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Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US taking up for Iran....

Soon to fly the nest

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just issued a crushing rebuttal of Justice Alito

new baby goats meeting their livestock guardian dogs for the first time:

So What is Up with the polls vs elections

Authoritarianism welcomed back in El Salvador

Senators unveil bipartisan bill to impose tougher asylum and border laws

Trump Tells Fox News 'I Believe We're Going to Have a Terrorist Attack 100%,' Possibly Due to Chinese Immigrants

Statement from President Joe Biden on Bipartisan Senate National Security Agreement

Well, that was weird. I was online earlier, looking for a specific type of pen.

Annoyed Fox Host Finally Confronts Trump, Immediately Short Circuits! - Luke Beasley

Priebus calls Taylor Swift conspiracies 'powder keg of stupidity'

Dr. Phil is a big stupid MAGAT working for Greg Abbott.

US warns of further retaliation if Iran-backed militias continue their attacks

Majority Leader Schumer's Statement on Bipartisan Senate Agreement on Emergency National Security Supplemental

Rambunctious tiger cubs pestering their mom:

Speaker Johnson says Trump 'not calling the shots' in the House

We need home economics now more than ever

2nd tweet--choir practice:

Donald Trump Isn't Even FAT ELVIS on His Best Day

Biden and the Democrats have a significant cash advantage

Why does a dog develop an incessant tendency to lick any exposed skin?

Texas Democrats accuse Abbott of inciting potential border violence

Trump Suffers Humiliating Defeat In London Court The Ring of Fire

Steve Vladeck: What's Really Happening in Biden vs. Abbott vs. the Supreme Court

'Same menu with a different waiter': Rep. Jayapal on Republican chaos in Congress


House Freedom Caucus opposes Speaker Maga Mike's standalone Israel Funding Bill

ACA should be improved

Opinion Why I changed my mind and think Trump should be thrown off the ballot

Which is a better sign that you have too much money?

Second atmospheric river in days blows into California, knocking out power and flooding roads

In new federal court filing Special Counsel Jack Smith punches back at Donald Trump's incessant lies - Glenn Kirschner

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Bidenomics, fractions, and the GOP....

I believe if the SCOTUS correctly apply the law and history, TFG will be disqualified to serve agai

Outside of the three American soldiers, who died by drone attack, did we suffer any more losses?

The Myorkas impeachment resolution

Gavin Newsom flames MAGA, challenges Democrats in epic moment - Pondering Politics

To you, what is the worst junk food using taste, texture, look and smell as the basis for judging as the worst , Mine updated video shows storm slowing over So Cal for 2 days increasing rain estimates...

'Freak out stage': Weissmann and Katyal sound off on Trump immunity delay - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Medhi Hasan stands up for Biden and Democrats

"Delays" of Courts on Immunity/A14s3 might speed up the big picture

Now we have an illegal Chinese immigrant problem?

What I Loathe about the Pennsylvania Democratic Party

'None of it surprised me': Psaki on Biden reportedly calling Trump a 'sick ****' - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

TesseracT - Sirens

President Trump reveals that Iran called him to tell him that they were about to send missiles toward a certain locatio

Fed-up Morning Joe host TORCHES Trump in must-see TAKEDOWN, shows NO MERCY -Meidas

Not gonna lie, I forgot how hard Billy Joel did it back in the day

'Vindictiveness of a single man': Psaki reveals why the party of Trump is bleeding cash - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC


Team Pickleball - McEnroe v. Agassi (doubles).

Ex-tea party lawmaker tells former Trump officials to publicly support Biden ASAP

MAGA Republican Humiliated To His Face in Brutal Interview on Live TV! - Luke Beasley

Smelvis wins the internet

Tracy Chapman & Luke Combs duet of Fast Cars at the Grammys

Alexa revealed:

Rep. Crockett: South Carolina showed us 'something important' about Biden's support

Carys insisted on an extended session of scritches, tonight

Trump Co-Defendant HITS A BRICK WALL with Stunt - Meidas Touch

Allan Lichtman interview. Allan Lichtman has predicted who would win the Presidency every time.

Just saw a great Biden ad on the Grammys.

