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I don't want to hear it

Some pics I took tonight of Othello

Putin reverse psychology?

A big valentine thank you for my valentine heart!

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Tucson school district drops instructor (Rachel Dolezal) after OnlyFans exposure

Vegansk snickerskaka (Swedish Vegan Carpenter Cake)

Mayorkas impeachment headed toward Senate graveyard

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Breaking Video of Heroic Kansas City fans tackling one of the shooters


Breaking Video of Heroic Kansas City fans tackling one of the shooters

Geez, what a ride!

Thanks for the hearts!!

Powerful House GOP chair retiring after Mayorkas impeachment

Reporter: "What are you giving up for Lent?" President Biden: "You guys."

An excellent Amicus brief was filed in the case of TFG's appeal to SCOTUS for a stay of the case before Judge Chutkan

Minnesota Legislative Tracker

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Snow! In Minnesota? In February? After many days in the 50s. Like New York?

A person cant even have fun in this country

Texas Soldiers Say Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star Is 'A Show'

Dems launch new hip-hop task force

America, the land of so-called opportunity, provides ample opportunities to be hero who gets to stop a mass shooter.

Well, i gotta join the crowd of THANK YOU'S

MAGA melts down after prosecutor Letitia James writes Trump a Valentine's Day poem

Hearts given and hearts received!

What's Up With The New York Times?

When I was little the term "Far Right" was considered an insult and synonymous with insane, now it means "Interview me!"

House Intel Chairman announces 'serious national security threat,' sources say it is related to Russia

We are bound together by hearts, and I thank all who give, and all who gave to me

White House Trolls House Speaker With Brutally Honest Valentine's Day Card

These ideas would go a long way in preventing mass shootings, not that any have a chance in hell of passing

Biden jokes he is giving up the press for Lent

GA Hearing: Only Anti-Trans Proponents Allowed To Speak; Those Against Raise Hands

Gun laws in Missouri:

Cat Who Was Given 6 Months To Live Is A Miracle

A Second Trump Term Would Be Hell for LGBTQ People

The Happiest Beach on Planet Earth Filming in Public

Lara Trump's husband Eric once promised donors that "every single penny" they gave would go to kids with cancer.

Sean Hannity says he instructed House Republicans not to expel George Santos from Congress

'Wicked' First Look: Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in Costume

The shelter's gate become playground for elephant Wan Mai

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Israel Says Wounded Al Jazeera Journalist A Hamas Militant

Well I do have a big mouth and I use it a lot but has anyone else seen this over abundance of "Bad Behavior"

Anti-Choice Group Used Phone Data To Target Planned Parenthood Visitors Nationwide

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Two things ...

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes...

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Biden signs order to shield Palestinians in US from deportation

US Constitution encasement vandalized with red powder at National Archives

Back Home Again/John Denver

The movie, "Voyage of the Damned" should be remade with

Infectious desire: How the pandemic is still negatively impacting our sex lives

Best magic show you've even seen.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

Court hearing to determine if Trump's first criminal trial will be his NY election interference case - Glenn Kirschner

Throwing Out the Constitution

Rosenberg: Since Dobbs, Democrats Keep Overperforming, Winning and Republicans Keep Struggling

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BREAKING: Jack Smith files SCOTUS response to Trump immunity filing - The Beat - MSNBC

My Favorite TV Couple in Honor of Valentines Day

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Did you see fewer people get ashes today?

Beto O'Rouke coming to OKC

'Own it': Kellyanne Conway urges GOP to double down on hugely unpopular policy

Trump could face trial and jail in 2024: DOJ pushes fast trial in bullish SCOTUS appeal - The Beat - MSNBC

Gaza Cease-Fire Talks in Limbo as Israel Sits Out Next Round

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Volley -- Volley -- Volley -- Jack Smith Lob -- Ball's in the Supreme's Court (no pun intended)

Should US mass shooters be classified as NRA hit squads?

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One of my favorite love songs

Why Trump could lose to Jack Smith and face prison risk: Katyal on SCOTUS news - The Beat - MSNBC

Feeling overwhelmed?

Marge Greene & Clay Higgins Named as Mayorkas Impeachment Managers

Democrats Substantially Over Perform In Oklahoma

Happy VD to TFG!

Multiple people shot after Super Bowl parade in Kansas City - Deadline - MSNBC

Uh-Oh! Investigators Have Matt Gaetz's SECRET Texts

Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes

Admitted antisemite and Hitler admirer tops Taylor Swift on Spotify

At least 8 children among 22 hit by gunfire at end of Chiefs' Super Bowl parade; 1 person killed

'My heart is breaking': Claire McCaskill on Kansas City Shooting - Deadline - MSNBC

Faces - Stay

Gun violence is America's 'biggest epidemic': Jemele Hill & Maxwell Frost on Kansas City shooting - The Beat - MSNBC

"Personal slush fund": Lara Trump vows "every single penny" at RNC will go to help Trump

GOP pollster Frank Luntz: NY results 'final wakeup call' for House Republicans

Recorded 54 years ago today at the University of Leeds

Barack Obama jumps into the fray after Donald Trump attacks NATO

The economics behind Trump's problems with NATO

After border bill failure, ICE considers mass releases to close budget gap

Is there a. Internet thing

Eyewitnesses describe scene at Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting - CBS News

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 (Live)

Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Appeals Rape Verdict at New York's Highest Court

Traveling Wiburys - Handle with Care

"I don't want to hear about mental health"... (from energized lib's thread)

Four students were wounded in a drive-by shooting outside an Atlanta high school, officials say

Kansas City Chiefs fan recounts moment gunfire broke out near parade - CBS News

Handful of thorns

Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting not terrorism-related, officials say - CBS News

My wife got this text from a friend of hers today:

'Losing streak': GOP refuses to learn lessons from 'crushing' election losses

Julian Lennon - Valotte

WOW: Downton Abbey Fans: Returning with a surprise 7th Season...(!)

