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Thank all of you who gave me hearts for valentines.

Trump makes BOZO ARGUMENT in LAST-DITCH attempt to STAY AFLOAT - Talking Feds

Republicans Continue to Push Lie that the Lakewood Church Shooter was Trans.

2024 Voting Guide (meme)

Another era ends on a high note. Congratulations to Jenny Cavnar

Molly Jong-Fast: Welcome to the Anxiety Election

Meanwhile, in the House...

Rocky Kanaka

When I was learning to read in First Grade, I was confounded and perplexed by

Leader Jeffries Joins CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper On The Foreign Aid Bill And Border Security

I must really be looking old and wrecked tonight.

What People Get Wrong About Wayne LaPierre's Time at the NRA

Mayorkas Impeached.

TAG TEAMING?! Are trump & Garland Luring Biden into a Trap?- Stephanie

GOP-led House impeaches Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas -- by one vote -- over border management

"Trump is not an option--they are done with him": Are "persuadable" Republicans the new #NeverTrump?

The House impeaches Secy. Mayorkas

President Biden: Trump's NATO comments were 'dangerous and shocking' - MSNBC Reports

Washington Post-House GOP impeaches Mayorkas by a single vote

Why is "National security " mutual exclusive from the Ukraine security.

Statement of President Joe Biden on House GOP's Baseless Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas

The Case For Expanding The Supreme Court

Peter Frampton - [Putting My] Heart On The Line

DHS spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg on House vote to impeach Mayorkas

Admiring my hearts, thank you very much

TFG: "I don't recall." 1,000 times during depositions

A possible response for Trump attacking Nikki Haley's husband....

Israel plans to move Rafah civilians to 15 tent cities along the coast - report

How Abraham Lincoln evolved on immigration - Morning Joe - MSNBC

AI Is Starting to Threaten White-Collar Jobs. Few Industries Are Immune.

LuvLoogie's heartfelt musical appreciation thread (Feb 14 update)

Supreme Court gives Jack Smith deadline to respond to Trump immunity case - Deadline - MSNBC

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing - At the Super Bowl. Yea or Nay?

How did I not know this?!. 😂

Bogus Impeachment question

Rep. Goldman: 'The extreme MAGA right views bi-partisanship as a four letter word' - Deadline - MSNBC

Speaking of hearts...

GOP-led House impeaches Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas - CNN

Hakeem Jeffries-All Options are on the table

As long as Nicole Wallace has been brought up, here's a recent article about her show.

How come all the RWNJs are so convinced they know Gods will

Something different at the Farmer's Market today!

Thanks for the heart ❤️ sweet anonymous donor!

Republican Congressman Posts Photo of Migrant Caravan From Trump Presidency and Tries to Blame Biden

I'm processing what happened here tonight.

"Exceptionally weak": Experts say Trump filing effectively asks SCOTUS to "sanction future Jan. 6's"

So what GOBer cowards decided to change the vote to impeach Mayorkas!

House to try again on surveillance program reauthorization

Thanks for the ❤️, Sweeties!

Russia puts the leader of NATO member Estonia on a wanted list over the removal of Soviet-era monuments

Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh Will Likely Not Back Trump's Immunity Arguments -- Legal Expert

A good link for info

Jack Smith's Explosive Filing Shatters Trump's Mar-a-Lago Narrative

BREAKING: Homeland Security Sec. responds to his impeachment by GOP-led House vote - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Nor'easter storm pounds Northeast; NYC hit with most snow in 2 years: Live updates

Most people who need it can still get free or almost free Paxlovid,

I love looking for news

Inflation cooled last month, but some price hikes continue to cause pain

Supreme Court picks up the pace, tells Jack Smith to respond in 7 days to Trump's request for stay - Glenn Kirschner

A Canton man's plane crashed into trees in Livingston County. He climbed down unscathed

Ok I havent heard a peep

Trump Is Losing It by JAMELLE BOUIE

Merrick Garland's ex-law professor blasts him over Republican special counsel's Biden report

Thank you for the hearts, dear DUers

Florida man arrested for defacing Pride intersection painted to honor Pulse nightclub victims

Brown Eyed Women

Spin a tune for America's current crop of GOP

Video shows Houston-area deputies repeatedly shooting a woman in her friend's apartment

Iconic desert creature found shot near field sparks search for poacher, officials say

Donald Trump 'would throw our allies to Putin': Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia - Deadline - MSNBC

Mazi Pilips election night party isn't in NY-03....

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the hearts

Donald Trump to attend New York hush-money hearing, as first criminal trial nears - Deadline - MSNBC


Man calls 911 during his arrest to complain about officers, affidavit says

Lara Trump announces that if she's elected RNC co-chair, "every single penny" will be spent toward Trump

PA Democrats hold state House seat and chamber majority

NOT HAPPY to hear big talk about importance of NY-03,

What if........Joe Biden wins the election in November.

Iran jails Mahsa Amini uncle for over five years: rights groups

Will Marjorie Taylor Greene be the impeachment manager?

A Tennessee House panel advances a bill that would criminalize helping minors get abortions

Is the Media capable of saying the impeachment is Bullshit,

Judge sets up DECISIVE HEARING in Trump RICO case - Talking Feds

People 'parachuting off' downtown LA graffiti-covered skyscraper... watch

AP: Democrats retain majority in the Pennsylvania House with a 102-100 partisan divide

Suozzi up by 30 points... STOP THE COUNT! STOP THE STEAL!

