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Mark Warner's Tuna Melt Sandwich Recipe

Oregon lawmaker suggests non-Christians are unfit for elected office

"This is this."

Trump's CFO, Allen Weisselberg, to plead guilty to perjury for lying at Trump's NY fraud trial - Glenn Kirschner

California man pleads guilty to stalking after calling for antisemitic and anti-Asian violence

Texas may well be seceding:

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)

Non-alcoholic wine or bourbon?

So let's check in on the world's finest judicial system 10 months out from the election ...

U.S. strikes Iran-backed militias in retaliation for deadly attack on American troops - PBS NewsHour

Trump loyalist Weisselberg will ADMIT TO LYING in court - Talking Feds

Youth Fight Back as Biden DOJ Seeks to Derail Historic Climate Case

January Job Growth - The Lincoln Project

Rough going with the rescues

Poland to withdraw court cases against EU climate policies

For the win 👏🏻👏🏻🏆

Short on cash, El Salvador doubles down on Bitcoin dream

Presenter of Channel 4's A Place in the Sun Jonnie Irwin dies at 50

Exactly, just how many Iranian's are considered Revolutionary Guard? The ones that enforce their

Analysis-'Open warfare': Philippines' Marcos-Duterte alliance crumbles

Loser Kari Lake's Campaign Is In Massive Debt - Waldorf Nation

A Biden Doctrine for the Middle East Is Forming. And It's Big.

Investors withdraw Exxon climate proposal after court complaint

'If you harm an American, we will respond': Biden on U.S. strikes in Middle East - The Beat - MSNBC

Hunting The Monkey Torturers

Iranian Guards adviser killed in Israeli strike on Damascus - Iranian news sites

So Judge Chutkan has to delay trump's Jan 6th trial because the DC court

DeSantis is playing a dangerous game by sending his Florida State Guard to Texas

Babies Killed In Gaza Are 'Not Innocent Palestinian Civilians,' House Republican Says

Judge Gets EXTRA AMMO to CRUSH Trump Just In Time - Meidas Touch

Birds of a Feather: List of Sex Allegations Against Trump's Circle

Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law

Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law

Carl Weathers, linebacker-turned-actor who starred in 'Rocky' movies and 'The Mandalorian,' dies

the idiot is trying to fundraise off biden using the f word about him

About Fani Willis

Tracking the new developments across Trump's legal cases - MSNBC Reports

Armenia can no longer rely on Russia for military and defence needs - PM Pashinyan

How the Russia-Ukraine War Emboldened Iran - William Spaniel

Poll: 37% of Russians wish Russia hadn't invaded Ukraine

Senators reach a deal on border policy bill. Now it faces an uphill fight to passage

Belgium summons Israeli ambassador after its building in Gaza is bombed

Trump PAC Paid to Investigate Stupidity of Trump's Own Lawyers

Sunni vs, Shia....what's the issue that keeps them apart? Which faction reflects true Islam?

Andrew Weissmann: 'This would be a very bad development for Donald Trump' - Deadline - MSNBC

He Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct. Then Trump Hired Him.

Guilty plea for ex-CFO is a problem for Orange Bumpkin

Gazans fear Israeli attack on their last refuge; US launches retaliatory strikes

US Judge Won't Shield Yelp From Texas Lawsuit Over Crisis Pregnancy Center Notices

Chinese Economy: Foreign Investor Sentiment; Ukraine-China; Politburo Session - China Update

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders election officials to put Dean Phillips on presidential primary ballot

ICYMI, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow!

*Tammy Duckworth on C. Hayes show now.

Minnesota man accused of assembling an arsenal to attack police is sentenced to nearly 7 years

Trump risks backlash as MAGA world zeroes in on Taylor Swift

After hospital shooting, New Hampshire lawmakers consider bills to restrict, expand access to guns

@tedCruz asks if you were better off 4 years ago? "for just about every person in America, the answer is hell no"

Don Murray, Oscar-Nominated Star of 'Bus Stop,' Dies at 94

X posted from GD. Anyone seen or heard from Panader0?

Anyone seen or heard from Panader0?

