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Terrifying: World leaders tell Biden they fear for their own democracies if Trump wins - Deadline - MSNBC

Fox Sewer: Black People Will Vote for trump Because 'They Love Sneakers'- Stephanie

Trump critics fear retribution if he's re-elected, some 'planning to leave the country' - NBC News

BREAKING: At CPAC, Trump's spokesman says Donald Trump will eliminate marriage equality.....

Jim Jordan & James Comber use Russian disinformation to try to impeach Joe Biden. What happens now? - Glenn Kirschner

Rescue cat's obsessed with mom

Sharon Lee's Blog on the passing of her co-writer and husband, Steve

Democrats ask insurers to meet contraceptive coverage mandate

Chinese Cranes Pose a Security Risk: Los Angeles Port Chief - Bloomberg Television

Fight or flight: Fearful Trump critics weigh the risk of retribution if he's re-elected

Statement from President Joe Biden on Alabama Court Decision

Fox News is smoking dope and dog food - Black Voters gonna vote for TSF cuz of the ...

Christian Nationalist merch

Vice Media plans to cut hundreds of jobs, stop publishing on flagship website

All in The Family - California Here We Come...Link

Tristan Snell: Smirnov scandal "is a national security breach of the highest order."

LOL: MAGA Republicans are visibly embarrassed by recent setbacks! - Pondering Politics

I will be running for a Kings County Democratic Committee seat this year...

'Hopefully he has a lot of pillows to sell': My Pillow Guy has to up $5M for his election lies - Deadline - MSNBC

*UPDATE,*Tarrant County commissioner court rethugs and judge voted to stop paying bus to take voters to vote

U.S. company achieves first American moon landing since 1972 - CBS News

Biden will impose sanctions on more than 500 targets in response to Navalny death, official says

Smirnov on ice

France will host international Ukraine aid meeting next week

Moon lander makes historic touchdown - full coverage - CBS News

Trump Tries to Change NY Business Addresses to FL in Fraud Judgment

Whither WAMU?

FBI and Homeland Security are looking into the AT&T cellular outage, White House says

Today's lawsuit was a state court case -there is a separate federal case

592 Landslides Recorded In City Of Los Angeles Alone In One Week Of Torrential Rain

"Carbon Capture" Project In Heart Of California Oil Country Promises Five Long-Term Jobs Once Completed

Here and Now "Biden Voter" Interview

Tommy Tuberville gives an IVF Ted Talk to a reporter.(Tweet)

"No Peace B*tch!" Meghan McCain RESPONDS To Kari Lake's Overture - Waldorf Nation

MAGA Republican Publicly Embarrasses Himself in Bizarre Press Conference! - Luke Beasley

Scoop: House GOP rushes to distance from Alabama IVF ruling

Biden meets with Yulia Navalnaya, Alexey Navalny's widow, in California - CBS News

An old master instructs his disciple

"I'm Shielding My Children From Jeff Bezos & Amazon" - Rant Wheel - Lovett or Leave It

Republican THROWS colleagues UNDER THE BUS with BOMBSHELL news live on air- Meidas

The End Of Recreational Sex

Nikki Haley Flip Flops On Alabama IVF Ruling After Host Calls Her Out - Waldorf Nation

If you could have one famous work of art in your home so you could see it every day which would it be?

Behind the scenes Trump has been replacing state party leaders.

Bad business decisions you've seen that made you say "you got to be kidding me".

This couple has to leave Alabama or risk losing their eggs after state ruling forces providers to pause IVF treatment

NY Prosecutor's NEXT MOVES to SEIZE Trump Assets Revealed - Meidas Touch

Gov't Mule ft Robert Randolph, Samantha Fish, Ron Holloway - Rambling Gambling Man - Island Exodus14

"Heed Their Rising Voices": Annotated

Pimco, BlackRock, State Street, JP Morgan All Beating Hasty Retreat From Climate Goals, Participation

Regulators expected to sue to block Kroger-Albertsons deal, Bloomberg report says

Planned Parenthood asks Wisconsin Supreme Court to find 1849 abortion law unconstitutional

A lady I know well had to go stay with her 43 year old daughter

Fox News Host Gives STUNNING Response To Trump's Latest Scam, "Black folks will vote for Trump because of shoes"

The Dow hit a new record high today. breaking 39,000 for the first time ever, up 456.87 today alone.

MAGA all in on Trump at CPAC: Michael Moore x Melber - The Beat - MSNBC

'Outrageous and Unacceptable': President Biden Slams Alabama Supreme Court IVF Ruling

China condemns US delegation visit to Taiwan, urges Washington to stop interference - CNA

George Conway Explains: The House GOP are SCUM

Private lander touches down on the moon but sending weak signal

Voting Dilemma in California

MaddowBlog-Jim Jordan pretends his anti-Biden case hasn't already collapsed

Wendy Williams diagnosed with same form of dementia as Bruce Willis

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an ad in Montana you might not see....

Is it time to revolutionize the toilet?

Man who assaulted four officers during Capitol riot is sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison

MaddowBlog-Team Trump eyes militarized deportations, detention camps in second term

Today's haul at El Segundo's Farmer's Market:

Houthi rebel attack sets cargo ship ablaze, forces Israel to intercept another attack near Eilat

gilligans island /rossane .

Swing state Republican parties are in chaos. That could matter in November.

When we win back the House, hold the Senate and the WH in November.....

Intuitive Machines tweet- they're working to downlink the first images from the lunar lander

Amid measles cases, Florida's Ladapo fails to urge vaccinations

Financial Isolation: World Biggest Banks Refuse to Work With Russian Clients - The Gaze

How did 22 years go by so quickly?

