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Labor-backed group sues to block Massachusetts gig worker ballot proposal

The Cyrkle - Turn-Down Day

Jon Voight speaks about Trump. Voight has lost his mind along with his moral compass: Very disturbing, folks.

WTH is GOING ON with DC Appeals DELAY on Trump RULING?! - Talking Feds

Another impeachment witness says what GOP doesn't want to hear

Go Chiefs! How Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have caused another Trump Trauma.

Fact Checking... CONCLUSION: Confirmed. Donald Trump is indeed a "sick fuck." Fact Check Completed.

'Not cool': Indiana state representative official flashes gun at students advocating control - Deadline - MSNBC

The Momentum From the UAW's Victorious Strike Continues

I'm with Joe on this one.

I can't believe the GOBers want to stop fentanyl from getting in our country?

Advertising agency for OxyContin agrees to pay $350 million rather than face lawsuits

Penn State plans to slash $94M from budget, including deep cuts to Commonwealth Campuses

Teamsters Celebrate Black History Month

I just heard this dog's story

The Dearborn mayor has a lot of hate in responding to Joy Reid.

Trump D.C. trial drops off court's March calendar, clearing way for N.Y. case

Mississippi's Direct-Democracy Con in Progress

Flights Grounded Across Germany as Security Screeners Go on Strike

'Astonishing' lapse saw FBI agents miss 'hidden room' during Mar-a-Lago search: report'

Trump's Pathetic Veepstakes Begin! (w/ Joe Klein and John Ellis) Bulwark Podcast

Maybe Marge just likes the word dick??.........

'Painful to watch': Fmr. Rep. Max Rose on the current House GOP caucus - MSNBC Reports

When Bad History & Bad Theology Collide In Perfect Anti-Democratic Storm? w/ Tim Alberta - Thom Hartmann

Zelensky U-turns after telling Ukraine's top general he would be sacked

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iran learning an American lesson....

What Georgia's ruling on Dominion voting machines means for the 2024 election - MSNBC Reports

Trump's critics hope that Antonin Scalia can sway the Supreme Court in 14th Amendment fight (CNN)

Moses wept.

Rental relief? Here's how apartment rents are trending in Seattle

ICYMI-There's a christofascist "convoy" coming from VA-30 miles outside of Eagle Pass, TX. .........

Trump Campaign PACs Have Paid Melania's Fashion Consultant $368,000

Florida House votes to loosen child labor laws a year after tougher immigrant employment law enacted

Dan Crenshaw Rips Speaker Johnson on Border Deal Intransigence

"If It were anyone else..." Joshua Schulte sentenced to 40 years for espionage crimes

Why, you thick-skulled, harebrained, half-witted greenhorn.

Sen. Padilla on border talks: "You can't have it both ways" - MSNBC Reports

Republicans Lose Their First Impeachment Vote: Ken Buck Is A NO

Indian police clear a suspected Chinese spy pigeon after 8 months in bird lockup

Squid Vending Machine!

Bleacher-clearing melee with screaming, shoving at N.J. youth wrestling match, video shows

New Update on Trump's disqualification from office - Brian Tyler Cohen

BOC - Godzilla

Trump donors are paying Nauta. Not Trump.

THE BIGGEST QUESTION facing the Supreme Court that will DETERMINE TRUMP'S FUTURE - Talking Feds

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Biden, and polling....

Hurricane warning as Storm Ingunn breaks Sweden's wind speed record

Biden meets with friendly autoworkers in Michigan, but avoids angry Gaza protesters

Record Number Signed Up for Affordable Care Act Coverage

I am New Mexico bound!

MIGOP fails to meet campaign finance reporting deadlines as financial concerns persist

MAGA's 'authoritarian' tactics spread with threats to shred Constitution: Beschloss x Phang - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump spent $250K of campaign funds losing Christopher Steele lawsuit: report

'Inflection point': Gov. Ron DeSantis sends Florida National, State Guard to Texas

Ex-Florida GOP Chair Told Wife to 'Hunt' for Sex Partners

Inflation is so bad....

Texas Democratic Party officials Issue Statement on First Day of Black History Month

Trump New York business fraud case verdict delayed to later in February

Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country?

DeSantis spent $160 million for 23,420 total votes

GOP Rep. on Border Security: 'Congress Doesn't Have to Do Anything'

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

MAGA-run state GOPs face civil wars, bribery scandals, money woes - All In - MSNBC

ChatGPT, draw a map showing ten countries smaller than Los Angeles County

Why Donald Trump's mysterious $48 million loan matters

Two Native American boys died at a boarding school in the 1890s. Now, the tribe wants them home

*Weisselberg negotiating a plea,

Trump countering Taylor Swift with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. (Not the Onion)

Trump now poised for fatal blow in new ruling - Brian Tyler Cohen

I know what I need to do

The border crisis is real. That's why Trump is blocking solutions

Opponents of affirmative action set their sights on West Point after Harvard ruling

Why it matters that the GOP is advancing Mayorkas' impeachment

Musk seeks Tesla shareholder vote on moving incorporation to Texas

A Citizen of the World: Journalist Sam Ford

Brad Pitt set to star in Quentin Tarantino's final movie - report

Seth Meyers - Trump and MAGA Allies Sabotage Border Deal, Sparking GOP Backlash, Infighting: A Closer Look

Have you had Covid more than once and how was your recovery each time?

