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Special Counsel isn't calling judge a moron; but ...

Bill to help relocate Washington Capitals, Wizards sails through 1st Virginia legislative hearing

Eugene Robinson: Move aside, Johnson and McConnell. Trump is now in charge - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Special counsel fights judge's order allowing Trump to reveal witness identities in Mar-a-Lago case

hey du

Think Trump....think toilet

Where does the king of the monkeys live?

Rolling Stone's editor-in-chief exits magazine after brief run over differences with top boss

Weissmann flames Hur report as 'repetition of James Comey' - MSNBC LIVE

South Carolina bill would offer compensation to women denied abortions

Someone sent me a heart!

Let's Not Mention Trump's Ongoing Underperformance

I am genuinely curious about why some DUers find it necessary to

Corporations buying homes in my neighborhood in Florida.

Sometimes I torture myself listening to

House sets second Mayorkas impeachment vote for Tuesday

Ok, let's go there. Somebody ask Trump when his father died.

Trump is politely pleading now? He must be desperate!

Time for President Biden to:

Francoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu

No matter what the media pushes on us about old age, we see in our own lives everyday

Scanning is too complicated

Jack Smith PUTS THE PRESSURE on Aileen Cannon - Talking Feds

Rep. Maxwell Frost for the win!

Rock and Roll Stew

What in the world has Beau Bidens date of death got to do with misplaced documents??

Chief Witness Against Gaetz Is Cooperating With House Ethics Investigation

I am deeply disappointed to learn that we never really find out who she is

The Midnight Special Live on YouTube 8PM EST Bowie Bowie and Davie Bowie !!

The Book Version of Biden Is Quite Different

Jeffries signals he's open to using discharge petition to force vote on foreign aid

For the DU lawyers out there,

As a subset of my current obsession, Plane Spotting

Tucker Gets Used & Abused by His Daddy Vladdy (MeidasTouch article from Ron Filipkowski, summary & video clips)

Did Elvis have Navy Seals guarding Graceland?

DNC Files Federal Election Complaint Against RFK Jr.

Claire McCaskill: What the Special Counsel did was clearly political - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Jeffries Open to Discharge Petition for Foreign Aid Bill

Pittie Doesn't Want To Share Her Grandma With Puppy Brother

Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers

Trump's Manhattan Trial Likely to Come First

Harry Litman: Jack Smith PUTS THE PRESSURE on Aileen Cannon; Meidas Touch: Cannon Responds

House member Dan Goldman slams 'highly-questionable' special counsel - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Damning take-aways from special counsel's report

Can't Let You Go Sugar Pie DeSanto

Thank you note and pep talk

My suggestions for Biden's Comms Dir

What if Hur overstepped Garland?


CORNERED Judge Cannon RESPONDS to Prosecution CALLING HER OUT - Meidas Touch

Biden punches back (Jen Rubin's Green Room)

Hur's politicking in his report is backfiring today, and predictably so

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA): The 'far right MAGA machine' is obsessed with taking down President Biden - MSNBC Reports

CNN Analyst Mulls Run for Congress

Seriously, why isn't this the case in all 50 states?

Tuck Carlson met with Putin...

Would it be possible for the Biden Admin to release an unredacted version of the Mueller Report?

Gen-Z Attendee at Trump v. Anderson: I Was Appalled by Clarence Thomas' Behavior

Just a quick shout-out

Ozzy Osbourne Blasts 'Antisemite' Kanye West for Unauthorized Black Sabbath Sample.

'Confidential' in name only: Merrick Garland's delicate decision to release the Hur report

Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, is headed to prison; will other Trump accomplices soon follow? - Glenn Kirschner

White House frustration with Garland grows

Great tweet by Meidas Touch

honeybees in Italy regularly steal pollen off the backs of bumblebees 🐝

Trump Briefly Admits January 6th Was an Insurrection

Family denounces signs of torture on body of former El Salvador government advisor

FED UP NY Judge PUTS THE SCREWS through Trump's Lawyers

Leon Panetta: By not passing aid to allies, U.S. is 'sending a message of weakness to the world' - MSNBC Reports

Whispers Lady Heroine

Dionne Warwick at age 24

Seattle region's home prices up in January, with largest gain in Kitsap County

Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde

The president jailed 1% of El Salvador's population. Their children are paying the consequences

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz stopped at Dallas Fort Worth airport after TSA agent finds Taser on him

CORRUPT Judge Cannon Makes SNEAKY MOVE to INTIMIDATE Witness - Meidas Touch

Joe Biden: "It is outrageous."

