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Rep NYS Senate Candidate calls for murder of Democrats

Montreal Gazette piece on priorities:

My Latest Cover Recording: Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"

Thank you, Heart-Giver!

After this failed impeachment, I think the GOP only has one place to go

The impeachment of Mayorkas is quite the blunder for the GOBers!

IRS says it will collect hundreds of billions more in unpaid and overdue taxes, thanks to new funding

Think I'll take a vitual stroll over to the Free Republic tonight.

Backed by Elon Musk, Gina Carano sues Disney over 'Mandalorian' firing

Joy Reid just called Alito and Thomas

Adam Schiff Destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene To Open Mayorkas Impeachment Debate - Reflect

testing supplies - word to the wise.

Only three republicans actually were opposed the impeachment resolution. The fourth vote was a procedural ploy.

Didn't most of the illustrious media say the Mayorkas impeachment was a done deal?

NY Judge Sends STUNNING MESSAGE in Trump Fraud Case - Meidas Touch

GOP-led standalone Israel aid bill fails in the House

Nasty surprise from Medicare today

Poooooor Margie. As effective as a fart in a windstorm

If one is claiming immunity

Did an Operation Lone Star Contractor Fly Tennessee's Governor to Eagle Pass?

Isn't She Lovely?

thank you for the heart!

Immunity Claim Rejected. Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist David Cay Johnston

Trump denied presidential immunity in election interference case, court rules - PBS NewsHour

Republican NO votes for impeachment of Mayorkas. Here are the 4..........

President Biden and the First Lady host a celebration in honor of Black History Month.

Speaker Mike Johnson 'bolts from the Capitol' after 'embarrassing' double loss: reporters

Joan Baez, Less than the Song, from Where Are You Now, My Son? 1973

Rep. Schiff Calls Out Republicans' Sham Mayorkas Impeachment - Rep. Adam Schiff

Like little kids at the zoo Iowa reps held the speakers line and walked into side of the school bus.

Appeals court uses surprise tactic to prevent further Trump delay - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tripe Face Boogie

Yesterday, Mike Johnson said he was appointing Marjorie Taylor Greene to be the "manager" of their Mayorkas impeachment.

Thank you for the heart

Ronna Romney McDaniel is resigning

Feeling lovedthank you for

Leader Jeffries: "You've Brought Articles of Impeachment That Are Not Anchored In Reality" - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

See it: House GOP fails to impeach Mayorkas

Spanish Moon

Rizo-Lpez Foods cheese and dairy products recalled after deadly listeria outbreak

Tucker Says He Interviewed Putin to Get The "Facts" Out About Ukraine

Well, today was the opposite of a slow news day

LOL: Marjorie Taylor Greene Publicly Explodes After Bad News - Pondering Politics

Accountant's Apparent Lies Further Dooms Trump's Bank Fraud Defense

'Loser' Trump loses again: Court approves criminal trial in historic ruling

'Loser' Trump loses again: Court approves criminal trial in historic ruling - The Beat - MSNBC

Little Feat and the Dead - Oxford Plains Speedway, Me - 1988

Rep. Al Green, in hospital scrubs, wheeled in just as the vote appeared headed toward a tie

After some thought . . .

Russia blacklists 2 US journalists (and 2 conservative journalists, no less) (Politico)

Last Week in the Republican Party - February 6, 2024 - The Lincoln Project

"Category 6": Mega-hurricanes becoming so strong they need new category, scientists say

TX Rep Al Green just voted against impeachment

'Dead wrong': Powerful court rejects 'wild' Trump claim, sets stage for coup trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Princess Anne Steps in for King Charles at Windsor Castle Ceremony amid His Cancer Diagnosis

Breaking NYT: RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel plans to step down:

Did you see how Wall Street reacted to the "No Immunity" news?

US Prison Labor, Hidden Nationwide Workforce for Food Cos. - Kroger, McD, Cargill, Whole Foods

Thanks for the hearts!

GOP Impeachment Plan BLOWS UP in their FACES on House Floor - Meidas Touch

Biden: If border bill fails, "the American people are going to know why ... I'll be taking this issue to the country."

"Don't elect frigging criminals to office"

Lemme just squeeze in there:

Ford rewards shareholders, projects big profit jump despite cost of UAW deal

Florida man bludgeons father to death after learning he got 'the vaccine'.

Stuart Celarier - Without unlimited immunity, no president could lead this country. Except for the first 44 presidents

Baby rhino's caretaker--"So I built this cage to keep them secure":

DOJ Vet Katyal on Trump losing bid to stop 'perilous' criminal trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Schumer Says Senate Will Move Forward With Border Bill Vote Wednesday

The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924

Hey Mike Johnson and MTG

Poulenc Flute (lovely, if I say so myself)

I want to see Marge try to spell tsunami.

That tail says don't move. I own you!

George Conway: An Airtight Ruling Against Trump

I'm guessing a "no" on the Mayorkas impeachment is also the death knell for any Biden impeachment

2nd tweet--adorable baby-kitty bonding; cutest darned baby!

