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Trump wins South Carolina, beating Haley in her home state and further closing in on GOP nomination


(To no one's surprise) Trump Defeats Haley, Delivering a Crushing Blow in Her Home State

*Auntie Mame on TCM now.

How Donald Trump tried to court Black conservatives - MSNBC Reports

Brown Skimmer Dragonfly (Possibly) - AKA "Snake Doctor"

"Eric Trump Has Been in the Attic Too Long!" - Elie Mystal

Draft Resolution Would Slow GOP's Embrace of Trump

Lets have a high profile national debate on the future of the United States of America. Each Party's vision.

Exclusive: Lawmakers Demand Elon Musk Provide SpaceX Internet To US Military In Taiwan - Forbes

George Conway: House GOP are scum

Trump wins South Carolina's GOP primary, CBS News projects - CBS News

*Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power, on HBO now.

Jim Jordan on Smirnov at CPAC

Initial Necropsy Findings for Flaco Are Consistent with Death Due to Acute Traumatic Injury

I really hope Haley stays in the race and doesn't drop out. It would require the republicans to

Now serving: The Trump Sandwich

The Cure - A Forest (Extended UltraTraxx Remix)

Garland Does Not Directly Supervise His Special Counsels

If I was teaching a Grateful Dead 101 class.....


It is 57.6 for TSF and 41.9 for Haley. This does not bode well for TSF in the General IMHO

Wasn't Trump supposed to be 30 points ahead of Nikki Haley?

Three Days Grace - Animal I have become

'An emphatic win': South Carolina primary projected for Trump immediately as polls close - MSNBC

Shinedown - Second Chance

The South Carolina Primary

This is what I've been waiting for.

Slash - Bent to Fly (w Myles Kennedy)

Shielding US Public From Israeli Reports of Friendly Fire on October 7

Moby - Extreme Ways

Concern grows within Biden administration as Houthis continue attacks despite US strikes

Hinder - Hey Ho

Should Haley keep going after SC loss to Trump? "No reason for her not to. Hope he chokes on a sandwich," one woman...

Trump 57.7% Haley 41.8%

Pop Evil - Torn to Pieces

I'm in Blue Washington state. We have to choose a party by voting for ONE candidate in either the R or D primary.

Yikes: MAGA Republican {Elise Stefanik} gives unhinged speech trying to be Trump's VP! - Pondering Politics

'A ridiculous long shot': Haley losing streak puts her candidacy in a different class - MSNBC

Wait... Did Donald Trump forget Eric and Lara are members of his family even though he's reading the names of his own...

South Carolina

TSF @ CPAC: Biden will start WWIII and America will be obliterated. [Desperate much?]

'Uncle Ramble Standers': See Maddow shred Trump's messy South Carolina victory speech - MSNBC

*Driving Miss Daisy on TCM now.

need input , input , please . thanks in advance .

Hot Tuna - True Religion

One of the very first reports out of SC had Haley up 40 points.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.....

Roland Martin on trump's Trash Ass Sneakers

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump reaching out to black voters....

Alexey Navalny's body has been handed over to his mother, aide says

Singer Dionne Warwick Traces Her Family To 1800s: Finding Your Roots

Haley is staying in the race!

Here's what South Carolina GOP voters say if Trump is convicted of a crime - MSNBC

Heads Up: Roy Orbison's B&W Night tonight on PBS at 10:30 PM.

Pro-Hamas graffiti scrawled along Oakland's Lake Merritt over weekend

Trump gives his wife a stripper name

Fuck Nikki Haley and her false equivalency of sick fuck and Joe.

"The Republican party wants to make the government so small it can fit in your pants."

What The World Needs Now (Is Love), Dionne Warwick ♥️

Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin - The Masters of Classical Music

Haley creating a "structural" problem for Trump and RNC

Republicans Furious as Speaker Johnson Turns GOP Leadership Meeting Into Religious Revival

Clyburn gives GOP a new nickname: 'Groupies of Putin'

Serious question

Why aren't more Republicans voting for Haley?

Diminished and Confused: Trump Delivers Low Energy Incoherent Speech in Nashville

Trump once again underperforms.