NY-3 Special results: 52% reported

As security aid bill clears the Senate, will the House GOP kill it?

Just another thing I have to get used to

I have (really) seen enough. Tom Suozzi has won NY 03

NY 3rd Congressional District

Tulips in waiting

People 'parachuting off' downtown LA graffiti-covered skyscraper... watch

Trump explainer: What you need to know this week about the trials of Donald Trump - MSNBC Reports

Trump Brags About Allowing Children To Be Murdered - Raw News And Politics

I almost feel like Biden should go on Twitter all the time

BREAKING: Democrats take Pennsylvania State House 140th District Special Election; restore State House majority

dear duers , due to circumstances beyond my control , there will be no toy train vids this easter.

Looking good in NY03

Early Adopters of Microsoft's AI Bot Wonder if It's Worth the Money (WSJ)

Seth Meyers - New Report Claims Biden Increasingly Frustrated with Prime Minister Netanyahu - Monologue 2/13/2024

Thanks for all the hearts!

Democrats Hold Control of the Pennsylvania House

Mendacious Douche Nozzle Rep. Chuck Edwards tweets image of Trump migrants and attributes to Pres. Biden.

Saving the news media means moving beyond the benevolence of billionaires

DC pundits fact-checked on age 'double standard' and the Trump 'trap': Melber report - The Beat - MSNBC

The Jam - Going Underground

TY For The Hearts. February is a tough month for me.

Jon Stewart uses 'Daily Show' return to roast Biden, Trump & the 2024 election - The Beat - MSNBC

I can not reply to any posts


Calling it in the 3rd

Democrat Tom Suozzi wins New York race to succeed George Santos in Congress

Want to see something cool out of Oklahoma?

but they're both so old.

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Takes on Trump & Haley Supporters

Hassin Bin Sober calls NY 3 for Souzzi

Suozzi wins? This is bad news for Joe Biden!

Decision Desk HQ projects Tom Suozzi wins the special election for New York's 3rd congressional district.

A Question For People Who Still Believe In Polls

Keeping the streak alive in NY-03...

Seems like an interesting dynamic between Lawrence O'Donnell and Steve Kornaki re NY 03.


Trump's bombshell move pays off? Supreme Court responds to his request to hold 'immunity' smackdown - The ReidOut MSNBC

Cody Wood, Commerce cop, repeatedly charged innocent drivers with DUI. "I just feel you're on something"

What these beautiful results in NY show me

Thank you for the hearts

Tweet of the Day

My heart goes to the hearts of those who gave me hearts -- and to the rest of you!

MAGA Takes It On The Chin Again

free republic reaction to NY outcome "One after the other since 2018. This is getting old. Something needs to change. "

Looks like I was wrong in NY-3

NBC calls it for OUR SIDE

Tom Suozzi might not be the hero NY03 deserves but he's the hero it needs.

Dolly Parton wishes a happy 5th birthday to her god dog, Billy The Kid

Pilip conceded!


NY-03: Thank God I was wrong.

Mainstream Democrats win elections in purple states and districts

So what will the pollsters excuses be this time?

Can we now give Chief Flapping Arms a beer and call him a cab. Its OVER Steve

Putin is cashing in on his 'enormous' investment in Trump, says Chris Hayes - All In - MSNBC

MSNBC needs to fire that pos Kornacki

SUOZZI Speaking!

Everytime I open my mail more❤️

Democratic super PACs deluged her (Pilip) with ads attacking her as anti-abortion.

Last Week in CrazyLand

Tom Suozzi, for the WIN! I guess the voter turnout was not so low after all!

Mike Johnson, you fucking weasel, your job just got harder with the NY3 vote

So, as we get older.

Seth Meyers: New Report Claims Biden Increasingly Frustrated with Prime Minister Netanyahu

Tom Suozzi, either get on board or get out of the way. Take the

NY special election Latest results from 2m ago 73% OF VOTES IN

Simon Rosenberg: Rs are running scared now

'Trump is losing it': New scrutiny on Trump's 'gibberish' at campaign rallies - All In - MSNBC

I like to think some Ukraine supporters helped us win in NY tonight

Thank you for my hearts.

Just feelin the love❤️

Has McCarthy seat been filled?


CNN reporter talked to people who had been Trump voters but are unhappy enough with House GOP they voted for Suozzi

The final polls gave Suozzi a narrow lead -- 3-4% -- over Pilip. But, the Democrat won by more than 8%.


Souzzi is kicking ass in his thank you speech. He's thanking every ethnic group of voters...

So as public service to the DU community

How Congress Could Bypass Republican Opposition to Funding Ukraine (a discharge petition)

I'm nearly convinced that the GOPs only way out of a thrashing this year is to completely abandon MAGA


A company tracked visits to 600 Planned Parenthood locations for anti-abortion ads, senator says

Trump faces his LEGAL WEEK FROM HELL - Talking Feds

Military Medals and a Famous Last Name: How a Con Man Made Off With Millions in Texas

I was just thinking how nice it will be to wake up the day after the election in November,

New York City - Trump's town- Wuh happened Donnie?

LOL! Dark Brandon has been so inspiring...

MO-GOV: MAGA Candidate Says He's Worried About Babies Who Might Get an Abortion

New York City schools went online instead of calling a snow day. It didn't go well

Hey Dems, Stop The Pearl-Clutching and give Mango Mussolini ALL the rope

Whatever Smelvis touches dies, Today we may have seen the end of the GOP of Ike and Reagan

Was a good night for us!

