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Velshi: The JCPOA built some good faith between Iran & the West. But not anymore. - Velshi - MSNBC

Why is Abbot letting them in the country? The wall is complete according to Trump.

Here is how TFG plans to eliminate birthright citizenship

Donald Trump's Attempted Coup Should Terrify You

What's The Matter With Men (from the New Yorker).

Joe Biden wins South Carolina primary

Biden 95% of the vote so far in SC primary

Shhh, don't tell anyone and this may be out there.

Trump Melts Down, Lashes Out at Lawyer in Jaw Dropping Deposition! - Luke Beasley

The latest from Rockin' 1000 - Born to Be Wild

Convoys, conspiracies and conservative grudges

President Joe Biden wins South Carolina's Democratic primary as he gears up for his reelection bid

miss hotlips new life.

FED UP Jack Smith Needs DC Circuit to MAKE ITS DAMN MOVE Already - Meidas Touch - MSNBC

President Biden delivers remarks 2/3/24 in Wilmington, DE.

Moms for Liberty Is Collapsing

Hilarious ! Current results in south carolina after 14 % counted

Biden's Best Path to 270 Electoral Votes

Tim Kaine: Hamas hostage deal is 'only path to de-escalation' - Velshi - MSNBC

Federal Reserve staff estimates there is no chance for recession in the next 12 months but some forecasters

We will meet escalation with escalation': Houthi member responds to U.S. and U.K. airstrikes - Velshi - MSNBC

Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven

Orban Fatigue in Europe: Leaders Finally Coped with Hungarian PM - UATV English

How was the turnout for the D primary today in SC?

Wall Street Journal Slammed Over 'Islamophobic' Op-Ed On Michigan City

Buttigieg pushes Railway Safety Act in post about anniversary of Ohio train derailment

I have always wondered why

Donald Trump and UAW President Shawn Fain exchange barbs: 'Get rid of this dope'

Melania's Stylist's Huge Earnings From Trump's PAC Raises Questions: Is He 'Robbing MAGA Blind'?

Trump's March 4 trial gets postponed BUT he has several backup criminal cases lined up & ready to go - Glenn Kirschner

Biden hits Trump during campaign HQ speech: He's 'not for anything' and 'against everything'

When does the SCOTUS decide if Trump can be on the Ballot?

Are any of you less active on DU than you used to be?

God Smelled Trump

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a weather alert in Cali....

The idiot just compared himself to elvis


South Carolina - 'A 13 percent increase in Black voter turnout from 2020.'

'We get to know one another by reading stories': Making Black stories free in Philly - Velshi - MSNBC

'We get to know one another by reading stories': Making Black stories free in Philly - Velshi - MSNBC

Popularity Contests

A once-segregated mental hospital tells the larger story of Black mental health in America - Velshi - MSNBC

Border convoy morons can't find any invasion

Who are the Houthis? 5 Minute History

If rich people have enough money to fund weird candidates like Dean Phillips and Vivek

I can't find any SC results for GOPQ primary

Teens as young as 14 could drive to work under this Iowa Senate bill

Missing monkey trapped by Yorkshire Pudding in Scotland

AI that re-clothes models (Twitter link)

What do you have from long ago that would be worth a lot of money if it were still in good shape?

NY-03: Vote Tom Suozzi (D) for Congress: The Daily News endorses him for a return to sincerity and sanity

38 seconds of Kornacki talking about Biden getting 97% of the vote in every South Carolina county, across the board

Statement from President Biden on Tonight's Results in South Carolina

BREAKING: NBC News projects President Biden wins South Carolina primary - Ayman - MSNBC

Sam Waterston is leaving "Law and Order..."

House Democrats continue to do the legislative heavy lifting

I saw on Reddit where some dickhead left 100 trump-bucks as a tip

"What were you wearing?"

U.S. Sanctions Make Turkish Banks Break Up Ties with Russia - UATV English

A new generation of computer-illiterate kids?

The media's inevitable take on the SC primary.