Trump BEGS AND PLEADS for federal judge's help - Talking Feds

9:17 / 16:30 So I Wore a Robot Suit in Public.. *People freaked out*

Richard Sherman, Amazon Prime analyst and former NFL CB, arrested for DUI

SC Primary: TSF has a +22 point lead at 88% counted.

Noem, Ramaswamy tied for Trump VP pick in CPAC straw poll

Russian Economy Devastated by 2 Years of Ukraine War as Costs & Sanctions Inflict Long Term Damage - Joe Blogs

As Trump romps to wins, anti-Trump Republicans wonder: Do I still have a political home?

'My ultimate and absolute revenge': Trump gives chilling CPAC speech on presidential agenda

Attention, fellow bottom-feeders...

So now, moderates are Republicans who only want to ban all abortion

Geronimo Black - '59 Chevy

"GOP is the ugliest US political party since the 1850s" - Simon Rosenberg on The Last Word (2/21/24)

Stone Sour - Tired

Kari Lake Speech Goes Wrong Quick Amid Disastrous News! - Luke Beasley

He's on break.

Super Satori: Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up

*Funny Girl on TCM now.

Mats and Morgan: King Kong

Trump is such a simp to Putin that he can't denounce his endorsement of Joe Biden

In Session: Rebates, rents, initiatives highlight legislature's final weeks

Wow! Trump INSTANTLY CUT OFF by FOX "NEWS" host, CRUSHED by Brutal Fact-Check - Meidas Touch

SC Exit Polls - Biden lost/stole the 2020 election: 62% - 35%

Lindsey Graham booed 'relentlessly' as Trump introduces him at S.C. victory speech

Olivia Troye: Nikki Haley wanted the Republican party to coalesce around her but the Republican party is not there.

Onan the Librarian

NEW: Delaware court strikes down laws permitting early voting and permanent absentee voting

These are the three scenarios facing Ukraine in 2024. - DW Analysis

Frank Zappa: San Ber'dino (feat. Adrian Belew)

Can tart cherries help reduce inflammation and pain? - WaPo

Sad Songs

Jean-Luc Ponty and George Duke: Cantaloupe Island

TCM tomorrow/Sunday

Primary turnout is not indicative of general election turnout.

Trump has NO WAY OUT of financial death penalty - Talking Feds

Jimmy Kimmel: 'Debate and Switch'

Bolsonaro and Military Officials Remain Silent when Questioned by the Federal Police

Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather is one

Guy Is So Excited To Release The Owl He Rescued Back To The Wild

Frankie Laine - Rawhide

Why Has the Republican Party Become an Enemy of Democracy? - The Coffee Klatch with Robert Reich

Illinois judge who reversed rape conviction removed from bench after panel finds he circumvented law

Jean Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis

Dr. John Gartner on a tale of two brains: "Biden's brain is aging. Trump's brain is dementing"

In all our joy about Orange Skidmark having to pony up the penalty money, what is the status of Uday and Qusay?

How about the funniest movie ever seen. Without doubt..."The Producers"

OTD February 22, 1943 in Nazi history

'I'm not going to teach in Iowa': UNI students explain why they're not sticking around

Trump tells supporters he will not accept an election defeat.

Dupe. Self delete

TERRIFIED Trump CAN'T ESCAPE Judge Engoron for the REST OF HIS LIFE - Meidas Touch

'Not a Soviet-style election': Haley attacks Trump's focus, vows to stay in race - MSNBC

David Gates - Goodbye Girl

South Carolina Trump supporters interviewed... why there is no hope for America

SNL Cold Open:

Normally I don't comment on his hair but

I want to do a post about Billy Joel. I have been a fan almost all my life. That's partly an accident of time, I'm 61

Fact check: Trump delivers another lie-filled CPAC speech - CNN

Rachel Maddow: Haley has a 'big new line' to condemn Trump 'for his corruption' - MSNBC

Fact check: Trump delivers another lie-filled CPAC speech

Deep-Sea Mountains Off The Coast Of Chile Are Teeming With Life

SNL Shane Gillis hosting

'These Embryos Are Five Years Worth of Money, Sadness, and Hope. I Just Want to Be a Mom.'

On Hulu: I just binge-watched "Extraordinary" UPDATE!!! SEASON 2 NOW AVAILABLE!!

