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I had a lovely encounter at Trader Joe's earlier today. As I was deciding on

Most Voters Don't Know About Trump

Trump admits he ruined border deal to hurt Democrats - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Maddow Blog-Alito isn't done whining about the unpopularity of anti-LGBTQ+ views

With embryos as people we're only an short jump away from ruining someone's life...

DeSantis Shares Concerns About Trump in Private Call

Commons speaker apologises after Gaza ceasefire debate descends into chaos

Remember when Bill Clinton was THIS CLOSE to a two state solution?

Ari Melber (MSNBC) had interesting segment about TikTok being used for campaign.

FDA warns against smartwatches and rings that claim to measure blood sugar without needles

Joe: If Trump loves Russia so much he should move there - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Maddow Blog-Why it's insane for Trump to compare himself to Russia's Navalny

The death of Nex Benedict has me extremely bothered

Alabama seeks to carry out second execution using controversial nitrogen gas method

FED UP Jamie Raskin puts the FINAL NAIL in GOP impeachment sham - Meidas Touch

Parts of a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Denver have been stolen

Gabbard to headline fundraiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort

Pennsylvania's high court sides with township over its ban of a backyard gun range

Government shutdown deadlines approach amid House GOP dysfunction - CBS News

On MSNBC, Jill Wine-Banks stated that every time Trump's name comes off a building.

Arrest made in break-in of Secret Service vehicle outside Naomi Biden's home

Rubin's Green Room: hush money

Days after Alabama's Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are children, one facility pauses IVF treatment

Alabama Supreme Court chief justice spreads Christian nationalist rhetoric on QAnon conspiracy theorist's show

Selling out to an autocratic foreign power in order to keep power at home

Red state Supreme Court makes DISTURBING decision on REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS - Talking Feds

Beyonce becomes first Black woman to claim top spot on Billboard's country music chart

Pennsylvania's high court throws out GOP lawmakers' subpoena in 2020 presidential election case

Shocker: trump will come for me and 'I'm leaving,' says 'Art of the Deal' coauthor

Jack Smith could seek new judge in Trump's classified documents case says legal experts - Deadline - MSNBC

West Virginia House OKs bill to allow teachers with training to carry guns, other weapons in schools

Black Country/Western music from 1930.

Florida Legislature passes bill to release state grand jury's Jeffrey Epstein investigation

Nex Benedict: Everything We Know About 16-Year-Old Oklahoma Student's Death

Many members of the GOP are happy to use Russian disinformation against Biden says Tim Miller - Deadline - MSNBC

Biden surprises onlookers with selfie skills: 'After the last guy, the bar's on the floor

McAfee's Willis decision should be easy

Re the Alabama IVF decision

Expect trump to File for Bankruptcy

So I want to wash three bed pillows before donating to a charity.

Jack Smith interviews Trump foe, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in election interference probe - Deadline - MSNBC

Sir Keir Starmer has called for an "immediate humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza to try to quell a Labour party revolt

Mike Lindell Suffers Another Major Loss In Court

FCC to vote in March on rules for 'all-in' cable and satellite pricing

Cat asks human to serve his treat in a dish:

People need to mind their own business

Gym Jordan's Pathetic Response to Pushing Russian Disinformation

Letitia James says she will seize Trump's assets if he can't pay civil fraud fine - Deadline - MSNBC

I don't know about all of you but I get appeals for money from various Dems


Biden Mulling Plan That Could Restrict Asylum Claims at the Border

As A MAGA - Everything I Know I Learned From Tr**p......

Boeing ousts head of 737 jetliner program weeks after panel blowout on a flight over Oregon

An online dump of Chinese hacking documents offers a rare window into pervasive state surveillance

Where is Chris Hayes?

2024 Election: Biden Holds On To Slight Lead Over Trump, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

With massive money judgments against Trump, what comes next? Property seizures? Liens? Bankruptcy? - Glenn Kirschner

Jasmine Crockett Said It On MSNBC

Smol--baby gecko:

My husband is reading a book about the end

So When Is Merrick Garland

Days of the Theocracy

Freedumb Caucus pushes Speaker Johnson for full-year CR in absence of policy concessions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Alabama and IVF....

Jim Jordan Confronted Over Insane News! - Luke Beasley

Malia Obama embraces new stage name during Hollywood directing career debut

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why he thinks Russian space weapon 'makes no tactical sense' - CNN

I hate those awkward moments.

Thomas Zimmer: "Project 2025" Promises Revenge, Oppression, and Autocratic Rule

Cat's perfect somersault:

Republicans' CONNIVING plan CRUMBLES right before their eyes - Talking Feds

Democrats blast life insurance plans as tax breaks for rich

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Russia has broken the stalemate in Ukraine: Former US Defense secretary

Bidens' dog, Commander, bit Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents, records show

Trump set to take down his own party's speaker - Brian Tyler Cohen - MSNBC

Here's an entertaining grammar exercise - Which of these is correct,

Jan 6 Defendant Arrested For Child Porn

How many bribes has Sean Hannity and other Fox News yellow journalists received from Russian agents? nt

End of first month of three-days-a-week cardio and weightlifting.

