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Joe Neguse bringing the receipts and calling out Republican hypocrisy

It's been raining all day in Vegas...I mean a steady rain all day, and the Niners have been complaining about...

Holy cow!

Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding (Remastered 2014)

Sen. Schumer to Speaker Johnson: Do the right thing on the border bill - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding (Remastered 2014)

Biden threatens veto of House GOP's Israel bill

I tried to buy a Membership and pay with

Ex-NFL quarterback Favre must finish repaying misspent welfare money, Mississippi auditor says

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'This is everything they asked for': Senator says GOP should take yes for an answer - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed for introducing resolution to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar

Sen. Murphy: I think Speaker Johnson wants to kill this bill in the Senate - Morning Joe - MSNBC

McDonald's sales dented by Israel-Gaza boycotts

Revolver album, vocals only. amazing....nice trick with the faces on the cover too

Judge rules the State of Nebraska was not in contempt for remote work actions after CIR ruling

Good discussion(s) on Ari!

Legal scholar: New Jack Smith filing exposes Trump's "frivolous" defense

'This is the last opportunity' Sen. Chris Van Hollen on the urgency of the funding bill - MSNBC Reports

Has anyone heard from

South Carolina woman seeks clarity on abortion ban in lawsuit backed by Planned Parenthood

What comes in Trump's legal battles after election interference trial delay: Kirschner - MSNBC Reports

Next time someone tells you America isn't racist...

All things love the sun

Worried About AI Voice Clone Scams? Create a Family Password (EFF)

I'm so happy I just received my

DOJ: First National Bank discriminated against Black, Latino borrowers in NC

McGovern slams Greene for going after Mayorkas, Omar: 'The clowns are running the circus'

California company wants to use Arizona groundwater to make 'green hydrogen' fuel. Residents say it'll drain their wells

I don't know who you are, but I love you too!!

Pentagon confirms Taylor Swift is not being used for covert deep state operations (Daily Kos)

Great bumper sticker

Liz Cheney rips Vance after Jan. 6 remarks: Not 'fit to serve'

Study of sea sponges lead scientists to believe Earth has already passed 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming

Jack Smith hits back against Donald Trump's claims of bias in classified documents case - Deadline - MSNBC

Save the Last Dance on HBO now.

Lions are being forced to change the way they hunt. It's all because of a tiny invasive ant, scientists say.

Jack Smith's filing shreds Trump's desperate and amateurish stolen documents discovery motion (Daily Kos)

GOP's Vance goes in radical directions to impress Team Trump

Trump seeks debate with Biden in 2024 presidential race

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens: Arthur Rackham's Haunting Illustrations for the Barrie Classic

Warm welcome to Nevada for Vice President Harris

'Donald Trump has tested every norm of democracy': Supreme Court set to hear 14th Amendment case - Deadline - MSNBC

from Martin Sheen (to me!!! LOL! I'll be back with him and The West Wing later.)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about border politics and publicity....

We know what is wrong with Trump...the real question is what is wrong with his cult following? (Daily Kos)

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My Frustration

Fox News says Republicans should admit defeat on economy - Pondering Politics

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Chutkan's CRUCIAL word choice REVEALS all-important state of trial - Talking Feds

Madagascar: giant tortoises have returned 600 years after they were wiped out

Man saves dying puppy with CPR

Permafrost alone holds back Arctic rivers--and a lot of carbon

Trump says it's rigged.

Indicted Trump has Republicans openly plotting election theft: See Jan 6 ally confronted on TV - The Beat - MSNBC

If JD Vance runs a 45's VP.....

Whitmer blasts 'cruel and ignorant' WSJ column on Dearborn

Judge Luttig thinks that TFG has in effect admitted that TFG has lost in the 14th Amendment disqualification case

Twitter brouhaha developing between Rep McGovern and Marj traitor greene

The Thirst Is Real: Republicans Are Lining Up Their Lies to Be Trump's VP Pick

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

University of Michigan survey shows double-digit increases in consumer sentiment for the second straight month


An Idea: "A day of ordinary miracles...little getting up and living each day, one day at a time."

Seth Meyers - Fox Forced to Admit Biden Economy Is Booming; Biden Calls Trump a "Sick F*ck": A Closer Look

NY Judge Dismisses Republican Lawsuit to Block Vote By Mail Law

France working with Qatar to verify medicine delivery to Gaza hostages

Oh, wow, is that a mockingbird?

Biden Won South Carolina Easily, But You Won't Hear It From The Media Or The Pollsters

Sugar heir allegedly beat girlfriend after becoming 'irate' that they were seated next to gay couple

Democrat issues crucial update on border bill - Brian Tyler Cohen

Doctor Pol Story I've Heard.

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King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer, will halt public duties as he undergoes treatment

The vast majority of California flood victims' losses won't be covered by insurance

Trump says border bill "very bad" for Sen. Lankford's career, falsely claims he "did not endorse" him.

I do love Rachel Maddow.

So, apparently Motherfucker like to employ the word 'lover' when describing two adults in a consensual relationship

CORRUPT Judge Cannon Makes BIGGER FOOL of Herself as Deadlines Approach - Meidas Touch

Nikki Haley theorizes Trump isn't spending a lot of money in South Carolina because "he's saving it for his legal fees."

The baby, I delivered when I was 19......

New York Court Rejects GOP Challenge to Mail-In Voting Expansion

Gym Jordan: 'Let the American people decide' on border bill in November

Bon Appetit Chris Morocco Appreciation thread

Starving Huskie Nearly Gives Up Until a Miracle Happens

Bon Appetit Chris Morocco Appreciation thread

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Damn GOBers!

