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2020 'Lawyers for Trump' volunteer deemed competent to stand trial on Jan. 6 charges

Arizona Republicans challenge Biden's designation of a national monument near the Grand Canyon

Laurence Tribe: There is no 'good reason for' the Supreme Court to review Trump's immunity case - MSNBC Reports

Reclaiming Territory, Texas Edition

The Daily Show: Nine years ago today, President Obama used a selfie stick, the worst scandal in presidential history.

George Conway FTW over traitor tot Tucker praising Moscow as better than any US city

Steve Schmidt Reacts To trump's Dangerous NATO Comments -The Warning

Ex-Illinois senator William "Sam" McCann's fraud trial delayed again as he drops plan to represent himself

Kentucky attorney general files lawsuit alleging Kroger pharmacies contributed to the opioid crisis

Wyoming Bill Could Take Trans Kids From Parents

Not mine, darn it!

Trump can be convicted and jailed in 2024: Trump's impeachment lawyer shreds immunity lie - The Beat - MSNBC

Nearly half of the world's migratory species are in decline, UN report says

What was the best concert (or two) you've ever been to and one that you wished you had been to?

Georgia judge rules evidence exists to possibly disqualify DA Fani Willis in Trump election case

Former Puerto Rico mayor caught on film in bribery case faces 5 years in prison

Mexico says it seized over 40 tons of meth from a drug lab in Sonora state

Polish state TV host decries past anti-LGBT output


Former GOP Voters CUT AND RUN From Trump in MASS EXODUS

House GOP Wants Biden Interview with Special Counsel

'Nothing Has Changed': Another Witness Tells GOP She Saw No Corruption By Joe Biden

Trump Mulls Daughter-In-Law as RNC Co-Chair

Tucker Carlson Says Moscow is Better Than Any US City

I'm so sick of being ghosted by women on dating sites!

Trump's latest WEAK ATTEMPT to DELAY DELAY DELAY - Talking Feds

He walks, he talks, he slithers on his belly like a reptile . . .

Megyn Kelly gets roasted after complaining about inclusion of Black national anthem at Super Bowl

Alice In Chains - Nutshell - MTV Unplugged


Republicans who ousted Kevin McCarthy complain "very wealthy folks" are pulling their donations

*George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Grof for Paul Whiteman Band) NOW

Gots a ton of hearts, who would like some?

John Fuselgang on Joy Reid tonight.

US Senate chair wants airline, credit card CEOs to testify on fees

Curb Your Enthusiasm gave out a real working phone number,

Rand Paul: "Open the champagne, pop the cork! The Senate Democrat and Republican leader are...taking your money to Kyiv."

House Republicans are 'obsessed' with attacking LGBTQ+ people, says Democratic lawmakers

Trump & Traitor Friends Latest Attack On Democracy Exposed

Trump & Traitor Friends Latest Attack On Democracy Exposed - Thom Hartmann

Why can't we know who likes individual posts?

Trump's 'Foolish and counterproductive' comments on NATO embolden Putin: Fmr. Adm. Stavridis - Deadline - MSNBC

Johnson Says House Won't Take Up Foreign Aid Bill

'A middle finger to military families': Vets sound off on Trump mocking Nikki Haley's husband - Deadline - MSNBC

Dennis Hopper Has Been Reincarnated and Has Gone to Work for the Government.

Going on Fox to bash the Democratic president is not something normal Democratic candidates do:

Feeling betrayed, Trump wants a second administration stocked with loyalists

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show tonight at 11:00 on Comedy Central.

Pro-Palestinian protesters force closure of Museum of Modern Art

More critical than artillery shells, small arms ammo, AA and AT gear... Ukraine is running out of SOLDIERS.

Special Election To Replace George Santos Happens Tuesday

NY-03: What To Expect In The Race To Replace George Santos

"Gaetz Eight" facing retaliation: report

Geez, Psaki just delivered a torpedo agaisnt the vax-denier, by using JFK's own words about the tyranny

SCOTUS under scrutiny: Voting laws, criminal justice and civil rights on the line - The Beat - MSNBC

Republicans who ousted Kevin McCarthy complain "very wealthy folks" are pulling their donations

"Treasonous": Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Blasts Trump's NATO Remarks

"Unusual and irresponsible": Expert says Judge Cannon seems to be "willfully aiding" Trump strategy

Many thanks for the heart generous DUer!

Scary hot day

What class do you dislike the most in JrHigh or Senior High. Mine was Chemistry. I could not for the life of me master

GOP State Rep. Josh Schriver loses staff, committee post after sharing racist conspiracy

Lara Trump. Donald Trump's demand for her to be co-chair.

Do you feel like we're about to witness a downfall worse than any previously seen?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Naive rube or partisan: Trump prosecutor's Biden ageism debunked by Obama AG Eric Holder - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump whines to SCOTUS he can't talk to voters if he's stuck in a criminal courtroom

Grateful for new hearts DU!

'Baby killer': Vandals target Jewish Dallas City Council member's home

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OLD 'news' Marni Nixon

Why doesn't anyone ever mention the fact that Trump is *out on bail*?