Interesting restaurant experience today: a Pay What You Think It's Worth restaurant

New giant anaconda species found in Ecuador Amazon during filming of Will Smith documentary

Dan Fogelberg - Long Way Home (Live in the Country) - Home Free

Andy Horowitz on the NRA (from FB)

Tax the rich!

SNL: Trump Victory Party Cold Open

Debate and Switch: Jimmy Kimmel shows how fucking immoral Trump voters are

a little help please, what breed of dog is this ?

Needz capshun pls

What's the First Thing We Should Say to the Whales?

Doonesbury Now & Then

WTF?! This is a particularly bizarre Trump comment:

SNL: Trump Sneakers

2nd tweet--Hide 'n seek--Master Level:

As Trump romps to wins, anti-Trump Republicans wonder: Do I still have a political home?

Trump agrees with Putin that Biden should be president.

2nd tweet--Panda cleaning his house:

Sunday Funnies 2/25/24

He wants to be a panda someday:

The *Best Hope* for SURVIVAL of "the Republican Party" is a BIDEN VICTORY in 2024!!!

Alabama's targeting of IVF is the Christian right's attempt to control motherhood

Perfect kitten pose:

If Biden was winning only 60 percent, people would be freaking out

Tiny baby sloth:

Baby ostrich:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who really won the South Carolina primary....

Little turtle eats a strawberry:

The case of Clarence Thomas's new clerk taints the entire judiciary

Tiny baby meerkats:

Baby okapi:

Feb 24: Death zone. Ukrainians detect and annihilate a large Russian attack force - Reporting from Ukraine

Big dog with smol, feisty kitten:

I protect:

Self delete

Mama wombat and her baby:

SNL: Weekend Update

Overlooked in the SC Republican Exit poll

Trump hit with nightmare news in South Carolina - Brian Tyler Cohen

President Biden's campaign plans to recognize a union organizing effort of its growing campaign staff,

Rudy Giuliani About To Get His Butt Kicked In Bankruptcy Court & Be Forced To Pay $148 Million - Rodecast

Ukraine shows renewed interest in Australia's aging Abrams tanks - ABC News (Australia)

(UK) Sunak stands with net zero and climate conspiracy group at farming protest

FED UP Adam Kinzinger UNLEASHES on Trump Threat - Meidas Touch

Police Use Water Cannons Against Anti-Government Protesters in Tel Aviv

That's gonna leave a mark

President Fraud

Jane Harman on Ukraine Aid, NATO, Israel-Hamas War - Bloomberg Television

GOP Will Shut Down Government if They Can't Kill More Americans - Thom Hartmann

Israel's Eurovision entry under scrutiny over alleged reference to Hamas - BBC News

Piers Morgan and Oprah Winfrey 'deepfaked' for US influencer's ads

Biden and Utah's governor call for less bitterness and more bipartisanship in the nation's politics

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bear And Breakfast Edition

Al Franken: Tim Alberta on Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism

With abortion rights looming, Missouri GOP advances slanted ballot rules that would make it much harder for left

If you don't trust anyone else, but trust a lying Russian asset?

You're So Cool "True Romance" / Hans Zimmer

Trump tells right-wing Christians they will have power at 'level you've never used before'

Poland's Foreign Minister on the Russian lies about Ukraine at the UN

Congressman presses Elon Musk to provide SpaceX satellite services for US defense forces in Taiwan, report says

Wordle 981 Feb 25 ***Spoiler Thread***

Women By The Tens Of Thousands Are Being Forced To Gestate And Birth Children From Rapes

Ignore. Can't get this to work or delete on my Kindle

Scientists are designing a supercollider so powerful it could push the boundaries of modern physics

Trump Is Completely Incoherent, But You Wont' Hear About it on MSM.. We Have A Problem Houston...(my words)

Image Dump 2/25/24

Archaeologists unearth ancient hand that could unlock secrets of language

MSNBC - Alex Wagner about TFG: "he's a flawed candidate"

What If Biden Only Won 60% In a Primary?

