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Rock n Roll Hall of Fame's Nominees 2024 Include Sade!!!! Who made better Baby Making Music than her????

Tristan Snell interview (P1): author of "Taking Down Trump" discusses dismantling Trump University - Glenn Kirschner

My local precinct captain came to my door this afternoon.

Two of my favorite things combined! Dogs & Monkees

White House memo signals Republicans' attacks on Biden's memory show 'they're afraid'

A case could be made now for treason against the orange anus.

Trump Says He Might 'Encourage' Russia To Attack NATO Allies

Why is everyone so worried about the Presidential election?

Wow, THREE hearts in one day! You are all so kind and thoughtful.

Man who attacked Las Vegas judge during sentencing now indicted by a grand jury for attempted murder

Adam Kinzinger, re Trump's rally today: "Sick sick. What a completely whiney incredibly unfit bozo"

Post a pic of your pet, and I will give you a heart (limit 20).

Fears for NATO

As Republicans Publicly Face-Plant, House Democrats Are Feeling Good About November

Malaysia's top court invalidates state's Islam-based laws on incest, sodomy and other offenses

Am I Blue? Billie Holiday

Difference between Border Collie and Husky

Jimmy Van Eaton, an early rock 'n' roll drummer who played at Sun Records, dies at 86

CORRUPT Judge Cannon FATAL Move has MAJOR Consequences - Meidas Touch

'We've lost both engines,' pilot said before private jet crashed onto Florida interstate, killing 2

I got a ❤️!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the hearts!

New Jersey officer accused of excessive force pleads guilty to misdemeanor counts in federal court

I found this old video of Nathan Chen at 2008 Junior Nationals on YouTube.

Victor Shi: Journalistic malpractice if Trump encouraging Russia to attack NATO allies isn't tomorrow's top headline

Pakistan army urges unity as ex-PMs both declare election win

"I Love You, Lamp!"

The double standard: Why missteps by Trump and Biden are treated differently - The Weekend - MSNBC

To all my heart givers:

US F-16s are exceeding the expectations of Ukraine's pilots, report says

Dr. Jill Biden responds to Special Counsel report

What would Trump have to get canceled?

Palestinian figure close to Hamas survives Israeli strike in Lebanon, three others killed, sources say

Another heart! I'm overwhelmed

Stuart Stevens: Look, @NikkiHaley , you supported Trump after he mocked John McCain, attacked a Gold Star family,

My memory is OK, but solid

By Wisdom, Peace; By Peace, Plenty.

Alina Habba in Unusual 'No-Win' Scenario?

The Party that has told black people they have nothing to fear

Expert explains why North American bird populations are declining

Man dies mid-flight after breaking out in 'cold sweats' and losing 'liters of blood,' scaring his fellow passengers

Hollywood Actress Phylicia Rashad Gets A Taste Of Trinbago Culture Ahead Of Carnival

Biden Campaign Scorches Media For Ignoring Trump's Horrifying Behavior

Trump during his trial for sexual assault said he couldn't remember when he got engaged or married to his current wife:

They busted Hootie.

Why there may be much fewer monarch butterfly sightings in the US this summer

CSN&Y - Teach Your Children

The 'fog' surrounding voters who believe Trump's presidency was better than expected - The Weekend - MSNBC

Trump Forgets What Day it is In Bizarre, Gaffe-Filled Speech

Favorable Opinion of Donald Trump hits a post J6 high?

To bad we can't turn Trump over to our NATO allies

Advocates call on Senate to approve amendment giving Afghan evacuees path to legal residency

Washington State Senate pays tribute to former Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

The malaise of MAGA

Battle for immunity: Expert analysis on Trump's last stand in federal election interference trial - The Weekend - MSNBC

will Taylor Swift be singing Nat Anthem at the superbowl??

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about things being over the top and how it isn't a change....

