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Some bunny loves you

Grifters gotta grift 😂

Besides Trump being held accountable, wouldn't there be some officials in New York

What happened to Donald Jr. and Eric Trump in New York civil fraud case? - Face the Nation - CBS News

New York attorney general: The court ruled in favor of "every hard-working American who plays by the rules"

The Brothers Sun on Netflix

Still working on my bloggiing addiction.

'Art of the steal': AG James spikes ball on 'lying, cheating' Trump after $355 million verdict - MSNBC

Huckster Grant Cardone announces a $354 million GoFundMe for Trump (NOT The Onion)

"Michael Cohen told the truth"

WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks after judge issues verdict in New York civil fraud case - PBS NewsHour

As Donald would say, those numbers are spectacular! Really huge numbers, the biggest numbers!

After the NY penalty against Trump, will his supporters still stick with him?

Netanyahu Vows Rafah Attack, Pulls Out of Cease-fire Talks

I've more hearts to give! I'm now a monthly DU contributor & you can be too. After a day like today & with

How False Republican Bravado Warps All Politics

Matt Gaetz In Serious Trouble After Investigators Get His Text Messages

Canada's UN ambassador on Putin's hit list: 'This is a regime that murders its opponents'

Trump Lawyer FLIPS OUT after DEVASTATING NY Verdict - Meidas Touch

Judge Jeanine doesn't understand what's wrong with Trump misrepresenting his wealth. "Since when is that a crime?"

Georgia Senator Vows to Protect Girl, But Then Runs Away After Learning She Is Trans

The Deviant's Losing Streak continues - Unabated - w/Massive $350+ Million Penalty. Next up - Criminal Cases

2nd tweet--hilarious expressions!

Why didn't Judge Engoron revoke his business license?


Maddow et al will be hosting a special at9.00pm

This Week at Justice - February 16, 2024 - The Justice Department

Eric Trump: My father built the skyline of New York City. And this is the thanks he gets?

'No one is above the law.' Trump faces staggering fine for years of financial fraud - PBS NewsHour

New single from Milwaukee's actual best. Altered 5 Blues Band

Throughout the day, there were a total of 83 combat engagements. Latest on Ukrainian front lines. (youtube video)

Playing peekaboo with herself:

A chaotic US House is losing three Republican committee chairs to retirement in the span of a week

House Ethic Committee issues subpoena for testimony of Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend in ongoing investigation

To avoid being encircled and wiped out... Ukraine withdrawing from stronghold of Avdiivka.

Cute little reachy toes:

Jimmy Garoppolo reportedly suspended 2 games for violating NFL's Performance Enhancing Substances policy

Friend of mine said my apartment layout was different...

Engoron DESTROYS Trump in verdict, and it's NOT JUST ABOUT THE MONEY - Talking Feds

US judge says Musk can seek review of order in SEC subpoena matter

Navalny Murdered In Russian Prison

Democrat Shreds MAGA Rival Over Biden Impeachment Trainwreck! - Pondering Politics

Sex Workers With HIV Can Be Branded 'Violent Sex Offenders' In 1 State. DOJ Is Suing To Change That.

Someone should mention to Trump that Taylor Swift could pay his $500 million...

Kim Jong Un having inadequacy issues again??

(1) Rescuer visits dog he saved in its forever home; (2) Boop!

Wilco - Misunderstood

MLK- I may not get there with you. Navalny - When I am killed do not give up. Medgar Evers if I die,

Kitty enchanted by smell of food:

Barack Obama needs to buy Trump Tower in NYC

2nd tweet--Pupper tries to taste the smell of food in the air

U.S. troops will be on the front lines against Russia without further Ukraine aid, Senator Coons says

Losing: Trump empire wobbles as judge orders Trump to pay $355 million in fraud case - The Beat - MSNBC

Friday night nostalgia from a coal country redneck. Metal edition

Teddy loves his toys

Busted: Trump ordered to pay millions in civil fraud case - The Beat - MSNBC

Friday Talking Points -- Grinding Exceedingly Fine

Trump's 'No Victims' Fraud Defense Is an Insult to Taxpayers

Quantitation of Heavy Metal Release in Urban/Wilderness Interface Fires.

