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Kenya's Kelvin Kiptum: Marathon world record holder dies in road accident, age 24

Biden's mistake

Monday is last chance to register to vote in Georgia presidential primary

@TedCruz receiving his orders last night.

Mark Meadows: least trusted man in Washington

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The one in which Rep Clay Higgins threatens Judge Engoron

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Why does Donnie Two Scoops hate NATO?

First Time Watching SHIN GODZILLA 2016 Movie Reaction シン・ゴジラ

Kenya's Kelvin Kiptum: Marathon world record holder dies in road accident

OK I just barfed a little

Omg, effing Kennedy ad on superbowl!!

Political Blasphemy! OMG! The absolute nerve.

Kennedy commercial


For a light hearted version of the game watch it on Nickelodeon, fun. nt

NATO leader says Trump puts allies at risk by saying Russia can 'do whatever the hell they want'

On Monday, February 12, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue!

Xi & Putin Discuss Shifting World Order; China Sentences Australian to Death; Managing RMB - China Update

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World leaders who clashed with Trump brace for an awkward reunion

Lou Dobbs can play Softball.

GOP Senators Defy Trump on Advancing Foreign Aid

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about calls for Mitch McConnell to step down....

Another boring, tedious SB halftime show

My hope for next years half time

Tristan Snell interview (P2): how Trump's business incompetence broke the Trump U case wide open - Glenn Kirschner

Usher on roller skates! I liked his show. Yes, I know you didn't.

Couch Potatoes ad was funny...

Does Elise Stefanik have a serious psychological disorder?

Earlier today Andrew Weissman suggested Judge Cannon may get asked to recuse

Super Bowl Party of One

CORRUPT Judge Cannon Accidentally TRAPS HERSELF with Ruling - Meidas Touch

Why all the buzz about foozball today?

Archival footage of Tucker Carlson reveals what he really thinks about Putin - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

I'm barely attending to this game, so can someone who's actually watching it tell me

I'm trying to root against the 'niners

Israeli strikes hit Rafah after Biden warns Netanyahu to have 'credible' plan to protect civilians

White House: Trump's remarks that he would allow Russia to attack NATO allies was 'unhinged' - MSNBC Reports

Dr Umstick!!!

America's Creep--Trump has teenage cheerleaders performing for him:

Senate passes procedural hurdle for foreign aid package - MSNBC Reports

Democratic star issues good news for Democrats - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump never believed in NATO. The world just found out what that means

"AG Garland Had No Choice But To Release Hur's Political Report"

Matt Gaetz says he misses Kevin McCarthy after House GOP's humiliating week - Ayman - MSNBC

Just out of idle curiosity: I keep hearing about how Taylor Swift is the most

UPDATE: The Washington Post just changed their lead headline this morning.

Great Dane Was 100 Pounds Underweight

Conservative ex-PM Alexander Stubb elected Finland president

RFK Jr PAC runs a Super Bowl ad mimicking JFK.

Golden Retriever Brings His Mom's Clothes To The Backyard Every Single Day

Ex-Trump advisor gives stark warning: Donald Trump is unfit to be President again - The Weekend - MSNBC


What Happened When I Took This Shelter Cat Home

President Biden slams "Putin and his useful lackeys"

I just saw T.K.'s Angel again,

Trump says he'd let Russia do 'whatever the hell they want' to NATO countries that don't pay - The Weekend - MSNBC

I Love The Lounge..There are Wonderful, Uplifting Stories in the Lounge. These Stories Make Me ...HAPPY..!!!!!

MAGA Man Arrested For Threatening Biden And Harris - Raw News And Politics

Overtime Go Taylor's Boyfriend lol !!! n.t.

NEW: The Biden campaign is officially on TikTok now. They just posted their first video & it's President Biden answering

I hated to do it, but I canceled my NY Times subscription.

Le rappel des oiseaux

Israel says two hostages rescued from Gaza in special operation, 128 days after their capture

"Get to the choppa!"

House Republican U-turn: Senate foreign aid bill debate reveals GOP's truth - The Weekend - MSNBC


Taylor Swift's team wins!

Game is over!