'Bulletproof decision': Legal expert says Trump took 'body blow' with appeals court defeat

A PAC controlled by Trump paid $2.3 million to a law firm representing Ivanka. Another law firm

A Bit Of Squeeze

West Virginia seeks to become latest state to ban noncitizen voting

I just got a heart!!!!

2nd tweet--Cats sure do love to eat corn on the cob!


I "inherited" my late father's two Shih Tzus about a month ago.

Keep in mind the legal system works only...

Michigan school shooter's mother GUILTY of Involuntary Manslaughter

Kids always put shoes on the wrong feet:

I guess the repubs will never get it!

Legal scholars: Trump made "dangerous" gamble in bid for Supreme Court to keep him on ballot

More MAGA Mike Mentions

Why you can't say "Super Bowl" (but I can). And WTF is "The Big Game"?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Rachel Maddow: Trump claim 'outrighted mocked' by court in immunity rejection - All In - MSNBC

Daddy hair stylist:

And MTG wants to give us a history lesson.

Truth Social deal is being criminally investigated by a team of money laundering experts

Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

MTG EXPLODES On Press With Her Dumbest Argument Yet

Rubin's Green Room: No Immunity For Donald

Single women are happy, single men are not

Seth Meyers - Scaramucci Says Trump May Need to Liquidate Assets If Forced to Pay $350 Million Penalty - Monologue 2/6/24

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, and his day getting worse....

The D.C. Circuit's rejection of Trump's immunity claim leaves nothing for the Supreme Court to resolve

A great anecdote about Toby Keith -- and I'd say this is general rather than music criticism ;)

CNN: Ty Cobb discusses monumental opinion of DC Federal Appeals Court and more...

LOL! I love George Takei...


DC appeals court UNANIMOUSLY rules Donald Trump CAN be prosecuted for his democracy-busting crimes - Glenn Kirschner

Bird acting like a toddler :)

What do you miss most when you are away from home?

Thank you anonymous donor for the heart!

This guy's pet clearly has a gamboling problem.

Supreme Court knows Trump immunity case will be 'horrible, stupid circus,' says Lawrence O'Donnell - All In - MSNBC

Liz is right: On Trumps orders...

CNN: Laurence Tribe on DC Court Of Appeals Opinion on Trump Immunity

Baby gorilla gets a hug & a tickle from Daddy:

Donald Trump and Jack Teixeira

Don't want to be bothered? The next time a stranger speaks to you, look around and say

2nd tweet--Beautiful horse:

The role of Texas Congresscritter Al Green in the failure of the impeachment vote

RNC Chair McDaniel has offered to step down following South Carolina primary

Texas Congressman Al Green played an important role in the defeat of the impeachment of Sec. Mayorkas

There're two types of dogs:


Caller: "I have all of your passwords."

the role of the house parlementarian.

Some Townes Van Zandt covers

I called one of the clinics at the hospital today..


"Leave Bud Light ALONE!!" -- LOSER45 today @2:30pm

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens......

Israel Privately Estimates as Many as 50 Hostages Could Be Dead

How dare you call me an insurrectionist!

What ever happened to the famous "Q" at tRump rallies?

The Waltons

A tune for the GOP.

Schubert's 'Ave Maria' plated by Maxim Vengerov, Violinist

Logic puzzle

'Nothing left': Conservative George Conway says Trump is out of legal arguments after loss

Citizen trump. Lock him up.

He's just a bit big for his age:

Functional traits--not nativeness--shape the effects of large mammalian herbivores on plant communities

Bipartisan border deal hits legislative wall as Republicans say they will block bill - PBS NewsHour

I'm off to bed now and will have sweet dreams with my hearts.

Rachel Maddow BRUTALLY EXPOSES TRUMP over LATEST SCAM Live On-Air - Meidas Touch

Is It Dangerous to Keep Getting COVID-19? - TIME

Bill Maher did not complain about people wearing masks last time, so read this:

Thank you for the hearts. I probably will not reciprocate, as I usually search for "heartless" DUers

Newsom to send 120 CHP officers to fight crime in Oakland

Now THAT'S what alacrity looks like !! (short Twitter clip of doggie)

I disabused my son of a reason he gave for thinking Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor.

4 GQP losses today: tfg not immune, Biden is, Mayorka is, Isreal$$.

*Adams Rib, on TCM now,

Jennifer Rubin: All sides would benefit from regime change -- in Israel

'President Trump has become citizen Trump': Absolute immunity claim smacked down by appeals court - The ReidOut MSNBC

3 Women Judges to the aashat: "As If." I love that it was women.

ProChoice North Carolina

MO Republican Sec of State candidate

What do Alexander the Great

"Enter the Dragon". Friday marks the beginning of the lunar Year of the Dragon.