'Petri dish for terrible gun laws': Missouri legislator reacts to Kansas City mass shooting - The ReidOut - MSNBC

WOW: Downton Abbey Fans: Returning with a surprise 7th Season...(!)

Tubes - Don't want to wait anymore


Trump's Valentine To Melania Links To A Donation Page

Alan Parsons - Eye in the Sky ( Live )

'Public's interest is greater than Trump's': Smith asks Supreme Court to reject Trump immunity claim - The ReidOut MSNBC

Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live Kennedy Center)

Labor News & Commentary February 11, 2024 Florida public sector unions begin to be decertified due to new anti-union....

I was looking for a Studio Ghibli song, found this and I kinda love it.

TCM NOW, Doctor Zhivago

THIS MAGA TORMENT - Cool Joe Biden sings his accomplishments vs Trump's failures. #JoeBidenRocks

Roses are red, violets are blue...


NY-03: Donald Trump Blasts Mazi Pilip For Losing Special Election To Replace George Santos

Question: about the new vacation

NY-03: Why AP Declared Tom Suozzi The Winner Of The George Santos Seat: Race Call Explained

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

I don't have a sweetheart but I have lots of ❤️❤️ from my DU friends

3 detained after 4 students shot at Benjamin E. Mays High School, officials confirm

The Right's Troubling Turn Toward Conspiracy Theories and "Invasion" Language

'I'm pissed off': Jason Kander reacts to mass shooting at Chiefs Super Bowl parade - All In - MSNBC

Paraguay senate expels one of few opposition members, sparking protests

Airline's chatbot gave a man the wrong information. Now, the airline has to pay for the mistake

Well, the blame game begins! re: Kansas City shooting today!

NY-03: Tom Suozzi buoyed by higher Democratic turnout, decline in GOP voting

Amazon rainforest could reach 'tipping point' by 2050, scientists warn

Ever watch?

Amazon rainforest could reach 'tipping point' by 2050, scientists warn

Putin trolls "soft" Tucker Carlson

Police catch woman accused of spray painting 50+ vehicles in Indy parking garage

The Daily Show: House Impeaches Secretary Mayorkas & Suozzi Wins Santos's Seat

New Mexico police officer arrested for battery fired from department

PA: Prokopiak (D) Captures HD-140 Special Election

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper & Desi Lydic "Solve" the Border Crisis

PA: Poll: 1 in 5 Americans believe Berks County native Taylor Swift is part of conspiracy to elect Biden

PA: A Chester County judge's signature appeared on a candidate's (D) petition. But she says it's not hers.

Catch And Cook With Hand Spear On Tropical Island .

School Board member who called Kamala Harris a "Black whore" resigns after drunk video surfaces

Dream Lover - Bobby Darin

EMILYs List backs Altman in NJ-07

Remember Matt Taibbi, the journalist who once resided in Russia? He's fully on team Trump now, pushing a story

Kansas shooting falls on the 6th year anniversary of Parkland shooting

I'm Curious Which Party These Shooters In KC

LaPierre claims he repaid $1 million to NRA

From Bloomberg and others: Putin throws trump under the bus?

Carpenters - Superstar

Indonesian leader linked to rights abuses claims victory in presidential vote

big guy comes up behind 81-year-old man and violently throws him down escalator - North Star Mall

Michigan GOP chair officially ousted after weeks of chaos

I love this article and just had to use it to confront

Snow potential index - 6/10 (↑): Snow is a pretty good bet Friday night.

I made it through surgery.

Were the KC shooters shooting at the crowd or each other?

Seth Meyers - Trump and GOP Suffer Major Defeat as Democrats Win Back George Santos' Seat: A Closer Look

Sheldon Whitehouse: TSF was played by Koch

Will We Ever Get Trump To Trial

Utah Board of Education censures embattled member Natalie Cline, calls for her resignation

Twitter Let Terrorists Have Verification Checkmarks -- Then Scrambled to Remove Them

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Hayes on the Long Island Special Election to Replace George Santos

Utah lawmakers may end ranked choice voting pilot program early

Just want to say thank you for the hearts!

Arizona Republicans want to ban guaranteed basic income programs

New rooster Notre Dame spire - like?