Just sitting around:

Loser Kari Lake Whines About Getting Sued For Lying - Waldorf Nation

I heard a rumor (possibly started by me) that there will be a special "Bars of Gold" version of T's sneakers. It will

Final nail in impeachment sham

Keep it coming! I'm so.pumped! Do not let up!

China Rolls Out Militias In Face of Public Anger; Chinese Stock & Bond Markets; Sora & AI - China Update

Strong words from Pete a medic in Ukraine

Jamie Raskin Breaks Down The Republican Russian Impeachment Agent - Reflect

Hamas' brutality is unpardonable

Platypus babies are called puggles:

Catholic immigrant shelter battles Texas AG, who wants to shut it down

John Fugelsang:

Don't talk to me, or my son, or my son's son, or my son's son's son ever again!

Epic fail: GOP source indicted, caught pushing Russian lies about Biden to FBI - The Beat - MSNBC

A defiant Jim Jordan doubles down on allegations against the Bidens - CNN

'Pay up:' Marjorie Taylor Greene loses Supreme Court bid to overturn $100k in mask fines

'Embarrassing': Republicans scramble after arrest of 'star witness' in Biden probe - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Laura Ingraham is visibly annoyed in disastrous Trump Town Hall! - Pondering Politics

I recall a fav

Trump's lawyers after visiting the RNC.

Thinking gila monster? Get a hamster instead.

U.S. Defends Israel's Occupation of the West Bank at Top U.N. Court

Trump properties could be seized if he doesn't pay up, New York AG says - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Alabama Supreme Court chief justice spreads Christian nationalist rhetoric on QAnon conspiracy theorist's show

Trump's In-Law Fumbles Plan To Revitalize GOP - Rebel HQ

Name an item/items that Boomers bought or use that will be gone when they are gone. My pick are those God awful Thomas

'Propaganda': Reporter breaks down Fox News' amplified coverage of Hunter Biden - CNN

'We should kill them all': TN Congressman Andy Ogles responds to questions on US involvement in Gaza

Just saw pic of POTUS in DC, @ WH, and looks like early pre-blossoms showing up!!!

'Pay up:' Marjorie Taylor Greene loses Supreme Court bid to overturn $100k in mask fines - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Thoughts and Prayers

Upcoming wildfire season could be worse than last year, federal minister says

Biden considering new executive action to restrict asylum at the border, sources say

Everyone is talking about Smirnov when we should be talking about Weiss.

Michigan Republican Party Continues to Fall Apart - Let's Talk Elections

Lara Trump's Stupidity May Have Already Broken The Republican Party

'If the camera is running, nothing important is happening.'

Trump Owes Americans Some Answers on Foreign Policy - WSJ Henninger

Donald Trump threatens The Lincoln Project

GOP: The party of religious freedom.......

President Biden delivers remarks on student loan debt relief - ABC News

Tonight's moon in the Western skies:

Japanese mafia boss conspired to traffic nuclear materials, says US

FED-UP Brooklyn Dad REACTS To Trumps Latest Disgusting Move

It's far too soon for it to have been posted, but it if you didn't see Lawrence O'Donnell's A-block tonight...

Russia launches new major offensive in Ukraine - ABC News

The Weiss indictment of Smirnov Is A Coverup

Supreme Court hears challenge to rule reducing pollution drifting between states - PBS NewsHour

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell is a must see tonight.

Fox News Reacts to FBI Informant Arrest & Trump Fishes For a VP - The Daily Show

How War in Europe Boosts the U.S. Economy

Jack Smith Sees NEW OPENING to OUST Judge Cannon - Meidas Touch

'Who's going to do that?': Trump faces hurdles in securing appeal bond for fraud case

Biden weighs invoking executive authority to stage border crackdown

Trump Gets Hilariously Mocked For Ranting About 'No Water' Faucets - Waldorf Nation

Paying for it in a different way?..?

Proposed Chesapeake Bay Ferry Locations Revealed In Feasibility Study.

Rep. Ritchie Torres quietly leaves Progressive Caucus amid tensions over Israel-Hamas war

MAGA GOPers 'knew all along' Biden bribe lies came from Russia, former Trump insider says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Thursday TOONs

Police get away again

Boebert's ENTIRE CAMPAIGN in Complete DEATH SPIRAL - Meidas Touch

The word "should."

Tonight's Powerball drawing was for nearly $350 million.

Gov. Inslee pushing for more funding for Right of Way Program

Tonight's moon in the Eastern skies:

Kamala Harris was in Pittsburgh announcing good news for our water infrastructure!

Trump reality check: 'Compare yourself to Putin, not Navalny' former Watergate prosecutor says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Tesla criticized for canceling pie order with San Jose shop worth thousands

Is it true that t he UN has not sanctioned Hamas for October 7 terror attack?

