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E. Jean Carroll and two New York juries may have found an effective way to shut Donald Trump up - Glenn Kirschner

Just a normal January day in Minnesota, 55F, sunny, me stacking firewood in a t-shirt and Crocs

Senate confirms Biden nominee to lead EPA's climate and clean air office

Taylor Swift - Midnight Rain

James Comer's latest anti-Biden flop adds to Republican's troubles

Less than a week after the $83.3 million jury verdict, Trump just falsely claimed it was "proven" he "didn't do anything

The anti-abortion plan ready for Trump on Day One

FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter IDed with help of facial recognition and a throwback Eagles hat

Roy Orbison, Friends - Only the Lonely - Black & White Night Concert ⭐

Trump 'Begging For Cash' As Legal Costs Put Him Under "Enormous Financial Strain" - Waldorf Nation

'The big rip-off': New reporting details Donald Trump campaign donations paying his legal bills - Deadline - MSNBC

Wouldn't a bill to sue social media companies, really open the door WIDE to suing gun sellers, and manufacturers?

Mark Knopfler just auctioned 120 guitars for over $11 million, including one for $880,000

Historians support voters against Trump in Colorado ballot case

California lawmakers introduce first-in-nation slavery reparations package

John Bolton isn't done warning voters about threat Trump poses

'Because Trump told them to': House Republicans threaten to torpedo bi-partisan border deal - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump's legal expenses reached a 'staggering' level in 2023

House to Vote on Reversing Biden's Natural Gas-Export Freeze

American Economy Grew Faster Than All Advanced Economies In 2023

Anyone watch "Corner Gas?"

Michael Picciuto: Ohio Man Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Labor News & Commentary January 28, 2024 New York pension system is pressuring Starbucks over its anti-union efforts

Pompeo, Trump embrace curious definition of 'peaceful' transition

Biogen will stop selling its controversial Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm

Joe: Who are these cowards in the GOP that comply with everything Trump says? - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Some Republican leaders are pushing back against the conservative Freedom Caucus in statehouses

Fani Willis and prosecutor subpoenaed to testify about relationship allegations

Cat pushes the camera over to show it's human that the dog was chewing on the remote

Ha! My long time liberal (w derp roots in) Texas friend snarked up the "God's Army" truck caravan on my FB feed!

Trump's disqualification wouldn't violate the First Amendment

Brian Tyler Cohen: Fed up sports broadcaster goes MEGAVIRAL defending Taylor Swift

Directors Back In The Labor Spotlight As DGA Deal Ruffles Feathers In Hollywood

Trump legal news brief: Trump seeks new lawyers to appeal $83.3 million damages award to E. Jean Carroll

James Biden agrees to a private interview with House Republicans investigating the president

Fed up sports broadcaster goes megaviral defending Taylor Swift - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump panics as Biden gets the news he's been waiting for - MSNBC

Local perspective in Eagle Pass

John Bolton Says Authoritarian Leaders Are 'Fully Prepared To Take Advantage' Of Trump

Sean Hannity threatened Taylor Swift on-air: "Think twice."

There Is No Overstating How Frightened White Loser MAGA Republicans Are Of Taylor Swift (Wonkette)

Ukrainian Drones Hit Russian Oil Refinery in St. Petersburg - Zelenskyy's Address - UATV English

Spkr Johnson says Biden could stop the border assault...

4 Canadian Nuclear Reactors To Be Refurbished For An Additional 30 Years of Service.

Fossil Fuel Industry Knew of Climate Danger As Early As 1954, Documents Show: 'Keeling Curve'

Nikki Haley: Under Obama 'you just felt, people felt like they were being put in camps'

Trump ended Roe and may lose 2024 for it: Meet Dems running against 'losing' GOP stance - The Beat - MSNBC

Why The Adjudicated Rapist Cannot be Normalized- James Carville Explains

House Republicans poised to torpedo GOP's best chance in years to pass border bill

David Letterman calls out the haters: "God bless Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. This is such a lovely

Arizona Republican Proposes Bill That Would Allow Politicians To Overturn Elections

Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonpartisan organization...

Fox "News" panics and Hannity admits 'Swiftie power' - The Beat - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iowa, displays, and predictable events....


After losing 'lies' case, Trump sparks RNC crisis with botched plot to block Republican voters - The Beat - MSNBC

Here we go: 'Incompetent' Alina Habba dubbed 'deep state plant to destroy Donald Trump' in new theory

Republican Submission to Trump Reveals the Rot Within - Baker, WSJ

James Comer HUMILIATED on live TV by Jake Tapper, total DISASTER

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

"Devastating": Experts sound the alarm over court ruling that poses "direct threat to democracy"

Shocking Reason Most Americans Are Ignoring Collapse Of Democracy - Thom Hartmann

Lack of dementia in ancient Greece and Rome suggests contemporary causes to diseases like Alzheimer's

GM Went All In on EVs. Dealers Say Buyers Want Hybrids. - WSJ

Trae Crowder - Liberal Redneck - Do Republicans Want to Fix the Border or Not?