Judge rules that restrictions on after-hour drop boxes don't keep Floridians from voting

Genetics journal retracts 17 papers from China due to human rights concerns

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hilariously HUMILIATED by Chip Franklin In Under 1 Minute. #shorts

House GOP made themselves look foolish over impeachment: Rep. Raskin - Morning Joe - MSNBC

FL: House panel OKs elimination of local wage, heat protection rules for contractors

Police Say the Lakewood, TX Church Shooter Was Cis. The Right Keeps Saying She Was Trans

No excuse absentee voting in Georgia survives a state election board vote to end it

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jack Smith asks SCOTUS to move fast on Trump. Nixon case is proof they can - The Last Word - MSNBC

Israeli hostage families fly to The Hague to press ICC to investigate Hamas

Livid Kansas City congressman rips thoughts-and-prayers Congress for doing 'nothing at all' on guns

U.S. House condemns Hamas use of rape as weapons of war; Tlaib votes present

Swatting call an 'assassination attempt', says politician (Brandon Williams, R-NY)

'Dangerous, dumb, and un-American': Biden team torches Trump's latest NATO remarks - The Last Word - MSNBC

14 Feb: Ukrainians SEND THE BIGGEST RUSSIAN SHIP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA War in Ukraine Explained-Reporting fr Ukra

US has new intelligence on Russian nuclear capabilities in space

Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

PA Democrat 'did the hard work' to keep state House majority in special election - The Last Word - MSNBC

Sadly, Andreas (aka Mister Andy) has died

My daughters empty chair.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump's Crazy Valentine's Message for Melania, Lara Trump for RNC Co-Chair & Couples Play Hand Hole!

Thursday TOONs

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells David Cameron to 'kiss my a**' after Nazi jibe Ukraine crisis

Earth to Media: Try to Get It--Nice, Ordinary People Can Be Fascists


To all here at DU, a Valentine Rose.

A valentine rose.

SHAMELESS Republican politics on FULL DISPLAY in latest House move - Talking Feds

A Texas law that would let police arrest migrants for illegal entry is going before a judge

Patti Labelle and Joe Cocker and Billy Preston - You are so Beautiful

Waxing Crescent, 32% visible

Jack Smith QUICKLY RESPONDS to SUPREME COURT on Trump Application - Meidas Touch

Plan to cap how much landlords can raise rent moves ahead in Washington Legislature

Delay can be 'fatal' to justice: Smith presses Supreme Court for prompt Trump trial - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Idaho proposes executing child molesters

As Republican sounds alarm on Russian threat, GOP makes excuses for Trump attacks on NATO - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump On Pace to Drain Legal Funds by July, With Only $27 Million Left

BREAKING: Major update on Trump's FIRST criminal trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Transgender teen girl stabbed 14 times at roller rink birthday party

Mike Johnson's Campaign Contributions From Company Tied to Russia

The Texas megachurch shooter has not been identified as transgender, despite claims online

BREAKING: Russian Secret Declassified? - Thom Hartmann

Congressman's national security threat statement relates to Russian military capability - MSNBC Reports

White House addresses House Intel chair's warning of a national security threat - MSNBC Reports

Leeds students told: 'Jewish bastards, I'm going to beat the sh*t out of you' while walking to synagogue

New Jan 6 MAGA Conspiracy Theory - Raw News And Politics

Isnt there a SCOTUS decision expected this week?


Houthis in Yemen will publicly stone & crucify 9 gay men in "gruesome public spectacles"

Thank you so much for the hearts!

Special counsel Jack Smith urges SCOTUS to reject Trump bid to delay election trial - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Oklahoma House panel advances bill to identify, women who have abortions and potentially create database.

Republicans advance CATASTROPHIC plan, would alter entire justice system - Brian Tyler Cohen

Group claiming evidence of ballot harvesting in GA 2020 election tells judge they don't have any

Can SCOTUS Legally Rule Against a President? - Thom Hartmann

Sanders-backed progressive group joins push for Biden protest vote in Michigan

Alabama Senate passes crackdown on 'ballot harvesting'


Daily Brief - Harretz

SpaceX launches a commercial lander to the moon in historic mission

Supreme Court HAS BIG DECISION in Trump CRIMINAL Case - Meidas Touch

US House to vote on Biden's LNG pause Friday, White House defends move

Michigan 'fake elector' for Trump testifies in court, says he never intended to forge public records

This Law Can Turn America Into a Police State & Trump Wants To Use It! - Thom Hartmann

After searing inflation, "American workers are getting ahead," Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says

Judge rules HMSA contracts are 'unconscionable' in lawsuit from doctors and patients

Conservative group tells judge it has no evidence to back its claims of Georgia ballot stuffing

How Chaos Theory Explains Trump's Rise To Power Amanpour and Company

Anti-vaccine protester arrested at NYC Burger King now charged with assaulting officers on Jan. 6

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/14/2024

US Lawmaker Subpoenas Commerce Department Over Firearms Export Documents

Justice Department issues new guidelines for when federal investigators try to access journalists' records

Biden Says The Kansas City Shooting 'Cuts Deep In The American Soul'

'Winter is coming': activists' fears as Prabowo Subianto likely wins Indonesia election

NATO Members Pledge to Provide Ukraine With New Drones

US rebukes Israel for demolishing activist home in Jerusalem, saying its ally was damaging its own standing.