Seth Meyers - Trump Stuns World with Threat to Encourage Russia to Attack NATO Allies: A Closer Look

Let's talk about Egypt withdrawing from a peace treaty with Israel...

Naughty, sassy parrot hilariously creates chaos among the glasses while mocking human:

'Catastrophic': FMR. U.S. Ambassador to Russia on Trump's NATO threat - MSNBC Reports

Another naughty, sassy parrot:

*Amb McFaul on Rachel show NOW.

Rachel just scared the hell out of me.

Trump endorses triumvirate of loyalists to take over RNC

NY-03: Impending snowstorm could affect Long Island special election for ex-Rep. George Santos' seat

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Are Living Their BEST LIVES

House members wrap-up congressional visit to Ukraine - Morning Joe - MSNBC

NY-03: Mazi Pilip (R), Tom Suozzi (D) make final pitches in House race for George Santos' seat

Ugh!! Rachel just said that trump will be attending the Fani Willis hearing.

According to the Maddow show, the GA RICO case could be made to disappear unless Willis takes a leave of absence

It is my opinion that Donald Trump's statement: "Russia can do what it wants." the mistake that will ruin him.

Will Wildcard 11th District Decide the Winner? Jack Smith vs. Judge Loose Cannon? - Thom Hartmann

I really can't understand how that slovenly, lumbering, mob-bossish MOTHERFUCKER get away with what he gets away with?

Little girl teaches cat how to use a treadmill

Thank you all so much for the ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

New York redistricting panel to vote on new congressional map proposal Thursday

Someone please explain to me how boinking a subordinate invalids an investigation

NY-AD77: Few Bronxites have cast early ballots for 77th Assembly District special election

Could Taylor Swift really swing the 2024 presidential election? (Guardian analysis)

The Taylor Effect: Super Bowl 2024 Was the Most-Watched Telecast of All Time, Reaching 123.4 Million Viewers

Email notices of DU inbox messages?

Blotto - I Wanna be a Lifeguard

Trump endorses NC's Whatley for RNC chair, Lara Trump for co-chair

Some companion doggy situations

MO-01: Cori Bush trailing Democratic primary challenger by 22 points

I am tired of all of it aka Trump, the trials, and how he is still in the media 24/7. I need him to go away.

Anybody watching the California Senate debate?

NY-03: Race to replace Santos tests messages both parties could use this fall

The first quarter of the Super Bowl was the best for me.

landslide by California cliffside home. Owner says "the house is fine"

Two more hearts ❤️ ❤️ I am loving 🥰 this.

"Psychobilly" singer Mojo Nixon dies of "cardiac event" on Outlaw Country Cruise

Do self-driving cars have a right to self defense?

'Life After Power' looks at post-presidency life - Morning Joe - MSNBC


Barbra Streisand comments on politics

Golden won't stop licking his human's bald head:

Perfect game:

No brand names - self service IRS preparation

Swan catching a wave:

Bonus Quote of the Day

Is there a place to get Honda 2010 CRV key battery

Laurence O'Donnell's show on MSNBC tonight is wonderful

The most laughable tidbit today on Motherfucker

Biden warns Netanyahu against Rafah operation - CBS News

'Happy to report that our next film, Leonardo da Vinci, will air on PBS Nov. 18 and 19th,

Gen. Petraeus: Trump's NATO comments 'concerning' (CNN)

Democrat Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle drunken "do you know who I am" bar episode under investigation... video

Bob Moore, founder and face of Bob's Red Mill, dies at 94

'There will be no Gaza': Palestinian policy expert slams U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza - The ReidOut - MSNBC

What antlers are really for:

I am surprised there are hearts sent to me as I didn't think anyone cared

Golden puppy enjoying a salad:

MSNBC just showed NYTimes and the BS journalism

Just going to throw this out there.......

Nancy Pelosi Brutally Shades Trump Without Even Using His Name

About TRAITOR**'s "sir" stories: fairly obvious, I know, but I suddenly

Jon Stewart's mocking Biden's age

Dis my brother:

'Old man that could trigger World War III': Trump invites Russia to attack NATO allies - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Does anyone here ever have the opportunity to speak to major people in our news media?

Hey, pal!

Raccoon refuses Monday:

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Elton John - Nikita

Why am I so irresistible? - not me, the cheese puff things and stuff.

Biden clearly answered, 'pointed out flaws' in questions: Biden attorney reacts to Hur report - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

This guy is a quack.

Jackal messing with a lion:

Kitten chooses a comfy bed for his nap:

Thank you so much Anonymous DUer!

Can someone name a Conservative value?

How Jimmy Carter helped avert a nuclear disaster near Ottawa in 1952

Sweet friendship:

A Tale of Two Cases - Talking Feds Podcast

We Were Completely Wrong About Why Bugs Are Attracted To Lights (Youtube - Anton Petrov)

Look! A snowflake! Close the schools!

U.S. allies fear a faithless America under Trump in thrall to Putin - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Thany you all for all the hearts I got while I took a break . I needed it , Valentines hearts and my dad's death the end

Anyone else

Attacks on Willis raise debate on how best to preserve Georgia case against Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

What a ham!

J.D. Vance's sloppy effort to turn MAGA world against Ukraine funding

Baby Fossa (top predator in Madagascar):

Thank you for the hearts!

