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Biggest Blue Tidal Wave Ever if

[스페이스 공감] 김재환 - I Don't Need No Doctor

Supreme Court agrees to consider Trump immunity claim in further delay of election interference trial

Time Mattered - Now It's Too Late

Judge orders former President Trump removed from Illinois primary ballot, but puts order on hold

About as many abortions are happening in the US monthly as before Roe was overturned, report finds

So from what I am hearing and reading given the Supreme

BREAKING: Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump Immunity case - Deadline - MSNBC

Do you have a ganglion that reaches clear down to the apex?

SCOTUS takes Trump's Jan. 6 case, delaying Jack Smith's DOJ trial: Melber report - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump must put up $450 million in NY fraud case or shut up & have his properties seized by AG James - Glenn Kirschner

David Rothkopf: Supreme Court decision to hear immunity case "is outrageous and, at its heart, fundamentally corrupt"

Buh-bye Mitch!

Supreme Court ISSUES MAJOR RULING on Trump Immunity Appeal - Meidas Touch

Congress strikes deal to avert a partial government shutdown -- for now

Trump's legal defense team

If Jack Smith believes the trial won't happen until after the election, his speedy trial concern ends

Glad it was a nice day for a long hike, and DU was down

Can you relate?

Suspicious Powder Sent to Offices of Trump Judge and Attorney General

Mitch McConnell QUITS! DESTROYED His Own Legacy by Not Convicting Trump!

We are here because of Garland's foot dragging. Now the Supremes can delay until a trial is not possible

Breaking down the Supreme Court's decision to hear Trump immunity case - CBS News

AWFUL, Supreme's Decision to DELAY.

U.S. Army corrects miscarriage of justice in Jim Crow-era Texas

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 28, 2024

Can anyone explain to me why court decisions take so long????

Michigan primary results may indicate tougher waters for Trump than Biden

'Several' Republicans Backing Discharge Petition to Force Vote on Ukraine Aid

Senate Republicans Block Bill to Protect IVF After Alabama Ruling

'I'm very troubled': Lisa Rubin reacts to timeline of SCOTUS hearing Trump Immunity case - Deadline - MSNBC

The only way out of this nightmare is a massive win across the board in November, and if

Senate GOP blocks bill to protect IVF

Court denies Trump's bid to freeze $464M judgment, after his lawyers say he'd have to sell properties to pay

I think I know why it took so long for SCOTUS to come down with this ruling--

So, how did you survive the 6 hour DU down time?

28 Feb: Ukrainian Forces Ruin Russian Plans Of Collapsing Northern Flank - Reporting from Ukraine

It's becoming more likely extreme action is needed against the right

Congress Strikes Funding Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown

Our hopes now rest with Alvin Braggs' and Fani Willis' cases.

It now rests with a Manhattan jury and an Atlanta jury

Richard Lewis, revered comic and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' star, dies at 76

Oh, no! Comedian Richard Lewis has passed.

'It is unimaginable to me the former president will be tried before November' says Judge Luttig - Deadline - MSNBC

SC wrote about 'alleged' official acts. Jack Smith isn't charging Trump with official acts

Wendy's, burned by CEO comment, vows no price surges for burgers

The writers of the Constitution probably didn't conceive of

Trump said he had $400 million cash. Now his lawyers say bond is a struggle.

Russia's Space Agency Forced to Sell Off Assets as Sanctions Take Toll

"The 17 worst things Mitch McConnell did to destroy democracy..."

Boeing has 90 days to come up with quality-control action plans for the FAA

Man who attacked police with hockey stick during Capitol riot gets over 3 years in prison

Justice DELAYED by the Supremely Bad Court. Wednesday Baby!

Everybody calm down. I recall how Bush v. Gore was delayed

SCOTUS under fire for 'trying to make Trump win' - The Beat - MSNBC

Forgive me. I'm a bit under the weather, and I have a stupid question.

Well, Trump has won a battle, but this could keep him out of a trial?

Kari Lake Melts Down After Brutal Smackdown By Meghan McCain - Ring of Fire

More Stochastic Terrorism from trump. White Powder.

The McConnell Ghoul Returns to his Crypt

So, now the MEdia and the pundies see the corruption of SCOTUS

Aileen Cannon Grants Jack Smith's Request

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden and Johnson's meeting at the White House....

Maybe they could beat him to death with a baseball bat.

I always check DU's Facebook page when DU is down, but it's not used for updates.


Ghana passes bill making identifying as LGBTQ+ illegal

Bombshell: Supreme Court makes consequential announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Who else is addicted to DU and is just glad we're back up

Nikki Haley calls for RNC vote on resolution barring payment of Trump's legal fees

Nicolle Wallace on Mitch McConnell: 'We have to live with his legacy for a long time' - Deadline - MSNBC

So I took a first step today.....

Despite doubts about evidence, Texas executes man convicted of killing two

New congressional maps approved in New York

Missouri lawmakers try again to block Medicaid money from going to Planned Parenthood

Does anyone sense another Bush/Gore-type decision debacle?

You stab my back, I'll stab yours.....

'Power above principal': Democratic Senators react to McConnell's stepping down from leadership - Deadline - MSNBC

Cat blinks every time mom says I love you

THANK GOODNESS we're back together!!!

Virginia school board member arrested on Jan. 6 riot charges

The SCOTUS Decision

Hunter Biden asks GOP: What about Jared Kushner?

Guy Decides To Foster A Very Pregnant Pit Bull

Stray Lab Won't Come Near People Until This Dog Befriends Him ❤️

Chris Hayes show is very good, and Rachel is on

Illinois judge removes Trump from primary ballot

Florida Resident Sentenced to 60 Months for Smuggling Firearms from U.S. to Violent Haitian Gang That Kidnapped 19 Ameri

Witness calls out Sen. Kennedy in abortion hearing: 'Nothing but fearmongering'

Something ALWAYS happens when we get close to go to trial

Motion denied: Mark Meadows loses appeal to move Georgia election interference out of Fulton County - Deadline - MSNBC

Russia - Bans All Gasoline Exports - Huge Production Problems & Massive Loss of Income for Russia - Joe Blogs

'Uncommitted' Supporters Dance and Celebrate Their 13%.