So I have a feeling I'm diabetic


Ok, Taylor

Chalk another win up for the Deep State!

Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl for second year in a row

I want the Deep State/Illuminati to rig all Super Bowls from now on

Bernese Mountain Dog & her 3 puppies:

Let the right wing melt down begin (super bowl spoiler)

Nancy's Team Lost 🙁

Just like we drew it up.

Travis Kelce was asked in an interview before the game

Them Chiefs

11 Feb: Russians Panic! Ukrainian Reinforcements Arrived To Storm The Northern Flank. - Reporting from Ukraine


Judge Luttig REACTS to Trump Disqualification Case AND MORE - Meidas Touch

Eat shit, magats!

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Pres. Biden and VP Harris to Kansas City Chiefs: "See you at the White House"

Lloyd Austin hospitalized for a bladder issue; duties transferred to deputy defense secretary

'Extending that clock': Legal experts on Trump delay tactics ahead of election - The Weekend - MSNBC

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The Pentagon PsyOps is complete,

Fuck Face Threatened Taylor Swift Today

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President Biden's take on the Chiefs Super Bowl win...

So the Chief's will be heading back to the White House!

A question for NFL rules experts ...

And now a word from Dark Brandon...

I just got home from the Texas Democratic Women State Convention in Austin

Rep. Raskin says he expects efforts for Special Counsel Hur to testify before Congress - The Weekend - MSNBC

Taylor Swift Won The Super Bowl!!!!!

Very sad- Israel is bombing Rafah during Superbowl

Compilation--Funny kittehs:

I'm a ROMEO.

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Unvaccinated football players miss the whole season with an injury. Vaccinated football players win the Super Bowl.

Favorite Super Bowl commercials, pls. Mine was the Christopher Walken one...

"Mahomes's three-yard touchdown with three seconds remaining in overtime"

Updated w link Elton John - Mick Ronson Madman Across the Water

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I just have to say...

Why Ethiopia is Creating a New Country Next Door - PolyMatter

NY Governor Kathy Hochul reacts to congressional inaction on the southern border - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Quote of the Day (Biden)

Sorry, I would feed all you...

Congratulations Chiefs, and fans! Great season and win tonight!!

I was rooting for the 'niners

So CBS was going to have local news after the Sooper Bowl and then Colbert.

How would you reply to this person?

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Paul McCartney was at the Super Bowl and chatting with Taylor Swift

Top legal scholar: SCOTUS siding with Trump in 14th Amendment case could have a 'silver lining' - Velshi - MSNBC

Trump Makes Psychotic WWIII Threat For Nonpaying NATO Nations - Reflect

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A serious question

Israel Says Two Hostages Rescued During Overnight Mission in Rafah

Ron Filipkowski: This game has been very stressful for right-wingers.

WHERE was the coverage of the really important bowl, ie. PUPPY BOWL???

Displaced Palestinians fear Israeli assault on Rafah - Velshi - MSNBC

Cryptocurrency Companies Must Now Report Their Energy Use to the Government

Biden tells Netanyahu Rafah incursions should not go ahead without plan to ensure civilians' safety - NBC News

a fun one--"The Art of Crime"

G.O.P. Officials Stand by Trump

An Ex-Gun Industry Executive -- And Democrat -- Looks To Become Montana's Next Governor

Rep. Moulton: House GOP's 'chaos and total ineptitude' puts our national security at risk - Velshi - MSNBC

Nato chief says Trump remarks may put US and EU lives at risk


Andra Day performed a beautiful rendition of 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Matt Gaetz decided to skip the Super Bowl

"Mr. Trump would not even need to formally quit the alliance to render it pointless."

Corporations May Be Able to Get Away With Murder... - Thom Hartmann

TCM schedule Saturday, 2/17: 31 Days of Oscar Day 9 - Supporting Actor - Raging Bull, Sayonara, The Asphalt Jungle

Fed-up CNN host EXPOSES Trump VP hopeful using HER OWN WORDS in Must-See Takedown - Meidas Touch

I don't believe this aged well

They attack his age because they can't attack his record.They attack his age because they can't attack his record.