Best cover of classic hits

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House Cat Spots Two Stray Kittens In His Backyard, And Then...

Let's Cut To The Chase On The Border Bill

I am so happy I've stuck to my late NY's resolution

'Who the hell does he think he is?': Biden goes after Trump's rhetoric in Nevada

Following mild temps, we had back-to-back blizzards a month ago, and right afterwards, the temps began to rise,

My Take On Thursday's Supreme Court Deliberations

Study cited by Texas judge in abortion pill case retracted

FOOLISH Judge Aileen Cannon FEELS THE HEAT from Jack Smith - Talking Feds

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Biden won the South Carolina primary by 94 points. Trump could never.

When was the last time you opened the dishwasher in the dry cycle just to feel the steam?

It's A Hit Single, Jim --- But Not As We Know It!

In response to "Why Are Biden's Poll Numbers So Low?"

Trump's Latest Crying People Story

NY-03: Mazi Melesa Pilip (R), Tom Suozzi (D) trade attacks over Senate border bill

How the bipartisan border deal would transform the U.S. immigration system - PBS NewsHour

Someone has

NYC: Accused orchestrator of illegal straw donor scheme for Adams 2021 campaign pleads guilty

Spring-like temps expected for western Washington in February

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Maddow covering Trump's fake union really

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'Basically a cult': Trump's MAGA Republicans slammed for vowing to block immigration reform bill

Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on acoustic guitar by Randy Coleman, son of actor Dabney Coleman

Embattled 'Squad' members Bowman, Bush face growing primary threat

Most don't trust Supreme Court on election cases: Poll

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Most Americans Want Trump Verdict Before Election

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'Basically a cult': Trump's MAGA Republicans slammed for vowing to block immigration reform bill - The ReidOut - MSNBC

NY-03: Suozzi (D) trying to reverse GOP trend on New York's Long Island

The GOP Is Done With Charlie Kirk After Newest Racist Comments - Rebel HQ

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IN-05: In reversal, Spartz (R) decides to run for reelection after all

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Supreme Court MAKES ITS MOVE on Most Important DECISIONS Yet - Meidas Touch

CA-47: A pro-Israel super PAC is wading into the fierce fight for Katie Porter's seat

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The Osborne Brothers - Sure-Fire

Dems gear up for final stretch on judges -- worrying they won't catch Trump

This time, the far-right threat is real

Hungary demands visit from Swedish PM before Nato approval

Campaign cash covers Louisiana officials tabs at Washington Mardi Gras

Does anyone else feel like the DU hearts is like an acceptance speech?

Lawsuit seeks to set SC's abortion ban at 9 weeks, not 6

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There was a supreme court justice nominated to the court twice

AK: Republican former legislator's voter-misconduct trial moved to late July

Sexyy Red fact check: Democrats made the stimulus checks happen, not Trump - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Why are President Biden's approval ratings so low?' And why my pants are not on fire about it

OR-06: Attorneys for Erickson (R), Salinas (D) make case to appeals court in campaign defamation suit

Language for 'Direct democracy' amendment submitted to ease Arkansas' ballot initiative process

05 Feb: Russians crossed the Death Valley & entered Avdivka - Reporting from Ukraine

As conservatives balk, U.S. Border Patrol union endorses Senate immigration deal

Late MIGOP campaign filing confirms weak financial state of the party


X Ambassadors - Unconsolable

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Susan J. Demas: Taylor Swift doesn't belong to you

The Justices Must Choose: Trump or the Constitution

MI: Democrats won big on abortion in 2022. Will it work again this year?

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost fighting for 'other provisions' in 6-week abortion ban law

TFG doesn't even know what a supply chain is. He really is the king of dumb people!

Delays in Trump insurrection case pushes court dates further into election season - PBS NewsHour

Joni Mitchell - WOW! I loved her performance at the Grammys last night!

Wisconsin Supreme Court agrees to hear governor's lawsuit against GOP-controlled Legislature

Joe: 'Nevada, your primary is *today.'

Robert Kraft's Foundation To Combat Antisemitism buys Super Bowl ad

MAGA Congressman Freaks Out When He Can't Explain Sec. Mayorkas Impeachment - Reflect

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Meta Oversight Board says manipulated video of Biden can stay on Facebook, recommends policy overhaul (CBS News)

See the small sea drone Ukraine says packs 500 pounds of explosives

CA-45: Communication Workers of America Local 9150 Endorses Nguyen-Penaloza (D) for Congress

See Russian media's coverage of Tucker Carlson's visit

'Preposterous': Trump's ridiculous response in 14th Amendment case - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

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CA: Huntington Beach Studies Privatizing Public Library Management

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Project 2025 video. Scary ****!

Kimmel: Trump Thinks He Looks Like Elvis, Taylor Swift Makes History & LA Hit by Biblical Amount of Rain

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Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven

GOP 'arguments against Biden are all evaporating,' Dem strategist says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Student loans forgiven today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump lawyers' unprofessionalism and incompetence revealed in new filing - The Last Word - MSNBC

AZ: Republicans are still trying to protect attorneys behind bogus election lawsuits from punishment

Russia hawks to Putin apologists: GOP stonewalls Ukraine aid, Tucker Carlson's trip to Moscow - Inside w/Jen Psaki MSNBC

PA-HD140: A Lower Bucks special election will determine control of the Pa. House

GOP senator accuses Mike Johnson of lying that he was excluded from border negotiations

fake story...