For all those who said the Supreme Court didn't matter, and there was no difference

So, does presidential immunity mean that a SCOTUS justice can be executed,

Don't you think it's time for the liberal members of the SCOTUS to speak out?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all who may have TOMORROW as once every 4 years birthday, coming up!

'Fraud': Indicted Trump may lose again -- unless 'political burnout' curbs turnout - The Beat - MSNBC

Maddow on SCOTUS.

This year's nominees for best thrillers are...

Some Good News On A Lousy Day

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

New congressional maps approved in New York

'The fix is in': Coup trial delay reveals Supreme Court 'in cahoots' with Trump - All In - MSNBC

The Explosive Interview That Broke Brian Kilmeade's Heart - Rebel HQ

Al Franken on Ted Cruz

Roe, strike one. Student debt and gun control, strike two. Fake immunity

Underground Hydrogen Touted As 'Significant' Clean Energy Resource In First U.S. Hearing

Underground Hydrogen Touted As 'Significant' Clean Energy Resource In First U.S. Hearing

More Reagan Era Shitbaggery:

South Korea's fertility rate sinks to record low despite $270bn in incentives

Hunter Biden asks GOP: What about Jared Kushner?

When I Am Wrong, I Said I would Apologize - I Apologize

Dems Take Turns ROASTING Republicans After They Put Nail In The Coffin On Sham Investigation

Me: "Damn I'm tired!" My brain: "Too bad, we're going to stay awake thinking about all of the stupid shit

Billionaire Mocked For His Outrage Over $85 Room Service Bill

Alberta to ban renewables on 'prime' land and preserve 'pristine viewscapes'

Man on trial for machete murder at McDonald's testifies angels, demons and spirits run world

Some Rumors I Heard On Thom Hartmann Today

I shouldn't say "I told you so" ... but, I told you so.

Biden's doctor says there are no new concerns with the president's health and he remains fit to serve

Exiled Missouri lawmaker Sarah Unsicker blocked from running for governor as a Democrat

Illinois judge removes Trump from ballot because of "insurrectionist ban" - CNN

Read today. LOL! The inventor of autocorrect died today.

So can we talk about Supreme Court expansion now?

Fox News Host Melts MAGA Co-Hosts' Brains by Stating Facts! - Luke Beasley

'A Trojan horse of legitimacy': Shell launches a 'climate tech' startup advertising jobs in oil and gas

Here is the context [on Trump and SCOTUS] by one of the best, @ElieNYC *Twitter Clip*

It appears that SCOTUS no longer worries about their reputation.

Countering the Threat of a Contingent Election

'This is B.S.': Maddow shreds 'cravenness' of Supreme Court delaying Trump trial - All In - MSNBC

Republicans sold their souls

Rep. Lauren Boebert responds after son arrested on multiple charges - FOX31 Denver

It was small comfort today to finally hear

Is the immunity decision one that will have arguments presented? Who will present?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's appeals at SCOTUS and NY....

The Pentagon's Unbeatable Adversary


In the end....on Election Day, in November....

Michigan redistricting commission finalizes revised state House voting map

Houthis deny targeting underwater cables amid marine disaster warning

Arab-American leaders vow to keep pressure on Biden after the Michigan primary

Rep. Schiff Tears Apart Trump Immunity Claims - CNN

Any experience out there with VA benefits for assisted living?

Trump kicked off Illinois primary ballot.

Feds charge Detroit woman in scheme to steal homes from owners

Gray Wolf Basks in Snowy Sunset

Message from on high - - -

The Will Rogers Experiment.. S2:E9

Mike Luckovich-MoscowMitch: My work is done here....

MoscowMitch-My work is done here

Putting the screws to Mike (Rubin's Green Room)

American voters share the blame

Good Riddance was trending on twitter earlier today

S9:E5 (Conservative Values; Sen. Tom Woods Calls LGBTQ+ 'filth')

One, two, three, more than three!

Oklahoma House passes bill to give Legislature a say on state Board of Education

The irresistible lemon!

Fox News Torches MAGA for Failed Hunter Biden Testimony! - Pondering Politics

The Supreme Court Can Act Quickly - When It Affects Magats

Seth Meyers - Fox "News" Melts Down After Biden Eats Ice Cream with Seth, Talks Gaza Ceasefire: A Closer Look

That dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea (W. B. Yeats):

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 29 February 2024

How Airbnb Broke Housing... And How We Stop Them - More Perfect Union

WV: Despite pushback from in-state doctors, House passes total ban on gender-affirming care for minors

BREAKING NEWS: Trump announces Merrick Garland will be his pick for Attorney General.

SD: Legislature approves higher private school scholarships, sends bill to governor

Examining Mitch McConnell's legacy as Senate Republican leader - CBS News

LGBTQ+ people protest in Florida over Republican conversion therapy bill

LGBTQ+ people protest in Florida over Republican conversion therapy bill

SD: State lawmakers amend petition signature withdrawal bill to remove 'chaos factor'

Trump hit with stunning defeat - Brian Tyler Cohen

Nuclear weapon factory forced to evacuate as Texas wildfires threaten plant

New York AG says meat producing giant JBS made misleading environmental claims to boost sales

SD: Last-minute bill would require earlier voter registration due to 'perceived' election concerns

McConnell's full resignation speech - Washington Post

As Black History month ends, Wichita Democrat condemns racism in Kansas Statehouse

FL House approves legislation requiring disclaimers on AI political ads

Ancient 4,750-Year-Old Megalith Discovered On Peruvian Mountain

Proposal to define a fetus as a person in Alaska's criminal code faces pushback

Who? What? Where?

