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Chuck Todd: House Republicans' disarray signals 'death' of the party's 'governing wing'

Pelosi roasts Johnson on impeachment failure

Republican Rosendale to Enter Montana U.S. Senate Race, Upending GOP Bid to Take Seat From Democrat

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AG Garland says Special Counsel Hur has completed his investigation of Biden's handling of classified docs

If this were Russia, Weissellberg would be falling out of an upper window of Trump Tower about now.

Untold story revealed: Operation Bella and how KC's Jason Kander helped save 383 lives

"How Twitter's descent into chaos is paving the way for a new web"

Democrats are rushing to exact a political price from Republicans for blocking the border deal.

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David Feldman asks the Question: Why are republicans So Stupid?

SCOTUS will rule in favor of TFG on ballot initiative

Seattle Man Arrested for Leaving Threat on Capitol Police Threat Tip Line

What happened when Woman took this scared shelter cat home

'Hit 'Em Where It Hurts' urges Dems to go on the attack against Republicans - Morning Joe - MSNBC

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Not even my bowl of Special K is safe from these precious predators

We don't need no stinkin' dictator...

Tiny, Mangey Puppy Found On The Side Of The Road

I have a friend

Matt Gaetz is trying to oust a GOP congressman who once screamed at him on the House floor

I need some help

Is it safe?

Neal Katyal: This opinion shows the legal system working at its best - Morning Joe - MSNBC


When did the automotive coolant war commence?

Marquette Law School Poll survey of Wisconsin finds Biden and Trump tied among registered voters

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MAGA Lawyer Doesn't Have A Computer, Has To Borrow One From The Government

'Our democracy is at stake': Lawyer who won case to kick trump off ballot in Colorado warns - MSNBC Reports

U.S. strike in Baghdad kills key militia commander, officials say

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Someone call the burn unit for MTG

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Kitty working hard to catch snowflakes:

Broken Congress: It can't fix the border, fund allies or impeach Mayorkas as GOP revolts

GOP lawmakers praise Nancy Pelosi in epic 'meltdown' after Mike Johnson failures

Thomas Zimmer: Domination or Dissolution, Rule or Ruin

Pelosi roasts Speaker Johnson on impeachment failure - MSNBC Reports

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Why Were Inflation Hawks Wrong?

Corruption in America's largest Evangelical denomination mirrors the horrors of Trump and GOP corruption.

HYPOCRITE ALERT -- RFK, most certainly

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No pant leg is safe from his fierceness:

Will this be Trump's campaign theme song again?

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breaking news. sonora ca @ 1715 hours it is snowing at my altitude of 1800 feet .

Court rules Trump has NO immunity from prosecution; the Supreme Court should REFUSE TO REVIEW CASE - Glenn Kirschner

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Trump federal trial could happen soon


All About Pizza

Congratulations sprinkleeninow! 20000 posts. I love all the ones from the Classical Music Group

And people will still vote for Republicans

BREAKING: Militant commander killed in U.S. drone strike in Baghdad - Deadline - MSNBC

Harris set to host Democratic governors this weekend to discuss 2024 campaign

Kremlin grants Tucker Carlson an interview with Putin -- but refutes his claims about Western media's efforts

RIP Mojo

2 House Republicans push back against claims that a president can easily fix the border: 'Why didn't Trump just shut dow

Weissmann on 14th Amendment: 'Trump only has to win on one issue to keep him on the ballot' - Deadline - MSNBC

Kids--you just can't keep 'em from jumping on the couch!

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Trump could face "draconian remedy" if CFO's possible perjury deal goes through

Rocks Off

MTG Blames Inability to Count Impeachment Votes on 'Hidden' Democrat

Speaker Johnson: We Were Counting on Democrat to Be In Emergency Surgery During Impeachment Vote

2nd tweet--I need all your attention, please, and all the love:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY, kicking back, and DOJ....

The Anti-Trump Republicans: A Data Breakdown WSJ State of the Stat


Gingrich slams border deal, oh knows.

MO-SOS: Missouri Candidate Torches Books in New Ad

Dead Flowers

'Culture of losing': Ronna McDaniel ousted by Trump as RNC chairwoman - Deadline - MSNBC

Playing into the fantasy

The GOP Clown Show on Border Security

On American Public Media now. Quirky but enjoyable.

I heard this on Thom Hartmann yesterday re: Medicare Advantage

When you blow your dog a kiss and he watches it float by:

07 Feb: Ukrainian Special Ops invade & burn to ashes a Russian base - Reporting from Ukraine

Lankford Reveals Threat from 'Popular Commentator' Over Border Security Negotiations

UK: Rishi Sunak eyeing early October election to avoid clash with US

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

A pod of killer whales trapped in drift ice off northern Japan has apparently safely escaped

Wannabe Dictator: Donald Trump has confused the job of President with King - Deadline - MSNBC

How Republicans conquered Florida

Tonight at SCOTUS: a full house camping out overnight for public seats in tomorrow's historic hearing on whether Donald

RIP Mojo Nixon. Remembering him debating Pat Buchanan.