US Military Strikes More Missiles in Yemen

Democrats have 'incredible opportunities' to take back the House in November, says DCCC chair - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

China Artificial Intelligence Disaster - AI Microchip Sanctions are Damaging Chinese Economy - Joe Blogs

So GOP is going to pretend Dems never made a compromise bill on the border.

Insane anti-vax lunatic wastes $7 million on ridiculous Super Bowl ad...

Joy Reid shares inspiration behind new book 'Medgar and Myrlie' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Vivek at Mierdalago looking VPish

Potus: America invented the semiconductor. It's time to bring manufacturing - and the jobs that come with it

Fed Up DEMOCRATIC Star utterly TORCHES Texas Governor in must-see takedown - Meidas Touch

Stephen Colbert's Super Postgame Super Monologue Super Show - 2/11/2024

the world's No. 1 healthiest breakfast

The 49ers can still win the Superbowl if Mike Pence has the strength to do the right thing.

No NATO nation owes "dues"

I Wish I had found this sooner!

When the KC Chiefs visited the White House last spring, after winning Superbowl LVII...

Real Clear Politics

Misguided principles

Iraq says US troop drawdown talks will go on 'as long as nothing disturbs the peace of the talks'

Biden campaign debuts official TikTok account, but app is still banned on most government devices

A history lesson for Pooty

Buff-tailed Coronet (Colombia)

Republicans Blast Trump Over Threat to Abandon NATO Allies

Smelvis, the sick fuck Slobfather to appear in court in Fort Pierce for classified documents case hearing

The evolution of the trash icon...

The BBC gets it ...Trump 'encourages' Russia to attack non-paying Nato allies

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Sen. Rubio Scrambles to defend Trump's NATO comments--msnbc now

DNC files complaint over RFK Jr. super PAC's efforts to put him on state ballots

Suppose during The Battle for Britain . . . . .

Defense sectary Lloyd Austin

Wordle 968 Feb 12 ***Spoiler Thread***

Can America's "sleeping giant" shake up the election? Let's hope so

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Kick em Jenny, the submarine volcano in the Caribbean Sea

American Express, Visa, Mastercard move ahead with code to track gun store purchases in California

Former Trump, Bush officials urge Congress to reverse Biden's LNG pause

It is unbelievable just how much Bloomberg has actually legitimized trump.

Pluto TV - Couch Potato Farms

Asked about claims Biden is suffering from memory loss, Netanyahu says he's always found him 'clear and focused'

Chris Murphy pushes the one insult GOP senators don't want to hear

E*Trade Picklebabies ad

What did you all do for Super Bowl snacks.

On this day, February 12, 1919, Forrest Tucker was born.

Dark Brandon Scores.

I'm not a fan of the stupor bowel but...

RFK Jr. Apologies for Super Bowl Ad

Cop backs into marching band member then behaves as if the victim assaulted HIM

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Monday TOONs

MSNBC this morning is really pushing crap that donald trump would be more pragmatic to

Completely Batshit Things from a Trump Speech That Won't Get as Much Coverage as Biden's Age

Nikki Haley forgets 9/11 attack date moments after calling for presidential mental tests

You know what's crazy

Hamas, UNRWA both embedded in fabric of Gaza, org head admits

Oh you shouldn't have!

A Dutch court orders Netherlands to stop all exports of F-35 parts to Israel

The media making Donald Trump's threats personal

Valentine's Day cards for 2024 -by Tom Tomorro

The Rude Pundit: Completely Batshit Things from a Trump Speech That Won't Get as Much Coverage as Biden's Age

Travis Kelce's beard....

Biden trolls MAGA Republicans with Super Bowl tweet

Plant Bidens this spring!

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for March & April 2024

The Rundown: February 12, 2024

It's gonna be a great day it started with another heart!

Mike Pence still offers some slim hope in Las Vegas ...

trmp congratulates chiefs representing the great state of Kansas

RFK Jr. apologizes to family for Super Bowl ad

Travis Kelce's bump of Andy Reid

CNN --two stories: 1st says was to be about Trump extremeism.....then I clicked on the story......

