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Trump appointee in Texas rules congressional passage of 2022 spending bill unconstitutional

Steve Kornacki: Why Trump wins independents in polls while struggling with them in primaries

Hunter Biden interview marks pivotal moment for GOP-led impeachment inquiry

Crossing 'my' river upstream, southern MD, 'sun'set time 2/27

Trump attorneys panic, pull desperate move in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sean Hannity is still triggered by Gavin Newsom! - Pondering Politics

US judge in Texas (James Wesley Hendrix) rules congressional passage of 2022 spending bill unconstitutional

Seth Andrews: Letter to a Christian Spouse

State Legislature proposes new congressional map (NYS)

Kentucky lawmakers advance bill allowing child support to begin with pregnancy

Dems putting up billboards tying tsf to AL IVF ruling:

Judge affirms ouster of Michigan Republican Party leader Karamo

Trump Trials Clearinghouse

What I wrote my conservative congress person today about Ukraine

U.S. wants Israeli written assurances on using U.S. weapons in Gaza by mid-March

Judge affirms ouster of Michigan Republican Party leader Karamo

This Private Healthcare SCAM is Stealing Your Tax Dollars - Here's How to Stop Them - Thom Hartmann

Biden to visit Teamsters headquarters as the union weighs its 2024 endorsement

Beautiful day in Michigan.

New testimony provides NO HELP for Trump - Talking Feds

What's Vice President Harris thinking in this photo?

I said it before...

Clarence Thomas' controversies become something new: a punchline

Elon Musk Pays Up After Tesla Screwed Black Owned Bakery - Waldorf Nation

TX Approves Center For Recycling Toxic Fracking Wastewater 500 Feet From Baptist Summer Camp

Trump losing in 2024? See what has MAGA panicking from primaries to losing races in history - The Beat - MSNBC

Unleashed: Dark Brandon's Ruthless TAKEDOWN of Trump & Republicans! Tim's Take

Texas Legislature Targets LGBTQ Studies, Signals Women and Ethnic Studies Are Next

Indiana justices, elections board kick GOP US Senate candidate off primary ballot

Ice Cream Gate

8 1/2 on TCM starting now nt

she seems happy

Brentwood hill has huge crack in it. Would not want to live below this... and

AND...that's a wrap.

Kornacki and his stupid waving his hand up and down. nt

Texas Supreme Court justice seeking reelection under fire for absenteeism, ethics concerns

Brentwood (LA area) hill has huge crack in it. Would not want to live below this... and

Caucus night?

Last Week in the Republican Party - February 27, 2024

Lil' Moses

Dog involved in car crash runs to doggy day care a mile away for help

First produced song is now on youtube. I wrote this.

Visibly Angry Newsmax Host Humiliated by Far Right Republican! - Pondering Politics

Extremism is US voters' greatest worry, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds

So how did the Fulton County hearing come out today?

Stewart Copeland interviewed by Rick Beato

Trump Lawyer CAUGHT LYING to Prosecutors - Meidas Touch

Michigan Democratic Primary: 9% reported. Biden 78.8 Uncommitted 16.1 Williamson 2.6

'The stakes couldn't be higher': Analysts weigh in on Fani Willis hearing - CNN

New Jack Smith court filing in Trump's Florida case shoots down absurd "selective prosecution" claim - Glenn Kirschner

Tornado Warnings In Chicago Right Now

Are people angry that UNCOMMITTED is getting votes in Michigan, or that cable news is reporting is?

LOL - Haley 32% of the vote BAD for Haley. Uncommitted 15% of vote - Bad for Biden

Florida lawmaker pulls bill on wrongful death of unborn children after Alabama IVF ruling

Wazzizname's attorneys pull desperate move in Manhattan court

If I lived in Gaza and knew where hostages were being kept

Michael Steele warns of GOP being ground 'into the dust of nothing' over Trump support

America's Richest Men Ask the Courts to Make Unions Illegal

MSNBC's New Show 'The Weekend' Averages 43% More Total Viewers Than December Ratings/Exclusive (The Wrap)

Mayor Adams backs NYC sanctuary law change to easily deport immigrants 'suspected' of crimes

The mayor of Dearborn on MSNBC

Trump is winning big with his base, but there's no sign that he's broadening support

'A hot mess': Trump's legal teams attempt to disqualify Fani Willis starts to fall apart - Deadline - MSNBC

Not voting for the President

Actually, it's an Orange Russian. . . .