Minimum wage increase, ranked choice repeal have enough signatures to be on Alaska ballot

Meanwhile, "Trump has highest ratings since 2022"

What the News Won't Say About the 2024 Election Should Scare You - Thom Hartmann

Judges question the new NC GOP law on Board of Elections appointments

NC: Reports document legislature's continued assault on democratic, inclusive public schools

Neal Katyal on Lawrence O'Donnell

"Uncommitted": Over 100,000 Cast Protest Vote Against Biden's Gaza Policy in Michigan Primary

Justice Dept prosecutor to Judge Chutkan "Jan 6th cannot happen again." "You are preaching to the choir" she replied

Picking up after Outage: Anybody else surrender to a commercial/advert?

National Democratic group spends $50K to keep Minnesota House in November

It is always a sickening feeling

Proposals allowing concealed guns on college campuses, gun shows in AZ cities, advance

Brendan Buck on McConnell: There is a 'new breed' of Senators, who will look for a 'Trump-like leader' - MSNBC Reports

Ancient Mars May Have Had Hydrothermal Systems

Hugs, please!

Polar bear wants to see what all the fuss is about

MI: Far-right group targeted a health director after COVID mask mandates. Somehow, she survived.

Thursday TOONs

Webb Snaps Breathtaking New Image of NGC 1559

An indication of how fucked we are - we may wind up missing Mitch

National Democrats to spend in Wisconsin after maps change game

So where is John Roberts in protecting his legacy?

'This is B.S.': Maddow shreds 'cravenness' of Supreme Court delaying Trump trial - MSNBC

Neanderthals Created Stone Tools Held Together by Ochre-Based Adhesives, Scientists Say

CA: Orange County's Wild West of Campaign Finance: The Board of Education

Judge Removes Trump from Illinois Primary Ballot

Pupper celebrates learning how to use the doggie door:

Dem. congressman: Hunter Biden deposition "a complete waste of time" - MSNBC Reports

Anaheim City Councilwoman Natalie Rubalcava (D) Faces June Recall Election

Cretaceous-Period Armored Dinosaur Had Double Cheek Horns

NY-03: N.Y. Rep. Suozzi sworn back into Congress

US Supreme Court Obstructing Justice.

If the speaker refuses to pass a funding bill to keep the government running, Democrats need to call for a vote to

Washington Passes Strippers' Bill of Rights

Another judge boots Trump from ballot for insurrection as Supreme Court takes immunity case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Musk spreading more Russian propaganda. Link added

Tragically Hip - I am in that mood. This OP is just old TTH Rock Songs, & by that I mean, just the first 4 albums.

Like a Hurricane (Unplugged)

NJ-SEN: Four county clerks say Kim's anti-line lawsuit is too late

Kentucky lawmakers advance bill allowing child support to begin with pregnancy

Michigan Dems Protest Vote & SCOTUS Tackles Bump Stock Ban - The Daily Show

Pa. election 2024: The state House races to watch as Democrats try to keep the majority

How Philly officials plan to register 2,024 young Black men to vote ahead of the November election

Trump coup trial delayed as Supreme Court agrees to hear 'presidential immunity' case - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Very cool--Helicopter seeds falling from a Shorea Siamensis tree:

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee's First 2024 Announcement of Battleground State Investments

Dreading my glucose reading tomorrow morning

GOP Senator Blocks Bill Protecting In Vitro Fertilization

CDC panel: Older US adults should get another COVID-19 shot

Pro-life groups warn Arkansans against signing 'extreme' abortion amendment petition

They postponed the feature, but the other matinee is an oldie but goodie

Dumbest querstion ever asked here at DU on Presidental Immunity

Mitch McConnell's shameful legacy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Alan Parsons Project - Some Other Time

Trump Wants a Break on $464 Million Judgment. The AG Says Trump Is Sneaking Assets to Florida.

Serbia election featured stuffed ballot boxes, watchdog says

Garland news from yesterday...

Rep. Goldman on how Dems can rein in a 'rogue Supreme Court' - The Last Word - MSNBC

All-Star Democrats Blast Republicans' "Embarrassing" Hunter Biden Deposition - Reflect

NC election results could be 30 minutes late this year. Why that's now leading to conspiracy theories

Hell yes I'm mad! Well I did something about it today!

Flamingos will group together and march while head flagging.

If they can question the legality of the assassination ...

After scotus' corrupt decision, I may resort to sheet-caking

Kimmel: Mitch McConnell Stepping Down, Melania Trump Gossip & Don Jr's Plan to Give Daddy a Boost

Fran Lebowitz on Republicans "They are racst. They are mean and they are stupid."

Maryland Senate votes for special elections to fill legislative vacancies

MN-03: This sleeper special election could determine control of Minnesota's Capitol

"Absolute Immunity" needs to become a High Priority Election issue

The Supreme Court heard and decided Bush v. Gore in THREE DAYS.

MI: Marijuana ballot proposals lose in Caro, Algonac, pass in Pontiac

Transnistria appeals to Russia for 'protection', reviving fears for Moldova breakaway region

Ex-Trump White House lawyer on how Trump may avoid election subversion trial - CNN

UK Position on Missiles, Transnistria's Plea to RU, US Aid Late March?, RU Adoption of UA Children - Professor Gerdes

'Republicans in robes': Supreme Court critics see politics behind action on Trump immunity case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Chutkan & Smith & arrogant SC & immunity case

Miniature Cyprinid Fish Can Produce Sounds over 140 dB, Ichthyologists Say

Elon Musk Ordered To Testify In Lawsuit For Falsely Linking Jewish Man To Neo-Nazi Brawl

Enabling Trump, distorting the Supreme Court define McConnell legacy as he exits leadership

tiedrich flashback feb. 28, 2020

Archeologists Uncover Huge Network Of Ancient Cities In Amazon Rainforest

Lawrence O'Donnell: SCOTUS 'threw out half of Trump's appeal' in immunity case - The Last Word - MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: The Supreme Court is suppressing evidence - The Last Word - MSNBC

Notwithstanding all the hubbub of the corrupt SCOTUS 6's machinations...