Three cheers for the Delaware judge who stood up to Elon Musk

P!nk - F**kin' Perfect (Official Video - Explicit)

'Booming' Biden economy forces GOP to shift focus to new 'shiny object' - All In - MSNBC

FBI director warns Chinese hackers aim to 'wreak havoc' on U.S. critical infrastructure

If Trump Doesn't Get To Trial Pre-election

The votes are in & Taylor Drift is the big winner in this year's "Name a Snowplow" contest

True MAGA patriots must remove themselves from Biden's booming economy, cash out 401(k)s

I know it's the NYPost.........but headline IS interesting......

Crabby Appleton - Go Back

Trump's Treatment of HIS OWN LAWYERS is back to HAUNT HIM - Meidas Touch

23andMe's Fall from $6 Billion to Nearly $0

My sister doesn't believe E. Jean Carroll.

Hydrangea try

Just heard on KIRO 7 Seattle who the new Seahawks Head Coach is

Eat This Book

Democratic group focused on young candidates rakes in $3M in fourth quarter

Bikers for Trump just hit a ditch

Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Club Remix - 2022) 💜🩶

WATCH: Jasmine Crockett TRIGGERS Marjorie Greene

Fox News Liberal, Conservatives Torch Latest Impeachment Stunt! - Pondering Politics

Seth Meyers - Fox and GOP Lose Their Minds Over Taylor Swift; Trump Looks for New Lawyers: A Closer Look

On Alex Wagner, highlighting Haley's new campaign strategy in a popular

New theory about Alina Habba... (Reddit)

U.S. downs Houthi missile, drones targeting American warship

US House of Representatives passes a tax bill that boosts the child tax credit and reinstates business deductions

'Egotistical': Ruhle says CEOs miss Trump White House 'parades' and praise - All In - MSNBC

So I went to a live interview with Leon Panetta last night discussing National Security.

How did Alina Habba become Trumps's lawyer? Inquiring minds need to know

I was worried about being obsessive until I read about these people.

'Racism at its best': GOPer calls top Dem's husband a 'thug' as she explains security spending - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Trump said he had a 'great' relationship with unions. This union executive says otherwise

LaPierre approved helicopter rides so NRA execs going to NASCAR races could avoid traffic

Common sense concerning the Taylor Swift uproar from an unexpected source...

Georgia Republicans' LATEST MOVE will SHAKE UP Fulton County case - Talking Feds

Came across this photo of a lawn sign from 2020 - one of the best!

So I got into a heated debate with a MAGAt at work today

So Trump is ditching his lawyer, Habba?

'Anxiety" - Tay-tay's song that describes my Drumpf life since 2014-15

Trump HIT with SHOCKING Twist over SECRET RECORDING of His Crimes - Meidas Touch

Teamsters union pays $2.9m to settle racial discrimination lawsuit

The GOP is scared in Montana's 2024 Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

Book claims Sidney wanted Donny to steal voting machines

World Court dismisses much of Ukraine's case against Russia

World Court dismisses much of Ukraine's case against Russia - Reuters

Creditors Plan Treasure Hunt Through Giuliani's Finances

Self barbering right now? Going home 10 hours. Why didn't DUers tell me that I look like shit?

Did a Jewish orphan really become Hitler's youngest recruit?

Trump bombshell $370 million fine in New York civil fraud case could be decided soon - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Trump says he's more popular than Taylor Swift as allies launch "holy war" against her

Watch this. I have tears of laughter running down my face *** YOUTUBE version***

Utah Governor Cox signs constitutional sovereignty bill saying they can ignore Supremacy Clause

New Discovery May Rewrite Textbooks On How We Measure Star's Age

Trump has spent millions more than he's raised in 2023

Did the US help to overthrow the democratically leader of Iran in 1953? Was there a coup?

'You can't have engaged in insurrection': Fmr. GOP gov. asks Supreme Court to keep Trump off ballot - The ReidOut - MSNBC

AZ-SEN: Kari Lake's fundraising puts her behind in Arizona Senate race

Teamsters and Trump disagree on immigration at endorsement meeting

Trump undercuts his own attorney with humiliating post - Brian Tyler Cohen

Oh this is good.Ted Lieu has the PERFECT response to Nikki Haley's statement that life was easier when we were "growing

Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want to be Like You (Official HD Video)

NY-03: GOP super PAC doubles down in NY special election

If you want to understand modern politics, you have to understand modern fandom

Missing Persons - Words

Mexico City teeters on 'unprecedented' water shortage - Reuters

Can Americans Learn From These Countries That Beat Authoritarianism? w/ Heidi Siegmund Cuda - Thom Hartmann

Kimmel: Trump Thinks He's More Popular Than Taylor Swift, Senators Grill Social Media CEOs & Elmo Goes Viral

Profile of a green-eyed lady

AZ-SEN: Sinema, Her Fund-Raising Fading, Faces Ticking Clock on Senate Decision

House GOP turns immigration issue into political theater - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

GOP state lawmakers press for Georgia ballot watermarks in ongoing quest for voter confidence

Constitutional amendment would revive struck-down child sex abuse law in Colorado

I Heard Tr**p Had A Meeting With The Teamsters Today......

