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"Stop, you f**king n****r!" shouted Pennsylvania man while practicing at shooting range. FIRED!

Angry MAGA Caller Gets Wrecked By Republican On C-SPAN - Rebel HQ

Biden is summoning congressional leaders to the White House to talk Ukraine and government funding

CA-45: GOP congresswoman who used IVF wants to ban IVF

MI-07: Tom Barrett (R) thinks abortion won't be a big a factor in 2024 because his opponent is a man

Newsom launches abortion ads in Republican states to fight 'war on women'

*Bridge of Spies on HBO now.

Law& Order

Doctors concerned about Neuralink's first patient

Trump Denied A Stay In Paying $83.3 Million To E. Jean Carroll - Rodecast

Guardsman who went AWOL after Biden won the election admits assaulting officers on 6 Jan

Palestinian artist Sliman Mansour: We must 'rehumanise ourselves'

Taking A Bit Of Vacation, Friends

UA Claims 31K UA Soldiers Killed, Security Deals with Italy, Canada, Denmark, Pared Down House Bill - Professor Gerdes

Candidate for US Representative TX District 19 and 6 January

This photo was taken in 2022 on my Nikon D3200 camera with the Nikkor 50mm lens. So long ago, in every sense . . .

Republicans go public with nightmare attack - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alliance Between The CIA and Ukrainian Intelligence Services

Aggressive, Pregnant Pony Completely Transforms

Newsom says calls for him to get in 2024 race are 'idle chatter' and a 'sideshow' - NBC News

Is the Media Prepared for an Extinction-Level Event? New Yorker article

Republican base sounds ready for Trump's promised 'retribution,' with some exceptions

Lawmakers fail to reach deal with partial shutdown looming

Can anybody here tell the difference between chimpanzee and human DNA?

The Spy War: How the CIA Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

Clarence Thomas' new law clerk brings a history of racism accusations

Johnson eyes spending package to avert shutdown, warns GOP not to expect 'home runs'

Since some are upset at Beyonce here's Hank doing NWA

Resources I wish I'd had years ago for debunking vax & other conspiracy theories: downloadable links...

3-2-1 . . . .

Given the hold up by the GQP in

Resources I wish I'd had years ago for debunking vax & other conspiracy theories: downloadable links...


Monday TOONs

Does anyone know a politician named Rhonda? You would if you needed closed captions.

Gov. Gavin Newsom just launched this ad--exposing Republicans' effort to criminalize abortion

tRump Apr-May T Plu Sta Op P N Sat Chart

Gov. Gavin Newsom just launched this ad--exposing Republicans' effort to criminalize abortion

Trump Versus The Constitution

Missouri law says pregnant women can't get divorced

Gov. Whitmer nudges Michigan Dems to support Biden despite Tlaib's push to vote 'uncommitted'

Donald Trump's 'iron grip': North Carolina Governor's call to Americans to break it - The Weekend - MSNBC (2 videos)

President Biden will meet with Speaker Mike Johnson and the other three top Congressional leaders on Tuesday

Former CIA Director Brennan explains how Russia is using 'Republican lawmakers as tools' - The Weekend - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about deals, negotiations, plans, and news....

Beyond shock and awe: Inside Trump's potential second-term agenda

Almost a year clean, then I run into my dealer at the market!

Russia Working to Destroy US Democracy and Press is AWOL.

Top official discusses White House response to Alabama IVF ruling, meetings with impacted families - The Weekend - MSNBC

Who remembers the animated movie, Spirited Away?

Who remembers the animated movie, Spirited Away?

A video taken from an open window on a bus travelling on a narrow mountain road.

Zelenskyy on possibility of losing American aid: 'We will lose a lot of people' - MSNBC Reports

Advice for TRump VP Interviewees

Joe Biden is a truly transformational as President.

Do you know how legislatures have to consider the cost of the programs and bills they pass?

How much Rudy owes? A lot!

'The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.'

MAGA Butthurt Balm

Dim or disloyal? Republicans again ensnared in possible Russian plot (J Rubin)

Charles Koch kisses The Ring

How Trump's foreign policy could alter America's global approach - MSNBC Reports

TCM tomorrow/Monday

Sunday night smooth

Upcoming Trump Postage Stamps revealed

(unverified story but probably true) Tonight's main attraction at XTwitter

Elton John, Redd Foxx, Spiderman, Abe Vigoda, Geraldo Rivera, Loretta Swit

Electrochemical Production of Acetylene from CO2 Using Molten Chloride Salts.