DeSantis, his Supreme Court and hard-right Legislature keep Florida on track to abolish abortion

DeSantis, his Supreme Court and hard-right Legislature keep Florida on track to abolish abortion

So much for blind Lady Justice

After the deadliest mass shooting in US history in Las Vegas, bump stocks were banned because they


CNN Host Destroys Republican in Masterclass Interview! - Pondering Politics

MSM Headlines That Piss Me Off

"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the appeals court judge just told Dona

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, timelines, and trials....

Leader Jeffries: 'This is an existential moment for the free world' - Washington Post

"it's up to the voters"

donald trump's debt live tracker

Trump Out of Cash, Hit with Bad News in Fraud Case! - Luke Beasley

Is it too late

Hunter Biden EVISCERATES partisan impeachment inquiry - Talking Feds

You Are Cash Poor

Repression Going Out of Hand: People Are Detained for Laying Blue and Yellow Flowers in Russia - UATV English

In leaked audio, Supreme Court Justice John Devine railed against "brainwashed" GOP colleagues

Former paramilitary leader returned to Colombia following US jailing

'Casually sold American democracy down the river': SCOTUS agrees to hear Trump immunity claim - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Flights cancelled as Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupts

countdown: "MY BROTHER RICHARD LEWIS IS GONE - 2.29.24"

Wow: Trump ally has worst interview of his career - Brian Tyler Cohen

'The United States could be Alabama if they're not careful': Former Sen. Doug Jones warns - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Reps. Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal make unannounced trip to Cuba: Axios

How good/bad was Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of CA?

Judge Orders Ousted MI GOP Chair To Stop Pretending To Be In Charge - Waldorf Nation

Sen. Whitehouse Chairs Budget Hearing on Economic Harms of Restricting Women's Reproductive Rights

Surely Jared and Ivanka

White powder letter sent to Trump judge at Manhattan chambers, source says

Mexico Close To Capturing 'CJNG' Leader El Mencho In 2024, According To Report

Women Unable To Get Medical Care in Entire Southern United States w/ Laurie Betram Roberts - Thom Hartmann

How Boebert's son was caught.. was wearing hoodie from Shooter's Grill, restaurant once owned by his mom

CDC braces for shortage after tetanus shot discontinued

I fucking knew it

Appeals Court Quickly ENDS Trump's Hope To Escape MASSIVE DEBT - Meidas Touch

It could be worse. It's better to have any judgement delayed until after the election than to have it go to a jury

How Ukraine Plans to Return Crimea? Military Option Is Not Excluded - UATV English

Trump co-defendant is in BIG TROUBLE after recent DAMNING discovery - Talking Feds

Aspects coming to Garland soon.

Inflated his value of his property?

Im a subscriber

These SCOTUS Justices Want to Make Same-Sex Marriage Illegal Again - Thom Hartmann

The World May Be Entering a Much Bloodier Era - David Wallace-Wells

Food packaging containing toxic "forever chemicals" no longer sold in U.S., FDA says

BHM 2024: Unsung Heroes - The Black Technologists Who Shaped Our Nation - From Lauren's Blog

Brazil's Lula urges world to act 'rapidly' on crisis-torn Haiti at Caribbean summit

Justice Department probing Boeing midair door plug blowout

Kemp Helps Fox Weaponize Murder Of Georgia Student Laken Riley

Israel Is Losing Its Greatest Asset: Acceptance

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/28/2024

France to make abortion a constitutional right after senate vote

Two politicians murdered in Mexico's avocado production area

First on CNN: White House pens letter to Fox News executives calling on network to retract bogus FBI informant claims

House Freedom Caucus mocks McConnell as '(D-Ukraine)' after retirement news

Update on my wife's green card - after four long years, the hard part is over.

What Happens if Trump Goes to Prison? - TLDR News Global

Stephen Colbert: Guest MSNBC's Chris Hayes

Older US adults should get another COVID-19 shot, health officials recommend

Family Dollar is fined over $40 million due to a rodent infestation in its warehouse

Indigenous people in Guatemala await the sentencing of 9 convicted military officers

How one Brazilian radio station is creating a space for Indigenous storytelling

Given the enthusiasm on display by ReTHUGs for

I laughed out loud:

Seth Meyers - Vehicle Carrying Kamala Harris Becomes "Momentarily Airborne" After Hitting Curb - Monologue 2/28/2024

The legacy of Mitch McConnell.

Wordle 985 (Feb 29) ***SPOILER ALERT***

I nodded my head in agreement:

New Zealand lists Hamas as terrorist group, sanctions 'extremist' Israeli settlers

Mitch McConnell Knows He Has No Place in Trump's Party

Apartheid? Occupation? Discuss

We're just a couple of pine martens looking to have a good time!

On this day, February 29, 1916, Dinah Shore was born.

Satanic Temple prepares to enter Florida schools as state moves to pass bill allowing chaplains to volunteer

Bitcoin to the moon? Here's why it's near an all-time high

On this day, February 29, 1960, the Tampa Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in began.

Swing-State Poll Shows: Biden Is Too Old But Trump Is Dangerous

Shell must clean up pollution before it leaves Niger delta, report says

Putin chose two new countries to invade. Trump tells Russia to attack NATO - The Russian Dude

Been awake all night worrying

African leaders call for equity over minerals used for clean energy

Meta accused of 'massive, illegal' data processing by European consumer groups

In Line at St. Brigid The city's campaign to push migrants out has turned their lives into an interminable loop.

Ultra-processed foods linked to 32 physical and mental health problems, review finds

You'll soon be able to ride the train between New Orleans and Atlanta again.

Wait! The GOBers failed again in an attempt to smear the Biden family?

Strike Kills Palestinians Waiting for Aid

Happy LEAP DAY!....but seriously, shouldn't we have the day off?