A rare yellow king penguin in a colony of 120,000 on a South Georgia island.This uniquely colored penguin, displays

CONFUSED TRUMP Accuses Taylor Swift of PERSONAL DISLOYALTY After Taking Credit for Her Success!!!

Trump Will Abandon NATO - Anne Applebaum

Trump scrambles to buy time with immunity appeal to Supreme Court - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Any thoughts on Jon Stewart?

Speaker Johnson rejects Israel, Ukraine aid package ahead of Senate vote

New York redistricting: Commissioners eye bipartisan deal on House lines

NY-03: Forecast worsens on eve of New York special election

123 million people watched the Super Bowl. It was the most-watched broadcast in US history.

RFK Jr. apologizes to family for Super Bowl ad

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden on his worst day is better than Trump on his best day - The Last Word - MSNBC

AI is fueling a data center boom. It must be stopped. - Disconnect blog

NY-03: Race To Succeed George Santos Tests Both Parties' Immigration Messages

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Outrage over claims Davos ski shop won't rent equipment to jews (sic)

Bush Sr vs Bush Jr

who needs a heart

Michigan House disciplines lawmaker (R) over his tweets on racist theory

Ice Spice Inspires Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory At Super Bowl

France uncovers a vast Russian disinformation campaign in Europe

Meet the Woman Who Helped Pay for That R.F.K. Super Bowl Ad

3 Dana Point (California) homes teeter close to the edge after landslide (WATCH)

3 Dana Point (California) homes teeter close to the edge after landslide (WATCH)

MO-01: A Left-vs.-Left House Battle, Funded by a Split Over Israel

Group Focused on Child Care Sets $40 Million Effort to Help Democrats

New legislation would redefine fetuses as Kansas children

'A slap in the face': Va. House GOP forced to reject own member's anti-abortion bill

NM: Bill to establish a 7-day wait for gun sales headed to Gov. Lujan Grisham

Madonna - Live to Tell

Lawsuit seeks to overturn abortion regulations including Michigan's 24-hour waiting period

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Tackles The Biden-Trump Rematch That Nobody Wants

WI: Republicans demand Supreme Court ignore consultants' report in redistricting case

Texas conservatives test how far they can extend abortion and gender-transition restrictions beyond state lines

Round two: Garvey, Lee, Porter and Schiff clash at Senate debate

Roy Orbison - California Blue

This is who paid for the RFK Super Bowl Ad

PA: Should Dems Be Concerned As GOP Continues Voter Registration Gains?

Candidates in Pa. 140th state House District ready for special election

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PA-HD140: MAGA label dogs candidate (R) for key state House seat in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania activist is source of false and flawed election claims drawing national attention

PA-HD140: Pennsylvania Democrats' State House Majority Hinges On Electing Jim Prokopiak

My first watching of these 2

Transgender activists stage die-ins at Florida driver's license offices

Pennsylvania's 2024 primary election will feature contests for attorney general and Congress

'Get out of jail free card': Trump files 'Hail Mary' request to block presidential immunity - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

So not only was the closed hearing questionable

NY-03: Tom Suozzi (D) ahead of Mazi Pilip (R) by just 1 point in poll on NY election eve

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi launches re-election bid

PA-HD140: This Pennsylvania Special Election Is a 2024 Litmus Test

UK: Labour withdrew support for Rochdale by-election candidate Azhar Ali after 'new information' emerged

MS: Jackson mayor intends to run for re-election

Peter Krill Jr. gets prison term for U.S. Capitol riot offense

'Remarkably consistent but not very successful': Fmr. Manhattan DA reacts to Trump's immunity appeal - Inside w/Jen Psaki

President Joe Biden WILL be effectively NOMINATED on March 5th,

I'm having fun with my NYT introductory priced subscription

NY-26: Special election for Brian Higgins' (D) congressional seat will be April 30

With ballot boxes for troops in Gaza, Israel readies for local elections in wartime

Trump plans to attend Georgia hearing on misconduct allegations against prosecutors

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Lashes Out at Taylor Swift, Chiefs Win the Super Bowl & Joe Biden Trolls Conspiracists

Bill to prevent Virginia from extraditing women, doctors over abortion passes Senate

State lawmaker warns of Ohio-like abortion battle in OK where people would have to vote twice

Bryce Vine - La La Land [Official Audio] 💙🩵🩷

ActBlue: "In Virginia, Democrats ran on abortion rights [in 2023] -- and donors responded"

Jon Stewart on why he's going back to "The Daily Show" anchor desk - CBS Mornings

WV: Candidates for governor support current near ban on abortion, disfavor direct vote by citizens

As Missouri abortion advocates gather signatures for legalization, lawmakers mull their options

PA-HD140: Democrats seek to strengthen majority in Pennsylvania House as voters cast ballots

Colorado heavy hitters back ballot measure to cut and cap property taxes permanently

Arkansans form group against abortion amendment ballot proposal

OR: Politically Thorny $150 Million Bond to Fix Columbia Levees Will Appear on May Ballot

CA: Berkeley's tenant union rights, golden duplex rent control proposed for November ballot

Australia to ban doxxing after pro-Palestinian activists publish information about hundreds of Jews