Justice Alioto's 'mob-like threat' during Trump hearing singled out by legal experts

The skin of your laundry pods dissolve in the washing machine, right? They dissolve into microplastic. And wastewater

NJ-SEN: Andy Kim sinks first lady Tammy Murphy in NJ Senate race's first Democratic convention

'It's going to get done': Sen. Padilla talks Senate aid package momentum - The Weekend - MSNBC

CA-SEN: Schiff super PAC runs ads on Fox News despite his calls for network boycott

Native American activists: Kansas City Chiefs need to change: A sign this weekend at the Super Bowl will read: 'Taylor

'Fluffy' the turtle, rescued in North West England.

NY-03: What the Long Island special election tells us about the battle over the suburbs

Nikki Haley fires back at Trump for asking where her husband is

If you ain't worried, you ain't paying attention

As Republicans Publicly Face-Plant, House Democrats Are Feeling Good About November

FLOTUS Jill Biden releases statement about Hur's bullshit report

I apologize. I seldom look to see if I have been sent an

Trump says he would encourage Russia to 'do whatever the hell they want' to any NATO country that doesn't pay enough

One Tin Soldier

Nancy Pelosi Gives 49ers Fan Window Seat on Flight to Super Bowl

James Carville please STFU

MAGA Star Running for Office Raised Tons for Charity--and Then Sat on the Money for Years

Taylor Swift Begins Mad Dash to Super Bowl LVIII

'He's In A Tough Position': Mitch McConnell's Influence Wanes In Trump's GOP

'Out of touch with reality': Why a Fmr. Rep. thinks Trump shouldn't be near the oval office again - MSNBC Reports

How anarchists in North Carolina rescued books banned in Florida

care to comment on the voice of this singer?

Texas GOP leaders reverse course, ban antisemites from party

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe finds 'nauseating similarities' between Biden special counsel report and Hillar

Is one of these men too old to be president?

Montana's effort to expand religious exemptions to vaccines prompts political standoff

Ask yourself: In whose interest is it to attack Merrick Garland

First fatal case of Alaskapox, a newly identified viral disease, claims Kenai Peninsula man

'States need clarity': MI Secretary of State on why Supreme Court must step in on Trump eligibility - The Weekend - MSNBC

The problem with the hearts to raise money is that the season is too short. How about this alternative for year-round

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AZ: GOP, conservative group challenge new elections procedures

Jerry Garcia Accoustic Band - Rosalee McFall

Imran Khan's sister says Nawaz Sharif's claim to election victory is an 'insult to Pakistanis'

Just watched "The Beekeeper" free on YouTube and I hope the style gets dropped

The Latest in Election Interference and Voting Rights Litigation - Talking Feds

Personal and political shaming is running hot, yet it doesn't work


I wonder if Garland tried to tender his resignation to Biden after the Hur hit job

Yonder Mountain String Band - 2 Hits and the Joint turned Brown/

OMFG, TFG confuses 9/11/01 with a covenience store

It's official: NYT has gone full MAGA

SCOTUS Justice BRINGS THE HAMMER DOWN on Trump lawyer - Meidas Touch

Anybody hear anything about the convoy at the Texas border ?

Small Faces - I Am a Little Tin Soldier

Donovan - The Little Tin Soldier

Why the Age Issue Is Hurting Biden So Much More Than Trump (NYT)

KANGTA & VANNESS 강타 & 바네스 'Scandal' MV

Win or lose

Jimmy Buffet and Zac Brown - A Pirate Looks at 40.

I was sent a few more hearts. TY so much!

Hello My Neighbors In New York's 3rd District

Just for fun -- pot and music.

The Miracle Worker TCM NOW

頭文字D 情熱のイナズマ GACKT

Cooking in a rice cooker!

They are easily triggered - Taylor Swift

Dead & Co. - Man Smart (Women Smarter)

Is Nate Silver Right Or Wrong Here?

Coley: 'Trump would have burned down the DOJ' if he was treated like Biden - Velshi - MSNBC

several people behind Trump, who is speaking, look like they are

Why do we never hear that in four years Trump will be older than Biden is now?

Willie and Billy - California Sober

Oh Snap: I'm ridin' with Biden🤣

Former RNC Chair calls out Republicans for flocking to the 'worship temple of Donald Trump' - The Weekend - MSNBC

Israeli military operation in Rafah 'cannot proceed,' U.S. ambassador to the U.N. says

SNAP Post of the Week (TSF in his goldface)

Thank you lovely people for all the hearts!