The E. Jean Carrol case should be enough


How Taylor Swift became the latest target of right-wing conspiracy theorists

Providence approves first state-sanctioned safe injection site in Rhode Island

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US, Iran, and responses....

Fani Willis SHUTS DOWN Trump's Attack, BEATS HIM DOWN in Filing - Meidas Touch

World Court says it will hear part of Russia-Ukraine genocide case

E Jean Carroll: "You have to have ovaries of steel just to wake up in the morning & face the onslaught of hatred."

New video appears to show aftermath of US strikes in Iraq - CNN

'Iranian proxies' targeted in over 85 U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for drone deaths - The ReidOut MSNBC

Wisconsin Supreme Court agrees to hear governor's lawsuit against GOP-controlled Legislature

Prosecutors in classified files case say Trump team's version of events 'inaccurate and distorted'

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

A Vermont mom called police to talk to her son about stealing. He ended up handcuffed and sedated

World's tallest flagpole project not gonna happen

New Polls Show Good News for Democrats in Ohio Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

Karol Chwiesiuk: Chicago cop who stormed US Capitol with his sister sentenced to probation, home confinement

'More airstrikes and Tomahawk missiles': How U.S. may continue targeting Iran-backed militia groups - The ReidOut MSNBC

What are words for?

Friday Talking Points -- Rightwing Heads Exploding

Yogi on jazz:

Judge dismisses case against Michigan man accused of threatening Biden, Harris

Fani Willis shuts down Orange Julius Caesar's attack

Don't look now but Eloon Musk is going full replacement theory.

MAGA Manic Over TAYLOR SWIFT Cant Shake Off The Illuminati Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Albuquerque, NM: 2nd defendant pleads guilty in drive-by shootings on homes of Democratic lawmakers

'Sigh of frustration': Trump Jan. 6 trial delayed pending immunity appeal - All In - MSNBC

'Total about face': Zelensky appears to reverse on firing top general - CNN

Vince McMahon is under federal investigation surrounding sex trafficking allegations, sources say

Misinformation spreads in China on 'civil war' in Texas

Statement from President Joe Biden on the January Jobs Report

Can the 14th Amendment Actually Stop Trump? Historians Issue Dire Warning - Thom Hartmann

*Not* a total nudist/vegan here, just like to get out of clothes,

02 Feb: Ukrainians conduct a successful counter attack. Russian gains reduced to zero. - Reporting from Ukraine

2 arrests made in tagging of downtown L.A. skyscraper under construction

U.S. 'has over-relied on military force,' says ex-Army Ranger Rep. Crow - All In - MSNBC

EU imposes sanctions on Guatemala officials for role in attempted coup

Planet of the Apes '68 - opening scene

Thirty Two Short Films About Hating Taylor Swift (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Sean Rowe

Young men are becoming right wing, while young women are doing the opposite. This is a problem.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appointee resigns after documents reveal he had sex with a minor

Latin America's biggest arms dealer Diego Dirsio is arrested in Argentina after a month on the run

UA Forces Carpet Bomb Iranian Bases. (live from the Enforcer)

Interplay between three intersecting legal stories

Could our Universe be a simulation? How would we even tell?

2023 was the RNC's worst year for fundraising since 1993.

The mailman brought me something interesting today! Have a look . . .

Trump Forgets He Lost In Court - Raw News And Politics

Melania and the kids could end all this losing

The Happy Groundhog Trump Song - Bruce W. Nelson

Primary season is here -- Here is what you need to know

Three weeks into my dry (God, I need a drink!) fitness program,

Humble Pie - I Walk on Gilded Splinters

RELEASE: Greg Abbott Escalates Border Standoff by Mobilizing MAGA Extremists

RELEASE: Greg Abbott Escalates Border Standoff by Mobilizing MAGA Extremists

Are People in Florida Really Crazy? Filming in Public Social Experiment , TOO APREE !

Landscape taken with Olympus mirrorless in 2012

Argentina lawmakers have approved Milei's sweeping reform bill but much negotiating remains

Court blocks Florida law barring Chinese citizens from owning property


Andy Kim Leads Tammy Murphy in NJ Senate Poll

Lockport couple latest Illinois residents to be charged in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Hot Tuna - Water Song

Does any one use the Dexcom G7 Continious Gluclose Monitor here?