Washington Democrat claims ballot measure would 'devastate' basic education

North Dakota June ballot will have at most 1 initiated ballot measure; 2 other efforts push for November

CA: Oakland group aims to get rid of ranked-choice voting

MAGA Plotting Attacks At The Border - Raw News And Politics

Kentucky lawmakers discuss proposal stopping noncitizens from voting, heads to House


Georgia Senators Propose Sports Betting Ballot Question for Voters

Hezbollah Goes to the Theater

Spokane homeowners could see increase in taxes if levies in special election pass

New report says most American Jews feel less safe in US after Israel-Hamas war

Australia to ban doxxing after pro-Palestinian activists publish information about hundreds of Jews

FBI investigating violent threats sent to Hillel leaders at Brown and Rhode Island School of Design

Fed-up MSNBC host EXPOSES TRUMP using HIS OWN WORDS in Must-See Takedown - Meidas Touch

Speaker Emerita Pelosi on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

Neo-Nazis Swarm Home of New England Governor

WI: Republican lawmakers fuel speculation with possible vote on new redistricting bill

Bank of Russia warns of surge in crypto-linked financial scams

Voters could be asked to change Baltimore's redistricting process on ballots this fall, but some proposed amendments con

Florida officials, legislators fight speeding up redistricting case

FL: Voting rights' advocates make noise at State Capitol in Tallahassee

Wisconsin Democrats inch closer to overturning Republican-drawn legislative maps

Fragments of Eiffel Tower adorn Paris 2024 Olympic medals

Is Trump's Racist Conspiracy that 'Barack Obama Secretly Runs America' Proof of His Mental Decline? - Thom Hartmann

Trump's mass deportation agenda: 'It's not the border... it's mean-spirited white nationalist thread' - The 11th Hour MSNBC

'Here we are talking about a circus': Trump trials dominate talk of 2024 race - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Jennifer Rubin - Hur's political hatchet job. Garland's blunder. Media complicity.

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp sets the stage to aid Texas governor's border standoff with Biden

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/12/2024

Arizona Republicans Challenge Biden's Designation of a National Monument Near the Grand Canyon

Senator Van Hollen: ''Kids in Gaza are now dying from the deliberate withholding of food. That is a war crime.''

Federal judge tosses PhRMA lawsuit challenging Medicare drug negotiations

pro trump MAGA Zachery Bryan (Home Improvement actor) arrested again

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Oliver!

Sparkling Violetear

Pete Buttigieg on 'Tell Me More' with Kelly Corrigan

Uncovering the illegal jaguar trade in Bolivia with Emi Kondo Mongabay Sessions

A chinese app has taken over my google function and

Colombian journalist Mardonio Meja Mendoza shot dead at home

Amazon Deforestation Is Falling Under Brazil's New President -- but Is It Too Late?

The mysterious origins of Peru's oldest indigenous people

Biden forms task force to avoid mishandling of classified documents during presidential transitions

Flight attendants join hands to picket outside 30 airports for better pay

Five Dazzling New Species Of Eyelash Vipers Discovered In Colombia And Ecuador

Department of Education takes steps to speed up college financial aid awards after bumpy FAFSA rollout

Wordle 969 Feb 13 ***Spoiler Thread***

Tuesday TOONS

Food for thought

Chile's Sacrifice Zones: Coal Plants Have Polluted Mejillones for Decades

On this day, February 13, 1942, Peter Tork of the Monkees was born.

Seth Meyers - Nikki Haley Claims Biden Will Not Be the Democratic Nominee in 30 Days - Monologue 2/12/2024

Lawmaker wants to keep out-of-state entities from buying single-family homes in Nebraska

Bolsonaro coup probe weakens Brazil's right-wing opposition

With age priorities change conversation at work last night.

Vicious cat attack caught on video!

Vicious cat attack caught on video!

On this day, February 13, 1945, the Allies begin firebombing Dresden.

On this day, February 13, 2017, Kim Jong-un's brother, Kim Jong-nam, was assassinated with the nerve agent VX.

Senate passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package amid GOP divide

Painting of my sweetheart for St. Valentine's Day

A painting of my cat Lizzie...

Kamala Harris was active in the recent conspiracy

Senate passes $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after rare all-night session

Judge Cannon's Latest MISTAKE is a GIFT to Jack Smith - Meidas Touch

This is an example of why the NYT is awful

Washington Promotes Opposition Candidate Setting the Stage for Delegitimizing the Venezuelan Presidential Election

Can My ISP Monitor My Internet Connection?

Parkland school librarian makes her space the safest after shooting

Tesla worker killed in fiery crash may be first 'Full Self-Driving' fatality

Roads, farming threaten Ecuador 'lost city' complex

GOP's McClintock says his vote won't change against Mayorkas impeachment

Absolutely brilliant Lincoln Project anti-tRump video!