Supreme Court enters election season with politically potent cases

David Bowie - Wild Is The Wind (Live 2000)

Joy Reid details life and love of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers in new book - The Last Word - MSNBC

There's a fun covers thread over in the Lounge.

Joint fundraising committees are funneling huge amounts of money into NY House races

OR State Senators Barred From Running For Office - Raw News And Politics

Senegal's parliament delays presidential election till December

Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' Tears

"Next time someone tells you that America isn't a racist country, just remind them that this nation is willing

The New York Times wants Paul Krugman to lie about the economy

TCM Saturday 2-10-24 - 31 Days of Oscars, Day 2 - Supporting Actress - Camelot, Singin' in the Rain, The Miracle Worker

I know we have hated the Taylor Swift drivel coming from the Trumpies but I stumbled across this

A message from Secretary Pete. No Vision Pro, while driving your cybertruck (or other vehicle)

AZ: GOP, Democrats introduce dueling bills to fix election deadline mess

My favorite animated character is Wiley E Coyote........Why? He never gives up.

Alabama's New Congressional District 2 will be on Voting Maps in the 2024 Election Cycle

With a busy election year, Central Florida voting groups are reaching out now

Panama ex-president to run for re-election despite losing appeal in money laundering case

'Coolest dictator' to 'philosopher king,' Nayib Bukele's path to reelection in El Salvador

Indiana Legislature advances 'election security' bill

The GOP is 'dissolving itself': Trump appears to set up RNC chair as fall guy for failures - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Cat 6 hurricanes....

Rare in the Brazilian Army, Black General Takes Command of Military Region

Missouri abortion rights campaign faces tight deadline as it kicks off canvassing efforts

The Federal Police Conducts Searches against Carlos Bolsonaro and Targets the Political Core of the Parallel Intelligenc

Missouri Right to Life Sets Up 'Snitch Line' to Track Abortion Petition Gatherers

Court keeps Oregon GOP senators off ballot over constitution violation; ominous parallels for Trump - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Boise pharmacist refused to fill prescription for miscarriage meds, citing abortion laws

Texas Progressives taking on state's GOP-stacked supreme court

Ukrainian 'Thrilled' to Run in EU Elections, on Latvia Ballot

Trump paid $20,000 to rent plant for fake union auto worker event: filing - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

BREAKING DOWN Trump's Four Defenses Of Treason! - Thom Hartmann

Democratic Rep. McGovern: I think you should be ashamed for bringing this kind of trash before this committee

"Engoron" - Featuring Mary In Ann Arbor and the It's A Trapp Kids - Rocky Mountain Mike

GOP Congress taught to sit and stay by Trump. Now on immigration they are taught to roll over.

I have been getting ads covering the posts, in pop up windows.

'The power of Trump and his allies': Senate GOP poised to block border bill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Biden has 9 months to tell the story': The struggle to reach voters on the economy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

DGA and WGA Members Move to Form Jewish Committees: 'We Want a Seat at the Table'

Extreme weather and vandalism threatening Holocaust sites

'We're better together': How Black and Jewish communities are building historic bonds

He's Very Religious - Luckovich Cartoon

Trump co-defendant makes BOGUS attempt to CORNER Georgia prosecutor - Talking Feds

Panama ex-president to run for re-election despite losing appeal in money laundering case

Federal Judge Sends CLEAR MESSAGE on Trump Trial Date - Meidas Touch

Torvill and Dean are still skating 40 years later (1984 Olympic champions)

El Salvador votes must be recounted, says electoral court

Trump Co-Defendant Was Kicked Out Of WH For Sexual Harassment - Raw News And Politics

The record-breaking Biden Economy

Why Isn't Trump In Jail? E. Jean Carroll Case Explained - Thom Hartmann

If Tx keeps squealing about secession, let's see if we can pull all our shit out and sell them back to Mexico?

Evening: The Sunset - Twilight Time

Biden would veto standalone Israel aid bill, administration says

The superfluid model of dark matter

A Different Approach to Criminal Justice Reform - Senator Bernie Sanders

Eldorado Overture - Can't Get It Out of My Head

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California ammunition background check law can remain in effect, court rules

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Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 02/05/24

5 Tracks on Taylor's New Album

Arizona nuclear plant seeking alternative source of water (uses 65 million gallons of treated wastewater every day)

My tradition

Oklahoma bill would ban state agencies from celebrating Pride Month

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren

Guatemala's new president appeals for society's help to overcome entrenched powers

Delays. Processing errors. FAFSA can be a nightmare. The Dept. of Education is stepping in

One of the

Republicans call to remove NYC's Sanctuary City laws after an assault on cops

Wordle 962 Feb 6 ***Spoiler Thread***

In Huge Reversal, GOP Poised To Kill The Border-Ukraine Package It Demanded

US-Ecuador Security Cooperation: A New Plan Colombia?

Thank you for the ❤️...nice way to wake up.

Biden denounces Mayorkas impeachment effort as 'baseless' and 'unconstitutional'

Toby Keith, country singer-songwriter, dies at 62 after stomach cancer diagnosis

Hundreds of People Are Missing as the Death Toll From Chile's Wildfires Reaches 123


I feel i may be gone for a while

Rose Robin (Petroica rosea)

GoFundMe Is A Health-Care Utility Now: The Atlantic

Remember, Scalia wrote that POTUS is an officer of the US.

Tragedy, Resilience and a Miracle at Chile's Burned Botanical Garden

Having a little surgery today...

Thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart. n/t

U.S. Forest Service proposes to protect old growth trees

Feb 6 Early Denzel In A Black Film Based on a Black Detective Novel

Awww Shucks... Thank you my lovely anonymous ones! 💓 And more today!!! (02/13! )

Seth Meyers - Biden Calls Trump "Donald Herbert Hoover Trump" While Criticizing Him at Rally - 2/5/24

Ignoring Indigenous rights is making the green transition more expensive

IDF Admits It Ran Gory Telegram Calling Palestinians 'Roaches' to be 'Exterminated'

I don't deserve all these hearts

First section of ancient scroll deciphered by AI

Nose picking linked to dementia: Report

My father disinherited me and my siblings almost 10 years ago.

The GOP Fears Working With Biden More Than It Cares About Fixing the Border Crisis

Another ship in the Red Sea has been attacked by a suspected Yemen Houthi rebel drone

Walmart hikes house brand food prices, rewards shareholders

Tuesday Toons

Here's some SYML for a chilly Tuesday morning.

Breakfast Tuesday 6 February 2024

Gunman Says Republican Who Lost Election Paid for Drive-By Shootings on Democrats' Homes

FED UP Veterans PUT THE SCREWS Through Trump's Utter BETRAYAL - Against All Enemies

Sen. Bernie Sanders Explains Why Trump Needs to Be Defeated in the 2024 Election

Preacher of Hate: Franklin Graham Sinking Into the Moral Quicksand of Trumpism

Sen. Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Why the U.S.'s Healthcare System Is So Dysfunctional

My new heart!

Why Ted Cruz is bulletproof in 2024

Israel approves millions of dollars for 'rural' settlements in West Bank

It's impeachment day for Mayorkas

Florida Supreme Court to hear pivotal battle over abortion

NLRB regional official decides Dartmouth men's basketball players are employees of the school

Add another negative description to Motherfucker's long rap sheet

Mississippi's top court to hear arguments over spending public money on private schools

Thank you for my hearts!

So what did the son of that far right Israeli Cabinet Minister post about

Sanders looks to harness outrage on drug prices

Ron Filipkowski FTW

Salon: Trump's Mar-a-Lago co-defendant has a #MeToo problem

2/5 - Nearly A Foot Of Rain In 24 Hours At UCLA Station; Warming Bodes Worse For Future CA Storms

Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt

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One Arm or Two? How You Get Vaccinated May Make a Difference. Receiving multidose vaccinations in both arms...

Scientists Transformed Pure Water Into a Metal - And There's Video

Medicare now negotiating price of drug that costs $7,100 in US vs. $900 in Canada

Morning Joe blows up: Johnson lying through his teeth about a bill he hasn't even read

BTRTN: Why You Should Ignore the Nevada Primary (and Caucus)

Taylor Swift NPR Tiny Desk Concert 4yrs ago


Not For Nothing...

Why most millionaires want a wealth tax: "There's a certain alarmism among the wealthy about Trump"

What Israeli Soldiers' Videos Reveal: Cheering Destruction and Mocking Gazans

😃🇺🇸🥢🗓️❗️Your favorite food to eat with chopsticks?

Turner Classic Movies Acquires 'The Ozu Diaries' Documentary (The Hollywood Reporter)

So anyway, here's a picture of Andre The Giant holding NFL QB Joe Theismann

Couldn't get the picture.

You raised $425.00 on February 5, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024


FAA chief pledges to hold Boeing accountable for any violations of safety rules

"We are producing a generation of orphans" - US pediatrician, Seema Jilani after return from Gaza

Turner Classic Movies is here to stay (University of California, San Diego Guardian)

On February 5, 1865, Abraham Lincoln sat for this photograph by Alexander Gardner.

On this day, February 6, 1966, Rick Astley was born.

You raised $10.00 on February 5, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

The lone Democrat willing to weaken Medicare's power to negotiate drug prices

What happens if SCOTUS kicks Trump off the ballot? An enlightening perspective.

Cartoon: Florida sycophants

On this day, February 6, 1943, Fabian was born.

Cartoon: Horse-face Hawley

Thank you so much for my heart!!

'In a word, horrific': Trump's extreme anti-environment blueprint

Anagrams. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Show us what you've divined from the tea leaves!

Greg Abbott Rages at Texas Being Stripped of Powers: 'Unacceptable'

On this day, February 6, 1957, 801 Live drummer Simon Phillips was born.

Bluesky is now open for signup without an invite

The Wind Cries Mary

Border Politics: We have the high ground on the border issue now, how do we exploit it?

On this day, February 6, 1899, film star Ramon Novarro was born.

Tucker Carlson Interviewed Vladimir Putin: Report

On February 5, 1906, John Carradine was born.

Right-wing Bill Mill ALEC Teams Up with "Run GenZ" to Recruit and Train Young Republican Candidates

Mike Johnson Mocks Border Patrol on Fox News

I have am empty enclosed porch, this morning! NO porch kitcats.

Good day to remember Kris Kristofferson

Thank you for my hearts!

GOP loses second vote in effort to impeach Mayorkas

Will the 6 radical justices on the Supreme Court humiliate themselves?

Yardbirds on 1967 vintage Zenith tube radio

Zelensky makes the biggest mistake. Avdiivka critical situation. Putin changes strategy - The Russian Dude

Paul Mackenzie: Kenyan cult leader charged with 191 murders

Thank you for my heart!

Pro-Biden super PAC set to spend up to $40M amplifying Trump's legal woes

John Oberlin: Meme of the Day regarding "thoughts and prayers" vis-a-vis border patrol

A very humble thank you for the hearts...