NY-16: Bowman threatens lawsuit over accusation he took money from Hamas

Tennessee advances bill to ban people from helping minors obtain abortion

Mazi Pilip has conceded in NY-3

WOW! Democrats DO IT AGAIN with MASSIVE Election WIN in NY! - Meidas Touch

Tom Suozzi Wins NY Special Election -- Speech at NY Campaign Headquarters

California Dem misses close Mayorkas impeachment vote due to COVID-19

Maybe it was just that a woman of color with a thick accent

Thank you for my heart! nt

AND NOW...we reset the clock and start all over again.

Long Live The Republic!

Tech giants pledge to fight deepfakes ahead of elections

Ex-Detroit police chief James Craig drops Republican bid for open U.S. Senate seat in Michigan

Wisconsin GOP undoes legislative gerrymander after court pressure

She beat the NYT pitchbot

AZ-SEN: Senate GOP campaign arm endorses Kari Lake

Suozzi won the suburbs

Harris on the campaign trail

NJ-SEN: Democrats revolt against party leaders in race to replace Menendez

FL deputy misinterpreted the sound of an acorn striking the patrol vehicle as a gunshot.

the Democrat with COVID

DU is great. I just got another heart. Thank you.

Tom Suozzi, strong supporter of Israel, returns to Congress

comedy Central much better tonight

San Francisco is back. Magats can eat (Harlan) crow!

Father kills family and himself. wife and 4 year old twins. Google, Zillow tech employees

CA-SEN: Katie Porter Battles For Survival In California Senate Race

KY: GOP Rep. Shockingly Claims Her White Father 'Was a Slave'

I Can Feel It In My Bones

As a disabled, homebound elderly lady,

would you like to buy a piece of hollywood set? a meteriorite? fossils(dragonfly), mineral gems? poke me.

BREAKING: Democrat Tom Suozzi wins George Santos' House seat, NBC News projects - The Last Word - MSNBC

Donald Trump: Don't blame me!

Thanks for all the hearts! NT

Wyoming needs an abortion rights amendment.

Conservative groups unite to back property tax cut on Colorado's 2024 ballot

People mad at Jon Stewart missed a hell of an interview

Stop Listening To The Polls!

Lincoln Project ad on Trump & the border:

Who knew

Jim Messina: Donald Trump continues his amazing, years-long streak of helping Republicans lose across the country. More

update on NY special election. 93% in Suozzi - 53.9% Pilip 46.1%. To win,Pilip has to take 100% of remaining ballots

Visit to a MAGA didn't go well. Am I to blame?

Fuck the polsters they are all whores for the right wing

D.C. witnesses testify about Michigan fake electors in court

Oh my goodness!

YouTube Livestreamers Made Money 'Hunting' for Migrants Along the US Border

From Retraction Watch: "I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Kamala Harris visiting Grand Rapids to talk reproductive rights

A thought for now ..... NY's 3rd district is an example of "the dog who finally caught the car."

House Republicans impeach Mayorkas by the margin of a medical absence - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Suozzi was singing

Would you do this?

Remember why MAGA were calling for a boycott of the Super Bowl?

NY-AD77: Democrat Landon Dais cruises to win in Bronx Assembly election

Thank you for the 💕 hearts!

'More important things to do' not likely to save Trump from criminal trial - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Flipping seats from GOP to Democratic on Pancake Day. :)

MeidasTouch: Top CULT EXPERT Diagnoses Trump & MAGA Brainwashing -- Burn The Boats

The Daily Show: Trump Goes After Nikki Haley's "Missing" Husband

David Jolly just said Biden will win the popular vote but there is a flashing red light about . . . .

Inflation Was Higher Than Expected in January, a Worrying Sign for the Fed

They just keep losing left and right

Republicans want to use a 150-year-old law to ban abortion nationwide

'We're kicking their ass': Dem strategist on GOP outlook after Suozzi flips Santos' seat - The Last Word - MSNBC

CA: Voters to Decide Who Sits on The Orange County Board of Education

Republican strategist on CNN tonight.

AOC on Biden."One of the most successful presidents in modern American history" AOC

Analysis: It took me three tries to register to vote in Texas -- and I'm an elections reporter

Illegal border crossings from Mexico plunge after a record-high December, with fewer from Venezuela

Under 21-stripper ban advances in Florida Senate

NY-03: Democrats exceed turnout expectations

Krugman: A Hot January on Prices. Does It Matter?

James Carville: How Mike Johnson will END Donald Trump Bulwark Podcast Clip

New York special election shows Trump's one-man assault on early voting continues to hurt the GOP

Bill in Virginia General Assembly addresses election worker safety

Simon Rosenberg of the Hopium Chronicles on the leadup to the NY special election.

Teaching of gender in Georgia private schools would be regulated under revived Senate bill

The world's largest single day election is underway. Young voters will be decisive

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Puts His Greasy Fingers All Over the RNC & a Stingray Pregnant with a Baby Shark?!

Special Election Set to Replace Central Minnesota Representative (R)

Kevin McCarthy sucked as speaker, but he's good at revenge (Daily Kos)

Everyone says I love you

Tom Suozzi Appreciation Thread

Mike Lukovich on Biden

VT: Burlington election will include ranked-choice, redrawn districts and noncitizen voting

'Full-on, the MAGA party': Election deniers advance as Trump set to take over RNC - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Inside the UK's increasingly toxic by-election campaign

Before you judge a flat-earther...