Critics Celebrate As Trump Sabotages His Own Party's Efforts Again: 'Keep It Up'

Lisa Rubin-What it means for Trump if Cohen testifies and Weisselberg does not

Norma Anderson: the 91-year-old challenging Trump at US Supreme Court

Fox News Anchor Turns Against Republicans on Live TV! - Pondering Politics

Opinion Kamala Harris is an underrated asset

Bumper sticker in the RV park today

President's Day alway seems to bring out the mattress sales specials.

GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville at CPAC: "I haven't voted for any money to go to Ukraine because I know they can't win."

At CPAC, Trump's spokesman says Donald Trump will eliminate marriage equality.

Seeing a ton of Colin Allred ads on Tubi

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Fetterman to Democrats who criticize Biden: "Might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump."

Trump employs TIRED STRATEGY, Judge Engoron DOESN'T TAKE THE BAIT - Talking Feds

US to impose sanctions on over 500 targets in Russia action on Friday

Whoa there, Madame Speaker. You're wrong here

Does an IUD, Plan B, or even the contraceptive Pill, murder children?

President Zelensky's nightly address with English subtitles. Day 729 of

BREAKING**👿👿 This woman froze her children for 27 YEARS. This is child abuse!!

Running low on options, I watched a few episodes of "Las Vegas" ! Whatever dumber than dumb is

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 25, 2024 - 31 Days of Oscar: Leading Actress

Lisa Rubin predicts why Supreme Court Trump immunity ruling is taking so long

TCM Schedule for Monday February 26, 2024 - 31 Days of Oscar: Special Effects

Capitol Hill fight over spending pushes country closer to government shutdown - PBS NewsHour

I had the chocolate for the first time today!

As a recent graduate of Trump University...


Greene says Judge Engoron 'should be disrobed'

Black voters will vote for Trump because they like sneakers - WTF?!

Judge Cannon put a 'blocker' to limit Trump's other criminal cases from going to trial

Not Mr. McGregors garden!

Trump's election nightmare: Court bans IVF as voters revolt on GOP - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump Tries to Change NY Business Addresses to FL in Fraud Judgment

Favorite albums from 1974

Mike Johnson On If Biden's Presidency is The Will of God

'Atrocious investment': Trump RNC takeover ripped by ex-chairman - All In - MSNBC

Russian national with ties to Vladimir Putin arrested in Austin

Nicki Haley walks back her "frozen embryos are children" statement

His Favourite Judge -Mike Malloy

That Horrific Anti-Abortion Law? It's Brought to You by Voter Suppression

Ranting time question--Are most American women already living in a Christian theocracy?

New bill prohibits Washington school districts from banning books

Uruguay ex-intelligence agent jailed for dictatorship torture

All Along The Watchtower

'Kryptonite issue': Republicans flail in the wake of the Alabama IVF ruling - All In - MSNBC

Effort to bring high-speed rail line to western Washington remains on track

The Taliban carry out a double public execution at a stadium in Afghanistan

Poll: 4% of Americans want Russia to win the war

Reminder: Rudy was a Russian target and Republicans knew it

Trump gets smacked down by judge over attempt to not pay judgment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Mary Trump coming up on Lawrence.

**OMG, the BEST Doc Martin, MPT, ch 22,

Fox host says Black people will back Trump because 'they love sneakers' - All In - MSNBC

TSF Talks About His E.D.

**Lawrence seems to have ANOTHER SUPER show NOW!


Nikki Haley's problem.

PANICKED Trump Tries to FLEE Court Ruling - Meidas Touch

Can't Wazzizname pay bond for fraud trial?

Should Strings be attached to aid to Israel?

at CPAC (this is the end of Republicans IMHO)

So they loaded up the truck and they moved to...

Trump's Hometown Newspaper Urges People Not To Vote For Him

'Political setup': Top Dem rips GOPers spreading Russian smear campaign of Biden bribe lies - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"The plentiful supply of immigrants is one of the main reasons the U.S. economy has outperformed

Cheech & Chong - "Mostly Maui-Waui, but it's Got Some Labrador In It"

This Will Decide the Fate of the Senate! - Luke Beasley

Critical thinking skills....

Calvin Trump

Who is your obscure celebrity crush?

Boebert's New District Hates Her - Raw News And Politics

'What An Embarrassment': Left and Right Skewer CPAC For Low Attendance At MAGA Dominated Event

(1) Cartoon vs. Reality; (2) I think they're just trolling the heck out of him:

Trump Defecting to Russia

Biden Called Putin a 'Crazy S.O.B.' The Kremlin Called Biden a 'Cowboy.'

'Nuclear option in Constitution': Radical right's roadmap for ending democracy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Dumbest Man in the Senate

1988 Sears Catalog: -- Sony Walkman

Interesting--Mike Pence's son Michael was conceived through IVF:

Sorry... one more.

Vox - Are Ukraine's defenses starting to crumble? Blame GOP

Task Force KleptoCapture Announces Array of New Charges, Arrests, and Forfeiture Proceedings - The Justice Department

Nikki Haley's Misleading "Moderate" Reputation - The Daily Show

'Fully engulfed in flames': Fire destroys Mississippi John Hurt Museum

Smirnov - time as informant

Didn't Like What Lisa Rubin Said Tonight

Smol & very sweet:

Colorado teens earn first-ever cornhole college scholarships - NewsNation

Friday TOONs

Trolls getting Ukraine war video reporters on Youtube and Patreon shut down.

21 years!

☦️ Orthodox Prayers - Psalm 39

If you think pop-up ads in your browser are maddening . . .

NCBI study of the efficacy of seawater nasal wash for Covid symptoms and URI

Does anyone have a source that can either confirm or deny a rumor that Trump's Gold Sneakers are NOT available.....

This bunny is a real gangster!