Israeli Forces Rescue Two Hostages From Hamas Captivity in Gaza

After the hype, the 'Taylor Bowl' was still just the Super Bowl

Remember When I Posted They Let Them Get Away With It

Trump served notice the Supreme Court won't save him by granting him immunity

ExxonMobil Insists On Drilling Offshore In Center Of Zone Disputed By Guyana And Venezuela, Because What Could Go Wrong?

Aileen Cannon Meets With Donald Trump's Lawyers in Private

Comedy Central is running a countdown clock

Opinion My Mother, Vivian Silver, Is Gone. Who Carries Her Flag?

UK Private Water Companies, UK Regulators Met For Dinner At Private London Club To Discuss PR For Endless Sewage Dumping

Mystery ship capsizes in Trinidad and Tobago, triggering massive oil spill and national emergency

Are Americans really committed to democracy in the 2024 election?

Russian forces using Musk's Starlink in occupied areas, Ukraine says

New Michigan gun laws take effect this week

Who really believes that Trump told some European Leader that he would not defend them....

Egypt is threatening to void its decades-old peace treaty with Israel. What does that mean?

On This Day: Protest movement started due to women's word counting half of men's endures - Feb. 12, 1983

On This Day: Protest movement started due to women's word counting half of men's endures - Feb. 12, 1983

My girlfriend wanted to disgrace me in front of her friends.

Israeli airstrikes kill more than 100 in Rafah as international alarm mounts over anticipated ground offensive

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Australian red meat industry's net zero target based on land-clearing data that is 'not reliable'

NY-03: As storm threatens voter turnout, Suozzi (D) blasts Pilip (R) as 'George Santos 2.0' on last day of early voting

'Not my fault the truck don't surf': Man arrested after driving car into the ocean

A football question

Trump accuses Taylor Swift of being 'disloyal' if she endorses Biden

Inside tech billionaires' push to reshape San Francisco politics: 'a hostile takeover'

Inside tech billionaires' push to reshape San Francisco politics: 'a hostile takeover'

Joe Biden vs. Trump: Who has the most awards?

Yemen's Houthi rebels fire missiles at ship bound for Iran, their main supporter

Why Am I Treated So Bad

Over a Dozen Earthquakes Strike California in 25 Minutes

Ray Manzarek was born on this date.

Supine Republicans don't just dance to Trump's tune - they amplify his racism

Orange Goon launches new attacks against Haley, questions whereabouts of her Deployed Husband

Asked a guy at the gym this morning if he cried when Travis and Taylor kissed

Trump's incendiary NATO remarks send very real shudders through Europe

It's You. Lincoln Project

This has to piss off TSF and his MAGAt male incel cult members..

Just when you thought trump couldn't be creepier and more pathetic...........

US Defense Secretary Austin admitted to critical care, hospital says

What is Newsweek's demographic?

Exclusive: Cisco to cut thousands of jobs as it seeks to focus on high growth areas

I've been watching the SB for most years than most of you have been alive...

Who would have thought we would get the Super Bowl champions and a billionaire musician in the great cultural divorce?

Good morning everyone

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Taylor Swift and the sportsbowl....

US Senate forges ahead on Ukraine, Israel aid as 'Putin is watching'

Va. horse farm, once Robert Duvall's, on the market for $3.7 million

Trump arrives in federal court in Florida for closed hearing in his classified documents case

Uterine Cancer Was Easy to Treat. Now It's Killing More Women Than Ever.

Another malaprop I recently heard...

Surfer Decides To Foster A Dog After Big Surgery

A New Front: Ukraine's War on Russian Oil and the Power to Hurt

Picking Your Nose Can Cause Alzheimer's Disease? Hysteria Podcast

You raised $305.00 on February 11, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Group Focused on Child Care Sets $40 Million Effort to Help Democrats

Old age pondering

You raised $50.00 on February 11, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) in Flight

Saw this on Face Book.

Super Bowl recap - SpongeBob and the RW boycott seems to be over

I'm overwhelmed by the hearts I have received

Hillary trolls magats - congratulates taylor swifts boyfriend....