Healthcare providers hit by frozen payments in ransomware outage

UN appeals for $674 million as gang violence in Haiti escalates with killings and sexual violence

Republican brags about $1.4M children's hospital funding she tried and failed to block

I couldn't sleep because of this bullshit.

On this day, February 29, 1940, Hattie McDaniel became the first African American to win an Academy Award.

Trump Wants a Break on $464 Million Judgment. The AG Says Trump Is Sneaking Assets to Florida.

Same event - contrast how it's reported from by Israel and by Arab world

Elie Honig wrote the book "Untouchable" "How Powerful People Get Away With It.

An invisible chemical is poisoning thousands of unsuspecting warehouse workers

Smokehouse Creek Fire Now 2X Area Of Metro Houston; 1.1 Million Acres; 2nd Largest In US Record

Wealthy Health Chain Closing 2 Hospitals; St. Joes in Chippewa Falls WI and Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI

Does the Supreme Court decision stop all Federal prosecutions in their tracks?

In Taking Up Trump's Immunity Claim, Supreme Court Bolstered His Delay Strategy (NYT)

Duncan the golden retriever weighed in 92 pounds last month after 30 days on a diet he weighed in at vets.

New York Attorney General Sues Meat Processor JBS Over Climate Claims

EIA - US Output From Renewables Dropped 0.8% During 2023, Thanks To Low Reservoir Levels, Slower Winds

John Fetterman Wants You to Lay Off Lauren Boebert After Son's Arrest

So if the Supreme Court decides presidential immunity exists...

I managed a short, post tornado warning nap, yesterday and woke to see this

An Estimated 7,000 North Pacific Humpback Whales Died 2013 - 2021; Starvation From Warming Seas Likely Cause

Adam Schiff Asks, Would Garland Have Indicted Trump

Breakfast: Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Drive Bye - Swiss & Die Andern & Lost Boi Lino

The tornado that hit Grand Blanc, MI is classified as an EF-2 with 115 mph winds

With the current USSC "Alice In Wonderland" rationale for accepting TFG's immunity claim,

Pennsylvania governor unveils election security task force to mitigate threats to the 2024 vote

This is the way you roast the Cult


Denver Closing Four Migrant Shelters to Save $60 Million, Mayor Says

Lauren Boebert's Son Allegedly Robbed Woman With Brain Tumor, Committed Crimes With Girl He Made Sex Tape With

This woman was checking me out this morning at Sheetz

It's Leap Year today!

Republican Makes TOTAL FOOL of Himself on Live TV - Against All Enemies

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Yellen discusses state of the economy, importance of aid for Ukraine - PBS NewsHour

America's Largest Companies Dodged Nearly $300 Billion In Taxes, Report Finds

Image Dump 2/29/24

The Rundown: February 29, 2024

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/28/2024

Art of the Week: Week of 02/28/24

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 29, 2024

😃🇺🇸🐸🦵🏻🦵🏻🗓️❗️Yum 😋 or Yuk 🤢❓

So if SCOTUS grants Trump immunity

Biggest UK Water Company, After Filling Rivers W. Shit, Wants 40% Rate Hike, Lower Fines, Keep Paying Dividends

Lauren Boebert's son robbed a woman with a brain tumor: police

China Sued for Property Losses - Bondholders Launch Legal Action Over Guarantees By State Companies - Joe Blogs

Palestinian deaths in Gaza pass 30,000 as witnesses say Israeli forces fire on crowd waiting for aid

Federal Judge In TX Blocks USDOE Efforts To Monitor Electricity Use By Cryptocurrency "Industry"

Ultra-processed food raises risk of cancer, diabetes -- and depression

I'm hoping Boberts Kid while in prison.

Presidential immunity should work against Trump

US SEC to vote on long-awaited climate disclosure rule, notice says

Mitch McConnell's Legacy Is Donald Trump

Pope Hilarius died on this day in 468

Supreme Court Will Likely Rule Against Donald Trump--Here's Why

Yes, Virginia, "Ultra-processed foods damage health and shorten life"

MY BROTHER RICHARD LEWIS IS GONE - 2.29.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

This go round the Plan could be a simple

Cooper's Hawk fans its tail in Central Park, NYC

Economic Crisis 'Hits New Low'; Russia Fears China Invasion; Australia's China Spy Fears - China Update

I love this ad, and today it's very appropriate...

Key Fed inflation measure rose 0.4% in January as expected, up 2.8% from a year ago

Exact scotus wording here: "official acts" don't need judication. It's the unofficial acts that do.

Our goal is to keep Trump out of the White House

Lawrence O'Donnell: Katyal and Tribe on SCOTUS agreeing to hear Trump Immunity Case: 19 min

Eric Holder: There is no cavalry coming. We have to save our democracy by voting in defense of that democracy this fall.

"Surprising colour combinations" define Raw Color's IKEA collection

Jobless claims tick up in latest week

Now that everyone's ranting about the Supreme Court, let me offer a reality check...

IanTurnbull on seeing Trump with Putin "It's really creepy. Like a 12 year old boy meeting football captain 'My hero"

Caitlin Clark breaks Lynette Woodard's forgotten scoring record, 18 points from passing Pete Maravich

Medprostor tops 12th-century church in Slovenia with folding roof

2023 tax refunds running late?


Rachel & Lawrence joined Chris Hayes last night. Listen to what Lawrence says in this clip about SCOTUS


Al Franken tells a story of Amy Klobuchar's joke about Ted Cruz (4:26)

Jimmy Dorsey was born on this date.

Prosecutors in hush money case plan to use quotes from Trump's books against him at trial, filing says

Breaking - IDF troops open fire on a crowd in Gaza

US Applications for Jobless Benefits Rise but Remain Historically Low Despite Recent Layoffs

Follow me for more recipes

Turning Point dolt insinuates voter fraud on Twitter, gets caught and roasted, leaves the post up.