Defense Department Releases Summary of Sec. Austin Hospitalization Review (Lawfare)

Democrat Dingell says Trump may have 'nuked Gaza' amid anger at Biden

The Police: The Bed's Too Big Without You & Reggatta de Blanc (Old Grey Whistle Test '79)

Comer takes aim at FBI after informant's arrest: 'Very suspicious'

2 men guilty on all counts in Jam Master Jay murder trial

Megyn Kelly Slams Seth Meyers as NBC's 'Weakest, Biggest Hack' After Biden Interview: 'That's Why You Were Chosen'

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

McConnell, Thune call for full Senate trial of Mayorkas

Claire McCaskill just made a good point about ucommitted on MSNBC

Women Unwittingly Take Photos Holding Deadly Octopus

Trump facing gag order in NY hush money criminal trial - MSNBC Reports

Carville says donors to RNC, Trump 'begging to be stolen from'

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Canadian company selling electronics to St Petersburg company

A matter of perception

I'm watching the vote in Michigan and watched protests at lunch. I can't decide if I'm angry or simply worried.

'You and the republican special counsel are on the same side of this, Bob'

Israel signals hostage deal with Hamas not imminent - CBS News

Curious....for long term residents of DU,,,,,what page do you constantly refresh?

Wtf is CNN having Nina Turner who compared Biden to a bowl of S**t on for?

Skinny Dog Found On The Side Of The Road is Now A Big Sister to Foster Kittens

The Michigan primary is far, far less important than what the Groupies of Putin are doing.

I never wanted to turn on the GPS feature on my phone,

Judge Cannon has GRANTED Jack Smith's motion to keep classified discovery from Nauta and DeOliveira.

Senate GOP to Block Bill Protecting In Vitro Fertilization

Arizona GOP Moves Bill to Legalize Killing of Migrants

Biden is winning the Michigan primary by a much bigger margin than Trump, but here's the NYT alert I get...

BREAKING: Biden, Trump win Michigan primaries, NBC News projects - MSNBC

U.S. Wants Written Assurances from Israel on Weapons

Bait Brothers on The Gong Show

So far it looks like a hell of a lot more republicans voted in the Michigan primary

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Mexico, water, and learning....

Schumer ramps up pressure on Johnson to pass Ukraine aid - CBS News

Sometimes when the road

huge wildfire in the texas panhandle.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell: "Young people who want to be heard" (re: Uncommitted)

Michigan Primary vote.

Arab Americans - Their Side.

Just released🌸: Our cherry blossom peak bloom forecast.

'Madness': Tennessee joining Alabama, Texas with radical GOP bills slammed by St. Rep. Justin Jones - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Estimated New York Congressional District shifts...

Last Week in the Q party

LBJ in 1968: "Convince the lowest white man that he's better than the best black man,

Internet Piles On Killer Kyle Rittenhouse For Playing Election Kingmaker - Waldorf Nation

LOLOL! Dean Philips running 4th, behind a candidate who dropped out, and behind "Uncommitted".

Never let go of how good it felt to go

Rep Tim Burchett accused an innocent man of being mass shooter in KC, responds with "mother" joke,when asked about it.

Joy: They are letting literal Nazis into their den of Trump worship - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Question about the Song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

Watch Poland Debunk Putin Propaganda

Judge Removed From Bench For Wrongfully Freeing Convicted Rapist - Rodecast

Andy Kim Sues to Block Preferential Treatment on Ballots in Senate Race

When you're running in 4th place behind "uncommitted"🤣

Fire and Ice

MAGA-Sympathetic Judge Tries To Release Violent Neo Nazi AGAIN - Raw News And Politics

Trump, Biden win Michigan primaries but Democrats mount Gaza protest vote

MSNBC is actually getting testimony from Biden supporters!