Some intolerant members of our church really pissed off the pastor

2nd tweet--Determined dog makes me LOL:

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump's cognitive decline continues in plain view - The Last Word - MSNBC

Golden eagle feeding her cute baby:

Nikki Haley Desperately Tries to Walk Back Comment on Alabama Embryo Ruling

Kimmel: Trump's Mad at Jimmy Again, Right Wing's Nuttiest Republicans Gather & MyPillow Mike Falling Apart

Mary Trump calls uncle Donald 'a loser' as he faces gigantic legal tab - The Last Word - MSNBC

Snow Cat loving the Snow

I think trump was convinced he wouldn't lose the case in NY for fraud, or rather could postpone it indefinitely


Jessica Valenti - The GOP's Latest Weapon: 'Med Ed' Bills

Tim Snyder: Navalny death deprives Russians of hope for a different future - The Last Word - MSNBC

Shadow dancer:

Was Smirnov rearrested...

Mommy, What's a Broodmare?

Cat brings all her kittens to cuddle with her human:

Like a boss:

So, with Alabama Supreme court saying that Embryos are kids, ....

Today (02/22), my husband and I have been together for 22 years...our new dogs gave us an early gift

Why do Republicans fear diversity?

If you dislike Tuckums...

Virginia Senate passes bill to strip Confederate organizations of tax breaks

'Two Hours of Bullsh*t': Zelensky Hammers Tucker Carlson on Fox News Over Fawning Putin Interview (Meidiaite)

Former journalist indicted for allegedly hacking and leaking embarrassing Fox News Tucker Carlson footage

World's oldest unchanged brand changes logo for the first time in over 140 years (CNN)

Republicans Will Bring America To Her Knees To Please Putin - Thom Hartmann

Does Anyone Have A Picture Of Lara Tr**p At The Podium At CPAC?.....

Inside the G.O.P.'s State Party Problem

Republicans Push For Discharge Petition Against Mike Johnson

Pro-Trump Internet Trolls Escalate Ugly Attacks on Nikki Haley

Man arrested for making 'violent threat' to Arizona election official in 2022

How the polar vortex could deliver one last blast of wintry weather.

A Century Later, 17 Wrongly Executed Black Soldiers Are Honored at Gravesites

MD-03: High-profile Democrats backing former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn in congressional bid

Florida's Experiment With Measles - No one will be forced to not get sick

Russia-linked smear campaign against Hunter Biden began earlier than previously thought

Progressive group preparing $30M turnout effort ahead of November

The January 6s

Vice Media says 'several hundred' staff members will be laid off and news site shuttered

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin, Biden, and Trump....

Hasil Adkins - Out to Hunch

Art Adams - Rock Crazy Baby

Al Ferrier - Let's Go Boppin' Tonight

Mike Johnson (R) visits New York, where 'fate of the country' will be decided

Dorsey Burnette - Let's Fall In Love

Art & The Scioto Rhythm Boys - A String Boogie

Bobby Brown - Down at Big Mary's House

CA-SEN: Schiff leads, with Porter and Garvey battling for second place in CA Senate race

Ethel Merman - There's No Business Like Show Business (from Ethel Merman's Disco Album)

Experts analyze state of Ukraine war 2 years into Russia's invasion - PBS NewsHour

AL: Justice Who Ruled That Embryos Are 'Children' Appeared On QAnon Conspiracist's Show

The Beach Boys - Here Come the Night

Falco -Der Kommissar

Left-Wing Activists March for Palestine, but Ignore Africa

Jools Holland and George Harrison - Horse To The Water

'I made a mistake': Lawmaker who sank Nebraska's near-total abortion ban seeks changes

George Harrison (and Vicki Brown) Shanghai Surprise

RI: Divided Board of Elections backs proposal to let voters drop off mail ballots earlier

Alabama justice who ruled embryos are people says American law should be rooted in the Bible

AZ: GOP ballot measure to harshly punish businesses for hiring undocumented workers clears House


Republicans left sputtering as anti-abortion zeal runs amok, puts IVF at risk - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Harris visits Grand Rapids to outline threats to abortion access

France says Russia threatened to shoot down jets over Black Sea - WION

ME: Anti-super PAC initiative headed to Legislature for consideration

Here is the official legal reasoning for Alabama's IVF law.

Christian extremists poised to overtake Trump agenda - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

WI: Assembly approves ballot measure asking voters if Legislature should have oversight over federal funds

How To Know If MAGA Is Right For YOU

Tony Evers urges Wisconsin Supreme Court to reconsider congressional maps

What do Wisconsin's new maps mean for the Legislature's balance of power?

Armenia freezes participation in Russia-led security bloc - WION

Trump's new legal debts could have catastrophic 'domino effect' on existing debts - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

X Games medalist Jayden Archer dies practicing signature , age 27

Trump Files PATENTLY FRIVOLOUS Motion to Dismiss Mar-A-Lago Case - Meidas Touch

Canadian Insider Concerns Re: Trump in White House

Peru's Supreme Court of Justice annuls the judicial process for forced sterilizations committed during the Fujimori gove

So here is an IVF question.

WI: On to April elections: Who's in, who's out after Dane County primary

MN: A new majority leader in the Senate and a Republican vying for Klobuchar's seat

SF Mayor: New Poll Shows Mark Farrell Beating London Breed in First-Choice Vote, and Breed Trailing In Ranked-Choice

Arizona Republicans vote to ban guaranteed basic income programs

PA: Innamorato Announces Return of Ballot Drop Off Locations for 2024 Elections

How Important Is a Candidate's Position on the Ballot?

Which is the better 2024 predictor: polls or special elections?