Watching The Outsider on Max

Oklahoma GOP Advances Bills That Would Ban Emergency Contraception

Josie at KVI Beach today

Trump owes more than you think

Texas governor announces plans to build 80-acre base in Eagle Pass for up 1,800 National Guard troops

Trump Ordered To Pay $355 Million - Raw News And Politics

'A lack of contrition that borders on pathological': what the Trump fraud verdict says

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, $350 million, and what's next....

Martha Stewart....

All of the paywall removers in one place

Liz Cheney, Others Rail Against Tucker Carlson After Alexei Navalny Death: 'Putin's Useful Idiot'

A new name for MAGA Republicans

Black man accused of theft by employer, arrested, item found 10 minutes how it plays out

I believe Whiny's spawns. They really do not know nothing

Seth Meyers - House Speaker Mike Johnson Accuses Tom Suozzi of Campaigning Like a Republican - Monologue 2/15/2024

State Department of Agriculture director to visit Cuba next week

Cooming is one thing, how ya cook, is another

UM panel to delve into 'trumped-up' charges against jailed Guatemalan editor

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Two More Songs for Trump's Really Bad Day

Trump University prosecutor on civil fraud ruling

Hatfields v McCoys ..... aka the Michigan GOP

Ex-college student sentenced to 21 mos. for straw-buying guns, including .50-caliber sniper rifle

*BULLIT, on TCM now

Prof. Timothy Snyder on Navalny:

Michael Cohen REACTS to $364 MILLION VERDICT against Trump - Meidas Touch

...Because it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility you wanted to know this:

Texas to build military base on Mexico border amid US migration crisis

This is a violation of GoFundMe' TOS. I encourage everyone to report this.

*Rachel and Lawrence on A. Wagner show now.

Navalny's mother: "He was healthy and happy when I saw him on Monday"

Everything Must Go!!!

Fox quiet after indictment of GOP 'informant' blows up impeachment case - All In - MSNBC

I am grateful for DU and the hearts

Lawrence and Rachel are on Alex Wagner and wondering if the Saudis or Russians will lend Trump money

Here Are the Most, Least Educated States in America

Stone Age Megastructure Found at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

ICJ rejects South African request for urgent measures to limit Israeli action in Rafah

I've been thinking about Trump constantly saying Letitia James campaigned on "getting Trump"

FINALLY! Republicans' Top Priority Goes UP IN FLAMES As They Get CAUGHT In MASSIVE Lie

Yes, you CAN cheat an honest man!

Gather around, it's story time. Here's the tale of how I became a fan of an obscure band, Budgie

Today's verdict against Trump: How is this bad news for Biden?

'Democratic superhero': Russian journalist reacts to death of Alexei Navalny - All In - MSNBC

THE LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Fred"

Trump will go down in history as a tragic figure

If a person is on line at a hospital out-patient check-in window and gets upset at the wait, do they send him to the

cannabinoid-hyperemesis-syndrome.- I have it bad.

Once again, all the air is sucked out of the day but any news on the Fulton County courthouse hearings today?

Will Jared bail his FIL out?

Oh gosh! Another heart! I am humbled beyond measure.

Is Trump's Death-Grip On America Broken? - Thom Hartmann

AZ: Maricopa County Supervisor (R) announces he won't seek reelection

Just gave my last heart out to someone who has been here for 14+ years ...

I will add my thanks for my hearts.

So, is it a coinkydink that Putin' interview with Shithead

Michigan GOP Rep. Doubles Down on Racist Tweet

PISSED OFF Judge Just DESTROYED Trump's ENTIRE Life - Meidas Touch

A funny mastodon account

Curb Your Enthusiasm

16 Feb: Ukrainian Forces Break Through The Encirclement. - Reporting from Ukraine

NEW: We're reducing predicted snowfall in DC area for 3 reasons:

A California man was found with 1 million rounds of ammo and 248 illegally owned guns

67 Countries Banned This Toxic Product -- But The EPA Says: "Go For It!"

'Put the bill on the floor': Dem rep calls on GOP to stop blocking Ukraine aid - All In - MSNBC

So Princess Sparklepony skated?