Bach Prelude C Maj.

The moment terrified cat makes a friend

Mr. Leon Redbone

Top Trump ally now primed for prison after massive mistake - Brian Tyler Cohen

Mr. Leon Redbone

Musk is just awful:

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/2/24

NY-03: Suozzi (D) laps Pilip (R) in fundraising ahead of New York special election

Fani Willis unyielding amid Trump co-defendant's misconduct accusations, GOP predation - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Watch Out for Alligators - Grunland Cartoon

US retaliates after deadly drone attack in Jordan

"Things can get ROWDY out there" Green 200% 25"+

CA-47: The race to succeed Katie Porter is getting nasty. Really nasty.

Harris caps off SC charge ahead of Dems' first-in-the-nation primary

Fox hosts forced to grudgingly admit economy booming under Biden

Fox hosts forced to grudgingly admit Biden economy's booming - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tennessee's Legislature Can't Move Past the Bitter Clashes of 2023

Ben Rhodes: U.S. airstrikes make Gaza ceasefire 'a little more complicated' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

South Dakota apologizes, pays transgender advocacy group $300,000 for discrimination

clarence thomas being sued over his taxes

Wisconsin Supreme Court accepts Evers lawsuit against 'legislative vetoes'

MI: Redistricting commissioner responds to allegations of impropriety

Michigan redistricting commission meets court deadline for new metro Detroit state House maps

Meme to share:

Barkley has a stern message for 'losers' hating on Taylor Swift coverage during NFL game

WI: Consultants find GOP, conservative maps 'partisan gerrymanders,' Dem plans largely meet court criteria

MN: Senate leader Dziedzic (D) says she'll leave top post amid health complications

Good size earthquake in Oklahoma 5.1

San Fran: Poll Shows Lurie Beating London Breed by 18 Points Head-to-Head, But Breed Still Leads in Ranked Choice

Far-right AfD party in Germany sees drop in polling - DW News

AZ: GOP proposal would ask voters to guarantee life sentences for child sex traffickers

Texas Progressives taking on state's GOP-stacked supreme court - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Target stops selling product dedicated to Civil Rights icons after TikTok video shows errors

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 10 Oregon Republicans out of the race....

"It will not end here": Disney appeals judge's dismissal of Ron DeSantis lawsuit

"It will not end here": Disney appeals judge's dismissal of Ron DeSantis lawsuit

NY-03: Hochul, backing Tom Suozzi, calls race for Santos' seat her 'top priority'

Unfathomable DC Appeals Court Delay Leads To Trump Trial Being Delayed - Rodecast

NY-03: Tom Suozzi and Mazi Melesa Pilip jaw over gun safety as election to replace Santos nears

NY-03: Early voting begins Saturday in 3rd Congressional District special election

NY-03:Race To Replace George Santos Nears Finish Line

Free Speech Lover RFK Jr. Loses Bid to Punish Online Critic

Doc Watson & David Grisman - Black Mountain Rag (Live 1998)

Great news: EU passes $50B aid package for Ukraine. Now, it's critical that the U.S. Congress follows

India: 'BJP not going to field any sitting MPs in Lok Sabha election': Akhilesh Yadav

'This is not going to go away': Debate rages over continued Willis role in Trump prosecution - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Election 2024: L.A. City Council District 12 tussle between Lee and Oberstein

Phoenix-area official calls on Hobbs to push for emergency election reform measure

Armageddon Update: Pentagon Psy Op????

Two Republican members booted from Oklahoma County Election Board

Nikki Haley Is A Moron

Senegal Considers Postponing Election Pending Probe Into Validation Process

For those despairing re: court news, a lawyer who prosecuted Trump has things to say.

