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A very profound conversation with my spouse today.

From fighting Citizens United to disqualifying insurrectionists; interview (P1) w/Ron Fein of FSFP - Glenn Kirschner

Alvin Lee - The Bluest Blues (featuring George Harrison)

Biden and Democrats attack Trump over abortion after report that he supports a 16-week ban

LOL! Seth Abramson:

Trump Gets Mercilessly Booed at Philadelphia 'Sneaker Con'

Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff speaks to basketball clinic, meets All-Stars, takes in HBCU game

Why Can't Fani Willis Fall in Love While Taking Down Trump? - Lovett or Leave It

Today's Tiedrich rant: fork over $364 million, you fraudulent fuck

Interesting fundraiser on GoFundMe: Ladders to get over Trump's Wall

Fred: Is anybody else curious?

Tucker Carlson Gets Hilariously Mocked For Doing Russian Propaganda Video - Waldorf Nation

I'm getting ready for Mom's estate sale after her move to assisted living.

Just saw One Love today.

Clearwater woman was denied protection from ex. Two days later, he killed her.

Michael McFaul: Goodbye to my fearless friend, Alexei Navalny

So predictable. RW truckers are starting to talk about boycotting New York City.

Sedition Hunters: The Private Citizens Helping Catch the January 6 Marauders - Talking Feds

Trump was gonna say Lucifer, wasn't he?

Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at 'Sneaker Con,' a day after a $355 million ruling against him

The threat Alexei Navalny's death poses America - Katie Phang - MSNBC

George Santos Files Federal Lawsuit Against Jimmy Kimmel

How Green was my Valley on TCM now.

Swalwell on Biden age: 'I'll take the guy who's 81 over the guy who has 91 felony counts'

Fox & Friends

MAGA Fans Slammed For Launching GoFundMe To Help Billionaire Donald Trump Pay $355M Fine

House investigators want to speak with Gaetz's ex

Did Ukraine Outlaw a Religion or Remove a Spy Network? - Professor Gerdes

Rep. Rashida Tlaib urges Michigan Democrats to vote against Biden in the primary

Trump now owes over half a billion in civil penalties. What if he can't pay it? - Velshi - MSNBC

whew. just spent 4 hard hours in a shiny new bldg in the loop, but i'm good to go for election day.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a nutty situation and a teachable moment....

The Bipartisan Bid to Stop Surveillance Reform

Here's an auction I'm watching. I'd love to be able to bid....

'Sue him again': Internet tells E. Jean Carroll to file new suit against Trump

Trump Can Afford to Pay All Judgements Against Him

Cohen on Trump's avalanche of legal penalties: 'He will have to liquidate his assets' - Velshi - MSNBC


'It's much larger': Trump's financial penalty nightmare may not be over, NYT reporter says - Velshi - MSNBC

**NAVALNY, bio, on CNN now.

Teamsters Strike Molson Coors

Biden Forcefully Condemns Navalny's Murder While Trump Says Nothing

Teamsters, Lawmakers Demand Neutrality from Delta Air Lines CEO

Factoring in prejudgment interest, Trump could actually owe over $400 million

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on NY fraud verdict: 'They will not get away with it'

Tears in my eyes over the death of Alexei Navalny...that's all.

Russia - Putin Goes Bananas Over USA Arms Deal as Ukraine Ecuador Swap Deepens Economic Cold War - Joe Blogs

Taylor Swift Donates 100K to Victim's Family

Trump admits he set President Biden up for failure with the Afghanistan withdrawal...

I got another heart!

I got another heart today!

Trump's shoes country of manufacture?

Supreme Court HOLDS SECRET MEETING on Trump Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

Holy... Shit... You will not believe this...

Alabama Supreme Court rules IVF embryos are protected under Wrongful Death of a Minor Act

'The ABCs of Book Banning' underscores school children being affected by book banning efforts - Velshi - MSNBC

Launches a sneaker line

Parents upset after Keller ISD trustees brought an Evangelist film crew into schools and filmed students

Remember to vote on November 27th.....

Racist and Misogynistic AI Spreading From 4chan to Mainstream Platforms

Could someone explain the Trump fraud "victimless crime" excuse?

I like raw milk products, but there is some risk.

If Trump was shown pics of his ex-wives and then given pics of his children, would he be able to...