'Daylighting,' a new law that California drivers must know to avoid a ticket next year

GA Touchscreen Vote System Hacked in Court with a Pen, Nobody Overseeing Cybersecurity

Is this a cult classic?

NJ-07: Blazakis (D) withdraws, Altman (D) is presumptive nominee vs. Kean (R)

'Trump's not prepared': Trump's massive legal load looms post 'absolute immunity' smack down - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"This Is Our Personal 9/11 Except We Can't Make Money From It," Says Toby Keith's Family In Touching Tribute

Bhutan's new 'Mindfulness City' is massive -- with plans showing a city unlike any other in the world

I hope SCOTUS decides the imunity case in favor of Whats His Name

Happy Birthday to a Legend. Thank you for your love.

Sanders slams drugmakers' business practices in new report ahead of CEO hearing

Casualties of a Failed Health Care System

Got my ballot today!

GM's troubled robotaxi service faces another round of public ridicule in regulatory hearing

Should Justice Thomas recuse in Trump case because of wife's Jan. 6 role? - ABC News

AZ: Republicans, Hobbs on a collision course over how to fix the election recount law

Phillips not make the ballot in NV?

Oooo! I've got a heart!!- oh, a couple! Thank you, kind souls...

Race called by MSNBC for Biden. Nevada Democratic Primary. Biden winning easily 90%+.

Anti-theft device gone amok!

Kimmel: Trump's Immunity Claim Rejected, Taylor Swift Super Bowl Bets & LeVar Burton's Banned Book Rainbow

Jamie Raskin humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene with brutal takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Pro-Union Joe and Grad Student Misgivings

Feb 6 Marley, spreader of love and spirit to all the people

MT: Attorney General tells Supreme Court why abortion initiative should remain legally insufficient

Nikki Haley is losing the inconsequential Nevada Primary to " None of the Above"

Ethics experts back up Fulton DA in Trump conflict-of-interest dispute

Lawrence O'Donnell on immunity rejection: Trump fears Chutkan presiding at his trial - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ethics experts back up Fulton DA in Trump conflict-of-interest dispute

Anyone hear from malaise today?

Conservative states are now blocking liberal cities from even thinking about legislating on behalf of their residents

AL-02: Alabama Democratic Conference backs Napoleon Bracy in 2nd Congressional District

Statement from President Joe Biden on Nevada First in the West Primary

Lawrence O'Donnell on Trump immunity rejection: This is the country I thought I was living in - The Last Word - MSNBC

SD: Bill to align school bond votes with primary and general elections passes committee

Haley loses NV primary to "None of these Candidates"

Breaking: In a Nevada primary embarrassment, Nikki Haley loses to a ballot option to vote for 'none' of the candidates

SD: Switch to primaries for attorney general, secretary of state advances to House

TCM - Modern Times - Charlie Chaplin.

Tribal citizens in Nevada can now vote with EASE

Not a joke: NBC News projects "None of these Candidates" will finish first in Nevada's Republican primary

☦️. Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Chant to the Mother of God - 'Agni Parthene'

Complaint alleges 'straw donor' contributed to Burgum presidential bid

Some more hearts!

A humble "thank you"....

Greene: Democrats hid one of their members trying to throw us off on the numbers

Crisis for Argentina's Milei: omnibus bill sent back to commissions over lack of support

Crisis for Argentina's Milei: omnibus bill sent back to commissions over lack of support

Prof. Tribe felt 'pride' after appeals court denied Trump immunity claim - The Last Word - MSNBC

How Long Will Trump's Immunity Appeal Take? Analyzing the Alternative Timelines (Just Security)

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Does the whole Republican Party seem to be imploding as we watch now?

Can someone explain to me the process of coming from countries other than

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Netflix, Alexander the Great, and disbelief....

Trump Pardon Recipient Fined $20 Million in Predatory Lending Case

Repubs upset they didnt succeed with sham impeachment

This cracked me up

I saw my dog Charlie today and he's been dead for over three years.

Linda Ronstadt - Just One Look...1980

These States Can't Afford To Secede w/ Michelangelo Signorile - Thom Hartmann

Al Green, in Hospital Garb, Delivers Vote to Kill Mayorkas Impeachment

Amid a string of embarrassing Republican failures, RNC Chair McDaniel to quit: NYT - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Worst loser on the face of the planet': McCaskill on another Trump loss

Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity. Biden says Trump stopped immigration bill. Bolts. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

Can you imagine if State and Federal Governments worked togather and for the common good?