Providence to forgive $137 million in medical payments, refund $20 million to patients after agreement

As judges mull presidential immunity, Trump reaps the benefits of delay

House GOP Passes Huge Corporate Tax Cut Featuring Crumbs For The Poor - Waldorf Nation

Moving Gelatine Plates - Syntheme

Can the German People Stop the AfD's Far-Right Rise?

FL-27: Salazar's (R) opponent slams her voting history in new video

If Trump wins, he will destroy the American-led world order

Podcaster Ted Cruz complains about 'tough re-election race' - All In - MSNBC

House disclosures show both parties gearing for battle

Today in History: February 1, 4 Black college students begin a sit-in protest at a Woolworth's lunch counter

Most Democrats dominate Senate fundraising, but tough year looms

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 4, 2024 - Black History Weekend Marathon

Supreme Court Filing PUTS THE SCREWS into Gutless Trump - Meidas Touch

TCM Schedule for Monday February 5, 2024 - Hitchcock in Black and White

I had my yearly Medicare wellness check up today.

UK could recognise a Palestinian state before a deal with Israel, says Cameron

Hostages freed after being held for nine hours at P&G plant in Turkey

Imagine what jobs Lauren Boebert will be qualified for once she no longer has her cushy gig in Congress.

Judge Engoron Delays Ruling Until Mid-February

I am overmedicated

Taylor Swift once dressed up as Kiss legend Ace Frehley to prank Keith Urban during a live show (video + article)

Bernie Sanders Has a Plan to Make Big Pharma's Greedheads Squirm

Russian politician denounces Ukraine war, wants to be 'free from Putin's shackles' - PBS NewsHour

A Couple Went Viral. Then the Internet Started Digging and found a confederate flag photo in her past

"It's not a morgue, it's a slave ship."

The J. Geils Band - Whammer Jammer

Sierra Ferrell - Fox Hunt

Republican Mike Collins (Georgia) suggests dropping migrants into the ocean from helicopters , "Pinochet Air".

Some Republicans Are Publicly Furious Trump Torpedoed Border Deal - Pondering Politics

Ron Filipkowski to his international followers

update on the "3 three Kansas City Chiefs fans found frozen in the backyard story". #4 guy checks into rehab

Update on the Take Our Border Back stop in Dripping Springs Texas.

US blames group of Iran-backed militias for deadly drone attack in Jordan as it weighs reprisals

Hoo boy... Looks like Walt Nauta is a sex pest (allegations of sexual misconduct in the Navy)

Watching Lawrence O'Donnell tonight..

Gender gap expands between Biden and Trump, new poll shows

Two-state solution is the 'only viable long-term position' says former Israeli PM - MSNBC Reports

Exclusive-Hotelier Robert Bigelow gives Trump $1 million for legal fees (Reuters)

Special Counsel Asks About Trump's 'Hidden Room'

"Juiced to go do it": Seahawks welcome head coach Mike Macdonald

These morons vote. Trump supporters say Democrats ended Roe v. Wade

☦️ Chant of the Deep - 'Cry My Soul Always' (English translation provided)

Secy Austin's 'apology' pretty good, imo.

FED UP MSNBC host TORCHES Trump in BRUTAL takedown - Meidas Touch

Mad at Biden over the economy? Take our quiz

Ukraine says it sank Russian warship off coast of Crimea - CNN

When you really believe in being prepared

Georgia senate passes bill curtailing charitable bail funds for protest groups

Lauren Boebert Brutally Mocked by Her Own Party in Viral Moment! - Luke Beasley

9 hospitalized after 200 prisoners rush corrections officers in riot at Southern California prison

Trump focus group bombshell: PA Trump women voters says he's not to blame for Roe being overturned - The ReidOut MSNBC

So Engoron announces his decision Mid Feburary?

Several deaths reported after small plane crashes into Florida mobile home park - NBC News

Colbert's Opening tonight

'Reverse French Revolution'? Trump supporters donate millions for his legal bills, wife's fashion - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Luna Shadows - little rituals

How three-armed Black voters could swing the election

'Appetite for payback': How Kevin McCarthy and allies plan to 'make life miserable' for 'the Gaetz Eight'

New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) Full Album Vinyl

'Big, big deal': Sen. Sherrod Brown lauds passage of bipartisan tax bill - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lets discuss which generals would be loyal to Trump and which would not if he becomes President

The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby & The Range 🎹

This may be Republicans' most disgusting move yet. - Pondering Politics

22 years ago - on February 1, 2002 - American journalist Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered

Key Pro-Israel Group Reports Record Fundraising As It Targets The 'Squad'

Kimmel: Trump Plays Dumb About Red-Spotted Hands, Fish Having Sex in Florida & Do You Have a Black Friend?