Alabama Democrats restore most diversity caucuses after DNC order

New Hampshire may have mattered for Biden after all

As tax plan advances, GOP's Grassley says the quiet part loud

Tweet of the Day

U.S. airstrikes stir tensions in Iraq and Syria: Expert weighs in - The Weekend - MSNBC

Ron Filipkowski: Pretty sure Tucker went to Moscow because

D.C. Council prepares to take first vote on sweeping anti-crime legislation

Pentagon deputy press secretary: Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria were 'extreme success' - MSNBC Reports

Edelweiss: we could use a sweet flower song about now.

Watching GOLDA.

Eggs are great for a diet. If you don't like the taste, .....

5 years ago: GPT2 AI: Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse

Sen. Whitehouse Boosts his Medicare & Social Security Fair Share Act in a Finance Committee Hearing - Sen. Whitehouse

New Gangstagrass with a very special guest. "The Only Way Out Is Through"

Elvis? Good grief Donald!

Court blocks Florida law barring Chinese citizens from owning property

'This is a conflict about Iran trying to export its influence' - Former NSC Director - Katie Phang - MSNBC

I'm in IN-WAIT hell ...

Who Is the bigger grifter?

Do you have a favorable opinion of Andrew Yang?

Do you have a favorable opinion of Dean Phillips?

Guess What Tucker Carlson is doing tonight?

Defeating Donald Trump: One lawyer's true story - MSNBC Reports

Steve Schmidt Reacts To Joe Biden Calling trump 'A Sick F**K' In Private

No one, including any of the so-called experts, actually knows why the DC Circuit hasn't decided the immunity case yet

Roger McGuinn - Up To Me (Dylan cover)

Taj Mahal, "Keep Your Hands Off Her" followed by "Bacon Fat"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 6: Ruby (Keeler and Dee)/Guest Programmer: James L. Brooks

Maybe a deeply annoying man will drop out and stop badmouthing Pres. Biden

Key hearing nears in NYPD officer's suit against Staten Island superior, NYC over 'courtesy cards'

Gov. Jim Justice Is Beloved in West Virginia. Just Not by His Creditors. - WSJ

The IDF's Rabbis Go to War - WSJ

Black voters made up 76% of the SC (early voting) electorate, compared to 56% in 2020

Sunday Digit: 8/10 - Sunny skies and a mild afternoon with light winds.

Sunday Digit: 8/10 - Sunny skies and a mild afternoon with light winds.

'The Biden economy is strong and they need to lead with this' - Former GOP Comms Director - Katie Phang - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 7: Returning Home/Academy Restorations

Guarantee trump has Jason Miller screaming at Fox execs to call SC GOP primary for him right now. nt

SNL just featured the real Nikki Haley in their cold open. Update - VIDEO CLIP

Oh my God Nikki Haley just did the SNL cold open.

Trump's SICKENING Court Behavior COMES BACK to SCREW HIM - Meidas Touch

VH - And The Cradle Will Rock

Why did US wait to retaliate for drone attack on its troops?

MSN/WSJ: 23andMe's Fall from $6 Billion to Nearly $0

'SNL' Faces Backlash After Nikki Haley Makes Surprise Appearance During Cold Open

The lowest point wants to tell us how great nuclear is and how bad renewables are.

Biden starts ramping up -- while building a cash advantage over Trump

If Texas bans guns, are you moving or fighting for your rights?

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence: Tu-95 pilot who carried out missile attacks on Ukraine shot dead in Russia - photo

The Economic Revolution You Didn't Hear About... - Thom Hartmann

I think the most basic freedom that all f us can have at any time is not to become the people

Biden CRUSHES South Carolina Primary, Trump is TERRIFIED - Meidas Touch

Pa. Repub State Rep introduces bill to ban cellphones in schools

Moscow police detain journalists at anti-war protest DW News

Republicans think they were so cool,... maybe not so cool.

Doonesbury now & then

Trump rocked with bad news after bombshell primary results - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sea otters, once hunted to near extinction, are proving to be Mother Nature's solution to the prevention of

Sen. Whitehouse Questions Witnesses on Methane Leaks and Enforcement in an EPW Hearing - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Genie in Washington....

Sunday Funnies 2/4/24

Biden Should Use Some Of That Infrastructure Money To Help The Illinois Community Of Dixmoor.....

