yesterday afternoon I picked up a curbside grocery order and Sonny brought it out to my ride. I started singing to him:

Michigan Republican Party wants to close primary elections. Not so fast, officials and experts say.

"If you don't like the peach, walk on by the tree"

They call for "ceasefire now". Local city councils and now the UAW

Will Pink Slime "Journalism" Turn Us Into Right-Wing Zombies? - Thom Hartmann

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ohio, the GOP, and Schoolhouse Rock....

Trump Demands Election Crimes Case Be Dropped In New Filing -- Because Nobody Told Him Overturning Election Was Crime

PA: What ballots and voter counts suggest about Bucks County's blue wave

PA: New Dauphin County commissioner (D) moves from activist to insider

Special Counsel Jack Smith among spate of officials targeted by holiday hoax 'swatting': NBC News - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

PA Treasurer Stacy Garrity (R) faces new scrutiny over role in spreading 2020 election lies

Great song

The EU is increasing its weapons production - The Gaze

NY-03: Can Tom Suozzi win in an increasingly conservative Long Island?

'The Republican Party is in terribly ill health': Schiff cites frailty of U.S. political system - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The Navajo Nation is trying to ground the first commercial burials in space, insisting that the plan to memorialize huma

Will Democrats hamstring Rep. Jamaal Bowman's reelection chances through redistricting?

Suspect who attacked Nevada judge appears in court - ABC News


NJ: Atlantic City election challenge will get ruling next month

Ruling coalition and independents set to face-off in Slovak presidential election

And What A Trip It Was!

Michelle Obama "Terrified" Of 2024 Election, Worries Keep Her Up At Night

Taiwan ruling party candidate will maintain status quo, engage with China

Trump Citation to FAKE EVIDENCE is WORST Move of the Year - Meidas Touch

Republicans are becoming even more desperate - Pondering Politics

Bhutan votes in final round of national elections, economy main issue

Floating 'magic islands' on Saturn's moon Titan may be honeycomb-shaped snow

Bottled water contains 240,000 nanoplastics, study finds

PA: Luzerne County Election Board appointments delayed

Substack Has An Insurrection Problem - Extremism from Los Angeles to the Internet

Coach Pierce's Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Broncos: 'Remember This Moment!' Raiders NFL

US says Bangladesh elections were not free and fair

Ohio election reform bill that includes ID requirement ruled constitutional by federal judge

Hong Kongers in Taiwan firmly support the ruling party after watching China erode freedoms at home

Mehdi Hasan bids farewell to MSNBC

VT-SEN: Bernie Sanders to decide on Senate re-election in "near future"

AOC on why she thinks Justice Thomas should recuse himself from Colorado ballot case - CNN

White House Infrastructure Point-Man Landrieu Shifts to Biden Re-election

NY Senate Majority push for election reform package

Belarus refuses to invite OSCE observers to monitor parliamentary election

Boebert Accused Of Punching Her Ex-Husband - Raw News And Politics

Trump 'Not Interested' In Stopping Capitol Riot Says Former Confidant - Waldorf Nation

'Trump should expect to lose almost unanimously': Trump heads to court one week from Iowa Caucuses - The 11th Hour MSNBC

--- NFL Wild Card / Betting Lines ---

'You have a competent guy...and then you have a monster': 2024 campaigns ramp up - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Tuesday 9 January 2024

"King" Trump Files Losing Immunity Arguments To Avoid Trial In Georgia - Rodecast

The Morbidly Rich Have a Vision for the U.S.? A Blueprint Exists! - Thom Hartmann

'We're going to see a lot more deepfake pornography unleashed': The impact of A.I. on women - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

INCOMPETENT Judge Cannon MAJOR BLUNDER Impacts Trial Dates - Meidas Touch

Speaker Emerita Pelosi on MSNBC's Inside with Jen Psaki

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/08/2024

Remarkable discovery: Czech archeologists unearth 3,000-year-old Mayan city

Driver crashes into White House exterior gate, Secret Service says

5k rounds of ammo found in home of Arizona man accused of threatening to kill FBI agents

Biden's top priority for a second term: Abortion rights

US Navy sailor given 27 months in jail for sharing military data with China

Devon Archer Transcript Released - Says Joe Biden Never Discussed Business with Hunter or His Business Partners

Absolutely adorable ......