CA-SEN: Adam Schiff Releases Ad Boosting GOP Opponent In California Senate Race

Lawrence: Trump wants 'blame' for blocking border bill while insisting border crossings kill 300,000 - The Last Word MSNBC

TX-SEN: Secret Recording: Black Candidate Can't Win in Texas

Hungary's Orban folds before the E.U. and reminds all of his weakness

Michigan Had No Seat at R.N.C. Meeting, but 2 People Showed Up Anyway

WI: Maps consultants say GOP proposals are gerrymanders

These Are the Lowest Paid Auto Workers - More Perfect Union

Lawrence O'Donnell: Secy. Austin's apology a much-needed lesson in the age of Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Alabama's redistricting case set for 2025 trial

FL House approves rollback of child labor laws, letting teens to work more than 30 hours a week

OR: Senate Republican leader Tim Knopp won't appeal disqualification

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about tax reform and GOP opposition....

Melora Hardin Tells Stories From The Office & Quizzes the Audience - Lovett or Leave It

Kevin Bacon, serenading the alpaca who never gives him the time of day...and changing some lyrics

MIGOP fails to meet campaign finance reporting deadlines as financial concerns persist

A QAnon podcaster raised $50,000 to file an amicus brief in Trump's Supreme Court case--she plans to spend it on slime fa

AZ: Republicans want to make it easier to challenge election results in court

President Obama Sings 'Sweet Home Chicago' with BB King, Buddy Guy: White Hs Concert

How the Morbidly Rich Avoid Arrest for Outrageous Crimes - Thom Hartmann

Trump to Kaplan at deposition: "See you next Tuesday."

CO-03: Colorado congressional candidate's (R) neighbors filed for protection order over 2021 conflict

Nevada Republican Party treats Trump like royalty, and treats Nevada Republican voters like serfs

Tom Cotton's Embarrassing Question Gets Thrown Back In His Face - Rebel HQ

the maga moron trucker convoy to texas

Rogue Iran General in Last Ditch Effort to 'Stop Military Escalation': ISW

Iran Slows Production of Enriched Uranium, the U.N.'s Nuclear Watchdog Says

Republican Hilariously Dunks On Lauren Boebert At Press Dinner - Waldorf Nation

RHP Corbin Burnes traded to Orioles

Latest fundraising numbers show Dems are serious about taking back NY House seats

India Dumps Russia in Military Contracts to Side with the U.S. - UATV English

Special counsel queried on 'hidden room,' closet skipped by FBI in Trump documents search: report - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

What?! Trump Just Posted This Insane Video on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

What will be on Washington's Feb. 13 special election ballot

NY-03: Early voting begins Saturday in 3rd Congressional District special election

Former Atlantic City politician charged with election fraud involving absentee ballots


London mayoral election 2024: Who are the candidates taking on Sadiq Khan?

Tantrums, weak self-control cut against Trump outside the MAGA bubble - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

A Houthi missile was just seconds from hitting a US warship. The Navy used its 'last line of defense'

Election officials in South Africa rush to register 100,000 prisoners to vote

General elections in Pakistan to take place on February 8

Honig: Why potential guilty plea for ex-Trump Org CFO is a problem for Trump - CNN

Bill Evans - Peace Piece

Former Trump CFO talking to prosecutors about perjury plea deal: NYT - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

New Hampshire House rejects further expansion, or restriction of abortion access

Maine Democrats advance constitutional amendment on abortion, but final passage is unlikely

VP Harris talks with Scripps News about protecting abortion access

Senator Reverend Warnock Celebrates Black History Month - Senator Warnock

Four Green Bay Council District Races On Primary Ballot

Biden Reportedly Unloads On 'Sick F**k' Trump In Private

What is Prop. 1? Explaining California's ballot measure to tackle homelessness, mental health crisis

Labor-backed group sues to block Massachusetts gig worker ballot proposal

Carroll Finally STICKS the DAGGER in Trump for ALL WOMEN - Meidas Touch

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues 5 cities where voters cast ballots to decriminalize weed

"Was complaining to my mom about my kids and she reminded me..."

Missouri's high court entertained arguments Thursday on whether to force changes to the state's Senate districts in a ca

Voters sue over creation of Louisiana's second majority-Black congressional district

"Don't wake groundhogs for Groundhog Day, says Willowbrook Wildlife Center"

Major liberal donors in 2023 Ohio ballot fights are now funding redistricting reform effort: Capitol Letter

D.C. area February outlook: Cold and snow chances could return mid-month.

'Don't get into a bigger war': U.S. prepares retaliatory strikes in Middle East - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Friday 2 February 2024

Nairobi fire: Gas blast in Kenyan capital kills three and injures nearly 300

'Trump doesn't know how to run against Biden': Pres. visits Michigan as Trump's legal fees rise - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I would like to post something which includes Greek alphabetical characters.