I have more hearts!

Haley says Democrats 'on their way' to retiring Biden

I have more hearts!❤️

Pearl Pearl Pearl Flatt & Scruggs

A Partisan Hit Job on President Biden

Cruz says border deal was McConnell's 'worst' mistake

Kansas' AG is telling schools they must out trans kids to parents, even with no specific law

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Blunt Analysis Of Mike Johnson Has Chris Hayes Laughing

'He's only 3 years younger': Philippe Reines on Trump's age compared to Biden's - MSNBC Reports

Thank you so much to the anonymous DUers

Texas woman is sentenced to 3 years in prison for threatening judge overseeing Trump documents case

MD-SEN: Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) running for Senate

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Harris launches community number to text with Americans

Now Trump's babbling about marbles and tractors

Trump brags about standing strong and making sure nothing was done about assault weapons

Rose Royce - Do Your Dance

Matt Gaetz sex trafficking inquiry moves forward with witness cooperation

One of the best places for ..."Mental Health

3 years out and still NED!

GOP lawmaker asks Merrick Garland to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office

Centrist groups say they want to save San Francisco. Progressives see a hostile takeover.

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I'd say to someone "Can you inject my eye now?" But I

I love my hearts,

'Culture of punishment': Witnesses fear threats of violence for cooperating in Trump investigations - Deadline - MSNBC

AZ: GOP sues Fontes (D) over Election Procedures Manual

Good interview of David Cay Johnston on Trump's court worries

Thank you, Thank you ...

MI: Whitmer and Gilchrist call for action following 'racist' post from Rep. Schriver (R)

Trump potential VP picks 'tripping over themselves' by saying what they would of done on Jan. 6 - Deadline - MSNBC

Morning Joe SOUNDS OFF On Special Counsel In FIERY Takedown of The Trump-Appointed LACKEY

Column: Two key antiabortion studies have been retracted as junk science. Will the Supreme Court care?

New Oklahoma County election officials appointed following predecessors' rare removal

Jeeeze. The Alex Wagner segment w/ Joyce Vance on Loose Cannon's latest order..

For the hearts of my heart! Thanks you!

TRUMP SHOW 35 Tucker Carlson Putin Interview, Taylor Swift & Travis Kelse, AI Lauren Boebert & MORE

Brainstorm - Hot For You

Seth Meyers - Tucker Carlson Releases Interview with Vladimir Putin - Monologue 2/8/2024

AP: Ocean system that moves heat gets closer to collapse, which could cause weather chaos, study says

Trump can be jailed in 2024: Appeals court deals nightmare blow in Jack Smith case - The Beat - MSNBC

Someone's lying.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Navarro, and who goes first....

Geidner: The Supreme Court must fully resolve Trump disqualification case now to avert "chaos"

Cameo - Post Mortem

'What the hell, man?': Hayes baffled by special counsel report on Biden

'What the hell, man?': Chris Hayes baffled by special counsel report on Biden - All In - MSNBC

Thank You for the hearts.

09 Feb: Ukraine's Top General Is Done. Avdiivka Almost Encircled.- Reporting from Ukraine

Dennis Christopher Talks about being in Breaking Away

Labor News & Commentary February 6, 2024 NLRB rules that Dartmouth basketball players can unionize & more

Someone just gave me heart #five.

Just saw this, FYI: THE SEASON OF LENT BEGINS ON ASH WEDNESDAY, February 14, 2024.

Capehart giving good presentation re: Confusion, a la tmp vs

Jose Feliciano - Susie-Q

Things my young-adult sons are blown away by that used to be common practice

8 years down the drain? Attempt at tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower tossed over match type

Connaisseur of syndicated sitcoms here, underrated "Just Shoot me" & Wendie MALICK/max!

Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Have An Idiot Contest - The Majority Report

Fox "News" fearmongering backfires on live TV - All In - MSNBC

Who has spare ❤️s ?

How Earth's new Rubin Observatory will usher in the next era of asteroid space missions

Toto - I Won't Hold You Back

The Horace Silver Quintet - Jungle Juice

Hubble Space Telescope tells a starry 'tail' of 12 mingling galaxies

I am hoping President Biden sees a surge in fundraising!

If Moses Had Been This Bad at His Job, the Bible Would Be Shorter

Upside down trains in Japan!

Research at the heart of a federal case against the abortion pill has been retracted

Sam Altman bragged today about how many words OpenAI generates. He got less applause than he expected.