Trump Is Now Trying To Get Fani Willis Disqualified For Speaking In Church

George Conway (and Clyde) Explain how the Silly "Absolute Immunity" Defense Crumbled in Historic Ruling

US drone strike in Baghdad kills high-ranking militia leader linked to attacks on American troops

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Seth Meyers - MTG and House Republicans Humiliated as Mayorkas Impeachment Crashes and Burns: A Closer Look

The REAL Threat at Our Border

Timothy Snyder: Law or Fear

Donald Trump's Lewd Tape Subject Sues 'Days of Our Lives' for Sexual Harassment

Miami Sound Machine - Conga

Trump is serving his most important role in sinking the border deal

Chaka Khan - I feel for you

Do you dream of things you once did but can't or don't anymore? I dream of running. I used to run

Cheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

GOP House cannot function

Kevin Gilbert (Toy Matinee) - Last Plane Out

I have a problem in that every time Rep. Al Green is mentioned my mind goes immediatly here...

Will 'loser' Trump lose again? SCOTUS eyes two Trump coup cases - The Beat - MSNBC

It's worm-ridin' time!


Michael Fanone Hits 'Spineless' Matt Gaetz And Allies With The Facts About Jan. 6

Judge has questions about possible Weisselberg perjury deal

Jay WIllis: You Are Allowed to Have an Opinion About What the Constitution Means

This disused mine in Finland is being turned into a gravity battery to store renewable energy

Adorable kitten reaction:

MTG and House Republicans Humiliated as Mayorkas Impeachment Crashes and Burns: A Closer Look

The film of Taylor Swift's Eras tour, with 5 extra songs, will start streaming on Disney+ on March 15

Can MAGA crush High Court? Pressure on Chief Justice Roberts in Trump coup cases - The Beat - MSNBC

Colorado's Homonymous Irony

A record number of Americans can't afford their rent.

Cheap dime store hood!

I hate to say it, but I think The Connors may have jumped the shark.

'A Palpable Fear of Even Letting Your Friends Know You Are a Democrat'


Florida Asks State Supreme Court To Tank Abortion Ballot Proposal

Thank you, everyone, for all the hearts.

CORRUPT Judge Cannon Issues ABSURD ORDER after Trump LOSES Appeal - Meidas Touch

AZ: Resolution that would ask voters to require life sentences for sex traffickers clears first hurdle

'They want chaos': Republicans 'absolutely allergic' to fixing border, says Sen. Murphy - All In - MSNBC

MT: Dillon man found guilty of felonies related to participation in Jan. 6 insurrection

Attorney fighting to disqualify Trump at Supreme Court issues crucial update - Brian Tyler Cohen

That rabid loon Comer is now going to investigate John Kerry

Houthi-run court in Yemen sentences 13 to death for homosexuality

GOP leaders face unrest amid chaotic, bungled votes

Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico (60 Minutes)

The Iran Threat Geiger Counter: Reaching Extreme Danger

Nina Jankowicz: The Coming Flood of Disinformation

So a Q nut showed up in line at the food bank.

'Fact-finding on whether Trump engaged in insurrection is done': Legal expert on Supreme Court case - All In - MSNBC

"Win a heart" science contest. Explain the difference between Faradaic efficiency and Thermodynamic efficiency.

Maryanne Williamson ends her bid for the presidency.

Marianne Williamson suspends her presidential campaign, ending long-shot primary challenge to Biden

It's Amazing...

China had "persistent" access to U.S. critical infrastructure

'Nobody has a right to run for office': Fmr. GOP governor says Trump is not eligible to win - All In - MSNBC

Senator Angus King (I-Me) on Ukraine

Raskin Laughs At Marjorie Taylor Greene Freaking Out Over Trump - Reflect


and the oscar goes to...

The Supreme Court Should Get Out of the Insurrection Business.

GOP senator reveals threat he received working on border bill - CNN

For another perspective on Taylor Swift, listen to her song "Ronan" and prepare

Hillary Clinton reacts to announcement Carlson will interview Putin: He's a 'useful idiot'

QOTD: Guess who? petition from Fil/Wings of Pegasus for albums & singles to disclose if a singer's voice was pitch-corrected

The Truth UPSETS Marjorie Taylor Greene

'Laughable': AOC blasts GOP's 'craven' bid to impeach DHS Secretary - All In - MSNBC petition from Fil/Wings of Pegasus for albums & singles to disclose if a singer's voice was pitch-corrected petition from Fil/Wings of Pegasus for albums & singles to disclose if a singer's voice was pitch-corrected

PANICKING Trump RUSHES TO Judge Cannon after BIG LOSS - Meidas Touch

$60 Billion in Military Aid to Ukraine is Being Blocked by Trump

Leader Jeffries recounts how Rep. Al Green traveled to vote after procedure - Washington Post

Cold, Alone and Wondering - Clujit

After Republicans tanked the border security bill, Tim Scott says he voted against a stand-alone bill for Israel/Ukraine

'Insurrectionists do not deserve the presidency': CO sec. of state on Trump and Supreme Court case - All In - MSNBC

Anyone watching Love, Death + Robots?