17 year old Calif arrested. suspected as being one of most prolific "swatters", FBI tracked him for 2 years

UAW's Shawn Fain says union will 'fight like hell' for President Joe Biden - Reuters

Historic trial to decide if parents of school shooters should be punished - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Harry Nilsson and Friends

Trump CAN'T ESCAPE Prosecutor Who Gets the FIRST SHOT - Meidas Touch


Great folks

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 2, 2024

Hershel Walker still has lots of cash from his failed senate bid.

Delaware Judge Blows Up Elon Musk's $56 Billion Tesla Compensation Package - Rodecast

Jan. 6 rioter may be seeking to delay sentencing because he likes being locked up, prosecutors say

A song from

All of my stupid health issues!

Biologists Discover Four New Octopus Species in the Deep Ocean Off Costa Rica

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 02/01/24

The EPA is proposing that 'forever chemicals' be considered hazardous substances

Several Die as Small Plane Crashes Into Mobile Home Park in Florida

Democracy on Trial (full documentary) FRONTLINE

Former employees file class-action lawsuit against news startup The Messenger

Biden will attend the return home of 3 US troops killed in Jordan, who he says 'risked it all'

Florida House votes to loosen child labor laws a year after tougher immigrant employment law

See ya later magaloons

Decision is made! Zaluzhny "resignation". Z-Ship became sub. Ukraine receives 50,000,000,000 euros - The Russian Dude

January jobs report expected to show slight hiring slowdown, uptick in unemployment

Ancora-led group takes $1 bln stake in Norfolk Southern in bid to oust CEO - WSJ

Looka this bats------ crazy ----------- heah! Nikki Haley Tells 'The Breakfast Club' Obama Caused Racial Division And

Do you buy all your gas from a Top Tier gas station?

A massive fire set off by a gas explosion in Kenya's capital kills at least 3 people and injures over 270

Rep. Jones declines to lead House in pledge; GOP leader calls for resignation

FOMC Meetings 2024

'Virtually impossible': RNC members say there's no chance of a convention fight against Trump

Wordle 958 Feb 2 ***Spoiler Thread***

Trump Is Botching His Already Dismal Shot With Women Voters

🕶️ President Biden and Captain America (Chris Evans) 😎

Why Congressional Races are JUST As Important: How Trump could win even if he loses the popular AND Electoral Vote

Up To Date Laundry Drivers Vote Unanimously to Join Teamsters

Bruce Springsteen Posts Sweet Video Announcing Mom's Death at 98

Why alien abductions happen only at night.... 👽 🛸

Lowest temperature for the year in my neck of the woods

The Road to 1948

Howard Dean Has Warning For MAGA Fans: Trump 'Does Not Give One Damn' About You

Posted just so we can hear the idiots scream

Why are Too Many Americans Ignoring the Ongoing Collapse of Democracy in the US? by Thom Hartmann

Friday TOONs

Guster - Satellite

God Damn; Jon Voight is Stupid.

How a US mining firm sued Mexico for billions - for trying to protect its own seabed

Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy

Taylor Swift is a leader for women and the young voters....

Would anyone like to try playing Links?

Labor News & Commentary January 30, 2024 Amazon is accused of union-busting in Kentucky

Early spring!

Stan Getz was born today.

Iowa lawmakers decline to advance bill that would remove gender identity from the state's civil rights law

😃🇺🇸🥔👶🗓️❗️Yum😋 or Yuk🤢❓

US probe into Tesla steering problems is upgraded and now one step closer to a recall

Memorial rodeo planned for Columbia Falls man who died tending to horses during blizzard


FDA panel to examine ways to better evaluate pulse oximeters for skin color bias

New study says climate change behind drop in Northern Hemisphere snowpack

Chart: Which countries are leading the green hydrogen race?

NYC Celebrates Flaco's Full Year of Freedom

Lurie Children's Hospital Chicago phones emails computers down for days

A 'Sick F***': What Biden says about trump behind closed doors

Dangers of spare time

Looking for something fun? "Queenpins" starring Kristen Bell.

Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see shadow, predicts early spring............Happy Groundhog Day...........

The Rundown: February 2, 2024

Looking for advice to buy portable car tire inflator

The origin of Super Villians: Griffin (Marvel Comics)

Well, well, well, is hell about to freeze over?

Prison Suit Trump Action Figure

Tesla recalls 2.2 million cars -- nearly all of its vehicles sold in the U.S. -- over warning light issue

Oldest-Known Amazon City Changes the Narrative on South American History

Catalonia Declares Emergency After 1,000+ Days Of Drought; Water Reserves At 16% Of Capacity

Scientists Forced To Abandon Wolf/Moose Count On Isle Royale - Ice Too Thin To Land Ski Planes

Disillusioned participant with Truckers Convoy said she just realized the people who organized it are really bad people

US Jobs report stuns again, 3.7% UE and 353,000 jobs created in January

U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in January, much better than expected

I just heard that the " Black Eagle" Joe Madison has died...age 72

BLS Report: Number of job openings, hires, and total separations change little in December

Behind the Curtain: Trump's conviction scenario

Inside Biden's obsession with "Morning Joe"

Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis (c. 1841 - July 17, 1935), the third to last adult survivor of the Atlantic slave trade

2023's Average CO2 Concentrations Released at the Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory. The correct descriptive word is "ugly."