*MOONSTRUCK coming up, TCM!

Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch stresses the consequences of inaction - Velshi - MSNBC

The dog ate my bond, your honor.

Is "little bastard" an appropriate name for a cat?

Matt Gaetz Is Causing Republican Lawmakers To Retire Because They Hate Being Around Him

Reggae Star 'Peetah' Anthony Morgan Dies at 46: 'Colossal Loss'

When even a heighten olfactory sense can't help you.

Is this a strategy of the "liberally biased" media?

Velshi: Michigan's state GOP drama is cause for national attention - Velshi - MSNBC

Labyrinth is back in US theaters on March 6 and 10

'We're not doctors': Rep. Crockett slams GOP lawmakers for 'absolutely insane' IVF ruling - Velshi - MSNBC

Now Playing: Our latest ad 'Fred' on a loop outside CPAC this afternoon

Yanking the rug from under Ukraine

My birthday was the Feb 20. I am now 69.I got a card from my family with a check.So I called to thank them. What I

Hutchinson says Trump wants to wrap up nomination soon 'because he knows the storm clouds are gathering over him'

How this NYC non-profit is fighting period poverty with donations and workshops - Velshi - MSNBC

the mineral moon tonight

AI 'dream girls' are coming for porn stars' jobs

Will Little Mikey even be able to clear his busy calendar? Who wants to know? We can always ask...

'More unhinged': Former Trump aide sounds alarm, reveals why she'll vote for Biden - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Tributes to Flaco the Owl

2 year Ukrainian war

Far-right influencer calls for 'end of democracy' at CPAC as Republicans downplay January 6

Katie Porter utterly DESTROYS Republican impeachment SHAM with one simple statement - Meidas Touch

Texas isn't nearly as red as people want to think.

Odd that the State of the Union isn't on a Tuesday (it's Thursday, March 7)

Republicans finally get what they deserve after explosive ruling - Brian Tyler Cohen

Republicans claiming Democrats are recruiting voters

On this day in history (1896): Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian Jewish immigrant, sold the first Tootsie Rolls

Thrown Through Any Window (Parody of "Look Through Any Window" by The Hollies) - Rocky Mountain Mike

The GOP and Right Wing Media Are Engaged In Elder Abuse

Gene was

Experts unpack the implications of the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on IVF - The Weekend - MSNBC

Preying on Young Minds and Normalizing Extremism

25 Feb: Moments before the disaster! The Russian critical offensive near Tabaivka failed - Reporting from Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump seeking a payment delay and a counter....

Part 82: False LAPD Narratives and Other Conspiracies - The Squirrel Squad Parties in Hollywood

Planned Parenthood CEO on Alabama IVF ruling: 'Where does the boundary stop?' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

KY: Bill could jeopardize protection put in place 17 years ago after death of Harlan County miner

LA: Domestic violence shelter funding cut in Gov. Jeff Landry's budget plan

MT: The people win a big one

MT-02: Rep. Matt Rosendale files for U.S. House run after brief Senate campaign

NJ-SEN: Chaos Erupts At New Jersey Democrats Event Amid Fears Of Meddling In Senate Primary

The importance of NATO for Sweden and Finland - DW News

Head of HUR announces new strikes on Crimea, advising civilians "not to use the bridge"

Whitmer 'just not sure what to expect' of Dems in Michigan voting uncommitted over Biden

How Bulgarian perception on Russia changed? - UATV English

Portugal's far right on rise as election campaign begins

Israel's municipal elections: Which vote will impact national politics? - analysis

Fox Panel LOSES IT after co-host EXPLAINS how UNPOPULAR Trump is - Meidas Touch

The Night Owl's Special: Midnight Spaghetti

'Sensible Missouri' ends 2024 ballot campaign for gun law changes

'They really don't care': Former CIA director rips the GOP for getting played by Russia

Farah Griffin: Haley's South Carolina results should be a 'five-alarm fire' for the GOP

President Zelenskyy: 31,000 Ukrainian military casualties - DW News

Monday's digit - 9/10: Sunshine and temperatures soaring above 60. Could be one of the week's nicest afternoons. CWG

New Sanctions Against Russia: EU Approves 13th Package - UATV English

Why polls tell us little or nothing about who will win the November Election - Talking Feds

James Webb telescope finds ancient galaxy larger than our Milky Way, and it's threatening to upend cosmology

ISS astronauts witness 'spectacular' auroras from space (photos)

LIVE Webstream: ICJ holds public hearings on Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories (Day 6)

10 Ways to Add Protein without Breaking the Bank

10 Ways to Add Protein without Breaking the Bank

Iceland's Recent Volcanic Eruptions Are Unleashing Deep Secrets

Iceland's Recent Volcanic Eruptions Are Unleashing Deep Secrets

GOP voters now attack anyone who's not for Trump as RINOs. The split is real -- cult vs party.