Do you believe Jared Kushner will use some of Prince Bonesaw's approved 2 billion

3 SC sheriff's deputies made 5 prank calls falsely reporting dead bodies while on duty. charged and fired

WTF The House Is Taking A 2 Week Vacation

No he cannot just be bailed out

'A Russian patriot and an American Idiot': Joy honors Navalny, calls out Putin supporter Trump - The ReidOut MSNBC

Moses Supposes Erroneously (Yes, Again) (Ferret)

Trump Media's merger could bring him a $4 billion stake

My music app keeps throwing this at me

thanks for the heart!

Trump says he'll appeal New York civil fraud ruling - CBS News

Uncle Tupelo - Wait Up

Trump SPAC Merger Nears--Would Take Company Public--As Stock Up 200% This Year

Sarah Isgur made outrageous false statements about the Hur Report on @ThisWeekABC

Anybody think Trump will try to flee the country?

Bombshell Trump ruling: Trump ordered to pay $453,500,000 with interest in NY civil fraud trial - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Brian Wilson: Beach Boys star's family seeks conservatorship due to health issues

It's nice to see that TFG's career of not paying his bills has come up against a really big....

My first song has been produced along with my first novel. My first screenplay is being turned into a shooting script.

MST3K - A Day At The Fair

Trump responds to Jack Smith with HALF-BAKED argument - Talking Feds

MST3K - Why Study Industrial Arts?!

Did Rachel say Haley should remain in the race incase tfg gets raptured?

Home Explosion in Sterling (Loudoun)


Lust for Kicks - The Cars

Dead - Not Fade Away - 7.4/89

Supreme Court move signals disaster for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

New York governor apologizes after implying Israel is justified to destroy Gaza

Led Zeppelin - FULL Heartbreaker - Madison Square Garden 1973

The last time I visited Latvia

How many "Trump Trading cards" would it take?

Meidas Touch: YIKES! Tucker INSTANTLY Humiliates Himself in Russia Tour

Let's not do this again, please - blog article on Sora and OpenAI

During the last Russian election which Alexei Navalny party was running against that psychopath

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's stupidity, recklessness, & depravity costing him $551 million - The Last Word - MSNBC

Eating Disorders are a Huge Problem in the United States of America.

When Trump takes over the RNC....

Lawrence O'Donnell: Fani Willis' dad fought Trump team's theory to have her removed - The Last Word - MSNBC

Thank everyone for giving hearts.

How does Trump's recent losses impact Judge Cannon's thinking?

Travis Kelce matches Taylor Swift's $100,000 donation to children injured in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting

WA: Three Republican-backed measures score public hearings. Will Democrats make them law?

Letitia James Eviscerates Trump After Whopping $400 Million Fraud Ruling - Reflect

AZ: Fueled by 'conspiracy theory,' Republicans are pushing for strict rules on ballot tabulators

Biden faces challenge in Michigan primary: Uncommitted

Michigan's era of early in-person voting officially starts Saturday

'He is a cheat.': Devastating court penalty shatters myth of Trump business savvy for good - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

I Confess I Have Not Done My Due Diligence Here

Division within Michigan GOP on display at some county conventions Thursday

Trump meets his match in U.S. justice system with another staggering court loss - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

mass protests and administration resignations over presidential pardon in child sexual abuse case

WI: Democrats see Republican ruse to protect speaker in map bill; records show no partisan intent

This Is Why Tesla's Stainless Steel Cybertrucks May Be Rusting

WI: Should Evers sign or veto the voting maps the Legislature gave him?

'They grabbed him by his wallet': Analysts break down Trump civil fraud ruling - CNN

Trump and Putin TORCHED by FURIOUS Biden - Meidas Touch

CA: New Bill Takes Aim at Voter ID Effort in Huntington Beach

CA-45: Western States Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Kim Nguyen-Penaloza (D) for Congress

Mounting legal losses put a strain on Trump's image and his excuses - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a gofundme for Trump....

CA: Orange County Board of Education Incumbent (R) Accused of Assault and Battery in Road Rage Incident

Vampire Weekend: Capricorn

TX: Harris County Democrats split over heated district attorney race

Vampire Weekend: Sunflower (Austin City Limits)

PA: Special election scheduled for April 23 for state 139th House District seat

We Talked To Air Traffic Controllers. What We Heard Will Shock You. - More Perfect Union

PA: Two Moms for Liberty members quit Central Bucks School Board

son of former YouTube CEO, nephew of co- founder of "23andMe" dies at UC Berkeley

NY: Jeffries blasts latest redistricting proposal

NJ-SEN: EMILYs List endorses Tammy Murphy, who could become first female senator from N.J.