House Democratic campaign arm announces 8-figure diversity outreach effort

Wordle 934 Jan 9 ***Spoiler Thread***

Biden renominates Julie Su for labor secretary after Senate declined to confirm her for ten months

Most don't think Trump should get presidential immunity -- CBS News poll

Thought Lost in WW2, Records Discovery Reveals Secrets of Ancient People

Archaeologists Keep Finding Evidence of a Mysterious Ancient Cult In Europe

Careful of PayPal emails

"And may the odds be always in your favor....."

Rep. Steny Hoyer set to seek reelection

Milwaukie Providence Hospital calls police to remove sick man..claimed he was faking it

Newcastle student investigates Roman 12-sided 'mystery objects'

Labor News & Commentary January 4, 2024 USW is attempting to block the purchase of U.S. Steel by a Japanese company

On this day, January 9, 1925, Lee Van Cleef was born.

Low-grade, systemic anxiety

On January 1, 1942, Roosevelt and Churchill paid a visit to George Washington's grave.

Archaeologists uncover 4,500-year-old Ancient Egyptian tomb and artefacts

First snow of the seson is in progress in metro Omaha

Trump says he hopes the stock market crashes under Biden - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Finally! Russia withdraws from Kreminna. Ukraine takes control near Maryinka. Putin house on fire. - The Russian Dude

Compelling photograph of President Joe Biden.

Tuesday TOONs 1/9/24

Central US walloped by blizzard conditions, closing highways, schools and government offices

IDF knows where Hamas leader is, but won't strike at him because of hostages

Archaeologists unearth 7,000-year-old bottle

It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley

ChickFila HR Department

Earth shattered global heat record in '23 and it's flirting with warming limit, European agency says

Remains of 3,500-year-old Egyptian woman reveal she suffered from 'rare' disease

BIDEN FINDS THE MAGIC WORD: TRUMP IS A "LOSER" - 1.9.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

A New Project Uses Isotopes to Pinpoint the Birthplaces of the Enslaved

Will China Collapse? My Personal View; Stock Market Woes; Zhongzhi Bankruptcy; Spying - China Update

France gets its youngest-ever prime minister as Macron seeks a reset

Thanks so much DU! This really is the last time!

Religion Turned Bands Into Tribes That Ruled The Planet - OpEd

State Funeral Procession and service for the 1st Indo-Trinidadian Prime Minister

have u ever convinced someone to get help?

Suck It, Dunleavy! SCOTUS Rejects Appeal To Rehear Federal Veto Of Pebble Mine

Wildfire Risk Mapping Varies Wildly From State To State, Given Recent Record Fires, Beetle Kill

Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction

The Rundown: January 9, 2024

Boomb Tube, The Month in Comic Book Television: 12/31/2023-1/6/2024

Seeking one night stand possibly two.

Ancient "curse tablet" targeting unlucky pair unearthed by archaeologists in Germany

Wish me luck I'm so excited.

Ancient "curse tablet" targeting unlucky pair unearthed by archaeologists in Germany

On January 7, 1955, Marian Anderson broke the color barrier at the Metropolitan Opera.

Months after hospitalization, Mary Lou Retton won't answer basic questions about health care, donations

Work on Maya Train uncovered 'greatest archaeological treasure' in decades

On January 7, 1980, Carl White of the Rivingtons died.

On December 26, 1921, Steve Allen was born.

Gmail account help

Copernicus Confirms New Record - 2023 Global Temps 1.48C Above Preindustrial Baseline

On This Day: Three days of terrorism, including Charlie Hebdo attack, end in France - Jan. 9, 2015

This Year's Climate Conference Host Plans To Boost Gas Output By 1/3, But Sustainable Something Something

The ugly reason Trump apparently wants an economic crash in 2024

j6 astute observation

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 10: Spotlight: Columbia Pictures 100 Years - The 1940s and 1950s

U.S. monthly international trade deficit decreases in November 2023 from October 2023 deficit

Special election today for those living within Newark city limits.

Photos: Retired nurse treats displaced Palestinians

Passive members of Jan. 6 mob can be convicted of disorderly conduct

BTRTN: The "Haley Mary"... Can She Really Beat Trump?

Election 2024

Unschooled: The PragerU Curriculum Meet the Press Reports

Link to live audio of traitor's immunity plea hearing this morning:

Our older daughter retired in Dec. 23

Dog Is The Best Nanny To Foster Kittens

Biden goes after Trump in second straight speech for pushing 'second lost cause'

You raised $675.00 on January 8, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Trump Says Biden Will Suffer If He Isn't Granted Presidential Immunity - Farron Balanced

The dangerous belief that Orange Beelzebub is a man of faith

Gen and the Degenerates - Kids Wanna Dance (single released today - alternative punk rock)

My Friend

No one should have more than $25 million of net worth.