A-Ha - Stay On These Roads

Santos sequel? Republican candidate in NY-3 special election raises eyebrows - All In - MSNBC

Thelonious Monk - Stuffy Turkey

MAGA preacher Andrew Wommack thinks Civil War 2.0 would be "worth it".

Robert Plant - Big Log

No shame. No conscience.

Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing 'devastating' tipping point, study finds

EVERY CRIME Trump Is Charged With & the Crimes He Should Be Convicted Of... - Thom Hartmann

Tiny baby capybara:

Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song" on the Howard Stern Show

Concerning democracy: If the Supremes don't make a judgement on whether Trump qualifiies for the presidency....

Thank you kindly for the hearts

Live - Lightning Crashes

Thank you to my secret admirers!

Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on Trump's Deteriorating Mental State-- Burn the Boats

'Absurd, outrageous': Special counsel report on Biden, classified docs like 'hit job' made for Fox - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Everlast - What it's Like

ROCK DEM ❤️s !

TIny baby elephants with their tiny trunks get excited in the water:

Staind - Outside

TCM now

Stabilizing 3D Printing of Metallic Titanium Alloys.

'Enough is enough': Top Dem begs America to call out GOP 'dysfunction' on immigration - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Audioslave - Like a Stone

Top Trump ally now set to go to prison - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Love I Lost

Three cute little friends:

Peanuts Gang singing "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin

Salty shakers

What does the cow say?

The Challenges of an Aging President (NYT Editorial)

2nd tweet--High apple pie in the sky hopes! (We oldtimers will recognize the song that is from.)

I know no one wants to hear negativity

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/9/24

Are We about to Discover a New Planet in Our Solar System?- Youtube video.

Alice Cooper - Halo of Flies

An unprecedented plan for Russia's frozen assets to rebuild Ukraine

Simon Shuster: Zelenskyy understands what it will mean for Ukraine if Trump returns to White House - The Last Word - MSNBC

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Psalm 117 Chanted

Nevada Secy. of State concerned about AI ahead of presidential election - The Last Word - MSNBC

Another heart! I am truly grateful.

Feb. 9, 1964: The Beatles perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in New York.

Rep. Garcia: Republicans are turning their backs on democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

Many thanks from an old curmudgeon for the hearts.

'Putting her on notice': Jack Smith losing patience with Judge Cannon in Trump documents case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Barbra Streisand on Biden:

'Yikes': Internet erupts after 'Dementia Trump' makes several verbal slip-ups at NRA rally

FED UP Jack Smith Finally MAKES HIS MOVE Against Judge Cannon - Meidas Touch

Saw the new Ghostbusters trailer and it just made me miss Harold Ramis

LOL. Putin Defends Hitler's Invasion of Poland in Carlson Interview

U.S. investigates alleged Medicare fraud scheme estimated at $2 billion

My uncle died this evening.

"Let him have his day in court!!!"

Hillary Clinton offers advice to President Biden on addressing concerns about his age - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

A 1959 Comment on Engineering Education

The Senate voted to push a $95.3 billion package funding Ukraine, Israel and other national security

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tennessee, the ACLU, and $500,000....

The thirty lies Trump told tonight:

Trump faces potentially crippling week of legal penalties - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Ex-Political Prisoner On Putin Interview: Tucker Is No "Free Thinker." - Renew Democracy Initiative

How Trump turned the GOP into the party of lawless disorder

Who will win the Super Bowl? Chiefs or 49ers?

House Passes Popular Dem Program - Raw New And Politics

Trump co-defendant accuses Georgia prosecutors of lying about when relationship started

'Who do you want flying the plane?': The choice between Biden vs. Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

2 people dead after small plane attempts emergency landing on southwest Florida interstate

'Emotionally rewiring' on the economy: What's really worrying Americans - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

So... It's been a difficult day... But since I've been called out a few times today, I'll comment on the days news

*Camelot on TCM now.

Prosecutors RACE to Deliver FATAL BLOW to Trump - Meidas Touch

Swedish, Iranian ministers discuss Iranian assassination plot against Jews

Missouri: Medicaid lifetime Ban Proposed for Women Who Have Abortions

Breakfast Saturday 10 February 2024

Paid family medical leave clears New Mexico Senate

Putin humiliates Tucker Carlson.

Rep. Joe Adams (R) resigns, prompting the need for (yet another) special election in the Pa. House

Rep. Ronny Jackson TX makes a FOOL of himself once again!