California 2024 U.S. Senate Poll: Schiff 28%, Garvey 20%, Porter 17%; 17% undecided

On This Day: Columbus intimidates indigenous Jamaicans with knowledge of eclipse - Feb. 29, 1504

Rick Wilson Compares the GOPand their Embrace of Nazis to "Turds in a Punchbowl"

Weekly Skews - 2/27/24 - Our Own Worst Enemy

New study links hospital privatization to worse patient care

My latest anxiety trigger - who is going to be the new GQOP Senate Minority Leader?

Ted Lieu re -SCOTUS action: if the trial is delayed until after November, we will see THE LARGEST BLUE WAVE IN HISTORY.


My Girl

Josie at the beach with her friends

It doesn't matter if he loses. He is never going away.

Would it be possible to keep OLD threads from reappearing as Latest because of a new reply hitting a DU Milestone #?

We might not have had any donations yesterday or the ActBlue mail is late (donation links)

Trump team lawyer's texts show shadow effort to disqualify Fani Willis -

for those that claim homosexuality is unnatural

CA-SEN: Schiff (D) and Garvey (R) Lead in California's Jungle Primary

Trump lawyers panicked by plan to use quotes from his books in hush money trial

Pity the nation

Gun store owner: Weapon traced to scene of Burnsville shooting was straw purchased

Why America's Richest Universities Are Protecting Hate-Filled Foreign Students

On this day, February 29, 2012, Davy Jones of The Monkees died.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 29, 2024


That lovely moment when you first learn about the presence of rodents in your home.

Romeo Void - Never Say Never

trump COMPLETELY LOSES IT on Video of Himself HE POSTED

D.C. Housing Authority officer shot in Navy Yard area; suspect in custody

A Canadian coaltion of Liberal-NDP parties have brought in dental and now pharmacare for all.

Senator Jeff Merkley: U.S. "Complicit in Starvation and Humanitarian Catastrophe" in Gaza

Attempts to hire a hearse to take Navalny to his own funeral have been blocked -spokesperson

Just voted in Ohio

A tangential political analogy which might (or might not) be of some interest:

Republicans used to back Ukraine. Then came middle fingers in Alabama.

Name a cereal that you loved that is no longer made and wish it was because you loved it.

Happy Leap Day - oh boy.

Eff "tradition"! Eff "decorum"! The American people need to hear from the Supreme Court TODAY!

One more Grand Blanc, MI tornado post - this one with a video

Marijuana use and health risks

Sen. Merkley: McConnell Paralyzed the Senate & Turned Supreme Court into "Far-Right Legislature"

FDA finds problems at animal lab run by Musk's brain implant company

Biden Says Reported Firing on Gaza Food Line Will Complicate Truce Talks

Ignored by 'Oppenheimer,' atomic test victims speak out

Israel Kills 104 Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid as U.N. Expert Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza

That's entertainment!

William Gibson's pioneering classic Neuromancer Is Finally Getting Its Long-Awaited Adaptation

2nd tweet--Dog doesn't just mock the human's injured foot--he piles it on by circling the person:

Maricopa County Recorder claps back with the TRUTH at Turning Point member's voting fraud lies

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 29, 2024)

Older US adults should get another COVID-19 shot, health officials recommend

Note to non committed

Jimmy Fallon Has Done More Damage To Pres. Joe Biden Than Any.....

Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Intensive Care + Keep Britain Untidy

The River in 3 Forms

Judge blocks Texas law that gives police broad powers to arrest migrants who illegally enter US

The Mystery of Urban Rage - by maxrandb

U.S. senators urge President Biden to deploy Navy hospital ship to treat Gazans

Ultra-processed food linked to 32 harmful effects to health, review finds

Trump appeals Illinois judge's ruling to remove him from ballot in March 19 primary

US proposes to strengthen airline passenger wheelchair regulations

Turning Point Action rep gets schooled in her attempt to push vote fraud conspiracy

OK, about my recent post regarding State Farm

Trump was never 'hinged'.

The sooner the better

US spends billions on roads rather than public transport in 'climate time bomb'

Why Republicans Sold Their Souls for Trump (w/ John Avlon) The Bulwark Podcast

As Sports Illustrated sputters, its owners throw a party for 'the brand'

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Everything You Didn't Know About Her Sh*tty Past - Hysteria

Judge - Bringin' It Down [Full Album] 1989

This notorious Russian hacking group is threatening to release Trump court documents

How a showdown between Central Valley Democrats could help the GOP keep control of Congress

13,000 dead children in Gaza

Pic Of The Moment: Lol At What Being A Loyal Republican Gets You These Days

How a showdown between Central Valley Democrats could help the GOP keep control of Congress

Question.Could the the Judges that are NOW in the middle of their trials (and Smith)

Happy leap year day! Yours?

I must have misheard Stephanie Miller saying Dean Phillips is ready to join Nikki Haley on a ticket

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Media switching from covering the odds to covering what's at stake

Mind blowing: What AI can do from a single picture now (Tweets of EMO creations)

Will/can Garland stop prosecution near the election by following the DOJ rule re elections?

Democrats will protect Mike Johnson over Ukraine aid vote, Jeffries suggests

Why do some people continue to trust

Why the Supremes Ruling on the Presidential Immunity Case is a WIN-WIN!

Texas law allowing police to arrest migrants suspected of being in country illegally blocked by federal judge

Texas law allowing police to arrest migrants suspected of being in country illegally blocked by federal judge

Despite the cynicism among folks who pay close attention to Trump's trials

Texts Show Witness Readily Helped Build a Case to Disqualify Trump Prosecutors

Pig Butchering Scams: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Romney would "absolutely not" vote for Trump

McConnell successor, who would be worse,

I couldn't resist ..