I don't trust anyone that talks that fast like Trump's attorney D John Sauer.

South East DUers (AL, FL, GA) Stay safe!

MSNBC LIVE AUDIO of Oral Arguments On Absolute Immunity for Presidents Before the DC Appeals Court Jan 9 2024

Dancing in the Dark: Steps to Avoid a Constitutional Coup in the 2024 Election

This morning Madoc learned he might be the biggest, but he's not the fastest

When dog meets his favorite cartoon character

does anyone use a treadmill for their dogs?

Who is listening to the hearing?

You raised $100.00 on January 8, 2024 unofficial Democratic Underground for Michelle Vallejo TX-15

FDA warns about side effects of common asthma/allergy medication

Happy birthday, Jimmy Page! 80 today

The question of Trump's corruption should be front and center

Eight more entries to go! YEAH!

Happy birthday, Jimmy Page! 80 today

Michigan overpowers Washington 34-13 as Jim Harbaugh delivers a national title

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about US-Chinese relations calming....

FWIW CBS News-YouGov poll

Suburban home invasion that started as a Grindr hook-up may have links to similar crimes in Chicago city

Asst Special Counsel James Pearce now rebutting the idiot attorney representing TFG nt

Speaker Johnson got what he wanted. To defund the IRS

Biden Reversing Trump Labor Rule To Prevent Misuse Of 'Independent Contractor' Status


Well, I'm out of ICU but they won't let me go home

It's What They Wanted. It's What They Got.

OMG FUNNY! Trump Just Doubled Down on Incoherent, Ridiculously Crazy! Jen Kirkman & Stephanie Miller

Biden Reversing Trump Labor Rule To Prevent Misuse Of 'Independent Contractor' Status

'Nonsense' Trump appeals will lose 'unanimously and quickly'

Dr. Hepcat (Albert Durst) was born on this date.

Trump Immunity: Meidas Touch Youtube now

Bucky Pizzarelli was born on this date.

Pic Of The Moment: The Candidates Lay Out Their Competing Visions For The American Economy

Joan Baez has a birthday today.

I have a question dumber thanSlobby's lawyer

James Comer's shell company was shut down twice for reporting violations

Has anyone tried night driving glasses?

Jimmy Page has a birthday today.

Melvin goes to the doctor.

Sauer (Trump Lawyer) says official acts are immune.

Crowd At Black Church ROARS When Biden Calls Trump 'Loser' In Fired-Up Speech

A Super PAC with ties to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is lavishing money on ads supporting Biden challenger Dean Phillips

"So what?"

Hypothetical presented by Judge Florence Pan "Can a President order Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political rival?"

current observations for sonora ca.

10 years ago; MFM

It has to be roasting Chump

MeidasTouch article posted minutes ago: Summary of Oral Arguments in Trump Immunity Hearing

Kim Jong-Un vs. Ukraine - Russia's North Korean Missiles

Voters don't always have final say -- state legislatures and governors are increasingly undermining ballot measures that

James Comer's 'Legitimate' Shell Company Was Shut Down--Twice

Sen. Bob Menendez now speaking on Senate floor about why he is squeaky-clean innocent.

House-proud mouse discovered tidying British man's shed every night

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 9, 2024)

An Oklahoma teen wanted to change his gender on school records. The state imposed a new rule to stop him.

PM Ulf Kristersson: 'If you don't want to defend Sweden - don't be a Swedish citizen'

Trump co-defendant alleges 'improper' relationship between Fani Willis and fellow Georgia prosecutor

Those Iowa Trump supporters are so stupid.

Did someone neglect to tell Fantasia she was wearing one of the team's colors?

Migrant caravan regroups in Mexico after government promise of papers falls through

Top Republican issues stunning threat with massive 2024 stakes - Brian Tyler Cohen

What actor/actress would you want cast as you in your biography. Make-up and hair dye can be used.

Trump's legal team's argument: Since he wasn't impeached AND convicted by the Senate,

Photo: Rabbis and rabbinical students staged a protest at the UN security council in NYC calling for a ceasefire

Must-see new video from Rick Beato: How Corruption and Greed Led to the Downfall of Rock Music

They are projecting that the Iowa Caucus will be the coldest on record.

During the making of Beef Barley Soup today...