Sally Yates Would Make A Fantastic US Attorney General

Tom Nichols: Trump Encourages Putin to Attack NATO Members

Russia promotes 'Civil War' over Texas border

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TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 13: 31 Days of Oscar - Day 5: Writing, Screenplay

When I Read It, It Hit Me Kind Of Hard

Rep. Plaskett on GOP falling to Trump: They know the truth but are 'deadly afraid' to speak it - Velshi - MSNBC

Speaker of the House and Helter Skelter

Rudy whines Donny's campaign and RNC owe him $2 million

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 14: 31 Days of Oscar - Day 6: Writing, Screenplay

Donald Trump tells cheering crowd he would encourage Russia to ATTACK fellow NATO members for failing to 'pay their dues

'We cannot abandon our fidelity to the 14th amendment': NAACP LDF Pres on SCOTUS hearing - Velshi - MSNBC

NY-03: Mazi Pilip (R) did not vote in 2016 and 2020.

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

14th Amendment was made for 'this exact scenario,' CO Sec. of State says - Velshi - MSNBC

Republican CALLS OUT Trump By Name Over Outrageous Border Lies

☦️ Serbian Orthodox Chant - Psalm 117 'Slavite Hospoda'/'Praise the Lord', Univ.of Arkansas Chorale

Tweet of the Day

'Hillbilly' Comedian Dismantles Clueless MAGA Idiots

Republican Host EVISCERATES Tucker Carlson ON-AIR In EPIC Takedown

"Leader of one of America's major political parties signaled to the Kremlin if elected, he'd refuse to defend Europe"

White House responds to TFG's attacks on NATO

Bonus Quote of the Day

TFG had a rally tonight

Trump suggests he'd disregard NATO treaty, urge Russian attacks on allies (WP)

Trump confuses 9/11 and 7-Eleven

Police Dog Blues

Trump Melts Down During Bizarre Weekend Rallies

Texas Congressman Al Green on successful vote in blocking GOP colleagues attempt to impeach Mayorkas - PoliticsNation

Protesters in NYC stopped to bang on the plate glass windows of a restaurant on Broadway.

Thank you NBC!

President Biden has attended church more while in office than any president in at least 70 years.

Setting a Trap: Why the U.S. Telegraphed its Attack on Iranian Proxies - William Spaniel

Dead - Death Don't Have No Mercy in this Land. Shoreline, 1989.

Thank you for the additional hearts

Trump Supporters Asked Which Is More Dangerous, Drag or Guns

Five judges on the 5th Circuit are embracing Texas' claim that it faces an "invasion" of unauthorized migrants

World's largest iceberg on the move after dislodging from ocean floor - CBS News

Dancing of to bed with this classic funk - Good night, everybody.

TX City Council Gets Trounced For Trampling On Free Speech - Rebel HQ


CA: Why mail-in ballots are confusing some Riverside County voters

NY-03: New York special election to replace Santos could further shrink a thin GOP majority

NY-03: The Race to Replace George Santos Is Going to Be a Close One

Chris Wallace destroys former colleague Tucker Carlson - Brian Tyler Cohen

Who will win the Puppy Bowl Fluff or Ruff?

Judge ends case against Florida elections law despite 'target' on Black voters


As Arizona Supreme Court weighs abortion law, both sides brace for ruling

FL: State fights speeding up redistricting case

TFG didnt make up story about NATO.

NC: Appeals Court to hold Feb. 15 oral arguments in state Senate redistricting dispute

Wisconsin Republicans urge court to reject redistricting report

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about different Louisiana maps changing....