RNC recognizes Pete Hoekstra as the new Michigan Republican Party chair

'Bundy Ranch Sniper' Pushed Move to Gut Idaho Terrorism Law

Israeli special forces enter Nasser Hospital

Breakfast Thursday 15 February 2024

U.S., Arab nations plan for postwar Gaza, timeline for Palestinian state

New York City sues social media companies, accuses them of contributing to 'youth mental health crisis'

Hummingbird & Fuchsia Blossoms

Trump says when he mixes up names it is on purpose

Idaho GOP won't allow news media inside upcoming Republican presidential caucus

Jim Jordan requests materials and interview from Biden's ghostwriter

PoliticsPA goes to "the Trump show"


The Disaster That Is the House GOP Leadership

And the sleaze continues .... Super Pac finance trickery

Wordle 971 Feb 15 ***Spoiler Thread***

We are to assume that the only non-corrupt thing Donnie Dipshit did was appoint judges

Ireland pledges 20 million euros ($21.5m) in funding to UNWRA

Donald Trump stands by remarks about not defending NATO members after backlash

Putin Says Russia Prefers Biden Over Trump in U.S. Election

Brazilian president criticises Israeli action in Gaza saying its 'behaviour has no explanation'

Mike Johnson Is Close to Losing Control of the House

Teamster Food Service Drivers Took Their Strike Nationwide and Won

Gaza needs 'Marshall Plan' for post-war reconstruction: UN

Teamster Endorsed Candidate Tom Suozzi Meets With Long Island Teamsters!

Israeli forces storm the main hospital in southern Gaza, saying hostages were likely held there

Republicans are playing the blame game after losing a House seat vacated by George Santos

"Republicans...are like the guy who walks into the ER with a nail in his head, asking why he has a headache."

Pfizer agrees to pay $93 mln to settle Lipitor antitrust lawsuit

Religious Expert Tim Alberta Utterly DISMANTLES Trump Cult - Against All Enemies

I think we need a new term: TDS (Taylor Derangement Syndrome).

Poor and Low-Income Voters Are a Sleeping Giant

Trump 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' with new RNC gambit: ethics watchdog

Still life of my wife's boots

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is coming to Netflix!

Hamas uses civilians as human shields, Gazan journalist states

What's the word for someone who never pays his bills, saying "you gotta pay your bills."


House Blocks Retroactive Bill Which Would Have Doubled The SALT Cap Deduction

Old golf courses,,, NYT article

Art of the Week: Week of 02/14/24

The Rundown: February 15, 2024

musk and the former twitter violating terrorist sanctione

Retail sales tumbled 0.8% in January, much more than expected

A New Trump Parody Musical Has Michael Cohen's Blessing

'Senior Republicans' fear new RNC leadership will 'cover Trump's legal bills': report

US election 2024: Putin says he prefers Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the White House

Another GOP supported mass shooting.

To all heart givers to all

Mr. Gorbachev, don't tear down this wall.

One of California's largest auto insurers hikes prices 30%

Trans adults on edge as legislatures broaden focus beyond children

January Great Lakes Average Ice Cover Was 6%, 1/3 Of Average In Weather Record

Japan Loses Its Spot as World's Third-Largest Economy as It Slips Into Recession

I have a question for the group:

LA Governor Busy Packing State Agencies W. Energy Executives, Because Global Warming Is A "Hoax"

I see Putin's new trump ad is out.

President Biden signs order to shield Palestinians in US from deportation

"My Thoughts on Biden, As Someone With Actual Cognitive Dysfunction"

New Lincoln Project Ad

Global Warming - Appearing Now In Scenic, Parched, Water-Restricted Barcelona

When did America change?

What news stories about the Democratic party win in New York on Tuesday should be saying.

On this day, February 15, 1933, Giuseppe Zangara attempted to assassinate US President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt.

New GOP conspiracy theory: Babies are getting abortions!

'Britain and Poland appeal to US Congress to approve vital Ukraine aid package'

UK tips into recession in huge blow to Rishi Sunak

Thanks to everyone for the hearts!

Omaha Is Now Part of Biden's Blue Wall

Indiana teachers call attorney general's 'Eyes on Education' portal dangerous

Trump's dueling day in court as hush money, Georgia cases collide: Live updates...

Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather is in court this morning

Inner City Blues

Republicans Will Pass a Nationwide Abortion Ban if They Win The House & Senate - Hysteria podcast

THIS is what's fueling inflation: Company profits for 2023.......

Blocked words still show up..How come? How can I fix this...nt

Will We Ever Get Trump To Trial

James 'Kokomo' Arnold was born on this date in 1901.

Hello In There

The GOP Has Ceded the Middle Ground

Fani Willis hearing live stream starting now. Link:

Show Time!

'Fief of MAGA': Trump's 'full-employment plan for his kin' shredded by columnist

On this day, February 15, 1907, Cesar Romero was born.

On this day, February 15, 2013, a meteor put on a show over Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Bobby Kennedy and Tom Suozzi

You raised $1,260.00 on February 14, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground Donate to re-elect Joe Biden and Kamala

Netanyahu's office rejects calls for two-state solution, saying it's 'not the time' to speak about 'gifts'

Rather than admit a mistake; this Degenerate resorts to an Obvious Lie:

Rick Wilson responds to MTG and Clay Higgins being named as impeachment managers

Democrats get jolt of political momentum from Suozzi win

They're Already On Their Knees

Liar, ignorant, or mentally deteriorating, the eternal Trump question.........

On this day, February 15, 1965, the Flag of Canada was inaugurated.

You raised $15.00 on February 14, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

12 women sue FBI over alleged failure to protect them from Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse

If the Supreme Court screws this up...?

On this day, February 15, 1961, the entire US figure-skating team was killed in a plane crash.

NEW**The decision came just minutes after the hearing began on Thursday: Trump's hush money case to go to trial.... T

Brit Hume on Fox "The strongest border protection bill that I've seen in my time in Washington"

Judge Merchan has just denied Donald Trump's motion to dismiss the charges in the hush money case.