4 people charged over alleged plot to smuggle hundreds of Australian native reptiles to Hong Kong

"The Cost of Inheritance": Meet the Descendants of Enslavers and Enslaved Fighting for Reparations

Must-see new video from Rick Beato: How Corruption and Greed Led to the Downfall of Rock Music

Judd Legum: The fleecing of America's hourly workers

Must-see new video from Rick Beato: How Corruption and Greed Led to the Downfall of Rock Music

With their support of dump, evangelicals cede all moral authority.

IMHO: Tfg's post-appeal speech was low-energy, demoralized, defeated. I wonder if the truth is beginning

BBC Apologizes For Reporting Unverified Hamas Claim Israel Was "Executing" Palestinians In Gaza

International criminal court says it is investigating potential crimes against journalists in Gaza

"When South Carolina sends us their politicians, they're not sending their best. They're sending folk

Sen. Sanders: I applaud @USDOL's final rule to stop unscrupulous employers from deliberately misclassifying workers

if you are into old phones/ radios or science stuff- WOOD + brass microscope, poke me.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 9, 2024

Funny thing I saw today on X

Roger Stone reportedly said leading Democratic congressman 'has to die'

Don Lemon Plans to Launch New Show on X (Variety)

Anyone else noticed

"Meanwhile in a parallel reality.." Fox says the hearing is going well for Trump

Israel approves some 700 units in occupied East Jerusalem settlement

Ray Epps, a target of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories, gets a year of probation for his Capitol riot role

Why is any court listening to the crap Trump is peddling?

Profit Over Safety: Boeing Supplier Ignored Safety Warnings Before Door Blowout, The Lever Reports

Anyone else planning on watching Echo on Disney Plus this evening?

Millions to lose affordable internet unless Congress extends subsidies

Greg Sargent: How Trump's Unhinged Immunity Demand Could Unleash a Second-Term Crime Spree

The cultural sensitivity here sometimes amazes me

Very misleading WashPost headline

A group of Pa. lawmakers didn't take pay during the budget impasse. A bill would force all to abstain.

Trump doesn't sound or look very confident in his statement after the immunity hearing

PNES**Apparently more common in women, therefore we won't bother studying it.

a question for tumps attorneys

I have a series recommendation: The Split, on Hulu.

WHY NOW? trump's Closest Allies Now Fear Him the Most! Stephanie Miller

"The Cost of Inheritance": Meet the Descendants of Enslavers and Enslaved Fighting for Reparations

Sweet little Sian looks all grown up

Democratic Party Organizing

Global economy headed for worst half-decade in 30 years, World Bank warns

New poll shows democracy and elections in doubt in South Dakota

🏈 Sources: Titans fire coach Mike Vrabel after 6 seasons

Republican Officials Openly Insult Women Nearly Killed by Abortion Bans

Mitch McConnell was warned days before Jan. 6 Trump could be 'instigator' of violence

Microplastics in essentially all U.S. Protein Sources (including plant-based proteins)

Maine House votes down GOP effort to impeach official who removed Trump from ballot

This Woman's New House Came With A Dog

Ray Epps was sentenced by Chief Judge Boasberg to a year of probation for his role in the Jan. 6 attack.

Here is a YouTube link to the complete oral arguments re Trump's immunity claims

Gabriel Attal becomes France's youngest and first openly gay prime minister

Kentucky state GOP passes resolution for 'wrongfully held' suspects in Jan. 6 riot

Meta to start blocking some content from reaching teens on Facebook and Instagram

Hollywood Actors Union Signs First Big Deal for AI in Voice-Over Work

Pope Francis calls for a universal ban on surrogacy. He says it exploits mother and child

Bottled Water Can Contain Hundreds of Thousands of Previously Uncounted Tiny Plastic Bits, Study Finds

Today's Tiedrich rant: what kind of shithole country lets a corrupt criminal run for president

Donald Trump Jr. advertised to his 10 million followers his daddy's involvement in Epstein papers

Trump sounds off on the Civil War, again goes after John McCain and criticizes magnets

Great Blasket Island (Ireland) is looking for caretakers:

Blue Horizons: The Democrat's Roadmap To Conquering Texas

Health Catastrophe Unfolding in Gaza as Humanitarian Space Shrinks

Special milestone

Newly sworn Minneapolis City Council takes on Israel-Hamas war

Chud with homemade Sharpie bumper sticker. Posted w/o further comment.