Detroit City Council overwhelmingly approves sixth redistricting map

Measure 2 asks voters if Spokane City Council should have less power drawing their own districts

New York Republicans urge Independent Redistricting Commission to adopt current congressional maps

Ten Candidates Qualify For Ballot In Slovak Presidential Election

The White House wants to 'cryptographically verify' videos of Joe Biden so viewers don't mistake them for deepfakes

MI-13: Detroit Councilmember Mary Waters (D) enters 13th district Democratic primary

VA-07: Prince William County Supervisor Andrea Bailey (D) announces run for 7th Congressional District

FED UP NY Judge is JUST GETTING STARTED with Alina Habba - Meidas Touch

"An Old Guy's Defense of Our Old-Guy President"

Wordle 967 2/11 ***spoilers***

Trump mocks absence of Haley's husband who is deployed overseas with military - CNN

Florida abortion amendment faces arguments in state Supreme Court - Katie Phang - MSNBC

New Jan. 6 footage appears to show rioter firing a gun in the air during Capitol attack

Russia is using SpaceX's Starlink satellite devices in Ukraine, sources say

Doonesbury Now & Then

Sunday Funnies 2/11/24

'Justice never sleeps and neither does Trump's legal team' - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Trump served notice the Supreme Court won't save him by granting him immunity

Protests in Bashkortostan: Anti-Kremlin Sentiments and Ethnic Awakening - UATV English

The Constitution Is Clear But Money From These 'Donors' May Blind The Court... - Thom Hartmann

Ugh. Pop-up ads. Fucking swell.

West needs to catch up with Ukraine on fighting Russian disinformation

This is the most adorable dog that was found in a dumpster.

SF crowd attacks and destroys driverless car

I wonder why there is nobody to caretake Ivana's grave?

John Harwood interviewed President Biden 10 days before Hur did. Hur just fucking lied

FED UP Prosecutors OBLITERATE Trump-Appointed Attorney - Meidas Touch

First lady questions whether special counsel referenced son's death to score political points

Overseas pensions and US taxes

Trump comments on Russia, NATO 'appalling and unhinged' -White House

Kansas Gov. Signs Bill To Eliminate Subminimum Wage For Disabled Employees

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Clever Responses Edition

Metropolitan Diary

Dexter Scott King remembered during memorial as keeper of his father Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream


Judge Rebukes Trump Lawyers For Unfairly Calling Him Biased In NY RICO Case - Rodecast

President Joe Biden to travel to East Palestine next week, a year after derailment

Al Franken: Olivia Nuzzi - Washington Correspondent for New York Magazine

'I remember Hitler,' says 91-year-old Republican behind Trump eligibility case

Submissions for the February Photo Contest

MAGA will have their work cut out for them in this year's #SuperBowl. They won't know which team to hate, Nancy Pelosi'

February Photo Contest announced in The Lounge

CVS fined in Ohio for understaffing pharmacy, risking staff and patient safety

DR Congo violence: Panic in Goma as M23 rebels advance

Putin's Ukraine strategy is beginning to pay off.

Black Churches in Georgia Unite to Mobilize Voters in a Key Battleground

NY-03: Pilip (R)-Suozzi (D) race to replace former Rep. George Santos: Early voting winds down, ends Sunday

Swedish foodie secrets: How to find Sweden's best semla

If Trump's failing mind keeps becoming harder to ignore, will the so-called "liberal media"...

'They fed it to them': Idaho lawmaker worried about cannibalism, because of human compost Read more at: https://www.ida

Charles Pierce: Merrick Garland Needs to Be Thanked For His Service and Shown the Door

Russia launches 45 drones in mass barrage of Ukraine as Kyiv continues war cabinet reshuffle

Did special counsel cross the line in bashing Biden's memory? Even some Republicans think so

Tufted Titmouse Wingspread - Central Park, NYC

Instead of calling them election deniers, shouldn't we start calling them

Has anyone watched The Meg and Meg 2

GOP Lawmaker Worried About Cannibalism

Pakistan election: Final results give Khan-backed candidates lead

TFG is obsessed with the fact that President Biden had and overcame a stutter

Taylor Swift named her oldest cat Meredith Grey

Congress: The Dumbest It's Ever Been (with Joe Perticone) The Focus Group Podcast

Pierre Poilievre's oratory skills

Hope your Sunday goes just like this...

Texas Republicans censure House Speaker Dade Phelan

Elsewhere, on Prime

Many thanks to those who gave me hearts.

Yes, America, there are two old people running for president.

This person holds an elected position in the Idaho legislature

My wife just finished filling out a preliminary online jury questionnaire for federal court.