Just want to sincerely thank everyone for all the hearts. DU such a wonderful place

Donald Trump will face his first criminal trial with jury selection beginning March 25 in New York

Donald Trump to Make Melania a Key Part of His Legal Defense

"Don't cut me off."

On this day, February 15, 1962, Ray Charles recorded "I Can't Stop Loving You."

On this day, February 15, 1965, Nat King Cole died.

I don't think the big donors will care if Trump steals all the RNC money

What to watch at today's hearing on Fulton DA Fani Willis

I'm starting a self-improvement program. Please post some tips that will help me improve my appearance and personality.

Manhattan Hush Money Case to proceed as scheduled on March 25

Judge sets March trial date in Donald Trump's New York hush-money case

Watch Live: Hearing over Fani Willis's Alleged misconduct in trump Election Theft Case

Wealth manager who fled the scene of hit-and-run will likely avoid jail sentence for felony vehicular manslaughter

Thank you for the heart,..

I Am So Looking Forward To It..

French Bulldog Puppy Is Raised By Kittens

The ReidOut with Joy Reid Highlights: Feb. 14

Trump whining: 'How can you run for an election and be sitting in a court house?'

The Supreme Court will decide if the government can seize control of YouTube and Twitter

Will Joe Biden save the SS United States? Its supporters are making their case.

Pic Of The Moment: I Feel Like Russian Election Interference Used To Be More Sophisticated Than This

What's in Trump's box?

Update--I got my money back,-----------

New York hush money case will be first Trump criminal trial, scheduled for March

Question About The Case Against Fani Willis

Another heart..thank you from the bottom of mine.

So what's going on with the Fani Willis hearing?

Hearings in Trump New York hush money, Georgia trials: Live updates

Republicans admit it. Kevin McCarthy has never looked so good. (Politico)

Steve Bannon Claims Democrats Stole NY Special Election

We know he is going to cheat. Is anyone or any group looking into this to try and stop it?

Trump bizarrely claims 'they' will change the name of the state of Pennsylvania if he loses it

Gov Kristi Noem posts Valentine's pic with her husband. It's....its not going well.

Motherfucker is having another bad, awful, no-good day

The Fiscal Impact of Refugees and Asylees at the Federal, State, and Local Levels From 2005 to 2019

Israel tones down criticism of Vatican's Gaza remarks

Google is now charging $20/mo for its premium chatbot, which won't even say that Biden won in 2020.

Iran will reciprocate if its ships are seized, official says

Hezbollah commander among 10 dead in Israeli strike on Lebanon

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 15, 2024)

Juul's internal playbook opens a rare window into influence in Washington

They are not "shooters" - they are terrorists

Thanks so much for the hearts!

All my Xs end up beneath the bridge...

Carmaker Stellantis' second-half profits hit by North American strikes

Nearly half of health care workers have witnessed racism, discrimination, report shows

Trump's Puzzling New Excuse For Pelosi-Haley Blunder Includes A Whole New Gaffe

Not looking good for Fani Willis and Nathan Wade.

Bureau of Prisons failed to prevent nearly 200 deaths by suicide, DOJ watchdog finds

Republican cat fight...

Why a rare 'golden' tiger photographed in India is worrying conservationists

Thanks for the 💕

A big 'Thank You' to those who remember me. I appreciate the hearts.

Thank you!

1:00 Video - Here's the guy who tackled one of the suspected shooters in KC.

Carys just trotted up to me, rubbed up against my leg and asked for a scritch!

Bernie Sanders Breaks With Progressive Group On Biden Protest Vote In Michigan

My blood is boiling.

Did Putin endorse Biden???

Monkey & Macaw being adorable together:

Elon Musk says the US should stop sending aid to Ukraine as there's 'no way in hell' Putin will lose

Republican Michigan elector testifies he never intended to make false public record

A wee bit of humor from WaPo Commentary

Wade is SO fucking with this prosecutor

A solution to gerrymandering that's so ingenious and fair that Republicans will certainly object to it.

Philippines arrests Islamic State terror funding 'facilitator'

'Bowling Alone': Loss of Face-To-Face Social Interaction, Community & Civic Engagement Vital for US Democracy

2nd tweet--Chihuahua delighted to be given a stuffed flower:

Red states are big winners of Biden's landmark laws

Poll: Will the Dodgers win the 2024 World Series?

Trump is facing 34 felony counts in hush money case

Here's the flight path for N757AF.

Israeli Government to Reward New Immigrants Who Settle in Country's North, South and West Bank

Mother of two, a radio station DJ, Shot Dead at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration

On This Day: First draft of human genome published - Feb. 15, 2001

A peer-reviewed science journal just published an article with ridiculous AI-generated images

Anchorage's white raven becomes a local legend as a tracked trickster

Joe Manchin floats Mitt Romney as a potential running mate as he weighs a presidential bid

Ireland to give UNRWA 20 mln euros after key donors suspend aid

(Tweet)Somehow TSF's sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll is not disqualifying, but Fani Willis' consensual relationship is

'Very afraid': Colombian human rights lawyer loses security after winning prize

I'm watching the Fani Willis Hearing on Judge McAfee's Youtube channel

10cc - Art for Art's Sake

Thomas J. Method: FBI charges Framingham, MA man for Jan. 6 Capitol riots role. What he's charged with

I disagree with Chuck Rosenberg's assessment of the Fani Willis situation.