Senators prep for Mayorkas impeachment as government funding deadline looms

A 17-Year Study Reveals How Dead Leaves Are a Tropical Forest Lifeline

Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman on February 26 2012

US leading global alliance to counter foreign government disinformation

Hungary set to ratify Sweden's NATO accession, clearing last hurdle

UNHINGED Trump LOSES IT at Black Conservative Event

Palestinian prime minister submits government's resignation, a move that could open door to reforms

Wordle 872 (February 26)****SPOILER ALERT***

We have local government elections here today in Jamaica


Nazis mingle openly at CPAC, spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories and finding allies

How Trump will seek to pit federal judges against each other to avoid trial

A few more tasty-looking morsels..

On February 24, 1954, Plastic Bertrand was born.

Alabama's Right-Wing Supreme Chief Justice Shares His INSANE Worldview - The Majority Report

If sanctions are not working because of China and Hungary, (?) why can't the USD put sanctions on them? eom

On February 25, 1946, the Columbia Race Riot of 1946 broke out.

Op Ed: I've seen the dangers of Michael Whatley's 'leadership.' It's clear why Trump chose him.

On February 25, 2020, Kayleigh McEnany was interviewed on Fox Business.

Jackie Gleason was born on this date.

Fats Domino was born on this date.

Johnny Cash was born on this date.

Navalny was close to being freed in prisoner swap, says ally

Mitch Ryder has a birthday today.

U.S. launches probe into possible fraud by organ collection groups

Ronna McDaniel to resign as Republican National Committee chair days after Super Tuesday

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Internet Scams

GOP Opposition to Birth Control Bill Could Alienate Voters


Breakfast, Monday, February 26, 2024

The last day of the dinosaurs

Supreme Court to Hear Free Speech Challenges

Trump's CPAC speech showed clear signs of major cognitive decline -- yet MAGA cheered

Parents of two girls who survived a dorm fire that killed 20 in Guyana sue the government

3 Decade Low: China's Very Bad News; US-China Relations: Spying & Debt; China Housing Crisis - China Update

Trump's Primary Results Are Not Matching Expectations

Supporters of Brazil's Bolsonaro stage huge demonstration to defend him amid investigations

GOP Opposition to Birth Control Bill Could Alienate Voters

Image Dump 2/26/24

The Final Twist in the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnap Case

When should we hear about the Immunity case at the USSC?

Senate Aide Investigated Over Unofficial Actions in Ukraine

X-Men '97 New Look Released

Ramona Fradon, Classic Aquaman Artist and Co-Creator of Metamorpho, Dead at 97

The Rundown: February 26, 2024

Israeli military presents plan for evacuating Gaza's population from 'fighting areas'

Mike Johnson's Predecessor Turns on Him

Ron Filipkowski does understatement so well

After losing Trump's backing, RNC's Ronna McDaniel resigns

NYS Legislature to vote down redistricting map, offer new one, source says

Navalny was on the verge of being freed in a high-stakes deal with Putin when he suddenly died, his staffers claim

'Chaotic' US Congress faces whirlwind of shutdown, impeachment, border fights

Lockbit cybercrime gang says it is back online following global police bust

Conservative megadonors Koch not funding Haley anymore as she continues longshot bid

The Tourist - For Slow Horses Fans

Someone Needs To Investigate The Investigation

The Taliban hold another public execution as thousands watch at a stadium in northern Afghanistan

I can't imagine Trump debating Biden at this point. I pity the fool that accepts the task of prepping him for the

Trump's plan to use Judge Cannon to block Judge Chutkan and avoid trial

Russia wants to imprison the co-chair of Nobel-winning rights group over criticism of war in Ukraine

So I attended a dinner party Saturday night...