Brett Weinstein's Racist Mental Gymnastics Blow Tucker's Mind The Majority Report

Best friends, or maybe litter mates:

Message to stop illegal mining in Indigenous lands on display at Brazil's carnival

Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father

In a First, a Prosthetic Limb Can Sense Temperature Like a Living Hand

2nd tweet--snow leopard:

Steve Shives on Taylor Swift and the NFL, breaking it all down

I am so appreciative and humbled by all my hearts.

Owl: "Did I say stop?"

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

npr: Violent crime is dropping fast in the U.S. -- even if Americans don't believe it

"FLASH SALE on a dozen roses! Union members enjoy this exclusive 35% offer on a dozen roses from Teleflora. Ends 2/13."

Dog persuades newly adopted dog to play with him:

👺The Qanon Momster Roseanne Barr castigates her son for not being a believer in her Qanon madness

Thank you for my heart.

So Trump Nationalizes ALL National Guards

I missed the Budweiser Clydesdale ad yesterday, but here it is full of "awwww!"

'Anti-CPAC' summit planned with prominent GOP Trump critics

Nicholas Grossman: The Real Reason for All the Biden Age Talk

The Border Convoy Was a Green Light for Political Violence

Family Guy - H.A.R.M. initiative promoted by Tom Selleck

Woman killed after she opened fire in Joel Osteen's megachurch; boy with her shot, hospitalized

Happy Darwin Day, everybody!

Swiftposium: Inside a world-first Taylor Swift academic summit

It is time to release the whole un-redacted Muller Report. A.G. Garland why the delay?

A valentine from the world of Tomorrow!

After Police Kill Unarmed Black People, Black Americans Lose Sleep, Study Finds

The hearts I received really made my day!

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 12, 2024)

Trump's 'Disloyal' Warning to Taylor Swift Makes No Sense

Challenge for the day: Write a title for this romance

RFK Jr. apologizes for Super Bowl ad

Thank you, thank you for all the hearts

A heart? For me? Thank you!

Jay Kuo: Did Trump Just Admit Intent to Commit Treason?

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Police Find Ancient Teenager's Body, Preserved in Irish Bog for 2,500 Years

Rep. @RonnyJacksonTX--is a serious threat to the U.S and to our well-being..

tiedrich: "Republicans are a bunch of gutless fucking cowards. the GOP goes silent on Trump's NATO betrayal"

A woman entered a Houston megachurch with a child and began shooting. Here's what we know

Judge says DA in Trump election case could be 'disqualified,' misconduct hearing 'must' occur

Pic Of The Moment: Lawless Insurrectionist Facing 91 Felony Charges Tells Russia They Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want

Why Trump Fears Taylor Swift

Great Lakes average ice cover drops to 6%, one of lowest levels ever recorded

I canceled my subscription to the NY Times and told them why.

The Mystery of the Anasazi: A Maximum Security Ancient Ruin

Travis Kelce and teenaged girls' reactions

Happy Lincoln's Birthday to every American:

I know Trump's Lawyers have until today to

Biden touts economy at counties' legislative conference

No way should

Thank you for the hearts DU

Rogue GOP Prosecutor Commits Major Violation to help Trump - Meidas Touch

Fed Up Jack Smith Corners Judge Cannon - Meidas Touch

Getcha moto runnin'...

'Trump has degraded over time': Trump book author on former president

From "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" to "Mexico will pay for the wall" and "Mr. Putin, attack NATO"

Fulton county's systems were hacked. Already weary officials are tight-lipped - The Guardian


On this day, February 12, 2004, the city of San Francisco began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

"No sane American President": Cheney blasts Trump over NATO comments

Chief Witness Against Gaetz Is Cooperating With House Ethics Investigation

Overnight bombing in Rafa kills 67, most-likely innocent people.

Are the winners of the superbowl tradionally invited to the White House?

So there are reports that Biden, in private meetings, has repeatedly referred to a county's leader as an asshole

Old? OLD?? I'll tell y'all what's old!

NASDAQ crosses 16,000 for the fist time

And then there was today ...

This Pa. activist is the source of false and flawed election claims gaining traction across the country

What do you call a horse that moves around a lot?