The electoral college negates my vote

Mrs. Betty Bowers on the Twerp of the House...

Norfolk Southern Exec. Got 37% Pay Raise After Toxic, East Palestine Ohio Crash


Trio on Carson

Diamond Girl - Seals and Crofts

Running tips for seniors..

"Nothing else on MI primary ballot, in general Dems not motivated, but protest vote motivated."

Georgia Prosecutor FIRES BACK Ahead of URGENT Hearing - Meidas Touch

Right Wing Nut Has Disturbing Episode Live on Stage! - Luke Beasley

'He needs to listen to us': Gaza ceasefire activists make statement in Michigan Democratic primary - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Elephants in the room.

Old Days - Chicago

Milking Blood

Federal judge rules against pregnant workers in win for Paxton

Kimmel: Trump and Biden Square Off at the Mexico Border, Don Jr's Most Preposterous Lie Yet & Gimme Five!

Biden hopes to bank on union investment, support; Trump calls UAW president 'stupid' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Senate Democrats Hold Strong Lead in Key Battleground States - Let's Talk Elections

Abortion rights movement in Michigan remains stalwart for Democrats in 2024: Mallory McMorrow - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick (Sight And Sound In Concert: Jethro Tull Live, 19th Feb, 1977)

State Farm wants its customers to be trumps.

MAGAS are scared sh*tless of this woman. Why??

The Stephen Principle (part 2): Clarence Thomas

Lawrence O'Donnell: The question tonight is how many Haley voters won't vote for Trump in November - The Last Word

Sonny Rollins - Grand Street

Had a good time today at my local farmer's market! It was a truly beautiful day.

Yes, ladies, Republicans really are coming after your birth control pills

Ferguson, Missouri, agrees to pay $4.5 million to settle 'debtors' prison' lawsuit

Ferguson, Missouri, agrees to pay $4.5 million to settle 'debtors' prison' lawsuit

Bill Withers - Let It Be

'This is how he feels about us': Whoopi sounds the alarm on Trump's latest brand of racism

Donna Summer estate sues Ye and Ty Dolla $ign, saying they illegally used 'I Feel Love'

Barbara McQuade: Trump's election lies create danger to the rule of law - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tommy Tuberville gets owned:

Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Live Mix)

Democratic participation in the Michigan primary was huge.

Arthur and Jessica Reyher: Indiana Couple Sentenced on Felony Charge for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Macron says 'nothing ruled out,' including using Western troops, to stop Russia winning Ukraine war

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Michigan Primary: Biden edition....

Uncommitted was a nothing burger

'Star witness' testifies his claims about Fani Willis were only 'speculation'

Perhaps I may be uncommitted, too.

Michigan Dem: Contrast between Biden and Trump 'could not be clearer' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Supreme Court to hear challenge to bump stock ban in high court's latest gun case

I voted for Biden in the WA Presidential Primary by mail

Wednesday TOONs

Ooops. I forgot how to use postimage...

West Virginia Senate OKs bill requiring schools to show anti-abortion group fetal development video "Baby Olivia"

Man to plead guilty in 'killing spree' of eagles and other birds for feathers prized by tribes

I think we can stick a fork in Boebert. Thanks to her one man crime spree son.

ProPublica 89,000 of 100,000 voter registrations challenged (by 6 people) in (Georgia) after SB 202 became law

US launches antitrust investigation into UnitedHealth, WSJ reports

Make America Great Again by signing a union card, not joining a cult.

Breaking: Trump dealt crushing blow in Michigan - Brian Tyler Cohen

NBC News Shows Receipts After CPAC Denies Nazis Mingled at Conference

NBC News Shows Receipts After CPAC Denies Nazis Mingled at Conference

'Not welcome here': Texas residents slam Trump as 'traitor' ahead of border trip

Yikes!! My phone's weather alert just woke me up. We're under a TORNADO warning!!