MEMO: State Legislative Democrats Continue Overperforming in Special Elections

GOP's Latest Fail In Biden Investigation - Raw News And Politics

MI: Macomb Prosecutor Lucido (R) accused of ethics violation for photo with election fraudster

'I'm ashamed of you!' Fred Trump scolds Donald in AI ad from ex-Republicans

Democrats attack Trump over report that he favors a 16-week abortion ban

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death "could provide momentum" for aid to Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

VA Dems advance bills to strengthen reproductive rights, block anti-abortion bills

Carlson COMPLETELY Out Of His Depth On Putin In Wake Of Navalny's Death

Oklahoma GOP Advances Bills That Would Ban Emergency Contraception

Conservative group sues CA over anti-trans ballot title

"He built that business by lying to people." Trump fined eye-watering $355 million in fraud case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Missouri voters could strengthen state gun laws through November ballot

Has E Jean Carrol been paid yet?

DA Fani Willis absolutely OBLITERATES prosecution against her - Talking Feds

cops came out 6 times, observed this chaos and left

Uh-Oh: Fraud Edition - The Lincoln Project

Javier Milei: Argentines wait for 'crazy' president's shock therapy to work

It is American "journalism" that is old and tired.

rightwing news ignored NY civil fraud ruling against Trump

Man arrested after stealing Maryland State Highway truck sparks high-speed chase, injuring 1 driver and 4 officers

I know why Alexei Navalny returned to face a dictator in Russia. I made the same choice. - Renew Democracy Initiative

Can Trump afford $355 million fine? Forbes editor weighs in - CNN

Judas Priest - Hot Rocking (Rising in the East)

Avdiivka has fallen.

With fake blood and screams, Gaza cease-fire protests are disrupting tiny Ojai

Fate of Fulton DA's role in Trump case uncertain after testimony concludes

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

Divided Michigan Republicans plan dueling meetings to choose presidential nominee

'Vittrup Man' violently died in a bog 5,200 years ago. Now, researchers know his story

The solution to Trump's financial woes is simple...

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips lays off large portion of presidential campaign staff

Unexpected Origins of Mysterious Mummies Buried in Boats in a Chinese Desert

World Court to Review 57-Year Israeli Occupation

State governments looking to protect health-related data as it's used in abortion battle

Don Jr. Panics as His Lies Implode Right Before His Eyes! - Luke Beasley

JPMorgan to pay about $350 mln penalty over trade reporting gaps

📸 Brushstrokes of hope: The 'Heroes of Palestine' mural project in London

Veterans Group Delivers Damning 'Putin's Puppet' Warning Over Donald Trump

Judge Orders Trump, Sons & Corporate Entities To Pay $363 Million For Corporate Fraud - Rodecast

While I was sleeping . . . .

US plans to send weapons to Israel even as Biden pushes for ceasefire, WSJ reports


Wordle 973 Feb 17 ***Spoiler Thread***

I'm not a magician.

'Lawrence: Fani Willis' dad fought Trump team's theory to have her removed;

Ancient Italians' Affection for Animals Went Deep, All the Way to Their Graves

Political gender gap grows as young women move left

Navalny's body should be handed over to his family 'immediately,' Navalny spokesperson says

Anthropologists' research unveils early stone plaza in the Andes

Breakfast Saturday 17 February 2024

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Stop. Mincing. Words.

To me it's Lowes to Dunc it's tummy rub store.

Oh my goodness! I woke up, this morning, to find a FLOOD of new hearts!!!

BBC: Donald Trump must pay $354m in fraud damages. How could he do it?

Seven words that describe Trump to a "T"

I hope the GOBers realize that if Laura Trump becomes the Chairwoman of the RNC?

Finally! Putin ready to stop. "Buffer Zone" proposed. Ukraine got security guarantees. Navalny dead - The Russian Dude

US envoy David Satterfield says Israel has not presented evidence that Hamas diverted UN aid deliveries in Gaza

I wasn't going to do this, use up valuable bandwidth, that is...