AZ: People who don't vote could defeat bond elections under a GOP proposal

Let me explain how simple this is, IMHO

NY-03: Suozzi (D), Pilip (R) make closing arguments ahead of bellwether Feb. 13 special election

NY-03: Tom Suozzi (D) and Mazi Pilip (R) each claim advantage as polls show tight race

The Ship Of Fools (2018 edition)

Wisconsin absentee ballot witnesses may have no room for error

In shock result, allies of jailed ex-leader Khan win most seats in Pakistan election

Illinois governor denounces language of Biden special counsel report: 'I smell a rat'

Donald Trump Plummets WAY Behind Taylor Swift In Latest Favorability Polling

This Week at Justice - February 9, 2024 - The Justice Department

GOP organizations sue Arizona's top election official in latest dispute over election manual

Judge Blocks Omaha's Ban on Guns in Public Places While Lawsuit Challenging It Moves Forward

Ozzy Osbourne Blasts Anti-Semite Trump Pal Kanye West

Neil Young - I'm the Ocean

Carter Center Calls on Israel to Halt its Plan to Force 1.3 Million Palestinians Out of Rafah

Here's What We're Up Against

Fetterman calls Rand Paul 'peckerhead' over Friday night, Super Bowl votes

Sitting thinking over coffee what if the Roman Catholic inquisition never happened.

White House downplays Biden's criticism of Israel's war on Gaza

Is This The First Step To Ending The U.S. "Border Crisis?" - Thom Hartmann

1 page: report on Pence holding on to classified documents.

Trump given written questions when Trump was being investigated for Russia.

Israel appears to be in breach of ICJ orders on Gaza, senior UN official says

Wordle 966 Feb 10 ***Spoiler Thread***

DNC launches billboards in Michigan hitting RFK Jr. over donors linked to Trump

A great clip

The school I teach in just installed new door locks on each classroom door.

Gave Dunc the golden retriever his valentines this morning.

Aw, you shouldn't have!! To my 6:52 Valentine.

Strategy Biden

Trump' makes several verbal slip-ups at Friday's NRA rally.

Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife die 'hand in hand' by euthanasia at age 93

Steven Miles: Gay adult film actor-turned-Proud Boy from Pasco gets jail time for Capitol riot

Thank you all for the hearts!

It is a given fact that the GOBers detests the American people, our democracy, and our constitution.

Fair and honest review of the GOP's political ads in North Carolina

Evangelicals' Trump Worship Looks More Like QAnon Every Day

Took a little time off...came back to a heart...many thanks

Biden Allies Go On Attack Against the Special Counsel

Trump LOSES HIS MIND on Stage in Pennsylvania on LIVE TV - Meidas Touch

Digby: Democrats suffer from a delusion of allowing only Republicans to be special prosecutors

Thanks to those who've given me more hearts!

Trump tells NRA members 'no one will lay a finger on your firearms' if he returns to the White House

Man Studying to Be a Priest Arrested at Seminary for Child Porn.

So, it seems a Special Counsel can be disciplined, and in the case or Hur, should be

Still two cats to go

Trump tells Harrisburg NRA audience PA's name will be changed if he loses

TFG's dementia was evident last night

Texas Lt. Governor Says Obama Is Pushing Biden Out

And another heart enters my soul...thank you!

Seven minutes ago, a generous DU-er gave me a heart.

Pink Pelican Portrait - Walvis Bay

Five-year-old Palestinian girl found dead after being trapped in car with dead relatives

Five-year-old Palestinian girl found dead after being trapped in car with dead relatives

White House frustration with Garland grows

Thank you, thank you...for the hearts

Cooper's Hawk? Or Merlin Falcon?

Found on FB

Yet Another Heat Pump Headache For Fossil Fuel Stakeholders

Why did the witch hate parking?

Good Golly, another heart!

Mueller's report vs Hur's report?

The Story Of The Harlem Hellfighters, The Overlooked Black Heroes Of World War I

'No allies left': Dreamers, DACA recipients are left out amid rightward shift on immigration

Bodies of missing 6-year-old, paramedics found in north Gaza, aid group says

Leslie West with The Who - Love Ain't For Keeping

New Body Cam Footage Shows NYPD Started Confrontation With Migrants in Times Square, contradicts NYPD's version

Album released this date in 1964

You raised $593.00 on February 9, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

On This Day: Eisenhower warns against United States war in Vietnam, and invests billions - Feb. 10, 1954

Jerry Goldsmith was born on this date.