Beyond dogwhistles - racists have a new rhetorical trick

Republican Gets SHUT DOWN Over Historic Attack To His Face At Hearing

Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline's chatbot

'Statements from U.S. are making us worried': Estonian leader reacts to Trump comments

Marvel Universe Wakanda Idea. Black Panther and Captain America in WWII

Corporate greed increasingly seen as 'major cause' of inflation: Poll

Tiny hedgehog stretch & yawn:

Navalny gave himself up to be killed.

Elon Musk: "Almost every illegal is a dem voter"

2nd tweet--patrolling their territory:

I wonder what old Mad Magazines are worth? I haven't got a clue, says Stu.

The "Spanish-American War" Was Based on a Bloody Lie

Where'd he go?

Trump's Week From Hell - The Coffee Klatch with Robert Reich

Horrifying new legal strategy in AZ

Is Abbott's Building A Military Base To Facilitate Trump's Mass Deportation Plan?

RIP Dexter Romweber

The most devastating of all wars for the United States was the "Civil War"..1861 to 1865..Largest % of deaths ever.

ENGINE BALANCE: Inline 6 vs. V6 vs. VR6 vs. Flat / Boxer 6

A Joke for a Heart

How Trump will raise the money he needs to pay off everyone he owes

Brutal: Tucker Carlson suffers ultimate humiliation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Metallica "Master of Puppets" Live on the Howard Stern Show

Secretary Clinton on Antisemitism

Compton shop sells used tires for $45, open until 3am, blamed by cops as the source for street takeover tires

Appropos of Navalny:

Lawmakers react to group of 'Nazis' marching through downtown Nashville

Another foolproof way to spot a dumbass

Talk Talk - it's my life live

Former German spy chief founds new right-wing party

Appreciation thread for our friend Rhiannon12866

Trump tells supporters his $355 million fraud fine is election interference

Why Trump can't pick up his assets in NY and do business somewhere else - The Weekend - MSNBC

Moana fans.... Let me ruin a song for you.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib urges Michigan Democrats to vote against Biden in the primary

Alice In Chains - Would?

*Monuments Men on BVUtv NOW.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul apologizes for using Canada-Hamas analogy in defending Israel

And the next day you sell sneakers?

China foreign minister warns against decoupling at Munich Security Conference

House Democrats question Johnson's invitation of far-right preacher known for anti-LGBTQ views

House Democrats question Johnson's invitation of far-right preacher known for anti-LGBTQ views

Gentle Giant, yeah. Ok, maybe bookmark this and wait until the edibles kick in

So the other night, one of our kitties gave us a real scare.

'They lied': plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals

How Ex-SEAL on Child Rescue Mission Became Island Kingpin

Hungary: Orban promises new laws after child abuse scandal after protests

Jam with Paul Hardcastle, Change

trump Said Not Paying Taxes Made Him Smart

Rep. Allred: Ted Cruz and other Republicans have reached 'new level of cynicism' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Former CBS executive Les Moonves to pay Los Angeles ethics fine for interference in police probe

Trump avoids 'corporate death penalty' in civil fraud case, but his business will still get slammed

So Prescient

Why does Ukraine matter?

Hungarian prime minister says parliament set to ratify Sweden's NATO bid later this month - DW News

B-52s Give me back my man

about DU hearts...

45 years ago -- one of DC's most notorious blizzards struck on Presidents' Day weekend It ranks as DC's third largest sn

TCM Classic Film Festival Opens With John Travolta At 30th Anniversary Screening of 'Pulp Fiction'

This is one of the most dishonest framings I've ever seen from "True North," an outlet that often

Doonesbury Now & Then

Disoriented Trump Confuses February Primary Date With Thanksgiving Eve

There's A Key Difference Between The Chores Men And Women Take On

President Biden delivers remarks on the reported death of Alexei Navalny -- 2/16/24

Young cougar killed after attacking cyclists, injuring woman near Snoqualmie

The same guys who helped Trump's campaign investigate Hunter Biden were paid off by Russians, Ukrainian prosecutors alle

Donald Trump tells his supporters to vote on Thanksgiving Eve despite the primary being


If you had told me a year ago that the thing conservatives would hate the most was a white

Sunday Funnies 2/18/24

amoosing memes

What everyone can learn from the woman who lost $50,000 to a scam

Females Dominate Males in Many Primate Species

Atheist vs Muslim - Emma Thorne

Demonstrators across Russia hold rallies in memory of Navalny - ABC News

Thank you for the hearts

Navalny: Family refused access to body as hundreds detained in Russia - Channel 4 News

Thanks for hearts

Paraguayan policeman on trial for torture meted out decades ago

No More Russian Gas Influence on Europe - UATV English

El Salvador, where a miscarriage can land you in jail

Forced Mobilization in Russian-occupied Chechnya to the War - UATV English

Frozen embryos are 'children,' Alabama Supreme Court rules in couples' wrongful death suits

This is gonna be interesting.......Santos VS Kimmel...