Company Behind Joe Namath Medicare Advantage Ads Has Long Rap Sheet of Misconduct

Trump May Be In Early Stages Of Alzheimers

On This Day: Lithuanian largest mass suicide in history to avoid death/slavery by Christian crusaders - Feb. 25, 1336

2+ Million Abandoned O&G Wells Pollute Land, Water And Climate: Cleanup Funding At +/- 2% Of What Is Needed

this is so true. Thank you "Tom the dancing bug"! (he/she/them/they/it - is/'should be' a national treasure)

He can't win the Presidency can he???

Crucial question: How should we fight back against the PutinGOP and Trump?

The Rude Pundit: Get Your Filthy Faith Out of Our Secular Legal System

Sen. Lindsey Graham booed at Trump South Carolina victory speech

Trump Tower No-Star Review

Quebec Man Pleads Guilty to 14 Counts Of Arson; Had Claimed 2023 Fire Season Was A Govt Conspiracy

More Giant Pandas Are Coming to the U.S.

NSIDC - For 3rd Straight Year, Antarctic Sea Ice Cover Falls Below 2 Million Square Kilometers

Ivanka and Melania Were Locked in a 'Power Struggle'

"Who's running this election anyway? High turnover and threats plague election offices" - USAToday

Another primary, another overrepresentation of Trump's strength in pre-election polls.

Maybe someone can help me... I'm trying to find a Bible verse.

2024: Trump cannot be compared to an Incumbent President

Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf - Last Remnant Of Thwaites Glacier Ice Shelves - Collapsing Now

Trump Drops New $399 Sneakers to Pay For His Multi-Million Dollar Legal Bills - Lovett or Leave It

Record 9,280 Cases Of Valley Fever In California In 2023 - El Nino Rains Creating Prime Conditions For Fungal Disease

Vice surrenders - Cory Doctorow

It's rather windy here at the beach

GOP. Groupies Of Putin

Supreme Court to decide if states can control fate of social media

Breakfast: Sunday, February 25,2024

Breakfast: Sunday, February 25,2024

Breakfast: Sunday, February 25,2024

conditions for sonora ca @ 0624 a ppdt.

California's Senate primary could fell two prominent Democrats and elevate Republican Steve Garvey

If We Can't Be Navalny, We Can Still Be a Helluva Lot Braver Than We Are

Trump's Sale of D.C. Hotel Proved Prescient as New Owner Defaults on Loan

A U.S. Lead Exposure Hotspots Analysis

Report: 70% of Health Workers in Black Communities Witnessed Discrimination

South Carolina Primary had 755,807 voting compared to 740,881 in 2016.

California lawmakers can't take lobbyist donations -- unless they're running for Congress

Consumers are increasingly pushing back against price increases -- and winning

You raised $106.00 on February 24, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"To win a Republican primary, you really need Republicans."

CNN had a story this morning where the Governor of Georgia was blaming President Biden for

George was born on this date.

Renoir was born on this date.

Ralph Stanley was born on this date.

It seems like is the US is selling weapons to Israel, not just giving them for free as military aid

Nearly 40% of South Carolina Republican primary voters chose someone other than Donald Trump.

Faron Young was born on this date.

What percentage of voters vote in the primaries?

can't copy/paste art reproductions off of Google for a Lounge thread. Not any.

I'll Take You There

GOP lawmakers backtracking on fertility treatments get confronted with voting records

March 25th!!

Pastor gives sermon blaming rape on women, ("They deserve to be raped") for what they wear

Normies are Beating the Groupies of Putin (GOP). Pass it on n/t

Confused Trump reads his own name off a teleprompter, while QANON music plays

OMG PUKE! Laura Ingraham Gushed Over trump's Comedy Skills? - Stephanie

Sad news for Once Upon A Time cast and fans

Alabama embryo ruling may have devastating effect on cancer patients

MAGA Talking Points Now, and in the future

Just curious here. (TFG is not looking very well, health wise i mean)

Trump's request to suspend E. Jean Carroll's $83M verdict swiftly denied by judge

At least it's no longer the Gays' fault...

Haley is staying in the race because

Wikipedia editing tutorial

Sources: Cody Bellinger, Cubs agree on 3-year, $80M deal

Submerged car with human remains found, NC cops say. It could solve 41-year cold case

Hamas 'could not have anticipated' Israel's response to October 7, official says

Watched the pilot of Resident Alien last night


My Old School: live on Midnight Special!