Florida Lawmakers Pump the Brakes on 'Unborn Child' Bill After Alabama IVF Decision

Florida Lawmakers Pump the Brakes on 'Unborn Child' Bill After Alabama IVF Decision

Biden is at 81.4% in Michigan reporting on MSNBC

Country Garden: China property giant hit with winding-up petition

Disturbing Microplastic Discovery Has Chilling Conclusions For Your Health - Thom Hartmann

House conservative demands stall efforts to avert shutdown

Japan had the fewest babies it has ever recorded last year. Marriages dropped steeply, too

'Democracy at its finest': Biden wins Michigan despite protest vote - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Oregon Senate passes anti-book-ban bill over Republican objections

Georgia Senate gives sports betting legislation a chance to land on November ballot

Florida condo prices drop, sales slow. Blame is insurance and HOA surcharges since Surfside collapse

Lauren Boebert's son arrested, faces 22 charges

UT: Bill upping vote requirements for ballot initiatives abandoned, for now

'An unforced error': Key witness denies knowing details of affair between Fani Willis, Nathan Wade - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

3-11 Earthquake and tsunami in Japan (Watch on YouTube )

Latest effort to take politics out of Virginia elections department dies in state Senate

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in Saudi Arabia for talks on his country's peace plan - Al Jazeera English

A GOP senator defeated legislation asking voters to scrap trans-inclusive policies at AZ schools

Qasim for Congress

Why Gaza Protests Could Save Biden & Democracy w/ Dean Obeidallah - Thom Hartmann

Power struggle shelves new Louisiana Supreme Court districts in Legislature

New Wisconsin legislative maps renew rural democracy

Mild-mannered thugs?

Will Anaheim City Councilwoman Natalie Rubalcava (D) be Removed From Office?

Judge affirms ouster of Michigan Republican Party leader Karamo

Trump Co Defendant Caught Lying To Investigators - Raw News And Politics

'There's a left wing bias in academia'. If, after studying for decades, most experts end up leftists,

Jewish students feel 'unsafe' after UC Berkeley Gaza protest turns violent

TX: Federal judge rules against pregnant workers in win for Paxton

A Texas High School Canceled A Play About Hate Crime Victim Matthew Shepard

Conservative Judge Locks Up Lying Biden Hating Informant In Pretrial Detention - Rodecast

NY-16: Democrat-drawn NY congressional map could shake up Bowman-Latimer primary race

New NY congressional districts would give Dems a boost, but GOP feared worse

NY-26: Who's running for Congress in the Western NY special election?

Italy's Meloni suffers setback as centre-left claims Sardinia election win

Chad's election agency sets dates for presidential polls

Did Corporations Kill Democracy? - Thom Hartmann

CT: Bridgeport mayor (D) wins do-over election in race marred by ballot irregularities

(JEWISH GROUP) 'I'm screaming for help': Jewish students face violence at UC Berkeley Israel talk

Man pleads guilty to threatening to kill Michigan election worker

Mexico: Two mayoral candidates gunned down before elections

Election triggered by candidates seeking to unseat 2 San Francisco Superior Court judges

Low Turnout in Israel's Local Elections Amid War in Gaza, Public Apathy

Clyburn: Biden brought this country back - Cuomo - NewsNation

Supreme Court MAJOR DECISION on Trump in LIMBO - Meidas Touch

Missouri auditor declares victory after plaintiffs drop suit over cost of abortion petition

MI: 100,960 (13.3%) uncommitted at 95+% counted

Michigan "uncommitted" fails to reach 15% threshold

Medicare users are starting to see their first savings from Biden's legislation taking on high drug prices.

Missouri Sports Betting Ballot Initiative Surpasses 100,000 Signatures

Nevada voter ID ballot initiative scores legal victory

Rick Wilson and Michel Cohen

Family Values: Lauren Boebert's Son Arrested, Faces 22 Charges

Nationwide Superfund toxic waste cleanup effort gets another $1 billion installment

Wordle 984 (February 28) ***SPOILER ALERT***

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/27/2024

Abrams: Rep. Comer, Jordan leading a smear campaign against law enforcement - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Eye ointments sold at CVS and Walmart recalled due to concerns over sterility

China property crisis: Country Garden woes deepen - Reuters

Judge denies efforts by Trump co-defendants to see classified material they allegedly helped conceal at Mar-a-Lago

Vera's back!!