Al Jazeera journalists targeted by drone in northern Rafah

Life on Mars could have thrived near active volcanoes and an ancient mile-deep lake

Stock market today: US futures slide ahead of key CPI inflation reading

New York DUers - how will this lousy weather affect

Rep. Elise Stefanik to file ethics complaint against New York attorney general over Trump case

Mike Johnson's contradiction(s)

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 2/4-2/10/2024

The Rundown: February 13, 2024

Speaker Johnson says he won't take up the Senate's foreign aid only bill

Immigrant-Bashing GOPer in Santos Seat Race Once Sang Very Different Tune


Labor News & Commentary February 8, 2024 judges order Starbucks to reinstate unlawfully-dismissed, pro-union employees

Senate passes aid package for Ukraine and Israel, but its future is uncertain in the House

Jon Stewart should stand aside and let someone younger run the show

The strange and unpredictable impacts of AI

Prices rose more than expected in January as inflation won't go away

I have given all my hearts away, so now I want to thank all those who gave me one.

You raised $220.00 on February 12, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

For Jung, architecture was a tool to represent the psyche

France to impose sanctions on 28 violent Israeli settlers in West Bank

Thanks for my heart

Orange fat boy can't remember saying he has a great memory- Morning Joe

Watergate Hearings for insomnia

Too many on the Left want to appear to be righteous & noble, fighting with Marquess of Queensberry rules

South Africa makes urgent request to ICJ on Israel's Rafah offensive

i read ya, loud & clear

Hey Nikki you never complained when Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather

Nikki Haley:

Nikki Haley says Trump is 'not qualified' to be president because of his 'disrespect for the military'

if i were joe, i'd have merrick garland on the carpet yesterday.

"Trump is not an option -- they are done with him": Are "persuadable" Republicans the new #NeverTrump

NY-3 Special Election today, and we have a blizzard.

Award winning Penn state chem professor put on leave after arrest for public lewdness

Democrats Propose Discharge Petition to Get Past Mike Johnson

Hobby Lobby-funded Jesus Super Bowl ads can't hide the hate that fuels the Christian right

On this day, February 13, 1892, Supreme Court justice Robert H. Jackson was born.

Breakthrough in predicting chaotic outcomes in three-body systems

Kicking The Gong Around

Five minutes and again one minute ago, 2 DU-ers gave me a heart!

Couple lost home after deputies took thousands during raid, lawsuit says. They won $1M

At Ghana Event, Fowler Museum Returns Items Taken From Asante Kingdom

Winter storm in South-Central PA

A real treasure - George Harrison's final TV appearance (hosted by John Fugelsang)

Washington Post: CDC to ease Covid-19 isolation guidance

John Lennon Live in Madison Square Garden, 1972

'Emasculated' Lindsey Graham shredded by critics for latest stunt

I've started seeing posts on Twitter from people who loved the Apple Vision Pro initially but will be returning it.

$111.4 Million to Advance the Careers...and Underserved Californians

A mild disagreement.....

Stewart was fine & one night a week works better, but I feel that his show The Problem was

Republicans are manipulators and I will tell you why I see it that way

Big Tech disrupted disruption -Cory Doctorow

The MAGA Soft Boycott Failed

Treasury Secretary visiting Pittsburgh Tuesday to discuss health care, small businesses

Kennedy will pull more votes away from Trump than Biden.

Twofer: The Right Wing's Program to Solve Childhood Obesity/6 Corp.Supremacists -By Jim Hightower

NY-03: MSNBC reporting good turnout in Nassau this morning despite the weather.

if you want a meterorite, collect fossils, or crystals, poke me. ooh, an egg, a cube in a cube.

Dueling Headlines

The toughest guy in my gym.

How Sean Hannity helped build the GOP's collapsing Hunter Biden impeachment case

Rick Reacts: donald Loses His Mind Over Immigration Ad

Oh really! Now I'm practically blushing. Thank you for your star!

Turbo Tax e-file this year...An FYI about the process...

Donald Trump won't attend Atlanta court hearing on efforts to disqualify DA Fani Willis

I can't thank you enough for my new star!

I think this is a silly question, and I feel silly for even asking, but are there . . . .

A quote from Aldous Huxley:

Media Matters: Sean Hannity doesn't understand how Trump's documents case is different from Biden's. We're here to help

Repurposed for 2024 "but her emails" meme...

And The Idiots Marched On...

Gotta love Pere Ubu

Elon and Ron Johnson oppose aid to Ukraine...

We may not know the winner of NY-3 tonight...

Germany Will Spend 16 Billion Dollars on Gas Power Plants to Replace Nuclear and Reduce Coal Reliance.

2 more 💕 hearts flew in overnight!

My final vaccine

Blue Eyed Elephant Is So Brave & Sweet

Ha, an Internet quiz many years ago said I would die at 67.

Thank you again for all of the hearts

Zaha Hadid Architects unveils hydrogen refuelling stations for Italian marinas

Democrats retain majority in the Pennsylvania House with a 102-100 partisan divide

Abused by Teenagers, Puppy Lost Her Tongue, But Finds Happiness

Watching the live remotes about the B L I Z Z A R D in the Northeast


Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 13, 2024)

I'm not that David Wasserman fella but I reckon this favors the party that banked their vote

Ron Johnson, "Putin will not lose. He's not gonna lose."

Happy Mardi Gras. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

JINO (judge in name only) I lean cannon.

Cat attacking human caught on video!

Open letter to European NATO citizens

i had a dream, not his .