'They lied': plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals

Cheato will face his first criminal trial on March 25, 2024

Latino Democrats launch "Our Lucha" war room using Spanglish to combat GOP

The Bidens are so real--story of their first date and proposals

Where can I get one?

Stay classy Georgia 14th. Stay classy.

Conservative Bigots Double Down On Losing Strategy - Majority Report

Sounds like the analysis on the Georgia case about Willis conflict

Thank you again for the hearts. So swell, barracuda.

The legacy press is here to INFLUENCE, not inform.

Chicago Organizers Defeat Police Tech in Ongoing Fight for Community Safety

Johnson's mixed signals on ShotSpotter add up to another misstep

Dems FLIP Santos Seat! Reliable Voters ABANDONED GOP! The Next Level

So how's everyone feeling this morning? (no text below)

Jobless claims fall to one-month low of 212,000. Layoffs still small.

Are we in an age of National Dysphoria?

WAPO OP ED: Rubin: 4 signs Trump's weaknesses are deepening (1 paragraph)

I am feeling energetic lately

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 15, 2024

Biden administration picks airports for nearly $1 billion in terminal upgrades

Truth Social merger deal wins key approval, a victory for Trump

Bass solo! Starring Geddy Lee.

I have a bad feeling about how the Fulton County case is going.

Lehtos Law: Another State Bans Home Equity Theft (Counties stealing entire property value for minor tax delinquencies)

Any New Info On The Kansas City Shooting?....

Gaza doctors measure children for malnutrition

Senate poised to pass biggest piece of tech regulation in decades

This, this is a thing of beauty

Live Updates: Judge Sets Trial Date in Trump's Manhattan Criminal Case

Anthony Epstein, pathologist behind Epstein-Barr virus find, dies at 102

I'm really struggling

I am not happy about the Trump cases

DjT keeps calling the legal cases against him "election interference"...

Brooke Ellison, resilient disability rights activist, dies at 45

VoteVets - Appeasement

The Billionaire Bully Who Wants to Turn Texas Into a Christian Theocracy

Where's your evidence, former friend?

Update: Tobago Oil Spill Threatens Grenada, Venezuela

Update: Tobago Oil Spill Threatens Grenada, Venezuela

'Kiss My Ass': David Cameron Gets Short Shrift From Marjorie Taylor Greene After Ukraine Funding Plea

Harry Litman: Trump co-defendants cause TOTAL CIRCUS in Fulton County hearing (Tawdry & Puritanical)

Doctor Narrates Bombing of Nasser Hospital Just Before Israeli Troops Storm Complex

Doctor asked me "Do you smoke or drink coffee"?

Cartoons 2/15/2024

A Columbia Surgeon's Study Was Pulled. He Kept Publishing Flawed Data.

Journalist Reports from Rafah: "I Always Imagine Myself Being Blown Up"

💓💓A little Valentine Cow Art-- in thanks for my hearts today! 💓💓

Trouble at US space force as multibillion-dollar program cancelled

Steve Ostrow, whose NYC bathhouse became a gay landmark, dies at 91

Wahoo! Another heart,

'Over the moon': Everett class credited for rising kindergarten test scores

"Clyburn to seek reelection, step down from House Democratic leadership"

Russia and China clash with US and UK over attacks on Yemen rebels for strikes on Red Sea ships

Selma Blair apologizes after Islamophobic comment

La Scala concert features violins that inmates made from battered migrant boats

Fat positivity won't kill you but being fat might.

The ayes have it -- Hearts extended until Sunday!

Kansas City police link Super Bowl rally shooting to personal dispute, not terror

Has anyone gotten the Medicare flex card that it's often advertised on the internet?

Someone got me around the corner and on to row two with the hearts.

Is Joe Biden the Ideal Candidate for President in 2024?

What I just learned about "turbo-cancer" (2:17)

Israeli Invasion of Rafah Would Lead to "Massive Bloodshed." Will Biden Take Any Action?

Shooting after Chiefs Super Bowl parade seemed to stem from dispute among several people, police say

Question. Georgia trial

Child labor remains a key state legislative issue in 2024

Georgia case:

Tucker Carlson Says Trip to Russian Grocery Store Has 'Radicalized' Him Against US Leaders: 'Legitimately Angry'

Biden Pushes House to Approve Bill with $14B in Military Aid to Israel, Cuts UNRWA Funding

Joe: Trump's cynicism once again cost Republicans the election

The poor woman's life is on TV?

Trump thought he had a fancy new was wrong

White House hits Johnson for going on recess without passing Ukraine aid

The Beat Goes On... The Fani Willis Hearing...

Wade wasn't paid for all of his time working on the Georgia Trump case.

LIVE: Fulton County hearing on misconduct allegations against Fani Willis - MSNBC

"Trump is out of money": Republicans fear Trump will drain RNC funds to pay his own legal bills

Mary Trump rips Jon Stewart for 'bringing back the same B.S. -

Wow! I've never received so many hearts.

How Two Russian Prisoners Ended Up Fighting For Ukraine

Joe Biden versus President Trump. Notice the difference here?