First Baby Born Via IVF In U.S. Calls Out Alabama Ruling: 'Embryos Are Not Children'

LOST Nightclubs of NEW YORK (with DJ Frankie Bones) + Frankie Bones - Futura 1 (1996) [HD] 🖤

Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors Allowed to Take Effect in Indiana

US judge in Texas rules congressional passage of 2022 spending bill unconstitutional

Seth Meyers - Wendy's Announces Plans to Test Surge Pricing Menu - Monologue 2/27/2024

Christians should embrace the idea of being woke and ignore how the term is wrongly bandied about, a Church of England

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyer asks judge to reject 100-year recommended sentence

New College of Florida is sanctioned by national faculty group

A small drone flies into a damaged Fukushima reactor for the first time to study its melted fuel

Apple Kills Its Electric Car Project

Clyburn gives GOP a new nickname: 'Groupies of Putin'

Most Americans Cool to Christian Nationalism

Inside Mike Johnson's Big Shift in Strategy

Major escalation! USA to approve ATACMS for Crimea Bridge destruction. Putin to declare war on NATO - The Russian Dude

Republicans' FATAL MOVE Has INSTANT BLOWBACK - Meidas Touch


Tick Tock Conman

It is 7 degrees F but feels like MINUS 27!!! I just let

Here's an article about the tornado that blew through Grand Blanc, MI, last night

Wow! I just read Lauren Boebert's 22 year old son was arrested yesterday!

I would not want to be in Speaker Johnson's shoes!

Kissinger Revisited

Medical marijuana withdrawal and recovery

Will the AL SC ruling that zygotes (IVF) are people affect

RNC's First Black Chair Busts Donald Trump's Claim About Black Voters

The kidcats all needed some reassurance, last night, after the really bad weather

15 Bible Verses That Identify Donald J. Trump as the Antichrist

UP Michigan's Winter A Farewell To Snow, Fishing, Racing; Skiing; Yamaha Exiting Snowmobile Market

Breaking...Starbucks and Workers United, long at odds, say they'll restart labor talks

What are they thinking?

Lauren Boebert's son was arrested over a spate of thefts as his mom tries to convince voters to look past her chaotic fa

Starbucks to begin talks with Workers United union

WATCH: Israel, US, Jordan among countries to airdrop aid to Gaza

'Lights out': Legal expert says Fani Willis disqualification effort is fading fast

Texas governor responds to LGBTQ human rights criticisms: 'The UN can go pound sand'

NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for modifying sanctuary city status

On This Day: Branch Davidians inadvertently tipped off, leading to death, standoff with ATF, FBI - Feb. 28, 1993

Image Dump 2/28/24

Uvalde Parent Says He Was Arrested For Saying 'F**k' At County Meeting

A handsome old steel mill.

As Southern states again assert their dubious right to countermand federal law and the national Constitution, Biden

The Hobbit Graphic Novel Is On Sale and Shipping Now

The Weekly Pull: Green Arrow, The Immortal Thor, The Savage Sword of Conan, and More

Alan Moore's Last Comic to Be Published in 2024

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/28/24)

The Webcomics Weekly #272: Picking a Blast From the Past (2/27/2024 Edition)

The Rundown: February 28, 2024

My favorite part about migraines

A different spin on Michigan.

US Refuses to Assure UK Judges That Assange Won't Be Executed If He's Extradited

The greenest car in America isn't an EV (WP)


Even Republican Voters Don't Trust the GOP To Save Social Security and Medicare

Companies Were Big on CBD. Not Anymore.

To Save Our Democracy, Stop DeSantis' Racist Education Crusade

Will there be a government shutdown? Lawmakers see path forward after Biden meeting

The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason.

Justice is complicated

Food Is Taking a Bite Out of Your Income. These Consumers Are Getting Creative.

Andy Kim vs. the Machine

CNN front page--BIDEN DOOMED!!!!!

Starbucks Stops Opposing Its Baristas' Union 🎈🎈

Biden over 80%, Trump under 70% in Michigan

NYS Legislature expected to approve new Congressional District lines today...