Here is what I wrote on my FB timeline for all to see about NATO.

Supreme Court Seeks Special Counsel's Response to Trump Bid for Trial Delay

Self deleted, duplicate post

It is obvious to many of us that Putin controls more than a few Republicans

President Joe Biden on Senate passage of the national security supplemental:

Snow Pic from Northern NJ

Cannot get credit card option up for onetime star member payment.

2024 Primary Election Calendar and Donation Links (will be updated frequently)

Supreme Court asks Jack Smith to respond to Trump's immunity filing by next Tuesday

Senate Just Passed Ukraine Aid Over Hysterical Screams From Elon Musk And All Putin's MAGA Boys

Had to see what the angst was all about on social media. I think Jon did a great job and it's good to have him back.

Been looking for members with no or few hearts. I have some to give.

9000th post. Thanks for the MANY hearts ❤️❤️ and hooray for sharp as a tack 💡📌📚💡seniors!

I finally found the name of the woman who took care of me as a baby.

Once again the media screams misleading headlines


Keith Olberman on Jon Stewart

Nine hearts that beat as one. 😊 Thank you 😊

The media's circular logic and destructive obsession with Biden's age

Supreme Court gives Smith one week to respond to Trump on immunity

Why the hell can't I find scallions in my supermarket? It's been this way for at least 2 weeks!

Oh Wow! Two hearts within a minute! That must be a record.

Volkswagen's new Pea Bug

"I Need Six to Eight Pardons": Sidney Powell's Secret Scheme to "Find" Trump's Votes

Yikes, (NYC) a shooting had happened a little while earlier at my old subway station as we passed the station by...

Now I have ten hearts 🥰 Color me happy.

I'm a little dyslexic

Hawaii Supreme Court Bucks SCOTUS Gun Rulings, Pees On Antonin Scalia's Grave For Good Measure

On this day, February 13, 1919, Tennessee Ernie Ford was born.

Blue-Eyed Baby Elephant Is So Brave And Sweet

Zillow is without a doubt the most user unfriendly site I've ever visited!!

Florida Supreme Court declines to speed up redistricting case

Florida Supreme Court declines to speed up redistricting case

"But they're both so old" (new meme)

Thank you, heart givers!!!

Many thanks for the hearts, they are greatly appreciated. n/t

Krugman in the NYT today

On This Day: First steps to reuniting East and West Germany, and setting U.S. vs. Soviet troop levels - Feb. 13, 1990

Who were the "reporters" on Jon Stewart? The hosts of the other days of the week?

Thanks for the hearts!

Jen Sorensen cartoon: More years to fear


For those who missed Lawrence O'Donnell last night

GOP's Star Witness in Hunter Biden Probe Has Ties to Russian Oligarch

Tennessee Ernie Ford was born on this date.

'Morning Joe' Demolishes 'Unpatriotic' MAGA Republicans For 'Trashing America'

Peter Gabriel has a birthday today.

The Far Right Is Spreading Misinformation Claiming the Lakewood Church Shooter Was Trans

😃🇺🇸🇮🇹🍕🍝🍨🍷🗓️❗️ Your favorite Italian food?

Interesting: Mark Hamill unearths some prescient & on target 2020 tweets from Taylor Swift to Trump

What Tucker Carlson didn't realize was people in Europe do not take him seriously.

The irony buried in Trump's protection racket approach to NATO.

Another H Street loss: Sticky Fingers Diner is closing, citing crime

Тяцмp Lying Meme

Pink Floyd: More footage from Pompeii interviews

In case anyone forgot the ratfucking

Cartoons 2/13/2024

Maga Mike Johnson-AKA Trump-Putin puppet or Putin's puppet's puppet.

You've got to be taught to hate and fear

11 tax measures on Snohomish County's special election ballot

age? how about life expectancy: biden vs. donnie

Voters will remember GOP's reversal on border deal

Born February 13, 1932, Barbara Shelley, English actress

Delete. wrong forum. Sorry.

The one upside to our recent bad news

Confused alpaca:

This picture is kind of a gut punch. Re: Type 1 diabetes. Trigger warning: Needles.

Today's Tiedrich rant: Democrats, wake the fuck up and learn how to fight

NY-03 prediction for George Santos' old seat:

Send Old, senile, rotting, rancid Orange Pumpkin Head your St. Valentine greetings

Trader Joe's Shutters Unionizing NYC Wine Store In The Middle Of The Night

Morning Joe used Jon Stewart's jokes to start a discussion

Waymo arson in San Francisco sparks new debate on self-driving cars

Lion cub startles his dad:

How The Richest Democracy in the World Abandons Americans

Snow has stopped in NYC. Only some light slush...

Ron Johnson Says Dumb Thing Before Casting Pro-Putin Vote

What's inside the Senate's $95 billion bill to aid Ukraine and Israel and counter China

House GOP will try again to impeach Mayorkas after failing once. But outcome is still uncertain

So I saw Rod Stewart this weekend....

2nd tweet--Note to self: A playful tiger is still a tiger--

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 13, 2024

"Students will participate and listen to a book written by an African American."

Schumer rejects Speaker Johnson's call to add border reform to Ukraine bill

Pat my fat belleh!