DeSantis Walks Back FL Book Ban Statute He Once Championed

I have finished posting my replies in Love in a song. I found 5 posters that had no hearts. If somesome is looking for

US rebukes Israel for demolishing activist home in Jerusalem

Biden administration eyes student debt forgiveness for those experiencing 'hardship'

Fani just got on the stand

Fani taking stand right now!!!!!!!

Fani Willis withdraws her objection to testifying. She looks PISSED.

I fail to see how Willis and Wade's relationship has anything to do with the case

Yikes! Fani Willis to Testify... Five minutes, people...

Stuck smack in the middle of downtown Idontgetitville

Boeing whistleblower: "I won't fly on a MAX"

IRS weighing 'audit selection algorithm' changes for low-income taxpayer credit

Thank you - my hearts are cloning

Putin urges Russians to have more kids, says ethnic survival at stake

Lab-grown 'beef rice' could offer more sustainable protein source, say creators

Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign's 'Vultures 1' Album Removed From Apple Music (Billboard)

flash gordon

Fani Willis walked in to the courtroom unannounced

Racism on steroids

Seychelles drops witchcraft charges against opposition's Patrick Herminie

Lunch today...

US Justice Department sues over Tennessee law targeting HIV-positive people convicted of sex work

Lee Giobbie: Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Defendant Leaves Ameriprise. Company Says It Planned to Fire Him.

Fauni Willis isn't having it

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on New York fraud verdict: 'I don't have high hopes'

Obviously, I am not a black person but if I were I would be more than offended.

US and allies disrupt Russian cyber espionage operation against US and Europe, FBI chief says

YO! Atlanta DUers! Public Announcement! DON'T PISS OFF FANI!

Blinken says Gaza hostage deal still possible but 'very hard' issues remain

Overlooked tab in foreign aid bill

Hamas rejects Israeli proposal to release 1,500 inmates for hostages - report

'Migrant Crime Wave' Not Supported by Data, Despite High-Profile Cases

How is the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act Constitutional?

Does anyone see now why those being prosecuted in the Georgia case are scared by Fani Willis?

Why Russia's Putin backing Biden for the US presidency is not what it seems

I am so impressed with Fani Willis.

Democratic congressman calls out pro-Hamas/Houthi protestors for having "blood on their hands"

Willis just substantiated wade's reimbursement testimony. Also,

Ukraine making major retreats in Avdviika as House Republicans head to vacation

Wouldn't be surprised if Robin Yeartie got a bundle of cash from smelvis.

What to know about Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing Trump's hush money case

FFS!!! - (2024) A criminal court in South Florida sentenced a man for having consensual sex with another man.

She's so excited!

Thank you for my heart

Just briefly:

Anyone else here on Spoutible?

Biden's lawyers forcefully protested Hur report before its release

Russia has obtained a 'troubling' emerging anti-satellite weapon, the White House says

I love Fani Willis

US investigators visit homes of two Palestinian-American teens killed in the West Bank

DU Armchair Lawyers

They Want to Erase Black History - From Lauren's Blog

Fani Willis put a lot of digs on the Trump attorney team.

Sounds like Fani Willis is putting trump's attorney on the witness stand. I loved it when Willis

Fani Willis: 24-hour billing and cash reimbursements.

Scott Joplin - Bethena - A Concert Waltz

How long does the Fani Willis Hearing last

White House lawyers wrote Garland slamming Hur's report before its release

This is a hit job against Fani Wills DA!!!

Kimberly Guilfoyle scolded Mar-a-Lago guests who were talking during her speech: "Excuse me.... You're not being best."

Let's hope Brianna is right about the headline of Fani's testimony

A Redistricting Surprise in New York: A Map That Plays Few Favorites

AI faked videos are going to be a very big problem

Fani Willis

Man charged with setting fires at predominantly Black church in Rhode Island

Othello's shenanagins...

I dedicate this poem to my toxic ex enjoy

Tennessee legislators propose banning all sales of cold beer

Thank you everyone that gave me a heart today and yesterday. Love ya.

Special counsel Robert Hur to testify publicly on Biden investigation

'Sahil Omar': A forever criminal falsely linked to US shooting

It is a shame I can't reach out into the televison...

Steve Sadow, Trump lawyer.

Fani Willis has means and right to have large sums of cash

OpenAI's Video Generator Sora Is Breathtaking, Yet Terrifying

Raid of East Bay home finds grenades, machine guns, 1 million rounds of ammo

Virginia sued over guidance on transgender public school students

U.S. conducted cyberattack on suspected Iranian spy ship

U.S. conducted cyberattack on suspected Iranian spy ship

This judge does not appear to be having any of Trump's lawyer's shit

Special counsel charges FBI informant with lying to the bureau about Hunter and Joe Biden

DoJ charges Hunter witness Smirnov with false statements

I've wondered for years if there is a reverse placebo effect from all of the drug advertisements? I even asked two

Thursday morning, southern MD

I'm thinking that if TSF's plan to destroy Fani Willis is successful,

Fani Willis made me LOL

Clapping out loud for the Honorable Ms. DA Fani Willis

I think we can safely say that DA Willis

Prime Ministers Canada, Australia and NZ Call For Ceasefire

Judge Cannon can't seem to be held accountable but Willis is raked over the coals.

Lawyer tapped out. New lawyer tapped in.

Greek parliament to legalize same-sex marriage, first for an Orthodox Christian country

Why is Fani Willis being grilled by mutiple attorneys?