'Existential Catastrophe' May Loom as No Proof AI Is Controllable--Expert (Newsweek)

A new heart. Thank you DU.

Whatever became of the Gov. Sanders "lectern-gate" scandal?

A big thank you to those giving me hearts. I have a few left, but will be on jury duty starting

Guy Is So Nervous To Meet His Girlfriend's Horse

Security guard shoots man during armed robbery at Chinatown Walgreens

I served in 2 Front Line Divisions in Europe during the 70s and 80s.

Israel to act on soldier misconduct after BBC investigation

Two things

Bob Edwards, radio host who built NPR's 'Morning Edition,' dies at 76

General (Ret.) Wesley Clark interview on CNN: Donald Trump's statements are "treasonous"

This Pa. activist is the source of false and flawed election claims gaining traction across the country

From Russia with Love: Trump Justice

Read on eBay today that AI is now used to screen for policy violations

National Hurricane Center experimenting with new cone this season. Here's what we know

New Documents Reveal How Trump Lawyers Sought 'Chaos' to Force SCOTUS, or Whoever Else, to Anoint Trump

Darwin Day!

Meidas Touch: ROGUE GOP Prosecutor Commits MAJOR VIOLATION to help Trump

This is not protected free speech, people.

This Year's Graveyard of Olympia Legislature Bills

Looking for your glasses - cartoon

How Chile Restored Democracy 35 Years Ago (and its Lessons for Today)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 12, 2024

I see Fox news and republicans are OUTRAGED by Travis Kelce--

How Ukraine is Destroying Russia's Black Sea Fleet

Thanks for the hearts. I'm probably going to be in the hospital for awhile.

North Dakota Senate ad

Will We Have A Government Shutdown On March 8th

Maybe people don't realize tfg is pretty much the same age as Biden is tfg is so immature.

I just have to say...

Cartoons 2/12/2024

Today's Tiedrich rant: Republicans are a bunch of gutless fucking cowards

Other names for Trump

Thank you, kind souls , for the hearts!

Republican Michigan lawmaker Josh Shriver loses staff and committee assignment after online racist post

So there was Garett Haake with Chris Jansing discussing

Listen live: Motions hearing on effort to disqualify Fani Willis

Mother in Rafah Desperate to Escape as Israel Prepares Ground Invasion

GOP Officials, Once Critical, Stand by Trump After NATO Comments

I don't know anything about football or the teams, so I rooted for Kansas because I like Taylor Swift's politics.

Timeline of the Israeli raid in Gaza that rescued two hostages and killed dozens of Palestinians

Here's a new hot take: The Biden campaign is doing TOO MUCH too keep Biden's age in the news, apparently

Ex-prosecutor: Court may "politely recuse" Judge Cannon after Jack Smith calls out "clear error"

I'm considering buying stock

Noura Erakat: Israel's Looming Invasion of Rafah is the "Worst-Case Scenario"

GOP Advisor Scott Jennings On Trump Mocking Haley's Deployed Husband: 'He's An Asshole'

Help the homeless, by purchasing Girl Scout cookies from Troop 6000

They better not replace Biden.

Missouri MAGA Gubernatorial Candidate Says Democrats Want 1-Year-Olds To Get Abortions

Opinion: Trump does the impossible. He sinks even lower

"Our Children Deserve To Live": Mother in Rafah Desperate to Escape as Israel Prepares Ground Invasion

The Hater

Crime of the Century - Supertramp. It feels like this describes the Republican party right now

Bishop Barber & Economist Michael Zweig on Poor and Low-Wage Voters in 2024 Election

Until churches post anti-assault rifle memes on their front yards,

Judd Legum: Media creates Biden "fitness" crisis

Matt Gaetz Says He's Not Watching Super Bowl Because of 'Black National Anthem' Performance

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? I would put together my bookshelf I bought in December.