Philly Proud Boy who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 with the group's top leaders pleads guilty

PA-01: Ashley Ehasz (D) picks up Emily's List endorsement in 1st Congressional District race

NJ-GOV: Newark's Ras Baraka (D), running for NJ governor, says he'd fight for justice and affordability

House passes bill to end ranked choice voting option for Utah cities

'How far are conservatives willing to push their agenda?' Alabama embryo ruling sparks outrage - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Arizona Right-Wing Group Withdraws Maricopa County Election Procedures Lawsuit

New York Times Reveals US Investigated AMLO for Sinaloa Cartel Campaign Financing & Los Zetas Leader Prison Release Brib

'It's a runaway train': Republicans shill for Trump at CPAC as government shutdown nears - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

GOP leaders: 'Putin is not our friend' - Washington Post

Nevada Secretary of State apologizes for election day discrepancies

LIVE Webstream: ICJ holds public hearings on Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories (Day 5)

Home Depot Broke Law By Making Workers Remove 'Black Lives Matter,' NLRB Rules

South Dakota abortion rights ballot initiative thwarted by Republican lawmakers

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

The Rescue Of Joseph Constantine Buonincontri (in Mexico)

Ohio Republican Says Women Need Help Carrying Their Strollers, Not Abortion Rights

MI: Pontiac voters asked to decide recreational marijuana business regulations

Lauren Boebert SLAMMED as 'Lowlife' by VOTERS in new district - Meidas Touch

Native American tribes gain new authority to stop unwanted hydopower projects

El Salvador's Bukele tells US conservatives to 'put up a fight'

Louisiana lawmakers advance bill allowing concealed carry without permit

Right-Wing News Sites See Traffic Plummet at Start of 2024, Compared to 2020 - Breitbart Down 87%

Trump portrays 2024 race as a Christian battle, akin to D-Day

Schumer leads Democratic delegation to Ukraine amid standoff over military aid

Trump seeks to dismiss Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, citing in part presidential immunity

GOP Forced To Sue MAGA Party Leader - Raw News And Politics


Biden Says If Trump Wins, Reporters Fearing Jail Plan to Flee the US

Wordle 979 (February 23) ***SPOILER ALERT***

Attempting to bribe postal workers. Committing bank fraud using stolen mail. Cases underline USPS concerns.

A New Orleans magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden robocall

Informant Who Lied About "Biden Crime Family" Arrested Again By Trump Prosecutor - Rodecast

Israel agrees to allow US flour shipment into Gaza

NATO Gives Ukraine the Go-Ahead to Cross Putin's Red Line

Morning, y'all. Startin' the day with a shot of schadenfreude and coffee.

This Christian Prays Trump Starts 2024 With Dictatorial Power Grab - Thom Hartmann

Alabama lawmakers file bills to protect IVF treatments after state supreme court ruling

Israel plans to approve construction of more than 3,300 new houses in settlements in occupied West Bank

Alabama justice who ruled embryos are people says American law should be rooted in the Bible

Reports: EU bought 1.1billion euros in Russian oil through second-hand purchases in 2023 - DW News

Trump faces warning signs that his fundraising prowess may have limits in 2024

Florida defies CDC in measles outbreak, telling parents it's fine to send unvaccinated kids to school

Trump BEGINS TO PANIC as CRITICAL Deadline Approaches - Meidas Touch

Image Dump 2/23/24

Rachel Weisz

Dead Like Me

Havin' A Bad Day

North Korea joins war!* 112,000 to "invade" Belarus. Russians to attack from space - The Russian Dude

Has Trump actually filed his companies and trusts in Florida while

Arms exports to Israel must stop immediately: UN experts

FAUX Contributor: More blacks will support trump because "those people" love sneakers

Woman who joined ISIS as a teen loses challenge against the removal of her UK citizenship

Americans fall prey to Mexican cartel timeshare scam... man pays $1.8 million in attempt to sell $47K time share

Smirnov is back in custody!

Ukraine: two years of full-scale war. Between Ukraine's resolve and allies' indecisiveness

If you are someone in a Republican primary, you won. Don't give in just because they "say" you lost.

DU Poll: If Trump wins will you move abroad?

The Cash-Strapped Trump Campaign Is Trying to Get Away With a New Donor Loophole NO REFUNDS

More shoes

"Ben is Back." Powerful film starring Julia Roberts.

Hundreds of empty chairs were reportedly removed before Donald Trump's speech at a convention of religious broadcasters

Debris from North Korean missile in Ukraine could expose procurement networks

Online fundraisers for violent West Bank settlers raised thousands, despite international sanctions

Death Valley Has A New Lake - In The Lowest, Hottest Location In North America

MAGAT kids love Trump sneakers!

Empty Greene: Judge Engoron should be disrobed

1 mo post surg.

Come one come all - liquidation blow out sale😀😀😀😀

Shocked, Shocked!! Homebuilders' Associations Fighting Against Any Increase In Energy Efficiency Codes

Two US brothers detained in Gaza now being held in Israeli prison, US official says

South Korea doctors' strike: 'severe' public health alert issued for first time

Any publicity is good publicity.....

This is the guy a father allowed to be alone with/babysit his young daughter

Acceleration of the New Reich: Thom Hartmann

Woman suing Texas over its abortion ban plans to move her embryos out of state

James Comer Changes His Tune on Discredited Biden Probe Witness

The anti-choice position in a nutshell

The origin of Super Villians: Deadline (DC Comics)

The Rundown: February 23, 2024

Netanyahu unveils plan for Gaza's future post-Hamas

DC Announces Move Back to Wednesdays for New Comics

China Records Biggest One-Day Temp Difference On Record; -52C In Xinjiang (Far West), 38C In Badu (South)

DC Finest: DC Announces New Line of Paperback Collections

Absolute Power: DC Announces Summer 2024 Event

Florida surgeon general defies science amid measles outbreak

Well, Good Luck With That: U Florida Students Pass Resolution To Cut Campus Energy Use, FF Divestment

If the internet goes down

Somalia will defend itself if Ethiopia seals 'illegal' port deal, president says

Biden announces more than 500 sanctions on Russia after Navalny's death

Some Republicans are voicing doubt over Alabama IVF ruling. Democrats see an opportunity

Sex ed classes in some states may soon watch a fetal development video from an anti-abortion group

Alito's cries of religious persecution are a chilling preview of Supreme Court in another Trump term

IRS to open its free tax filing site to more new users

Breakfast: Friday, February 23, 2024

Breakfast: Friday, February 23, 2024

Maddowblog-As Alabama ruling reverberates, Tuberville struggles with details


Kim Eugene Decker II: Pennsylvania man arrested for January 6 attack

The plot thickens 👀

Why do people dislike Kamala Harris?