Honduran white bats: The fluffy little bats that roost together in leaf tents

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the X-men changing....

The Dangers of Privatizing Health Care in Argentina

Al Franken: The Atlantic's David Frum on GOP Dysfunction

US threatens to veto new Gaza ceasefire resolution at UN Security Council

I gotta complain about this again: with this new DU I can spend 15 minutes trying to make a comment on my iPhone.

Yale issues formal apology over its past connections to slavery

Things, place, dates and people for $2,000.00!

Milei heading to pro-Trump event on heels of Blinken meeting

Wordle 974 Feb 18 ***Spoiler Thread***

I received 5 hearts...

In 1928, Guinness employees were given on-site medical and dental care, two free pints after each shift, and full pensio

Bolivian Journalist Develops Checki, a Disinformation-Fighting Chatbot

The CDC investigates a multistate E. coli outbreak linked to raw cheddar cheese

The majority (76%) of traffic from X to its advertisers websites during the Super Bowl was fake

Top UN Court to Hold Hearings on Legality of the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian-Claimed Lands

Leaders in St. Louis, Missouri reduced homicides by more than 40% from 2020 to 2023 by investing in:

I read that Navalny's body is missing

Over 400 detained in Russia as country mourns the death of Alexei Navalny

Ukraine war: Biden 'confident' Republicans will vote for $60bn aid package - BBC News

Source says Navalny's body in Salekhard district clinical hospital morgue, still no autopsy performed - Meduza


Well, it happened Again - Luke Beasley

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 23, 2024: 31 Days of Oscar -- Cinematography

The GOP's 2024 Campaign Message Is Falling Apart

Rashida Tlaib, what is her

If Homer Simpson were a Democrat from Ohio...

El Paso District Attorney candidates fight to return office to Democratic leadership

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Chewy and Han Edition

Political gender gap grows as young women move left

Post Office boss: I was told to stall compensation to help Tories

Trump's longtime 'spell' on New York 'has finally worn off': former mayor

In memory of Navalny

Thank you for the hearts these past two days.

Eric Trump: My Father Built NYC Skyline And This Is The Thanks He Gets?

All Of The Focus Is ON Lara Trump Running The RNC but

The White House plan for the Mayorkas impeachment: Ignore the drama, outsource the fight

On this last day of the Valentine's fund drive,

Reminiscences. Share 'em if ya got 'em.

I think this is the last day for hearts?


I too enjoyed all my hearts and thank

Calling On All Magats

'Hamas outside Palestinian consensus,' Egyptian minister says

How fascism starts

"Johnson knows that ... would put his speakership at risk." - Dan Balz

Israel slams South Africa after ICJ rejected request to limit Israeli op in Rafah

Need to get a line up a tree

New 'chaos' surrounding Trump raising concerns among big money donors

Medical debt lawsuits clog courts as hospitals sue for unpaid medical bills

I always root for the prehistoric beasts!

💓💓My last chance to thank all my kind DUers for the hearts. I am truly touched by the kindness💓💓.

Dear no labels: Fuck all the way off. You will not shove the fascist clown on this country again.

Thanks for the hearts!

"God does not make mistakes..."

Positive Vibrations

38 of the best adventure holidays for 2024 + 89 of the best holiday destinations for 2024: a month-by-month guide

On This Day: Mutiny of 10,000 sailors, 56 ships, begins - Feb. 18, 1946

You raised $2,053.00 on February 17, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

I tried playing hoops in Trump sneakers but all I could do was draw charges

As Denver struggles to absorb influx of migrants, other services are cut

A heartfelt thanks

So what's to stop Mohammed bin "Bonesaw" Salman from buying one of TSF's properties...

Mermaid Sunday!

