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Looks like Joy Reid is being positive about Fani Willis testimony.

Democrats scold Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'vulgarity' and 'conspiracy' in vaccine hearing

Great comments by Tiffany Cross

School vouchers in a nutshell (from Mastodon)

Katie Phang reported about Fani Willis.

Ever see a kidnapped hostage or POW video tape before?

TFG has filed reply brief in the SCOTUS stay litigation seeking to delay trial of case

Federal judge questions controversial Texas immigration law amid court battle

I really admired Ms. Willis's entrance to the stand.

How different colours look at depth

Katie Phang is stating that her mother told her to have money stashed away.

Cabbage Salad

The Fani Trial

Globetrotting Millennial Woman Pleads Guilty to Sending $7M of Drone, Missile Parts to Russia

KCMO shooter overheard according to CNN

The Wheel

I ain't a lawyer. But is the relationship between a prosecutor and a special prosecutor that is hired by the prosecutor

My God, two more hearts. Thanks, DU.

Incredibly smart love bird sorting colours

Our conservative future

Group photo shows Michigan GOP electors on day they signed false certificate

I'm thankful for those giving hearts.

Update on my wife's four year trek for her Green Card - it is IR1 Visa interview day at the embassy

Labor News & Commentary February 12, 2024 union and future-union workers who made the Super Bowl happen

'Here I am': Fani Willis takes the stand in misconduct allegation hearing - MSNBC Reports (2 videos)

How the hell is 'that company' allowed to sell drugs without the side effect disclaimers?

Study, 70% of people in relationships started as friends

House Democratic Caucus Chair Warns of Possible March Government Shutdown

Trump hush money case jury selection begins March 25 - Morning Joe - MSNBC (2 videos)

AI's new text to video app, Sora, is impressive

Tonight's ads on MSNBC.

ABC's "Not Dead Yet"

Trump co-defendants cause TOTAL CIRCUS in Fulton County hearing - Talking Feds

The Vogtle 4 Reactor in Georgia USA Reaches Criticality.

Question: If you set up monthly donations to the site...

Thank you very much for the heart

Fani Willis Battles Trump Lawyers In Fiery Testimony (Highlights) - Reflect

We have got to get DeJoy out of our mail system!

Thank you for the heart!

9 hearts, a record!! Thank You!! 9 years this fall that My Way Better Half Valentine passed.

Jim Clyburn to Play More Active Role in Biden's Campaign


Oops! True The Vote Admits They Have No Evidence Of Georgia Election Fraud - Waldorf Nation

See Fani Willis' entire defiant testimony in stunning courtroom moment - MSNBC Reports

Bipartisan House Group Drafts New Foreign Aid Bill

Thanks for the first heart I've ever received!

Officer involved in Freddie Gray's death will oversee Baltimore police integrity unit

Burisma Scandal Was All A Lie

Yamaha's world-first hydrogen outboard unveiled on prototype boat

Montana Rep. Rosendale drops US Senate bid after 6 days, citing Trump endorsement of opponent

Link 2 Line service between South Bellevue Station and Redmond Technology Station begins April 27

Scientists may have accidentally found mystery magma reservoir in volcanoless region of Alaska

"Powerful evidence": Legal experts say Trump's NY criminal trial could "completely upend" election

Investors are buying cheaper homes at a record rate -- and certain markets have their attention

"(P)ermissible in English for a preposition to be what you end a sentence with" - Merriam Webster

To y'all who gifted me hearts, I'm 'taken' with gratitude.

'She came in hot!' Fani Willis torches Trump lawyer in stunning testimony - Deadline - MSNBC

Man Who Made 'Video Manifesto' Charged for Role in Jan. 6 Riot

Rightwingers are upset over Beyonce releasing country song. Dukes of hazzard guy says something stupid

Special counsel who questioned Biden's memory to testify at House hearing

Fantasy artist whose work was ripped off over 100,000 times by AI recommends software to poison AI. Good for him.

Once a slimeball always a slimeball.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, an indictment, and no surprise....

Dems File Complaint That Speaker Johnson Used Christian Nationalist as Guest Chaplain

Donald Trump's first criminal trial is set for 3/25: NY 2016 election interference/hush money case - Glenn Kirschner

Russia has obtained a 'troubling' emerging anti-satellite weapon, the White House says

House centrists to unveil bipartisan border and aid deal for Ukraine and Israel

GOP Rep. Asks Speaker Johnson to Investigate Intel Committee Chair

*GOOD news re: status of repug PARTY!

Descriptive city names.

Mike Luckovich on Trump and Putin

Ancient rock art in Argentinian cave may have transmitted information across 100 generations

US conducted cyberattack on suspected Iranian spy ship, NBC News reports

Tens of thousands of workers in Florida have just lost their labor unions. More coming

Judge to Trump's face: You're going on trial in March - Deadline - MSNBC

Ford CEO says company will rethink where it builds vehicles after last year's autoworkers strike

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

New York panel sends proposed congressional map to Statehouse for approval

A Florida man was imprisoned 37 years for a murder he didn't commit. He's now getting $14M

Jack Smith SWIFTLY SHUTS DOWN Trump's request - Talking Feds

Thanks to all who gave me hearts

Im questioning the safety of compressed natural gas powered vehicles

CA-22: Dems in California House race spend millions in messy primary battle

Greene Says It's 'Bullshit' that Vaccines Saved Millions

In fiery testimony, Fani Willis hits back at misconduct claims that threaten future of Trump case

Greece legalizes same-sex marriage!

UK: Kingswood by-election result: Another defeat for Rishi Sunak as Labour wins seat

NY-03: How Democrats flipped the script in House special

Want to be more informed about MAGA's Project 2025?

'Lies!': DA throws down as Trump's RICO case hangs in the balance - The Beat - MSNBC

Minors... two teenage kids were the KC Chiefs Parade shooters... where are we going wrong?

Got another heart ❤

Let's not forget, the Trump NY case isn't just about Stormy Daniels and her $130K.