"The Iranians called, tears in their eyes and said; "sir...

Netanyahu's national security minister criticizes Biden and praises Trump - Velshi - MSNBC

White House: Strike on Houthis are not related to strikes in Iraq and Syria - Velshi - MSNBC

Seven Bridges Road (Live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 7/28/1980) (2018...

Killer Mike detained at Grammys moments after winning three awards

Israel to bring in foreign building workers to replace Palestinians

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: The 2024 60 Minutes Interview

How long until Trump thinks he's just like Taylor Swift?

Resident of a town founded by formerly enslaved people fights to keep its history alive - Velshi - MSNBC

After Biden won 96% of the vote in the South Carolina primary, Dean Phillips says Democrats should 'wake up' and move on

Afghan Adjustment Act, a bipartisan effort years in the making that would create a pathway to residency for Afghans

My vintage booth is approaching a milestone

It is so irritating that I can't get to DU without shutting down my VPN.

ABC cuts JD Vance's mic after he lies about wanting to fire 'every civil servant'

When the fog rolls

Social Security is not taxable

Powell: Federal Reserve on track to cut rates this year with inflation slowing and economy healthy

Sen. Lankford: Speaker Johnson Refused to Negotiate with Senate

The History of Ralph Bunche, the first person of color to win the Nobel Peace Prize - Velshi - MSNBC

Today is so dreary, chilly, dark and wet, I feel like posting this radiant flower from last August! Enjoy, dear friends.

NY-03: Republican Pilip flip-flops, fully endorses Trump even if convicted.

Joni Mitchell singing Clouds at the Grammys just now ... so poignant.

Republicans are like ...

Doctor Strangelove is timely right now.

Scheme to stop Trump prosecution fails miserably - Brian Tyler Cohen

Supreme Court to hear Trump 14th Amendment case this week - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

2026 World Cup final set for MetLife Stadium

Asian stocks skittish as early rate cut hopes wane, China rout deepens

*Lady sings the Blues, on TCM now.

Special Counsel Jack Smith punches back at incessant lies about classified docs

Pope Francis's support of blessings for LGBTQ couples has led to an uprising among right wing Catholic leaders.

NY-03: Democrats hold cash and advertising edge in special election to succeed George Santos

Leggings aren't going according to plan

04 Feb: Nice. A Huge Group of Russians Gets Taken Into A Pocket. - Reporting from Ukraine

Votes being counted in El Salvador, where strongman president's victory is all but assured

Which one would you pick?

Senators unveil $118 billion bipartisan border security bill - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

So TayTay won album of the year


Carole King - Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow.

Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico 60 Minutes

'Sad and pathetic': California governor slams MAGA conspiracies about Taylor Swift - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed by "he/she/they killed it", as a way

Taylor won record ofthe year and the GOPigs will lose their minds. Grammy was rigged !!!!!!!!

A History of Chuck E. Cheese: Last Squeak Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Trump Pushes Immigration Conspiracy Theories and Mass Deportations

Iran used Lloyds and Santander accounts to evade sanctions

Saw a Bald Eagle today. Normally, not a big deal since there are probably over 1,000 of 'em in N.J.

Stephanopoulos Shuts Down Interview with J.D. Vance

Watching Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs sing Fast Car on the Grammys. 😎🤭🥰

"Welcome Back Home", the Byrds (Vietnam era)

Dedicated to my buddy 'over there'. A kleenex worthy classical piece...

Aldabra rail: The bird that came back from the dead by evolving twice

U.S.-led coalition strikes Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Severe 'flesh-eating' infections tied to heat waves in eastern US, CDC reports

LGBTQ+ Palestinians can request asylum in Israel, court rules

El Salvador's President Bukele claims election victory

Why the U.S. is attacking sites in Yemen - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

☦️ The Life of Grand Duchess, St. Elizabeth

Miley Cyrus drops the mic

I felt some info might give a more truthful picture

Pivotal battle in Ukraine happening NOW...

What to expect from SCOTUS' hearing on Trump ballot case this week - MSNBC Reports

Another sketchbook page

Jack Smith slams Trump's desperate spin on classified documents case - The Weekend - MSNBC

Victor Shi: What a photo.