Bank plans to auction posh property owned by West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to repay loans

'Bench slap': Unanimous panel of judges obliterates Trump immunity case - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump fraud judge demands answers on report of witness perjury plea - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump Attack on Georgia Prosecutor GOING DOWN IN FLAMES - Meidas Touch

As America grapples with a decision

Big Majority Say Trump Should Not Have Immunity

Roxy Music..."Love is the drug"

'Parents must change their behavior': Mother of school shooter convicted - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Wednesday February 2024

'An airtight ruling': Federal appeals court denies Trump's immunity claims - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

From Canadian TV


Music for the wee hours

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/6/24

ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery plan to launch a sports streaming platform

Nikki Haley is trounced by the 'none of these candidates' option in Nevada's Republican primary

Robert Reich: Why I'm so Short (Thoughts about heightism)

Stephen Colbert: Guest MSNBC political analyst / author Joy-Ann Reid

Why AP called the Nevada Democratic primary for Joe Biden

*If* SCOTUS takes Trump's appeal for universal immunity, two things:

RNC Chair McDaniel has offered to step down following South Carolina primary

FED UP Combat Vet BLASTS MAGA Governors' Latest STUNT - Against All Enemies

Justin Jones calls out GOP colleague for hypocrisy

Republicans Have Day Of Epic Failures In Congress

None of these Candidates whipped Nikki in Nevada

Google to pay $350 million to settle shareholders' data privacy lawsuit

Matt Gaetz Says He Wishes Ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy Could Still Vote

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hearts...

What kind of presidential candidate would cause opponents to fear for their lives?

I decided to take the plunge...

'I have no immunity!' Trump begs fans for cash after court rules he can be prosecuted

Elegant Dark-eyed Junco

Pentagon believes it has identified problem behind Osprey crash that killed 8 Air Force crew members


So, if Trump is the nominee for GOBer party?

Al Green saved Mayorkas from impeachment.

Trump's Ballot Eligibility Heads to Supreme Court

Open GOP Rebellion Against McConnell

UK Climate Minister Meets W. BP To Ask If There's Anything More They Need In The Way Of Incentives

Cane Toad

British MP In Charge Of Building Power Pylons Campaigned Against Building Power Pylons

Central Market, San Jose

Queensland Gov Approves New Coal Mine W. Capacity For 538 Million Tons Of GHG Pollution

Fell asleep with a Cheeze-It in my mouth.

'No diplomatic relations' with Israel without recognition of Palestinian state, says Saudi Arabia

GOBers say "Mayorkas blatantly broke security laws on the border"?

Wednesday TOONs

Let me make this pellucidly clear

A pod of killer whales trapped in drift ice off northern Japan has apparently safely escaped

It's Only Getting Worse for House Republicans

Ilhan Omar speech proved to be mistranslated but outrage continues spread

Unleash Joe Biden -- the public needs to the hear the private truth about Donald Trump

India's plan for untouched Nicobar isles will be 'death sentence' for isolated tribe

Senate to vote on Plan B: Ukraine funding without border security

Hamas proposes 3-stage 135-day truce and hostage deal, leading to war's end - reports

Greene: When they came to Washington to protest, you called that an insurrection but when Biden was inaugurated and this

I think Snowdon is developing a crush on me

Israel confirms deaths of 31 hostages as Hamas responds to truce proposals

Analysis: Netanyahu sacrificed the Israeli hostages in Gaza for empty slogans and political gain

BT - Somnambulist (Sander Kleinenberg's Convertible Mix)

Blazing Saddles at 50: the button-pushing spoof that could never get made today

Supreme Court: Re: Orange Anal Fistula ---

Getting serious about wage theft

On This Day: Florentines burn art, books, cosmetics, etc. in Bonfire of the Vanities - Feb. 7, 1497

It's official. Carlson to interview Putin.

Russia and China join forces in the Arctic

The Webcomics Weekly #269: "BlackSmith" and His Crabbing Crabs (2/6/2024 Edition)

Judge Chutkan's family life story is amazing...

The Weekly Pull: Ultimate Black Panther, Birds of Prey, Thundercats, and More

The Rundown: February 7, 2024

Just a suggestion that we might promote a couple forums to the Main Forum level?

Labor News & Commentary February 4, 2024 NLRB accuses the Washington Post of violating labor law by refusing to bargain

DeSantis backs flag bill, but it stalls in Florida Senate

Florida attorney general set to ask state Supreme Court to keep abortion protections off the ballot

Thank everyone so much ❤️ ♥️. It's really warming my 💜

US farm spending bill must include climate and hunger money, say key Democrats

Heading out for election day poll worker training

Thank you for the hearts

Booting Trump from the ballot is the best way to prevent a second January 6

Should our CIA and FBI be monitoring Tucker Carlson

Hamas Proposes 135-day Cease-fire, Israeli Withdrawal From Gaza, Talks to End War

Anybody know wnylib ?

Beautiful sky, this morning

Thank you for all the ❤️'s...very humbling.

A New Florida Immigration Law Is Turning Farm Towns Into 'Ghost Towns'

I too want to thank everyone for the hearts 🥰.

Tucker Carlson visiting Moscow is like touring Berlin in 1940


Photos: Israeli protesters block aid from entering Gaza

You raised $1,169.00 on February 6, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Thank you all for the hearts!

Thanks for all my hearts DUers

GOP party loyalty is a lagging indicator. The diehards are the last to die

Dysfunction Reigns in Congress as GOP Defeats Multiply

You raised $10.00 on February 6, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Jamie Raskin is brilliant and funny - updated

Pants to post by...