'SNL' Sets Shane Gillis as Host After Firing Him for Racist Jokes in 2019

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: CNN Town Hall South Carolina Cold Open


WHO IS THE CUTIE PIE?? he is, no he is ....


Dean Philips loses to President Biden in SC by 94.5%

I LIKE IT,....

'He has dementia': Internet erupts after Trump suggests he looks like Elvis

Fox News Suddenly Wants Celebrities Out of Politics. Well, One Celebrity.

Anti-Semites using AI to promote Holocaust denial

Senior BBC employee accused of repeated antisemitic posts, Holocaust denial

THE PILLOWS : Ride ON shooting STAR fooly cooly

ムック (MUCC) 「絶望 (Zetsubou)」


Mucc - Saishuu Ressha

New guy

Steve Schmidt Explains How The MAGA Movement Puts Women In Danger The Warning

Biden campaign boasts best grassroots fundraising in January

You're still here!

Breakfast 4 Sunday February 2024

You will buy all the chicken wings from the store, after watching this recipe!

Turnout Data Reveals the Core of Democrats' Success in Special Elections

MOST EXTREME Weather Events Caught On Video

NY-03: Early voting in special election between Mazi Melesa Pilip (R), Tom Suozzi (D) begins

South Dakota tribe bans governor from reservation over US-Mexico border remarks

Philippines to Use 'Forces' to Quell Secession Attempts, Official Says

Trumpers' Latest TANTRUM will END THEM, They're Not READY FOR IT - Meidas Touch

RNC resolution reflects divisions over efforts to overturn 2020 election

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Not My Stick Edition

Republicans for Biden:

Civil rights groups suing AG Yost over rejected voting rights amendment

Kal David played

Before the dawn

Michael Gill, man shot in downtown D.C. during carjacking rampage, dies

Rep. Derrick Van Orden's Financial Disclosure Statement was due on May 15, 2023, He got a 90-day extension until Aug 13,

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips is under criminal investigation by state police in Indiana

From a Science Editorial...Earning Respect and Trust.

Biden courts Nevada voters after narrow 2020 win

Jorma and company did this 2 years ago to help us get through the winter

Biden Understands A Fundamental Rule Of Human Behavior And Elections

Final Title IX ruling sent to White House for approval after delay

How one man's advance planning brought Beatlemania to America

Al Franken: Dahlia Lithwick on the Trump Trials

California braces for "life-threatening" flood risk ahead of 2nd winter storm

Wordle 960 Feb 4 ***Spoiler Thread***

On This Day: Stalin in powerful position as Yalta talks with FDR, Churchill commence - Feb. 4, 1945

Ukraine war: No more easy deals for Russian convicts freed to fight

Album released this date in 1977

No matter who Trump wants to be or thinks he is?

Three girls die after FGM rituals in Sierra Leone

Wisconsin Democrats inch closer to overturning Republican-drawn legislative maps

Alice Cooper has a birthday today.

Elon Musk's company directors feel an 'expectation' to use drugs with him to avoid upsetting the billionaire, report say

Clint has a birthday today.

Namibian President Hage Geingob dies in a hospital where he was receiving treatment, his office says

Mayor says police presence increased at places of worship after WSJ opinion piece declared his city 'America's Jihad cap

Chat GPT: Donald Trump (Taylor's version)

Tucker Carlson Being Spotted in Moscow Sparks Frenzied Speculation

Ran into an old freight hauler yesterday. Thinking remembering when Union freight was king.

US, UK bomb dozens of Houthi targets in Yemen

It's Grammy Day! Leading up, here are some documentaries to get started.

Joe Conason: They Yap About Taylor Swift, But They're Telling Us About Themselves

The Kids Talk Back....

US-led coalition launches new round of strikes in Yemen

Brutal piece on #DrunkUncle @derrickvanorden #wiright #wipolitics #wiunion

The new show the weekend is a disappointment

I am never watching the Weekend again.