Moscow ally Serbia cracks down on anti-war Russians living in the Balkan country

Japan Moon Lander Revives After Lunar Night

if there is a nazi sitting at a table and 10 others are there talking to him you have 11 nazis

DeSantis moves toward running again in 2028 - and draws ire from Trump's inner circle

The Best Thing About Nicolle Wallace's Return Today

Why you can feel good about your job prospects for a while longer

When in the hell are we going to hear from those SCOTUS goofballs on the immunity question?

On This Day: 1,400+ soldiers attempt coup by assassinating series of Japanese gov't officials - Feb. 26, 1936

Lawmakers urge DOD to play larger role in scrutinizing mergers

You raised $325.00 on February 25, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Saw a hilarious video on YouTube last night

It can't be fixed.

An active member of the US Air Force has died after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington

EagleAI: A new tool targets voter fraud in Georgia - but is it skirting the law?

The shutdown looms...(again)

Haaretz: Only Biden stands in the way of the 'lying dangerous trio' of Putin, Netanyahu and Trump

Letitia James Taunts Trump With Stark Daily Reminders And People Are 'So Here' For It

Nature's Origami

Inside trump's plan for Mass Deportations: 'Targeting people who are not White.'

Hero - The Lincoln Project

Picture (circa apx. 2009). Michelle and Barack Obama with members of the Grateful Dead.


'Shameless': Sharpton goes after Black trump voters amid 'mugshot' controversy

Meta to set up team to counter disinformation, AI abuse in E.U. elections

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Tomorrow's news today - by Tom Tomorrow

Ohio's Political Crisis Has Impeded Its Clean Energy. Democracy May Be Next.

How have recent storms impacted the Sierra snowpack?

"1776". Tired of the news last night, I went looking for a movie to watch,

Andy Kim hands a third straight loss to NJ first lady Tammy Murphy in Senate primary

Biden's Next Steps on Immigration (NYT)

Fairfield Parlour - Free

US Chamber Chief Visits China in Sign of Warming Business Ties

Palestinian Authority prime minister and government resign

Letitia James Taunts Trump With Stark Daily Reminders And People Are 'So Here' For It

The Crisis in Teaching Constitutional Law

Trump appeals New York civil fraud verdict

Moody v. NetChoice, LLC and NetChoice, LLC v. Paxton. Listen live, at 10 a.m. EST.

Do you want to see crazy? Here's mid-Michigan's 10 day forecast for late February/early March

Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) on a Windy Perch

Will the Supreme Court of the Confederate Majority uphold the Constitution this week

New Evidence Suggests Ivan Cantu's Innocence, But Will Anyone Stop His Execution? (Austin Chronicle)

My fellow Duers in Michigan,

Security Council 'perhaps fatally' undermined by Gaza, Ukraine deadlock, says UN chief

AL: Federal judge allows State Senate redistricting lawsuit to continue

How House members are trying to circumvent Johnson

I just wonder how many magas have realized Trump's tactics are just the smoke screen of a guilty criminal.

$1 Billion Donation Will Provide Free Tuition at a Bronx Medical School

American Autocracy Threat Tracker (Just Security)

Starting day # 3 with the same outfit. I might change and take a shower.

American Autocracy Threat Tracker

No malignancy!

Has anyone here ever had

The prospect of a second Trump presidency has the intelligence community on edge

Newest animated to live-action Disney movie, "Lilo and Stitch."

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 26, 2024

If social media can no longer moderate content in the

Biden will make a rare visit to the southern border on the same day as Trump.

ok, this is sinking in the lounge. maybe here- moobs.

Take it from me: Iowa is not a good place to have a disability - Representative Josh Turek

As 2-Month-Old Starves to Death in Gaza, Mosab Abu Toha Says His Own Family Is Eating Animal Feed

CPAC Convention delegates sing at their closing ceremony

Jordanian Air Force carries out 4 relief airdrops across Gaza Strip

Republicans know Trump is going to trial...

Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) at Liftoff

Hungary approves Sweden's NATO bid, unblocking historic expansion

Just wondering, Will this SC STOP all trials for TFG this summer?

The Daily B***h*: "It's nothing personal. I just try to avoid people in general."

Why Are the Justices Taking So Long on Trump Immunity?