See how Haley responded when asked if frozen embryos are children

Jury deliberations in NRA civil corruption trial continue - CBS News

U.S. District Judge Cormac clears charges against alleged white supremacists, says there's a bias against the far right

IVF in red states under threat as Alabama Supreme Court says embryos are children - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Lara Trump says she thinks GOP voters would like to see RNC pay Donald Trump's legal fees

Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg - We've Had Remarkable Economic News In Recent Months

How effective are sanctions on Russia? - CBS News

Idaho: 50 obstetricians have stopped practicing in the state, only 176 left, 2 obstetrics programs have closed

Friedman: Trump's G.O.P. Is a Confederacy of Fakers

Willing GOP dupes of Russian disinformation could be criminally exposed: Rep. Dan Goldman - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Kimmel: Trump Confirms VP Shortlist, Biden's Operation Crazy S**t is Underway & We Play On the Money!

Biden takes swipes at Trump, calls Putin a 'crazy SOB' at San Francisco campaign fundraiser


'I was upset': Charles Barkley questions Haley on 'racist country' remark - CNN

*Anne Frank Remembered, on TCM now.

Goat rodeo: Michigan GOP reeling in chaos as empowering election denier backfires - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trans people predate Christianity by thousands of years

Trump Jr Seems Proud That His Company Defrauded Banks - Farron Balanced

Fox News Reacts to FBI Informant Arrest & Trump Fishes For a VP - The Daily Show

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic - 10/6/1979 - Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

Oh No! Dilbert Guy Cancels New York Over Trump Fine - Waldorf Nation

How Trump assets can be seized if he doesn't pay - MSNBC Reports

I haven't seen any posts from Siwan lately.

21 Feb: Unbelievable: Russian General set up all his troops for a HIMARS strike - Reporting from Ukraine

Founder of violent OC white supremacist group ordered freed after judge claims bias against far-right

Lawrence O'Donnell on what they don't tell you about the Dump Biden 'fantasy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Rinse and repeat

Teamsters donate $45,000 to RNC, records show

Gabbard to headline fundraiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort

Pennsylvania Supreme Court says GOP subpoena for voter information over 2020 election 'unenforceable'

Appeals court rules NYC law allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections violates state constitution

Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold

Tennessee governor signs bill allowing public officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages

Major Alabama hospital stops IVF treatment after court rules embryos are children

NY-26: Buffalo-area Republicans pick candidate for Higgins seat special election

☦️ Psalm 29

Senate Republicans Have Rich People Problems

Kiki Dee Band - I've got the music in me- 1974

West Virginia Republicans Want to Throw Librarians in Jail

NYC's non-citizen voting law ruled unconstitutional on appeal

Our Constitution Is Anti-Oligarchy Actually - William Forbath & Joseph Fishkin - TMR

AK: Dunleavy (R) proposes crackdown on unpermitted public protests

GA: GOP bills aim to limit school sex ed, remove books and install chaplains

Kansas House works election bills altering ballot access, advance voting and election crime

Jeff DeWit boasted about his fundraising prowess. The AZGOP's finances are in shambles.

Bill would require Nebraskans to verify their age to peruse porn

FBI Knew GOP Witness Was Lying In 2019 - Raw News And Politics

WV: House votes yes on arming teachers, strips local school boards' power to turn down the option

Tweaked language approved for Arkansas ballot initiative to expand medical marijuana access

Arkansas attorney general rejects first draft of direct democracy initiative

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY and Trump wanting to negotiate....

Dueling MIGOP conventions set for March 2 in Detroit and Grand Rapids

Michigan AG charges two in 'dark money' scheme connected to former Senate leader Shirkey (R)

A N.J. man wore a jacket with his name and phone number to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. FBI agents used it to track him down

Ohio bill would authorize use of campaign funds for child care

New maps mark a transformational change in Wisconsin legislative elections

Trump Acolyte Mike Lindell Loses In Federal Court & Owes Millions To Engineer Who Exposed His Lies - Rodecast

WI: Abortion rights likely headed to state Supreme Court after appeal

WI: 2024 election results may face familiar delays, bill supporters say

Are These Republicans Really Russian Assets? - Thom Hartmann

Brazil holding first G20 ministerial summit

WI: Senate Republicans have spent over $400k in surveillance lawsuit targeting Green Bay mayor

CA: Gavin Newsom on a Blitz Pushing Prop 1, a Statewide $6.4B Mental Health Bond


CA-45: UNITE HERE Local 11 Endorses Kim Nguyen-Penaloza (D) for Congress

CA-47: New Poll in CA47; Baugh (R) at 30%, Min (D) 23%, Weiss (D) 14%

Slayings of tourists and Colombian women expose the dark side of Medellin's tourism boom

TX-32: State Rep. Julie Johnson (D) and trauma surgeon Brian Williams (D) lead pack to succeed U.S. Rep. Colin Allred

Pittsburgh Jews Prefer Mail Voting in 2024 Passover Primary Conflict

Vice President Harris visits Pittsburgh to tout $5.8 billion for clean water, lead pipe removal

PA-12: Legal challenge seeks to remove MacDonald (D) from ballot in contentious PA-12 race

NYC: The 2025 race for Carlina Rivera's (D) City Council seat is on

Ken Paxton, TX A.G., is facing both a state fraud trial and a federal investigation.