Tens of thousands of workers in Florida have just lost their labor unions. More coming

'Personnel changes' coming to Virginia GOP after post attacking House Speaker (D)

Trump faces prison risk, but this accusation could topple his RICO case - The Beat - MSNBC

MT: Cascade County selects former Realtor CEO as new elections administrator

Grocery store boy Tucker has never been to an ALDIs

Wiggly Maggots Fall On Delta Passenger From Overhead Bin

Kansas bill would require abortion seekers be asked for reasons before terminating pregnancy

Kanye new album... is my musical taste just really bad?

Saint-Saens 'Tarantelle' showcasing flute

I got enraged

Trump Files 17-Page Reply With SCOTUS In Support Of Immunity Defense

Seth Meyers - Trump to Attend Hearing in Criminal Trial Over Hush Money Payments to Stormy Daniels - Monologue 2/14/24

How Soon Must The J6 Trial Start Before Garland Shuts It Down

Nikki Haley has gained ground -- but GOP rules mean it may result in few delegates

NC: Federal judges seem split on ordering new Senate districts Black voters are challenging

Armed men are arrested after storming an Ecuador TV studio during a live broadcast

Vladimir Putin Delivers Damning Assessment Of Tucker Carlson Days After Interview

Why was Robin Yeartie allowed to testify virtually?

W.A.S.P "Golgotha" Cover by Tanya Rizkala

NE: Hansen bill would cut Nebraska's early voting period to 22 days

MAGA Lady Spirals Over Disturbing Civil War Theory - Rebel HQ

Trump Debuts New Legal Theory: Even If Guilty, 'There Is No Crime'

Fani Willis is the model of a strong, truth-telling woman

New GOP conspiracy theory: Babies are getting abortions!

The New York City case will not send Trump to jail

Garland Appointed 3 Special Counsels

Seth Meyers: Guest Jake Tapper on Alejandro Mayorkas' Impeachment and United States of Scandal

House Speaker Johnson on the special counsel's report: President Biden "certainly unfit for the Oval Office."

Brazilian police charge ex-President Bolsonaro's youngest son with alleged fraud

WI-SEN: GOP businessman Eric Hovde to announce run against Tammy Baldwin

'Bullsh--' See Trump schooled by his own ambassador on 'dangerous' BS about 'butcher' Putin - The Beat - MSNBC

Jewish reggae singer's concert cancelled in Tucson due to "safety concerns"

Hearing To Disqualify Fani Willis Appears To Be A Total Failure

The farmers' protests, the far right and the fallout

Where is Garland on the Hur report?

Anaheim Changes How Political Candidates Fundraise in Wake of Corruption Scandal

So why hasn't this (maga?) Judge (McAfee) already

CA: Who's Funding the Campaigns in the Orange County Supervisors Races?

CA: Irvine Voters to Decide on Changing City's Election System

Jackson Mahomes Deemed A Hero After Protecting Child At Parade Mass Shooting

'Spectacular embarrassment': GOP's 'informant' charged with lying about Bidens - All In - MSNBC

AZ: Republicans want to roll back the clock 30 years and end no-excuse early voting

Operation Lone Star Soldiers Say They're 'Putting On A Show'

AZ: Bipartisan support for letting voters declare drug cartels 'terrorist organizations'

Federal Way police chief calls state's vehicular pursuit law unacceptable

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 18, 2024 - 31 Days of Oscar: Supporting Actor

Snow potential index: 8/10 (↑) -

Opinion Dark Brandon goes darker than ever - Molly Roberts WaPo

TCM Schedule for Monday February 19, 2024 - 31 Days of Oscar: Music, Original Song

'Have a Seat!': NY Judge Puts Trump Lawyer In His Place Following Interruptions

TX: In her reelection bid, Rep. Shawn Thierry (D) tests whether Democrats will tolerate anti-LGBTQ votes

'Amazing turn of events': Jamie Raskin reacts to arrest of GOP's Hunter Biden 'informant' - All In - MSNBC

Trump gets lost in confused rant on stage at his own rally - Brian Tyler Cohen

FL: Senate unanimously votes to restrict hemp, THC ahead of potential marijuana referendum

Hopefully This Parade Remains Safe From Voters - Luckovich Cartoon

☦️ I sense that I'm experiencing delayed, complicated, unresolved grief. nt

March 25th

PA: What Do HD-140 Results Show Us For November?

Would a board of directors retain Biden as CEO? Or Trump? - StarTribune

Tucker Carlson learns how shopping carts work in Moscow.

Here's just a few of the times Ted Cruz used the now-indicted FBI informant's BS allegation to promote his podcast.

Incitement by the numbers: More than 200 Jan. 6 defendants say they came to Capitol because Trump (Law and Crime)

PA: Lebanon County's ballot drop box a casualty of election conspiracies

Polls Show US Approves Of Taylor Swift Registering Voters

A Meme for Pets

Lara Trump vows 'every single penny' of RNC funds will go to Trump - All In - MSNBC

Opinion: Utah incident reveals this inherent threat in anti-trans efforts to 'protect' girls in sports

Why does MSNBC come down so hard on Fani Willis'

2000 Mules producers tell judge they have no evidence of ballot stuffing.

Beverly Hills in Crisis as Judge Mandates New Affordable Housing: "People Are Furious"

A loophole got him a free New York hotel stay for five years. Then he claimed to own the building

Nathaniel Dett's 'Cinnamon Grove', 4 parts

I was too impressed at first by OpenAI's video generator, Sora, when it was unveiled today. Like others, I fell for hype

FL: Abortion-rights advocates slam bill establishing personhood at conception in wrongful death suits

Old encounter but good analysis. Ukrainian Bradley Battles Russian T90M Tank near Avdiivka-youtube

NH Senate rejects enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution

need a smile? miss hotlips' got ya covered.

Biden probe goes up in flames with game changing news! - Pondering Politics

The Republican Party Doesn't Want to Fix Anything

'Massive benefit': Immigration surge set to boost U.S. economy by $7 trillion - All In - MSNBC

SD House: State must create, post abortion-law video

Texas's Senate Race Is a Lot More Competitive Than We Think - Let's Talk Elections

Seth Meyers - Trump Appears in Court for Hush Money Case, Judge Sets March Trial Date: A Closer Look

JUST IN: Winter storm watches issued for

UK: Vote counting continues in the Wellingborough by-election

Can I Freeze...? Foods You Didn't Know You Could Freeze

The matriarchy at work.