Biden's Economy Messes Up Trump's Message

MA: Adams, Marci face off in special election Feb. 6 for vacant state House seat

Competing interests add peril to U.S. retaliation for military deaths - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

MD: Nick Mosby has yet to file for re-election as council president amid testimony at ex-wife's trial

No safe places for fascists:

Breakfast Saturday 3 February 2024

U.S. Quietly Resumes Deportation Flights Deep Into Mexico

Northern Ireland to elect Irish nationalist First Minister in historic shift

Tall tales with Putin

GA: Paper ballots focus of latest election reform push

A Confederate general refused to surrender and fled to Mexico. Texas park named for him is the center of this standoff

Indiana State Police investigating potential election fraud in St. Joseph County

'It's a disaster' - Texans express concern with lax response to mail theft boom across state, country

Morning Ocean Wave Sounds at Baker Beach, San Francisco, California for Sleep and Study ASMR

Judge dismisses election official's mail ballot lawsuit in North Dakota

Montana Ski Area Closed Indefinitely

A lawsuit has been filed against Ohio's attorney general over his rejection of an amendment to change election laws

Portugal's far-right closes in on mainstream parties before March election

Steven Beschloss: Haley's idea of pardoning Trump if she were president, of "moving on and no longer

Steve Schmidt Reacts To Joe Biden Calling Trump 'A Sick F**K' In Private

After enacting strict abortion bans, Oklahoma GOP lawmakers seek more restrictions

Ohio Attorney General given until Monday to explain rejection of voting rights amendment to court

Circuit judges mess up voting rights: Marc Elias

Florida Lawmakers Attempt to Limit THC Potency Before Potential Vote on Adult-Use Cannabis Ballot Measure


New Jersey political operative charged with mail ballot fraud

What a wimp: Speaker Johnson.

What is being Concealed in trump's Hidden Room in Mar-a-Lago Hold? -Stephanie Miller

'This is a good economy': Fed Chair after blockbuster jobs report - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

#Florida advocates launch effort to put #Medicaid expansion on 2026 ballot The Hill

'A very effective response': U.S. launches retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The amount of unnecessary libel against trans people by powerful people who pretend

Trump's federal election trial postponed indefinitely. Did Trump get what he wanted? - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How would a national Democratic abortion rights law, or a Republican ban, work?

Fulton DA Fani Willis says relationship with Trump prosecutor shouldn't disqualify her

Prosecutors hit back at Trump's accusations of political bias in classified documents case

Can a Mandatory Military Draft Stop the Next Endless War? - Thom Hartmann

US unveils charges, seizures linked to Iranian oil network

Feds won't restore protections for gray wolves, propose national recovery plan

DEVASTATING Amicus Brief BURIES Trump with A HISTORY LESSON - Meidas Touch

Florida Sheriff defends deputy after woman speeds off in his car and kills 2

Sustainability limits needed for CO2 removal: Science Policy Forum.

A second man pleads guilty in shootings targeting New Mexico Democratic officials' homes

The MAGA GOP Attacks Attempt to COVER UP this about Biden - Against All Enemies

Tesla ordered to pay $1.5 million over alleged hazardous waste violations in California

Why German gas importers are angry with the US over pause on new LNG export permits - DW News

Oklahoma rattled by shallow 5.1 magnitude earthquake

Abbott Labs must face lawsuit over PediaSure height claims

The RNC chairwoman calls for unity as the party faces a cash crunch and attacks by some Trump allies

Group will appeal court ruling that Georgia voter challenges don't violate federal law

North Carolina redistricting lawsuit tries fair election claim to overturn GOP lines

Nebraska Tribes and Native Voters Come Out On Top in Redistricting Lawsuit

WI: Why GOP Redistricting Gambit Failed

Habitat, flood and drought control, carbon sequestration. Wetlands do it all.

Republican Grifter Has No Limits, Attacks Nikki Haley After Praising Her - Pondering Politics

San Fran pop

DETROIT CITY COUNCIL: Residents have their say on new districts

The Bidens: keep this photo handy

Miami redistricting trial gets underway amid talks of possible settlement

Texas Border Convoy Descends into Antisemitism

GA: GOP-backed Cobb school board redistricting bill passes House

What Black voters should know about redistricting cases in these states

Russians descended into secret tunnels. Z-Army invented invisibility cloaks. Budanov "kidnapped" - The Russian Dude

Another SF act

Such a great line

Wordle 959 Feb 3 ***Spoiler Thread***

A Facebook warning about...Facebook

If you need some energy for the morning

John George Todd III: MO man testifies in his Capitol riot trial, says he didn't know he wasn't allowed in

Trump paid a non union shop in Clinton Township $20,000 to pretend he was addressing the United Auto Workers.