Radio PSA about driving high

MLBPA: 2-second cut to pitch clock too soon for some pitchers

What is it about *60*?

The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 25, 2024)

What Is Your Opinion Of Navalny As 2024 Time Person Of The Year?

Across the Desk - S9:E5 (Conservative Values; Sen. Tom Woods Calls LGBTQ+ 'filth')

Maybe I'm being paranoid, which is something I've never been,

Blood on their hands; The Death of an Owasso Non-Bbinary High School Student - The Will Rogers Experiment on iHeartRadio

Which Black Woman Could Replace VP Harris (AfAm Group)

Blood on their hands; The Death of an Owasso Non-Bbinary High School Student - The Will Rogers Experiment on iHeartRadio

Trumps motto: There's a sucker born every minute.

Note that @realDonaldTrump never lifts his feet off the floors?--If he did he would topple over like Humpty Dumpty!!

Another Question..... On Ideas For Meaning Of MAGA

Hey Tucker!

Another Question..... On Ideas For Meaning Of MAGA

It's time to use an AI fact checker to Instantly Fact Check trump's Incessant LIES

Documentary: God & Country....

Trump's live debt tracker.

AT&T to reimburse customers after massive network outage

Learn what "phonemic paraphasia" means! It could be our nation's salvation.

Reince Priebus is a pimple of a man

portrait of a squirrel monkey.....and a bonus appreciated.....

A sad story of what happens when you privatize a major non-profit hospital

I hope IVF goes away.

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 25, 2024?

Duckworth: GOP puts rights of an egg 'over the rights of the woman' with IVF ruling

Why Trump may soon rake in a $4 billion payday despite his legal problems

One of the world's biggest cities may be just months away from running out of water

Speaker Mike Johnson can 'bend the course of history' by backing Ukraine funding, White House says

Stem cells to treat cancer.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP distancing themselves from the GOP....

Why Some Prefer Oligarchy and (🎶 What's Russia got to do, got to do with it? 🎶)

Beagle Rescued From Lab Learns To Love Walking Outside

Splish Splash for the Baby Elephants!


Vice President Kamala Harris is doing good work. Shame on the M$M for ignoring it.

Legality of Trump using campaign funds on legal bills surges into spotlight - Brian Tyler Cohen

NIcely played Jen Psaki

How This Woman Caught Hubby Poisoning Her With Abortion Drug

Jake Sullivan: Negotiators have agreed on outline of Israel-Hamas hostage deal - CNN

Dim or disloyal? Republicans again ensnared in possible Russian plot. - J Rubin

What fads are you glad are gone? Can be toys, clothing, foods, It came and it went, Mine is the pet rock

Gov. Gavin Newsom's super PAC launches TV ad targeting GOP on abortion

How a conservative Christian movement became an important part of Trump's political strategy

What Japanese think about Cannabis

Will trump put his Gold Toilet up for Auction? Steph

New York Times insists Israel withdraw 'false accusations' against Gazan photographer for October 7 images

31,000 Ukrainian troops killed since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion, Zelenskyy says

Series of recent DOJ cases show foreign operatives plotting assassinations in U.S.

Indiana Ed Parent Portal, Report 'Woke' Educators, 'Socialist Indoctrination.' Teacher Privacy, Safety

Donald Trump's Legal Request in E. Jean Carroll Case Rejected by Judge

Mundane Astrologer's Comments on Trump/Nikki Haley

Religious fanaticism in Alabama.

Gaggle view @ sunrise!

Southern MD sunrise 2/25

Mega City (Mexico City) May Be Months Away from Running out of Water

Jeffries says Democrats 'willing to find common ground' with Johnson

Hey MAGAs, don't be shocked when

MLS Opening Day

Ukraine floats possibility of inviting Russia to peace summit

Re: Djt's likely loss of his N.Y. properties...

GOP hypocrisy

On the protocol for launching a nuclear weapon.

Hanging around sandbar

Mike Johnson's Butt Plug

A pacemaker for the brain helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be more widely available

Jake Sullivan: 'Of course there are concerns' about Russian election interference in 2024

They showed me the clip of Donald Trump admitting (President Biden)

Trump or Death flag.