They're still taking swipes at Fani Willis for having the temerity to have a relationship

Elon Musk demands users stop 'deadnaming' Twitter after Stephen King trolls the billionaire

NY judge PUTS A FIRM STOP to Trump's CHILDISH argument - Talking Feds

Milei Heading to Pro-Trump Event as Blinken Mulls Argentina Trip

India's top court strikes down anonymous election funding scheme

update on the 81 yr old man tossed down escalator in Texas. There is more to the story

Dead with Pete Townsend -Around and Around

My friend,

Arizona lawmaker wants to give state electoral votes to GOP nominee before 2024 election

There is something mythical

'Recipe for disaster': Neal Katyal breaks down Trump's circular immunity argument - The Last Word - MSNBC

My mom died today.

Slightly Stupid - Franklin's Tower - 2016

Waxing Crescent, 32% visible

Reggae singer claims Arizona concert was canceled to 'silence' his pro-Israel stance

Will This Be The Determining Factor In Electing Donald Trump? The Warning

Reggae singer claims Arizona concert was canceled to 'silence' his pro-Israel stance

"The Day I Put $50,000 in a Shoe Box and Handed It to a Stranger"

cellist who played national anthem at the Knicks game, gets hit with a bottle 'I don't think I can do this anymore'

More Than Half Of U.S. Adults Say They're Taylor Swift Fans, Survey Finds

Summary of the new New York Congressional District

Fani Willis SHUTS DOWN MAGA Attack in MUST-SEE moment - Meidas Touch

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump gets his first trial date and Fani Willis fights what she called 'lies' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump world considers having the former president deliver the official GOP State of the Union response

couple's gun goes off in cafe, bullet strikes man, they scurry off


Kimmel: Trump Complains About His Chubby Photos, Putin Trolls Tucker Carlson & Did You Do IT Last Night?

Welcome Back Texas Towelie!!!

Taylor Taranto: Jan. 6 defendant arrested at Obama's home is hit with new felony charges

Gwen Keyes: Fani Willis testimony was a 'fight for her own integrity' - The Last Word - MSNBC

UK: Conservatives Suffer Setback in Parliamentary Elections in Britain

House centrists to unveil bipartisan border and aid deal for Ukraine and Israel

Type O Negative - Anesthesia (Cover by Nadia Kodes)

Why did the judge allow questions about Fani Willis' sex life?

WI: Kenosha mayor race, 9 candidates on primary ballot

Elon Musk to seek district court review of order in SEC X case

Nevada judge strikes down independent redistricting commission ballot petitions

Update on my wife's four year trek for her Green Card - IR1 visa issuance delayed one day due to missing document

For AR Kids resubmits Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment of 2024 for third time

Lottery, casino bill passes key vote in Alabama House

New Mexico State Legislature sends two more constitutional amendments to the November ballot

Top Dem slams GOP as 'pro-Putin Party' as 'Russian nuclear-powered space asset' threat looms - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Russian Oil Exports Start to Collapse as Tankers refuse Russian Oil & India Cuts Imports from Russia - Joe Blogs

Fort Worth council approves putting 2 percentage point hotel occupancy tax on the May 4 ballot

Nashville will get to vote on funding transit this year. Here's what to know

Friday TOONs

'She's not on trial': Why Fani Willis' testimony should scare Trump's lawyers - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Missouri Supreme Court upholds state Senate district map drawn by judicial panel

Kansas State Sen. (R) Kansas State Sen. Mark Steffen (R-Hutchinson) links (incorrectly) autism diagnoses with vaccines:

Major General Pat Ryder in 2/15 briefing

Met my first Kangal yesterday

Stormy Monday: More than just a hush money case, Trump's first criminal trial gets a date - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

This is Bear and Moose. They wanted to come back inside but couldn't get past security:

Stealth mode activated:

Biden White House still fighting mad over politicized Hur report - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Stephen King's 'Under the Dome' nails how Trumpism functions at the most elemental of levels.

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper on Jon Stewart's Daily Show Homecoming - After The Cut

Inflation Panic: Actual consumer prices are well behaved. Financial commentators and central bankers are not.

Jon Tester Opens Solid Lead

The Daily Show: Bloomberg Businessweek National Correspondent Joshua Green on his book, "The Rebels"

I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd but Joe Biden as Vice President and as a member of the Senate Intelligence

You wanna see a real Witch Hunt?

The Daily Show - Klepper Calls for Gun Control After KC Parade Shooting & Trump Might Get Off In GA

On Trump's NATO comments and hypocrisy.

'A lot of spectacle, but not very much substance.': Hear Fani Willis testimony on alleged misconduct - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Elon Musk's lawsuit against the National Labor Relations Board gets transferred from Texas to California

'I think it's a mess:' House Republicans alarmed over Speaker Johnson's leadership - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I'd like to thank you for the hearts

Will the GOP Turn The Border Into Warzone Before 2024 Election? - Thom Hartmann

Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Tucker Carlson With Why His Putin Interview Was 'Very Funny'

Russia developing anti-satellite weapon, White House confirms - CBS News (2 videos)

FBI arrests Indiana man over threats to 'kill every Jew' -- but didn't tell Jewish community about him

Joni Ernst has beclowned herself for years to appease Trump. This is how they repay her.

A top U.N. official says Hamas is 'not a terrorist organization,' sparking furious backlash from Israel

Judge's Ruling Will END Trump Financially - Meidas Touch

Trump is out on bail

We Exposed the Biggest Scam in American Health Care - More Perfect Union

Lewis Black on Florida Banning Dictionaries - Lewis Black's Rantcast

Shocking Message From Dead Children To America - Thom Hartmann

WOW! GOP's Biggest Talking Point BLOWS UP In Their Face - Meidas Touch

Members of Congress say they're still concerned over racial disparities after meeting with Navy Federal Credit Union CEO

4 patients die as oxygen runs out in Gaza hospital seized by Israeli forces, health officials say

I'm trying to figure out how two consenting adults involved in a relationship with one another......

You Don't Want To Know What the GOP Has In Store For America - Thom Hartmann

KGB spy who rubbed shoulders with French elite for decades as magazine editor

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 02/15/2024

Labour wins two by-elections in bruising night for the Tories

I'm feeling the love.