"If selling cakes makes bakers participants in gay marriages, then selling assault rifles

NY-03: Suozzi (D) to be sworn into Congress on Feb. 28

Oklahoma Republican Lawmakers Advanced Dangerous Bills That Could Ban IUDs and Other Contraceptives

CA: Bay Area voters to see various school bond measures this election

Borough election ballots in Mat-Su will include political parties, a first for Alaska

TX: Irving City Council calls bond election for $200 million city hall complex

'He had planted this lie': Key GOP impeachment admits to Russian intel ties - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump Gets ENGULFED by Criminal Case, PANIC SETS IN - Meidas Touch

2000-year-old Hasmonean coin discovered by child evacuated on Oct.7

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson dominates primary, heads to April 2 runoff

'You're an amazing father, Elon': Musk accused of running burner on X again

CA: Mendocino County ballots may contain additional errors; officials consulting with Secretary of State

WI: Gov. Evers Marks The End Of Redistricting Process With A Stop In Kenosha

Which states could get new congressional maps in 2024?

LIVE Webstream: ICJ holds public hearings on Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories (Day 4)

'To offer IVF treatments in Alabama is untenable': Hospital suspends IVF after court ruling - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

brawl in Seattle

Matt Gaetz Tried to Body-Shame This Teen Online & She Raised More Than $1M for Abortion Access

San Francisco's Millennium Tower now may be sinking in the center

Trump's Abortion Plan Leak Inflamed His Campaign and Energized Democrats

'There is a coordinated campaign to distract' from Biden's wins - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ford recalls over 150,000 Expedition, Transit, Lincoln Navigator vehicles: What to know

Biden weighs invoking executive authority to stage border crackdown ahead of 2024 election

San Francisco crime debate heads to ballot as Proposition E

S.F. ballot measure to mandate drug screenings for welfare recipients could be blocked if passed

Missouri Senate filibuster forces removal of 'ballot candy' from initiative petition bill

US investigators say with 'low confidence' that UNRWA staff participated in October 7 attacks

WI: Pressure builds to allow early processing of absentee ballots, here's why the effort is stalled

Nazis Stalked Reporter For Exposing Their Hidden Network w/ Jordan Green - Thom Hartmann

Technology allows disabled voters to cast ballots independently with Express Vote

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs law that allows people to refuse to 'solemnize' marriage licenses

San Diego: Stormwater tax one step closer to making it on November ballot

FED UP Navy Pilot CRUSHES MAGA For Putin Ties - Against All Enemies

Misinformation overload!

Ukraine war: the west is at a crossroads

So in light of evidence re this Lying FBI Operative

Sweden warns of Russia threat in run-up to Nato membership

Wordle 978 (February 22) ***SPOILER ALERT***

I wonder if the term 'fellow travelers' might not find its way into political discourse again ...

Judge blocks California from suing makers of 'abnormally dangerous' guns

Inside the Darfur camp where a child dies every two hours


On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated.

You won't believe it! One single marine stopped Z-Army assault. "Magic trick" vanished 550 Russians - The Russian Dude

GOP Faces Blowback on In Vitro Fertilization

White House Struggles to Increase Pressure on Russia

Yale will again require standardized test scores for admission

Update: CNN At&T and other cellphones in the US having trouble.

In 1956, (NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX!) Ian Fleming wrote

U.S. Navy sailor based in Japan charged with espionage

Russian Wartime Measures & Technology Sanctions Inflicting Long Term Damage on Russian Economy - Joe Blogs

Nationwide cellphone service outage impacting AT&T customers, other carriers

Caspian Terns (Hydroprogne caspia) on an Oyster Shell Island

Twitter is [the] top source of AI porn.

The Bogus Hunter Biden Investigation

Shocking China Demographics Report; Financial Sector Moves; China-Europe - China Update

Alberta Declares Start To Fire Season 10 Days Early - Normal Start Date 3/1

My take on Trump's donor problem

Trump asks judge to delay enforcing the $355 million civil fraud decision for one month

James Comer Must Resign Judiciary Panel Member Eric Swalwell Asserts Amid Implosion

How Did This Happen? UK Withdraws From Treaty Allowing Oil Companies To Sue Nations Over Climate Policy


Trump is like Mr.Haney from Green acres.

The nastiest pitches in baseball end with ... a sword

Bill Barr has 'questions to answer' after GOP witness linked to Russian spies

Tessa Faery

Ending Calvin And Hobbes Is Exactly What Saved It

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/21/2024

Art of the Week: Week of 2/21/24

N.Y. Times reporters plan fall expos on Trump's taxes

The Rundown: February 22, 2024

So what I want to know (Biden impeachment investigation)

What's for breakfast? Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fox News co-host 'surprised' by GOP's 'threshold for humiliation' in Biden probe

Today I am officially 62 years old

15 Best Calvin And Hobbes Snowman Comic Strips

CPAC Overshadowed by Document Shredding Charges

Walking The Dog

Pass It On: The 'T' On Trump's Golden Sneakers Stands For Treason

USDA commission releases final recommendations to remedy discrimination and inequity across agency

There Are Many Threads About The Bogus Hunter Biden Investigation

On This Day: Great White Fleet returns home from world-wide trip to demonstrate U.S. power - Feb. 22, 1909

Gosh, so many GOBers spies! You can't count them all!