Best concert you've been to

Milk truck crashes: Moments later looters show up................

Jacob Zerkle: Arizona Man Sentenced to Prison on Felony Charges for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

You raised $240.00 on February 22, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Joseph Brody: Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

I'm having one of those days...

U.K. police find $568 million of cocaine hidden in bananas, shattering drug-seizure record

You raised $1.00 on February 22, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

Kenneth Giusini: Philadelphia Man Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Dean Phillips open to a Third Party run with Nikki Haley...

Phone companies' plans to phase out landlines.

Christopher Raphael Spencer: North Carolina Man Found Guilty of Felony and Misdemeanor Charges Related to Jan. 6 Capitol

'Oh my God': Morning Joe panel stunned by Tommy Tuberville's latest display of ignorance

Lawmaker introduces bill that would regulate AI

Let's talk about the non-reaction to the explosive revelations in the series "Secrets of Playboy."

Matthew Honigford: Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

An unexploded WWII bomb was discovered in garden in Plymouth, England!

The awful, rancid, racist, misogynist bile that is George Will

tfg has until Sunday to put up the 92.46 million

Trump campaign accused of using 'creative accounting' to hide donor cash problems

Andreas Vollenweider - Night Fire Dance

Biden Issues New Sanctions on Russia

How does Alabama keep putting religious zealots Chief Justice on their Supreme Court?

NYT still burying the Smirnov Scandal.

On February 11, 1967, The Mojo Men appeared on "American Bandstand."

On This Day: First major slave revolt in South America starts; grows to 3,000 - Feb. 23, 1763

Help me out. Who was the sen/rep from WI (?) who was mocked for having money from sanitary napkins

Justice Who Ruled That Embryos Are 'Children' Appeared On QAnon Conspiracist's Show

blogger dies in apparent suicide after facing criticism for revealing Moscow's losses

woman diagnosed with rupturing ectopic pregnancy. TX hospital told her to go home and wait

Poll: Schiff leads, with Porter and Garvey battling for second place in CA Senate race

'She abandoned us': Haley's South Carolina problem isn't just Trump

Mike Luckovich-Thanks to Boris and Natasha, we have damning evidence....

Dean Phillips campaign operative behind fake Biden robocall in New Hampshire

Nvidia Nears $2 Trillion Valuation on Insatiable AI Chip Demand

WAMU lays off 15 staffers, shuts down DCist

Google pauses its Gemini AI's ability to generate people after overcorrecting for diversity in historical images

CPAC can't quench MAGA's thirst

Starbucks Just Saw the Largest Single-Day Union Drive in the Company's History

This is an egg, EXCEPT

Tennessee republicans kill bill to allow abortions for rape victims 12 and under

Florida surgeon general defies science amid measles outbreak

This may be the final nail in the coffin for a winter like no other

Israel plans to build 3,300 new settlement homes. It says it's a response to a Palestinian attack

Lawrence O'Donnell A block from Feb 22

An ectopic pregnancy put her life at risk. A Texas hospital refused to treat her.

Popular weight-loss drug costs threaten health insurance sustainability

newspaper in a very red part of texas turns on governor abbott

On MSNBC, this AM i heard this scenario. I'm leaving for awhile, but this is what i heard.

Texas passes on $450 million summer lunch program for low-income families

'Far from full': Organizers removed hundreds of empty chairs at Nashville Trump event

God Bless America (2012)

Herridge @CBS_Herridge was fired by @CBSNews . She was leading the bogus Russian sourced Biden coverage. Flynn, MJT, and

Iraq announces reopening of a key oil refinery a decade after it was stormed by the Islamic State

Fox Contributor Says Black Voters Like Trump Because They LOVE Sneakers

new Arizona poll: Gallegos 36%, Kari Lake 30%, Sinema 21%

You'll Never Guess Who Was Behind Those Fake Biden Robocalls!

Wendy Williams has frontotemporal dementia. What is FTD?

Guy Finds A Stray Dog Inside Dollar General

amazing silence, uno tiempo mas

Riding His Baseball Fame, Steve Garvey Disrupts the California Senate Race (New York Times/no paywall)

Bigly Condo building for sale

Big quitter Sam Waterston departs Law & Order after measly 400+ episodes

Put pressure on Russia's vast border to help Ukraine?

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (February 26 -- March 1)

Autumn Colors

Mark Meadows Does Not Deserve Total Immunity

Samuel Alito Opened the Door to Reproductive Hell

I've got a new nickname!

There's a pinball machine called "J6: Insurrection" currently exhibiting at CPAC

The Cash-Strapped Trump Campaign Is Trying to Get Away With a New Donor Loophole

I follow this person, Tia Levings, on Instagram. She explains dangers of the evangelical community

Republicans vote to make it harder to amend Missouri Constitution

Do you have any dead malls in your area or region. Malls that were thriving during the 70-90 but are closed or torn

The Daily B***h*: "I just want to be told that everything will be okay, and

George Conway Explains: The House GOP are SCUM George Conway Explains It All

AT&T says the outage to its US cellphone network was not caused by a cyberattack

I just did my first early voting in the Michigan Presidential Primary

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 23, 2024)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 23, 2024

"Trump Steaks which taste[d] like Raccoon meat" - Rick Wilson

Jeff Koons "Lunar Economy"

emptywheel - Trump's Defense: He Intended to Steal Boxes and Boxes of Classified Documents

CPAC Posobiac: "Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely."

BREAKING: Cellphone data raises questions about start of Willis-Wade relationship

practicing for the eclipse

On this day, February 23, 1945, the American flag was raised on Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi -- several times.