Palestinian Supporter Shoots Up US Church

'He Gets Us' Super Bowl Ads Spark Jokes Over Freaky Feet Fascination

Victor Shi: Holy cow. In 12 hours, the Biden campaign's first TikTok video received 4.7 MILLION views & more than 468,00

Top Virginia Senate Democrats deal setback to legislation to relocate Washington Capitals, Wizards

An interesting post from a comment on a WP article on immigration:

Maj. Michael Haley Hits Back At Donald Trump's Insult With Scathing Animal Fact

This BS with Gaetz not watching the SB because of "black" national anthem

Two fired FirstEnergy executives indicted in $60 million Ohio bribery scheme, fail to surrender

Congress has blocked TFG from removing the US from NATO

Rhapsody In Blue

Trump threatens NATO, says he's willing to 'encourage' Russia

Question--I spent the day at the bank as I had 7500. taken out out of my account. A moble phone was used for the

Just opened a small can of "Diced Green Chilies" and noticed that it said "Prov 3:6" on the label, in very.....

Wyoming Bill Could Take Trans Kids From Parents

Janis Joplin, backed up by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, "One Night Stand"

Tuberville appears willing to give Putin the benefit of the doubt

General (Ret.) Wesley Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, HAMMERS Trump's NATO Comments

Right wing talking points from The New York Times?

DU at this time of year lifts my spirits

GOP's Jim Jordan finds yet another investigation to investigate

The Emotion on President Biden's Face

Gun-waving Mark McCloskey says black national anthem means blacks shouldn't have US benefits & rights including voting

Mike Luckovich-Another amusing GOP attack on President Biden's memory

Lakewood Church shooting: AR-15 had 'Palestine' sticker, antisemitic writings recovered, police say

Will Bunch: 'But His Memory' and the slow train wreck of American democracy

As Trump targets her husband, Haley asks, 'Where are the Republicans?'

Re: Biden's memory

Vintage jewelry

Yeah, ok, another "How Times Have Changed" post...

Masters of the Air on Apple+ is wonderful

Republican Michigan lawmaker loses staff and committee assignment after online racist post

Found on FB

Super Bowl ad meme

Food trucks and stands are set to make a killing in California

Isn't TFG facing a deadline today to ask for a stay from SCOTUS?

US says it's taken possession of Boeing 747 Iran illegally sold to Venezuelan firm

Top Democrat raises questions over key witness in the GOP impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden

If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot

Coming here because I don't know where to go.

i have my apartment window open before it gets too cold again. lovely pre spring day.

How do I do this?

How Trump urging Russia to invade 'delinquent' NATO members distorts how the alliance works

Georgia's Black churches unite for voter engagement campaign

Trump wants daughter in law as RNC co-chair.

You know what happens when someone doesn't pay their bills?

The Billionaire Bully Who Wants to Turn Texas Into a Christian Theocracy

President Biden can joke about himself.

Senators demand Mark Zuckerberg produce docs on Instagram's warning screens for illegal content

Trump asks Supreme Court to delay presidential immunity ruling in 2020 election case

A clever jab at DjT from Haley:

NEW: Winter weather advisories issued for northern Fauquier, Loudoun, northern Montgomery,

Soho theatre apologises after comedian 'abused Jewish audience member'

The Minstrel Of the Dawn - Gordon Lightfoot

A judge has blocked enforcement of an Ohio law limiting kids' use of social media during litigation

Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather seeks Supreme Court intervention

Lillies of the valley

My Maneki-Neko

Marlee Matlin slams CBS after network failed to show ASL performers at Super Bowl

"Biden is OLD, also we guess Trump opened a portal and caused the extradimensional Xen to invade, big deal. BIDEN OLD!"

The Daily B***h*: "Most people think I'm a bitchy asshole. I mean, I AM,

Trump Makes THREAT OF WAR Against Democratic Allies Using VLADIMIR PUTIN'S MURDEROUS TROOPS!!!

Senate Republican (Vance) argues Ukraine funding could lead to Trump impeachment

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 13 February 2024

The New American Judaism

'The voice we woke up to': Bob Edwards, longtime 'Morning Edition' host, dies at 76

Governor changes course, says he has a 'Nebraska way' to provide additional food for kids

US Senate forges ahead on 'enormously high stakes' Ukraine, Israel aid

January 12th, February 12th, and December 12th.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 12, 2024

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Trump Filed His Appeal

Russian oligarch's seized yacht Amadea costs $7 million a year to maintain, US says

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Baby Donkeys are so under appreciated.