Raw numbers in Michigan indicate Democratic vote turnout 700000, while

Another Huge Loss For Putin

Tumblr and WordPress posts (& maybe private ones) will reportedly be used for OpenAI and Midjourney training

My Christmas wish

Good movie!

Mose Allison - "My Backyard"

I donated 100 bucks to the Biden campaign through

Need help/advice on photo sharing apps

You raised $153.00 on February 27, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

"Two Day Abstinence Challenge" Check in here if you commit to abstaining from alcoholic beverages

This is the moment when the effort to boot Fani Willis off the Trump RICO case died.

Just A Counter To The Right Wing Narrative That Ukraine Is Losing

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden Wins Big In Michigan: with Simon Rosenberg Democratic Strategist.. 20 minutes

Boebert post on 'Biden Crime Family' comes back to haunt her when son arrested hours later

It's not that complicated. 80-year-old voter nails it, says Trump is an a**hole.

Israel's Smotrich presses on with illegal settlement plans despite criticism

Magats disrupting GA Mayor presser on student killed.

Biden issues executive order to better shield Americans' sensitive data from foreign foes

Michigan was better than South Carolina

MAGA Cries about increased retail theft has validity.

Google is reportedly paying publishers thousands of dollars to use its AI to write stories

John Fahey was born on this date.

Joe South was born on this date.

Brian Jones was born on this date.

My Friend

AI chatbots are serving up wildly inaccurate election information, new study says

Bernadette Peters has a birthday today.

Escape from Gaza: West Seattle family seeking to help former exchange student and family leave war zone

Democrat Marianne Williamson 'Unsuspends' 2024 Presidential Campaign in Surprise Announcement

'Why Are You Holding Out?': Mitch McConnell Grilled by Reporter After Refusing to Endorse Trump

Biden executive order targets U.S. data sales to adversaries like China, Russia

'It would be a Disaster for everyone': Should Biden debate trump?

the monkey head nebula ngc 2174

"Come hither .."

With only hours until it dies, lunar lander Odysseus sends back more photos of the moon

The future of AI video is here, super weird flaws and all

Comparisons between the number of "primary" voters in 2012 and 2024 are invalid.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Immune to Normal The DailyShowography

blizzard warning for higher altitudes near sonora ca

House GOP Majority Gets Smaller


How indiscriminate Israeli fire killed half a family in Gaza

'Judge Scott McAfee, Not Fani Willis, Should Have Known Better'

Miles Maeda - Electribal Skull Dubbery (1994) [HD]

Google is at it again. It doesn't like that I am using a VPN.

West Virginia Senate OKs bill requiring schools to show anti-abortion group fetal development video

Magical Forest Friends

"Dressed today for the death of the Biden impeachment inquiry..."

Journalist Laments That 'You Can't Hijack Planes' in Protest Anymore

The Pluto station and the tRumps

School focus on grades, test scores linked to violence against teachers

Can President Biden afford to lose 370K votes in MI compared with 2020?

On this day, February 28, 2010, Sidney Crosby scored in overtime to give Canada a 3-2 victory.

The Autobiography Of Omar Ibn Said: The Only Known U.S. Slave Narrative Written In Arabic

On February 27, 1968, Walter Cronkite called for an end to the war in Vietnam.

Make Congress Blue Again

Trump says his trade war triggered job gains. Here's why that didn't happen.

'Devastating' Texas wildfires spark disaster declaration, nuclear plant partial evacuation

'Joyful madness': ANU scientist wins global prize for 'dancing his PhD' about kangaroos

On this day, February 28, 1944, English graphic designer and Hipgnosis co-founder Storm Thorgerson was born.

''Really creepy': Former Australian PM on Trump's admiration for Putin'

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 28, 2024

Breakfast: Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Federal judge schedules April jury trial for ex-FBI informant Smirnov

11th Circuit denies Meadows motion to remove case to federal court

Marianne Williamson 'un-suspends' campaign after Michigan primary

NPR students @ Wayne State, ME: get a clue!