Lara Trump Says RNC Should Pay Trump's Legal Bills

I just heard on local news that there is major cell phone disruption in

'We have nothing to eat': Desperate Gaza children march against bombing and food shortages

James Comer and Tucker Carlson aren't fooled by Russian lies -- they're complicit

Jane Bolin - A woman of "firsts".

CPAC Overshadowed by Document Shredding Charges

The Postwar History of Senate/Presidential Ticket-Splitting, Part One

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs law that allows people to refuse to 'solemnize' marriage licenses

Haberman: RNC official says they've never received the reported Teamster donation

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Supreme Court Ethics

Jobless claims fall to 5-week low of 201,000. Labor market still has plenty of muscle.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Supreme Court Ethics

"We're going to have Very Powerful Crime" - the Orange Degenerate

"But it's not true!": CNN reporter confronts Jim Jordan over indicted informant's debunked claims

Japan's Nikkei stock index breaks its 1989 record and surges to an all-time high

Inflation in Canada slows with 2.9% annual rate increase in January, keeping June rate-cut expectations on track

Signs of spring in Munich

GOP Impeachment FALLS APART After Star Witness CHARGED with LYING! The Next Level

Republicans Push For Discharge Petition Against Mike Johnson

If Trump Becomes President It Will Be Way Worse This Time

Mary Trump Says Letitia James' Latest Move Will Push Her Uncle 'Closer To The Edge'

You raised $445.00 on February 21, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Garland hater ping

BTRTN: While Democrats Slept

You raised $50.00 on February 21, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

FYI: Dodgers/Padres airing on ESPN, Feb 22 & 23

On this day, February 22, 1932, French automotive designer Robert Opron was born.

Pillow Party With Mike Lindell - New Sketch

Michigan's black bear population rising on both peninsulas, better cub survival possible

Prosecutors ask judge to keep in custody former FBI informant with Russian intel links

Russia's former president claims Russia will take Kyiv ...

When an anti-American MAGA fails in his effort to offend his fellow citizens

On this day, February 22, 1930, Marni Nixon was born.

Dueling Michigan GOP conventions set for March 2 in Detroit and Grand Rapids

Markarians chain and the virgo cluster

Will GOP women wake up to the fact that the GOP is destroying their Healthcare?

Houthis order shipping ban, missiles set ship aflame off Yemen

The very foundation of Christianity must be a surrogate pregnancy, am I correct?

We Ukrainians Are Fighting to Be Free - Guest essay NYT

Labor News & Commentary February 19, 2024 Major League Soccer locks out its referee union & more

I thought the Repubs wanted MORE BABIES (Al Abama decision)

Girl killed in sand hole on South Florida beach identified

Tuberville: "When I fell, I was just joking. I said hey, watch me do a Biden impression"

The Last Repair Shop 2024 Oscar-Nominated Documentary Short

Protesters heckle US Senator Bernie Sanders during UCD event

I can never understand why people vote against their own self-interest

Even in a blue state, in a blue city

Anyone here ever drive a Citroen 2CV?

FOX "News" shows their understanding of black Americans

Days after Alabama's Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are children, a second clinic pauses IVF treatment

Donald Trump's donor numbers fall by 200,000 compared with 2019

Indiana about to basically eliminate Tenure.... and academic freedom.

can i get a 'poor baby'?

Writing By Hand Better for Memory & Learning; Brain Activity: Scientific American 🖊

I thought I forgot to pay my phone bill, lol,

"Mondrian's Towel?"

The Daily B***h*: "I'm in a really good place spiritually, so please go away.


Hmmm. Now comes the election interference trial

the management in my aprtment complex is shutting water off from 0800 to 1730 pst ,

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 22, 2024)

Last week I posted

All networks having an "issue" at the same time??🤔🤔

The tragic self-delusion behind the Hamas war

Has Whiny expressed opinion about the invitro rule, since he supports 15 weeks limit?

I's Fragilly

About the Travis County ballot for Democratic voters.

Project 2025: Unveiling the far right's plan to demolish immigration in a second Trump term

computer nerds will understand this

Mother of Kremlin critic Navalny says she's resisting pressure to agree to a secret burial

Mother of Kremlin critic Navalny says she's resisting pressure to agree to a secret burial

Clean Investment in 2023: Assessing Progress in Electricity and Transport

Can you deduct frozen embryos as children on your taxes in Alabama?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 22, 2024

AC/DC - Thunderstruck Guzheng Cover|Moyun

A question about furnace gas valve replacement

Announcement: My Memory is Back

Fox pundit said Blacks will vote for Trump because

The mothers fighting a scandal bigger than thalidomide: 'We were told the medication was safe'

Jay Kuo: They're Coming for the Prosecutors

Tuberville, Biden is too old to run because of how he walks on airport tarmac.