Toby Keith, less than five months till death, sings Don't Let the Old Man In.

Ukraine ammunition?

Texas GOPers' Border Cosplay Becomes Target For Violent Extremists And Grifters - TPM

Stephen Colbert: 2/6 monologue: Trump has no immunity; Biden speaks to the dead

Donald Trump paid more than $2.3 million in donor money to law firms helping Ivanka Trump with her legal problems

Navajo, Zuni tribes to implement restoration plan for Fort Wingate, focusing on forest and fish

Lawrence O'Donnell "The Last Word" highlights 2/6

"All In With Chris Hayes" 2/6 highlights

On this day, Friday, February 7, 1964, "Beatlemania Grips Gotham" as the Beatles arrived in America.

The Penalty for Exposing How Our Plutocracy Operates? Five Years Behind Bars

Hamas proposes 135-day Gaza truce with complete Israeli withdrawal

On this day, Sunday, February 7, 1904, fire was reported in the John E. Hurst Building in Baltimore.

Flux Capacitor

Little Wing

On this day, February 7, 1908, Buster Crabbe was born.

Tucker - Fact-checked by the Kremlin might be the ultimate burn

The Biden administration just set tougher standards for soot pollution. It could save thousands of lives per year



Schumer plans to force a procedural vote on an emergency aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan on Wednesday --

This is fine

Just ordered an Egg and a chicken from Amazon.

Gov Newsom on Announcement by SEIU President Henry

If Republicans Said the Quiet Parts Loud About Taylor Swift

Keith Olbermann today premiered a great new song he'll be using for Trump's legal troubles.

Trump hates you (And by you, I mean almost everyone)

I have 8 more hearts to give out - do you need one?

Seen on the back of a pretty blue Jeep truck

Is there a way to achieve peace in Israel and Palestine? I believe there is.

Terrified Aussie Puppy Melts Into Her New Dad's Arms

Let Trump Be Dictator for a Day, 74 Percent of Republicans Say

Am I wrong/crazy/unreasonable?

Military helicopter with 5 Marines on board goes missing en route to California

Forever Grateful For Toby Keith - Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell To A Country Music Legend

George Santos has a question 😆 (after last night's embarrassing GOP votes)

Do you think the presidential campaign of Dean Phillips is going well?

How to tell identical twins Mike Johnson and Mike Pence apart.

I look just like Elvis...

Trump Loses The Election If We Get Him To Trial

Weekly Skews - 2/06/24 - Borderlands of Insanity Part 2

Senior Biden officials meeting with Arab American, Muslim community in Michigan

Anti-abortion group's studies retracted before Supreme Court mifepristone case

Missing military helicopter found, search continues for 5 Marines on board

Tucker Carlson Could Face Sanctions Over Putin Interview

Bonnie Raitt - Have A Heart 🧡

State legislators aim to restrict abortion pills, 'trafficking' next in states with bans

McCarthy and McDaniel both were strong fundraisers for the GOP. They've chased them both out.

Thank you for the hearts adding a splash of color to the comments section.

U.S. detects and tracks 4 Russian warplanes flying in international airspace off Alaska coast

A timely quote from Tom Paine:

Update: Colorado pet registration fee bill postponed indefinitely

What has Mayorkas supposedly done/not done? Good long article refuting GOP nonsense

A beautiful day for walks and skritches with Tulip

This is an election ad, right here -

Young indigenous Ecuadorian woman makes history at Harvard


Sweden ends Nord Stream sabotage probe, hands evidence to Germany

sonora ca weather disscussion.

Trump plans to stay away from Supreme Court arguments after turning past court appearances into campaign stops

Charles P. Pierce: Trump's Lawyers Need a New Box of Crayons.

For First Time in Two Decades, U.S. Buys More From Mexico Than China

Hair styles come and go, Can you remember a hair style you wore your hair? Pigtails, crew cuts, long, short, mullet,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP house falling apart....

Valentine Heart

The Republican ads in central NC are making me sick.

Sony World Photography Awards 2024 - 3rd Place

When Trump Loses The Election

'Insane': Messi Sparks China Protests & Diplomatic Incident; China Stocks & Economy; SMIC - China Update

Ancient Maya tomb uncovers regal riches of a long-lost king

Has tRump filed to appeal the Chutkan case to go to the Supreme Court yet?

Matt Gaetz says he misses Kevin McCarthy after House fails to impeach Mayorkas

Fort McCoy leaders visit Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center; learn about curation of Fort McCoy artifacts

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 7, 2024

What a great site here!! TY to all

4,500-Year-Old Sumerian Palace Discovered in Iraq Desert

On this day, February 7, 1962, Ray Charles recorded more of "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music."

House GOP Will Try Again to Impeach Mayorkas

Who to contact about drug prices

Social networks on the Tibetan plateau since the bronze age

Frederick Douglass was born on this date.