Steel mill in watercolor

Putin did to Navalny what Trump wants to do to his political opponents, and anyone else whom he is annoyed by.

Happy 3rd anniversary, Rush Limbaugh.

Morning has broken and thus so has Trump!

So tell me if I am wrong.

Where no line has gone before - Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Blinken: 'Extraordinary' opportunity for Israel to be integrated into the Middle East

Zelensky Says Ready to Take Trump to Ukraine Frontline

Johnny Depp's Bromance with Jamal Khashoggi's Murderer Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Sidney Blumenthal: Trump's brand is now 'synonymous with fraud and failure' after $450M judgment

My 7:52 Valentine!!!

Fani Willis I hope can continue prosecuting trumpig and crew.

Donald Trump's fraud wasn't victimless

It just keeps getting better:

Joe and Jill tell the story of how they met. ❤️ 2:51

Moral Turpitude

One of the reasons I love DU

It made me happy to see this, last night.

Republicans Are Comparing Trump To Navalny

Prominent Black Church Leaders Call for End of U.S. Aid to Israel

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/16/24

nobody asked me, but i think dems on the ethics committee shd open an investigation in russian money.

Florida requires permission to hear book written by African American

A sharpie can turn a Trump lie into the truth

Flute Fae

Gene Pitney was born on this date.

Animation of 'Terrace of a Cafe at Night' (VanGogh):

Billy Joe Armstrong has a birthday today.

Why is it that every time we get a COLA increase, we also get an increase in Medicare premium charges?

Rescue Cat Carries Her Favorite Blanket All Around The Apartment

Wowsa!! A flurry of heart activity I'm totally overwhelmed thank you all

City Country City

Greenland called

George Harrison - Tired of Midnight Blue

Vice President Harris standing with President Zelenskyy in Munich

All of the People All of the Time

You raised $448.00 on February 16, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

@NYstate AG Letitia James: "Donald Trump may have written The Art of the Deal, but he perfected the art of the steal."

Good morning, you're not crazy and they're doing backflips in crazy pool deep end

President Obama's tribute to Aleksey Navalny

Trumps Chumps

Albert Murray: He changed the way people talked about race

You raised $100.00 on February 16, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Trump's cult is a bunch of malcontents.

'Star witness' mostly silent in Willis hearing

Opts against SCOTUS appeal on immunity claim over Jan. 6 civil suits

Thank you so much for the Hearts!

The Case for Risk Based Environmental Analysis of Floating Solar Cells.

The majority of traffic from Elon Musk's X may have been fake during the Super Bowl, report suggests

On This Day: Modern art arrives in America - shocks viewers and culture - Feb. 17, 1913

My Dog is a Plumber

Judge Engoron didn't forget "the kids" aka Gummy and Cokie. 4 million each w/interest going back to '22

MSNBC's Katy Tur asked a question about Trump ... and she's (still) getting roasted for it:

Rachel Bitecofer's tough-love lesson for Democrats: Time to fight dirty

Tish James (her personal Twitter account), an hour ago: So, how's everyone feeling today?

Missing in Alabama: A Radio Tower, and 'The Sound of Walker County'

Fox News Silent on Bogus Hunter Biden Witness It Hyped Constantly

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 22, 2024: 31 Days of Oscar--Cinematography

Tucker Carlson joins long line of 'useful idiot' journalists helping tyrants

I fully expect Uncle Vlad to come to TFG's rescue.

I fully expect Uncle Vlad to come to TFG's rescue.

Kroger, Albertsons Allegedly Colluded Against Grocery Workers' Union

Help Me Understand Tr**p Can't Run The Org For 3 Yrs & His Sons Can't For 2 Yrs?......

CDC may recommend a spring Covid booster for some groups

Troubling polls. A post primary poll in NH is very worrisome.

'America is a factory farming nation': key takeaways from US agriculture census

Breaking News! Man gets hit by rental car...

Vote for one more week of ♥️

What could possibly go wrong?

Tweet of the day

Is There A Word Worse Than Magat That I can Use

Jill Biden to bring lady forced to flee Texas for an abortion to the State of the Union


At my back door in Delaware before dawn this morning

Here was Elise Stefanik last night, working hard for her constituents at Mar-a-Lago.