White House calls House GOP's $17.6B Israel aid bill a 'cynical political maneuver'

BTRTN Announces Winners of the 2024 "Lindsey Grahammys" for the Worst in Republican Hypocrisy

Atmospheric river storm to soak state (CA)

Swifty Bowl

46 reported dead in Chile as forest fires move into densely populated central areas

Dearborn mayor calls for increased police in response to Wall Street Journal opinion piece

Worker misclassification is a competition issue - Cory Doctorow

Sooooo... Dean Phillips finished behind Mariane Williamson in South Carolina

The Beatles play "The Third Man" theme

On Facebook I get friend requests

California Teamsters Demand Lawmakers Pass AV Local Control Bill SB 915

Colostrum for your face! why didn't I know that back when I was breastfeeding my babies?

KOSA isn't designed to help kids.


A Great read from last year -Let's spouge! Discover the funky joy of the greatest forgotten music genre

I dare you not to dance while watching this

Justin Mohn who decapitated father hoped to mobilize the guard

You raised $575.00 on February 3, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Chile forest fires: At least 51 dead, say officials

Labor News & Commentary February 1, 2024 Starbucks has once again violated labor law

Towering Above The Trees

Rush-Dreamline Live from Frankfurt

change the dynamic...

April Barrows - Burning the Toast

Biden Says This Is the 'Weirdest Campaign Ever' as Trump Suggests He's an Elvis Lookalike

How DOJ Treated Trump And Biden

It's also an ego thing. No one of Swift's stature is even considering endorsing Trump. nt

How AI is quietly changing everyday life

'ALERT: Colorado Pet Tax for ALL Animals'. Found on my Nextdoor page.

At least 28 people died when shelling hit a bakery in Russian-occupied Ukraine

ALERT: Colorado Pet Tax for ALL Animals. Please see Colorado fourm.

Trump's team worries about a hollow victory in Nevada

More Republicans snapping out of it

Rush - Time Stand Still (Official Music Video)

The U.S. economy is booming. So why are tech companies laying off workers?

Homemade Greek pita bread, recipe may be off.

Only pitcher to win 7 consecutive WS

Trump, saddened, attempts fundraising over name-calling

Throwing my hat into the ring.

Blame These Companies for the GOP's Minority Rule

'God's Army' protesters rally in Texas against migrant crossings

Question about Harlan Coben series

RFK Jr's bid for independent presidential run garners mega Trump donor support

Something a little different from me.

I equate tRump supporters as frogs in boiling water

Rainbow below

When I read Duncanpup's union stories, I think of my Dad.

You would sample? Or not a chance?

Republicans Have Nothing to Impeach Joe Biden On. And They Finally Know It.

It is IMPOSSIBLE the sickening, stinking wretch has gained voters

Evangeline Made: A Tribute to Cajun Music

so adoreable, I want to cry ,...

Biden's team bracing for special counsel's report on classified docs

S9:E2 (Oklahoma 2024 Legislative Session - Bills on Voting)

Conservatives were right about banning books....

Asteroid the size of 8 Taylor Swifts to pass Earth Tuesday - NASA

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 4, 2024)

'A Strategic Mistake on the Part of My Party': A Top Dem Speaks Out on the Border

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Monday, 5 February 2024

As Violent Crime Soars in Wash., D.C , Trump Vows 'Federal Takeover'; Recent Shooting

Wonder if they call him Mitch?

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 4, 2024?

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 9, 2024: 31 Days of Oscar (Day 1) -- Costume Design

Argentine human rights groups file complaint against government in IACHR

Argentine human rights groups file complaint against government in IACHR

If the orange clogged pore

Vermont is debating a 'millionaires tax.' Massachusetts added $1 billion to its budget and paid for school lunches

Definition, please: "(Hollywood) Illuminati" - in the music business, not the historical thing.

'Sen. Whitehouse Details the Latest News in the Investigation into Justice Clarence Thomas': less than 15 min.

A South Dakota tribe banned Gov. Kristi Noem from a reservation over her US-Mexico border remarks

Proposal to force NE to accept $18M in federal food funds for kids draws no opponents at hearing

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden in South Carolina...

What's generally considered Taylor Swift's best song, followed by the one I like the most. 3 videos of each.

Abortion restrictions amount to sex-based discrimination, PA state Supreme Court says

Pretty addictive viewing. Billboard Hot 100 Chart Histories...