64 years ago today, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, two rock pioneers, died in a plane crash.

China Stock Market Crash Accelerates - Markets Fall to New Low as Real Estate & Economy Collapse - Joe Blogs

Houthis say they fired ballistic missiles at Israel's Eilat

Unrepentant Jan 6 Convict Sentence Doubled

Trudeau mulls sanctioning Israeli settlers, says he's 'seized' with case of missing Canadian

The stars of the viral window video that will have you in stitches 😂

When it comes to US foreign policy and aggression, M$Greedia's coverage

On This Day: "Doomsday planes" for nuclear war begin continuous flight for 29 years - Feb. 3, 1961

😃🇺🇸🥕🍰🗓️❗️Hell 😈 yes or Heavens 😇 no❓

The Economy Looks Sunny, a Potential Gain for Biden

Ryan Samsel: Jan. 6 rioter who carried Trump 'Rambo' flag convicted of assaulting Capitol Police officer

Trillions Lost: China's Crash Deepens; Apple's China Woes; US-China: Hacking; New Zealand - China Update

The alt-right saw Taylor Swift as an 'Aryan goddess.' She shook them off as 'repulsive'

Ukraine's SBU hits Russia's Volgograd oil refinery in drone attack, source says

Venture Bros: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart

Yesterday I posted a song that bears on an issue

Trudeau says Canada looking to impose sanctions on 'extremist' Israeli settlers

U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in January, much better than expected

City Country City

South Carolina election: Joe Biden looks for big win in Democrats' first official primary

Wisconsin Supreme Court agrees to hear governor's lawsuit against GOP-controlled Legislature

Northern Ireland gets its first Sinn Fin first minister in historic shift

NEWSDAY endorses Tom Suozzi for NY-3

You raised $505.00 on February 2, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Early voting begins Saturday in 3rd Congressional District special election

did your military training lead u to a good civilian job?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Peace Through Non-Incumpenentguu

A year after East Palestine derailment, rail industry blocks new safety rules

After Speedy Start, Appeals Court Slows Down on Trump Immunity Decision

JEALOUS trump LOSES IT over Good Economic News and has the GALL to take credit for Biden's Economy

Norman Rockwell was born on this date.

Felix Mendelssohn was born on this date.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson was born on this date.

For those that thought the Justice System would save our democracy?

Melanie was born on this date.

"Lincoln Tudor or Lincoln Two-Door?"

A Vermont mom called police to talk to her son about stealing. He ended up handcuffed and sedated

BTRTN: What If Trump and the GOP Have No Issues to Run On?

Special counsel mounts forceful -- and unusual -- defense of Trump classified documents case

At Ten Already Making Love To The Camera

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules that Dean Phillips must be on the primary ballot

John Bolton: Biden 'pretty well nailed' Trump personality as 'sick f‑‑‑'

Friend: You can't possibly guess a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with no letters. Me:

Fox News Host Warns Republicans: Don't Run on the Economy -- 'It's Good'

Don McLean - American Pie

'Andrew Tate is a symptom, not the problem': why young men are turning against feminism

Biden Campaign Trolls Fox News Over Blockbuster Jobs Report "We're sorry this is happening to you, @FoxNews"

Sorry to start another one, BUT holy shit the circuit court IS fucking with our democracy! (tired of it)

Next time you hear it suggested Biden is weak compared to Trump. (responds weak, enemies are emboldened, etc.,)

New storm to bring risk of flood, landslides to Southern California

Flaco the Central Park owl has been free for a year. An NYC photographer looks back.

Chuck Schumer touts bipartisan relationship with McConnell: 'I got 99 problems but Mitch ain't one'

Filibuster derails proposal to require two-person crews on trains in Nebraska

Picture of my spice collection and obsession with Penzeys

Has anyone read The 3-Body Problem Series?

miss hotlips' new life so far. updated w vid

Amanda Marcotte: Men who feel threatened by Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Barbie deserve to feel bad

Who freed Flaco? One year later, celebrity owl's escape from Central Park Zoo remains a mystery

Israel strikes areas in southern Gaza to which tens of thousands had fled in search of safety

A primer on the messy U.S. migration debate now spreading everywhere from Ukraine to Canada

Christian nationalists or Christian facists? A rose by any other name...