More hearts? Thank you!

158 Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan supporting the USA after 9/11.

Bass Reeves: the real Lone Ranger

I gave a heart to someone I used to have on my ignore list.

You raised $425.00 on February 10, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

For all the Football Fans here on DU in case you missed it

On This Day: Murder of rape target sparks protests against violence towards women - Feb. 11, 2015

Does anyone know if Jack Smith appealed Cannon's new order?

Breakfast Sunday 11 February 2024

On This Day: Murder of rape target sparks protests against violence towards women - Feb. 11, 2015

Have you ever done this? I do it all the time.

Trump asks about whereabouts of Nikki Haley's husband, who's serving overseas

On this day, Tuesday, February 11, 1964, the Beatles played their first US concert.

All Day Music

Isn't this what they call a "protection racket"?

We Let The Coup Planners Get Away With It

😀😀😀in the spirit of Valentine's week

A friend asked what he should make for the Super Bowl...

The top four stories on The New York Times website are negative stories about Biden's health ...

Fun fact about this Congress

I asked Alexa who is going to win the Super Bowl she said

'Let's talk about Biden's memory'...Beau is on Fire!

From a bloody past to a troubled present, Delaware's Guatemalans seek a brighter future with new President Bernardo Arv

I just noticed that I have hearts!

"Aren't You Late for a Klan Meeting?"

'Universal memory' breakthrough brings the next generation of computers 1 step closer to major speed boost

During a speech last night Donald Trump confused 9/11 with the 7-11 convenience store.

NASA Satellite Reveals How Much Saharan Dust Feeds Amazon's Plants

A perfect picture of America

"You gotta pay"

Thank you for the Hearts!

Can we save our public schools?

The Splendor of the Seven Descending Gods of Tulum Resurfaced

Conservatives are backpedaling on their Bud Light boycott. To understand why, follow the money

I really didn't expect all the hearts!

MUNYA - Hotel Delmano

I Don't Know Why Everyone's in Denial About College Students Who Can't Do the Reading

Taylor Swift is a liberal plot to make MAGA communistic.

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 12 February 2024

Disappointed Detroit Lions fans get creative with Super Bowl-inspired cakes

I can write this because he's dead.

GO CHIEFS! and thank you everybody for hearts!

Trump's crazy threat against NATO was at the top of Google News this morning. Did it lead anywhere else?

A State Supreme Court Just Issued Another Devastating Rebuke of the U.S. Supreme Court -

Ron Filipkowski: There you have it, Chiefs fans. You're against Jesus.

Egypt threatens to suspend key peace treaty if Israel pushes into Rafah on its border, officials say

Josh White was born on this date.

The Rising Curtailment of Black History Education in the U. S.

Gene Vincent was born on this date.

Sergio Mendes has a birthday today.

Workers at Ridwell Vote Unanimously to Join Teamsters

Could Democrats replace Biden as their nominee?

The dumbing down has been working all too well

George Winston, who just passed, was born on this date.

Chinese New Year celebrations, year of the dragon

Labor News & Commentary February 8, 2024 look into the tech industry's "shadow workforce."

The House Song Peter, Paul and Mary

Georgia's GOP governor says Trump shouldn't get presidential immunity: 'No one is above the law'

On remembering the year of a loved one's death... (Biden, Hur, etc.)

In angry video, Iowa labor leader vows to fight law that would 'bust public sector unions'

Madagascar is to castrate child rapists, prompting criticism but also support

Alejandro Mayorkas on border: 'We don't bear responsibility for a broken system'

My mother bought a refrigerator

Post deleted by author.

Thank you for the heart.

President of Powerful Service Workers Union Will Step Down

Got a notification when I signed into DU this morning that I'd received another heart.

California fast-food workers launch new union: 'They have to listen to us'

Dead & Co - "Deal", June 9 2023

Female roommate for Greece Viking Cruise needed: Feb 2025

Update: 4:45 PM (I believe that I have a mild case of food poisoning this morning.)

S9:E3 (The Conservative Values of Violence)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 11, 2024)

Ford posts $523 million 4Q net loss on accounting charge for pensions but beats analyst estimates

If you haven't cancelled your New York Times subscription, after this mornings headline, maybe it's ...