Nikki Haley: Trump Sides With Dictators Who Want To 'Destroy America'

A hack for de-boning rotisserie chicken! - Any lengths to escape gourmet-ism!1

Well you don't see stories like this everyday

Bionic Gal

Press Freedom on Trial: Julian Assange's Lawyer on Extradition Case & Criminalizing Journalism

Ford's Battery Flagship Socked by Mold Sickness, Workers Say

proof tommy is dumber than dumb: on alabama's dumbass IVF ruling: "i was all for it. we need to have more kids"

Inside the Christian Nationalist Church Where Proud Boys Go to be Baptized

Today in the enshittification of, well everything, but certainly the internet.

Tennessee governor signs bill allowing public officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriages

Ex-Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on Julian Assange Extradition Case

A Marketplace of Girl Influencers Managed by Moms and Stalked by Men

Wow! Remains of Oregon teenager identified by DNA after more than 50 years

Is this the genesis of the gold sneakers?

Trump equates his domestic political opposition to WWII enemies abroad

The first two hours of MTV 8-1-1981

Anyone remember BarRescue?

Teamsters Unanimously Authorize Strike at Republic Services

another impeachment witness may have lied

Poland's Sikorski Warns US to Aid Ukraine or Face 'Profound Consequences'

🌈 Reggae: Jimmy Cliff, I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash, Stir It Up

Claims of Israeli sexual assault of Palestinian women are credible, UN panel says

The Morning Started Off A Bit Hazy

Welcome to the "Gates of Hell" Gov. McMaster

Pic Of The Moment: Alabama Says Frozen Embryos Are Children And Should Be Protected -- Meanwhile, In Florida...

Every sperm is sacred Every sperm is great If a sperm is wasted

Great video from last night's Daily Show

Haitian Asylum Seekers Take Biden Admin to Court for Racial Discrimination, Rights Violations

Appropriations talks chug along; stopgap eyed as backup plan

On this day, February 23, 1934, film and TV actor Race Gentry was born.

Can't watch much more.

NBC interviewed a CPAC attendee. There was no mention that she is a convicted January 6 rioter...


Coming soon to a location near you. 🍕🍗 Yum 😋 or Yuk 🤢❓

Senators Schumer, Reed, Blumenthal, Bennet and Hassan visit Ukraine

The Smirnov Affair: MAGA Republicans Are Useful Idiots for Russian Intelligence

Bridge to the Sun: The Secret Role of the Japanese Americans Who Fought in the Pacific in WWII

WAMU shuts down local news site DCist, lays off reporters

Alabama lawmakers are planning legislation to 'protect' IVF after state Supreme Court ruling, sources say. Here's the la

Simon Rosenberg - Trump is NOT strong

Labor News & Commentary February 20, 2024 labor unions form a network to demand a ceasefire in Gaza

Another 'star' GOP impeachment witness may have lied under oath: Cassidy Hutchinson lawyer

Lara Trump says RNC needs to raise $500 million, sees interest in paying Trump legal fees


Six strike days over Aberdeen University job cuts

Elie Mystal: Alabama's IVF Ruling Is Christian Theology Masquerading as Law

Amazon to pay $1.9 million to migrant contract workers to settle claims of human rights abuses

Yesterday I replaced our home security system at a one time cost equal to what we'd been paying monthly

Houthi rebel attack sets cargo ship ablaze, forces Israel to intercept another attack near Eilat

Rock Steady

White House accuses House Speaker of aiding Iran in latest Ukraine aid push

Boy Kills World - Official Trailer - In theaters April 26

Palestinian gunmen shoot dead West Bank motorist, two assailants killed - police

How Americans got stuck with endless drug ads

We must protect the *checks notes* LETTUCE!

Biden ally meets Arab American leaders in Michigan and tries to lower tensions over Israel-Hamas war

Texas attorney general moves to shut down Catholic migrant shelters

Smirnov's attorney seemingly caught trying to circumvent CA judge's order of detention

Labor Dept. seeks injunction banning child labor at cleaning company

Trish James announced she will seize

Biden calls border deal 'strongest' in history in speech to governors

Lettuce not cry over spilt milk...

Why Laws Against IVF and Against Abortion are NOT Mutually Contradictory

What's going on with Dean Phillips? He floats Nikki Haley team-up, attacks Walz and Klobuchar

DjT praised Capitol rioters for their "tremendous spirit"...

Red in nature

trump Lawyers Try LAST MINUTE SCAM on NY Judge,- FAIL MISERABLY-- Meidas

Gentle Giant - Funny Ways (live)

I went out to visit with Bronwyn

50 yrs before Beyonce went country........

Question: Would Merrick Garland have made a good Supreme Court justice?

America's Richest Men Ask the Courts to Make Unions Illegal

King strips CBE from former Post Office boss Paula Vennells

Country Singers Who Lean to the Left

Sunak urged to act against Truss for spreading rightwing conspiracy theories

Current IVF patients in Alabama can no longer even transport existing embryos to other states.

Alina Habba Risks Becoming the Next Mike Lindell, Ex-GOP Strategist Says

When your cat catches you recording her:

Why Four Million Student Borrowers Got Debt Relief

The Alabama SC decision makes clear, it has always been about controlling women's bodies

Giant air biscuits:

Black History/White Lies: The 10 biggest myths about the Civil Rights Movement

Christian Group Demands Clarence Thomas Recuse Himself From Trump Case

Smirnov had his bond revoked because his attorneys were allegedly helping him prepare to flee the US:

'That's a hard one': Tuberville flounders over state's IVF embryo ruling

Putin Is Afraid of A Dead Man (my words)

What would you spend all your time doing, if you could? Me ---- making faux gemstones from polymer clay.