Shoigu data hacked! Putin chose new target for invasion. Russian air defense fully immobilized. - The Russian Dude

A great reponse to Hur on Facebook.

Trump loyalists

Special counsel's report on classified documents has echoes of the 2016 election (NPR)

You raised $100.00 on February 9, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Best Beer you've ever had?

Gripping Suspense!! Will TX Grant Five-Year Permit To Exxon In Baytown Despite Years Of Violations?!?!

Garland not even prosecuting white collar crime - lower even than tsf

Doing or not doing something because it may appear political or partisan is

"Bad Hair Day" - Litte Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea)

South London Council Destroys Playgrounds, Then Runs Out Of Money To Build Houses On Sites

Any minute now...

Sentenced to 3 years in prison for death threats to judge

Joseph R Biden

Surprise!! BP CEO Backing Away From Climate Goals After They Only Made $14 Billion In 2023: Not Really "Targets"

HP printer engineers

How Justice Dept. special counsel policies let Hur critique Biden's memory (WP)

Not sure who was having the most fun....

Ivanka CAUGHT GRIFTING Trump PAC Money FOR Her Lawyers - Meidas Touch

The Threat of White Christian Nationalism - Part I: Piety Not Required with Jeff Sharlet The Lincoln Project

Just drop all the stolen documents charges against Trump and we'll call it even...

US, Qatar working to expel Hamas from Doha - report

Thanks for the ❤️

The Caturday before Valentine's Day

According to Politico, Kevin McCarthy apparently disagreed with Hur. Here's what they reported in October:

Re: Garland, Elite lawyer brain is killing us

Israeli strikes kill 31 Palestinians in Rafah after Netanyahu says ground invasion is coming there

Why are kids of color in MN spending days, weeks, and months in hospital ERs that can't treat their problems?

And That's A Fact Jack..

To my wonderful and amazing DU friends and heart donors -Thank you.

Mike Lindell announces that the merchant server for some of his websites just canceled him.

You're Playing Us Too Close

Lawyers, please help me understand Cannons orders.

Another heart!

BIDEN CAMPAIGN STATEMENT - "Every single time Donald Trump opens his mouth, he's confused, deranged, lying, or worse."

Food shipment for 1.1 million Palestinians stuck at port due to restrictions from Israeli authorities, says UNRWA

These people vote (tweet from Republicans against Trump)

Here ya go Joe. Another hanging curveball

coditions for sonora at 0700

Workers At SYGMA-Detroit Secure Record Contract

Arches of Glass

Stray Cat Moves Into Office And Takes A Job

Don't Just Defend Abortion Rights. Play Offense Over Them.

Election interference?

yesterday, a friend and i went out to dinner.

Good resource factchecking Trump

Labor News & Commentary February 7, 2024 challenge to Biden's $15 minimum wage for federal contractors & more

For those who still don't believe #climatechange is real, Wisconsin just had a tornado... on February 8.

Consider this...

NM Public Employee Labor Relations Board sides with NMSU Graduate Workers Union in grievance case

I like how Simon Rosenberg keeps saying Trump is the most unfit person to run for President in our history

"Bring them home NOW".

the jetsons

In a nutshell: The Sick Fucks' rallies are nothing more than organized temper tantrums. eom

Report: Egypt warns Israel Rafah offensive may lead to suspension of peace treaty

Weekend TOONs

Texas attorney who poisoned pregnant wife with abortion medication sentenced to 180 days in jail

Speechwriters! "Occasional Forgetfulness is Better Than..."

The malaise of MAGA

I love FB when I see this kind of thing.

Biden's NLRB Brings Workers' Rights Back From the Dead

But, can Joe Biden do this?

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Awarded $1 Million in Defamation Case

New York Times "full frontal assault" on Biden. They want Trump to win. They have made it very clear.

When Joe Biden Wins Reelection

LOL, my 23,001 post. Blew right by the 23,000 mark.

'Show Me The Man And I'll Find You The Crime'

Bay Area mayors Mahan and Breed join call for Prop 47 reform to crack down on theft, drugs

Test positive? OK with the Navy.

New Book Says Elon Musk's Fury at ElonJet Account Is What Sparked His Impulse to Buy Twitter

What Did Putin Gain From Sitting Down With Tucker Carlson?

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Dear Jimmy

The Best of The Kind of Story We Need Right Now

Nothing is at the top of the GOP's agenda - literally

Does anyone know of Kur's professional background--his writings and opinions?..