Pres. Biden on Trump attack on Haley's husband: 'Guy wouldn't know service to his country if it slapped him in the face'

Satire: Garth Brooks kicked out of Toby Keith tribute concert for being too 'woke"

Gallows Pole

Trump is afraid of Nikki!! ROFL

Trump: Things like supply change. You never heard that term.

Yellow Corporation Bankruptcy Update

Mike Gallagher Not Running For Reelection

Speaking of cop city: 'A gift to Moscow': dismay as NYPD takes part in UAE Swat games with Chechnya and Belarus

Gratitude is very much in order...thank you for the hearts.

If it's a legitimate President, they won't encourage Russia to attack other countries

EPA again OKs use of toxic herbicide linked to Parkinson's disease

Just another observation

Very Suspicious Supermarket

"Why can't we all just get along?"

After watching the Sunday shows I have a question: Why are we hearing about Hur but NOT about . . . . .

As I cook today

Duran Duran - Union Of The Snake

Logic puzzle: Three Republicans at an Insurrection

OMG another heart!

Why is this soup sweet?

I can't post

Thanks for the hearts

Team Jesus or Team Soros?

Who doesn't have memory issues?

Anne Applebaum: Trump Will Abandon NATO

Super bowl ad.

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 11, 2024?

OMIGAWD!!!! What's a MAGAt football fan to do?????????? OH NOES!!!!!

Hearts 💕 abound!

Biden calls on snack companies to stop 'shrinkflation'

Israel's finance minister blasts Moody's downgrade of the the country's credit rating

Family beg for answers after two American men detained by IDF after Gaza raid

The Small Faces - You Need Loving

Quotation from my church bulletin today:

Rescued Aquatic Animals Get A 'Magical' Glow-Up!

The Entitlement of Cars, Self-Driving or not and The Loss of Pedestrian Rights - Has A Long and Interesting History.

Does anyone know what "redeem us from binaries" might mean?

English test scandal: students renew fight to clear names after 10 years

Is it possible Hur got played by Biden a little?

Today's Tiedrich rant: media, what the fuck are you doing?

Chiropractor Works On Wild Lion

Taiwan reports Chinese balloons at start of New Year holiday

Thanks for the hearts!

US judge orders Elon Musk to testify in SEC's Twitter probe

Netanyahu insists on Rafah offensive as warnings mount

Nato says Trump comments 'undermine all of our security'

Pakistan election: Final results give Khan-backed candidates lead

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump showing why he won't debate Haley....

I just tuned in this morning. WTF happened with the New York Times that has people in a no-doubt-deserved swivet?

Aircraft carrier substituting for HMS Queen Elizabeth cancels departure

Thank you so much for the hearts. I truly appreciate the thoughts!

'President Biden's personal attorney Bob Bauer says Hur report was "shoddy work product"'

Nicaragua's crackdown on Catholic Church spreads fear among the faithful, there and in exile

Cartoons 2/11/2024

SEN. MURPHY: I think we're going to pass the spending bill for Ukraine

High court's supremely treacherous position

McCarthy foes face blowback as primary threats grow and GOP donors shut their wallets

Chris Christie calls Taylor Swift conspiracies 'outrageous': 'The kind of thing Donald Trump brings about'

I have told this cat to stare at you

Sorry, MAGA. Americans, Not Migrants, Are Smuggling Fentanyl

Wig wearing pecker head slams McConnell's 'outrageous' support for standalone foreign aid bill

Opinion: My Father, Ronald Reagan, Would Weep for America (The New York Times)

"His Big, Fat, Orange Behind s Getting Convicted!" Glenn Kirschner Goes Off on Trump! - Stephanie Miller Show

Oil spill in Tobago

Racism came home to roost at Florida Capitol. GOP shocked it's their bill's fault Opinion

EARLY morning swim, river, pond, creek, southern MD 2/11

for Callalily....your cane toad photos prompted me to get these portraits!