So Many Inquiring Minds Rearrest of FBI Informant Yesterday..MTN

China Plans to Send New Pandas to the U.S., Signs Agreement with the San Diego Zoo

Opening held for affordable housing project in North Seattle

Trump as the candidate of stability? That's how many voters now see it (LA Times)

Gorillaz performs this LIVE street serenade of "On Melancholy Hill"

New Idaho bill would create $420 mandatory minimum fine for marijuana possession

TCM March 2024 At a Glance - Star of the Month, 31 Days of Oscar finale, memorials to Norman Jewison, Ryan O'Neal

Any materials scientists around who can explain something?

The Biden administration has reversed the "Pompeo Doctrine"

Wisconsin ethics panel recommends felony charges against Trump committee, lawmaker

Wisconsin ethics panel recommends felony charges against Trump committee, lawmaker

Legislators throw a life ring to Washington's 'other' ferries

Republican tool says people don't care about reproductive freedoms being taken away

Let's not forget Comer's 1st star witness Gal Luft - Chinese agent aaaand fugitive

Ecuador calls off arms exchange with US over plan to send weapons to Ukraine

Patty Murray's push to fund nutrition and child care

The Shawshank Redemption this evening on AMC

Moscow's a paradise, Trump is Navalny, and up is down

Students, parents rattled after nursing student found dead on UGA campus; classes canceled

Lou Christie - Lightnin' Strikes

Armenia freezes participation in Russia-led security bloc - Prime Minister

Getting Late For The Supreme Court

This might just be a heads up OR it might be a WARNING of USPS mail changes. Maybe Re Mail-in ballots.

"Ohhhh. Living on Mars would be cool!" Nope. Don't think so.

Cartoons 2/23/2024

Colorado GOP establishment figures are lining up against Lauren Boebert as she faces a competitive primary

Months after strike, nurses reach contract with Providence Everett

State Attorney General Sues State Auditor To Stop His Lawsuit Against Brett Favre

Super savvy insider Dana Bash actually thinks

Ukrainian children who lost loved ones in war to address UN private session

Voting for Haley in the primary: what do you think?

Biden campaign makes big Black history push to re-energize Black voters

Trump tells religious broadcasters he'll defend Christianity against perceived threats from the left

James Webb Space Telescope finds neutron star mergers forge gold in the cosmos: 'It was thrilling'

Our solar system map may need an update -- the Kuiper belt could be way bigger

Trump's lawyers call for dismissal of classified documents case, citing presidential immunity

Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias)

Republicans struggle to respond to Alabama embryo ruling

There is one thing about all of Donnie Dipshits trials we should all agree on

Avast sold privacy software, then sold users' web browsing data, FTC alleges

Another reason why you should avoid camping in a cow pasture.

In Alabama, we have opportunity for Name it and Claim it, 2.0

Air pollution tied to signs of Alzheimer's in brain tissue, study finds

Trump submits cellphone records allegedly showing Nathan Wade and Fani Willis' interactions before hiring

MLB's Fanatics-produced pants blasted by players, union chief: 'The pants are see-through'

PHOTO: Scrambled eggs, or as it is known by the Alabama Supreme Court, scrambled chickens.

Happiness is hard to come by in this life, and you've given me more than my share. (Video)

Anyone following Aaron Rupar on whack-a-doodle CPAC?

Nikky Haley said she believes that a fertilized egg is a baby. Doesn't IVF create a bunch of embryos

Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano returns to activity with impressive views

Just heard that a Dean Phillips operative who was responsible for getting Dean Phillips on the ballot

January moon was a bust for me

Tommy Tuberville shows how stupid he is

Trump's statement on IVF is way too eloquent to have been written by him.

Steely Dan - Do It Again

Marcus King - "Down Home Dispensary" (Molly Tuttle)

Florida House advances trans driver's license bill

The Official 2024 White House Christmas Ornament honors President Jimmy Carter

Trump co-defendant asks judge to dismiss charges against him in Mar-a-Lago classified documents case

Trump says he strongly supports IVF after Alabama court ruling puts new pressure on Republicans

Alabama said embryos are people. Let's try to sign some up for Social Security numbers.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tips

Trump calls on Alabama to protect IVF treatment after bombshell ruling

Perfect meme about Trump's increasing incoherence:

Maddowblog-Trump has met the enemy, and apparently it's much of the U.S.

Were Smirnov's lawyers attempting to help him flee the U.S.?

Hungary strikes fighter jet deal with Sweden ahead of Nato vote

Tyler Perry Puts $800M Studio Expansion on Hold After Seeing OpenAI's Sora: "Jobs Are Going to Be Lost"

Lara Trump Says Voters Want to Pay Trump's Bills

Hopium Chronicles, Simon Rosenberg, Substack

Racism and misogyny

If a test tube marked "embryos" was somehow shipped to the State of AL...

Trump PAC Facing Felony Charges for Illegal Scheme in Wisconsin

I Have A Question About Alabama Embryos

Biden administration restores Trump-rescinded policy on illegitimacy of Israeli settlements

MTG says the crowd is excited 😳

Just heard Walmart will be offering

I'm pretty tired of being called antisemitic just because I criticize Israel and their government.

Wake Up! Republicans Really Are Trying to Ban Contraception

Trump Says Left Wants to 'Tear Down Crosses'


A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Putin--and a World in Danger

Donald Trump and RFK Jr Have the Same Largest Donor (Newsweek)

Who's behind Smirnov's lawyers?

Tweet from Tish James (her personal account): "Friday feeling: No one is above the law."

Chinook Indian Nation celebrates legal victory in effort to be recognized by U.S. government

@MTG echoes Trump, saying Americans who disagree with MAGA are a greater "threat" than dictators like Putin

Nicole Wallace to join show today in second hour.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a student debt relief question....

judge engoron officialy enters the judgement against TFG

You have to hear what MTG called Trump today

TCM today

Republicans struggle to escape their Biden impeachment quagmire

Sam Alito Is to Blame for the Alabama Supreme Court's Devastating Anti-IVF Ruling

Kamala Harris Slams Alabama's Supreme Court Ruling Defining An Embryo As A "Child" - Reflect

2024 Election Ohio GOP Senate candidates pitch federal abortion bans even after voters protected reproductive rights

Navalny Supporters Being Forced into Military Service

Cheato all in favor of IVF, so no worries!