Don't feel bad about giving hearts to yourself.

A California man was found with 1 million rounds of ammo and 248 illegally owned guns in his house state authorities say

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the House GOP winning one....

Resplendent Quetzal - Costa Rica

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets SlammedFor Spreading COVID Vaccine Conspiracies - Reflect

Wordle 972 ***Spoiler Thread***

Jan. 6 defendant arrested at Obama's home is hit with new felony charges

Democrats, unions ramp up pressure against fiscal commission

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 16, 2024

If Fani Willis is removed a new DA will be appointed.

UPCOMING EVENT: Preparing Ukraine's economy for a war of attrition: Beyond the battlefield. 27 February - Online

Jon Tester Opens Solid Lead

Tough decision was made in Avdiivka. Escape route discovered. 70% Z-Army gpne. Putin takes Chechnya - The Russian Dude

Satellite photos show Egypt building a wall near Gaza Strip

Breakfast Friday 16 February 2024

Jailed Putin opponent Alexei Navalny has died, Russian media says

CNBC reporting Navalny is dead

Best lost love song

Henderson police covered up colleague's DUI, internal probe claims

Fed up witness wrecks Marjorie Taylor Greene, leaves her stunned - Brian Tyler Cohen

Raskin calls on GOP to end Biden impeachment inquiry after indictment of FBI informant

Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny is dead -prison service

Instagram and Threads will no longer promote 'political' content. No one knows what they define as 'political'

Today could be a very bad day for the slobfather.

Netanyahu rejects international pressure on peace plan, Palestinian state

Bird recording device

Biden's Schedule for Friday, February 16, 2024

ABC: FBI informant charged with lying about Joe and Hunter Biden's ties to Ukrainian energy company

When Will Garland Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate James Comer

KBG Putin, once an agent,

This state lawmaker thinks Abe Lincoln wrote the Constitution Opinion

2022 Fern Hollow Bridge Collapse Subject of Feb. 21 NTSB Virtual Board Meeting

Verdict in Donald Trump's civil fraud trial expected Friday, capping busy week of court action

On this day, February 16, 1951, Acuff-Rose Publications published "Cold, Cold Heart."

MAGA fatigue and the "exhaustion of outrage addiction"

On February 15, 1914, Kevin McCarthy was born.

Matt Gaetz text messages, photos handed to House by woman in sex traffic investigation

On this day, February 16, 1918, Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters was born.

When Will The J6 Trial Have To Start

'Big nothing burger': Fani Willis hearing failed to turn up evidence of corruption

Caitlin Clark of Iowa breaks the NCAA women's career scoring record with a signature 'logo 3'

Meme: "Republicans are really angry that they are being judged by the content of their character not the colour of their

On this day, February 16, 1923, English Egyptologist Howard Carter unsealed Tutankhamun's tomb.

The NYPD is closing roads by me in NYC during rush hour to allow Donald Trump to get to the courthouse in lower Manhatta

Why are so many of Asian Indian descent Republicans?

RTE Prime Time: Interview with US Senator Bernie Sanders

Labor News & Commentary February 13, 2024 Starbucks continues to violate labor law & more

Putin's Oil Strategy Collapses! Sanctions Deliver Devastating Blow - Info Flow

But they are both so old!

Verdict in Donald Trump's civil fraud trial expected Friday, capping busy week of court action

Israel's 'veto' of Palestinian state needs to be revoked

Lawsuit accusing NRA of lavish misspending now heads to jury

A Hammerhead shark, a Sawfish and a Carpenter ant walked into a bar...

Is Kara-Murza next?

On this day, February 16, 1996, two passenger trains collided in Silver Spring, Maryland.

You know it's PTSD when

'Disgusting': Dark Money Group Unveils Wildly Islamophobic Ads Against Biden Court Pick

LIVE 8:30AM - Vice President Harris speaks at the Munich Security Conference

Breaking: Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died

Schoolwashing - Plastic Industry Making Sure That Science Class Has Lots Of "Informative" Content & Activities

US unions target the housing affordability crisis as their 'biggest issue'

The Rundown: February 16, 2024

Cop Starts SPRAYING BULLETS After Sound Of Falling Acorn Freaks Him Out

They Lied - Plastics Industry Knew For 30+ Years That Recycling Is Technically & Economically Impossible

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (February 19 -- February 23)

The origin of Superheroes: Johnny Thunder

Today's the day to start counting!

Glenn Kirschner: 'Irretrievably incompetent' GOP 'circling the drain' after witness fiasco

January wholesale prices rise 0.3%, more than expected

Useful idiot

A Myriad of Sculptures

His drug dealer was in a wheelchair. He was just convicted of robbing and killing him

NY Civil Fraud Trial prediction, $535 million and

Since 1980s, Vegetated Areas In Greenland Have More Than Doubled To Nearly 34,000 Square MIles

Alexy Navalny is dead.

Nkechi Diallo, Born Rachel Dolezal, Loses Teaching Job Over OnlyFans Account

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul: Putin killed Navalny. Let's be crystal clear about that.

With Putin, there is only death.

Search results show original title for thread, not new edited title

Paris's New Weapons in Climate Fight Are Metro Turnstiles and the Seine

Biden Performs Strongest Against Trump

"Liberals are always right"

You raised $145.00 on February 15, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

The Real Difference Between Trump and Biden Watching both men in office reveals a sharp distinction.

LIVE UPDATES Fani Willis misconduct allegations hearing to resume in Trump Georgia case

Call up your congressman and ask Cui Bono ?

Twins (The Lincoln Project)

"Tawdry and salacious "

Taylor Swift Donates $100K to Family of Woman Killed at Chiefs Victory Parade

Heavy metals and E coli: raw sewage at US-Mexico border a 'public health crisis'

Fani Willis won't be returning to the stand

Trump has never won the popular vote

"If they decide to kill me, it means we are incredibly strong." Alexei Navalny

Randi Rhodes Podcasts

Biden's Border Problem

Billy Joel - Turn the Lights Back On

Top doctor for CBP tried to order fentanyl lollipops for a helicopter mission in New York

'No prescription needed': Inside a White House clinic's 'systemic problems'

'Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader, dies in Arctic jail'

Joe Venuti was born on this date.