'This is what it has come to': MSNBC host laughs at Trump selling sneakers for quick cash

A record number of Americans can't afford their rent. Lawmakers are scrambling to help

"There is a sucker born every minute"

Michael Cohen says Trump is "stuck" trying to pay fraud fines (youtube video)

Michael Cohen says Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather

Brazil's Lula: Israel perpetrating 'genocide' in Gaza, like when 'Hitler decided to kill the Jews'

NYC under blockade. Or will economic interest prevail?

First 8 Days Of February Hottest On Record For Daily Global Average Surface Temperatures

Do we know where the gold sneakers are made?

Mass Arrests in Russia

Thanks for the Hearts

Donald Trump Mocks E. Jean Carroll at Michigan Rally

Just Ducky

On this last day of our wonderful Heart Drive, I just want to thank the kind

As teamster driver fuck these scab imbecile trump truckers.

OK. I finally did it. I watched 15 minutes of "Jersey Shore."

Every dollar Trump raises to pay legal fees and judgments...

Why is it so evil that I never got married?

It's like giving money to Madoff

Here's to hearts

How many Grammar Nazis does it take to change a lightbulb?

Today I am 82!

To counter the conmans sneaker con

Tomorrow is Wish a MAGAt a Happy Washington's Birthday!

I don't care if he sells sneakers.

Every single WI Senate Republican voted against the Right to Contraception Act,......

'Jared Kushner defends his equity firm getting $2 billion from Saudis after he left White House'

On Meet The Press just now

Do most folks pending serious felonies have to surrender their passports?

Trump's huge legal costs are a huge bonanza for all Democratic candidates

I am so happy that I lived the Marley Story

Mike Turner on MTP Calls Mike Johnson "President"

Jason Carter on Jimmy Carter's strength of spirit

Sunday Morning: Ukraine front collapses in 6 mos. without US aid

Trump Is An Evil Genius

Does anyone belong to one of the art sites that give you auction values?

Taylor Swift Humiliates tRump Deleted thread

38 of the best adventure holidays for 2024 + 89 of the best holiday destinations for 2024: a month-by-month guide

Republican opponent of US aid to Ukraine brings his case to an international conference

I have to admit the name fits

"The N word"

Damn! There's some hair-raising guitar playing in this thing.

trump Makes TOTAL FOOL OF HIMSELF while hawking $399 pairs of gold sneakers.

Cartoon: Trump's lawyers

Al Bundy for President

Need some help.

The Two-Time Trump Voters Who WON'T BACK HIM in 2024 (w/ Jonathan V. Last) The Focus Group Podcast

Press the Meat got around to talking about

Saw "Players" last night.

CBS's Robert COSTA to Lindsey GRAHAM: Have you talked about this new package to "President" Drumpf?

Liz Cheney May Run For President

Nailed it (but WHY?). Why did the bunny *need* to be in the bucket!?

Record number of sandhill cranes spotted in first aerial count of year in Nebraska

Sunday morning sermon "Fire and Brimstone" by Trombone Shorty

James Carville on Taylor Swift, Incels and Trump's Stench

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine is Butter Pecan.

Please put down that phone & pet me:

Alesha Guenther former GOP staffer from Wisconsin is on 60 Minutes today.

If I bookmark a post, will I have it for as long as I want it?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 18, 2024)

Black Joe Louis and the Honeybears, "Gunpowder"

Belgium: Church gets new lease of life as a temple of beer

What was in your packed lunch--as a child or adult? As a child --bologna sndwich with yellow mustard, apple. bought

What happened to Atticus? Does anyone know?

Sunny With Lots Of Color

How to spot a Russian troll on social media.

AI expert (and critic) Gary Marcus: When I started working on AI four decades ago, it simply didn't occur to me that one

Donald Trump's Russia ties remain a national security risk

S9:E4 (The Attack on Women's Healthcare, Abortion & Contraception)

Ezra Klein, y'all

Republicans return to Antebellum era theories to justify Trump's civil war push

BAFTAs live starting at 2 P.M. ET. on the Youtubes. What are the "spoilers" limits on discussion?

Lehtos Law: NJ State Might Require All E-Bikes to Be Registered and Insured

UFCW Local Leads Fight to Win Washington's Strongest Tenant Protections

"Forget insurrection. Trump aiding the enemy is treason"...