Former Israeli Negotiator Daniel Levy: Only U.S. Pressure on Israel Can End Gaza Assault

Eubie Blake was born on this date.

Waterlogged Paleolithic Sites in China Excavated

King Curtis was born on this date.

The Native Americans Before the Native Americans

Tucker Carlson: I'm a Journalist. Defamation Trial: He engages in not factual journalism. Did perjury occur?

Iran-backed Houthis target Greek and British cargo ships in Red Sea

US seeks to crack down on real estate money laundering in planned rule

Thank you for the Valentine hearts.

Asking about lunatica one last time

Any Excel gurus in the house?

After years of dreading turning on the news every morning...

Pic Of The Moment: Everything Trump Touches Dies, Exhibit #72353

WE MUST DEFEAT trump- Bernie Sanders

I thought it was interesting that Trump's argument for immunity implied

PG&E sucks!

"No Evidence" in Key Dossier to Support Israel's UNRWA Allegations

Thanks for such a nice sur-prize from the unknown DU'er who left a heart

Another Valentine heart

My new illustrated novel, VAMPIRE LETHAL, is now available on Amazon.

$3 for a single McDonald's hash brown? Customers are fed up and pushing back

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 7, 2024)

To those who gifted me hearts...

Thanks for the Hearts

Jeremy Scahill on Israel's "Deliberate Propaganda Campaign"

Pelosi coming up,on Andrea Mitchell

Problem with paying for membership...

Bonnie Raitt & Jackson Browne "My Opening Farewell"

Despite what the experts say, I will be shocked if the Supreme Court does not grant certiorari in the immunity case

Citizen Trump

Crunchy Cat

Thank you so much for my hearts, DUers!

In Red States, the Bill for School Voucher Bait-and-Switch Is Coming Due

We took our cat to the vet last week for routine shots

Tomorrow and the future decision will be a stepping stone.

Attacking Migrants Live on the Air on the fox Sewer Network:

sprinkleeninow! 20,000 posts!

Nice Ziggy

RFK Jr. Asked Andrew Yang About Being His Running Mate

Missouri MAGA candidate films herself taking flamethrower to LGBTQ books

Given the MAGA SCOTUS session tomorrow on the 14th Amendment

NBC: After Libs of TikTok posted, at least 21 bomb threats followed

Our cat seems to favor no faith, no dogma, Our dog however, favors out-running Karma and

Songs for the mood you're in

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Wednesday, February 7

Thank you for the hearts

Former East TN state representative names Rep. Jeremy Faison in lawsuit over records regarding House investigation

Journalist O'Loughlin named first executive director of national LGBTQ Catholic ministry

Polar bear's iceberg snooze melts hearts, wins wildlife photo award

For Valentine's Week--some stories, please.

Border deal sponsors went on Fox News to debunk a false claim about the bill. Fox kept spreading it.

Yikes! I just figured out why

LA Skid Row anchors Catholic Worker 'to the suffering world'

Tiedrich: fuck you, you're not a king: Donald Trump has another very shitty day in court

Florida lawmaker says bill to loosen rules on killing bears is aimed at 'the ones that are on crack'

Funny and pathetic. It was a trick!! (Last night's vote)

Trump's 'bizarre' new Indiana conspiracy theory has Republicans sounding the alarm

Seattle social housing advocates aim to put payroll tax initiative on November ballot

Netanyahu rejects ceasefire proposal, insists on total victory over Hamas

Why does nature...

Polling disclaimers

Security (Lincoln Project)

Thank you kind person for the heart. It made me smile.

Cartoons 2/7/2024

'It's just starting': Inslee champions climate initiatives in Marysville

Republicans Are Lying About Their Own Border Bill

Understanding America through its Black history

Thank you for my hearts it's my favorite

Edmonds School District asks voters for $700M for new schools, upgrades

All signs point to Trump taking over the RNC. This can't be welcome news to Republican candidates

He's not a pet, but...

Maybe it was better for FL when DeSatan was canpaigning! "DeSantis takes aim at 'fake meat' "

Edmonds rep's bill would try to stop police from lying in interrogations

Florida Chief Justice Pushes Fetal Personhood At Argument For Abortion Amendment

Returning to the south: what can 'reverse migration' do for Black Americans?

A few more hearts. Thank you to my secret benefactors.

Michel Sheldrake has 6 kittens at his house...

Bipartisan bill aims to curb homelessness among young adults

At your wedding reception, what was the first song you and your SO danced to? Ours was The First Time Ever

What's next as Trump tries to stave off his 2020 election trial? All eyes are on the Supreme Court

Dysfunction Reigns in Congress as GOP Defeats Multiply

Getting serious about wage theft

Behind the border mess: Open GOP rebellion against McConnell

Border Politics. We need ideas for memes for signs, soundbites, & bumper-stickers!