They're The Same

Watch Out: Tornado Alley Is Migrating Eastward

Columbo just told a variation of one of my favorite jokes: An older Jewish lady is walking home from her

Which one do you remember to carry your books to and and from home-Elementary --book bag. . JrH-industrial plastic bags

Dean Phillips on Twitter (offered with comment from me)

The Daily Show's Dulce Sloan Gives Dating Advice and Explains When to Dump a Felon - Lovett or Leave It

US House panel recommends $17.6 billion in military aid for Israel

Far-Right Israeli Minister Faces Backlash After Criticizing Joe Biden

What store that is no more, do you want to be brought back. Mine is Kaufmanns

Right-Wing-Nutter HAS NERVOUS BREAKDOWN in Middle of 'Border Freedom Convoy!" - Jesse Dollemore

Here is the simple reality: At one point or another, (Bernie on X)

Merger of Mother Jones, The Center for Investigative Reporting Is Official

Why Sam Just Won't Let This Go - Majority Report Elie Mystal

Trump Legacy

American hustle culture is dying. Millennials are willing to take a 20% pay cut for a better work-life balance.

Is Trump About to go BROKE? Plus some very big news... (w/ Ben Wittes) Bulwark Podcast

Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman officially at the "freak out" stage

CNN staff say network's pro-Israel slant amounts to 'journalistic malpractice'

Why Trump is going after his handpicked Federal Reserve chairman

'There will be more action' in response to the killing of 3 US troops: Sullivan - ABC News

If you, like me, have been wondering why it seems so difficult to find updates on Gobeckli Tepe,

What's generally considered Taylor Swift's best song, followed by the one I like the most. 3 videos of each.

Denver shooting injures at least 6 people, police say

Sticking It to Nickelodeon

CNN Staffers Accuse Network of Having Pro-Israel Bias

JD Vance says Congress 'should have fought over' competing electors before certifying 2020 race

Cord cutter observation,

The Molly Mash(-Up) III - Talking Feds w/Molly Jung-Fast

Trump, asked about Ronna McDaniel, suggests 'there will probably be some changes made' at the RNC

If a cop crashes and dies when chasing someone, should the person being chased be held responsible for the cop's death?

With bonfires and hope, Iran's minority Zoroastrians celebrate Sadeh and the end of cold winter days

Good lord! Is this a parody account? LMAO!

House GOP 'following orders' from Trump is the 'height of irresponsibility': Jeffries - ABC News

"I am officially at the freak out stage...I can't imagine a more compelling need for speed than the idea that U.S. citiz

So The Defendant is riding a few delays, one of which got his DC trial off the schedule

The Mexican border should be closed.....

'There's an avalanche about to hit him': Fmr. Trump insider on massive legal bills

As Carnival opens, Venice honors native son Marco Polo on 700th anniversary of his death

Cartoons 2/4/2024

Graham slams Biden on Middle East strikes: 'The only Iranian we killed... is some dumba-'

"People say that..."

Look what I found in my closet!

Pharma companies raise prices on over 900 drugs amid 'historic' negotiations

Taylor Swift vs Marilyn Monroe Meme

Most Republicans in new poll believe Trump's legal cases are being handled 'unfairly'

Brunch @ Solomons Island, The Pier

Are any of you familiar with what's going on in El Salvador?

An excellent suggestion - saw this one over on Tribel

Ring-beaked? Gull


New report points to blockbuster U.S. job growth as 2024 begins

Common Good is Marching to confront Abbott

GOP candidate accused of supplying young men for disgraced Baptist leader Paul Pressler to abuse

Ben-Gvir criticizes Biden, flaunts political power in WSJ interview

Misperceived stereotypes from childhood - hospitals, veterinarian clinics, *nurseries*.

Today's Tiedrich rant: dipshit vigilante truckers reach the border, shocked to find there's no immigrant invasion

Family brunch

Was having trouble with my laptop

Sherrilyn Ifill -How the racism in the bid to thwart the 2020 election informs Trump's ballot case

Trump has ALWAYS disrespected our military.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 4, 2024

Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi elects its first woman and first Black person as bishop

Fox anchor calls out fatal Republican scheme - Brian Tyler Cohen

Part 75: A Lack of Justice in Los Angeles - The End of the George Tyndall Criminal Case

Right-Wing Influencer LOSES IT As Taylor Swift Scheme Finally Unravels

Current recommendations: anti-virus software for Windows 11?