Trump Mocked After Claiming Magnets Don't Work Underwater at Rally

I would think very few on the Epstein list had anything to do with underage girls. If you're an old pervert,

Zero voters show up to a Dean Phillips event in New Hampshire

Settlers killed a Palestinian teen. Israeli forces didn't stop it. From Washington Post

Widespread population collapse of African raptors

WAPO: Judges Seem Skeptical of Trump's J6 Immunity Claims (gift article)

Nazi Chatbots: Meet the Worst New AI Innovation From Gab

Elon "Mr. Free Speech" shuts down meanie accounts #SissySpaceX

Arthur Blank Falconer

Arthur Blank Falconer

The Trump/Magat Platform Is Terror

I Really Wonder What An Average Tr**p Day Is Like.....

Austin has prostate cancer

Defense Secretary Austin was treated for prostate cancer and a urinary tract infection, doctors say

Judges Seem Skeptical of Trump's Claim of Immunity

Federal court orders Hastings company to backpay $230K to hundreds of meatpacking workers

Military Times had a story on Ashli Babbit

Vehicle size makes them more dangerous

Artists are making creative companies apologize for using AI

Judges skeptical of Trump's immunity appeal at court hearing for 2020 election interference case

So whats to discuss with these appeals court judges?

I'm buying a NEW truck! ...first time ever!

Cartoons 1/9/2024

What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday? Me--no snow


Boeing supplier that made Alaska Airline's door plug was warned of "defects" with other parts, lawsuit claims

Biden assails Trump for trying to turn election 'loss into a lie'

Martin Scorsese Confirms 'A Life of Jesus' Script Is Finished; 80-Minute Movie Will Not 'Proselytize'

US seeks to jump-start production of higher-energy uranium now made in Russia

A US citizen has been arrested in Moscow on drug charges

Scientists find about a quarter million invisible nanoplastic particles in a liter of bottled water

Pennsylvania government workers will start using ChatGPT in test program

Trump goes birther once again--this time Nikki Haley:

The fucking media won't do their job. They are drilli'm asking questions about austin

Miami @ Kansas City on Peacock ...

McConnell says Congress 'obviously' must pass short-term spending stopgap

Ancient Egyptians had a daddy and

GOP Secretary of State Melts Down When Asked To Explain Bid to Throw Biden Off Ballot

in-wall bathroom heater, supposedly controlled by knob, doesn't always turn off.

Lichen the Bridge!

What can I do with this?

Iowa pastors denounce 'God Made Trump' video

D.C. Bureau U.S. Capitol Police union says not enough done to improve security after Jan. 6 attack

Radio app for a Samsung Galaxy phone?

Judge Chutkan and SC Jack Smith ----swatted. DA Willis and AG James-death threats "judge" Cannon no criticism.

River Mouth Terrapin Station

Does anybody else here like Katty Kay? She appears now on Morming Joe as one of their regular commneters.

Can't get out only have frozen food...

Trump dealt loss as judge rules profane tape can play at E. Jean Carroll trial

Metal Monday (a bit late) Five Finger Death Punch - Judgement Day

NASA Delays Artemis Astronaut Moon Missions

Trump Warns of 'Bedlam' If He Loses Election

On this day, January 9, 1948, Bill Cowsill was born.

Slow Snow-Cold River

Excellent rant by Steve Schmidt on Biden's last 2 speeches and why Biden is great

US Rep. Greg Pence of Indiana, Mike Pence's older brother, won't seek reelection

Window Prisms

On this day, January 9, 2009, Dave Dee, of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, died.

With Trump present in court, judges express skepticism of claims that he's immune from prosecution

Biden slams Trump as 'revealing twisted true colors' after Trump says he hopes economy crashes in 2024

Solid state battery design charges in minutes, lasts for thousands of cycles

Veterans Group (@votevets) Exposes Trump in AMAZING VIRAL AD!!!

trump's Corruption is Compensation for What a FRAUD he is (w/ Tim O'Brien) Bulwark

The tragedy of Susan Boyle

Bridge to Kittery

California Orange Sunshine

Judges "did not buy" Trump arguments on immunity

Hidden Passageway Beneath New York Chabad Building Drives Chaos and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

TURBO DISTRIBUTION 24-4 was an assessment exercise at 2 ports in Puerto Rico

Remember Susan Boyle? Watch her join the cast of Les Miz here

Ain't no immunity like Trump's immunity!

My Command's Public Affairs made a video of the exercise I helped evaluate in December

2023 saw record killings by US police. Who is most affected?