Michael Steele: Dictators don't make life better for you; pick up a history book and read it - Morning Joe - MSNBC

MN DFL considering Equal Rights Amendment, setting stage for abortion as constitutional right

Kansas Voters Rejected an Abortion Ban. Now Republicans Want to Make Fetuses People.

I Stay At The Blue Lagoon In Iceland - Ends In DISASTER!

Heather Cox Richardson

CA-22: Salas slams Hurtado on abortion rights amid a messy California Democratic primary

Trump's Criminal Reckoning in ALL Cases Suddenly PUMMELS HIM All At Once - Meidas Touch

Ballot measure meant to prevent gerrymandering in Spokane passing overwhelmingly

Tenn. lawmakers OK bill allowing public officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages

Manufacturing Discontent: How Was America SO Easily Convinced Biden's Brain is Bad? - Thom Hartmann

Aqua Timez - Niji

Rob Reiner Notes 'Biden Is Old,' and 'Trump Is Old but He's Pathologically Lying Criminal'

Trump's pretending that Mazi Pilip didn't endorse him and that's why she lost.

Dark Brandon on tonight's special election results

'This is something Biden can replicate.': Suozzi wins special election, shrinking House GOP majority - The 11th Hour MSNBC

House Democratic Leader Jeffries speaks as House GOP vows to stymie foreign aid bill (PBS)

'This is all about appeasing Donald Trump': House GOP impeaches Mayorkas, without clear evidence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown about losing special election

FED UP Conservative Judge DROPS THE HAMMER on Trump FRIVOLOUS Claims - Meidas Touch

howdi all

'How wrong it is': Glenn Kirschner highlights inappropriate addition to Trump's Supreme Court brief

LOOMING HEARING signals trial kick-off season - Talking Feds

Why is NATO worth it? Because of peace, prosperity and more By Gen. Wesley Clark

'Inflation is sticky as hell': Prices rise more than expected in January, posing challenge for Biden - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Paul Schoe - As the article says: 'Before the Reagan Revolution -- when things were working well, a third of

James Gleick - *Mike Johnson, Putin's puppet's puppet.

Young Jews experience more antisemitism, but worry about it less

The American Consulting Firms That Live in Fear of Their Murderous Clients What keeps companies like McKinsey in the bus

How The Richest Nation In The World Abandons Americans - Thom Hartmann

Well, I came late to the Valentines party and purchased fewer than usual.

Breaking down Trump's appeal to the Supreme Court, other legal cases - CBS News

How 2 women helped find abducted boy after Amber Alert issued in Long Beach

Justice Engoron PREPARES to HUGE PUNISHMENT for Dopey Alina Habba - Meidas Touch

If you can't be with the one you love, honey............

Dole announces voluntary recall of salad kits for potential listeria contamination

Senate approves Ukraine aid, but bill faces GOP opposition in House - PBS NewsHour

CDC says it has no plans to ease Covid isolation yet, despite urging from doctors

DNC heightens attacks on RFK Jr. as a spoiler candidate who will help Trump

I was sad to see that Pat Briggs has passed away

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/13/2024

Wordle 970 2/14 ***spoilers***

Launch of private US moon lander postponed by technical glitch in Florida

Disneyland cast members announce plans to form a union

Happy Valentine's day! Thank you, kind souls, for the hearts!

Lawmakers honor House clerk who served during chaos of Jan. 6 and McCarthy speaker votes

Georgia educators sue school district over race, LGBTQ classroom restrictions

Jared Kushner says he would not join a second Trump administration

Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov sunk off Crimea, says Ukraine

Breakfast Wednesday 14 February 2024

White Ibis

College Board to pay $750K for selling New York students' SAT data

3 time loser

Israel fears additional Western countries will follow suit in sanctioning violent West Bank settlers

TLP on NY-03

Democrats win special elections. How is this bad news for Biden?

Why the NYT sucks, again.

Verdict expected Friday in Trump's $370 million civil fraud trial

If the Democrats get a majority congress and keep our President this year I hope

Getting past all the bullshit. The bottom line is ... Biden is very good at being President. Trump was very bad at it.

Any of yall notice, when you've had an operation/procedure, shortly after you develop another problem or minor illness?

The '24 Election Will End The Republican Party As We Know It

I'm Seeing Hearts!

Why Trump Needs to Take Over the RNC So Quickly

Simple, dumb downed messaging.

Wisconsin GOP Undoes Legislative Gerrymander

Sarcasm So I just read on twitter Satan is behind Taylor Swift and Kelce relationship.

New Mexico legislators seek cleaner transportation fuels, would follow West Coast's lead

LBJ Special Message to Congress on the Voting Rights Act 1965

Wednesday TOONs

"THE BIDEN AGE PLOT" - 2.14.24 Countdown

AOC: "I know who I'm going to choose... one of the most successful presidents in modern American history"

Iceland Volcano Erupts for Third Time, ...

GOP Lawmaker Suggests Mayorkas Is Just the First (succesors will be impeached too)

Happy Valentine's Day, DU! A warm-hearted place indeed.


Israel has become 'blinded by rage', says Taoiseach, as he promises Ireland will take more action

Thanks for the Heart, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY

Spare a thought today for the families and friends of the kids and staff

Heartfelt thanks for the ❤️

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Thank you for the hearts you gave me!

I smiled this morning watching the furry kids in large area at pup camp.

Flight Attendants Take Historic Action Together for Fair Contracts Covering 100,000 Crewmembers

Whooping Crane and American White Ibis

How much longer do we have to wait?