GOP Rep. Shockingly Claims Her White Father 'Was a Slave'

Harry Litman: GA Judge sets up DECISIVE HEARING in Trump RICO case

Could Indonesia Return to Military Rule? Allan Nairn on the "Massacre General" Running for President

Save Social Security: call Congress &/or sign petition to object to House Budget Committee's new "fiscal commission"

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Cobb says Cannon has 'no intention' of letting Trump documents case go to trial before election

Principal with drag queen side gig resigns under pressure from Oklahoma schools official

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2nd tweet--The birth of a dolphin:

Reported on MSNBC that the 7 year old child of Genesse Moreno was shot by security

Moscow MiG fighter factory ablaze, social media report

So, WHO FOUND the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page texts

Morning Joe: Extreme House Republicans are the most un-patriotic I have seen in a long, long time

Very low Election Day turnout reported for NY-3

Lara Trump as chair or co-chair of the RNC

NYTimes: Which Is Worse: Biden's Age or Trump Handing NATO to Putin?

TFG is threatening The Lincoln Project due to new ad

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cat plays chase with a one-week-old pony:

Ted Cruz BURIED In Devastating New Ad

Bombs, Disease, Starvation: Canadian Doctor Describes the Desperate Situation Inside Gaza

So who will write the book

Andy Reid Reveals What Travis Kelce *Actually* Yelled During That Super Bowl Shove

Sign Petition: Foxes and Racoon Dogs Skinned Alive on Fur Farms in China

The problem(s) with Trump's latest radical promises to the NRA

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Trump to attend New York hush money case hearing Thursday

Climate Scientist Defeats Deniers, Hopes to Empower Others to Speak Out on Global Crisis in Media

Golden retriever puppy tries sparkling water for the first time:

Ro Khanna: This is not the time for vague generalities about doing more to protect civilian life.

What WAS breakfast?

M$NBComcast just played that mad woman MTG's interpretation

It's the 2024 Election Season. Where's the Climate Story?

Thank you, Hakeem Jeffries, for your strong defense of democracy:

Joe just spanked traitor's ass over his NATO bs!

Joe has my vote. But I want to mention something that might help set aside the ageist criticism.

Eagle parents changing shifts:

Never mind:

Take it Easy

Missouri Republican Sen. Sandy Crawford (R-Buffalo), said she opposes exceptions for rape and incest because "God does

Senate Passes Aid Bill, MAGA Mike Won't Bring It To A Vote

Will the Supreme Court rule that a President has "limited" immunity?

Fanni Willis/Nathan Wade, Peter Strzok/Lisa Page

The Monster Is Younger - Luckovich Cartoon

President Biden just forcefully demanded Speaker Johnson bring the Foreign Aid package to the House floor

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I cannot get my 'Subs' yellow light to remain off. Anyone know why?

Ranking Member Himes statement on MAGA stonewalling of national security priorities: "Speaker Johnson, I was with you in

Mike Luckovich-On the other hand, the other monster is a little younger...

'A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this' bill: far-right GOP lawmaker

Rainy southern MD 2/13 morning, but then . . .

Poll: Roughly half of U.S. Jews changing behavior because of antisemitism

Romney EVISCERATES GOP Colleagues, Issues HARROWING Warning For America In MUST-SEE Senate Speech

LAT: Half of Republicans say California isn't really American

Can one ban someone from entering a private mall based on political views?

Really - Why Are The Repugs In Congress So Afraid Of Tr**p?...

Mayor Johnson to end ShotSpotter deal after summer, making good on key campaign promise

What foods as a kid did you love , but now can't stand to see, smell, even look at, let alone eat. Mine is bologna-jumbo

Extending our Mastodon social media trial (BBC)

For gimmunee crickets sakes!

Michael Steele just said numbnut talking about GOOPers and called Trump an idiot savant [tongue in cheek]

President Biden just slammed Donald Trump's request for Russia to invade our NATO allies

Biden on Trump's NATO approach: Dumb, dangerous and un-American

'Happy' Fat Tuesday!

Israeli minister blocking flour Bibi promised Biden would be allowed into Gaza

Biden on Trump's NATO approach: Dumb, dangerous and un-American

'We have to get this done': A top House Republican pushes for Ukraine aid, stat

On this day, February 13, 2010, Dale Hawkins died.

"if your position is being cheered by Vladimir Putin, it's time to reconsider your position"--Mitt Romney

Pennsylvania brothers charged with assaulting law enforcement during Jan. 6 riots

Suozzi versus Mazi, you make the call

so sunday when y'all were fixing wings and running to the liquor store, i was

Trump expected to attend hearing Thursday in Manhattan DA's hush money case

GOP-led Wisconsin Senate passes Democratic governor's legislative maps

Brandi Carlile - "Madman Across the Water" live on the Howard Stern Show

Inside San Onofre Nuclear Power Fuel Pool and Spent Fuel Storage

Jessica Valenti: The GOP's Next Target? Prenatal Tests

Biden accuses Trump of bowing to Putin by encouraging Russia to invade NATO allies that don't meet their obligations

Happy 80th Birthday to Stockard Channing!!!