Haley, shy with Trump attacks, reaches for alternative opponents - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed

Oregon Supreme Court to rule Thursday in Republican Senate walkout case

'Complete pro-Trump scam': Ex-Nevada GOP chair slams state's Caucus - CNN

Oregon representative (R) compared supporting LGBTQ+ people to supporting child abuse

Personal opinion re: magats and Taylor.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'N Roll

Criminal prosecution of Trump in Georgia bogs down with attacks on Willis - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

MD-SEN: Campaign finance report shows why Trone (D) has gained ground in newest poll

New redistricting lawsuit asks NC courts to say fair elections are a constitutional right, and that gerrymandering viola

So, I had someone recently tell me that they did not care about me because I do not care about me.

Trump Decays, Democrats Surge Rick WIlson's The Enemies List WSG Simon Rosenberg

Democrats Xiong, Herzberg win state House special primary races in metro Detroit

In December, 1941 as President Roosevelt

Kim Wilde - Kids In America

MI: Analysis: Redistricting maps give GOP fighting chance, boost Detroit's clout

I keep hearing that states can't secede. But let's say one does.

A brief history of the right-wing media's incendiary border "invasion" talking point

Russians Hope People Won't Check the Facts - Ivana Stradner - UATV

White House blames Islamic Resistance in Iraq for drone attack that killed 3 US troops

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump doesn't know it, but he agrees with Shakespeare - The Last Word - MSNBC

Wisconsin GOP congressmen call for Protasiewicz recusal in new maps case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the pyramids being renovated...

Just found out Dorothy Parker, famous for her Algonquin Round Table wit, left her literary estate to...

NY-03: 'Why wait?' Meet some of the very early NY voters in the race to replace Santos

Lawrence O'Donnell on right-wing's Taylor Swift conspiracy: No one fuels madness like Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

He's back! 31 Jan: Open doors. Ukrainians wreak havoc in Crimea - Reporting from Ukraine

DVDs -- I still enjoy them.

We are watching....

Biden campaign dings 'confused' Trump in blistering new ad - The Last Word - MSNBC

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg apologises to families in fiery US Senate hearing

TCM today

Paul Mauriat - Love Is Blue - A True Extended Cut of The Most Beautiful Song In The World

VoteVets - Red

PA: Mehalchick Confirmed as U.S. Middle District Justice

PA: Rozzi (D) Leaves Auditor General Race, Politics, To Focus On Mental Health

PA: Bucks County Gears Up For Pivotal Special Election In 140th Legislative District

Pennsylvania bill would allow returning mail-in ballots to polling places

DLCC Announces $50K Investment Ahead Of Bucks County's PA 140th House District Special Election

Breakfast Thursday 1 February 2024

Meet the trio leading Biden's 2024 campaign to win Pennsylvania

French Socialist Party's EU election list deemed too elitist

Could A Dior Bag Ruin S. Korea President's Election Hopes?

Conservative Trump critic discusses his impact on the GOP and a divided America - PBS NewsHour

Leader Jeffries on MSNBC's Morning Joe - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

Schwarzenegger's New Action Movie Is Only 60 Seconds Long and premieres at the Super Bowl

Did Trucker Convoy Stall The MAGA Movement? - Thom Hartmann

Look at this little Sweetpea!

House passes bipartisan tax bill that would expand child tax credit

Osprey Glide

Shooting Star-Kotoko

Federal judge dismisses case seeking to force U.S. to pressure Israel to stop bombing Gaza

Australia 'going slow' on processing military export requests from Israel over Gaza war concerns

One of my favorite headphone tunes

GSK settles another Zantac lawsuit in California

'Courts move slowly in the best of times': Judges still weighing Trump's immunity claim - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Optics were endlessly bad': Social media leaders grilled on Capitol Hill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Lawmakers grill Big Tech executives, accusing them of failing to protect children - PBS NewsHour

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/31/24

UPDATE: 3 dead, 9 injured, some critical after Boise building collapses near airport

Biden administration announces steps to extend student debt relief

Israeli Supreme Court petition filed to declare Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unfit for office

GOP's refusal to try to fix the border

Color photos from Nazi occupied Poland 1939-40 in Life magazine

Biden to meet with rank-and-file UAW members during visit to Michigan

Medicare drug price negotiations start after Biden administration makes initial offers

European Union overcomes threat of Hungary veto to seal $54 billion aid package for Ukraine

A Dallas Pastor Is Stepping Into Jesse Jackson's Role as Leader of His Rainbow PUSH Coalition

MASSIVE Verdict against Trump DRAWS BLOOD and his PAIN WON'T STOP - Meidas Touch

Wordle 957 Feb 1 ***Spoiler Thread***

FED UP Prosecutor SMOKES OUT Trump's Plans - Against All Enemies

Taylor Swift v Elon Musk -- What Taylor Swift does about the malicious, harmful, defamatory deepfakes will matter.