Tucker Carlson just gave Vladimir Putin exactly what he wanted

Happy Chinese New Year !!

No one should have to live like this

Tired of the sickos like "Benny" Hur? Here's something uplifting that's also thanks for the outpouring of hearts!

hide and seek expert level:

Egypt is reinforcing its border with Gaza

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 10, 2024)

2nd tweet--Copycat:

Still Ridin' with Biden.

Hungary's president resigns over a pardon to a man convicted in a child sexual abuse case

Roland Gutierrez vs. Colin Allred On The Policies

Anyone watching Capote vs The Swans on FX?

Ginger cat meets his match:

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 10, 2024

Look into the abyss--he'd like to have a word with you!

Superb Owl time again.

Year of the Drag-on ( I mean c'mon already, WTF)

Cat logic--turn life into a challenge:

3 stooges:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees just announced. List and page for bios & registering to vote:

It's beyond all realms of possibilities to have enough thanks for the hearts

What's Chinatown like on New Year's Day San Francisco


Democratic Ubercool

When I follow people around, I'm not stalking them. I'm learning their routines so I can

Kotoko -Shooting Star

Corgi puppy chaos during yoga:

2nd tweet--2 kinds of dogs:

Happy tails to you:

New Jan. 6 footage appears to show rioter firing a gun in the air during Capitol attack

Whenever I'm feeling like I need a laugh, I turn on the UK version of "Coupling." What a great show that was.

Happy Lunar New Year from the Biden-Harris Administration!

Any fans of the TV show "Coupling" (UK version)? That was hilarious.

There are TWO hur reports?,,,

What's your favorite British TV show, past or present?

Baby gorilla practices beating his chest:

DeSantis' Florida Guard going to Texas is a stunt that's illegal under federal law

Remember then?

2nd tweet--horse knows he's gorgeous too:

Hawaii rules against public carrying of guns without permit citing 'aloha spirit'

2nd tweet--Dad gorilla runs off with baby gorilla, & then runs off again with him:

Dear Republicans: Please keep banging on about Biden's age...

Marjorie Taylor Greene inciting people to go into federal buildings before J6! She also talks about leaving a meeting

Kotoko Shooting Star

Every Anime Song by Kotoko

Biden's righteous anger with an anti-moral press corps

Spoiled pup?

Sad to see Putin achieving his aims here

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Montana, and the GOP....

Antisemite screams at Secretary Clinton "you will burn!"

Thank you to all those that gave me a heart

Chris Wallace: Calling Tucker Carlson a useful idiot is unfair to useful idiots


Hong Kong Protests: Messi Incident Blows Up; US-China Relations - China Update

This year's Olympic medals will contain pieces of Eiffel Tower

#1 Penn State Hammers #3 Iowa In College Wrestling

Ok, have seen it can have your laundry washed, dryer, folded and delivered now

When living with teenagers it's always good to have a dog.

Maple sap is running in started early .......

Bernie Sanders: "The International Billionaire Class Is Making Out Like Bandits"

Thank you everyone for the hearts.

Trump's Immunity Rejected as Courts Vow to Protect Government For Now - Lovett or Leave It

I'm coining a new word: ANBO

Shell permanently closes all of its hydrogen refuelling stations for cars in California

Gary Marcus: Seven reasons why the world should say No to Sam Altman (tweet + Substack post on OpenAI's CEO wanting $7T)

Rescue Pup Snaps At Anyone That Goes Near Her

Resplendent Rufous

U.S.-led coalition blocks attacks at Conoco oil field in Syria, source says

Terrified cat has amazing transformation

In 2018 Trump found the Montreal Cognitive Assessment "difficult". A test aimed at detecting dementia/cognitive decline.

Baby sloth being adorable:

Hamas supporters attack Iranian dissident.

Haley challenges former game show host

Terrorist tunnel network found under UNRWA headquarters

Spotify has ads now.

Mangey Puppy Found On The Side Of The Road

Kitty thinks snow is a great idea.

Hamas had command tunnel under U.N. Gaza headquarters, Israeli military says

How this dog asks for a hug:


One dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too:

Daisies remind us to be happy but hydrangea's remind us to be colorful!

"It can't happen here" - an outstanding article in Nov '23 Smithsonian Magazine - a must read!

Tiny puppy wants his bed back:

Saturday C-span2

Cartoons 2/10/2024

AFL-CIO: Statement on the Situation in Israel and Gaza

NY-AD77: A special election for a Bronx Assembly seat goes largely unnoticed

Pig & pupper playing soccer together:

Nehring proposes routine drug contamination testing for county shelters

I would like a case of prosecco....that is expensive.