Famous Republican Quotes

Frozen Embryos Are Children? Reproductive Care in Peril in Alabama

Split Enz - I Got You

It's about evangelism, evangelicals, and why they are so dangerous

My descent into America's neo-Nazi movement -- and how I got out - inspiring & uplifting Ted talk

Thanks for all the good wishes...

15 Bible verses that identify Donald Trump as the Antichrist

Video Ukraine frontline: What the winter killing fields are really like

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about updates on the House GOP's witness....

Malcolm X Assassination: Former Security Guards Reveal New Details Pointing to FBI, NYPD Conspiracy

Jamie Raskin delivers knockout blow Republicans have dreaded - Brian Tyler Cohen

Woman Convinces Husband to Adopt Kitten By Bringing Him Home

Navalny's Mom Finally Sees His Body--but Authorities Demand 'Secret' Burial

Crow has fun windsurfing:

Rumble with Michael Moore. Gun Inaction and even More trump Fines

Pritzker compares KKK speech to Donald Trump's rhetoric

How WA lawmakers are looking to improve K-12 special education

Who has custody of the existing frozen

Lesbian bars, broken hearts ... New Coen film 'Drive-Away Dolls'

Democrats who will not vote for Joe Biden could destroy America.

Legislation requiring clergy to report child abuse stalls again in Olympia

This is a newspaper for conservatives who

Judge clears charges against alleged white supremacists, says there's a bias against the far right

Cartoons 2/22/2024

Damn good tweet right here

The Mexican crocodile lizard (Abronia graminea):

Mining company ordered to stop work next to school south of Everett

Aw, the "F Joe Biden" crew is upset that the president called Putin an SOB.

Fraud decision will do real damage to Trump's empire

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (Official HD Video)

WA boost in student homelessness funding reaches more districts

Texas school legally punished Black student over hairstyle, judge says

Medical treatment should be withdrawn for all anti-science judges and their

ChatGPT went berserk for hours the night before last. OpenAI's explanation doesn't exactly instill confidence in its AI,

House GOP Quietly Deletes Russian Disinformation from Impeachment Website

Alabama Supreme Court Rules That Frozen Burritos Are Children

Just watched a documentary on Miracle on Ice...

Katie Phang: Don't ever tell me that Nikki Haley is a "moderate" Republican.

How is an ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens allegedly linked to Russian intelligence?

GOP lawmaker says Republicans were warned about FBI informant's credibility - CNN

Clarence Thomas Broke the Law. Why Is He Not Being Prosecuted?

Supreme Court Ethics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Explainer-In third year of war, why Ukraine's fate hinges on West

If a woman is wearing shorts and gets raped, this pastor would let the man go free..........

"Humiliation": Fox host buries GOP as Republican admits "we were warned" about indicted informant

Roberts and Thomas absent from public information on justices' travel

Dog sneaks in to steal binky right out of baby's mouth:

"A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin"

Happy, hoppy goatlets:

Republican US House hardliners ask Johnson to abandon spending talks

2nd tweet--Little Japanese schoolchildren learning lesson in kindness and compassion:

House member calls out 'sheer hypocrisy' of GOP for holding up Ukraine aid

Never give up:

The Taliban carry out a double public execution at a stadium in Afghanistan

What the CPAC audience looked like, minutes ago

Judge says Texas school district can punish Black student for his hairstyle

2nd tweet--Catch of the day:

The Alabama Chief Justice Who Invoked God in Deciding the Embryo Case

HIV/AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent, known for her inspirational talks as a young child, dies at 39

House Democrats have started the clock on a discharge petition for aid to Ukraine.

2nd tweet--Gorilla shows off his new trick:

Nikky Haley says she was implanted with a fertilised egg. They never just make one embryo

Gay rights advocates in Kentucky say expansion to religious freedom law would hurt LGBTQ+ safeguards

2nd tweet--Massive 8,000 KG elephant in Tanzania

Biden-Harris campaign statement on the Alabama Supreme Court ruling made possible by Donald Trump

Georgia Republicans seek to stop automatic voter registration in state

Dental Insurance for Veterans

Dueling pro-Trump factions in Michigan throw the swing state's Republicans into disarray

MSF slams US on Gaza at UN, says children as young as 5 want to die

Morning Joe hangs up on Donald Trump live on air - old clip

Joe Scarborough hangs up on Donald Trump live on air

Moms for Liberty co-founder faces calls for resignation from school board amid sex scandal

Didn't Hitler take quite a few drugs?

I don't think any of us libs would hate George Conway for this. I wouldn't, anyway.

Indiana Attorney General Sets Up Website for Snitching on 'Socialist' Teachers

Top Republicans defend IVF after Alabama ruling

There has to be 10 House Republicans...