Rep. Schiff Discusses Dangers of AI Impersonation Online - Rep. Adam Schiff

Trump screws himself with disastrous admission on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about New Mexico, MAGA, and a guilty plea....

Investigators digging through Tesla's trash discovered hazardous waste violations at more than 100 facilities.

How the Supreme Court can avoid falling into Trump's trap in ballot eligibility appeal - The Weekend - MSNBC


'We saw the damage he caused': Biden Comms Director on plans to draw 'contrast' with Trump - Ayman - MSNBC

(JEWISH GROUP) Some Jewish parents angry and fearful when teachers back Palestinians

'It's about saving democracy': Biden-Harris campaign insider reveals path forward for campaign - The Weekend - MSNBC

Fox Host Proves She's A Liar And Fraud On Air - Rebel HQ

Trump's Criminal Stooge REVEALS Secret Plans on FOREIGN TV - Meidas Touch

Sea Otters Returned to a Degraded Coastline Ate Enough Crabs to Restore Balance and Cut Erosion by 90%

As details of the bipartisan border bill are released by the Senate tonight, GOP Senator Lankford revealed

New study reveals the true diet of ancient Andeans: Mostly Plants, Not Meat

'Who got whooped? I did': Dean Phillips reacts to South Carolina results - The Weekend - MSNBC

A local tip helps reveal an ancient 'arcade' in Kenya's highlands

Digital Underground - Kiss You Back (Full French Kiss Mix) 1991

Why Russia is So Desperate to Capture Avdiivka - The Icarus Project

A major UCLA study says that at least 65 species of animals laugh

New discoveries show early humans lived in the frigid north alongside Neanderthals

Congressman warns Trump's alignment with Putin puts Ukraine aid in jeopardy - The Weekend - MSNBC

Biden weighing joining Las Vegas hotel workers on picket line, union chief says

Breakfast Monday 5 February 2024

Joe Cocker Pardon Me Sir

Biden warns of a 'nightmare' future for the country if Trump should win again, and lists reasons why

Thugs Took Over Ohio School Board, Is Yours Next? w/ David Pepper - Thom Hartmann

Michelle Obama wins second Grammy

Cut Copy - Meet Me In A House of Love (Nile Delta Remix) 2014 (Aussie Tech House/Synth Pop)

Query: Let's say Trump loses the general election in November.

Portions of Pennsylvania Courts website unavailable due to cyberattack

@GOP Speaker Moses Johnson: If this bill -the border-- reaches the House, it will be dead on arrival.

EarlG, is there going to be a hearts fundraiser this year?

Wordle 961 Feb 5 ***Spoiler Thread***

Gavin Newsom Nails Biggest Threat To 'Sad And Pathetic' MAGA Republicans

Turkey Confirms Imminent Putin Visit

"Sen. Graham, thy name is hypocrite," as drawn by anntelnaes. 🎨

Good morning I'm sitting at diner with my son spit out my coffee from laughing.

Some Cigarettes After Sex, to start a new week. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

At least 6 Kurdish fighters are killed in a drone attack on a Syrian base housing US troops

Video shows IDF commander reciting Shema prayer before blowing up Gaza building he says is mosque

UNRWA food convoy targeted by Israeli naval fire: Official

Jordan carries out aerial drops of humanitarian aid in northern Gaza

Feb 5 Happy Belated Birthday, Rosa Parks

Japan's Itochu to end cooperation with Israel's Elbit, cites ICJ ruling

Monday TOONS

VoteVets Plans $45 Million Push to Lift Biden

Campaign update: Vargas giving Bacon a run for his fundraising money in 2nd District (NE)

Stewards Corner: Abortion Restrictions, What Can the Union Do?

'Hamas's hands are covered in Egypt's blood,' says Egyptian ex-MP

NBC News: Democrats see a prime opportunity to finally break the GOP's grip on Wisconsin

Democrats scramble to stave off defeat in battle for Santos' House seat

The Rundown: February 5, 2024

Group wants to use taxpayer money to bring Utah oil railroad controversy to the Supreme Court

Assault on Officers in Times Square Puts Pressure on District Attorney

'Rape is not resistance': London rally calls for release of women held by Hamas

Boarder crises solution (expensive)

How do you beat Mahomes? "Mess him up just enough."