Proposed questions on sexual orientation and gender identity for the Census Bureau's biggest survey

Otis Blackwell was born on this date.

What are some things from the past, types of food, clothing, toys, cars, etc that are gone but you wish were still

Give Us The Funk

People (Not Here) Need To Stop Calling Comer Incompetent

Taylor Swift donates $100,000 to family of woman fatally shot at the Chiefs victory parade

Who else is checking news sites every few minutes waiting for Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling?

VP Harris in Munich: 'Whatever story they tell, let us be clear, Russia is responsible'

Witness Told Feds She Was Paid for Sex Parties With Matt Gaetz

2 Trillion Hole: China's Crisis No One Is Talking About; Chinese Economy, Local Govt. & Luxury - China Update

Ravi Shankar/Philip Glass - Channels and Winds

Mike Luckovich-MAGA Republicans' hero

"How to Build a Girl." Quirky, British coming-of-age movie

Sen Tillis: Putin is a murderous, paranoid dictator.

Fulton prosecutors think Willis' testimony yesterday was enough to beat disqualification bid, sources say

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the RNC's money and Trump....

The Biden campaign just released this ad demolishing TFG for his un-American comments regarding NATO and Russia.

The Biden campaign just released this ad demolishing TFG for his un-American comments regarding NATO and Russia.

The top doctor for CBP tried to order fentanyl lollipops for a helicopter mission in New York, whistleblowers say

The Biden campaign just released this ad demolishing TFG for his un-American comments regarding NATO and Russia.

Trump opts against Supreme Court appeal on civil immunity claim over Jan. 6 lawsuits

Last call for February Photo Contest Submissions!

Monday is President's Day!

If you haven't seen the documentary "Navalny" I highly recommend it

The Gas Industry Squeeze Play

On This Day: Howard Carter formally unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun - Feb. 16, 1923

Thank you for the heart,...

Pic Of The Moment: Where Republicans Are Trying To Take America

Oley Valley School District parts ways with Red Cross

Why the Kroger-Albertsons Merger Will Harm Labor

Dallas Mayor Johnson (who became a repub after being reelected) - details about his divorce are starting to come out.

"Leadership requires killing people"

Fani Willis hearing live

Ex-FBI spy hunter to be sentenced for concealing payments from former Albanian intelligence officer

62% of Americans Lack College Degree. Can They Solve the Labor Shortage?

Looks like Kissing Putin's Ass is gonna Backfire for trump and Carlson:

Dark matter detected dangling from the cosmic web for 1st time

Oh Moskowitz 😆😆😆😆😆

Wapo reporting Putin protester Navalny has died in prison

Two new histories of American capitalism reveal how alluring narratives have nurtured corporate power.

Big Thank You to DUers

A big thank you

Navalny's wife delivers surprise speech at global security conference

Ford still union busting after all these years

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 16, 2024)

Consumers sentiment rose slightly last month as growth improves, inflation falls

WAPO: Carlson, like the populist right, dislikes what makes America great

First state-level look at long COVID reveals the seven hardest-hit states

I thought Kamala Harris presentation at the Munich Security Conference was very good.

Jake Sullivan says the U.S. is engaging with allies, and Russia, on the space threat

Joe Manchin will not run for president

Fani's dad worked at The Hague for 4 years!

Former Ga. Gov. Roy Barnes - didn't want to live with bodyguards the rest of his life

David Weiss Is A Direct Witness To The Crimes On Which He Indicted Alexander Smirnov

OpenAI's Sora Is a Giant 'F*ck You' to Reality (Gizmodo's Lucas Ropek on the new text-to-video generator)

Is the Atlanta disqualification hearing helping the Trump related attorneys?

Trump goons are now harassing Fani Willis' father

House Won't Pass Stopgap to Avoid Shutdown

The wisdom of Amazon

On this day, February 16, 1967, Smiley Burnette died.

My story the guardians

Netflix is sure adding a lot of decent British mysteries lately

Trump CRUSHED in NY Court & Fani Willis SMEAR Campaign on Full Display - Stephanie Miller

If shootings are a mental health issue

THE PHOTO THAT COULD SEND TRUMP TO PRISON - 2.16.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Judge rejects Texas AG Ken Paxton's request to throw out nearly decade-old criminal charges

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Sting

I can attest to the Willis testimony of paying everything with cash. There was a time when

Biden-Harris campaign ad: "Walk Away"

John Fugelsang, today: "Rich people pay Fox people to make middle class people blame poor and brown people."

Democratic Rep Mocks James Comer Over Biden Informant With Some 'Elf' Help

Fani Willis thing seems ridiculous

Watch hypnotizing footage of mysterious deep-sea worm 'dance like nobody's watching'

Countdown- The Bars are Closing In

China, Russia and Cambodia top list of regimes targeting critics in exile

Just read an article from Wednesday's Forbes about an idea to shore up SS by cutting retirement fund tax deductions

Sh!t Bags of the week: They taught woman about "respect" by assaulting her and killing her dogs.

Manchin not running for president

Is one of the witnesses hiding?

The Verge: Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros (Comfort, Headaches, Eye Strain)

Charles Coleman on MSNBC (Former Prosecutor) pointed out the racism. Good old boy network.

Is there an entertainment show that you would NEVER buy tickets to yourself but were invited by someone

On this day, February 16, 2013, Tony Sheridan died.

People Online Are Fantasizing About Malaysia Cracking Down on Right-Wing Commentator Ian Miles Cheong

McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar

1984: Trump Busted Censoring Articles On Truth Social That Praise Biden

What were some locally made and produced children's shows did you have in your area. In Pittsburgh , we had Mister

'Lawyers for Trump' volunteer competent to stand trial

With his 2024 effort over, DeSantis rethinks Florida's 'book ban'

Trump team's 1st two witnesses today exposed threats from Trump supporters, instead of the corruption defense claimed

Hamas- Many Hostages Dead

Giuliani's Legal Fund Raises Eyebrows

Tucker: "Leadership requires killing people."

Georgia Senator Vows to Protect Girl, But Then Runs Away After Learning She Is Trans

Tech companies sign accord to combat AI-generated election trickery

DOJ now says Biden bribe allegation made up.