Republican Speaker's Hypocrisy is Exposed in Brutal Interview - Pondering Politics

Day 35 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 47. Dead: 97. Wounded:128

Team Trump to GOP megadonors: Ignore what the candidate says

'What Changed, Mr. Speaker?' NBC's Kristen Welker Confronts Mike Johnson With Brutal Clip Of Him Denouncing 'Single-Part

Ted Cruz Wants Extra Security for Lawmakers at Airports

Hotel Rwanda

"Trump's an Addict, I've Seen It Firsthand!" Noel Casler

China Unveils the World's First Hydrogen Engine Aircraft Prototype

1st SNAFU in NATO mega-exercise in N. Europe...NATO fleet's flagship can't sail

Man Allegedly Posed as Minor Online to Meet Child Predator, Then Fatally Shot Him

Elon Musk's company directors feel an 'expectation' to use drugs with him to avoid upsetting the billionaire, report say

So one day a friend surprised his roommate with a morning treat.

ROTFL: "For many years, people have said the resemblance is uncanny..." (Reddit)

Guy Rescues Duckling Families Every Year

China has turned the big screen TV industry upside down

WJLX owner reports seemingly impossible theft of 200-foot radio tower

Larkin Poe - Best Contemporary Blues Album Grammy!

South Dakota tribe bans governor from reservation over US-Mexico border remarks

Connecticut Gov. Says He Will Cancel Hundreds Of Millions In Medical Debt

What Is Christian Nationalism, Why It Raises Concerns about Threats to Democracy: PBS

GERMS stylizes "Rat Fink"...

Republicans Want Ilhan Omar Deported Over Something She Didn't Say

Two Nevadans likely to benefit from a Trump nomination: Lee (D) & Rosen (D)

Radio Shack Pocket Radio

Misogyny and racial bias routinely putting patients at risk in England, warns NHS safety chief

Jeffries on House Republicans: 'Wholly owned subsidiaries of Donald Trump'

FL: 'Right to Rock Act' booked for Senate debut

Can copper be "green?"

Central Bucks School Board's Democratic Majority Members Endorse Joe Khan For Pennsylvania Attorney General

NY-03: What you need to know for early voting in race to replace Santos

Sen. Sanders: This is about our credibility in the international community, and what this country stands for.

Gov. Katie Hobbs says GOP's fix for Arizona's potential election logjam 'dead on arrival'

Neoliberalism is the problem.

I have noticed that some of the MSM, like Morning Joe, has discovered what we knew all along: "Both side-ism" is one.

Sometimes, I feel modern life

Flashback 1970

NY-03: An ex-congressman or a publicity-shy Republican: who will replace George Santos?

Southern MD sunset 2/4

Trailblazer Icon Misty Copeland dances so others can fly

India interfering in Canadian elections, claims intelligence report

UK: Peterborough City Council considers four-year election terms

96 Year Old Veteran Receives High School Diploma, Left School to Serve in WW2

And taxpayers still subsidize the arenas.

Colorado Springs school district plans teacher housing on district property

Anti-abortion Florida congresswoman dumps husband's stem cell stock amid gov lawsuit

Would you like to share a DU memory?

Judge Who Pushed to Delay Donald Trump Trial Raises Eyebrows

Rank and file soldiers have no choice.

South Dakota voters might get to decide if they should pay a tax on food


Texas Gov. Abbott insists state has right to protect border amid feud with President Biden

"Kashmir", as performed by some young kids

30 Things Joe Biden Did as President You Might Have Missed

Tug of war:

Conway Pontificates on the trump Scourge- Meidas Interview

I might not be a Constitutional scholar, but...


ISIS behind the mask: From altar boy to ISIS (2017)

Double dive:

Senators unveil long-awaited border deal

America is exporting more arms than ever. Here's why.

Many people, with tears in their eyes, have told me I look like him

Swimming to Cambodia - Spalding Gray

Every martial arts training sequence:

The U.S. economy is booming. So why are tech companies laying off workers?

Senators unveil border deal and foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel ahead of key vote