Speaker Johnson is a complete idiot who is following the orders of Trump!

Black History Month 2024 - A Jeopardy Board for the 21st Century! - From Lauren's Blog!

Seth Meyers - President Xi Jinping Promises Biden China Won't Interfere in 2024 Election - Monologue 01/31/24

Plug Power Starts Production of Liquid Green Hydrogen at largest U.S. plant

Sen. McConnell: "Well, I think I'm gonna continue not to comment on the presidential campaign."

Thursday TOONs

Loser Trump loses again - Christopher Steele: UK High Court throws out Trump ex-spy dossier case

Taylor Swift Meme

Elon Musk Wants to Move Tesla From Delaware to Texas

Press Release; U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden {R,WI] Hit with Ethics Complaint Over Bullying Teenagers

U.K. judge dismisses Donald Trump's lawsuit over "Steele dossier"

Meri Wilson - Telephone Man

Was gonna go biblical type punishment on my disobedient son.

"Off The Charts" - Global Coral Reef Monitoring System Adds New Levels To Denote Coral Loss

Nancy Pelosi, Rosa DeLauro and Jim McGovern nominate Chef Andres for the Nobel Peace Prize

Political Violence is Ruining Democracy - Leeja Miller

Sunak's Govt Grants 24 New North Sea Oil & Gas LIcenses; New Production Might Be Online By 2030

On This Day: CCP mass campaign for "systematic remolding of human minds" begins - Feb. 1, 1942

Republican leaders sue over Arizona election procedures 7 weeks before first statewide vote

ok. all this tay tay insanity is forcing my hand.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/31/2024

Remember then? What was yours?

Art of the Week: Week of 01/31/24

The Rundown: February 1, 2024

The eclipse and my iPhone. Can the phone's sensor photograph the eclipse without damage?

IATSE, Teamsters, and Hollywood Basic Crafts to Jointly Negotiate MPIPHP Benefits with AMPTP

A colorful display of pop bottles

The trump Psychosis has Spread; with Devastating Consequences and Tragedy.

Trump Is Brilliant

Right-wing violence hasn't disappeared, it's just gone local

Joe Biden and Captain America.

Viral video captures Indiana lawmaker flashing holstered gun at student gun control advocates

Muhammad Ali

Pressed by Moms for Liberty, Florida school district adds clothing to illustrations in classic children's books

Question about cleaning cookie pans

POLLS: TRUMP AHEAD OF BIDEN WHO'S AHEAD OF TRUMP - 2.1.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Steve Winwood - Valerie

Ukraine did it! Z-Army was obliterated in 5 major battles. 2,600 tanks destroyed. Losses up 95% - The Russian Dude

HA! Drudge headline this morning.

Moody's Analytics: Who Will Be The Next President?

A federal judge dismisses Disney's lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Music from Taylor Swift and other Universal Music (UMG) artists removed from TikTok over contract dispute

You raised $1,345.00 on January 31, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Climate activist Greta Thunberg goes on trial in London for blocking oil and gas conference

US Jobless Claims Rise to Two-Month High as Labor Market Cools

Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country? (AP)

Border crisis is one grievance Republicans prefer to any solution

40 Trillion Crisis: Two 'Shocking' Updates To Cover; Chinese Economy; US-China Conflict - China Update

Trump's immunity appeal is slowed because judges are making his loss 'bulletproof': expert

Donations pour in to replace destroyed Jackie Robinson statue on his 105th birthday (AP)

Is Haley hoping for a 14th amendment challenge to her own campaign?

Upon reflection, having a slice of five day old Buffalo chicken pizza for breakfast yesterday was not

7 arrested in attack on NYPD officers near migrant shelter in Times Square

U.S. and EU Continue Raising Military Production to Support Ukraine - UATV English

Kyle Kumer: KC man who took mom to Capitol on Jan. 6 and confronted police in tunnel pleads guilty

Ukraine's spy chief speaks out about Russia and Donald Trump - CNN

Precision equipment for Russian arms makers came from U.S.-allied Taiwan

Jonathan David Grace: Colorado Man Sentenced to Prison for Assaulting Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Stolen Jackie Robinson statue will be replaced after more than $160,000 donated

Moody's Analytics Model Projects That Joe Biden Will Beat Trump And Win Reelection

This is going to be an election year issue in Michigan. There's no sugarcoating it.