GOP PlanBlows Up: Fake Whistleblower Arrested

Ex-Illinois lawmaker William "Sam" McCann (R) abruptly pleads guilty to fraud and money laundering,halting federal trial

Who is John Clifford Floyd III, father of DA Fani Willis?

The Atlantic: "Why Americans Suddenly Stopped Hanging Out"

Why Attacks on Trump's Mental Acuity Don't Land

Interesting video showing Top 20 US Foreign Aid recipients since 1946

Fani's Tour de Force and tRump's Fraud Verdict

Would you loan someone you don't know your car to take a driving test?


Protesters starting to gather at Russian embassies...

Rising demand for beauty products driving donkeys towards extinction


Biden speaking now - tweet from POTUS with video, live now

Biden making me proud right now

Puttin On Airs... Talkin President Stuff w/Travis Irvine!

From the "Kids killed their parents and threw themselves on the mercy of the court because they were orphans" Department

Fun fact: MAGA Moses' campaign donor was Maria Butina's handler.

Meet Mike Roman, the man trying to bring down Fani Willis

This is not a diamond

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 16, 2024

Trump Privately Expresses Support for a 16-Week Abortion Ban

Biden says Navalny's death underscores need for more Ukraine funding

Having a weird morning. The first three patients on my schedule all have the same first name. Not a common one.

Biden Is Set to Visit East Palestine, but Is He a Year Too Late?

Sen. Joe Manchin announces he won't run for president in 2024

The Year After A Denied Abortion

AZ Republicans vote to end early voting.

"I Died That Day in Parkland": Campaign Uses AI-Generated Voices of Gun Victims to Call Congress

madaboutharry! Congratulations! 40,000 posts and I love them all

Early Carboniferous Tree Species Had Unique Crown Shape

Kansas City Shooting Highlights Missouri's Pro-Gun Laws in "Pro-Life" State

Word of the Day, AKA a "Tucker"

DW kicked out of Russia.

'Unicorn event' allows Grubb to stay in Seattle as Seahawks OC

Cartoons 2/16/2024

Bill seeks to improve ferry reliability with a work group

Kansas bill would require abortion seekers be asked for reasons before terminating pregnancy

Nation's first quantum computing manufacturing plant opens in Bothell

Australian Parliament Calls for U.S. to Drop Case Against Julian Assange Ahead of U.K. Court Hearing

Biden's memory lapses must be so bad they're contagious

Biden allies, rivals both want transcript of his special counsel interview released. It could happen

IMO too many attorneys that should not be. (DA Willis disqualification hearing)

Feeling down today. We are up against billionaires (rant)

Hind Rajab: Israel Kills Medics Trying to Save Dying 6-Year-Old Girl in Gaza

Some Sources for News About Navalny

Anne Applebaum: Why Russia Killed Navalny

Trump wants to fire thousands of government workers. Liberals are preparing to fight back if he wins

Today in Moscow, individuals are quietly forming lines to place flowers in memory of Navalny

the facial expressions and body language of that lawyer

UN Chief Calls For 'Transparent Investigation' Into Navalny Death

Why the Guinness World Record thing is just crap.

"Completely discredited": Expert says informant's indictment "eviscerates" GOP impeachment case

Osiris-Rex: NASA's final tally shows spacecraft returned double the amount of asteroid rubble

You ARE registered as a Democrat, right?

Russian journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan discuss Navaly's death

My main take away from the Wade testimony (watching on YouTube).

Utah governor approves censure of school board member who questioned a student's gender

West Virginia bill defining gender is transphobic and 'political rubbish,' Democrats say

Shopping for Disease-Resistant Cucumbers and Got a Laugh

The Hunter Biden Narrative CRUMBLES

From bone smashing to chin extensions: how 'looksmaxxing' is reshaping young men's faces

US Supreme Court's Alito pauses Boy Scouts $2.46 billion abuse settlement

Opinion Mike Johnson needs a cognitive test

Maryland and Montana Senate polls

Products that aren't what they used to be.

Noting: National Weather Service has expanded winter storm warning to cover all of Loudoun, Montgomery and Howard

TCM later

I didn't know Lisa Lopez-Galvan personally ,but I know many who did.

Beginning to think Engoron's going to be a no-show today.

Biden campaign attacks Trump's comments threatening NATO in new ad

A slap-back to the MAGA cult over Biden's age you can use!

Federal regulators are probing whether Cash App leaves door open to money launderers, terrorists

The Daily B***h*: "Don't talk to me until I have had my morning tranquilizer."

Witness Told Feds She Was Paid for Sex Parties With Gaetz

Mika: Fani Willis was 'absolutely PO'd' and 'Fiery' with MAGA 'sideshow'

Beth Gibbons - Floating On A Moment (Official Video)

We Five - You Were on My Mind (1965) 4K

Political gender gap grows as young women move left

Donald Trump Wants to Poison the Soul of the Labor Movement

Terrence Bradley's facial expressions say to the Trump lawyers "Y'all are fucking stupid"

Marvel Animation's X-Men '97 - Official Trailer - Disney+ - 3/20/2024

Michigan GOP Rep. Doubles Down on Racist Tweet

Biden should do more press conferences; he was GREAT today!

The majority of traffic from Elon Musk's X may have been fake during the Super Bowl, report says

Today's Tiedrich rant: holy shit, Comer Fudd's star witness just got arrested for lying to the FBI

Tucker Carlson on his interview with Putin and on Navalny

President Biden set to visit East Palestine for 1st time, more than a year after toxic train derailment

Judge Engoron just posted his decisions

Trump Ordered to Pay $355 Million and Barred From New York Business

BREAKING: Judge Engoron's ruling on Trump business fraud case issue

364 million. No lifetime ban. Only 3 year ban

$364M plus no business for 3 years for Smelvis / 2 years for Coke and Gums

Cenk Uygar's antisemitic political ad.

$364 Million!!

360 million dollars penalty!