Jon Stewart on America's Gun Problem & Dystopic Present The Daily Show

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Nevada GOP primary....

Another one in the series

The Babe was born on this date.

NY's Governor Kathy Hochul "she don't come to play" and she will not play nice with the Republican shits.

Nothing Good Comes From Trump...Never Has, Never Will - The Lincoln Project

Trump does not have presidential immunity in January 6 case, federal appeals court rules

Donald trump does not have immunity!!

Just in: Trump not immune:

Trump NOT Immune: MSNBC

No immunity!

Taylor Swift threatens legal action against student who tracks her jet

Roy Smeck was born on this date.

CNBC: Appeals court denies Trump immunity in DC election case

Breaking Appeals Court : NO immunity for the Defendant

Stray Cat Keeps Joining This Dog's Walks

Florida could adopt new solution to homeless crisis: camps

Let me be the 50th person to post "No Immunity"!

Bob Marley was born on this date.

Amelia Earhart's Long-Lost Plane Discovered On Auxiliary Runway At LaGuardia

Thanks for the hearts!

Trump's next move and only move he has left. File an appeal with the SCOTUS for a stay in the court's rulingp

Woot woot NO IMMUNITY!

Ruling spells out the insanity of presidential immunity

California ammunition background check law can remain in effect, court rules

Lonnie Johnson - Another Night To Cry (Live 1963)

Two students may have stopped a school board from saying Christian prayers at meetings (Livestream) - Friendly Atheist

a CEO is facing backlash, used company account to make insulting remarks to young woman influencer

Boredom/ennui - Perhaps there's an upside???

Trump is going to jail

The GOP Owns the Border Now. Here's How Democrats Make Sure of It.

To my five new "heart donors":

Trump's argument for presidental immunity is that

CBS NEWS Breaks down trump immunity ruling

The Big News Is The Feb, 12th Date For Trump To Appeal

Moms For Liberty loses attempt to ban "the Kite Runner"/ "Slaughterhouse 5". Librarian started counter movement

Here's the DC Appeals Court's 57 page UNANIMOUS, HISTORIC ruling for your reading pleasure.

What is the "en banc" hearing that Trump's lawyers might file to an appeals court?

Yep, the stupidest question ever to be asked outside an elementary school classroom has been answered.

So we have a verdict in the Trump immunity case...

That time Frank was on daytime TV.

Eastern Coyote

My new wife is thrilled with her

Immunity denied. Next up: Ballot cancelling.

Dear Smelvis, SLobfather effin loser, rapist, criminal, insurrectionist

So, it's(Trump's immunity appeal) going to the Supreme Court?

"presidents will be automatically indicted" - GREAT! Let's do it.

Will the Supreme Court kick Trump off the ballot?

Jay Kuo: The MAGA Migrant Delusion

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift

In regard to recent v good news, I predict

Summer Lawns

Ketchup anyone?

Black Lives Matter at School Started in Seattle, Took Root Nationally, Continues With a Week of Action

According to CBS News trump will see trial by late spring or early summer

This is a rant about prescription drug packaging

Riddle me this

Thanks for the Hearts, whoever sent them

TFG is going to appeal the DC Circuit opinion

Receiving two hearts is a

"The Confederate In The Attic" That Trippi Show WSG Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman

Buffoon's not immune

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 6, 2024)

Poor People's Campaign Unveils Nationwide Voting Push

TSF's Claim of Immunity Should Still be Used Against Him

Poll: what do you think SCOTUS will do with today's immunity case?

SCOTUS likely to reject appeal of Trump immunity ruling: Adam Klasfeld

"Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" - Taylor Swift

Trump is now the second presidential candidate without immunity.

On This Day: First African American settlers to Liberia face very high mortality rate - Feb. 6, 1820

Very scared about going to the doctor

Have you used any of the following words.thingamabob ,thingamajig .whatchamacallit. or doohickey? I went to put the

Biden, Obama and Bill Clinton fundraiser expected in New York City in late March

More than idolatry?

Will Bunch: The scary, real reason a border deal failed

IPTV's Iowa Press ripped by

Mattis secretly advised Arab monarch on Yemen war, records show

I treasure my hearts, thank you so much!!

Surprisingly sane responses down at freeperville: But it's all still election interference. No links.

Wakala rollercoaster front row ride.

Boise pharmacist refused to fill prescription for miscarriage meds, citing abortion laws

HJ Heinz going to 24 hour shifts 😆😀👍

Israel has informed families of 32 hostages held in Gaza that their relatives are dead

Judge Engoron Demands Trump Explain His Accountant's Apparent Lies

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Tuesday, February 6

Matt Gaetz & Elise Stefanik are introducing a resolution that says Trump didn't engage in insurrection.

SNAP Post of the Day (Daily Show)...

Waste of a remote click

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Pro-Biden super PAC set to spend up to $40M amplifying Trump's legal woes

Cartoons 2/6/2024

N.H. attorney general says he found source of fake Biden robocalls

Appeals Court's Trump immunity decision contains a colorful, devastating summary of charges against the appellant

Southern MD afternoon 2/6

Late country music singer Toby Keith expressed support for gay marriage

Neal Katyal: I do not think the Supreme Court will hear Trump's appeal. Of course, anything can happen and it takes 4 of

'Huge win for Jack Smith': See ex-prosecutor's reaction to Trump ruling

I need help understanding applying for Social Security and how

LISTEN UP MIKEY! It's Now Clear, Trump is Calling the Shots! - Stephanie Miller Show

Speaking of 🥢:

GOP Sen. Lankford on Trump attacking him over border deal: "Obviously a chaotic border is helpful to him."