Biden Can't Beat the MAGA Meme Machine Online, Kingmaker Clyburn Says

With House Seat at Stake, Republicans Court Jewish Voters Rattled by War

Pakistan Ex-PM Imran Khan and Wife Jailed for 7 Years for Unlawful Marriage

Trump & Melania in 'Couples Therapy' Ep. 1 & 2 - scaredketchup

Green Heron

AI chatbots tend to choose violence and nuclear strikes in wargames (New Scientist)

Freda Payne - Band of Gold

It's solidarity Saturday, let's read the comics!

Third woman charged in Ulta Beauty incident sentenced to 12-40 years

Pansies and Hellebores and Crocus, oh my!

Astoundingly dumb: Gen Z Voters Say They Are Opting Out of the 2024 Election

Civilians Among 16 Dead In US Strikes In Iraq: Government

February Contest Info!

Good for a Saturday morning

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 3, 2024)

Bananas. A story of love and tantrums. By Tulip

Democrats' Historic SC Primary Today is A Promise Kept to Black Voters

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about GOP and Trump fundraising woes....

Marathoner Finds Kitten While On A Run

The Kitchen- Food Network ?


I just heard Wayne Kramer died.

Just voted in the primary as new residents. Very

A Progressive bus arrives at the Texas border protest, watch what happens

I just heard Wayne Kramer died

Dry herb vaporizer...anyone use them?

NATIONAL MEDIA Where are you ?

The Rise of the AR Street Fighter

Elie Mystal slams DOJ for investigating Rep Cori Bush but not GOP Rep Jim Jordan

Raiding gay bars in 'progressive' Seattle

What Just Happened with Lizz Winstead, Andrea Jones-Rooy and Jonathan Randall. - The Dean Obeidallah show

D.C. sent $10,800 to dozens of new moms. Here's how it changed their lives.

The survival of American Democracy depends on the re-election of President Joe Biden

I have a NAPCO security system that has been disconnected from the landline and remote monitoring.

Rubin's Green Room Friday 2 February

Am I still listed as a member of the Southern Baptist church I joined at age 13?

I Love Paris - Cole Porter - Avalon Jazz Band. 🎻

Because we were discussing our friend Bill Penzey in another thread,

Pres. Biden say U.S. military strikes will continue at 'times and places of our choosing' - MSNBC

When does a civil society turn into a war zone? (El Salvador)

GOP stunt backfires

Johnson and Republican senators criticize Biden's retaliatory response against Iranian proxies - MSNBC

Open your wallets.

Slowpoke federal appeals court puts 2024 election in jeopardy

What Biden *really* says about Trump behind closed doors (The sick f*** comment. From Politico)

TFG is now TSF

"Sudden thoughts and Second thoughts "

Love estate sales!

Arrested for Driving Tesla Wearing Apple Vision Pro

Ex-Boston K-9 officer admits assaulting Capitol Police officer with chair on Jan. 6

South Dakota apologizes, pays transgender advocacy group $300,000 for discrimination

Son of Godzilla 1967

Trump risks backlash as MAGA world zeroes in on Taylor Swift

Steve Bannon Accidentally Admits His Bank Account May Show Evidence Of Fraud - Ring of Fire

6 Anti-Abortion Activists Convicted Of Illegally Blocking Tennessee Abortion Clinic

Cartoons 2/3/2024

Here's the Limu Emu guy, in case you were wondering...

With overcrowded schools 'falling apart,' Sultan tries bond measure

Drug treatment clinic in Monroe aims to reach an underserved clientele

State's wealthy want to claw back taxes they owe

Elon Musk's Boring Bodega

--- Super Bowl LVIII / Betting Spread ---

Not cooking but I came across this amazing organic vodka made with strawberries

Supreme Court may look to the Civil War to resolve whether Trump can be on the ballot

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 8, 2024: Greeks & Greek Mythology / The Power of Film--Love & Meaning

Does anyone think that one of the reasons the gqp is trying to impeach Sec.