President Biden On Death of Alexi Nalvany

This is Bear and Moose. They wanted to come back inside but couldn't get past security. 13/10 for all

Family Installs Cat Door To Accommodate Their Dog's Stalker

Simon Rosenberg latest take on 2024

Attorney General Letitia James will speak at 6 PM.

trump orderd to pay 355M and banned from business in NY for 3 years

I have a feeling

Ill-judged tree planting in Africa threatens ecosystems, scientists warn

Judge fines Donald Trump more than $360 million, bars him from running businesses in N.Y. for three years

Trump fined more than $350 million in New York business fraud case

Melania's racist, Russian loving, future net worth just got slashed

Another Putin opponent, photographer Dmitry Markov, died today at the age of 42

tfg's financial penalty will be a lot more than $360 million

Killing of Casey Goodson Jr: Judge declares a mistrial in a former Ohio deputy's murder trial

CNN says 355 mil. James asked for 370 so she did good.

Trump's fraud trial...

Can someone

Scientists Detect Water on the Surface of Asteroids for the First Time Ever

Venezuela orders UN human rights office to close, accusing it of anti-government activity

Joe Biden Says Republicans Should Drop Impeachment Following FBI Bombshell

Katy Tur's Defense of Trump

Knock Knock....

Air Canada found liable for chatbot's bad advice on plane tickets

Russians in Moscow are lining up to lay flowers in memory of Alexei Navalny at a memorial to Gulag victims outside

Sad Skinny Boxer Begs For Someone To Rescue Her

Letitia James will Speak at 6 p.m.

I currently have a congested head and slept like crap last night.

One of the Trump attorneys tried to broach the crime-fraud exception by saying adultery is a misdemeanor in GA

So, to appeal the $355M, Trump has to come up with $70m cash...

Haiku for my cat.

Have you now or ever been a member of the NAACP

Deep In The Gutters Of The Republican Primaries

Mitt Romney--"I will not be voting for former President Trump. I must admit that I find sexual assault to be a line I

No sweat, TFG will just get the money from Jared.

freepers are losing their minds

Top UN court rejects South African request for urgent measures to safeguard Rafah

Egypt building walled enclosure in Sinai for Rafah refugees, photos suggest

Ever think you're friends

TFG and the Trump Org enjoined from applying for loans from New York chartered or registered financial institutions

Warning signs mounted before Texas shooter entered church with her son, former mother-in-law says

Well, 3 trials down and 4 more trials to go!

Trump fined $355, million

Only 3 years? ONLY 3 YEARS???!?

He should have been perminently banned from business.

We need more voices like this in the media

The Guilty of Financial fraud ads should

Is anyone else as shocked as am I that cousin-humping goober Jim Comer and ...

Kazakhstan: Methane mega-leak went on for months

What Feckless Americans Can Learn From Navalny's Bravery

Coincidence or related?

Judge orders Trump to pay $355 million in civil fraud trial

Robert COSTAS, CBS: "We can't ignore tbe CONTEXT" of the judgment - uh, yes we can!

How many Happy Meals are on the wall?

Dig deep! Cheetolini needs your MAGAt money NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Flipped over to faux. They're delusional.

Link to pdf of today's ruling by Judge Engeroon

It's not as though Trump will suffer any discomfort,

Eloon wants women to stop using hormonal birth control, says it "makes you fat" and increases risk of depression/suicide

It's another Schadenfreude Friday!

So lets talk about WHY Smelvis did all this fraud.

Thank you for the hearts. It means very much to me.

US Supreme Court's Alito pauses Boy Scouts $2.46 billion abuse settlement

Terrence Bradley left his law firm because of an allegation of sexual harassment against an employee

The Sick F#*k has entered the "find out" phase

Wait for it! Trump's rallies this weekend!

This Bars Tr**p & Sons From Doing Business in NY - Could They Set Up Camp In Other States And.....

Link to PDF of 2-15-24 Trump reply to Supreme Court on presidential immunity

So he owes $83 million and now $364 million...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin, Navalny, and rhetoric....

Amazon Joins Companies Arguing US Labor Board Is Unconstitutional

3 years away from the New York money pump will be a lifetime for TSF.

Hey Trump...

Donald John Trump is Royally Fucked!

Al Gore reflects on 60 Years since The Beatles revolutionized American culture

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Keep Exposing Republican Supreme Court Justices As Bad Liars

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Keep Exposing Republican Supreme Court Justices As Bad Liars

Re: 'Someone Getting Shot on 5th Ave'....

Conservative Activists Are Ready to Bury Federal Courts In Paperwork

Mojo Nixon - Redneck Rampage

Am I correct that Terrence Bradley was a witness for the Defense? Trump's side?

"Honey! Have you been eating at Taco Bell again?"

Trump's Fraud Verdict (Rick Wilson / Lincoln Project)

Thanks to those who've given me hearts over the past few days!


Trump is a much greater national security risk now, then he was before this judgement came down.

9% interest is added for any delay in paying fraud fine!

Thanks for all the hearts

Fox Host Silenced by Co-Host with Brutal Fact-Check Live on Air! - Luke Beasley

Posted without comment...

Today is a new day

How is it legal for trump to raise money for his campaign...

Great Apes Love to Tease, Poke and Pester, Suggesting the Urge to Annoy Is Millions of Years Old

His business was based on fraud

For the Stinky Orange Fascist: Bobby "Blue" Bland

NY AG James, tweeting minutes ago, 7-tweet thread: In a massive victory, we won our case against Donald Trump

The Art of the Deal...the Genius of Donald John Trump. A Story Told With pictures!

Trump should start looking for work, maybe going on stage and doing songs from musicals

Grab your drink and/or toke and come on by the live airing of The Midnight Special 8PM EST on youtube !!!

All Kids Removed From Nature Therapy Program After Boy's Shocking Death

Trump loses massively in bombshell court ruling - Brian Tyler Cohen

I am so touched that one of you sweeties gave me a heart!

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 16, 2024

Lisa Rubin on MSNBC states Trump has to post 120% of the judgement to appeal. 120% of $450 million.

Not particularly the most important issue at the moment, but . . . . .

Taylor Swift Gives $100K to Family of Super Bowl Parade Shooting Victim

Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing - evidence has closed. Oral arguments next week or the following

The Definition Of 'Throwing Good Money After Bad'......

A celebration of Letish James

I expect Trump to liquidate NY assets and never cross State lines again...