Kris Kristofferson is trending on Twitter. I'd never heard this story

Susan Del Percio says the ruling does not hurt Trump. His supporters are rock-solid.

Sean Hannity Mercilessly Mocked For World's Most Selective Outrage

State Department diplomatic security officer arrested on Jan. 6 charges

Taylor Swift is constitutionally eligible to serve as president. Unlike Donald Trump.

Great Bumpkin campaign response to immunity ruling

House member's former staffers blast office's toxic work culture

I am glad March 4, 1933 was the last time March 4th was when a President began their term of office.

Do not protest vote

Why 'China's System Is Broken'; Chinese Economy; Singapore's Mr Chan; Spring Festival - China Update

Shadow player

On Being Human

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 6, 2024

The dam is breaking

Biden on live now -Matters border bill n/t

Animal Protection Laws Are Under Attack-- Call-in Day TODAY!

Far-right group Project Veritas admits it had 'no evidence' of voter fraud in Pennsylvania

Los Angeles records more than 300 mudslides during storm that has drenched Southern California

Barbie Movie Montage - What Was I Made For?

"Trump is in even more trouble": Judge demands answers after report that Trump CFO "lied under oath"

Did I just hear Biden call them Republics, twice?

Millhiser: The Supreme Court is about to decide whether to sabotage Trump's election theft trial

Dissent Grows Inside Biden Admin over Gaza Policy as Blinken Holds Talks in Middle East

WoW!!! You Go Joe.......

Labor News & Commentary February 2, 2024 an experiment with a four-day workweek begins in Germany

The Supreme Court is about to decide whether to sabotage Trump's election theft trial

Jennifer Crumbley verdict reached. Reading any minute.

So the man's wife got up for breakfast and began preparing her

BARKING MAD Trump Gives OFF THE WALL Interview

Mother of school shooter found guilty of manslaughter

Biden, speaking minutes ago(video): Republicans have to decide, who do they serve? Donald Trump, or the American people?

Jennifer Crumbley found guilty on all shooter mom.

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The GOP dog caught the car. Again. By Catherine Rampell

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Jennifer Crumbly guilty on all four counts. My question to DU is this:

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Diva Ted Cruz Demands Special Treatment At Airports With New Bill

Reyes Coca-Cola Workers Join Teamsters Local 665

Today is Primary day in opposed to Caucus Day

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What Kant might have said if he saw those MAGA grifter preachers lay hands on Chump

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"Nation-Destroying Ruling"- Trump Complains About Immunity Ruling on Truth Social (MeidasTouch)

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American Pediatrician Who Worked in Gaza Hospital Recalls Horrors of Israel's War

Today's Tiedrich rant: a day in the life of Donald Trump's increasingly demented brain

Trump's 'calculated risk' backfires after appeals court uses his allies' words against him

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It's a lie! It's an influx at the border, not an invasion. Emphatically correct this improper border characterization.

Greg Abbott ships migrants to NYC and then criticizes that city for trying to feed them?

What's on Tonight: TCM

Boeing labor pains and 'overworked' employees are linked to its 737 Max issues, analyst says

Wouldn't it be great if the President could seize assets of individuals bribing judges?

If SCOTUS Won't Enforce the 14th Amendment, We Should Worry How They'll Handle the 22nd

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A safe haven for late abortions

On Ukraine war funding, are the Republicans in Russian pay?

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Oil Money Is Spilling Everywhere (a polite rant)

Watch Speaker Johnson find out about the Immunity ruling. Was he about to cry or throw up?

Raising taxes on the table as Pa. weighs how to pay for education court ruling

Biden blames Trump for border deal now teetering on collapse

Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Lush Cosmetics Workers in Lexington, Kentucky, Join UFCW Local 227

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GOP turned its back on the immigration bill: 'They literally demanded specific policy, got it, and then killed it'

Dozens of Rogue California Police Agencies Still Sharing Driver Locations with Anti-Abortion States

Bolts appeared to be missing from Boeing 737 Max door plug that blew off midflight, NTSB says

Brutal Immunity Decision Quotes Brett Kavanaugh Against Trump

Anyone following the Crumbley trial?

Found my problem with chess

Judge Aileen Cannon blows off DOJ concerns about witness safety to give Trump a win

The Decision: The Trump Election Immunity Ruling, Annotated

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler and Secretary-Treasurer Fred Redmond on the Passing of Joe "Black Eagle" Madison

Here's how good the economy is...

Matt Gaetz Leads Republican Resolution Declaring Donald Trump Didn't Engage In Insurrection

Republicans scramble on Mayorkas impeachment as 'no' votes emerge

Used to be the neoliberal argument for focusing

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The Myth is Real: Perspectives from Cuba's Private Sector Leaders


GOP tying itself in knots with border bill

Israel tells families of 31 hostages their relatives are dead

Paranoia engulfs Arizona GOP as they assume Kari Lake is secretly recording them: report

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 6, 2024

Fascinating blow by blow on the Cuban workers' parliaments: How the Workers' Parliaments Saved the Cuban Revolution

Punk/indie band releases an AI-generated music video, gets upset and defensive when fans don't love it

Tucker Carlson confirms he's interviewing Vladimir Putin

Geert Wilders left stranded as Dutch coalition talks collapse

Looks like Rachel Maddow, Hayes, and O'Donnell will be on at 8 tonite.

Israel-Gaza war: Unknown fate of six-year-old Hind Rajab trapped under fire

Ohio MMJ Card Renewal

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Rumplestiltskin demands immediate presidential debate

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I mean, were they (Fed App Court) just waiting for Chutkin to release the 3/4 trial date?