White House: Gaza hostage deal hinges now on Hamas, ball is in their court

Meta oversight board calls company's deepfake rule 'incoherent'

If and When American Democracy Dies, Young People May Be to Blame

On This Day: U.S. Steel born. In 2023, agreed to be bought by Nippon Steel. - Feb. 5, 1901

You raised $285.00 on February 4, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Here's how 2 sentences in the Constitution rose from obscurity to ensnare Donald Trump

Pope Francis decries 'terrible increase in attacks against Jews' worldwide

You raised $10.00 on February 4, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

How Loud Billionaires Convert Their Wealth Into Power

The COMPLETE Insanity of MAGA is NOW Revealed with LATEST Move - Meidas Touch

The convoy turning on each other. .........

How the Funeral Industry Got the FTC to Hide Bad Actors

NY-03: Democrats scramble to stave off defeat in battle for Santos' House seat

What Could Be (Lincoln Project)

Republicans scramble to get Trump his payback -- yet keep coming up short

Michelle Obama wins second Grammy


How the Bee Gees succeeded in spite of themselves

I saw an old pickup truck this morning:

Israeli banks heed US anti-settler sanctions, far-right ministers object

Republicans pick up where Trump's "perfect call" left off

Night Train

This is what a soft landing looks like

Geesh! MSNBC Morning Joe are cherry picking poll numbers. Especially Kornacki

Last week there was a poll that had Biden ahead 5 points nationally

Aerial shots show mother elephant cuddling her missing calf days after reunion

Taylor's mission -by Tom Tomorrow

Is there an emoji for "throws up hands and quits?"

Nearly 1,000 Manatees Converge on Florida State Park to Keep Warm in Record-Breaking Sighting

I watched a few minutes of the clown Speaker demand that Biden use an EO...which they supposedly despise

I am beginning to think the President Biden should shut down the parts of the border

Dog With Wildest Zoomies Completely Transforms For His New Baby Bro

Spartz reverses decision, will run for House again

FL: Patient lifts gown while 'jiggling' genitals at entrance to The Villages hospital

grrrrrr, both that damned "verifying browser" And "gateway error" within 30

Texas clown show from a drone

Silicon Valley tech bros are dreaming of one-person unicorns: billion-dollar companies with one owner-employee & AI

Saw this and thought it was worth sharing:

How I got scammed - Cory Doctorow

Lloyds and Santander accused of providing accounts for Iranian front companies

Narrowly divided House makeup shifts again with new vacancy

It happened like clockwork

Houthis may sabotage western internet cables in Red Sea, Yemen telecoms firms warn

It happened again like clockwork

Biden's vow of affordable internet threatened by the looming expiration of subsidies

Silveroller have a new single out, their third - Other Side - and it's in a poll of new music at Classic Rock magazine

This Is Not A Door

A passenger who complained online about his flight's diversion is being sued by Thai Airways

New issue at Boeing supplier might delay deliveries of 737s

Campaign Ad For Democrats

Is Stephanie Miller not on today?

Hurrian Hymn no. 6 - 1400 BC is the oldest surviving melody

Angry Chinese people are using a US embassy social-media page to dodge censors and vent about its slumping economy

US porn actor who advocates for Palestinians visits Iran on trip unacknowledged by Tehran

Antarctica's Denman Glacier is one of the most remote places on Earth. This is what it's like to work there

Just a reminder ...

How the Border Crisis Shattered Biden's Immigration Hopes (NYT)

Where can I find the DU terms of service? nt

Claims that Jan. 6 rioters are 'political prisoners' endure. Judges want to set the record straight

Stormy Daniels Documentary From 'Orgasm Inc' Director Set at Peacock (Variety)

Hamas demands Israel release Marwan Barghouti, a man some Palestinians see as their Nelson Mandela

Penn Museum buries the bones of 19 Black Philadelphians, causing a dispute with community members

Penn Museum buries the bones of 19 Black Philadelphians, causing a dispute with community members

Analysis shows destruction and possible buffer zone along Gaza Strip's border with Israel

Does anyone hear use Spoutible? They were hacked. What you need to know about security.