"Uncommitted": Over 100,000 Cast Protest Vote Against Biden's Gaza Policy in Michigan Primary

What is/are your favorite Girl Scout cookie/cookies? Mine are Thin Mints. Yummy.

Tom Suozzi gets sworn in tonight 🔥 UPDATE: He was sworn in and he was on FIRE 🔥

Republicans Hatched a Secret Assault on the Voting Rights Act in Washington State

Arizona Republicans advance bill legalizing killing migrants on suspicion of trespassing

Joe Biden's campaign sound bite. Courtesy of trump himself:

First Jan. 6 rioter to breach the Capitol spent months regurgitating Trump's election lies

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Michigan primary: Trump edition....

On this day, February 28, 2001, two trains collided after a Land Rover fell onto the tracks.

Ukraine's air force extends its kill streak to 10 Russian planes in 10 days

Morning music

Play with me, doggone it!

On this day, February 28, 1986, the film "Pretty in Pink" was released.

US economy grew solid 3.2% in fourth quarter, a slight downgrade from government's initial estimate

Mitch McConnell reportedly mulling endorsing Trump for presidency

Uncommitted Voters In Michigan, Listen Up

2nd tweet--Cat trying to catch fat snowflakes:

China's Brutal 'Mao-era' Financial Crackdown; Chinese Economy: Stocks & Loans; Trade Wars & Cars - China Update

A friendly hello:

Hunter Biden Slams 'MAGA-Motivated Conspiracies' In Opening Statement

A simple way to get microplastics out of your water

Bumpstock trial - SCOTUS

The Life & Death of Aaron Bushnell: U.S. Airman Self-Immolates Protesting U.S. Support for Israel

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 28, 2024)


Trump is so weak he can't beat Biden without Russia's help

Philadelphia Orchestra's home renamed Marian Anderson Hall as Verizon name comes off

Biden campaign hires national organizing director, national director for voter protection and access

2nd tweet--Magpie & small dog play chase together:

Trump asks appeals court to stay $454 million judgment until his appeal is over

Funding For Ukraine

Protest at UC Berkeley shuts down talk by Israeli think tank leader

We've Got A Problem Here...

House Democrats push Blinken to protect press freedom in Gaza

North Korea 5:1 Audio

Expert testimony from Rust hearing casts doubt on Alec Baldwin's account

Dave Van Ronk - He Was a Friend of Mine (Live at the Phil Ochs Memorial Concert, 1976)

Just Finished "Can't We Be Friends" by Eliza Knight about Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald's Friendship

Is the weather crazy in the rest of the world?

Interesting list of ingredients

New documentary: God Save Texas...

AI for hucksters: One used it to create both a "Willy Wonka Experience" that was shut down and 16 books on Amazon


My husband would be 77 today

"Religious Freedom" is Neither - Mrs. Betty Bowers

McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job

Someone got to Chuck Todd!

AP: McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job

Biden: Israel agrees to halt military activity in Gaza during Ramadan

Appeals court rejects Mark Meadows bid to 'rehear' removal of Georgia case

Dramatic Image Reveals How Much The Sun Has Changed in Two Years

Cyber attack on healthcare systems from "Nation State" - affecting patients, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals

Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea)

Turtle is quitting per MSNBC

McConnell is stepping down!

McConnell stepping down. Speaking on the Senate floor now.

Why is Mitch speaking and MSNBC carrying it?

LOLOL: Trump Lawyer in RICO case hearing caught on Zoom walking around with no pants on...

@RepAOC : What we just saw was a deep sea fishing expedition because the Republican case has completely fallen apart.

Next Senate Republican Leader will 100% be a Trump puppet.

Trump cannot line up full bond in New York fraud case, offers to post $100 million

Republicans Hatched a Secret Assault on the Voting Rights Act in Washington State

Pentagon has $4B it can tap for Ukraine

McConnell's long tenure

Turtle is why cheato is free to run in 2024

Appeals court rejects Mark Meadows' request to move Georgia election charges to federal court

And in other news, Elaine Chao volunteers for foreign posting

Fight For $15 @ Starbucks.

Maternal mental health conditions drive climbing death rate in US, research says