FCC seeks to make AI-generated robocalls illegal

More than 200 staffers with Chicago Tribune and 6 other newsrooms begin 24-hour strike

Police Crash Cruiser Into Gay Bar Then Arrest Owner Why Won't The Police Release The Body Footage

Jealous Cow Doesn't Approve Of Mom's Boyfriend

Elliot Resnick: New York Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Anyone Here Have A Knee Replacement

Justin McAllister: Georgia Man Arrested for Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

I Wish It Would Rain

Instacart quietly deletes its unsettling AI-generated food pics

Countries are clamoring to join BRICS group, South Africa says, as Russia takes up leadership

Ken Paxton sues five Texas cities that decriminalized marijuana

Charlie Sykes: Getting Off the Daily Hamster Wheel of Crazy

Slicked Back Hair/Clayton Mullins: Kentucky Man Sentenced to Prison for Assaulting Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol

Jesus told me he crosses the border illegally just to see how he is treated.

Six points

That Judge Is Right - Elon Musk Isn't Worth What Tesla Pays Him ("Nation's most overrated CEO")

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Elmo and emotional health....

Taking trump Down. Tristan Snell

Ted Cruz Panics... Realizes He's In Serious Trouble - Rebel HQ

Republican Steve Garvey touts 'family values' in CA Senate bid. Some of his kids, he's never met

Russia's frozen assets are generating billions. The EU is getting ready to send them to Ukraine

i did a little new years experiment on fb. decided january was the perfect time to check in w old friends.

TCM Schedule - Saturday February 3 - Black History Weekend Marathon

Willis will not recuse herself from case

This is a very early photo, from before I went digital. It was scanned from film.

Russian Ruble Collapse & Sanctions are Crushing Russian Economy as Oil & Gas Revenues Fall 65% - Joe Blogs

Sen. Tom Cotton's EMBARRASSING Questions to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew Tim's Take

Biden Shows Why He Is Trump's Kryptonite At National Prayer Breakfast

GOP blunders take their toll

Somehow we missed Lucinda Williams' birthday on January 26

Russia makes first convictions for 'LGBT extremism' following ban

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 1, 2024

The way the octopus said 'no'

'Frankly weird': Conservative 'lunacy' about Taylor Swift brutally mocked by ​WSJ editors

AOC Shuts Down An AWFUL MAGA Take On Education

You have to love a smart, talented, beautiful, generous, ultra wealthy woman

Teamsters: Anheuser-Busch Strike Appears Unavoidable

current conditions for sonora ca @ 0752 a

Plans for U.S. strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq, Syria approved after Jordan drone attack

Plans for U.S. strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq, Syria approved after Jordan drone attack

Cartoons Messed Us Up

Why the MAGATS hate Taylor

Proof that Democrats are smarter and better informed

10/7 denialism in Palo Alto

"Houthis Are Not Iranian Proxies": Helen Lackner on the History & Politics of Yemen's Ansar Allah

What Favorite candy of yours from the 50s., 60s or 70s are no longer around? Mine is the candy lipstick.

Michigan weather is alarming

Biden to sanction Israeli settlers in the West Bank

'oh noooooo! Donald Trump just threw shitastic lawyer Alina Habba under the parking garage'

Shinyribs - Bitch Better Have My Money / Long Train Runnin

Ukraine 'hits Russian missile boat Ivanovets in Black Sea'

Could Ukraine be Russia's Afghanistan 2.0?

"Climate of Fear": Inside UAE's Use of U.S. Mercenaries to Carry Out Assassinations in Yemen

EU agrees 50bn package for Ukraine as Viktor Orbn bows to pressure

Sources: Commanders hire Cowboys DC Dan Quinn as new coach

Lauren Boebert Calls for Alligators to be Deployed at the Border...Stephanie Miller Show

xpost from the lounge- my little new year's experiment.

xposting from the lounge- my new year's experiment.

Billy Joel's first song in 17 years - Turn the Lights Back On (Official Lyric Video)

Remember "Radio Shack"?

james comey may have made the worst blunder in US history

@mtg: 🚨 BREAKING: I just introduced a resolution to censure Ilhan Omar for her treasonous statements

Billy Joel's first song in 17 years - Turn the Lights Back On (Official Lyric Video)

Conservatives use of the word invasion has a distinct purpose

Del McCoury has a birthday today.

High tech Seagate joins the labor movement

Trucker Rally Turns Into January Sixer Worship Wagon

"Legacy": Dr. Uch Blackstock on How Racism Shapes Healthcare in America

Joe Sample was born on this date.

Langston Hughes was born on this date.

Oregon high court says 10 GOP state senators who staged long walkout can't run for reelection

Ruben Bolling Cartoon: One Day on the Rio Grande

Thanks to the Lounge

Come on Engoron, drop the hammer.

N.S.A. Buys Americans' Internet Data Without Warrants, Letter Says

Mike Campbell has a birthday today.

Penn DUMPS Libertarians

Chicago built a new police team to rebuild community trust. It harassed drivers of color instead.