Michigan Dems have a warning for Biden

'Pure loathing': Insiders say hatred for 'sick' Trump has Biden 'fired up' for rematch

The Most Overlooked Reason Black Americans Are Moving South

Adam Schiff's new ad draws ire from GOP and Dem opponents

The frozen Chief's fans had fentanyl and cocaine in blood

A U.N. Agency Is Accused of Links to Hamas. The Clues Were There All Along.

On This Day: Serum dog sled run reaches Nome, helps spur inoculations for diptheria - Feb. 2, 1925

Inflation has fallen. Why are groceries still so expensive?

I'm Trading In A S7 Phone For An A24 - How Can I Be Sure They Wipe Clean My Trade-In Phone So....

Today is my friend's graveside service

Trump Loses Again As Judge Tosses Steele Dossier Lawsuit

Labor market grew 353,000 in January, a surprisingly strong pickup

*** January Jobs Report U.S. Job Growth Surges The labor market added 353,000 jobs in January, far more than expected***

You raised $355.00 on February 1, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Wall Street Journal Shreds 'Trumpy Internet Trolls' With Blunt Question About Taylor Swift

You raised $6.00 on February 1, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

David Frum: Trump plan to "win" in 2024

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Headline Dripping Springs Border Convoy Rally

One of my friends shared this reel lol

Either "malpractice" or "criminal": Dr. Justin Frank on power, drugs and Trump's White House

"Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican"

Undocumented Worker Meme

Apple tops estimates, stock gets pounded.

Taylor Swift, Stanley cups and a brewing backlash to MAGA's sexist snobbery

Lawmakers and union leaders seek to extend labor rights to more librarians, state workers

Trump ally emerges from shadows to deal blow to Georgia case against former president

Scarlett Johansson Goes on A Dodo Dream Date

Roots Rock Reggae

'Unions built the Middle Class. ' Ask Lindsey and Jared, public school teachers.

"I sailed on Royal Caribbean's wildly hyped Icon of the Seas ":

Mike Roman is in the spotlight after his allegations

This guy is live youtubing at Eagle Pass Tx

US Patent 11612281

This spellbinding lost city in Colombia is centuries older than Machu Picchu and almost completely crowd-free

Fani Willis, the DA who charged Trump in Georgia, subpoenaed by House GOP

When Carroll's lawyer took Trump's deposition at Mar-A-Lago, he threw a tantrum because Alina Habba offered her lunch

Mose's favorite new ploy is to pretend he is on the phone whenever he walks through the halls to attempt to avoid answer

Ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg in perjury plea talk

So Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon who proclaims himself as a middle right moderate...

Thank you so much DU! Please kick and rec if you can!

'Donald Trump appears to be psychotic' as pressure overwhelms him: psychiatrist

Alina Habba's Plethora of Mistakes Could Bury trump Legally!- Stephanie Miller

"Rapists and criminals*. They are not sending their best." It suddenly occurred

A Chimney In The Forest

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! Oh, never mind.

The Black Eagle (Joe Madison) has died

Wait, there are Republicans with principles?

Some convoy supporters are calling for civil war

Melania CAUGHT GRIFTING Campaign Donations Again

Let me make this pellucidly clear

A Little Truth

Pic Of The Moment: Former Trump Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Admits He Was Wrong About Bidenomics

After president Biden is reelected in November

Half of US adults say Israel has gone too far in war in Gaza, AP-NORC poll shows

Black man was holding sandwiches and keys when an Ohio deputy fatally shot him, prosecutor says

353K jobs added in January

'Fascist violence': Internet erupts after GOP lawmaker calls for murdering immigrants

Have any of you ever done victim advocacy?

He Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct. Then Trump Hired Him. Then He Was Indicted in Mar-a-Lago Case.

CBS Mornings actually covered the crazy RW Taylor Swift conspiracy theories this morning

Trump Has Financially Destroyed The RNC

Mike Luckovich-Republican firefighters vs. Democratic firefighters

This week's missing DU anniversaries

Is it productive to keep the I/P conflict in GD anymore?

Sixteen Tons

Three people indicted in $400 million FTX crypto hack conspiracy

America's First Black Female Physician was Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Paramount super bowl ad.

Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song

Alice Cooper - I'm 18

Have the job numbers been posted

Translation (Lincoln Project)

Simon Rosenberg Appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell (2/1/24)

New Georgia cash bail expansion will criminalize charitable bail funds

World Hijab Day: Unwrapping the debate over head covering

Why Are Young Men and Women So Divided on Politics? - Hysteria Podcast

George Conway Exclusive: The Lawyer Who Made Trump $83M Poorer George Conway Explains it All

Madoc is checking out the first of the future shelters for the ferals

Climate activist Greta Thunberg cleared of public order offense during London oil protest

"Mansplaining" Now in the Oxford Dictionary?! - John Fugelsang

Bruce Springsteen's Mom Adele Dead at 98

It's so cold and snowy in Alaska that fuel oil is thickening and roofs are collapsing

Opeth - Harvest

It seems the MSNBC interviews of "black" male voters is slanted in South Carolina.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 2, 2024)

Jr. on one his drug fueled rants disparges Dr. Fauci.

I am cleaning my bedroom

Feb 2 -- The social & business mendacity in the theft, sale and appropriating of Black imaging for profit.

Texas lawmaker: I want Christian chaplains in schools to "put God back in government"

MAGA Karen STALKS me in LIVE Interview!

US economy adds stunning number of jobs in January

Trump PAC Paid to Investigate Stupidity of Trump's Own Lawyers

Another Russian General Reportedly Killed in Devastating Ukrainian Strike on Belbek Air Base

Was curious which states had the biggest Ukranian population. PA has one of the highest

Judge dismisses election official's mail ballot lawsuit in North Dakota

Keith Olberman Postponed Trial for March 4th

House subpoenas Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis - MSNBC Reports

The Least Understood Impact of Abortion Bans

This Youtube video is about a mom horse who loses her foal, (sad) but they bring

Rare Fossils Reveal 'Absolutely Unique' Tree From 350 Million Years Ago

How The Far-Right Spreads Hate Through Gaming (one the most important articles I have posted, it is massively detailed)

Season tickets for UA men's basketball set to rise by about 20%; football increase at 17%

Women Voters Put Biden Ahead Of Trump Haley: America's Not Racist The Olympics On Steroids

Biden at this year's National Prayer Breakfast vs. Trump at the 2017 breakfast - Morning Joe - MSNBC

'Unhinged' Trump is panicking that Jan. 6 trial will be the end of him: insiders

Does such a car cleaning service exist?

Trump PAC Paid to Investigate Stupidity of Trump's Own Lawyers (Daily Beast/Yahoo)

3 Huge Tech Companies Endorse Bill (KOSA) That Could Wipe Abortion Info From the Internet

The Truth speaks!! "Donald Trump's literally insane."

Sen. Ileana Garcia admits even drugs can't make sense of right-wing madness

The KCMO case where 3 men died sitting

Ken Paxton's lawlessness previews Trump's second term

Stores that were and are no more. Mine are Kaufmann's, Hornes. Gimbels. Kroger,. What once popular stores

Regarding Pornographic republicans

Texas' standoff with the feds in Eagle Pass is igniting calls for secession and fears of violence

Um... Trump May Still Be Hoarding Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago?

With opioid deaths soaring, Biden administration will widen access to methadone

'I wanted to save lives.' How pregnant medic kept working on front line amid heavy combat

Nit: Fish Don't rot from the head down....

The Border Convoy Is Nearing Its Final Destination--with Vigilantes and Far-Right Extremists in Tow

Florida abortion rights amendment has enough signers to be Amendment #4 on Nov. ballot.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg acquitted after London protest trial

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 2, 2024

House GOP skeptical Biden inquiry leads to impeachment as election draws near

Biden campaign releases devastating ad showing Fox News telling their audience about President Biden's strong economy!

Homemade Buttery Sourdough Naan Recipe (video)

Magats Are Planning To Install Trump No Matter The Vote

Dearborn Mayor to Biden: "Lives of Palestinians Should Not Be Measured Simply in Poll Numbers"

The Tubes - Talk To Ya Later

Downtown Seattle retailer Fox's Seattle to close after 112 years

Cartoons 2/2/2024

Inspired by Deb: Which grocery store was it that had the "Scotch Buys"? UPDATE!!!!

House Oversight Democrats call for investigation into Tuberville's military holds

You can have my crisis when pried from my dead hands

"Origin": Ava DuVernay's Film Dramatizes "Caste," from U.S. Racism to India's Dalits to Nazi Germany

Revenge, thy name is Kevin.

India begins to flex its naval power as competition with China grows

Roberta Kaplan says Trump threw papers across table at Mar-a-Lago deposition because his legal team agreed to feed her

Book of Love - You Look Through Me

Biden is left with few choices as immigration takes center stage in American politics

something about tax breaks

Inside Donald Trump's curious relationship with Fox News -- and what it means for other candidates

It's all rigged, rigged I tell you

Just a reminder ... ('toon)

Queen Celina-Bean declares Marshall law and settles in for a nap.

Haley insists she's staying in the GOP race. Here's how that could cause problems for Trump

Fani Willis admits relationship with prosecutor on Trump Georgia case

Gender gap expands between Biden and That other guy, new poll shows

Jan. 6 rioters who U.S. says 'ignited' path for Capitol attack convicted

Kodiak bear cubs were found in Florida, thousands of miles away from their native home: 'Climbing on my car'

Boogie Woogie Twins

"Stunning": Experts think Trump CFO perjury caused judge to "slam the brakes" on fraud trial ruling

Ukraine's new strategy to beat Russia in a long war - and why it needs the West's help

Jascha Heifetz was born on this date.