Satellite images show aid trucks piling up at Gaza's Rafah crossing

Georgia GOP senators seek to ban sexually explicit books from school libraries, reduce sex education (and more)

The Alabama Chief Justice Who Invoked God in Deciding Embryo Case

Guaranteed Loss Rule*

Proposed Louisiana bill would eliminate parole opportunity for most convicted in the future


All 3 major stock indicies at all time highs right now

Neil Young - When You Dance I Can Really Love 💛🧡

Two very rare Covid vaccine side-effects detected in global study of 99 million

Biden says Republicans in Congress are worse than former segregationist senator

Did Some Small Child Give His Life To Save Steve Scalise

Dangerous precedent: Charges Against Two White Nationalists Are Dismissed as 'Selective Prosecution'

Republicans Issue New Government Shutdown Threat Over Trans People

Journalist Tim Burke Indicted For Leaking Tucker Carlson Clips That Embarrassed Fox News

How Long Will It Be Before Women are Burned at the Stake?

Netanyahu agreed on Thursday to send Israeli negotiators to Paris on Friday

Lawmakers Call Out Major U.S. Banks For Discriminating Against Muslim Americans


Letitia James Wants to Block Trump From Leaving New York

The Discharge Petition Route -process and obstacles

Southern MD moon setting over river (thru 2d floor double window) 2/22

Trump is Hiding Something w/ Putin, WHAT IS IT? - Stephanie Miller w/Malcolm Nance

So that was even faster than I anticipated

Alabama's Unhinged Embryo Ruling Shows Where the Anti-Abortion Movement Is Headed

The new uniforms--ouch.

This is from DU member Desert grandma.

POTUS: Today, I met with Yulia and Dasha Navalnaya - Aleksey Navalny's loved ones - to express my condolences

El Al attack: Will it soon be dangerous for Israelis to board a plane?

Lula-Israel Crisis Fuels Bolsonaro Supporters

Mike Luckovich-What's it like to be considered a person?..

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - On the Losing End

US Army survey results underline ongoing struggles to combat extremism after Pentagon made it top priority

What's to stop Biden? A question.....

GOP senators scream about an invasion, then work to kill the Arizona National Guard

MLS Opener:

I eat you ear AND you face:

Walled site grows at Egypt border near Gaza

Kitten goobin' out:

If we work together, there will be less to do tomorrow:

Supreme Court declines to halt Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy settlement for the moment

'Emigr,' a musical drama about Shanghai's Jewish community during WWII, makes its US premiere

Victims of antisemitism give much more to charity, survey finds

'There's No Question This Is Dead': Biden Impeachment Inquiry Falls Apart

Darn it, Mom! Let him play!

How to Debate trump; and WIN.-- Steve Schmidt- The WARNING

So, let me get this straight. Corporations are people and embryos are people.

Volkswagen recalls 261,000 vehicles over fuel tank issue

Democrats raising $ for an independent candidate for US Senate (Dan Osborn)


FDA warns against smartwatches, rings that claim to measure blood sugar without needles

MY teddy bear! Don't touch!

IMHO Alabama should close all modern medical establishments until they grow the eff up.

Mexican police confirm grisly gang video showing bodies kicked, burned and shot

Dan Froomkin: The Hunter Biden story has done a total 180 but the MSM is in denial

Bath biscuits:

O hai:

Valencia fire: High-rise building engulfed by flames in Spain (another Grenfell?)

Every day and every time I check in there is one thing

Tax evasion by millionaires and billionaires tops $150 billion a year, says IRS chief

Morning Joe: Wow! Paul Ryan Telling It Like It Is...&....Joe poking fun at Tucker

Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind you

AT&T restores service after hours of outage

I am told this is not LBN, so

Because I can't stand it any more

If it fits I sits:

Once Upon a Time in the West

A drink of water:

A Pair of Caspian Terns (Hydroprogne caspia)

SNAP Meme of the Day - Carpe Diem (Reddit)

Kitten loves dragon fruit:

Biden met with Alexei Navalny's widow Yulia Navalnaya, White House says

Crab puff kitten attacks:

Israel military's top lawyer warns troops over 'improper conduct' in Gaza

For my 50,000th post.

Tap tap tap tap:

Cell service outage, j cost me, a ton of embarrassment,

Nikki Haley out raises Trump in January fundraising while Trump has lost a stunning 200,000 donors in 4 years. (Morning

its as if teh GOP is trying to cover up their own incompetence

Mehdi Hasan joins The Guardian

National security lawyers alarmed by Fox News town hall: Did Trump just "disclose classified info?"

Ecuador Refuses U.S. Plan to Help Ukraine With Arms.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Wisconsin map story finally ending....

Darryl George: Texas judge rules school district can restrict the length of male students' natural hair

Jack Posobiec at CPAC: "Welcome to the end of democracy"

Wonder who is groping more crotch at CPAC

Curious about trump VP pick

Republican Congressman Kicked Out For Trying To Hijack Trump Event - Ring of Fire

Fox absent at CPAC again.........

Tuberville acknowledges 'hard' situation for women after Alabama IVF ruling

Is this just a Greek thing?