NJ-SEN: Tammy Murphy gets key placement on many NJ primary ballots, since Democratic bosses say so

Got paintings/drawings of pets? Post 'em here!

Frankly I'm very happy with President Biden's memory,

Throwing stones and glass houses

County pitches 640-acre shooting range near Sultan to skeptical neighbors

Georgia police and FBI conduct Swat-style raids on 'Cop City' activists' homes

More work remains to improve law enforcement culture

NY: The Democratic establishment is coming for another socialist lawmaker upstate

GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher won't run for re-election

Former game show host's co-defendant struggling to fund-raise legal fees

Bernese Mountain Dog gets a Bernese Mountain Puppy:

Navy plans frigate shuffle to increase military ships in Everett

Dogs & Cats Playing

NY-03: Mazi Pilip (R) is one of those pro-lifers who supports a woman's right to choose (?)

Better use for your gift-card balances than companies

Hind Rajab, Gaza 6-Year-Old Who Spoke Of Fear On Phone To Rescuers, Found Dead

All around the world: Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon

PA: Adams's (R) resignation gives House Democrats slim majority prior to special elections

Toyota bZ4X crashes into the ocean after the driver forgot to put the EV in park

A question for UK folks

What the unrest in Leicester revealed about Britain - and Modi's India

How to Dismantle the Anti-DEI Machine - ACLU - At Liberty Podcast

Weissmann & Goodman: The Real "Robert Hur Report" (Versus What You Read in the News)

Trump's publicly stated plan to mobilize red state National Guard troops to put immigrants into camps.

Seahawks hiring former UW Huskies OC Ryan Grubb, per reports

TCM tonight The Miracle Worker NOW

PA-12: Patel (D) battles identity politics attacks in 12th District House race

WSP recommends charges for protesters who shut down I-5 in Seattle

I'm with Joyce Vance

Michelle Obama is trending and you won't believe why - CNN

Flipping the script: Biden promises to hit Trump 'every day' over southern border

How the 'squad' is fighting back against pro-Israel PACs with record fundraising

A Blueprint for Future Work: Local 595 Helps Build Carbon Capture Facility

(Jewish Group) Doctor who said Hammersmith would be better without Jews not racist, GMC tribunal finds

New York special election to replace Santos could further shrink a thin GOP majority

Pa. could wipe out up to $400M in medical debt under proposal from Gov. Josh Shapiro

Duo euthanasia: former Dutch prime minister dies hand in hand with his wife

We can't print from Word files. We tried the unplug/plug routine our computer guy recommended but it didn't work.

PA: Lawsuit Filed Against All 67 Counties Requesting That Mail-In Absentee Ballots Be Returned To Local Precincts

*White* capybara!

Crenshaw on Stefanik's claim she could decertify election if VP: 'Totally wrong'

Really??? Humanity rears it's head in a heartwarming roadside rescue.

The Daily B***h*: "Vacuuming is an occasion to scream for 20 minutes."

How do I update my browser??

PA Republicans shrug off Shapiro's call for marijuana legalization

So McDonalds is blaming their price gouging

PA: Lehigh County Moms for Liberty chapter dissolves itself following 2023 election

I have made a command decision about voting to re-elect President Biden

Crunchy Frog

Georgia police and FBI conduct Swat-style raids on 'Cop City' activists' homes

With First Contract Secure, PGA Freelancers See Good Days Ahead

Bird knows what he wants to watch on YouTube:

Border is a crisis but can wait until after election? This is why Congress is broken Opinion

PA-AD140: Democracy Rocks At Free 'Bucks The System' Concert To Help Get Out The Vote For February 13 Special Election

Democrats allege RFK Jr. campaign took illegal help to collect signatures in states

NJ-SEN: Emily's List endorses Carol Murphy for Congress

NJ-03: Carpenters union endorses Carol Murphy (D) for Congress

The Nuclear Weapons that trump will Play With were he to be Elected to the Presidency

Stop talking about he stupid hur report.

White House frustration with Garland grows

Monty Python - Dead Parrot

'Win-win': Bill to eliminate taxes on Social Security benefits reintroduced

Cow Plays Fetch


Trump made a FOOL of himself -he demanded to know where Nikki Haley's husband was!! He is deployed to Africa.........

Trump says he'd tell Russia to "do whatever the hell they want" to any NATO country he felt didn't pay enough

That motherfucker is crazy. Encouraging Russia to attack NATO members.