Trump Does Weird Flex Anytime He Sees Jewish People - Majority Report

High-altitude winds over Washington soared to 265 mph, near record

Does AI want to nuke us? We don't know -- and that could be more dangerous

This Golden Retriever Is The Definition Of A Nanny Dog

There may be a 'dark mirror' universe within ours where atoms failed to form, new study suggests

Someone have me a heart while I was sleeping.

A.R. Moxon: One Must Imagine Charlie Brown Happy

There was no Jesus

It's A Snappy Sunday..

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 18, 2024?

Israel strikes across Gaza as US says it will block another cease-fire resolution at the UN

Championship parades likely to change in wake of shooting at Chiefs Super Bowl celebration

TCM later:

Nebraska Labor court sides with the state on latest legal volley in remote work case

Two officers and a paramedic shot and killed in Burnsville responding to a domestic call

I wish some enterprising reporter would ask Trump if he would be OK with giving Alaska back to Putin's Russia

Salt Lake City Red Cross Workers Organize With Teamsters

More hearts!

'Scent therapy' helps unlock memories in people with depression, trial finds

Must Read from The Guardian! An Epic Summary of the Trump Organization in New York

2024 election is Groundhog Day for disillusioned young voters

***NEW: A incredible jet stream of 265 mph in the Mid-Atlantic

***NEW: A incredible jet stream of 265 mph in the Mid-Atlantic

Harry Truman

Trump ranks dead last in a new rating of U.S. presidents. Biden is 14th.

Project Farm: Best Trash Bag? Let's Find Out!

The Home Page On My Computer Has Moved Farther Right

Cohen and Parkland Father CONFRONT Defendant tRump and MAGA Over DISTURBING Moves

Tell the White House to stop the raid on postal workers' pensions

Czar Putin

Tennessee deputy crashed into river after making 1st arrest, killing himself and the detainee

Waxing Gibbous, 65% visible

Southern MD sunrise 2/18

Gov. Shapiro, top Biden surrogate, acknowledges close race with Trump: 'Stop worrying and start working'

What was your Favorite class in Jr or HS school? We had the disliked, now let;s do the class you couldn't wait to

Jeff Lynne's ELO - From Out of Nowhere

Guy Bought A Barn And Finds Out It Comes With A Stray Cat

Contract Faculty Wrest Neutrality from New York University

Just sold my 1000th item from my booth!

Ridge Alkonis: The sailor who stoked Japanese resentment against the US

Have any DUers heard from Pander0 or his wife since he

Biden administration to reportedly relax EV rule on tailpipe emissions

GOP candidates elevate anti-transgender messaging as a rallying call to Christian conservatives

BEGALA: I hope these shoes are wonderfully comfortable for Mr. Trump because he is a very soft man.

Labor News & Commentary February 14, 2024 Professors signs on to a call for ceasefire in Palestine & more

I want to reduce kitchen plastics. Need suggestions.

Zimbabwe's vice president says the government will block a scholarship for LGBTQ+ people

The Deliberate Attempt To Humiliate Fani Willis With Racist Stereotypes

BREAKING Two police officers and paramedic killed in Minnesota, related to domestic violence call

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 18, 2024

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out at 'Grotesque' Donald Trump--'Cannot Win'

2 police officers and 1 firefighter killed responding to a domestic incident outside Minneapolis, governor says

Judge Engoron's penalties against Trump could have been worse, and that might have been a good thing.

Nicaragua shuts down scouting association and several other social and religious groups

I came across this comment on a Larry Bird reaction video:

Iraqi armed groups dial down U.S. attacks on request of Iran commander

If you've ever spent your trailer rent money on pair of $400 gold sneakers...

Tiny NY town loses its giant Remington factory, it's moving to "gun friendly" Georgia

Tracking Attacks on the NLRB

thank you DUers for the valentine hearts

Thanks to everyone and DU for all the hearts.

How dumb ...


Hulu: The Patient

Here's what I don't get

Bonus Day at Urgent Care. Went in with COVID and came out with COVID and the Flu! 🤧

Righteous rant against veterans supporting Trump (lots of F-bombs)

You know you're getting older when...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY inspections and a trend....

Tidbits from the Alabama IVF ruling

NBC news website: Hillary Clinton warns Munich summit about Trump.

Will Bobblehead have to liquidate assets after fraud verdict?