Why haven't management of M$NBComcast told Kornaki that it is

Sometimes, you gotta read the comments

George Santos takes defeat lap after GOP loses his old seat

Lonesome Pine Special

Thank you for my hearts, DU! SO happy I found this forum. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Trump Goes On A Tirade After Democrats Win New York Special Election

Global military spending hits record $2.2 trillion amid multiple wars

Campos Splits the Moderate Senate Primary Voters

Reparations for slavery

OK, I Want To Know This About Polls

The Weekly Pull: Batman: City of Madness; If You Find This, I'm Already Dead; Marvel Unleashed, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/14/24)

I'm going to have to sharpen my kitcat grooming skills

The Webcomics Weekly #270: "Come Hell or High Water" (Not Taylor Sheridan's Version) (2/13/2024 Edition)

The Rundown: February 14, 2024

May you find someone who makes your heart flutter

James Carville DEMOLISHES the MAGA Voter Delusion Bulwark Podcast

A phenomenal political ad by Katrina Chistiansen

I hope President Joe's media team

Happy Valentine's Day from The Lincoln Project

Did anyone watch "The Tourist?"

After border bill failure, ICE considers mass releases to close budget gap

Buttigieg: 'This time I-5 Bridge will succeed' - Portland, OR Vancouver,WA I-5 connection

What was in the Valentine Day box that Mika gave Joe today? I had to go clear off snow from my car...

Sen John Cornyn(GOP-TX) and Texas Atty General exchange GOP election strategies

Replacing animal-based foods with alternative proteins would unlock land for carbon removal, say researchers


You raised $561.00 on February 13, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $5.00 on February 13, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

A kind person gave me two hearts.

'One self-inflicted Trump wound after another': Morning Joe gloats over latest GOP loss

This new format is the best I've seen here on DU. I hope it is a keeper.

One of MY illustrious Senators...

How did you meet your Soul Mate/ SO? Happy Valentines Day . Met my SO at Library

Last Week in the Republican Party

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Trump is Still Not Well

Documentary about Lake St. Clair, 2 early settlements premieres Thursday

Thank you. The holidays and special days like today are

New documents underscore why the Supreme Court must let Jack Smith's Trump case move forward

Judge I Lean Bannon

Thanks for the hearts ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

How much a Republican impeachment is worth

Valentines Day Wishes, kisses, hearts for all!. Thank you for all my hearts yesterday & overnight!

Tulsi Gabbard Is Advising Trump

On This Day: St. Valentine martyred - Feb. 14, 269

He gets us ads is Jesus-Washing their dirty money

Florida lawmakers are trying to shove untrained religious chaplains in public schools - Friendly Atheist

NY-3, round two...

After remarks on NATO, Trump's 'appeasement' policy is too much even for the Murdoch-owned WSJ (Daily Kos)

Comes Love 💙 Happy Valentines Day

Thank you for the heart!

A Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Thank you all again for the Hearts.

Posted Without Comment

Before people overthink the polling discrepancy in NY-3.....

The Night the Lights Went Out in Texas: On February 14, 2021, it started to snow in Texas.

Mary Jane McLeod Bethune, The First Black Woman To Lead A Federal Agency

On February 13, 1984, the consumer online service Prodigy was founded.

Liberal Redneck - MAGA and Russia, Sittin' In a Tree....

On this day, February 14, 1992, "Wayne's World" was released in the United States.

Tank from Cowboy Bebop

D.C. witnesses testify about Michigan fake electors in court

On this day, February 14, 2002, Mick Tucker of Sweet died.

Thoughts on Biden From Someone With Actual Cognitive Dysfunction -- He Doesn't Have It (Daily Kos)

Thanks for the heart!

Republicans amass a record of loss under Trump: "Democrats have been winning at an impressive clip"

GOP immigration games may lead to mass release of detained immigrants

Go ahead, Engoron,

Romantic Rituals of Sea Creatures

Birthday request.

Man shot to death over fender-bender at San Bernardino Walmart; woman charged with murder

Republicans' Huge Underperformance in Oklahoma Raises Alarm Bells

Dem Leader Jeffries to House GOP: "You work for the American people, not Vladimir Putin."

Voices of the dead: shooting victims plead for gun reform with AI-voice messages

professional rock climber known in the California climbing community used status to lure, attack women

Weekly Skews - 2/13/24 - Breaking: Joe Biden Old

So Much Winning!!!!

Trump Posts 2nd Altered Newsweek Article in One Day

Beautiful Wolf Howls During a Winter Sunset

Jared Kushner defends his equity firm getting $2 billion from Saudis after he left White House

Valentines Day; was it something I said?

On this day, February 14, 1990, the Voyager 1 space probe took the photograph "Pale Blue Dot."

The Six Months That Short-Circuited the Electric-Vehicle Revolution

My better half is out of town for five days

'Absolutely astonishing Dem overperformance in this PA State House seat'

What scenes bug you in movies?

You paid more in income taxes last year than a corporation with billions in profits

California-size Antarctic ice sheet once thought stable may actually be at tipping point for collapse

Kornacki says the NY vote was "a wash of young voters".

Happy Valentine's Day! Love songs... yours?

Looks like journos were cherry-picking the polls to make it the horse race they wanted

Merl Saunders was born on this date.

As lighthouse keepers, we've kept our love alive through endless storms

I was watching a story on the East Coast snowstorm this morning.....

Magic Sam (Maghett) was born on this date.

'Certain conviction': Watergate prosecutor says Trump can't beat hush money evidence

Maceo Parker has a birthday today.