Your weekend weirdness

Worst Responders: The Far-Right Extremists Mobilizing to Mass Shootings

Republicans pull desperate last-minute power grab in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump repeatedliy calls Matt Gaetz Rick Gates;:

Elon Musk's Neuralink moves legal home to Nevada after Delaware judge invalidates his Tesla pay deal

More GOP infighting, Texas Edition

Andrew Weissmann and Ryan Goodman: The Real "Robert Hur Report" (Versus What You Read in the News)

LOL! George Conway: In truth, the former guy never had marbles, yet still managed to lose them. Were there a

I sent a USPS Money Order via US Mail ten days ago.

The Colorado case has me thinking about inaugural day.

As Argentina's favorite vacation spot celebrates 150 years, gloomy times for vacationers in Mar del Plata

As Argentina's favorite vacation spot celebrates 150 years, gloomy times for vacationers in Mar del Plata

Undeciphered script from Easter Island may predate European colonization

NYPD dealing with violent anti-Israel protestors

Israeli strikes kill 44 Palestinians in Rafah hours after Netanyahu announces ground invasion

Monty Python - Beethoven Sketch

Otento san by Shintaro Katsu Zatoichi Theme

Re: Losing Marbles..

Trump doesn't do well at reading a teleprompter:

This South Carolina Trump Rally is truly bonkers--- Biden-Harris HQ has the videos

I'm feeling the love fellow D.U ers

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's memory....

Directly beneath UNRWA's Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center

Emails Reveal How Anti-Trans Doc Duped LGBTQ Allies Into Participating

Without checking online, can you tell what year Bruce Lee was born in?

Mike Lindell fafo

Firefly - all day on Comet TV

Will, can, Garland block hur from testifying before congress?

DeSantis wants to ban 'fake meat.' The world is watching.

Throwing Like A Girl

Al Green is on the phone with Al Sharpton

Surprised he didn't call him a sucker

If You're Happy and you know it

91-year-old Republican sued to keep former game show host off the ballot

☦️ Orthodoxy - Psalm 118 (117)

Maps That Show How The World Really Is

Bus For Dogs

I just got a prescription from a doctor

Former game show host mocks Haley's husband's absence while Melania also absent

Trump's encouraging Russia to attack our NATO allies. Can't make this up.

Families of Israeli hostages to lodge ICC complaint against Hamas heads

Trump confessed to violations of the espionage act at a televised rally today

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 16, 2024: 31 Days of Oscar -- Film Editing

Monty Python - Spam

Europe's nightmare: an isolationist America

How many of the convicted DC rioters is Jack Smith flipping

My (Republican) Congressperson is not running for reelection

Afternoon on the creek, and river

I really enjoy PBS News Weekend

At the Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory, a Terrifying, Startling Week and Month, New Records Everywhere.

Southern MD 'sunset' 2/10

If Taylor Swift wants revenge against her haters, here's a good bet

Sheep Loves To Give Playful Head-Butts To Everyone She Meets

It may be too late to stop the great election disinformation campaigns of 2024 but we have to at least try

Tucker Carlson's Putin Interview was a FAILURE

Crocus still moving along

Look who's flying to Vegas in her @49ers gear ....

Sharon Osbourne to Kanye West: You "F*cked with the Wrong Jew This Time"

Trump demands "immediate" debate again Biden, Biden laughs


Airline Weighing Passengers

I have made my "who do I want to win the Super Bowl" decision

When Whales Could Walk Full Documentary NOVA PBS

Joe Biden's Campaign Launches Multiple Attacks on 'Slurring' Donald Trump

Foreign Aid Bill Advances

Scalise announces return as House GOP plans Mayorkas redo

tiedrich: this week in stupid 2/10 edition

Opinion The Biden special counsel's egregious abuse of power - Marcus, WaPo

HOLY $&!T: Taylor Swift could turn Florida blue again!

MyStore, the Amazon from Hell

2024 Progressive Foreign Policy as a Political Force - Keynote Sen. Bernie Sanders

CNN Chyron

Blues Traveler - But Anyway

Inside Biden's Five-Hour Face-Off with the special counsel

"Ellie 2.0" show on AM950 KTNF calls for Biden to step down.

MyPillow decides not to succeed Ronna McDaniel as RNC chair

Too Late?

Biden objected to send more troops to Afghanistan

UNRWA head says agency was in dark about Hamas center under Gaza HQ; Israel: 'You knew'