Curb Your Enthusiasm in Atlanta

San Francisco considers a measure to screen welfare recipients for addiction

And the Grammy goes to ...

The Sun Is Trying To Poke Through..

Culinary union reaches tentative contracts with hotel-casinos as Las Vegas kicks off Super Bowl week

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 5, 2024)

What does Biden mean by "shut down the border?"

Another question for the dentists and anyone else. I had a root canal

In hindsight: What would you say to James Comey if you met him?

How the anti-vaccine movement is downplaying the danger of measles

Oh, my!! Look who was at the Grammy's...

Masturbation abstinence is popular online. Doctors and therapists are worried

Abortion rights groups don't want to "restore Roe" -- but they won't fight Biden on it

Wayne Kramer remembered by fellow musicians.

The delightful dichotomies of Hazbin Hotel

J.D. Vance would have upended democracy over right-wing nonsense

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 5, 2024

VICTORY! Court DISMISSES Republican lawsuit challenging New York law that expands mail-in voting

The bipartisan border deal would not allow 5,000 illegal crossings per day, despite what Trump says

Predicting the 2024 future for news media (Editor & Publisher)

Opinion: Predicting the 2024 future for news media (Editor & Publsher)

Why detransitioners are crucial to the science of gender care

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Senate border deal....

**UPDATE**Well, the big storm hit here last night. ***POWER IS BACK ON!***

U.S. & Israel vs. Axis of Resistance: Biden Strikes New Targets in Middle East as Gaza War Continues

'painted by Hunter Biden and put on the 20$ bill'

Stock market today: US stocks fall as Powell chills rate cut hopes

TFG is not going to be hosting or appearing on Saturday Night Live

Albuquerque still dealing with police corruption.

A War Over Words: West Virginia schools, libraries could face charges for books deemed

I figured out why pronouns piss off the righty-whitey crowd so much . .

"Incandescent" with Rage: Matt Duss on Voter Anger over Biden Support for Netanyahu & Gaza Assault

This dog looks really bad so don't go there if it upsets you. He needs donations

The Solstice Moon

A year and a half ago, Trump endorsed Lankford for re-election, calling him "strong on the border"

Trump's Threats Worked On Powell

59% Crash: 10 Trillion Bailout Calls As China's Stock Market Woes Deepen; MSS Article - China Update

After Losing Nearly 100 Relatives in Gaza, Palestinian American Doctor Refuses to Meet with Blinken

Favorite hearty snack!

Glitter and Gold

Social media is still the biggest problem for us

Breaking : King Charles has been diagnosed with Cancer.

Our Call For Job Security Petition

King Charles Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Israel's Use of Starvation as a Weapon of War Brings Gaza to the Brink of Famine

Elon Musk was told to go to REHAB by concerned friends amid fears his drug use was spiraling

Russian Economy Ravaged by Putin's Policies as Wartime Measures Inflict Serious Damage on Russia - Joe Blogs

Buckingham Palace announces King Charles diagnosed with cancer, will step away from pubic duties during treatment.

Translating Vesuvius scrolls

Nikki Haley Mocks Trump With Halloween Costume Depicting Him as 'Weakest General Election Candidate Ever'

The vast majority of California flood victims' losses won't be covered by insurance

A YouTube question

Online Judicial Voter Guide Now Available for 2024 Primary Voters

How can I find the "Ask the Administrators" forum?

Call me for all your kitchen remodeling needs

Southern MD pre-dawn 2/5

We must immediately send giant marbles to Colombia

Ann Coulter: Best Thing Trump Could Do for America Is 'Die'

Working on the river

'Dreamers' left out in the cold by US Senate border bill (Reuters)

Biden can't beat the MAGA meme machine online, kingmaker Clyburn says

Here's what's terrifying me should TFG cheat a second term.

A Democrat's Guide To Discussing The Border

What's with the media increasingly calling him 'President Motherfucker?'

King Crimson -- Cat Food

I am redoing my garden

Warning: Graphic Palestinian boy tries to stab a guard, runs away and is shot and killed.