President Biden called one of the families of a slain serviceperson

Sonny Stitt was born on this date.

The Economy Looks Sunny, a Potential Gain for Biden - NYT

Stan Getz was born on this date.

Why might Trump's trial on federal election interference be postponed? - MSNBC Reports

Desi Lydic Foxsplains Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce CIA Psyop The Daily Show

Graham Nash has a birthday today.

This is why Trump will lose

Sheriff: Louisiana's early release of prisoners means loss of 'the ones you can work'

One Detroit man's ride with Joe Biden in the presidential motorcade

I would like to see more ads saying TFG is UNHOLY and is a FALSE PROPHET! (Love the red eyes Joe's ad had)

Man accused of beheading father ranted against government in violent video

Nazis, German Jews and their pets

Donald Trump's federal trial on election interference drops off court schedule.

Nazis, German Jews and the pets of the Jews

MAGA Fox News Host ADMITS ON AIR He Was "Wrong" About Bidenomics!

Funny story out of Italy: Right wing jerk and undersecretary of the culture ministry resigns

I'm done

I'm definitely seeing a behavior change in Carys

goddamnit - I can't watch this

"Illinois State Rep. Justin Slaughter (D-Chicago) filed House Bill 4603 on Monday"

The UAW Strike Saved Their Shuttered Plant, But the Fight Is Just Beginning

Will Texas Democrats Rebel Against The Democratic Establishment In March?

Fulton County DA Fani Willis responds to allegation of improper relationship with prosecutor - MSNBC Reports

How Much DeSantis Spent on Each Iowa Vote

Wow. Chris Jansing could barely contain herself,

The Cars - Since You're Gone

Carl Weathers has passed away at 76

May I have your Attention, Please

Who would not be moved watching a Dignified Transfer ceremony?

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump's a sick fuck, this I know -- because Joe Biden tells me so

Seth Meyers - John Fetterman Wears Tuxedo Hoodie to Congressional Dinner - Monologue 02/01/24

Carl Weathers dies at 76

I'm being scammed and I don't know what to do.

Rock, Garden Party

The 10 Best LGBTQ-Friendly Small Towns in the US

Biden attends dignified transfer of US service members killed in drone attack

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are the five stages of

New Biden Rules Aim to Curb 'Prior Authorization' By Private Health Ins Cos (Deny Care for 💵)

Trump PAC Paid to Investigate Stupidity of Trump's Own Lawyers

Seth Meyers: Guest Larry David

Taylor Swift is the most influential voice in music. Could she be the same in politics?

Boy, I just don't get it!

Connecticut to become first state to cancel medical debt for many residents

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP impeachment and the Senate....

Seth Meyers: Guest MSNBC's Katy Tur Breaks Down the Similarities of Trump's Presidential Runs

I'm proud to be a "none"

I was puzzled by younger women's reaction to Barbie. It turned out Gen Z men held the answer (Guardian)

Barkley has a stern message for 'losers' hating on Taylor Swift coverage during NFL game

Billionaires Hate Him: How One Thrash Metal Drummer Cost Elon Musk $56 Billion

Hyundai Workers Roll the Union On in Alabama

Imaginary Lover: Atlanta Rhythm Section or Stevie Nicks?

Carl Weathers Gone At 76

"The Star-Spangled Banner"

Live updates: US responds after deadly drone attack on Jordan base

A 6-year-old in Gaza City was calling to be rescued. Did anyone find her?

Celebratory talk with Kairi about becoming WWE Tag Team Champions. USE CC FOR TRANSLATION

Either "malpractice" or "criminal": Dr. Justin Frank on power, drugs and Trump's White House

US to require cryptocurrency mines to report energy use data

Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed from 'Rocky' and 'Mandalorian' star, dies at 76

Trump's scheme set to backfire in ultimate humiliation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Susan Glasser: Senate's false hope of bargain meets Trumpy demise - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Live 1981)

Hidden Camera Exposes This Dangerous Problem In America - Rebel HQ

Judge postpones start of Trump's federal election interference trial

Adam Conover: Comedian Expertly Dismantles MAGA's Favorite Lie (TYT)

Michael Steele: Republican and Democrats should 'take the win' on tentative bipartisan border deal - MSNBC Reports

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Haley, Trump, and why she's staying in....

Breaking: US launches air strikes.

World's 1st green hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for boating industry to be initiated in 25 Italian marinas & ports

What are we WAITING ON in civil fraud trial?? - Talking Feds

2023 was the RNC's worst year for fundraising since 1993

Breaking: Air strikes in Iraq and Syria

The Secret Garden

MAGA Fox News Host Admits On Air He Was "Wrong" About Bidenomics! - Pondering Politics

I laugh each time I see this, knowing that Greene's staff doesn't correct her for whatever reason.