Biden can end the bombing of Gaza right now. Here's how Mehdi Hasan

Novikov: Russian advances in Ukraine are 'a direct reflection' of U.S. inaction - MSNBC Reports

AI is scary. I know I am an old fuddy duddy but

Judge in Trump's NY fraud case denies request for delay in payout

Judge rules Texas school's hair length policies do not violate CROWN Act - MSNBC Reports

BHM 2024: How Did They Get to Be Billionaires? - From Lauren's Blog

Trump Dictatorship

EV Factory Jobs Are Worse Than You Think - More Perfect Union

I found the next ad for Democrats

Woah!! The Donald Trump Legal GoFundMe is approaching the .0027% mark

Fox News Racist Rants On Trump's Golden Sneakers - Reflect

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 22, 2024

CPAC crowd kinda thin

On the Dateline White House program one of the commentators is Molly Jong-Fast

Arizona's education dept leas brings in the disgusting PragerU

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #16-3: The Not So Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Edition

Inside the GOP's State Party Problem

Heritage Foundation wants to end recreational sex--and the pill.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 23 February 2024

Smirnov back in custody?

Russia Sets Demands to Release Navalny's Remains

Applications for US jobless benefits fall again as labor market powers on

Another Bonus Quote of the Day

Tennessee governor signs bill allowing public officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages

Oldie time! Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over

Prepare for 2024...

Tommy Tuberville On Alabama Deeming Embryos Children: Great! Wait, Bad!

Huge Majority of Voters Support In Vitro Fertilization

**WARNING**: This clip contains a lot, and I mean a lot, of stupid (Sen. Tuberville-R Ala)

Texas school legally punished Black student over hairstyle, judge says

Tammy Murphy's campaign manager leaves after rough start to Senate bid in NJ

One morning, a man hears a voice in his head.

Judge says disputed leadership of Michigan Republican Party is extremely complex

Smirnov re-arrested!

Smirnov has been re-arrested

Ex-FBI source accused of lying about Bidens and having Russian contacts is returned to US custody

So what's the status of the Fanni attacks? Does it look like anything will come of it?

So Much for Republican Unity

Tarrant county Tx (Ft Worth) republican judge Tim O Hare stopped free bus rides to vote UPDATE

CNN TV: Report shows evidence of systematic sexual assaults by Hamas

Republicans Worried About Trump's Fundraising

The Alabama IVF/embryo ruling is the logical conclusion

Help Wanted

@HillaryClinton: They came for abortion first. Now it's IVF and next it'll be birth control.


Time to slide into the kitchen

Our local shelters are full of dogs and cats

2024 She's the Difference: The Wildcard of the 2024 Election

Forgive me lord

Russia Captures Avdiivka: Why Ukraine Is Struggling and NATO Should Be Worried - William Spaniel

NBC local news just aired a segment about why congress can't agree on anything.

House member calls out 'sheer hypocrisy' of GOP for holding up Ukraine aid - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Michelle and Barack Obama's daughter Malia changes her name as she steps out of her parents' shadow

Oops! Marjorie Greene's Fashion Advice Blows Up In Her Face - Waldorf Nation

Lunar lander Odie having trouble with its landing on the moon. The lidar (light pulse

IM-1 Lunar Landing Official NASA Broadcast (landing at approx. 5:24 CST)

Credit cards are charging more 'excess' interest than ever, consumer watchdog says

NBC local news station just aired a segment showing republicans complaining about debt and the border blaming Dems

'The Dissident' looks at the life of Alexei Navalny - Morning Joe - MSNBC

🌖 ***MOON LANDING Thread ***

Southern MD sunset 2/22

Trump lawyer Alina Habba brushes off NY AG threat to seize assets: 'It will not be successful'

Walled site grows at Egypt border near Gaza

We need a 30 day countdown clock

'Astonishing': Sen. Fetterman calls out GOP for willingness to let Ukraine fail - Morning Joe - MSNBC

What if your pet (dog, cat, whatever) could grade you as an owner.....

If you think these lunatics are planning to stop at tearing up precedents related

Why do the talking heads ( yes, you Ari Meber) and their guests insist on using GOP framing

Actually not funny but quite "telling"

Yet more brinkmanship by the Holy Tsar.

Michael Moore is on Ari

'The gang that can't impeach straight': House GOP embarrassed after key witness indicted for lies - Deadline - MSNBC

Frozen embryos in Alabama

Looking for a digital display frame that uses metadata to organize and filter pics.

Kremlin's Tightening Grip: Blocking VPNs and Suppressing Information Access in Russia - The Gaze

Guess who's back (or thinks she's back)?

Can DC Reporters Overcome Their Trumper Shock-Training?

YES! 🌖 🚀 We have Moon!

Intuitive Machines lands on the moon in historic first for a U.S. company

FBI informant Smirnov arrested again over charges on false Hunter Biden reports - NBC News

Can tRump run again if he loses in 2024?

Alabama's I.V.F. Ruling Shows Our Slide Toward Theocracy

'It's really scary': Hear Tommy Tuberville's stunning response to question on Alabama IVF ruling - Deadline - MSNBC

Camp Chaparral employee accused of indecency with a child

New Trump Scheme Is A Master Class In GOP Hypocrisy - Rebel HQ