HIS court

Free to spit on the law

'The fix is in': Coup trial delay reveals Supreme Court 'in cahoots' with Trump

allan01bear calling earlg, allano1bear callling earl g, please contact me via pm. thanks ./

A simple way to get microplastics out of your water

Berkeley public schools hit with complaint alleging 'severe and persistent' antisemitic bullying

Pug Won't Let His Mom Go To The Club

Today's Tiedrich rant: ha ha ha ha Donald Trump can't pay for his appeal and the judge told him tough shit

Alabama House passes bill to protect IVF

Woman Spends Months Helping An Octopus Protect Her Eggs

This rings so true.

I copied this from FB this morning So true

Court hands Texas a win in case challenging $1.7 trillion federal funding bill

Odds on the Supremes actions

Hunter Biden testifies behind closed doors in GOP inquiry

In first vote, Oregon legislative committee passes bill to unwind drug legalization law

SCOTUS appointed a president in 2000. They're fucking us again.

January 2019, Munich, We had snow then.

Former WA House Republican leader will not seek re-election

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #16-4: It's The End Of Democracy As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) Edition

Grim Reaper - See You in Hell

Red State AGs Keep Trying to Kill Ballot Measures by a Thousand Cuts

Alabama House and Senate approve bills aimed at protecting in vitro fertilization after personhood ruling

WA lawmakers hear debate on parental rights initiative

Glenn Kirschner utterly destroys the GOP Supreme Court for protecting the Degenerate. - Dean Obeidallah

Heywood testifies and tense exchanges at hearing on police pursuit initiative

Initiative to prohibit income taxes in Washington has its day in Olympia

It seems inevitable, but...

Why Isn't Our Media Presenting Donald Trump as America's Modern-Day Benedict Arnold?

I Have a Suggestion:

Gold Fever - Rick Springfield why he's always been more than just a pretty faced teen idol!

Cartoons 2/29/2024

After my initial visceral reaction to yesterday's SCOTUS 'abortion' of a decision to grant centuri

To ban or embrace ChatGPT? Local teachers fight AI with AI -- or don't

SCOTUS: What are they doing?

Oklahoma's Anti-LGBTQ Superintendent Confronted to His Face About Nex Benedict's Death - The Humanist Report

Gold Fever- Why Rick Springfield has always been more than a pretty faced teen idol!

Group tied to anti-abortion Trump mega-donors pours money into Alabama supreme court race

'We don't need air con': how Burkina Faso builds schools that stay cool in 40C heat


thank goodness the msm saved us from al gore, who lied about having "invented" the internet.

A priest, a rabbit and a minister walk into a bar.

People displaced by climate crisis to testify in first-of-its-kind hearing in US

Texas Panhandle wildfires: Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned more than 1 million acres, making it the largest in state

Speaker johnson becoming the butt of Polish jokes

Washington State's largest labor union endorses 'uncommitted' over Biden

Want to let the Sinister Six know your feelings?

Pooty Poot waves his nuclear peepee at the west

Child in Gaza City pulled alive from rubble after nine days

Fact check: Trump falsely claims Justice Department rules say candidates can't be prosecuted in the middle of a campaign

Exclusive: Musk's Neuralink brain implant company cited by FDA over animal lab issues

Trump finally forced to make confession he's been dreading - Brian Tyler Cohen

US Department of Labor obtains court judgment ordering Idaho Falls restaurant to pay $319K for illegal tip sharing,....

olive branch?

Wendy's is denying that they are testing "surge pricing" during busy hours *

Triumph - Lay It On the Line

Ex-WH Doc Who Raved About Trump's Health Throws The Most Hypocritical Tantrum Ever

Trump Co Defendant caught lying

Israeli Airliner Runs into Red Sea Problems

The Transportation Department proposes new rules for how airlines handle wheelchairs

The Supreme Court just suddenly gave Judge Aileen Cannon "even more power"


Reporter Asks Hunter Biden Offensive Question After Hearing

After record summer, Florida looks set to ban local heat protections for workers

Time to pull the plug on violent dictator Netanyahu.

Tradition? Fuck tradition.

SCOTUS speculation (I admit it's probably wish-casting)

DJ Narrows - Dreams (Original Narrows Mix + Morph Mix) - UK Dark Garage released on Ressurection in 2002 🖤

Breakaway region in Europe asks Russia for protection

CDC braces for shortage after tetanus shot discontinued, issues new guidance

'Jeopardy!' Under Fire From Conservative Viewers - Here's Why

Fridge failures: LG says angry owners can't sue, company points to cardboard box

LAT: Man who sought to spark 'race war' pleads guilty to firebombing O.C. Planned Parenthood clinic

Looking for dental-insurance suggestions

LOL!!! The transcript of Hunter Biden's testimony must be GOOOOD!!

E. Jean Carroll responds to trump's Slimy attempt to stay judgment in Defamation case

Slave Play: No 10 criticises black-only audiences

Interesting document from Toyota about hybrids vs EVs

Jud Strunk - Daisy a Day

The False Promise of Carbon Capture as a Climate Solution

Center for American Progress head: Halt arm deliveries to Israel

Further conversations with "my" companion aka "dog"

Here is something to be aware of

Let this begin the Senate Minority Leader Hunger Games

The Intercept leaked NYT feature on Hamas sexual violence.

France again floats idea of sending non-combat troops to Ukraine

Beautiful day today. Love this time of year.

Optimism and a Call to Fight

After Thoroughly F**king Over America, Mitch McConnell Decides to Treat Himself to a Break

Dental insurance. Question

Mick Mars - Killing Breed

Senator Jeff Merkley : U.S. "Complicit in Starvation and Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza"

Does the Presidential pardon not make formers presidents immune from prosecution?

You raised $821.00 on February 28, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (email was very late today)

Tenacious D covers Brittney Spears 🎶😆

Alabama Sen. Katie Britt to deliver GOP's SOTU response

In today's edition of "How stupid is Tommy Tuberville?" - Immigrants don't know about God.

The Sinister Six may be dithering and dilly dallying, but you know who isn't?