Investigation underway after body found inside cemetery in Denver

President Biden's campaign just released this ad slamming Donald Trump for rooting against America's interests

Remember tonight on TCM:

President Biden's campaign just released this ad slamming Donald Trump for rooting against America's interests

Look, it's just not newsworthy, okay?

Hey you, Nancy Mace, you moronic finger-in-the-wind bag of hair, here's the deal on Ukraine

MAde me laugh

A new twist on "The Scream."

Delays in Promised Western Military Aid to Ukraine Are Costing Lives, the Defense Minister Says

Metropolitan Diary

Trump killed the border deal, but Biden is getting blamed. - TNR

Judge hands NCAA another loss, says compensation rules likely violate antitrust law, harm athletes

At the Florida Man Games, big crowds cheer competitors evading police, wrestling over beer

Clock is ticking for Trump to post bonds worth half a billion dollars

Netanyahu says hostage deal will delay Rafah operation

Clock is ticking for Trump to post bonds worth half a billion dollars

Pot at the end of the rainbow found.

Supreme Court to Decide How the First Amendment Applies to Social Media.

Stupid Power: Deluding ourselves about America's delusions.

Mozart Clarinet Quintet - Larghetto

The one and only good thing about Tesla CEO Elon Musk being a right-wing nut job...

Cartoons 2/25/2024

Navalny's death only deepens resolve of Putin's foes

Giuliani appeals $148M defamation verdict

This is perfect. LOL!

In South Carolina, Haley and Trump Changed Their Tune

MSNBC: VoteVets Senior Advisor LTC (Ret.) Alexander Vindman Calls Out House GOP For Appeasing Putin

Pills sold nationwide contain poison, FDA warns

Russian Ruble Collapse is Damaging Russian Economy as Import Costs Raise Inflation & Interest Rates - Joe Blogs

Helen Reddy I Am Woman

Michigan primary: What to watch as 2024 campaign shifts to the first big swing state

One of the world's biggest cities may be just months away from running out of water

Flax Processing for Those Who Like to Grow and Make Their Own Linen.

The West tried to crush Russia's economy. Why hasn't it worked?

The Founders wrote the Constitution; not the Apostles...

Zelenskyy on negotiating with Putin: We will offer him platform where he can admit his defeat

The Wolf Conservation Center (New York)

Is Trump Edging America?

PM Update: Temperatures soar into the 60s starting Monday!!!

Hakeem Jeffries FTW

What an NBA player thinking about wearing tRump's gold sneakers.

Gavin Newsom launches red-state abortion ads over 'war on travel'

Clock is ticking for Trump to post bonds worth half a billion dollars

Fox Host Cuts Off Trump With Brutal Fact Check! - Luke Beasley

Susan J. Demas: Fear of a Black female president

Russian President Vladimir Putin has "created a martyr" in Alexei Navalny, Fiona Hill says - Face the Nation

Sandhill cranes have arrived in So. Wisconsin

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2 potential RNC resolutions....

CPAC Speaker Vows to OVERTHROW Democracy Completely

Social Security payments, new ones coming soon?

New York Times 'Reviewing' Reporter Who Liked Gaza 'Slaughterhouse' Tweet

Alabama justice who quoted Bible is a hardcore theocrat

On the Latest tab

Another underwhelming primary performance by Trump.

President Joe Biden meets with G7 and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy - ABC News

Democratic operative admits to commissioning fake Biden robocall that used AI

Gavin Newsom Slams Trump: More Scared, Unhinged By The Day - Reflect

There's gonna be violence in the country on the first Wednesday in November.

I know the breaking news story of DOJ investigating GOP members who worked with our enemy to lie about

The ROE (Rules Of Engagement) for the Capitol Police on Jan. 6, 2025

Man, identifying as a soldier, sets himself on fire in front of Israel's embassy in DC

Ukrainian ambassador the U.S. Oksana Markarova says war is "winnable" - Face the Nation

Abbott Admits to Knowing Very Little About IVF But Promises Texas Will 'Address' the Issue

Landlords Trying To Enforce 'No-Sex' Policies In The U.K.