Israel held Gaza woman, 82, as 'unlawful combatant': Report

Sonny Landreth has a birthday today.

California teen extradited to Florida is believed to be serial 'swatter'

Smotrich: Shame that Biden is cooperating with campaign portraying settlers as violent

A Decapitation May Have Roots in Far-Right Border and Immigrant Paranoia

MAGA RAGES Against Taylor Swift, Nikki Haley's Trump Defiance, Biden's Key Swing States Next Level

Ottmar Liebert has a birthday today.

With Universal Music artists being removed from TikTok, other labels' artists' tracks written by UMPG writers may go too

What the hell happened?

Can't we just tell the magaloons

chimney starting to crumble

NYU's 2022 Commencement Speaker Taylor Swift

It Just Keeps Getting Worse- Morning Joe

New College of Florida dean of students performs 'homophobic' comedy routine

Ex-Boeing manager would 'absolutely not' fly 737 Max after cabin panel blowout

If you ever read Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos...

Google is going to add (hallucination-prone) generative AI to Google Maps

Oregon high court says 10 GOP state senators who staged long walkout can't run for reelection

Even Fox News is showing its viewers the Quinnipiac poll with Biden leading Trump 50-44

Here is the list of Oregon Senators who cannot run again. ART ROBINSON (of urine sample fame) is on it!!!

🐊Lauren Boebert Calls for Alligators To Be Deployed at Southern Border🐊

Any word on the expected announcement (yesterday) of the amount Judge Ergeron is going to fine Hair Furor?

Republicans smeared Ilhan Omar over a faulty translation. Here's what she really said.

So I Just Finished My Taxes

We don't care if you had a fake university.. had a fake charity

Nikki Haley: Under Obama 'you just felt, people felt like they were being put in camps'

Outstanding Amicus Briefs from the Trump disqualification case

U.S. to wrap security blanket around D.C. courthouse for Trump trial

Israel's Controlled Demolitions Are Razing Neighborhoods in Gaza

Killing shows Trump losing control of fans triggered by violent rhetoric: analysis

State Sen. Dennis Linthicum, who is now barred from seeking reelection, tried to stop the Klamath dam removals.

Pic Of The Moment: Presumably Cotton's Next Question Was, "Then Why Do You Look Chinese?"

Illegal explosives made where you least expect it

Automakers Look To Neuter Maine 'Right To Repair' Bill Under The Pretense Of Privacy Concerns

Apropos of nothing, or perhaps everything, I present George Carlin:

GOP senator (Grassley) doesn't want to pass a tax bill because it could make Biden 'look good'

One Clue That Kyrsten Sinema Is Retiring: Her Weird Spending

Students reported her for a lesson on race. Then she taught it again. - WaPo

BREAKING NEWS: Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin Holds Press Briefing To Address Hospitalization Controversy

Some Republicans fear Taylor Swift could influence the election for Biden. Here's why.

I shall call him

Average long-term US mortgage rate eases to 6.63%

Cartoons 2/1/2024

America's white male meltdown starts with Taylor Swift and ends with Justin Mohn

The Daily B***h*: "What do you mean you don't have the "Meow Mix" song?

I'm trying to imagine TFG with prostate cancer taking press questions with the grace that Lloyd Austin is

Free community college bill advances through House committee

Capitol Police close investigation into Senate sex tape: "No evidence that a crime was committed"

Former prosecutors: "Screw up" by Judge Cannon could lay groundwork for Jack Smith appeal

Free suicide education event 'You Are Not Alone' to be held in Mukilteo

State high court says 10 senators who staged long walkout can't run for reelection

'Fetal personhood' laws claiming more rights of women

Genderqueer person kicked off Delta flight for not wearing a bra.

So, here's a thought

Grave peril of digital conspiracy theories: 'What happens when no one believes anything anymore?'

Days of Darkness: How one woman escaped the conspiracy theory trap that has ensnared millions

Oregon Supreme Court says 10 GOP state senators who staged long walkout can't run for reelection

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate pastor gives opening prayer in House of Representatives

No need to look any further, Donald!

Republican hammers her party for sabotaging border deal: 'This is what we asked for'

Pacific Gas & Electric - Are You Ready? (Live on Beat-Club, 1972)

While touting "family values" agenda, the Zieglers were on the "hunt" for threesome partners, police report reveals

Yahoo News/YouGov poll: 51% of voters say convicting Trump of a 'serious crime' would be a 'fair outcome'

Trump says red marks on hands may have been AI

My personal history with Ms SWIFT. And about being zapped for the "Tay Tay" term of endearment.

Blackstone CEO doesn't think the US can handle another term under President Biden

I was just reading this article on homelessness in the U.S.

Why are Too Many Americans Ignoring the Ongoing Collapse of Democracy in the US?