Compton pit bull breeder mauled to death by his own dogs

Trump's cunctation* to cost him way more than $355,000,000

If you mailed a check to DU for the fund drive and haven't gotten your star/hearts yet, please let me know!

Trump lashes out after New York fraud ruling

LOL! Kristi Noem invites Trump and his family to "come do business in South Dakota"

Grump reacts to owing hundreds of millions

A little tune for the TSF

"To error is human"!

Mark Hamill: Maybe he can get Mexico to pay for it.

Fred - The Lincoln Project

So many old adages about colon

Word Fucking Salad

A Trump is not a plan (Rubin's Green Room)

Judge Delivers DEVASTATING FINAL VERDICT against Trump - Meidas Touch

Poised and articulate but dumb and as useless as a glass hammer

Soooo excited! Just got tickets to see Dionne Warwick in April.

Taylor Swift predicted JUSTICE...why the other side hates it--and her

Justice Engeron: The Trump family's "complete lack of contrition and remorse" for their extensive fraud and egregious

John Birch Society Radicalized American Right, 1950s -70s, Resurgence, 2010s: Communism, Conspiracy, Culture Wars

Caitlin Clark: the supernova driving women's basketball to new heights

Alexei Navalny's Death Is the Passing of More than Just One Man

trump gets a $355 Million Dollar Judgment, yea, I'm smiling. B&B Friday Baby!

Pesticide linked to reproductive issues found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats and other oat-based foods

Stock tip--- Hunts Ketchup

Did he just get help to murder himself because it was made clear he had to

BREAKING: Trump ordered to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud trial - MSNBC Reports

The Lincoln Project just used AI to resurrect Fred Trump in a video telling Donald what he really thinks of him

Russia reaches 400,000 casualties - kia/lost to combat in Ukraine war

'Putin killed Navalny': Michael McFaul on his friend dying from 'weak' Putin - Morning Joe - MSNBC

For those who want a quick and dirty on who owes what after Judge Engoron's judgement here's a breakdown

''This hearing is nuts!' Fani Willis session sidelined by sexual assault allegation

Lara Trump and Alina Habba are the same person!

Biden 'outraged' by reports of Alexei Navalny's death - MSNBC Reports

Freeperville reaction to fraud ruling: no quotes or links

I like the way NY AG Letitia James speaks. She has good tone, diction, pace, etc. nt

The grift that keeps on giving!

LIVE: New York AG Letitia James delivers remarks after victory in Trump civil fraud trial - MSNBC

Ukraine Withdraws From Position South of Embattled Avdiivka as Kremlin Infantry Advances

Why is Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather being covered responding to

The Roosters are coming home to roost.

AG James is a lioness

Live from Palm Beach....TSF WHINES

Trump Live reaction to the judgement.

Baby rhino loving the rain:

Y'know, I don't think there will be enough money in the RNC coffers for Lara Trump

tfg looks like the top of his head is caving in

2nd tweet--Orchid mantis:

About TFG just selling off his buildings

The Beatles on Shindig (in color)

Alexei Navalny didn't just defy Putin--he showed up his depravity - The Economist

Mourners and protesters in Russia being arrested. Detentions made at memorial.

new tlp. omg. hilarous.

The Beatles - Ed Sullivan Show - Feb. 16, 1964

Dog pushes a chair over to sit next to his human:

Russian Navy Commander 'Sacked' After Third of Black Sea Fleet Lost

Here's the invitation to trumps fundraiser tonight:

Gaggle on river @ sunset time

'It will start to shrink his empire' NY Times Reporter on the Trump civil fraud ruling - MSNBC Reports

Jared Kushner Remains Full of Praise for Mohammed bin Salman, His Problematic Fave

STUDY: How Sean Hannity helped build the GOP's collapsing Hunter Biden impeachment case

Southern MD around sunset 2/16

let's boost up the vp, shall we?

It's magic!

CBP's top doctor tried to order fentanyl lollipops for helicopter mission in N.Y., whistleblowers say

2nd tweet--Gimmee some cuddles!

Lead prosecutor in Trump University case on the NY Civil Fraud Ruling - MSNBC Reports

Question About Trump's Monitor

Four new hearts! I am thrilled and grateful

OMG! It's so cute! Is it for me?!

Frankly, and although everyone wants to see Motherfucker behind a much taller version of the barriers....

Meanwhile on Fox News!

2nd tweet--Yeah, right there. That's the spot!

So is the $88.3 million from the E. Jean Carroll judgement now added to the $355 million...

Trump 'body blow!' Donald hit with 'seismic' $355 million penalty for lying - Deadline - MSNBC

My request concerning the Arkansas Chief Justice election.

Trump's speech was a preview of the campaign and it ain't good

Putin's Other War of Attrition - EmptyWheel

FDA approves groundbreaking treatment for advanced melanoma

Somewhere tonight, Leonna Helmsley is laughing her ass off.

'He is a broken person': Trump hit with $355 million fine as legal avalanche spirals - Deadline - MSNBC

Kinda depressing but I agree with William Kristol

Question for NY lawyers about today's judgment against Trump.

Awwwww!!! Your heart has warmed mine!!!

'Borders on pathological': Michael Cohen reacts to judge trashing Trump in $355 million bomb - Deadline - MSNBC

Again, somewhere tonight, Roy Cohn is muttering,

Should local Democrats give Republican candidates time to speak?

Kathy Giffords! Getting older can be easier.

Trump campaign already fundraising off New York civil fraud ruling - CBS News

Should local Democrats give Republican candidates time to speak?

How soon will the doors to The Trump Organization be locked?

Trump, in a rambling press conference, announces his appeal -- and his first GoFundMe.

My elderly, right wing sister in law is still eating Military Grade "Meals ready to eat" purchased decades ago.

GSP Has Hilariously Unusual Sleep

House COVID panel leader threatens to subpoena HHS for lack of cooperation

While Orange Criminus took the big hit today, the whole thieving drumph clan got caught up in it:

US lawmakers unveil new bipartisan bill allocating $47 billion in aid funding for Ukraine

Baby Elephants vs. The Hose Pipe!

Need help with car info

Biden Campaign Blasts Trump's Comments on Putin

So can trump appeal the NY judgement to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that somehow it

I am a liquid imperialist.