Palestinian journalist subjected to beatings and torture during detention by Israeli forces

Donald Trump: Come for the healthcare plan which will take two weeks

The broken pane

How many of you have been inspired to donate money?

Right now severe thunderstom and tornado warning in NE Fla, where I live.

Israel walks back 'terrorist' claims in killing of Wael Dahdouh's journalist son

I Walked To The Store After The Rain Ended- It's Beautiful Out!

We only rate dogs. This is clearly Jesus. Please send in dogs. It really isn't complicated. Thank you.

Geek Out! Article on the Einstein Tile

Wayne closed the cat in his kennel. And he would do it again. (Look at his smug expression!)

I have thought for a long time that evolution has no answer to plastics.

whenever I see the FREE PALISTINE on social media Im like this isn't authentic at all

Trump Shares False Claim that Nikki Haley is Ineligible for President

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 9, 2024

We Rate Dogs--dogs of 2023 video:

Trump suggests unauthorized migrants will vote. The idea stirs his base, but ignores reality

Sausage Rolls

Jerod Thomas Bargar: Missouri man who carried loaded gun onto Capitol grounds on Jan. 6 gets probation

We've Been Thinking About America's Trust Collapse All Wrong -- The Atlantic

Trump appears to argue that he's a victim of political persecution, but

There's roughly 437,000 children in the foster care system and 60,000 in California alone.

Maybe it's because I'm still giddy about Michigan winning the Natty but I can't stop laughing at this:

Did you hear about the Centurion who got lost?

I'm With You!

Armed gang storms Ecuador TV station after state of emergency declared

This morning, 1/9 southern MD,

Poland police arrest fugitive MPs as tensions rise between new and old governments

Trump LOSES IT after Devastating Appeals Hearing

You Could Soon Be Fined for Defamation for Calling Someone Racist in Florida

Connecticut Is Leaving the Welcome Mat Out - Lamont WSJ letter

LOL! Trump says presidents need immunity to enjoy their "golden years" of retirement.

A President, plotting with 34 Senators, can try to overthrow the government without fear of law, according to Trump

Maybe I post some flowers from time to time . . . Have a look!

HE'S GONE!!! Trump Posts Most INSANE VIDEO to Truth Social RAMBLING About Immunity!

Why is it hard to find the link to the current photo contest? Always.... Are we to go searching in GD?

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday. 10 January 2024

US president could have a rival assassinated and not be criminally prosecuted, Trump's lawyer argues

Military police threaten to charge sex worker who offers discounts to Canadian soldiers

Trump fraud trial: Trump intends to deliver part of closing argument himself, say sources

Arrest warrant issued for Montana man accused of killing thousands of birds, including eagles

'Shocking to hear someone say that': Weissmann on Trump immunity claims reaching new low - Deadline - MSNBC

So who wants to be the first Trump supporter to declare bankruptcy, go homeless to kickstart that "economic collapse"?

Might There Be A Case For Deportation For Convicted Insurrectionists?

Canada backtracks on citizenship denial for Russian antiwar activist

Trans youth sue over Louisiana's ban on gender-affirming health care

Trump In Court: What was striking about historic immunity hearing - MSNBC Reports

Name a character from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google

Jack Smith just notified the court that Donald has failed to produce a single doc of discovery in classified doc case

Trump fraud trial: Trump intends to deliver part of closing argument himself, say sources

Settlers killed a Palestinian teen. Israeli forces didn't stop it.

SEC says it did not yet approve bitcoin ETF, X account was compromised

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about California, New York, special elections, and the House....

Trump In Court: Hear DOJ spar with Trump team in historic immunity clash - Full Hearing - MSNBC Reports

Visibly Depressed Trump Copes After Brutal Day in Court! - Luke Beasley

Trump found a loophole to argue against Maine and Colorado

President Biden has Quite an Extensive Arsenal to Deal With National Security Threats without the Need for "Immunity"


Donald Trump hopes stock market crashes under Biden - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump team argues assassination of rivals is covered by presidential immunity

Republican bill would ban nearly all abortions in Florida

Republican bill would ban nearly all abortions in Florida

Spring training about a month away.

Russian Ruble Collapse Damaging Workforce - 5 Million Shortage of Workers as Migrants Stay at Home - Joe Blogs

🥃Neat, on the rocks, or with a little branch water?🥃

Calm Down, the Allegations Against Fani Willis Won't Put Trump's Georgia Prosecution at Risk

The US avoided a recession in 2023. What's the outlook for 2024?