Gaza Ceasefire Could Save 75,000 from Death: Report from London School of Hygiene & Johns Hopkins

Joe Rogan, Kid Rock discuss global politics.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 26, 2024)

Surprised to see this headline and opinion piece on the front page of Yahoo news, which is decidedly pro-Trump:

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 27: 31 Days of Oscar - Day 19: Foreign Language Film

U.S. Terrorism Laws Are "Anti-Palestinian at the Core," Chill First Amendment

New York Jury Finds Ex-NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Used Group's Money to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

Man Convicted of Murdering Trans Woman Dime Doe in First Such Federal Hate Crime Trial

Mark Jacob: Does the candidate who generates the most clicks win?

Russia's 2024 election interference has already begun

lovey all day trip.

Right-Wing Media Tries to Salvage Biden Impeachment - Steve Shives

Archibald: Alabama Supreme Court is a theocracy

Are Republicans Traitors, or Just Dumb? Jen Rubin

Russia's 2024 election interference has already begun

Alabama IVF Ruling: When The Law Has A Personal Problem

Dr. Rashad Richey on "They Love Sneakers'

DU4 bug and feature requests

Smoke and mirrors: What Republicans are really saying about IVF

Caribbean officials search for 2 people who were on yacht allegedly hijacked by 3 escaped prisoners

Alabama is using the notion that embryos are people to surveil and harass women

Mohini Dey: The Bassist Everyone's Talking About

Meet the Amazon 'influencers' making money off everything they own

Fact Checked: New Problematic "Finnish Study" Actually Shows Trans Care Saves Lives

Lying FBI informant indicted!

Paws for Love.

Tennessee Governor Rolls Back Marriage Equality in Just Once Sentence

Phillip Calvin McGRAW told The View his new "news" network will just be factual. *Wingnut Alert!*

FTC sues to block Kroger, Albertsons merger, arguing deal would raise grocery prices and hurt workers

Chesebro concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators

In #Alabama, the Frozen embryo is a child. Does Moses @speakerJohnson agree with this? .........

Alabama women cant get their embryos to other states because transport services are afraid to transport frozen embryos

Randi Rhodes Free Friday Podcast from 23rd February 2024

CHECK IT OUT - Andrea M. spent the first qtr of her show bashing TSF!

The Crisis in Teaching Constitutional Law

John Oliver Nails the Fatal Flaw in Alabama's IVF Ban

In Gaza, scouts' community-building and survival skills are a new lifeline

A tech company supported by Trump's former lawyer is injecting chaos into Georgia's vote-counting (The Guardian)

The Human Toll of Greg Abbott's War at the Border

New York Times Pitchbot 😂: Yes, I was wrong when I predicted that Republicans would not...

Name what you feel is/are the most annoying pop song /songs. any time frame. Mine is Muskrat Love. Love Will Keep us

Parker announces he misunderstood God. Decided to seek personal interview. Funeral Services at 11.

Gavin Newsom faces another recall threat in California

What would U.S. intelligence agencies do if Trump wasn't the ex president?

Private US lunar lander will stop working tomorrow

Bernie Sanders on Gaza, genocide and Trump

Trump exchanges a close hug with Argentine President Javier Milei at conservative summit

Ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens to remain jailed while he awaits trial, judge rules

Fraud - Lies - Stealing- James Carville

What's in my headphones during lunch today? It's Anthony Hamilton

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump's imaginary "crushing" victory, and other media atrocities

Now AP news has to have a separate page to discredit all the lies of the Right and Faux News.

Donald Trump appeals $454 million judgment in New York civil fraud case

Good news from the Moon!

The Curious Case of the Mildly Annoyed Judge

Without And With Makeup

Supreme Court weighs the future of First Amendment and social media

One of the Last Abortion Doctors in Indiana

This is what the right ignores.

Analysis: US streaming revenues set to pass pay-TV

Voting snapshot in South Texas

Mom loses $820,000 injuries claim after she was pictured tossing a Christmas tree

Companies are adding AI chatbots to their websites. It's producing some unintended consequences.

Governors, tribes ratify Columbia River Basin pact at White House signing ceremony

This should be hammered non-stop: They want to give Constitutional rights to a fertilized egg...

New tax on real estate sales over $3M moves ahead in Legislature

Ban on child marriages in Washington could soon be law

A 'Jeopardy!' for the Forgetful - Jeff Greenfield

Washington's presidential primary is underway. Are you ready?

Cartoons 2/26/2024

A Psychologist Explains 6 Types Of Conspiracy Theories

miss hotlips comes home tomorrow.

Biden and Trump to hold competing trips to the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday

Is this ironic or what?