It's Valentine's day, thanks for the hearts people.

Trump is altering news articles and posting them on social media

John Roberts demands swift response from Jack Smith to Trump's immunity claim

Descendants of Black icons gather at the White House in a historic meeting

Pic Of The Moment: Still No Signs Of Sanity In GOP As Losses Pile Up

Tim Buckley was born on this date.

Sean Wilentz: A Historic Abdication

Trump's long history of fawning over Putin: "The praise is sickening."

Trump's long history of fawning over Putin: "The praise is sickening."

Moskowitz: Congess is "complete failure theater!"

I'm betting Trump is going to get smoked. nt

How Repubs frame and how Dems fall into traps

Feds deliver stark warnings to state election officials ahead of November

Gallagher & Lyle - Breakaway

New marketing push by Ozempic and others sparks body-positive backlash

Literally last week, MAGA Mike said he was waiting on the Senate to act.

In the Shadow of Silicon Valley (how techbros are hurting San Francisco)

Emails Show Border Patrol's Widespread Use Of Anti-Immigrant Slur

Got My Weekly Dose Of Malcolm Nance

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 14, 2024)

Thank you for the hearts!!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Ornstein and Filipkowski comment on Lindsey

Just looked at the new anti climbing border wall prototype. Discouraging some maybe but certainly scalable

Thank you so much for all the hearts!

WH Counsel's Office letter to the media about their distortions of the Hur report

Interesting observation about Souzzi's campaign - NYT

The new-ish D.U. "TOP" button. I guess I'm late to the party but this new TOP button is great! I used to scroll back

A new wrinkle about a police involved shooting, this one in Washington. DC

The wisdom of Joe Biden is what we need now

Snow helped

Asha Rangappa is a legal goddess

I early voted today!

NY redistricting panel to vote on new congressional map

Hamas commander on why terror group attacks civilians

Polls miss it again.

Rep. Raskin's statement on Tony Bobulinski interview

What Little Donny Dumptruck Doesn't Get

Republicans' Huge Underperformance in Oklahoma Raises Alarm Bells

Now we know the truth of the Carlson-Putin interview. Ukraine invasion.

It takes two ... or does it? Charlotte the single stingray pregnant with pups

Biden is full of it.

What's Worse Than a Baby With a Full Diaper?

Happy Love Day from Midnight and Jasper!

S2:E7 (Oklahoma Political Corruption) - The Will Rogers Experiment on iHeart Radio

Happy Arizona Statehood Day!

If Republicans are strong on Election Day. Regardless of weather....

Donald Trump has no moral barometer. If you tell that to a maga, it's like they can't even hear you. tweet

Happy Love Day!

Al Jarreau - Heart's Horizon

I bet she's having a great Valentine's Day

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Nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe Taylor Swift election conspiracy [theories]

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3 DC officers shot while serving animal cruelty warrant; shooter still firing at police, chief says

Trump's NATO threat gets less attention than Biden's gaffes. Only one puts Americans at risk.

Florida cop hears acorn fall on his car, runs for cover, empties his gun at police car with suspect inside.

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There's nothing honorable about Marjorie Taylor Greene

If Only This Was A Comedic Irony Said Tongue In Cheek...

GOP Turner saying there's a national security threat...he hasn't been briefed on yet

Family annihilation in Carman, MB, CA

On this day, February 14, 2022, Sandy Nelson died.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 14, 2024

Don't worry GOP. Lara Trump is coming to save you.

Breaking: House Intel warns of a "serious national security threat"

A diabetic in crisis pulls up to the Burger King order window...

Trump's Plans On January 6, 2021

How the 2024 U.S. Election Is Already Shaping the Russia-Ukraine War...Wm Spaniel Political Scientist

Fani Willis Hearing Live Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

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House Intel Chairman announces "serious national security threat," sources say it is related to Russia

GOP Impeaches Mayorkas as Democrats Push "Dead-End Strategy" of Harsh Border & Immigration Policy

Ken Paxton Subpoenas Out-Of-State Medical Records For TX Residents Seeking Gender Affirming Care

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Wednesday, Feb. 14

Former employee charged with voyeurism after hidden cameras found in Expedia bathrooms

[In his own words] Why Lindsey Graham voted against aid to Ukraine.

Cartoons 2/14/2024

School bonds, levies sail to approval, except in Sultan, Lakewood

Nicolas Sarkozy gets six months for illegal campaign funding

"A War Against Palestinian Americans": Jailed, Attacked, Killed in West Bank and U.S.

Illegal border crossings from Mexico plunge after a record-high December, with fewer from Venezuela

Are ReTHUGs working on an ongoing coup

Trump turned his supporters into a MAGA cash machine

Mike Johnson doesn't want to consider an Israel, Ukraine aid bill. Democrats are eyeing a workaround.

Four cocaine addicts in New York City were playing cards one evening....

Critical readers are increasingly furious about the way political journalists are doing their jobs

The $245M bid to pull clean hydrogen straight from the earth

Nikki Haley suggests Trump is aiming to 'take' the election by promoting his daughter-in-law for RNC leadership

In normal times, Sen Tommy Tuberville would be kicked out of the Senate.......

House lawmakers to offer their own Ukraine and border bill

Report reveals date of expected verdict in Trump fraud case after judge raised perjury concerns

The Rise Of GOP Malice The Enemies List WSG Peter Wehner

Video shows sea drone sinking Russian warship in the Black Sea

Needy Amin AKA Donald Trump Makes Republican's Defeat In Special Election All About Him

FYI ❤️ Moorings Park Osprey - Second Egg arrived on Valentine's Day at 1:17 pm

Eric Trump: My father was elected due to "divine intervention". God is "looking down and guiding him every single day."