Republican chairman finally suffers the ultimate humiliation - Brian Tyler Cohen

In New York, the Trump Brand Is Costing Some Condo Owners

Cartoons 2/18/2024

Manny Pacquiao officially ineligible for the Olympics because he's deemed to be too old

Thanks for the 💕💕💕!

Hey, Donnie! You know who left the White House "dead broke"?

Looking for the "Made in USA" label???

Navalny's death seals Russia's fate.

Climate assessment a roadmap out of climate crisis

Jan Psaki says it BEST: "..That Donald Trump is a fraud. And that's his entire story."

I think most people here will agree with George Conway

Medvedev threatens Berlin, London and Washington with nuclear retaliation if Russia is to return to 1991 borders

Rashida Tlaib just sent me a canned "Progressive" Caucus email asking for money

Senator Klobuchar held her own on the NBC show, detailing the President's accomplishments

opinions on palworld

US conducts strikes against Houthi underwater vessel for the first time since Red Sea attacks began

Trumpworld takes aim at Republicans who supported Ukraine aid push

German labor union calls on Lufthansa ground staff to strike at 7 airports on Tuesday

Graham responds to Trump NATO comments: 'If you don't pay you get kicked out'

Let us not underestimate him.

Artificial intelligence is making critical health care decisions. The sheriff is MIA (Politico)

Charles Tyler Himber: Slidell, LA man arrested, accused of participating in Jan. 6 capitol insurrection

Michael Cohen suggests Trump's mounting legal fees make him 'thoroughly compromised': 'He is for sale'

WOW! @tapairportugal pilots filmed this on a night flight between SFO to Lisbon (LIS) 🤩 ✈️

US conducts strikes against Houthi underwater vessel for the first time since Red Sea attacks began

Chelsea condo workers strike after owner cancels healthcare during contract negotiations

How to be a victim of transphobia without being trans or anything?

Why Russia's Ceasefire Proposal to the U.S. Went Nowhere - William Spaniel

Randi Rhodes Free Friday Podcast on You Tube

Actor John Schneider Branded 'Racist' For Comparing Beyonc To A 'Dog' Over Country Music

I've just seen the best quote about trump's new shoes

DjT's 'golden sneakers': After running for a year...

New York archdiocese calls funeral for trans activist Cecilia Gentili at cathedral 'scandalous'

Kamala Harris was just extraordinary speaking in Europe a couple of days ago. I was so impressed!

A letter to Congress from an American Vet fighting with the Ukrainians

Lily-liver explains being a fake elector

House Republicans seek to downplay FBI informant charges that undermine Biden impeachment inquiry

Medical Overbilling is Taking Money from Your Health Plan and Participants

DNC Chair to Kristen Welker: ...Y'all just need to stop it."

Post a tune for the Fulton County disqualification hearing

Тяцмp Never Surrender gold sneakers are bringing good prices on ebay.


The same people that tell us Democrats were the KKK back in the day are fighting us to keep the Jim Crowe

Trump Shoe: Five Stars?

Living old memories (and it's a good thing).

Trumps shoe lines

New Details Emerges Regarding Trump Fake "Union" Rally

NY-19: Control of the House Could Come Down to This New York Republican


Medvedev is once again threatening Washington DC with nuclear annihilation

When Sinema first ran, I gave her some money. I'd like it back now.

Corporate greed increasingly seen as 'major cause' of inflation: Poll

Made in China

Southern Autoworkers Organize, Business Class Tries to Wallop Them

US auto safety design-engineering laws and living without them

Frozen embryos are 'children,' Alabama Supreme Court rules in couples' wrongful death suits

"Business Insider" magazine thinks you need help naming your baby. Hire an expert to do this for you!

Open primaries effort attracts big contributions from South Dakotans and Colorado group

How come Mr. "free speech" guy @elonmusk hasn't said one word about Putin killing Navalny?

Money-obsessed half sister creeping me out

Montage of clips of Trump selling his various products and scams over the years (from Ron Filipkowski)

Michael Steele's reality check for Lara Trump

I just heard the reporter make this comment..paraphrasing "If he (Trump) is reelect as a FELON he would NOT be......