This is interesting.......who's buying electric cars.....

Judgment in Trump civil fraud case officially entered at $464 million

Imagine a President Trump Who Owes Saudi Arabia $540 Million

TONIGHT (Friday) we have February's full moon,

Trump files for bankruptcy?

Ukraine Shoots Down Second Highly Advanced Russian A-50 Spy Plane

Sesame Street, 1976-77, Pinball animations, with song by The Pointer Sisters

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about hurricane maps and colors....

So your star witness gets arrested for lying and you announce that you're

HTH do you use a "contactless credit card" online? [solved]

Biden administration waiving some 'Buy America' requirements in broadband buildout

BREAKING: US tracks high-altitude balloon spotted over Colorado

Grime star Wiley loses MBE over anti-Semitism

U.S. Mint had never made a Congressional Gold Medal like Larry Doby's

Taliban execute two men by gunfire in packed Afghanistan stadium

Senators Now Defending IVF CoSponsored Bill to Outlaw It

Cloudy and Clearing???

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (American Outlaws: Live at Nassau Coliseum, 1990)

Lumpy, Beanpole & Dirt

Germany legalizes smoking of cannabis at home and in public - DW News

I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY (1949) by Hank Williams

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 23, 2024

Murder suspect's prior reported cat killing highlights link between animal & human violence

*Righteous RANT* re Nex Benedict (nonbinary student beat up in school bathroom)

Eight dead in Central Valley crash, including farmworkers on their way to work

The Republican Party Wants To Turn America Into A Theocracy: R. Reich

New Records Show Supreme Court's Sonia Sotomayor Took Unusual Step Of Traveling With A Medic

No personal space

Will Democrats Really Shrug Off The GOP's Latest, Biggest Betrayal?

The new RNC leadership faces its first crisis...

I want to thank everyone who helped me through my Catch 22 problem for my birthday. The Catch 1 was if I called they

Authorities plan for threats to Republican, Democratic presidential conventions

Cyber Attacks

The Midnight Special re-airing of 11/30/73 8PM EST 2/23/24

The White House is discussing possible responses to Alabama court decision

Ink Stick: Should Incel Violence Be Treated as Terrorism?

Tiny, adorable calf:

Racists are so dumb

Democratic senators urge Biden to press Netanyahu for commitments prior to U.S. weapons transfer

Whale & her baby:

Each sit-up earns a reward:

Trump & The End of Democracy (Lincoln Project)

Texas Republican carpetbagging POS betrays his oath to my profession 🤑

Wisconsin Ethics Commission Says Trump PAC Committed Felonies: Reports

DU was way ahead of M$Greediia on matters Florida measles

Amid record drought, Argentina's GDP slips 1.6% in 2023

Amid record drought, Argentina's GDP slips 1.6% in 2023

Jury finds NRA liable for mismanagement, says Wayne LaPierre violated duties

Nicole is back

Nicole Wallace is coming back to Deadline: White House on Monday. (2/26)

2nd tweet--Before ebooks I looked like this coming home from the library:

Domestic silk moth:

Mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and December 2023...

At this rate it will take 25+ years for Trump's GoFundMe account to pay his NY judgment

Breaking - NRA loses the NY case - LaPierre and NRA guilty of corruption

Jerry Nadler asks DOJ to investigate former US Attorney Scott Brady for false testimony about Smirnov

conservatives come out in favor of domestic violence

U.S. Attorney Announces Nuclear Materials Trafficking Charges Against Japanese Yakuza Leader

ATT outage affected Walmart pharmacy today

2nd tweet--Very talented, but only a mediocre likeness:

Father and Son - Yusuf/Cat Stevens

2nd tweet--Kitty FAFO:

Sneaky, Cheating Trump Tries to Change NY Business Addresses to FL in Fraud Judgment

Southern MD sunset 2/23

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Jury finds NRA and ex-CEO Wayne LaPierre liable in civil corruption trial

How a trumping Trumper got trumped by a grifting Trump?

Florida CFO nominates Musk for Nobel Peace Prize

#TheMoment a medical doctor delivered a baby gorilla

I want some!

Senate GOP campaign arm urges candidates to support IVF after Alabama ruling

Fox cuts coverage of Trump's rally: Even though he's entitled to his opinion, he's not entitled to his own set of facts.

Nope, but you gotta admire their skill & timing:

Houston Police Chief admits over 4,000 sexual assault cases were not being investigated:

February to end with record-smashing warmth in Midwest, Eastern U.S.


If you were part of the ATT outage, reset your modem

After his wife died, he joined nurses to push for new staffing rules in hospitals

Fox News buried the Alabama frozen embryo ruling imperiling IVF, giving it just 6 minutes of coverage


**FEBRUARY PHOTO Contest WINNERS** Thread is up in GD

Doesn't matter what position he takes on ANYTHING; his morons will cheer. Stephanie

Statement of President Joe Biden ahead of Two-Year Anniversary of Russia's Brutal Assault on Ukraine

A hospital is suing to move a quadriplegic 18-year-old to a nursing home. She says no

Welcome to our new Christian America presided over by "No.1 Christian" Donald trump

Nicolle Wallace will be back on Monday, February 26th

State Republican parties have become intraparty 'combat zones'

Spring buds and blooms in the garden today

Looking at Germany in 1934. What's in a name?

Florida's Public Health Function Has Gone to the Zoo

Biden announces more than 500 sanctions on Russia after Navalny's death - Morning Joe - MSNBC

125 House Republicans -- including Speaker Mike Johnson -- back a 'life at conception' bill without any IVF exception

Smooth operator:

2nd tweet--The cat is a master!