I need to talk to Skinner - I paid by email for monthly memebership fee. I was taken for 7500 by a person/people who

Now that the "case" against Hunter Biden has collapsed

Rabbi Neil's Pre-Shabbat Message - Facing Intolerance in Our City

TRUMP SHOW 36 - Trump Fraud Trial Verdict, Ordered to Pay 350 Million, Lara Trump Roasted, & More

Melania realizing that, A man is not a plan.

Prattville police arrest Montgomery officer on multiple 'swatting' charges

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 17, 2024)

John Fugelsang FTW

I hosted a grandson

New Word At 'Greedflation'

John Fetterman Doesn't Hold Back On 'Peckerhead' Rand Paul

Travis Kelce donates $100,000 to 2 kids shot during Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Ass Tucker blows, out of both sides of his smoke

Color me not surprised

the cancer surgeon using poetry to help train doctors

American "I have a permit. You do not admit that you're a carrier." Cop "This is Canada."

FYI Third Egg Arrived Today at 11:00 AM 🥚🥚🥚 Moorings Park Osprey

It really pisses me off that

Too soon?

Russian media mocks Trump supporters as "not very smart," "rednecks," and "primitive people"

Financial penalties aside, perhaps the most stinging element of the Engoron verdict: "Michael Cohen told the truth."


Trump keeps talking about 'sarcasm,' but struggles with its meaning

UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths claims that Hamas is not a terrorist group. It's a political movement.

Another way Donnie Dipshit is screwed

Compounds of the Rich

Paramore Slams Tennessee GOP for 'Blatant Racism'

'Dictators Do Not Go on Vacation,' Zelensky Warns Washington and Europe

Brazil's Catholics and evangelical Protestants compete in Amazon for souls (WP)

Very grateful for hearts this year

GOTV strategy for Wyoming...? Trying to get a Reproductive Rights amendment by ballot initiative

8 states restricted sex ed last year. More could join amid growing parents' rights activism

f**k Ezra Klein, and the WMDs Hillary email NY Times

'The most popular Palestinian leader alive': Releasing Marwan Barghouti could transform territories' politics

Oh really!! Another heart!!!

The Daily B***h*: "I was TRYING to listen, but there were SOOO many words!"

Started watching Oppenheimer last night. Just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll give it another try later.

Hamas murders boy trying to get food

For Elon Musk Lately, It's All About Russia, Russia, Russia


Boy injured in Osteen church shooting lost 'portion of his frontal lobe'

a guy walking his dog says he smelled gas when he walked past the house that blew up

Mississippi Auditor Sues Brett Favre Over Unpaid Interest Tied to Welfare Scandal

Judge Engoron Scorches Trump's Ass In Fraud Ruling And He Can't Even Afford Bactine Now

Let's all take a moment and remember that today is the second anniversary of the world becoming a better place.

tiedrich: "fork over $364 million, you fraudulent fuck settle in as we explore the shit-blizzard of financial ruin that'

The Boomers of Facebook are nostalgic today.

Genuinely curious: who gets paid first and in what order?

Oklahoma University evacuated over anti-Israel bomb scare

Federal agents in Moscow have raided and ended a My Little Pony convention for "gay propaganda."

Nearly had a perfect day in clinic yesterday, except for one patient.

women shifting left while men stand still

Trump will quit NATO, Hillary Clinton says, as anxiety mounts over U.S. commitment to the alliance

Henry Rono, Kenyan Legend Who Set Five World Records, Dies at 72

Move over GOP presidential primary. The real action is down-ballot.

From one addiction into another one.

Jared Kushner Cornered By Saudi Funding Truth, Lashes Out

Allred 44 - Cruz 44

George Takei : Oh M&Myyy

This may be old news but I found it fun anyway---NM DOT naming SnowPlows

🤡 Clown prince: My father built the skyline of NYC

Michigan congressional retirements leave Democratic seats vulnerable in swing districts

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson.......... Holy HELL this thread

'Huge win for Florida's wetlands': Green groups cheer order undoing Florida's permit control

Idahoans could receive state voter guides under new bill

'Huge win for Florida's wetlands': Green groups cheer order undoing Florida's permit control

Carys is keeping her eyes on me, today.