Golden Slippers/Golden Sneakers there must be a riff

Weird News Sources on Microsoft Start

NJ-SEN: Five things to watch for in this Sunday's debate between Andy Kim and Tammy Murphy

If trump is found guilty in the New York vs trump case

Researchers Have Finally Recorded Plants "Talking" On Camera And Warning Each Other About Attacking Insects

"New speakers"

Not shipping until July

Hungary's government declines offer to meet US senators seeking approval for Sweden's NATO bid

Choose your howler:

Despite ties to defendants, Texas Supreme Court justice didn't recuse himself from sex abuse case

Child labor remains a key state legislative issue in 2024

Geologists signal start of hydrogen energy 'gold rush'. Natural sources of the gas are more abundant than expected

Geologists signal start of hydrogen energy 'gold rush'. Natural sources of the gas are more abundant than expected

When asked how fascism starts, Bertrand Russell once said:

Pre-election Protests In Mexico As Ex-mayor Joins Presidential Race

New Zealand: Macindoe wins Hamilton East by-election

Sam Bush - "In Tall Buildings" (John Hartford)

Municipal Elections This Sunday in Dominican Republic

Republicans return to Antebellum era theories to justify Trump's civil war push

Election 2024As Trump rallies in Michigan, the state G.O.P. is in disarray.

Patients see first savings from Biden's drug price push -- as Pharma lines up its lawyers

Candidates are being finalised for Tasmania's election -- with no shortage of familiar faces

I just watched a Meidas Touch video of TSF's Michigan rally last night.

Ashli Babbitt died for a sneakers salesman.

A Family Ranch, Swallowed Up in the Madness of the Border (NYT)

Measles infections pose far more risks than most realize, including a fatal neurological complication

OK, Enough Hearts. How about a 4 leaf clover or a Leprechaun for St Patrick's Day!!!!

? Do you think I could get laid at a moms for liberty orgy.

Spain conservative leader in dock as Galicia holds election

Apologies to The Bard: What would Shakespeare Say?

Joel Osteen preaches about living without fear in first Sunday service at Lakewood Church since shooting

The sporting industry needs to tell Smelvis the sick fuck

For your weekend viewing pleasure:

Arizona Republicans call basic income payments 'unearned,' introduce a bill to ban them

A science martyr.

What a Reported Trump Plan on Restricting Abortion Would Mean

Beating Rick Scott a near must for Democrats if they want to keep control of U.S. Senate

Thanks, DU. More hearts. You keep making me smile.

If I see somebody walking down the street with gold sneakers and a red maga hat....

Before i forget...just wanna say thanks for the hearts

TSF Selling Gold Sneakers Might be the Most Surreal, Singularly Tacky thing that has Ever Happened

Church hands out free Paxlovid treatments amid rise in COVID-19 cases

SF Chronicle endorsed Katie Porter for CA Senate

Awful Trump Lawyer HUMILIATES herself in TRAINWRECK interview

Whooping Crane Feeding (Grus americana)

How can you not love this??

Ambrey: UK-registered cargo ship reported under attack in Bab al-Mandab Strait

Being uneducated might not be anything to be ashamed of

Reminder: Trump is Almost Certainly STILL CRIMING

Thanks for the hearts everyone!

Thank you, Anonymous, for my hearts

Let's see what defunding libraries & giving more to the NYPD gets ya....

Woke up with this song in my head today


Cool "Disco" Dan

Torvill and Dean announce their retirement

with lax gun laws, should championship parades end?

How the GOP's Thinking on Foreign Policy Evolved

Monday TOONs

Palestinian factions to meet in Moscow as west rejects Hamas role in ruling Gaza after war

I just met a distant cousin who lives near me

The crowd at the Sneaker Con event was chanting "Lets Go Biden"

Police say 53 men massacred in Papua New Guinea tribal violence, Australian state media reports

I'm still getting hearts

Alex Stein being a creep to woman.

Tonight is Debate Night in New Jersey

Judge reversed order to cancel Trump biz certificates.

Musk does not want people to use the name "Twitter"

Melania and Peg have something in common.

Trump fan hangs up in embarrassment after radio host schools him.

Southern MD after sunset 2/18

Two police officers dead, one paramedic dead in my community.

Argentina's Mileise: Poverty hits 57%, highest number in 20 years

Argentina's Mileise: Poverty hits 57%, highest number in 20 years

Magat and convicted domestic abuser, Zachary Ty Bryan, arrested for DUI.

Labor News & Commentary February 15, 2024 Colorado AG sues to block the $24.6 billion proposed merger & more

DU-thanks for the heart.