This Evangelical Billionaire Family Wants to Convert You on Super Bowl Sunday

Mike Johnson Gathers Far-Right Christians to Cast Out Demons

1 hr 18 mins of last year's best pet videos! Some I've seen before, most I have not.

TY to whoever gave me the hearts.

Folsom Point Arrowhead

74 percent of Republicans say it's fine for Trump to be dictator for a day

Suppose McConnell ever wishes that they'd convicted and removed Trump when they had the chance?

Lankford describes threat to him if border bill is successful

Confessions of an AI Clickbait Kingpin (Wired)

Next time you hear the "both sides are the same" lie

Houthis couldn't stop genocide, but exposed the West's moral bankruptcy

Ex-Trump Lawyer Spots Ruling Detail That Donald Trump Will Take 'Personally'

"What the hell are they thinking?": Furious Republicans erupt over "embarrassing" defeat

Chip Roy knocks Trump over border claim: 'That didn't happen'

Trumpists say failure of Trump immunity argument will force them to conduct the political prosecutions they already want

Senate GOP set to block border deal but may back Ukraine, Israel aid

Litman: How the D.C. Circuit's forceful rebuke of Trump could put the Jan. 6 trial back on track

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American barbarians. Threre are tens of millions of them. Who knew?

As a compromise border plan collapses, the GOP is in disarray

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'Not my fault the truck don't surf': Florida man arrested after driving car into the ocean

Tucker Carlson Gets BUSTED Lying To America From Moscow

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Appeals court: 'Citizen Trump' not immune from prosecution

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The Wollemi Pine was long thought extinct. Now experts are trying to regrow the tree in top secret locations

After striking a border deal, GOP's Lankford knows how Dems feel

I believe the SCOTUS is going to permanently disqualify tRump from holding office.

David Van Tieghem - Flying Hearts

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Despite lull, D.C. area may have elevated snow chances ahead.

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Why Jim Jordan's call for a timeout on Capitol Hill matters

Republicans are mad Democrats didn't tell them Rep. Green would get out of his hospital bed to vote against impeachment

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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Can't Let Go"

Trump threatens to 'blackmail' Biden if he doesn't make charges go away

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What we learned from the GOP's failure to impeach DHS' Mayorkas

Russians sabotage and eliminate their own! FSB "cleaning" begins. Putin played himself - The Russian Dude

Internment Dreams

Should we be calling him Citizen Trump from now on?

Court issues major ruling banning Republicans from office - Brian Tyler Cohen

US court bans three weedkillers and finds EPA broke law in approval process

I had a theory which I posted here many years ago...

Why the GOP has spent two decades killing immigration compromises

I just ran a MAGA guy out of a cafe without trying

Senate blocks border security/foreign aid package

Senate Republicans block bipartisan border security deal

Senate Border bill got four R votes, five D's against

'I've never seen anything like it': Inside the center of the tranq drug crisis

McClintock defends vote against Mayorkas impeachment: Greene should 'read the Constitution'

Trump plans to press immunity defense in classified documents case despite defeat in appeals court

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Senate border bill and foreign aid package fails to move forward

Biden-McCarthy deal will limit debt growth by $1.4 trillion, CBO says

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Israel's "Deliberate Propaganda Campaign"" Holy Crap! From Democracy Now! This no conspiracy theory or some goofy

Crocuses all showed up at once this year here in Delaware

'Scarf bombing' is helping keep people warm in the winter months

The American betrayal of Ukraine

Despite lull, D.C. area may have elevated snow chances ahead.

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Conservative Texas Judge Cited Now-Redacted Studies in Abortion Pill Case

"GOP Talking Points Are Evaporating" - Simon Rosenberg on MSNBC's Last Word (2/5/24)

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Christie: Trump will be a convicted felon when he accepts the GOP nomination

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French matchstick Eiffel Tower record bid ruled out over wrong matches

School Demands Parent Consent for Black History Month Events

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Russia Is Boosting Calls for 'Civil War' Over Texas Border Crisis

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Matt Gaetz says he misses Kevin McCarthy after House fails to impeach Mayorkas

Amazon, eBay purchases helped link Proud Boy to Jan. 6 assault on officers, FBI says

China Corruption Crackdown Disaster as Fear Factor is Damaging Chinese Economy as Spending Falls - Joe Blogs

Norway transfers $26 million to UNRWA: FM

UNRWA, ICJ named in unofficial 2024 Nobel Peace Prize shortlist

Caracal ear flicks

Immigration increase: economy will be about $7 trillion larger - & federal revenues about $1T bigger

Psst, 50 days until an ump yells "Play Ball" - and it counts

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Roasted Over Bizarre Claims Of Bathroom Behavior - Farron Balanced

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U.S. Porn Star's Bizarre Trip to Iran Ignites Outrage

Group of US senate Democrats urge immediate reinstatement of UNRWA funding

'None of these candidates' takes the Nevada Republican primary, dealing Haley a blow

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump begging Biden for a debate....