In memory of Alexei Navalny

Cartoons 2/17/2024

Snohomish County partners with feds on North Cascades grizzly plan

Nonprofit knew of Clare's Place contamination for months before evacuation

Small plane crashes north of Paine Field near Mukilteo

Ohio Law Forces Transgender Candidate to Use Deadname on Ballot

Budgets begin to roll out, more bills die

Navalny's mother and lawyer say his body is missing

The Taiwan Question & World Order; Chinese Economy: Travel & Consumption - China Update

(1) Dance like nobody's watching; (2) I'm watching!

Zelenskyy takes an apparent dig at Congress over military aid: 'Dictators do not go on vacation'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Manchin-Romney 24....

2nd tweet--Baby Olympics are adorable!

India: After gains against Modi, India's Congress party slips before election

How long does Trump have to come up with money?

US aid to Ukraine hinges on House Speaker Johnson. His leadership is being tested by the far right

San Diego: Who paid for the city re-elect billboards? The billboard company

Tucker Carlson's Lesson in the Perils of Giving Airtime to an Autocrat

Dean Phillips Lays Off Most of His Campaign Staff

Trump Says $355 Million Fraud Penalty Will Destroy the State of New York

Charlie Kirk fantasizes about children watching televised executions: "At a certain age, it's an initiation"

Cute little grass puppy:

2nd tweet--another adorable grass puppy:

Think Putin and/or the Saudis will bail Trump out of his financial hole?

What a bunch of peckerheads. Turned on Fox news and they are doing this big thing on Chinese

Best voiceover ever.....🤣

Trump Allies Plan New Sweeping Abortion Restrictions

A prediction:

Nazis marching through downtown Nashville

I love this guy!

Anyone want to hang out and get high?

Water is lava:

Cold and windy southern MD 2/17

Found this after many years:

This sweet little pupper!

Thank you again for all the Valentine hearts!

Kremlin runs disinformation campaign to undermine Zelensky, documents show

Not so hard there, pal!

Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to US intel that Russia could attempt to deploy a space-based weapon

2nd tweet--an exuberant pair:

The Atlantic Article That Everyone Should Read About Deportation

Cat lure:

One of my cats requires me to let the water from the bathtub faucet drip from my fingers.

A Tennessee House panel advances a bill that would criminalize helping minors get abortions

And now for my next trick:

Good boi:

Donald Trump Tells Allies He Backs 16-Week Abortion Ban

I know you think you're being funny, but. . . .

If you like the invasion of Ukraine and the "Sudden Deatth Syndrome" of Navalny


Trying to get the family together for a picture:

Indonesian suspect arrested for torturing monkey videos and selling the videos online

Legendary Maryland basketball coach Lefty Driesell dies at 92.

Choir practice:

A heart! a heart! a heart! a heart! a heart!

A Russian spy, a racist, a lunatic, a failed businessman, and a rapist walk into a dive bar.

Putin tells Trump to stop Ukraine aid

I am grateful for the DU love


Impeccable technique:

Mediator says talks on Gaza not 'progressing as expected' after momentum in recent weeks

Magpie following a cat pretending it's not:

Remember when Republican members of Congress celebrated the Fourth of July in Russia July 4 2018. These SOBs...

It really is this simple

*Whew* Busy week but let's ketchup with some MEMES 😎😆

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google

BTC Democracy Watch: Trump, Republicans debut SHOCKING new legal strategy to undermine voting in Arizona

2nd tweet--Shiba Inus give the best squinchy-eyed smiles!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, student debt, and what's next....

Snow forecast for D.C. area was a bust. Here's why.

CPAC Straw Poll Will Be About Trump's Running Mate

Anthony Weiner vs. Donald Trump

Trump, Republicans debut shocking new legal strategy - Brian Tyler Cohen

We must help Ukraine

*CNN and CNN International will air "Navalny" on Saturday, Feb. 17, at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST.

If we stole 2020, why does Biden need all these legal cases to stop Trump? We just steal it again. Ask Trump that.

Strange thing about hockey goalies...

John Curtice: By-election results leave Tories with mountain to climb

As Trump heads to Michigan, the state G.O.P. is in disarray.

Just saying.........gofundtrump...... I was just curious.....