Biden slams Trump's NATO remarks as 'Dumb, shameful, dangerous and un-American & praises the Senate's Ukraine aid vote

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red eyed tree frog on an amazingly beautiful, muted heliconia....

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A company tracked visits to 600 Planned Parenthood locations for anti-abortion ads, senator says

Man arrested in Jackie Robinson statue theft, Kansas police say

Tesla worker killed in fiery crash may be first 'Full Self-Driving' fatality

Pres. Biden: "The whole world heard it. The worst thing is he means it."


Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home

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Powerful nor'easter pelts region with snow, making it New York City's snowiest day in 2 years

Fast and delicious veggie stew with garlic smoked sausage...

Teamsters Local 916 Files ULP Charges Against Illinois Department of Transportation

Home now from Psyche visit, was kinda a big breakthrough.

Travis Kelce's Debut as a Film Producer Is Also the First Movie Financed by Joe Biden's Green Energy Tax Credits

Percentage of Americans expecting improved financial situation highest in almost 4 years: Survey

Labor News & Commentary February 9, 2024 the majority of VW Chattanooga employees sign union authorization cards

Gray Wolves Kiss and Play in the Snow

U.S. Defense Secretary Austin expected to leave hospital Tuesday -Pentagon

Name a character from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google

I'm not trying to destroy art, says man planning to do just that if Assange dies in jail

How Vince McMahon built an empire on fakery and taught Donald Trump to control a crowd

Guy Traveling In His Van Found The Tiniest Travel Buddy

Bourbon Chicken

Number of US Farms Falls and Size Increases, Census Shows

The Daily B***h*: "I know everything happens for a reason, but WHAT THE HELL!!!"

trump's Hold On The GQP- It's Tuesday Baby!

Anyone here had the tail of your pancreas removed? How did it go?

Has Nicole Wallace been replaced?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 13, 2024

Polls close in NY-3 at 9 PM....if that isn't too "negative" a report

Lee Asher: We went to get two and came home with six!

Metal. I don't generally break it down into sub-genres. Just a quick handful I'm in the mood to hear

Ahhh, Shrove Tuesday. Sun is shining. I annoyed a trumper. Snow melting.

Jennifer Rubin: Biden delivers tough love, takes historic step: Conditioning aid to Israel

Has your mail service improved?

GOP-led Wisconsin Legislature passes Democratic governor's legislative maps

I'll be attending a presentation tomorrow by some faculty from The New College in Florida

Today in Michigan the Right to Work

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Wrongly detained?

Robert Reich: Children in Gaza: Why aren't we stopping the deaths?

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Pakistan election: Imran Khan's rivals PML-N and PPP reach deal to form government

Biden needs to hold more campaign rallies, photo ops, trips abroad with world leaders, etc.

Nigerian leaders mourn prominent banker killed with 5 other people in Southern California helicopter crash

The verdict in Trump's civil fraud case might be coming on Friday

Trae Crowder (Liberal Redneck) on MAGA loving Russia

Russian Asset Ron Johnson Praises Putin, Says He Won't Lose

Trump Fraud Trial Ruling expected Friday

As an autistic person, bright and loud ads everywhere drive me crazy.

Fake Michigan Certificate of Votes mailed to U.S. Senate after 2020 presidential vote, official says

Who Paid for Tucker's Trip to Russia?

GA Hearing: Only Anti-Trans Proponents Allowed To Speak; Those Against Raise Hands

Went to a Subway sub shop a little while ago. First time I've been inside one in about 6 years.

Southern MD sunset 2/13

Reversing Private Equity's Looting of Hospitals

Tom Nichols: Trump's Contempt for Military Service

Special counsel Robert Hur could testify in coming weeks on Biden documents probe as talks with House continue

Ari Melber is a little fired-up on the "Biden is old" media slant.

Keep an eye on you furry pets.

IRS sues FDIC over Silicon Valley Bank's $1.4 billion tax debt

"I'm not trying to destroy art, says man planning to do just that if Assange dies in jail"

I finally found the perfect Valentines card for my wife...

The GOP Putin Cult

Sen. Ron Johnson in Russia - July 4th, 2018

A company tracked visits to 600 Planned Parenthood locations for anti-abortion ads, senator says

First he lied about what Sciutto said in his question, Jim corrected him. Then his very first sentence about the bill wa

One true fact re: Hearts

Do I hope Jon Stewart in the future does not do both sides stuff

A Tax Question: Why Did I Get a Refund and an Underpayment Penalty?

Meet John-Michael Lander -- a former Olympic diving contender and sexual abuse survivor.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue 💘

Tennessee GOP could change law to prevent Democrat's simultaneous bids for Senate and statehouse

Stepanie miller show: Tag Teaming. Are Trump and Garland luring biden into a trap?

OK About Jon Stewart

Rick Beato on the Super Bowl half-time show.

Occasionally you hear how on top of everything Biden is in meetings

Among useless television moments are those when . . . .

Against power

ShotSpotter: Chicago to stop using controversial gunshot detection technology this year

I didn't love the Jon Stewart episode

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Miracle plant in Ancient Greece Rediscovered after 2,000 years

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Has anyone had a sitz marker test?

Schumer rejects Speaker Johnson's call to add border reform to Ukraine bill

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