Finally got a comfortable chair

New York Times opinion piece from a hostage survivor on rebirth

My Question To The IRS

Union calls for Lufthansa ground staff at major German airports to strike on Wednesday

Does anyone know

Spread the Love and Support Democratic Underground! It's Valentine Hearts Week on DU!

What other venues do you visit?

Why lawmakers say they have to change Maryland's youth justice laws

Message In A Bottle - The Police

Tucker Carlson is in Moscow. A visit home?

Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home

'Deliver Us From Evil': Rape, Reproductive Coercion and the Catholic Church (trigger warning)

Wayman Tisdale in my headphones on a late lunch break

'Deliver Us From Evil': Rape, Reproductive Coercion and the Catholic Church (trigger warning)

'Deliver Us From Evil': Rape, Reproductive Coercion and the Catholic Church (trigger warning)

Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' are wreaking havoc and attacking people: report

With maternal mortality and preterm birth rates at an all time high, reversal of Roe is a major factor

Michigan city ramps up security after op-ed calls it 'America's jihad capital'

With maternal mortality and preterm birth rates at an all time high, reversal of Roe is a major factor

What are we doing here?

With maternal mortality and preterm birth rates at an all time high, reversal of Roe is a major factor

With maternal mortality and preterm birth rates at an all time high, reversal of Roe is a major factor

To you wonderful, kind, amazing, DU'ers, thank you for my hearts.

TY for the heart!

Sign of Trouble in Nancy Mace's Office: Total Staff Turnover

Blue whale, the largest animal ever to live (as far as we know)::

Do I have to purchase hearts? I paid last week for a star membership. I don't understand the message I got . It says I

Thank you so much for the heart whoever it was, I appreciate all of you very much

Thank you for the heart!

EarlG Et al... THANK YOU!!!

Judd Legum: Publix versus the public

7 Former State Supreme Court Justices Urge SCOTUS To Affirm Trump Disqualification

Sabotaging aid to Ukraine makes no sense-from a national security, geopolitical or humanitarian standpoint.

Rape Threats, Misogynist Slurs, Sexual Harassment and Doxing: How Online Abuse Is Used to Intimidate, Discredit and Sil

Rape Threats, Misogynist Slurs, Sexual Harassment and Doxing: How Online Abuse Is Used to Intimidate, Discredit and Sil

Rape Threats, Misogynist Slurs, Sexual Harassment and Doxing: How Online Abuse Is Used to Intimidate, Discredit and Sile

US announces visa restriction policy for those misusing commercial spyware

King Charles III has been diagnosed with Cancer

Meet the Israelis Who Are Trying to Physically Block the Ethnic Cleansing Unfolding in the West Bank

Major Shakeup in Washington State and Hawaii Journalism

Tale of Two Cities: Why Vancouver and Seattle Downtowns Look So Different

A guide to disinformation's tropes and tactics

A Swift kick to Trump and the GOP?

Greg Sargent: Why Mike Johnson Is Having a MAGA Meltdown over the Border Deal

GOP's Lee says border bill shows need for new Senate GOP leader

Trump, Biden spent trillions; results are what counts

Cartoons 2/5/2024

Thank you again Earl...

10 cents per bottle: Recycling companies have mixed views on proposal

Goofy convoy on Texas border shows MAGA movement one long con

Thank you very much for my hearts. Love you all.

Should Washington require headlights 24 hours a day on highways?

A Teen's Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld

Trump's Chances Of Winning Reelection Are Way Worse Than We Thought

The Biden Administration Must Use Civil Rights Enforcement to Push Back Against Texas's Racist Invocation of Invasion

Iran-backed group kills U.S. allies in Syria amid high-stakes tit-for-tat

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Has Urgent 2024 Message For Former Trump Loyalists

OK I Will Stop Calling Trumpers, Magats

"Inaccurate and distorted": New Jack Smith filing blows up Trump's false Mar-a-Lago narrative

She wanted to make a chicken sandwich with fewer chemicals for schoolkids. How hard could it be?