Top Israeli ministers reject Palestinian statehood as part of post war plan

BEST spreading crocus!!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 16 February 2024

UAE restricts US ability to launch retaliatory airstrikes against Iran proxies

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 15, 2024

I hope those Trump related attorneys grilling Fani Willis suffer serious consequences.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #16-2: Mr. Tucker Goes To Moscow Edition

What are we at now? The sixth Trump lawyer?

Never argue with a black woman

Gun shops that sell the most guns used in crime revealed in new list

The judge in the Fani Willis hearing just told the attorney to go sit down. Yeah!!

No one can be sure what a Judge is going to do, but....

Any Lawyers here? (How is Fani doing?)

I'm With Harry...'Trump co-defendants cause TOTAL CIRCUS in Fulton County hearing'

Should Black History Month include White History?

Missouri high court says Planned Parenthood can receive funding; cites failed appeal by state

Kids Online Safety Act gains enough supporters to pass the Senate

DOJ charges informant who provided derogatory informaton about Hunter & Joe Biden with obstruction & false statements!

This judge is gonna be giving pants down spankings to the Trump lawyers

Fani Willis for GA Governor!

How many lawyers does it take to question a black female

Should Black History Month include White History?

Panicked Trump Goes OFF THE RAILS With UNHINGED Rant Outside Of Courthouse

Why are the Trump lawyers allowed to take point in this, and not attorneys from Fulton County?

'Stompin' at The Savoy' Benny Goodman JazzBand Feat. Lionel Hampton; 'Flying Home' -2 🎹

Things that make me go "Godz help us!"

You know dang well these trumper lawyers have cash stashed.

Fani Willis is doing an excellent job, and for those upset that she is being grilled, it needs to be

Okay now. Has anyone kept a record of their transactions with someone in a relationship?

Wisconsin Assembly passes constitutional amendment to limit diversity efforts

Informant who claimed Biden was guilty of bribery arrested by FBI for 'false statements'

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral"

Trump doesn't have 1% of the guts Fani Willis has

Thank you (belatedly) for the heart!

The Faces - Stay With Me

Two of the five attorneys grilling Fani Willis today...

Johnson Intended To Stop Ukraine Aid, Not Pass An Immigration Bill

Abortion pills that patients got via telehealth and the mail are safe, study finds, 99.7%

Mike Luckovich-Hopefully this gun-lovers victory parade remains safe from voters..

Early on MSNBC with the Nathan Wade and Fani Willis hearing

Special counsel charges FBI informant with lying to the bureau about Hunter and Joe Biden

Sir Roger Penrose.... Nobel laureat in holes... etc, etc,etc...

Entire case against Fulton County D.A., Fani Willis, is COMPLETE BS

head of Oklahoma's Board of Educ rejoices after elementary school principal resigned following hate-induced bomb threat

Post a song lyric from an obscure rock & roll band and see if anyone knows the band and/or the song w/o using Google

Trump's Georgia lawyers and their dripping paint brushes

The Daily B***h*: "I do not watch the news because I do not want my cat

Fanni for president!

Lawyers on MSNBC appear to be in agreement that Trump's lawyers are failing badly

A Collapse of the Amazon Could Be Coming 'Faster Than We Thought'

FBI informant charged with lying about Joe and Hunter Biden's ties to Ukrainian energy company

Many thanks to the generous DUer for my latest heart!

Michael Roman the man who brought these Fani Willis allegations ....

new OK bill would put restrictions on IUDs and revoke the over counter status of Plan B, track women's abortions

Southern MD sunset 2/15

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town

Kamala Harris: Love is Love💙

Rep. Jerry Nadler: A two-state solution is not a "gift" - it's the only viable solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

73 yr old Illinois man receives5 yr prison sentence after driving into abortion clinic, trying to set it on fire

Quote by Plato:

I think the point of the Fani Willis hearing

'Where'd you get that kind of money girl?' 'Why would you have that much money in your pocket, boy?'

Biden's lawyers protested to the DOJ before Hur report was released. Garland silent on their concerns.

Ode to Joy lyrics.

Ariz. Republican who stood up to Trump after 2020 won't seek reelection

White House asked DOJ to remove statements critical of Biden from Hur report. DOJ refused.

Women Move Mountains To Get A Stray Dog The Perfect Home

Trump is using tax payer money for protection

Roughly 5 minutes of the Jon Stewart transcript

Teddy tries customer service

Big gaggle flew off, too far and dark to see, southern md

Big gaggle flew off, too far and dark to see, southern md

The hearts made my week so much better! Thank you, generous folks!

Graaaaaasley Graaaaaaasley you're in the New York Tiiiiiiimes.

Ari Melber had someone named Manny Arora who is definitely an asshole.

Trump Debuts New Legal Theory: Even If Guilty, 'There Is No Crime'

Republican Congresswoman Luna voted to CUT Veterans benefits by 22% now cries about veterans.

The Supreme Court Is On The Clock

That was Rude

Couple has sweetest response when starving cat asks for help

Nebraska transgender student files complaint claiming she was outed by school officials

Don't forget --- You can give hearts to yourself!

Greece legalises same sex marriage

Natural gas-powered truck explosion injures 9 firefighters in Los Angeles

Trump has filed his reply to Smith's response at the Supreme Court

Fani Willis: "I don't need anything from a man. A man is not a plan. A man is a companion."