#Traitor "wins" with another trial delay


AP report: U.S. begins retaliatory strikes on militias in Iraq and Syria, officials say

Mike Johnson Appears at Hate Group Summit with Pastor Who Suggests Demons Responsible for LGBTQ+ Pride

Joe: GOP has come to the conclusion that what's good for America is bad for Trump - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Pennsylvania automatic voter registration boosts sign-ups, but not a political party, data shows

TCM Schedule - Saturday February 3 - Black History Weekend Marathon

Brian Tyler Cohen: MASSIVE surprise court ruling rocks justice system

IHIP NEWS: God's Army Heads to Southern Border & Satanic Taylor Swift

Cnn vs faux on strikes in iraq and syria

Theoretical Question

The Lincoln Project's Latest Donald Trump video on X

Trump THREW TANTRUM During Deposition, STORMED OUT - Meidas Touch

Guy Thinks He's Lost His Foster Cat


What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 2, 2024

Wasn't fascism crushed in the 20th Century?

This isnt a small retaliation against the Iranian terrorist groups!

Trump Campaign Paid $20K to Fake a Union Rally

Meta shares surge 20% on soaring profit, better-than-expected guidance and first-ever dividend

US oil production has surged to a new record high of 13.3 million barrels a day last week


Will Biden Finally Break With Bibi?

BREAKING: U.S. strikes have begun in Iraq and Syria after drone attack killed 3 American troops - Deadline - MSNBC

Bones found in 8-meter-deep pit may 'fundamentally change' history of humans in Europe

In case you missed the "race hustlers" dog whistle blown by a trans rep from Green Bay.

Southern MD afternoon +

Civil Rights Activist And Radio Icon Joe Madison Dies At 74

Texas Rebels Against the US Government. - Good Times Bad Times

Kudlow on Fox Business: "We had a blowout jobs report ... I know many of my conservative friends are trying to drill hol

Statement from President Joe Biden on U.S. Military Operation in the Middle East

What happens when ''our interests' are not our resources

R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe Live

Statement from the Embassy of Japan on Taylor Swift's Reported Travel from Japan to the United States

Down the road

Col. Jack Jacobs: Fallen soldiers in dignified transfer today 'made the ultimate sacrifice' - MSNBC Reports

Trump Loses It Over Biden's Stunning January Jobs Report - Reflect

I had a gut feeling two events that happened today might be coincidental if not linked

Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Amazon Prime

BREAKING: U.S. forces strike 85 targets in Syria and Iraq - Deadline - MSNBC

Election Deniers in the C-Suites

Sanders to Introduce Amendment to End U.S. Complicity in Netanyahu's War on Palestinian People

Jury to begin deliberating in case of MI school shooter's mom

Senate Recess Could Be Cancelled

Special report: U.S. launches strikes in response to deadly drone attack - NBC News

An Out-for-Blood Kevin McCarthy Is Plotting Revenge on the Republicans Who Ousted Him

CATO Institute: Two Scholars Revisit Trump's Election Fraud Claims

Surf Coaster Pipeline Front Row

Experts Slam FBI's "Troubling" Failure To Fully Search Mar-A-Lago - Waldorf Nation

Bonus Quote of the Day

Supreme Court declines to block West Point from considering race in admissions decisions for now

Western Tanager at Morningside Park, NYC

Massive surprise court ruling rocks justice system - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sec. Lloyd Austin: 'This is the start of our response' - Deadline - MSNBC

Biden Rips Trump to Shreds in Epic Rant Behind Closed Doors! - Luke Beasley

Government watchdogs warn Florida legislation would have chilling effect in ethics cases

"I prosecuted Watergate and never feared for our democracy -- but Greg Abbott has me worried"

R.I.P. Wayne Kramer

U.S. Marshals move to seize Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo's house to cover $63M verdict

Expert: This is why using B-1 bombers in strike is a big deal - CNN

Bordee convoy goes anti Jewish

Trump Is Botching His Already Dismal Shot With Women

US strikes 85 targets in Syria and Iraq on the same day the bodies of the 3 soldiers killed there were returned here.

Millions Will Lose Healthcare If Trump Wins - 21Mill Newly Enrolled in ACA for 2024: P. Krugman

Trudeau says Canada needs to 'get the balance right' for international students - CTV News

MC5 - Motor City is Burning

US moves to seize more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil it says was illegally trafficked

sonora wather discussion @ 1540 p

The Sun Came Out..

Canadian Nationalist Party founder sentenced to 200 days for racially targeting off-duty police officer

Will we ever discover the real reason for the

Stephen Colbert rebutted Nikki Haley's denial America was not founded as a racist country.

In Texas House special election, big endorsements weren't enough for Brent Money (R)

Murder of actress Barbara Colby

This Week at Justice - February 2, 2024 - The Justice Department

Tesla Cybertruck's Aero Wheel Covers Are Chewing Up The Custom Tires, Will Likely Get Redesigned