Vance questions New York verdicts against Trump, with jurors from 'extremely left-wing jurisdictions'

Fewer Americans in new survey expect Trump to concede if he loses in November

Conservatives' Project 2025 agenda would push seniors into private Medicare Advantage plans. FAST.

Watched the Grammys last night

Rejected duck stops quacking

Thank you for the hearts.

Texas Stripped of Powers in Border Security Bill

Teamsters Increase Future Strike Benefits for Anheuser-Busch Workers

Sinema Stalling to Spend Money

trump cult donations

Rise of Germany's AfD signals growing support for pro-Russian policies

Trump says he'd be happy to replace Biden for Super Bowl interview: 'RATINGS GOLD!'

Pic Of The Moment: Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow, Rumors Fly That He Will Interview Vladimir Putin

Housing for the servants...

Is the $139 Amazon Prime Subscription Still Worth It?

We Need A Verdict

Claudine Longet Love Is Blue (L'amour Est Bleu)

Trump make miscalculation, screws his own campaign - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sen. Fetterman expresses support for striking and laid-off journalists

DOJ antitrust case targeting Google's ad-tech business will go to trial in September, federal judge rules

The Border Patrol Union supports the Senate Bipartisan bill

Most voters want verdict on Trump election subversion charges before Election Day: Poll

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McDaniel vs Trump....

Mama Raccoon Hides Her Babies In A Garage

Seattle expecting $100 million in economic impact from 2026 World Cup FOX 13 Seattle

thank you to whom ever sent me the vallentine . a secret admierer, ohm myyyyy!!!!

Most don't trust Supreme Court on election cases: Poll

Trump should use Reagan for his defense, after all, he got away without even a single indictment.

Tweet from President Biden for King Charles

Why Jack Smith wants to 'clear the air' in the classified documents case

Family of Black girls handcuffed by Colorado police, held at gunpoint reach $1.9 million settlement

John Fugelsang: My theory is still that Donald Trump is an elaborate GOP plot to make the entire world

The Rude Pundit: JD Vance Proves Again What a Vile Motherfucker He Is

US Rep. Lauren Boebert granted temporary restraining order against her ex-husband

Attacks on Russia's oil infrastructure could mean 'anarchy' for Putin's regime Owen Matthews

GOP Senate candidate David McCormick has up to $2.2 million in a 'dynasty trust' that allows him to evade wealth taxes --


It's pretty obvious Trump and the MAGATs know now they're playing for all the marbles.

Chutkan contemplates Trump trial extending deep into 2024, as case remains in limbo

Cape Breton's epic snowfall seen in couple's viral photo

McConnell and Border Patrol union back embattled Senate border deal

Valentine Promo

Oregon Supreme Court Bans Republican State Senators From Running For Reelection - Ring of Fire

South Carolina woman seeks clarity on abortion ban in lawsuit backed by Planned Parenthood

VoteVets-Trump ADMITS to knowing Iran was going to attack our Troops and did nothing to stop them.

VoteVets-Trump ADMITS to knowing Iran was going to attack our Troops and did nothing to stop them.

Why Is Tucker Carlson In Moscow, And Is He A Real VP Candidate For trump? -The Warning

Meta Board Says Fake Videos Are Bad, but That Fake Biden One Is Okay

Biden thanks hospitality workers in Las Vegas ahead of Nevada's Tuesday primary

Thank you for the Valentine Heart!

Bob Beckwith, retired firefighter in famous image with Bush after 9/11, dies at 91

watch a cat, trying to drink water from a kettle

Tennessee High Schoolers Solved a Nearly 40-Year-Old Serial Murder Mystery

hihowdi all.

Indiana Legislators Vote to Repeal Ukrainian Driver's License Law Following Lawsuit

Sen. Murphy: 'Donald Trump wants those scenes of chaos' the bipartisan border deal would prevent

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 5, 2024

Thanks for the Valentine heart!

'Just a lie': Joe pushes back against Speaker Johnson's border bill claim - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Family of Black girls handcuffed by Colorado police, held at gunpoint reach $1.9 million settlement

Haley raises $16.5 million, fueling her fight against Trump.

Nearly 38 million people in California under flood watch as rain batters state

Thank you for the hearts! I'm so moved!