U.S. engineer contacted China before stealing missile tracking tech, DOJ says

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Mike Luckovich-Drat! A court just ruled ex-presidents don't have total immunity

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 7, 2024

Project Veritas & James O'Keefe Admit There Was No Election Fraud In Pennsylvania Case - Rodecast

Whiskey songs that aren't "Tennessee Whiskey", "Whiskey in the Jar" or "Whiskey River"

U.S. Porn Star's Bizarre Trip to Iran Ignites Outrage

Republicans brutally humiliated in failed impeachment vote! - Pondering Politics

2 House Republicans push back against claims that a president can easily fix the border: Why didn't Trump

Joshua Adam Schulte Sentenced To 40 Years for Espionage And Child Pornography

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Read this and weep -Death of Georgia baby decapitated during delivery ruled a homicide

After Libs of TikTok posted, at least 21 bomb threats followed

DjT's loyalists in the party formerly known as 'Republican'...

What is the first TV program that you remember watching.....mine: I Love Lucy.. 51 or 52...

Good old Joe Manchin

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Fox News Host Smacks Down Republican's Lies To His Face! - Luke Beasley

At the Artistic Pool Championships

Hawaii considers bill that could block Drumpkopf from ballot

Mercedes-Benz Truck Liquid Hydrogen Refueling Technology Preview

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 8 February 2024

Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac

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Why the GOP has spent two decades killing immigration compromises

Paula Abdul - Straight Up

Madonna - Like a Prayer

Longtime conservative shreds Republicans over string of failures - Brian Tyler Cohen

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Arizonans can sue governments for 'Marxist' ideology, Senate panel says

Tina Turner - The Best

IRS Could Collect $561 Billion From Rich Tax Cheats--Unless ​GOP Guts Funding

Trump win will have 'catastrophic' consequences for US David Litt

One of th greatest movies of all time turns 50 -Blazing Saddles at 50: the button-pushing spoof that could never get mad

Aretha Franklin - Think (Blues Bros version)

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Judge denies Trump's motion for mistrial in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

Master Calendar of Court Dates

MAGA Border Convoy Devolves Into Trump Rally On Steroids - Rebel HQ

Mexico overtakes China as the leading source of goods imported to US

Did This Fox News Host Threaten a Republican Senator over the border? - Pondering Politics

A bit of sixties nostalgia, brought up to date.

Elon Musk Had Twins With His Top Neuralink Executive

Well-timed CBO report says U.S. economy will be about $7 trillion larger due to immigration surge

Russian Missile Factory Hit, UA Mobilization Bill, Impeachment Fails, Washington's Dysfunction - Professor Gerdes

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House GOP's Massie: McCarthy ouster 'has officially turned into an unmitigated disaster'

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What do we do about Ukraine now?

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Rudy promotes deli

If a pile of 💩 was a Senator: Tuberville Edition

New Nikki Haley Ad Calls Trump a 'Chicken'

A Texas Town's Misery Underscores the Impact of Bitcoin Mines Across the U.S.

Biden advisers ready to go on offense in the immigration fight after the bipartisan border bill's demise

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STATE OF THE UNION -The perfect opening for Biden to go on the attack regarding the Republicans's naked hypocrisy.

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Southern MD sunset +, 2/7

Temple linked to Hercules and Alexander the Great discovered in ancient megacity in Iraq

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Students stage walkouts to oppose Alberta's gender identity policies for children and youth

Star-killing 'black hole wind' spotted in a distant galaxy could explain a major mystery at the Milky Way's center

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Republican Lies ABout "Open Borders" Fueled the Border Immigration Crisis

Beauty in Imperfection

Wanna know how the GOP became a cult? Watch or read Bandi Lee explain it perfectly:

CLINTON, Md - MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center was the recipient of the 2024 Healthgrades

Ammosexuals are doing real psychological damage to young folks.


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Ukraine special forces capture Russian mercenaries in Sudan

On the polls asking about President Biden's job performance

FBI contractor charged with stealing car containing gun magazine from FBI headquarters

Again Nikki Haley proves to be a bit dense. She ran in the Nevada presidential primary instead...

Special counsel investigating Biden's handling of classified documents has completed probe, AG says

Florida Chief Justice Pushes Fetal Personhood At Argument For Abortion Amendment

Florida Chief Justice Pushes Fetal Personhood At Argument For Abortion Amendment

Trump's lawyers look to get charges tossed in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case

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Jimi Hendrix - Power To Love ❤💛

FOURTEEN DAYS a literary collaboration just released

Ukrainian navy commander vows to destroy Putin's treasured Crimean bridge this year: Its 'days are over'

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Man detained after scaling exterior of massive Sphere venue near the Las Vegas Strip

Bank plans to auction posh property owned by West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to repay loans

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Netanyahu calls Hamas ceasefire proposal 'delusional' but Blinken sees scope for progress

Who else thinks Tucker is negotiating his master's defection to Russia?

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Trump The Tyrant

Senate Republicans block border bill that they had demanded - CNN