Former prosecutors: "Screw up" by Judge Cannon could lay groundwork for Jack Smith appeal

26 GOP state senators pen letter backing Nebraska's congressional delegation after state GOP snub

Douglas County (Omaha) Democrats withdraw support from Sen. Mike McDonnell

Gen Z boys and men more likely than baby boomers to believe feminism harmful, says poll

Republican Party reveals it's had the worst fundraising year in a decade

The rank hypocrisy of right-wing-nuts over Taylor Swift

Dozens in Jordan targeted by authorities using NSO spyware, report finds

Bryan Kohberger's defense in Idaho student murder case asks for change of venue for trial

Madison Park businesses fed up with ongoing construction

Hindus can worship in contested mosque, Indian court rules

Elderly Uyghur women imprisoned in China for decades-old religious 'crimes', leaked files reveal

Russian lawmakers approve confiscating the assets of people who discredit the army

Real life impact of federal budget crisis

Question on this 1st day of Black History Month

California teenager charged with swatting faces adult charges in Florida

Patrick O'Hearn - The Ringmaster's Dream

'I wasn't allowed to get the healthcare I needed': the women suing Tennessee for being denied abortions

China executes couple for murder of toddlers that shocked the nation

So I picked up a copy of Maureen O'Hara's autobiography 'Tis Herself' this week .... some interesting stuff in it.

Why did the gorilla go looking for buried treasure?

E Jean Carroll wrote ar really good book on Hunter S. Thompson I read right after college

IAEA Report on Tritiated Water Releases at Fukushima.

Israel and Lebanon are prepping for a war neither wants, but many fear it's becoming inevitable

Killing shows Trump losing control of fans triggered by violent rhetoric: analysis

The $12.5 billion fraud that has shocked Vietnam

The Rose-Colored Alternate Reality of Ivanka Trump

Frank Zappa: American National Treasure

The Texas trucker convoy is not too impressive.

Trump Goes SCORCHED EARTH and Fox has WORST WEEK Yet Alien Super Show

Wow -- Republican Nat'l Committee has only $8m cash in hand- That's the lowest fundraising yr since 2013

Thru windshield, at least caught some ones!

House Republicans face tough margins on impeaching Mayorkas

Joe Biden Praised for 'Clever' Work-Around to Arm Ukraine

Why Trump wants Haley to drop out of the race?

Nice 4 minute summary of UNRWA

LIVE at 3:45 Biden participates in campaign event with United Auto Workers members in Detroit

Paul Krugman: Bidencare is a big deal

Wild Fish Follows His Diver Best Friend Everywhere

Greene moves to force vote on censuring Omar for Somalia remarks

Ukraine Bombers Launch Waves of French-British Cruise Missiles, Russian Air Base in Crimea Pounded

Anyone seen somthing like this?

'Mom talk:' Study finds immigrant bilingual Latina mothers have dual-language personalities

Nosebleed seats for the "Big Game" 🏈 $5,726.

Customer in Taco Bell

WTH is GOING ON with DC Appeals DELAY on Trump RULING?!

Plans for U.S. strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq, Syria approved after Jordan drone attack

LOL! Trump just announced he'll have Kid Rock headlining his fundraiser in Nashville on February 22

Abortion restrictions amount to sex-based discrimination, state Supreme Court says

Happy National Texas Day!

Study: Abortion Bans Creating OBGYN Crisis

Regional sayings that only people in the area will get. Please put the regional saying and what it means. TY---

US House Democrats urge Biden to name new U.S. Postal board members

MTG says what?

Tax dollar giveaway time. Small modular reactors.

Anybody else here thinking of leaving the United States if trump is not prosecuted and becomes President

Trump's Former Finance Chief (Weisselberg) in Negotiations to Plead Guilty to Perjury

DeSantis sending Florida State Guard, National Guard members to Texas border

In my building I had a conversation that started off in a pleasant manner.

We all know why the "GOP" gets all the passes and all the breaks

What level does MTG read at?

Lauren Boebert Brutally Mocked by Republican at Congressional Dinner

Nurse Nabbed After Leaving Swanky Hotel Key at Capitol Riot, Feds Say

Dashlane Passkey..

so Zuckerberg has to apologize for social media but

Understanding the Latest Constitutional Attacks on the NLRB

O, look! O, see! See Republicans stall FY 2024 appropriations!

Labor News & Commentary January 29, 2024 challenge to Biden's worker classification law etc

Dan Froomkin: Is the media marching us to war (again)?

Today's google doodle honours James Baldwin, writer and civil rights

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 1, 2024

President Joe Biden-Black History Matters

U.S. Misses Out on New Global Tax That Could Raise Billions

National Prayer Breakfast brings Biden, GOP together for brief reprieve from sniping

Ron DeSantis to send up to 1,000 Florida National Guard troops to Texas border: 'Stop the invasion'

Agent Orange & the VA

Why Trump Needs Nikki Haley Out Now

Breaking-Oregon high court says 10 GOP state senators who staged long walkout can't run for reelection

Trump CAUGHT Using Supporter Funds On OUTRAGEOUS Non-Political "Activities"

Delaney And Bonnie - Only You know and I know.