'We cannot keep up': Mill Creek Starbucks workers file for unionization

Founders empowered Congree to support accurate news

2 not critical but not good diagnosis

Crunch Time in Olympia: Bills Getting Traction (and Those That Aren't)

Happy 49th Birthday multi-tasking Chelsea Handler!

Odd how mixed up Republicans are.

MAGA and the Souls of Evangelical Christians

I'm feeling more optimistic...

Democrats outline strategy to flip more statehouses over several years

Manhattan DA asks judge for a gag order in Trump's hush-money case ahead of next month's trial

"Incurring the Wrath of a Holy God": Alabama Court Redefines "Children"

How Washington State Republicans Drove Their Party into a Ditch

15 second story about the Russian asset staying jail

So a Trumper who lives behind me

On this day, February 26, 1882, Husband E. Kimmel was born.

Breaking - Manhattan DA requets gag order for Smelvis

Trump, IVF, a government shutdown? The GOP is in complete disarray.

"In for a rude awakening": McDaniel announces resignation as cash-strapped Trump eyes RNC takeover

Thousands stranded on cruise ship hit by possible cholera outbreak

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 28: 31 Days of Oscar - Day 20: Sound, Recording

if u heard about bannon's lawyers were trying to throw out the election manual in maricopa co,

Rep. Perry says House GOP should cancel Biden's SOTU address

Major update to surprise Trump-linked lawsuit - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Guardian: Putin had Navalny killed to thwart prisoner swap, allies claim

The Mystery of This Petroglyph-Covered Alaskan Beach

In on the Joke at the First-Ever Florida Man Games

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Haley, Koch, and No Labels....

Female Eurasian Eagle Owl, named Valentine, at NYC Bronx Zoo

Wisconsin ethics panel seeks charges against Trump's Save America (Rachel)

Israel Not Complying with World Court Order in Genocide Case

Removed Notre Dame Scaffolding Reveals Construction Crew Accidentally Built Mosque

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh has resigned - Times Radio

Notorious crime family member pours cold water on Republicans' impeachment probe into Biden

First Shingles jab plus...

Zedd Feat. Foxes - Clarity (Drunk Dragons Power Remix)

Florida Alligator Flatlines Trapper With A Headbutt In Viral Video or FAFO

MAGA Bible Thumper's Devious Plan is Becoming Reality - Rebel HQ

Turned on MSNBC (daytime) for the first time in a long time

2 House Republicans are brawling over who has been accused of treating women worse

TA DA! Here is a pic of my new Nissan Sentra! I leased it today!

Trump appeals $464 million civil fraud judgment in New York - CNN


Judge orders Alexander Smirnov held in jail til trial.

Tubi - Seven Days in May (1964)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 26, 2024

Trump Speaks to Black Conservatives, Goes Terribly Wrong! - Luke Beasley

Man who planned mass shooting of women at Ohio State is first 'incel' convicted of federal hate crime

NOT forsythia, and others moving along.

Boeing's Safety Culture Faulted by F.A.A. in New Report

I just read an article that says they have found micoplastics


Inside the Internal Debates of a Hospital Abortion Committee

Well, Well, Well...A Live Debt Tracker For Smelvis..OMG

Any travel credit card recommendations?

Exclusive: Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators

Where are the "Death Panel" ads ?

I Work For the King of Beers. I'm Paid Like a Peasant - More Perfect Union

D.O.A. Bloodrock

Jack Smith cites the Hur Report -says Trump's handling of classified docs was far worse than Biden's

Nicole's back on MSNBC!

Sen. Rick Scott Is Uniquely Unpopular. Can Dems Capitalize?

$1bn donation means students at New York medical school will pay no tuition

Watch wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center (NY) live via webcams 24/7

In 2019, Alabama legislators thought they'd written a law that would ban abortion but preserve IVF.

Supreme Court's Thomas hires clerk accused of racist conduct

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Alabama Republicans scrambling....

Dozens killed during prayers at Burkina Faso mosque

On the river

Lipstadt vs. Jew-Hatred

Incomplete vs. overshoot - Cory Doctorow

UK $25 Billion Nuclear Embarrassment Disaster as Trident Nuclear Weapons Fails 2nd Consecutive Test - Joe Blogs

John Oliver Nails the Fatal Flaw in Alabama's IVF Ban

OMG Someone from Fresno please go adopt this poor dog who has been at the shelter for over 900 days

Texas Dem.: 'Republicans are the arsonists' of the immigration system - MSNBC Reports

President Biden is at 30 Rock in NYC

Explosive device detonated outside Alabama attorney general's office

Trump COMPLETELY RUINS the GOP's Biggest Event

Jimmy Kimmel's (sadly) hilarious "Debate and Switch" 3:41

BTRTN Michigan Primary Preview: The Nikki Haley Moral Victory Tour Persists, Plus Biden Versus Uncommitted

Fox News Snowflakes Whine About MAGA Criticism! - Pondering Politics

A soul killer': what's behind the US's critical veterinarian shortage?