2nd tweet--Kraken, the early years:

Sean Hannity Brutally Mocked in Hilarious Clap Back! - Luke Beasley

Rashida Tlaib endorses "uncommitted"

Pod Save America in hysterical appearance on Kimmel. Wait to end.

Montana Army National Guard apologizes following recruitment poster with Nazis

RWNJ Charlie Kirk & equally crazy cohosts fantasize about public executions, televised, w/ children as young 12 watching

U.S. Designates Houthis a Terrorist Group

(1) Leap of a Great White Shark; (2) a real happy meal!

Tapper reacts to Jared Kushner's comments about Saudi crown prince and Khashoggi - CNN

Trump booed in Philly

Trump is now peddling sneakers - and he got booed at SneakerCon (video)

In response to a post announcing TFG's promoting sneakers and a fragrance

MI: Free bus service for voters in Clinton, Ingham, Eaton

***FEBRUARY PHOTO Contest Preliminary Thread 1***

***FEBRUARY PHOTO Contest Preliminary Thread 2***

AK: Assembly greenlights special election

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 17, 2024

***FEBRUARY PHOTO Contest Preliminary Thread 3***

Computer coding error snags South Dakota voter rolls

Early Voting Paused in Chicago to Remove Candidate From Illinois Primary Ballot

Gateway timeout, slow loading pages etc.

What are the laws Trump faces in accepting money

Snowdrops & Snowfalls

Desperate Egypt sells off historic hotels as it dives deeper into debt

NC: Redistricting plaintiffs oppose consolidation of two federal cases

SPLC Launches Race and Redistricting Expert Project

Clancy DuBos: Redistricting cases could again upend Louisiana's political landscape

Trump 'booed off the stage' while promoting his golden sneakers: reports

Baltimore Councilman Zeke Cohen to introduce bills for a new independent redistricting commission


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Tucker Carlson FANGIRLS Over Russian Grocery Store

The other side of Trump's delaying tactics is increased legal fees.

Some really know how it's done

Putins Evil Campaign in Russia

Alexei Navalny and a Country Denied

Czech President says Czechia found way to get 800,000 shells for Ukraine

Air Force Nones

Did Stellantis screw the pooch with their pricing scheme? Over last 5 years, average transaction price up 61%.

Rumba, George Raft, Carole Lombard - To Be With You, Simply Red

Chron Gen - Reality

So Trumps trying to raise money selling

'I'll take the guy who's 81, over the guy who has 91 felony counts,' Rep. Eric Swalwell - Katie Phang - MSNBC

White House medical unit under Trump and Obama flouted rules, improperly dispensed drugs, reports find

Fed Up Bill Maher Torches Republicans in Epic Rant! - Pondering Politics

Biden blames 'congressional inaction' for Ukrainian withdrawal of key town in call with Zelensky

Outside Trump Tower right now

Got my Washington State Voters' Pamphlet this week for our Primary Election February 23rd. Trump's candidate statement..

DOJ to give Ukraine $500K worth of forfeited Russian funds

Why Trump can't pick up his assets in NY and do business somewhere else - The Weekend - MSNBC

Jimmy Carter's Long Goodbye

Russian planned attack on Biden.

St. Vincent upholds laws criminalizing gay sex in Caribbean island nation in setback for activists

Someone please explain to me how the Truth Social merger is not simply a way to launder $10 billion?

Senior Pakistan official admits election rigging as protests grip country

Southern MD sunset 2/17


Donald Trump GoFundMe Raises $84K of $355 Million Target in 24 Hours

My 2c: It is time to loosen the grip of the Speaker on the House.

Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds

Amyl and The Sniffers - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home) Female-fronted Aussie pub rock band from Melbourne🖤

Just received, from Martin Sheen:

He ain't got shit

Last Holdout Hungary May Vote This Month on Sweden's NATO Bid

Booed at Sneaker Con

Family returns dog because she barked too much

what is it with that tone some news people use? seems they have been trained

Barbie movie

trump Gets Mercilessly Booed while trying to hawk Gold Sneakers.

Chuck Mawhinney, Camp Pendleton Marine who became deadliest sniper in corps history, dies at 75

Stray Dog Keeps Following Couple On Vacation

Jimmy Carter, America's longest living president, is marking 1 year in hospice care