Sen. Schumer quietly goes about getting more judges confirmed

Does Biden have to wait until he is re-elected to bring the hammer down

Confederate general refused to surrender and fled to Mexico. Texas park named for him is the center of standoff

My compliments to Nikki Haley's stylist

Southern MD surprise! 2/3

Trump feud with UAW reaches fever pitch

US Senate to vote on Ukraine aid package next week

The mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, looks back on train derailment one year later

Visibly Panicked Trump COLLAPSES Over Blocking Massive Republican Win On Fox

The Great Aston (Family Man) Barrett of Bob Marley and the Wailers is dead at 77

Sinema appears to be laundering money through security firms

Effective immediately - Dearborn police will ramp up its presence across all places of worship and major infrastructure

Eagle Pass community leaders slam the wingnut convoy and ABBUTT - plus Beachnutt's link

Labor News & Commentary January 31, 2024 (UAW) continues its campaign to organize non-union autoworkers etc

Everything tRump sucks, dries. . .Up.

Your taxpayer dollars are providing drumpf's lawyers laptops to assist with his defense in the stolen documents case

Polls open for the South Carolina Democratic primary - MSNBC

Trump's AWFUL PR STUNT Finally Exposed in PAC Financials

Glacier Northwest Postscript Shows How Right Justice Jackson Was

Washington state to add nearly 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations

Biden: "I'm feeling good about where we are" because people are starting to focus on Trump & his weird campaign

Peggy Lee - 'Fever' - Queen of American Pop Music 🎙

Bill Maher, Fox News Liberal Call Out Republican Governor To His Face! - Pondering Politics

The Truckers Convoy near the border is now baptizing people.

House to vote on standalone Israel aid bill as Johnson attacks senators for excluding him from border talks

Timothy Snyder: Bad Arguments and Good Historians

Marsha Blackburn is having a fit B/C assylumseekers, processed by DHS are coming to TN.

This Political Ad Rebuttal Is Hilarious

Carl Weathers dies.

This is a scary video and so foretelling of what would happen if TFA is re elected

NY-03: With House Seat at Stake, Republicans Court Jewish Voters Rattled by War

How the racism in the bid to thwart the 2020 election informs Trump's ballot case

Crucial update on Trump ruling we've been waiting for - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sign Petition: "Woman Conspired To Create & Distribute Horrific Monkey Crush Videos"

RNC plans to give Trump "Messiah Test"

Hydrogen vehicle registrations are flatlining across most of Europe -- with hundreds more filling stations on the way

Meghan McCain on Biden reportedly calling Trump a 'sick f--': 'It's real, and we need more real from everyone in politics

Biden, Harris make joint stop at '24 campaign headquarters to rally staff

Don't Vote Dems a bunch of entitled dodos.

I already voted in the California primary.

Feb 4 -- The First Black Indie Film Maker

Man Pleads Guilty to Shooting at Homes of Election Officials for 'MAGA King'

Sick Fuck is going to stick

Rev Gary Davis - Dave Van Ronk - Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton - Candy Man

CNN Host Shuts Down MAGA Republican Fraud's Latest Stunt! - Luke Beasley

The term MAGAT has been banned

Nat King Cole - 'Smile' - By Charlie Chaplin 🌞

Moms for Liberty faces new challenges and growing pushback over its conservative education agenda

President Joe Biden releases statement on U.S. strikes in Middle East,

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden attend the dignified transfer of the remains of the three soldiers

Pres Biden speaking in SC

Kamala Harris Bolsters Biden for 2024 and Lays Groundwork for 2028

Alaska House votes to advance bill that would trim state voter rolls more quickly

Philly Dems made good on threats to oust people who backed the Working Families Party. But only some of them.

Trump is the first President in over 130 years not to have a pet.

PA: The Bucks County man behind the moment that kicked off the Jan. 6 Capitol riot convicted at trial

Trump is the first President in over 130 years not to have a pet

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 3, 2024

NY-03: Pilip (R), Suozzi (D) vie for ex-Rep. George Santos' NY seat as early voting starts

The campaign finance reports showed the Desantii spent $9,000 on custom jackets.