TFG's attorneys have filed TFG's final SCOTUS brief in the 14th Amendment disqualification case

Pennsylvania Capitol protest against state investing in Israel bonds ends with arrests

I just read a news story that has me angry, about a Green Bay day care.

Prism pipes

New College of Florida nets record number of new students, but at academic cost

Judge in Borgata/MGM case rules casinos have no duty to stop compulsive gamblers from betting

The Lincoln Project: What Could Be

U.S. Border Patrol union endorses Senate immigration deal

Oh Lordy, go away

Conservative Judge Shuts Down Colorado GOP's Voter Deprivation Effort - Rodecast

Chris Geidner - FAQ: Trump, the 14th Amendment, and Thursday's SCOTUS arguments

Secretive US rightwing group Alec designs law to give big business 'complete immunity for bad acts'

Elizabeth Warren warns of national abortion ban if GOP wins in 2024 - More Perfect Union

Larry David Breaks Georgia's Voting Law in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

The snuggle boys

Thank you for the hearts

The RIDICULOUS Trucker's Convoy

mudslides in southern Calif, including one that knocked house off its foundation

Hurricanes are becoming so strong we may need a new scale to rate them

Anti-Voting Judges Are Soft-Launching a Repeal of the Fifteenth Amendment

Is this a possible or likely outcome if the Repub House kills the border bill?

"She's a joke": Nancy Mace's ex-aides spill the beans after entire staff bails in just 3 months

Larry David Curb Your Voter Suppression Video here:

Thank you, secret valentine!

Blinken seeks 'enduring end' to Gaza war in latest Mideast tour

Hey - whoever just gave me a heart, THANK YOU!

Police make mass arrests in Pa. Capitol as protestors decry state investments in Israel

Judge blasts January 6th defendants for using conspiracy theories in their own criminal defense - Deadline - MSNBC

Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake 'chief financial officer'

So, while The Defendant is calling the border deal a trap, I, too, think that it could be,...

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Mike Luckovich-Speaker Johnson praying his deity

Southern MD @ sunset 2/5

Nikki Haley has requested Secret Service protection

Fish are 'jumping!'

Rep. Jim McGovern tweet - The clowns are running the circus. We're wasting time on Marjorie Taylor Greene

As conservatives balk, U.S. Border Patrol union endorses Senate immigration deal

Watch This Dog Become A Fluffy Cuddlebug

As conservatives balk, U.S. Border Patrol union endorses Senate immigration dea

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Trump just marched the bill into the street and shot it in the head

Speaker Mike Johnson GLITCHES OUT - Admits to Committing Obstruction for Donald Trump!!!

Star Membership issue

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Possible Win-Win For Migrants And NYS: Temporary State Jobs

Netherlands pledges six extra F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

Why Is Tucker Carlson In Moscow, And Is He A Real VP Candidate For Trump? The Warning

House Dems Urge Biden to 'Swiftly' Appoint Postal Board Governors

Why is Tucker Carlson in Russia?

Border Patrol Union SUPPORTS The Senate Border Control Bill

Biden Meets With Culinary Workers on Eve of Nevada Primary

Justice Department proposes major changes to address disparities in state crime victim funds

Locals Say Eagle Pass Is Being Invaded by Christian Nationalists -- Not Migrants

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas settle suit over bogus voter fraud claims cited by the Trump campaign

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Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs - Fast Car from Grammys last night

Overview of Peter Schickele's (P.D.Q. Bach) 1969 progressive/psychedelic album with The Open Window

South Dakota tribe bans Gov. Kristi Noem from reservation

Love Letter gone astray.

Polling: Trump conviction would have a major impact on 2024 race

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Great job numbers leave Republicans literally speechless (again)

Takabisha World's Steepest Roller Coaster in Highland Japan

A serious question; Why are Biden's poll numbers so low?

Supreme Court to decide if insurrectionist Trump can return to Oval Office to finish what he started - Glenn Kirschner

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Trump's legal fate depends on this - MSNBC Reports

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STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 6 February 2024

Calling himself presumptive nominee,' Trump tells Supreme Court to keep him on the ballot