If you're on tiktok, give Mr. President some love!!!

French security experts identify Moscow-based disinformation network

Geidner: A Fifth Circuit immigration order lays bare a conservative divide on the appeals court

UK Labour withdraws support for Rochdale candidate after Israel-Gaza remarks

My thank you gift for the HEARTS.

Spain's PP leader shocks party by backing conditional pardon for Carles Puigdemont

I'm still luxuriating in the guacamole that I made yesterday.

Gun rights group appeals Illinois assault weapon ban to Supreme Court

What Honda And GM's New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Partnership Means For The EV Industry

Israel's West Bank settler population grew nearly 3%. Supporters say Gaza war could give new push

Rochdale by-election: a crappy result whatever happens. 3 awful people are the favourites.

Front seat ride on Mystic Timber rollercoaster

BTRTN: Preview of New York's 3rd Congressional District Special Election

A UN agency said it had no idea a Hamas nerve center was directly below its Gaza HQ

BTRTN: Preview of New York's 3rd Congressional District Special Election

Hezbollah official wounded in Israeli strike on Lebanon: security source

Texas Legislature reluctant to dismiss GOP ties to PAC that condones white supremacy

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1 dead, 5 injured in subway shooting, Bronx NY

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash drivers to strike on Valentine's Day for fair pay

Runaway Selection - are we near the tipping point?

Rescue Cat Refuses to Eat Dinner Unless It Comes with a Side Salad

Norm Eisen: Robert Hur's flawed judgment in his report about Biden

Fatal shooting erupts inside Bronx subway station: police sources

Can we get a do-over? 49ers players say they weren't aware of new overtime rules

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Krugman: Why I Am Now Deeply Worried for America

Trump Lawyers' Planned To Make Jan. 6 Last For Days On End

Day 43 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 50. Dead: 103. Wounded: 142.

Post and video with caption "With usual #russian efficiency?"

Breaking: Traitor appeals immunity ruling to SCOTUS.

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With Argentina's help, U.S. seizes Boeing 747 used by Iran's military

Trump asks Supreme Court to block 'immunity' ruling

Eating cars

Some thoughts on the 2024 presidential campaign and turning the tables on TSF

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What if Putin, Medvedev, and United Russia (the political party both are in) never went into power?

Lift Every Voice and Sing (Manhattan Harmony Four)

Russia Uses Zircon Hypersonic Missile in Ukraine for First Time, Researchers Say

North Carolina voter ID trial rescheduled again for spring in federal court

Trump does the impossible: He sinks even lower ...(article at link below) opinion by Dean Obeidallah

It's not my fault that Arthur and Sian beat them to my lap!

Trump complains about 'overpaid' lawyers and sets limits on what they can charge: report

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Tucker Carlson exposed Putin's true war motive

If he were innocent, and wasn't worried about conviction, he wouldn't need immunity.

Squirrel tries to bark like a dog

Will Supreme Court do an enormous favor for trump and grant his request to stay/pause his DC trial? - Glenn Kirschner

It's Not Biden's Fault It's Yours

Gotta check out a calcified fibroid

Saw a guy in Walmart wearing a shirt that said, "Just a dad trying to keep his kids from growing up liberal"

Donald Trump asks Supreme Court to block presidential immunity ruling - Deadline - MSNBC

House Republicans seek testimony as well as transcripts from Biden special counsel: Sources

Melting Waltz - Abel Korzeniowski - Penny Dreadful

Biden says US is working on new hostage deal that would pause fighting in Gaza for 6 weeks

France proposes Hezbollah withdrawal, border talks for Israel-Lebanon truce

NATO, pay your bills! Because Trump thinks he is the US NATO Landlord in-Chief!

'Stunning breach of national security': Trump, Jack Smith battle in court - Deadline - MSNBC

Taylor Swift Is a Threat to the Right--and So Is Travis Kelce

Biden touts hostage talks that could yield 6-week cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

Post-Roe v. Wade, more patients rely on early prenatal testing as states toughen abortion laws

Will SCOTUS hear trump's immunity case?