Rubio dismisses Trump's NATO comments: 'Zero concern'

Timothy Snyder: Putin's genocidal myth

NBC's Welker both-siding the Hur report

Trump says 'there's no way' Taylor Swift will endorse Biden (The Hill)

NATO Joins White House in Rejecting Trump's Remarks on Alliance

Does Biden need to feed Trump to the media on the age issue?

ANYONE ELSE SEEING THIS?? Trump & GOP's DEMOCRACY DEMOLITION Hannity actually airs hate crime

TCM today

Watched the big 3 Sunday Morning Talk Shows this morning

Biden's legal team went to Justice Dept. over what they viewed as unnecessary digs at his memory

An Illuminating Error in My Recent Terrifying Mauna Loa Post.

NY-03: Early voting ends Sunday in NY-03 with snowstorm possible on Election Day

Marco Rubio reacts to Trump threatening NATO country to 'pay up'

Wow, I just realized I've been here officially 20 years

Trump gets access to sealed documents on witness threats in Mar-a-Lago case

GOP official tells transgender people to defecate on public street corners

NY-03: Democrats move to avert embarrassing defeat in New York race for Santos's seat

Senate clears another procedural hurdle on foreign aid package in rare Sunday vote

Wife and I were talking about how we felt at this moment

Can someone please explain this to me?

The press, not just the rightwing press, is lionizing trump

Mojo Nixon: Donald Trump Can S*ck My D*ck (2019)

Why are we here?

Hate crime charges filed after Israeli flag torn down, Long Island man beaten NBC New York

NJ-SEN: Andy Kim gains momentum in New Jersey Senate race against Tammy Murphy

Thank you for the heart,... you secret donor.

Did Hur and GOP Collude -- CONSPIRE -- to smear President Biden?

27 Times Trump Can't Remember - Politico

PA-AD140: Candidates in Pa. 140th state House District ready for special election

I have never forgotten where I parked my car at a mall. Nope. Not me.

Why is Tucker Carlson Interviewing Vladimir Putin? Pod Save The World

Statement of General (RET.) Wesley K. Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

Not my kitten but what a cute overload!

The Vision Pro's scary side effect

Puppy Bowl XX is on. 🐶. Streaming and cable.

Stubb leads Finland's presidential election with 52.7% in early results

Trump told Republicans to vote against it. More than a dozen Republicans ignored Trump.

Now I have more hearts!

NY-03: New York Democrats are worried about Tuesday's special election. They have good reason to be

Young, middle class Pakistanis shock regime by voting for jailed former PM Imran Khan's party with inflation at 28%

Ozawa (1985), a documentary directed by Albert and David Maysles

This is how you do it:

Swift-Bowl Sunday

Presented without comment or prejudice

UK: Labour by-election candidate apologises for 'deeply offensive' Israel claims

Why do some people feel they need to declare they are not watching the Superbowl?

Must-see: Greatest Night of Pop on Netflix: Making of We Are The World

NY-03: New York special election kicks off national fight for the House majority

Indonesians Head to the Polls Amid a Slide Toward Autocracy

So, when we win in November, what shall we rename Pennsylvania?

Andreas is sick

TECHNO RAVE MIX - Bigroom Techno & Electro Festival Music 2023

NYT: He has a charming home, tomato garden, loves chocolate, gooseberry pie & naps

Berlin stages partial rerun of 2021 German federal election

The Los Angeles Skyline with the San Gabriel Mtns. as backdrop . . .

INDIA: PM Modi Sounds Lok Sabha Poll Bugle In Jhabua, Says 'BJP Alone Will Cross 370 Seats'

OMFG! You have to see/read this.

Apparently this is real:-

She is there.

Best banana bread recipe?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NATO, and the Constitution....

Which states could have abortion rights on the ballot in 2024?

Football ... I can't watch anymore

Egypt threatens to suspend Israel ties over invasion of Gaza's Rafah - report

Michael Popok and Judge Luttig

Head Of World Meteorological Organization Warns On Accelerating Pace Of Warming

TFG hints that the United States might not defend Taiwan if China attacks

Thank you for the heart!

Question about time

A little good juju needed here. I have a bunch of squares on a Trumpers Superbowl boards. A buddy that always

Hey, thanks everybody for all the hearts!