Speaker Mike Johnson should replace Congressman Mike Turner on the Intel Committee

Spineless lightweight Nikki Haley still committed to voting for tRump

Cowboys legend Troy Aikman getting dunked on about an old Patrick Mahomes tweet

Southern MD pre-dawn, 2/14

MTG Triggered by Latest 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Episode

The smell of desperation.

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The real issue is not Biden's age -- it's VP Kamala Harris.

GOP senator says 'Putin is on top of his game' while saying U.S. forced Russia into Ukraine War

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TCM tonight

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Today these two appeared

The Republican Party is the enemy of democracy.

Pumpkin Is Getting Her Fur-Ever Home!

Extend the fund drive?

Jon Stewart Had a Golden Opportunity & HE BLEW IT

Pitchers and catchers have reported. It's started. The long national nightmare ends at last

If Chuck Todd knows how the compaign should be run.

Boy, the biggest mistake these motherfuckers made was

Joe: Republicans are losing because of one self-inflicted Trump wound after another

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Only real people can patent inventions -- not AI -- US government says

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Israel launches strikes on Lebanon; hostage talks in Egypt continue

The White House tweeted a valentine for Mike Johnson

I've been asked to post my bird series paintings, so here they are.

2024 Worcester Cathedral Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race

Lincoln Project: Reed Galen Reacts to Last Night's NY Election Win

14Yr Old Makes History, Youngest University Student in Jamaica, Accepted at 13, Educator Parents

Creepy Trump Gawks at High School Cheerleading Team

The Lincoln Project- #TrumpIsStillNotWell

The Lincoln Project- #TrumpIsStillNotWell

University of Minnesota fields comments on plan to return Cloquet Forestry Center lands to Fond du Lac band

Made appointment for 2nd opinion

The Midwest is experiencing a 'lost winter.' Here's what that means.

House Democrats introduce bill requiring Texas to connect to surrounding grids

House Democrats introduce bill requiring Texas to connect to surrounding grids

Suspect in Times Square assault on officers arrested again for Queens robbery, police say

GOP chair urges Biden to declassify intel on "serious national security threat"

Judge to consider whether to remove District Attorney Fani Willis from Georgia election case

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Pension Fix Law for Union Laborers' passed By Chuck Schumer

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Anybody know what kind of bird this is? I think it came on my deck to catch that fly. About the size of the sparrow

House panel obtains texts allegedly showing Gaetz setting up 2017 Florida Keys trip with woman his associate paid

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Earl Scruggs & Joan Baez 1972 - Musical Magic That Will Give You The Shivers

Scared dog instantly transforms when she's adopted

Speaker Johnson thinks Republicans have steady hands dealing with the briefing. nt

Which Political Pundit will be first to headline...

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Guy Rescues Scared Dog On The Side Of The Highway

Find the door in the silent stillness

Shots fired at Chiefs parade

Kushner Says He Won't Be Part of a Second Trump White House

U of Minnesota fields comments on plan to return Cloquet Forestry Center lands to Fond du Lac Band

BREAKING: Shooting reported at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Rally; 'several people' struck

Hell yes I'm up for anything! However; it must include alcohol and food, not involve physical activity,

Speaker Mike Johnson wants Biden meeting before any action on Ukraine and Israel aid package

Breaking - shots fired near

Cedar Waxwings celebrating St. Valentine's Day!

House Republicans trade blame over losing George Santos' seat as deep divisions over tactics persist

US is '18 months or so' away from finding bird flu vaccine, says agriculture secretary

Ukraine reports sinking another Russian ship

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Colorado Sues to Stop $25 Billion Kroger-Albertsons Merger

Germany grants EUR 3.53bn for hydrogen ramp-up

Several people injured in shooting near Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory rally

New House lines in New York would boost 2 Democrats and a Republican

Farm Bill tensions ramp up over conservation, fire and food aid

MadowBlog-Dems flip House seat from red to blue, adding to GOP's election woes

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10 injured or worse in Super Bowl parade shooting per CNN

Trump advisers rush to spin 'off the cuff' NATO remarks

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College graduation rates are abysmal

If Dems win, TV pollsters say Dems "over-performed". If Repubs win they say: "our polls were correct". Go figure.

Maddowblog-Following Mayorkas' impeachment, who will the GOP target next?

Michigan false elector: GOP activists were told Senate could 'accept' votes for Trump

Valentine's Day Morning

'Republicans have handed us a winning issue and we will capitalize on it'

Medellin authorities to meet embassies and dating apps after five foreigners die

Hoo boy....Remember Rachel Dolezal?

Trump is Not Immune from Prosecution, Duh.

Kansas City Royals release renderings of proposed downtown stadium, April vote will help determine funding

Just now listening to news coverage on shooting at super bowl parade (rally)

Its the guns

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 14, 2024

Kitten falls asleep mid-conversation and it's adorable.

Silicon Valley congressional candidate tied to fake newspaper (Roger Stone connection)

Anti-abortion centers raked in $1.4bn in year Roe fell, including federal money

I was always embarrassed

Anti-abortion centers raked in $1.4bn in year Roe fell, including federal money

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White House Rebuffs Johnson's Demand for Meeting

House Republicans just announced the House will be on vacation from tomorrow afternoon till February 28

Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron urging Congress to pass Ukraine aid: "Frankl

Total of 8 CHILDREN gun victims to add to America's spectacular record of racking up gun victim totals

Let's compare ...