Trump's plan to use Judge Cannon to block Judge Chutkan and avoid trial - CNN

How a Small Iowa Newspaper's Website Became an AI-Generated Clickbait Factory

The hypocrisy of MAGA

Trump Hopes to Play Federal Judges Off Each Other

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Gavin Newsom Faces Another Recall Attempt

Don Jr. Attacks Biden's Manhood; Gets Burned - Waldorf Nation

Questions: What happens if

Trump Has a Small Donor Problem

The Older I Get The More Progressive I Become

China's Corruption Scandal: Is War with Taiwan Now Less Likely? (ft. the Robinson Crusoe Fallacy) - William Spaniel

Video proving that owls fly in complete silence

Pooch has a lot of bones riding on this race

somewhat foalish

Russia-tied hackers threaten to leak Georgia Trump trial docs if ransom isn't paid

Nhi Ngoc Mai Le: 'A betrayal to the country I deeply love': Chicago-area woman sentenced to 10 days in jail in Jan. 6 ri

CNN analyst reacts to Trump's latest tactic to avoid trial - CNN

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning (Ellis Park - The Concert / 1994)

Nicole's show is really good today.

Just visted LilBit

Cameron Edward Hess: Pennsylvania Man Sentenced on Felony for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Wisconsin State Constitution protects abortion, Planned Parenthood suit argues

On Deadline Whitehouse: Sarah Matthews was a good guest.

Trump Voters RIPPED TO SHREDS In Hilarious Segment By Tea Pain USA

I read trump got SEC approval to do an IPO for truth social

Pro-Trump CPAC speaker pledges 'end of democracy' - MSNBC Reports

Fox's Brett Baier isn't having Trump's BS. "You lost in 2020" (100 seconds)

Israel assassinated high-ranking Hezbollah commander

Spring greeting

Houthis knock out underwater cables linking Europe to Asia - report

Biden hopes cease-fire, hostage deal to pause Israel-Hamas war can take effect by next Monday

Favorite park?

Rent control bill dies in Washington state Senate

National news media are sanitizing Donald Trump's mass deportation plan

New York Democrats reject bipartisan congressional map, will draw their own

Cautionary tale about your next beach vacation. :-(

Schumer Pins Possible Shutdown Blame on Trump

Rick and Michonne are back.

This will be my funeral song

United Daughters of the Confederacy would lose Virginia tax breaks, if Youngkin signs off

Southern MD sunset 2/26

Trump's PAC Likely Committed Felonies In Wisconsin The Ring of Fire

Golden Earring - Grab It For A Second

If you'd like to get to know The Magistrate better via his writing

See what Zelensky had to say about Sen. J.D. Vance - CNN

How about a DU Hypocrisy Forum?

Trump And GOP Are Scamming The Elderly And Dementia Patients

Ken Buck Calls on Kamala Harris to Remove Biden

'The orangedump is telling us who he is now': Andrew Weissmann on Manhattan DA Seeking Gag Order

Micro-apartments are poised to become legal in Washington state

Mike Luckovich-Until we know when your affair started this whole "attempted overthrown of election thing" can wait!...

US pharmacy outage triggered by 'Blackcat' ransomware at UnitedHealth unit, sources say

Thousands stranded on Norwegian Dawn cruise ship hit by possible cholera outbreak

An explosive device detonated outside the Alabama attorney general's office over the weekend

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

Record-Crushing Heat With Powerful Cold Front Coming Brings Potential For Major Storms, Tornadoes - OH, IL, IN 2/27

Promising research suggests intravenous gingko may help patients recover from strokes

Americans whose yacht was hijacked in Grenada were likely thrown overboard and died, police say

California utility will pay $80M to settle claims its equipment sparked devastating 2017 wildfire

TCM Saturday 3/2/24 - 31 Days of Oscar - Leading Actor: Yankee Doodle Dandy, Lincoln, The Thin Man, Sergeant York