17 Texas GOP Members Back Bill To Ban Abortions, IVF, IUDs, & Some Birth Control

Republicans who say they support IVF backed a bill protecting life 'at conception'

The Controversial Concept of 'Fetal Personhood' Is Creeping Up on Florida

Trump's Demographic Problem

Went shopping for a car today and I have questions

Waiting for Supreme Court decision on Trump's ballot disqualificaiton: Interview w/Rob Fein (part 2) - Glenn Kirschner

Michigan governor says not voting for Biden over Gaza war 'supports second Trump term'

Democratic operative admits to commissioning fake Biden robocall that used AI

Documentary on Hulu: Nightline: On the Brink....

Zelenskyy hopes to offer peace plan to Russia - MSNBC Reports

Ukrainian recalls facing platoon of Russian conscripts who had 'no idea how to fight'

Quote of the Day

Frustration boils as Gov. Greg Abbott, AG Ken Paxton target GOP incumbents

Jim Jordan Could Be Looking At Conspiracy Charges Over Indicted Biden Informant

Staten Island to hold separate St. Patrick's Day parade for LGBTQ+ groups

This woman is amazing on the issue of reproductive rights.

NYC Mayor Adams attended fundraiser with local Turkish-American groups weeks before FBI raids

Belarusians vote in a tightly controlled election as the opposition calls for its boycott

Tunisia opposition figure sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for election criticism

Schumer invokes ancestors' deaths at hands of Nazis in calling on Johnson to put foreign aid bill on House floor

Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

Michigan Democrats express skepticism about how their primary will play out amid anti-Biden push over Israel-Hamas war

The Greening of The Fountain..Fountain Hills AZ


AUS: Albanese will be hoping for a win in the Dunkley by-election. But Advance is back as audacious as ever,

Question: why was weiss looking at smynoff and burisma?

Another WTF headline in the NYT

Iranians Vow Election Boycott

Koch network stops spending on Nikki Haley's presidential campaign

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 26 February 2024

Camper Van Beethoven: She Divines Water

Here are all the Blacks for Trump!

Irish election poll tracker: Sinn Fin on top but lead narrows

Cambodia's ruling party claims victory in Senate election

Fatigue and frustration as final do-over mayoral election looms in Connecticut's largest city

Sarah Matthews explains why she'll vote for Biden

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 25, 2024

Pennsylvania seeks legal costs from county that let outsiders access voting machines to help Trump

CPAC 2024 in 120 Seconds - Lincoln Project

A Positive Message Today..Hopium Chronicles..

Def Leppard - Foolin

Trump's STENCH: GAG-Worthy Details REVEALED - Rebel HQ

Please help me to understand bankruptcy law.

Gregory Shupak and Trita Parsi on Gaza Assault

Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick and Jared Golden say they have expedited their border security bill - Face the Nation

I just had a very loud discussion with my son. It was very disconcerting.

Sex-ed classes in some states may soon be required to watch fetal development video from anti-abortion group

GOP lawmakers try to thwart abortion rights ballot initiative in South Dakota

Mr X had a tooth pulled few weeks go

Southern MD sunset 2/25

Transient orcas caught on video jumping out of the water by Seattle's Golden Gardens park

Black women candidates eye historic Senate wins in 2024 - ABC News

Ok folks, let's get something straight:

Peetah Morgan, lead singer of Morgan Heritage died

Democratic operative admits to commissioning fake Biden robocall that used AI

Russian crimes in Ukraine, over 113,000

Vice President Harris Is Fighting for Reproductive Freedom

Koch network stops spending on Nikki Haley's presidential campaign

LA County's New Ballot Processing Center Is In An Old Fry's Electronics. And You Can Watch The Action Live

Yemen's Houthis target fuel tanker Torm Thor in Gulf of Aden

Donald Trump's Debt Live Tracker

Chicago Mayor Takes Legal Action After Transfer Tax Question on Ballot Ruled Invalid

The GOP hates Taylor Swift because she is kind...

WI ethics panel recommends felony charges against Wazzizname committee and lawmaker

Trump's Weekend at CPAC in 101 Seconds - The Lincoln Project

DeSantis staff blocked records, retaliated against those who wanted to release them, ex-FDLE officers say

A man set himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in D.C., now in critical condition