Has the orange blimp been running campaign ads? nt

The oncoming dilemma for the Republicans

DOJ: Farmington (NM) officers who fatally shot Robert Dotson won't face charges

Nurses #1 Most Trusted Profession

Dalmatian Who Was Terrified Of Men Gets Adopted By One

Cat playing with its shadow

How Biden's Economy Puts Money in Workers' Pockets

The California man who has prevented over 100 murders

Inside the Beef Industry's Campaign to Influence Kids

Uh Oh! The Republican National Committee Has Worst Fundraising Year In Over A Decade

Moral Bankruptcy

Celebrating Black History Month 2024

Joshua Schulte, largest leaker of CIA material in history, sentenced to 40 years in prison

Rethug Hawley gets Schooled

Intuitively, would seem that one state's Guard only belongs in its own state jurisdiction? Florida sending to Texas.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 2 February 2024

Kudlow: I was wrong about the slowdown and the recession. Everyone was wrong

MTG--The Founding Fathers intended impeachment to be used to deal with the commission of in-dick-ta-ble crimes...

GA rethug congressboy suggests throwing out of helicopters

TRAITOR** as dictator for life. What would likeley happen?

Disney files appeal after federal judge dismissed its lawsuit against DeSantis

idiot infowars host has his appeal thrown out

A Houthi missile got so close to a US destroyer the warship turned to a last-resort gun system to shoot it down: report

First on CNN: House Ethics Committee reached out to Rep. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend amid ongoing investigation

Southern MD sunset 2/1

Go Chiefs! Trump all bowed and twisted up because Taylor Swift is way more popular than he is.

The Gen Z gender gap is widening, and the influence of manosphere podcasters can't be ignored

January 31, 2024 2024 Matchups: Biden Opens Up Lead Over Trump

An Urgent Plea For Reinforcements From The Border Trucker Convoy

Perpetual Pet Cartoon Thread

The plot to replace Rishi Sunak with Kemi Badenoch: 'She has X Factor'

Any recommendation for small console stereo kits?

Trump In A Wig vs Taylor Swift (Lincoln Project)

Senate Approves Sen. Dodd's Ukraine Sister-State Measure

Today's Tiedrich rant: oh noooooo! Donald Trump just threw shitastic lawyer Alina Habba under the parking garage

Don't Let Us Get Sick

US believes drone that killed soldiers was Iranian-made, sources say

US believes drone that killed soldiers was Iranian-made, sources say

Florida's new anti-gay bill aims to limit and punish protected free speech SB 1780 would make it defamation to ...

Shiny Needles & Sunmist

Jan. Legal Recap: With another month behind us, we are STILL waiting for justice to come for Trump - Glenn Kirschner

Roberta Kaplan: 'It's hard to imagine' how democracy 'survives if we can't agree' on what's true - MSNBC Reports

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (Live 1967)!!!

Deny, attack, reverse - Trump has perfected the art of inverted victimhood

Hire a new headline writer.

One Big Reason Migrants Are Coming in Droves

Special counsel questioned witnesses about 2 rooms FBI didn't search inside Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence: Sources

Where would you hide it?

Mike Luckovich-Biden Supporters vs. TFG Supporters

Biden does the wrong thing.

Biden Supporters vs. Trump Supporters

'A pivotal month': February set to dictate Trump's political and legal future - Deadline - MSNBC

Georgia governor signs bill that would define antisemitism in state law

A favorite Black film by Julie Dash.

After Washington state lawsuit, Providence health system erases or refunds $158M in medical bills

HuffPost: GOP Pollster Suggests 3-Armed Black People Crucial To 2024 Win

People on parole in Pennsylvania can continue medication for opioid withdrawal under settlement

The Return of the Koch Brothers

New Hampshire House refuses to either further restrict or protect abortion rights

'Close your ears, and give us your money': Trump campaign tries to win back GOP megadonors - Deadline - MSNBC

"Ex Maga Granny" Interviewed by Brian Shapiro on Pushing The Limits (PTL)

2 C-bus PD officers arrested on federal drug charges

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders pause on state's presidential ballot while it weighs Dean Phillips case

Possible reason for delay in TFG NY AG Civil Fraud case

Move to strip gender rights from Iowa's civil rights law rejected by legislators

'Not great Elmo': America's favorite red muppet, starts an important conversation - Deadline - MSNBC

Weisselberg negotiating plea deal for perjury in Trump's civil fraud trial

Ex-Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg in perjury plea talks, sources say

Well waddya know! 'She was headed to a locked psych ward. Then an ER doctor made a startling discovery.

DU Experts re that Airport Hangar collapse

Russia Had Their WORST DAY of 2024 (So Far) Jake Broe 430K subscribers