Wayne Kramer co-founder of the MC5

The Polling 'Disaster' That's Starting To Terrify Team Trump (Rolling Stone/Yahoo)

US, Britain strike Yemen's Houthis in a new wave, retaliating for attacks by Iran-backed militants

NY-03: Suozzi (D), Pilip (R) show party support as early voting starts

What am I supposed to put on my total knee replacement incision???

Under President Biden, the Black unemployment rate was under 6% for a full year

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan signs a new deal with Spotify for up to a reported $250 million

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about banners, paths, and 2 unrelated news stories....

Compare Biden at the National Prayer Breakfast vs. Trump at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast

Escalating situation.

The baptisms have begun at the trucker convoy to Take Our Borders Back that ended up at a sketchy Children's Ranch

'It's political propaganda': Eagle Pass residents frustrated by border standoff

Hooray Medicare!

Four Georgia bills focus on changes to election ballots, counts

Worse than herpes on your johnson...

TX: Mayoral special election in Victoria is underway; polls close at 7 p.m.

Despite low expected turnout in South Carolina primary, voters show up for Biden

Senegal president calls off February 25 election

Arizona officials combat AI election misinformation with bills, security trainings

Whose version of Christianity will be calling the shots? (Border rally battle of the christofascists)

Damn. Joe dropped the bomb 💣

Books are being banned. Book burning is the next step.

Junior has low self esteem? Buy him a gun!

Why Wisconsin Judges are Increasingly Involved in Elections

NY-03: Editorial: Mazi Melesa Pilip does not have the needed skills

Evolution question

Tucker Carlson has been in Moscow for the past three days, according to Russia's Mash outlet.

By the narrowest of margins, the North Dakota Senate rejected a bill that would have provided free lunches to low-income

Ethiopian Cuisine recommendations plz

Oregon Supreme Court Upheld Measure Banning Legislators with 10+ Unexcused Absences from Running for Reelection

"MRI Conditional" -- what does that mean?

WOW, Look at this

Look who is in Russia

Southern MD sunset 2/3

Just remember, these people get to determine if it was a "guess it's God's will" miscarriage or an EEEVIL abortion

DNC chair tells Haley that South Carolina Dems aren't 'bailing you out'

Aerosmith - You See Me Crying

Half of US adults say Israel has gone too far in war in Gaza, AP-NORC poll shows

Israel issues its most detailed warning yet to Hezbollah, while the war in Gaza marks 4 months

Gospel Song: Hail Trump! Praise Jesus! (satire)

Ted Cruz wants lawmakers to get security escorts through America's airports

Legal Limbo: Judge Chutkan delaying interference trial may not be boon for Trump - Kirschner - Katie Phang - MSNBC

supertramp - don't leave me now

OMG. Trump really just made this post, its not parody. He is so delusionally insane.

Fulton County DA BITES BACK against Trump's WEAK ATTACK - Talking Feds

When a squirrel thinks you're mommy

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Stray Dog Finally Gets Freed From Drainpipe

Live Press conference Eagle Pass

As a matter of curiosity, does anybody know who leaked Joe's comment?

No. Just, no.

NY-AD77: Early voting opens for 77th Assembly District special election to fill Latoya Joyner's seat

Went to our local McDonald's & Faux Snooze was on all TVs

Nobody knows more about _________ better than me.

Georgia Lt. Gov. Jones (R) accused of seeking election server access in 2020

Elon Musk just lost $56 billion because of a heavy metal drummer (SF Chronicle)

What the U.S. hopes to achieve with airstrikes against Iran-backed militias - PBS NewsHour

El Salvador to go to the polls for Presidential Election


Born Under A Bad Sign

Doc Watson - Tennessee Stud

State legislators aim to restrict abortion pills, 'trafficking' next in states with bans

Oregon high court says GOP lawmakers who staged walkout can't run for re-election

The Kinks - A Well Respected Man

Schumer: Senate to vote on Ukraine-border security package next week

Ex-CIA Director calls U.S. strikes against Iran's revolutionary guard a 'clear signal' - The Weekend - MSNBC

Schumer: Senate to vote on Ukraine-border security package next week

BREAKING: U.S. and U.K. launches strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen - Velshi - MSNBC

Wyatt versus the peacock 😆😆😆