Biden Flips the Script on the Border

Four bolts appeared to be missing from Boeing panel that blew off, regulator says

I'm not up for another four years of "stolen election" bullshit,

A conservative case for normalization with Cuba

Biden says he'll remind voters it was Trump's fault if border deal fails.

N.H. attorney general says he found source of fake Biden robocalls

Here we go...Tornado Warnings 2 miles SE of us in San Diego...

DC Circuit ruling says POTUS is officer of the US

Pro-Biden Super PAC to Amplify Trump's Legal Woes

WTF I dosed off with my lap top on my lap. I was just woke by

MTG heckles Garcia and walks out of the Oversight hearing

Not wearing a mask during COVID-19 health emergency isn't a free speech right, appeals court says

screech owl

"citizen trump" -- "no immunity for you Fuckface."

South Dakota Has Apologized and Must Pay $300K to Transgender Advocates

Source of Fake Biden Robocalls Uncovered

I should be better informed, but what do you know about the rights and responsibilities of Israeli Arabs? This....

Jackie & Shadow (FOBBV, bald eagles) have 3 eggs!

I believe the problem with our "unconditional support" for Israel whether they do right or wrong

Wow, never thought I'd see a tornado warning for San Diego County (now expired)

Crumbly's mother found guilty

Direct link to 2-6-24 Court of Appeals decision striking down Trump's immunity argument

The Appeals Court Understood That Time Matters

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Mystery surrounds this dog found on street

Supreme Court to Consider Trump's Eligibility

AI and conspiracy theories. "What if no one believes anything anymore"?

"Ha! Afraid of Donald Trump?"

Lebanon rejects proposal for Hezbollah withdrawal from Israeli border

After captivity, Israeli-Irish girl won't say 'Gaza' or 'blood'

"It's time for the GOP to get their balls out of Trump's desk."

Tennessee Man Plotted to Bring Guns and Explosives to the Border, FBI Says

(JEWISH GROUP) Antisemitism Down Under Is Turning Vicious Opinion

A Truly Scathing Appeals Court Ruling

Add Your Name: I Stand with Striking Journalists!

What do you think the Supreme Court's vote will be on Trump's Eligibility (14th Amendment)?

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Lost dog turns herself in at police station

Appeals court hits Trump with ruling he's been dreading - Brian Tyler Cohen

Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd fact checks the "5,000" lie - and on Fox News

Presdient Biden's Border Speech Excerpt (Lincoln Project)

More than 4,600 lawyers across the country condemn Secretary Mayorkas impeachment as unconstitutional.

For the people that say Oakland isnt having an increase in crime

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Is It OK To Love A New Dog After Losing Your Soul Pup?

A critical point on the whole immunity issue that trump failed to account for...

Elephant caretaker returns after 14 months away.

A New Front: Ukraine's War on Russian Oil and the Power to Hurt - William Spaniel

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Is Trump's dam bursting?

If Retrumplicans kill the Retrumplican Border Security bill

While I agree with the latest appellate ruling regarding Trump...

Appeals court rules Trump is not immune from prosecution - MSNBC Reports

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, appeals, and immunity....

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Anyone know if there is a way to "LOCK" settings on an iPhone?

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'He's not above the law': Trump immunity rejected by court - MSNBC Reports

Marjorie Taylor Greene stomps out of hearing when Dem points out she hugged Jan. 6ers

Young singers perform O Canada in Anishinaabemowin

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Sacramento councilmember harassed at meeting and targeted at home for Gaza stance


Trump campaign responds to appeals court immunity ruling - MSNBC Reports

Palestinian American man stabbed leaving protest: 'Joe Biden, I blame you'

State Department diplomatic security officer arrested on Jan. 6 charges

Pearl Berg, world's oldest Jew and 9th-oldest person overall, dies at 114

The Daily B***h*: Kinda rude of my scale not to acknowledge the salad that

Nobody is going get Disenfranchised when tRump is removed from the ballot

How I think the court would rule

'Show some spine': Biden calls out Trump and GOP on border bill - CNN

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John Fetterman With A Truth Bomb: Republicans Want Open Borders

Trump SLAMMED by HUGELY HISTORIC immunity decision - Talking Feds

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Servant on Apple + TV - no discussion of this yet?

'Dangerous': Top Dem rips MAGA GOP on immigration, old GOP 'died this week' - MSNBC Reports

Welcome to the "neomedieval era"

'Huge win for Jack Smith': See ex-prosecutor's reaction to Trump ruling - CNN

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STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 7 February 2024

President Biden urges Congress to pass bipartisan border security bill - MSNBC Reports

Sen. Bennet: 'Hell to pay' if U.S. aid to Ukraine ends, 'catastrophic for people all over the world' - MSNBC Reports

OMG! #DropOutDean is insane.

Husband asks his

I had hard time with TurboTax online. The special refund may have had something to do with it

Could a lawyer representing US taxpayers claw back subsidies from companies that have given to trump after 1/6?

Joe Biden: "You got it"

The computer in your toothbrush: 3 million smart toothbrushes were just used in a DDoS attack. Really

A Vote for a Commission is a Vote to Cut Social Security - relentless devious rethuglicans at it as usual to destroy SS

A country song for the old folks. An atheist for 60 years, I can remember


Trump Visibly Confused in Newsmax Interview Gone Wrong! - Luke Beasley

New analysis reveals many excess deaths attributed to natural causes are actually uncounted COVID-19 deaths

Meta says it will label AI-generated images on Facebook and Instagram

Ukrainian special forces 'in Sudan operating against Russian mercenaries'

Del Percio on Trump ruling: 'This will not hurt him,' helps him to run 'campaign from a courthouse' - MSNBC Reports

Close the border?