The Most Expensive House In America ($295 Million) Sits Inches Above Sea Level On A FL Sand Spit

If not mentioned here before, Biden started his meeting with Hur on Oct 8 several hours

Voters will cast ballots on new machines in Tennessee

Opinion: Right-wing judges flaunting their bias and conflicts threaten democracy

Top Senator issues update we've been waiting for - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump to axe Foreign Aid

I like how the Colorado Sec'y of State I believe, urged SCOTUS to please make a decision...

Faur: Pellas et Mlisande, Op. 80 - 4. Sicilienne

BBC: Trump says he would 'encourage' Russia to attack Nato allies who do not pay their bills

Thanks again for the hearts, DU. Awesome.

I fear for America

Shooting reported at pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston: Police

Superbowl Predictions?

Homer Simpson Calls The Coach's Hotline

I took the trouble to go through the entire Hur report so you don't have to (but it would be nice if you did)

Never Mind!! BOA Abandons Pledge To Stop Lending On Coal, Arctic Oil Development, Whatever It Promised In 2021

Right-wing judges flaunting their bias and conflicts threaten democracy

Superb Owl Sunday VIII

President Joe Biden on Donald Trump "Encouraging" Russia "To Do Whatever the Hell They Want"

Swiftboating is the perfect word for what to expect

This is so true...

What's for Dinner, Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024

There may be something to Taylor Swift's supposed ability to swing an election.

Defense Secretary Austin hospitalized with bladder issue, but 'retaining the functions' of office

Question for those who use youtube.

Those "He Gets Us" ads are funded by White Christian Nationalists

'Hackery by Mr. Hur': Rep. Schiff on special counsel's 'horribly inappropriate' report on Biden

Large gaggle sets down.

Gen Austin has been taken to the hospital

Near sun set, large gaggle set down, southern MD 2/11

John Cleese: Enjoy your Big Leather Egg Fight today!

General Discussion Forum Super Bowl Thread:

Judge orders Elon Musk to testify in SEC's Twitter probe

Many thanks for all the hearts!

Biden national security aide John Kirby gets expanded role

Trump's NATO Comments Could Backfire in Swing States

Andy Borowitz on Trump (2 comments from FB)

Rep. Sharice Davids- Fired Up!

The shooter at Joel Osteen church was female.

Found this Mid Century framed tile composition at Goodwill - it's a mystery.

Found this Mid Century framed tile composition at Goodwill - it's a mystery.

I have a new strategy with Carys and it seems to be working. And a new pic.

GOP Donors Shun McCarthy's Foes

The Great Freight-Train Heists of the 21st Century

Biden Moving Closer to Breach with Netanyahu

Well, Trump can't pull us out of NATO...I didn't know that till just now.

You know what I'm really looking forward to tomorrow

And They Say We Don't Have a Platform.

Donald Trump 'Did Nothing' on Music Modernization Act, Key Attorney Behind Legislation Says, Despite His Claim That He M

I recommend "Gaslit," an 8-episode Watergate dramatization - TAKEAWAYS WITH SPOILERS

American Carnage continues; this time a Church

Taylor Swift has arrived at the Super Bowl

The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) will be furious, as Trump has just made the USA an unreliable supplier.

My iPhone predicts the 49ers will win by 2 points.

Thank you for the heart and go Chiefs!

Jordan's King Abdullah Participates in Gaza Aid Airdrop

a #SuperbOwl posted on mastodon

I suffered through Carlson's interview with Putin

Biden campaign says he made the 'right choice' to skip Super Bowl interview

Great conversation between Joy Reid and Al Sharpton tonight

Emptywheel: Hur Complained About Biden Notes that Trump Almost Certainly Already Declassified

Lol... the tighty righties are having a hissy fit over Travis Kelce's outfit, and Bud Light is there for it!

My kiddo and I didn't make it home to our family Super Bowl watch party.

Donkey's reaction to toy might surprise you

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: DIRECTOR'S CUT PS5 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

The Jesus ad on Super Bowl 58.

Wow, I have hearts! Thank you!!

Peeps check in

Thank you all for my valentine hearts! You all made my (first) DU year!