You raised $15.00 on February 28, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine (email was late)

Democrats' 'Shrinkflation' Bill Would Crack Down On Practice At Grocery Stores

Dumpster Fire is broke

Gaza Nightmare

What kind of track record does Bloomberg/Morning Consult have so far?

Here is E. Jean Carroll's response to TFG's request for either no or a reduced bond in the federal defamation case

The House approves another short-term extension to avoid a shutdown. Senators are up next to vote

Federal Judge Halts Texas' Controversial New Immigration Law

Exposed TFG wealth claim

Love The One You're With - Stephen Stills

So NBC put a halo around Trump's head

Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm

Problem: Democrats are process-oriented and bar fights aren't

Labor News & Commentary February 25, 2024 Swedish economists debate Tesla's anti-collective bargaining stance & more

My personal impressions after Terrence Bradley's testimony

Boebert family drama should be off-limits politically.

Can a trial happen after election and finish before inauguration

RFK Jr. qualifies for Hawaii ballot

Abbott Plays Politics And Fundraises As Largest Fire In Texas History Decimates Panhandle

In tears today at the dentist. Getting a dental crown was extremely painful, even with local anesthesia...

Former U.S. ambassador admits to serving as secret agent for Cuba

I'm accustomed to DU being a secure connection

Health Summary of President Biden

Ted Bundy Bludgeoned, Almost Killed Me, Survivor: Serial Killer, Not An 'Evil Genius'

This is my youngest Granddaughters first election.

Democrats Demand Stronger Labor Protections in US Chips Push

Over 25,000 women and children killed by Israel in Gaza- Pentagon chief

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 29, 2024

Opinion McConnell retiring to spend more time eroding the rights of his family

Help, someone. My mailbox suddenly has no messages. I want to sent mail to someone.


More than 30 news outlets sign letter in solidarity with Gaza journalists

New York City ranks safest among big US cities for gun violence, new research reveals

GOP Senator: IVF Leads To "Animal-Human Chimeras"

Phoenix police searching for man wanted in deadly road rage shooting

just heard from a friend that is snoring @3000 thoousand feet now , said a blizzard is coming

How long until theres a "leak"......

Far-right activists break into Gaza, try to reestablish Israeli settlement

I need advice on a voicemail app for my android.

Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira to plead guilty: Sources

It's just occurred to me, even after Biden wins the whitehouse in November......

breaking weather news for sonora (not snoring) ca , THUNDERSTORMS . am hearing thunder off in the

Sen. Merkley: McConnell Paralyzed the Senate & Turned Supreme Court into "Far-Right Legislature"

Daniel Dale just said Biden didn't lie once during his speech at the border

Reminds me why I love The President: Since the campaign, through addressing the nation

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - Theory of Art

Cheato is so scared and intimidated by Gov. Newsom

Caitlin's going pro

Tesla must face racism class action from 6,000 Black workers, judge rules

"Truth Social" sued by co-founders


Nicolle Wallace: 'SCOTUS willing to listen to the Ridiculous argument that America has a King'

Anne Applebaum: Why Is Trump Trying to Make Ukraine Lose?

McConnell Had the Power to Stop Trump and He Refused (New York Magazine)

State attorney rips SCOTUS for throwing 'sand in the gears of justice' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

IRS launches crackdown on 125,000 wealthy 'non-filers'

Supreme Court warning SURGES into national spotlight

Andrew Weissmann: The Supreme Court has given Trump the win - Morning Joe - MSNBC

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 1 March 2024

Will Jean Carroll be able to obtain info on TFG's donators that pay any part of his $464 million bond

Putin warns about nuclear forces, new weapons in annual address - CBS News

After record summer, Florida looks set to ban local heat protections for workers

Not so fast on the multi-billion dollar merger Trump is hoping will keep his crumbling enterprise afloat

**We're projecting cherry blossom peak bloom to fall between March 23 - 26 this year. 🌸🌸🌸

How serious are Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats against NATO? - DW News

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

A confused Trump, trying to sound knowledgable about the border, refers to Title 42 as "Title 2"

Unpacking the Supreme Court's decision to take up Trump's Immunity Case - MSNBC Reports

Maryland Statehouse on Lockdown - Breaking 6.00PM

I don't blame Garland as the sole responsible party...

Neighbors today

Lisa Rubin: The question SCOTUS has agreed to resolve is a narrow one - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Just checking in

Jailed gang-leader mastermind behind assassination of Ecuadorian presidential candidate will head to trial with four oth

Cory Booker is on Stephen Colbert tonight, (leap day night)

Posted this in TV chat too......

Why Mitch McConnell decided to step down from leadership in November?

'Nobody is coming to rescue us, it's on us now': Andrew Weissmann and Charlie Sykes react to SCOTUS - Deadline - MSNBC

Demographic crisis in Japan and South Korea as birthrates reach new record lows.

Channel 5 in flint just had a bit on.

Elsbeth - CBS this evening

'Friends,' next door:

Prosecutors plan to use text from trump's own book in the Hush money case against him- Nicole Wallace

WKRP -- God Talks To Johnny

I've always said that there is beauty everywhere!

She is on fire.

Southern MD sunset 2/29

'Hound them': Supreme Court faces flood of protests over Trump immunity case

Donald Trump's affection for Vladimir Putin is 'really creepy' says Fmr. Australian Prime Minister - Deadline - MSNBC

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins Nicolle Wallace - Deadline - MSNBC

Tiptoe through the

Are there more folk singers in Newfoundland than other provinces/states?

Former Rep. Justin Amash enters Michigan's jumbled GOP Senate primary

NYC subway conductor stabbed in neck sticking head out of A train cabin: 'Enough is enough'

GOP senator blocks federal bill to protect IVF - Way Too Early - MSNBC

Two Presidents Visit The Border (Lincoln Project)

Breaking on Ari: cheato wants an Aug. trial for documents case

Comer Is SHOCKED By Reporter Telling The Truth

Haiti's capital paralysed by gunfire as gang boss threatens police chief and ministers