Sebastian Pinera: Former president of Chile dies in helicopter crash

In case you haven't seen this for a while it seems more pertinent now than in a long time when thinking of what more .

You got to interview Putin because he rightly sees you as a useful idiot who will spread his propaganda.

Appeals Court Tells trump to Stick It.. It's Tuesday Baby!

'Lied under oath in my courtroom': Judge Engoron email suggests massive penalty for Trump

Feds Arrest Alleged Militia 'Sniper' Planning Attack at Southern Border

Adjectives matter, people. Especially in a clinical setting.

Marjorie Taylor Greene question.

Russia Pretends To Have Money for War? Kremlin's Real Economic Struggle - UATV English

Former DHS leaders: Mayorkas impeachment jeopardizes national security

You Know If Tr**p Was Smart - He Could Have Been The Hero Of This Border Issue.....

White House Top Asia Aide Confirmed as State Department's No. 2

Relative bought me a comfort chair

'No person is above the law' Tim Heaphy on Appeals Court rejection of Trump's immunity - MSNBC Reports

70 arrests highlight corruption in nation's largest public housing authority, US attorney says

Southern MD sunset 2/6

Tyng Jing Yang: Illinois Man Sentenced to 6 days on Felony Charge for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Appeals Court FINALLY REJECTS Trump's Immunity in POWERFUL ORDER - Meidas Touch

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House about to bring up the Mayorkas Impeachment vote

Study cited by Texas judge in abortion pill case retracted

Special Counsel will not bring charges on

Georgia Brothers Arrested for Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

My email in response to Elise Stefanik

Please stop sending. .me roses,

James Weeks: New York Man Arrested for Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Why are millions following a madman?

'A stinging rebuke': Donald Trump loses presidential immunity appeal, can face prosecution - Deadline - MSNBC

90 year old man goes for a physical.

Devin McNulty: Tennessee Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Assault on Police Officer During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

DOJ report on Biden classified documents coming soon; no criminal charges

The law and the truth are an existential threat to Trump and his Republican accomplices.

Good lord, this dumbbutt and his dumbbutt lawyers

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

'Worst loser on the face of the planet': McCaskill on another Trump loss - Deadline - MSNBC

Mitch caves on Border bill after supporting it.

DOJ report on Biden classified documents coming soon; no criminal charges

Legislative staffer suspended after confrontation with 'Tennessee Three' member

Donald Trump paid more than $2.3 million in donor money to law firms helping Ivanka Trump with her legal problems last y

Trump bashes immunity appeal ruling as 'nation-destroying' - Deadline - MSNBC

Michael Luckovich-An unsecured border brings fugitives, abusers, scammers such as TFG

DC Appeals Court Castrates Trump's Presidential Immunity & Double Jeopardy Claims - Rodecast

2024: choice between 2 men who coldn't be more opposite

IRS says it will collect hundreds of billions more in unpaid and overdue taxes, thanks to new funding

Biden holds an edge this November, per Allan Lichtman's analysis of 13 historical predictors

MAGA Actor Jon Voight Has Completely Lost It - Rebel HQ

Important to remember that Trump's immunity case was never meant to be won, just to slow things down.

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Tuesday WEIRDNESS - Cucumber Edition

Federal judge approves election map settlement between Nebraska county and 2 tribes

'Former President Trump has become Citizen Trump': Ari Melber reacts to immunity appeal ruling - Deadline - MSNBC

Fraud trial rattled by witness's possible perjury deal

The ketchup alert status has been raised to KETCHCON 1!

Vigilante pretended to be a minor online and lured child pornography convict into fatal ambush: Cops

If you could be any type of wild animal, which animal would you be? I would love to a fox. What about you. Any place in

BREAKING: Vote begins on Alejandro Mayorkas Impeachment

5 Minute vote now started in House of Representives on impeachment of Sec Mayorkas

In light of the Jennifer Crumbly verdict I've been saving this cartoon.

The Pentagon believes it has identified the problem behind Osprey fatal crash and grounding of fleet

Company Loses Millions After Employee Duped By Video Call Deepfakes

BREAKING: The Impeachment vote is TIED (215-215). One Republican not voting.

Trae Crowder (Liberal Redneck) on the Trump immunity rulinh

Here's how 2 sentences in the Constitution rose from obscurity to ensnare Donald Trump

I like how TSF is now referred to as citizen trump...

Truman: Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security.

Carys really is a beautiful girl

PAY ATTENTION to THIS in the BOMBSHELL immunity opinion - Talking Feds

hey little Mikey Johnson

BREAKING: Mayorkas Impeachment FAILS!

House Republicans fail to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Suck it Johnson. 216-214 against the impeachment of Mayorkas.

Mayorkas impeachment vote fails!

Biden wise words.

He reminds me of Krysten Sinema:

Bound and 'bloodied' girl shocks Brazilians into comprehending Hamas horrors

Co-Losers of the day.

This parking sign 🤣🤣

Mike Johnson needs to take a class on how to be The Speaker of the House!

House Republicans fail to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas

BREAKING: House votes down funding for Israel

It was Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin

15 tries Kevin is laughing tonight

Stevie B - Because I Love You

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'Historic, landmark decision': Judge Michael Luttig reacts to Trump immunity ruling - Deadline - MSNBC