House Intel Chair Warns of National Security Threat

'It has really gotten out of hand': wage theft rampant in US construction

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Say it with cash: Trump's Valentine love letter to Melania is fundraising email

Proposed TikTok ban for children fails in Virginia's Legislature

House Republicans to Take 2-Week Vacation Amid National Security Threat, Mass Shooting Do Republicans even want to wor

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Big Oil, Green Groups Sue Over Biden's Offshore Drilling Plan for the Gulf

Conservative group tells judge it has no evidence to back its claims of Georgia ballot stuffing

Tiedrich: James Comer demands to know how the fuck Joe Biden got so old

Found on FB

Ocasio-Cortez Gives Full Support to Biden

59 Russian aircraft stolen...some ended up in Ukrainian hands.

Republicans leave town with tails between their legs!

Press Conference just started re Kansas City Missouri

Russell Brand And The Conspiracy Grift

The absurdity of detonating satellites in space...

Well that didn't take long: "Democrats' Joe Biden Problem Got Worse With Special Election Win"

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 15 February 2024

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15 injured, 1 confirmed death, 2 in custody as per official in Kansas City, MO

A week of extremes...

Does the Senate have to accept an impeachment from the House?

1 in 5 Americans say Taylor Swift tied to deep state plot to reelect Biden

Prison-tech is a brutal scam - and a harbinger of your future - Cory Doctorow

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Foo Fighters - Low

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What Is a Banker's Promise Worth? By Jim Hightower

Florida school requires parental consent for pupils to listen to Black author's book

This is the kind of biased media coverage Democrats are constantly fighting against.

How Senate Democrats Flipped the Border Issue on Republicans

Mike Luckovich-Putin's Valentine gift from TFG

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We got the gun--Bystanders tackled one of the suspects

Texas Soldiers Say Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star Is 'A Show'

MaddowBlog-As evidence piles up, this might be the worst Congress ever

Mark Green (R) retiring at end of this Congress

Chief Graves: This tragedy occurred even in the presence of uniformed law enforcement officers.

Netflix: The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir

White House is leaving Mike Johnson twisting in the wind to "negotiate with himself."

@PressSec @K_JeanPierre absolutely demolishes Speaker Johnson's request for a meeting with President Biden: "What is

Mississippi prison delayed woman's cancer diagnosis until it was terminal, lawsuit says

Civilians tackle the suspected mass shooter at today's Super Bowl parade in Kansas City.

"This Doesn't Happen in Kansas City"...but it Does and it Did

Civilians tackle the suspected mass shooter at today's Super Bowl parade in Kansas City.

January 6 was just the tip of the iceberg -- Trump's criminal conspiracy was sprawling

The 1933 Kansas City Massacre Prompted Legal Reforms That Bolstered Federal Law Enforcement

True the Vote tells court it has no records to back up its fraud claims (2000 Mules)

Current media - KC

Happy Valentine's Day Melania!

US lawmakers ask EPA to drop rule requiring farms to report manure emissions

Cow art for Valentines Day ❤️

Curious about what Squeaky Kushner's investment company, Affinity Partners, is betting on?

Name a song with the word "love" in the title or lyrics,Can use Google.. She Loves You, Yah Yah, Yah

White House rejects Johnson's requests to meet with Biden: 'What is there to negotiate?'

49ers fire defensive coordinator Steve Wilks in wake of Super Bowl LVIII loss

Steve Israel: Democrats' NY-3 special election win shows Biden's path to victory

Thinking about how Russia gave so much money to the NRA and they gave the Russian money to republicans

Amicus Brief from Judge Luttig and others to SCOTUS

OMG! Marge Green and Clay Higgins named as Impeachment managers!

Jack Smith's SCOTUS Response in Opposition to Trump's Stay Request


Biden administration examining role of supply chain middlemen in generic drug shortages

Childens Hospital (KC) 12 patients, 9 kids with gunshot wounds

Senior Republicans fear Trump will tap RNC to cover legal bills again

Jim Clyburn to step down from House Democratic leadership

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Special counsel asks Supreme Court to let Trump's 2020 election case proceed to trial without delay

The National Park Service has some Valentine's Day graphics

Hot take: Suozzi was a better choice than Spitzer in the 2006 Gubernatorial Primary

More from my drawing foundations class.

How much snow could the D.C. region get Friday night?

Southern MD sunset 2/14

Biden Shields Palestinians in the U.S. From Deportation

Fever Ray - 'Shiver' (Official Music Video) ...........just dropped a few hours ago

Now they're saying on MSNBC

22 wounded, 1 deceased, 8 with life threatening injuries

I watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

'Gun-loving' GOP governor reportedly seen 'running scared for his life' from mass shooting

Exclusive: Biden slashes F-35 jet order 18% in 2025 budget request, sources say

Hostages' families file Hamas war crimes claim at ICC: 'Genocide can't go unpunished'

Biden's Accomplishments

Why we need to control guns AND people.

Best Cartoon on Shootings I have seen

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FDA approves 1st medication to treat severe frostbite

Oklahoma principal forced out after being targeted for drag career

BREAKING: Speaker Johnson has named Marge Greene and Clay Higgins to serve as Impeachment Managers to prosecute Mayorkas

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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Fox News, the Superbowl, and the Kansas City Chiefs' "Tomahawk Chop"