Three little keepsakes from the time of FDR and World War II

Steve Vladeck: The bad-faith argument against good-faith accountability for Trump

Scotus choice: Benefit from maga lies, or participate in lies.

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Tennessee lawmaker to file legislation to add appointed members to Memphis school board

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Alabama Senate committee approves restrictions on absentee ballot assistance amid confusion

Hearty Har Har!

Alabama Senate committee OKs bill allowing local removals of library board members

Wanna see a judicial conflict of interest in action?

SD: Statement of opposition to abortion-rights ballot measure passes legislative committee

I have to wonder how many magat politicians

'He is a useful idiot': Hillary Clinton scorns Tucker Carlson over Putin interview - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

WI: Assembly elections committee considers new rules for absentee ballot witnesses

Unraveling tragedy: The power of anti-government extremism in the case of Justin Mohn

A Few Interesting 2024 Predictions

Evictions Have Tripled in NYC... Why?

Rat Salad

MT: Judge finds parts of bill adding new hurdles for Montana ballot initiatives unconstitutional

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NY-03: In special Long Island House race to replace George Santos, immigration dominates

Jamie Raskin EVISCERATES Republican Scheme In Brilliant Trump Takedown

Want to see a judicial conflict of interest?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump is not stupid enough to believe everything Donald Trump says - The Last Word - MSNBC

NY-03: Suozzi (D) slams Pilip, GOP over failed border bill as Santos seat race enters final week

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NY-03: Suozzi (D) shifts strategy in CD3 special

Kimmel: Nikki Haley's Embarrassing Loss to No One, Tucker Interviews Putin & the Super Bowl Heads to Vegas

Living in the age of the orange shitbag

Hear what Gaetz said after House GOP failed to pass Mayorkas impeachment

Dangerous in-group behavior of the GOP house members: following the whims of their real leader, Trump

She'll always be remembered as the candidate who got more votes than Dean Phillips

Democrat Pritzker ramps up abortion rights investments amid 2028 chatter

'Epitome of craziness': Sen. Tester torches GOP who stopped border deal for Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Judge rules 'it's a wash' in Pontiac court battle over transgender woman's testicles

re: sonora snow fall. have no idear how many inches we got , but a friend of mine got 6"

For the first time ever I'm excited about the Texas Railroad Commission race.

I've graduated from watching cat vids to watching...........

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Has the GOP Been Grooming You to Accept Fascism All Along? - Thom Hartmann

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Michigan and precedent....

Don't remember when trump did this. He is such a world wide embarrassment

An Infinite Loop

Sen. Whitehouse and Lawrence Break Down the Billionaire Influence Swarming around the Supreme Court - The Last Word MSNBC

Bryan Tyler Cohen tell MTG she doesn't have to sign her tweets.

Lack of funding for NASA causes mass work reduction & layoffs at JPL

Marianne Williamson Ends Campaign

The remedy is in the states: Clinton envisions middle ground on booting Trump from ballot - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

I thought this was worth a look.

PA-HD140: An election in February? It could shift power in PA, and Lower Bucks voters hold the key

'Shocking': Hillary Clinton surprised at ease of GOP capitulation to 'puppeteer' Trump - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

PA: Conservative group admits there was no evidence of election fraud at Erie post office in 2020

Even Moms for Liberty Are Tired of Moms for Liberty - last 3 members dissolve a chapter

Please do not open anything from Norton Security!!!!!

San Francisco School Board Likely to Switch to Elections By District, Because a Lawsuit Is Forcing Them To

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee on the Election of Senator Erin Murphy as the Next Minnesota Senate Major

Fundamental Freedoms in Pennsylvania Hinge on Majority-Deciding, Bellwether Special Election in the Pennsylvania House

DLCC President Heather Williams & MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton Discuss DLCC's 2024 Strategy & Upcoming Feb. 13th PA Special

Trump Trials - Feb 7, 2024 Updates - Raw News And Politics

At Gov. Cox's request, lawmaker shelves bill to strip Utah election oversight from lieutenant governor's office

NY-03: Mazi Pilip (R)-Tom Suozzi (D) special election in NY-03 becoming a must-watch race around the country

AZ GOP frustrated over new election bill

MT: Signature gathering begins for two election reform initiatives

Float planes will soon transport kids to Seattle Children's Hospital

Azerbaijan election: President Ilham Aliyev wins fifth term

PA-SEN: Democratic Sen. Bob Casey braces for 'toughest' re-election battle yet in Pennsylvania

Detroit residents can add their input on election district maps

Ken Buck (R-CO.) shites on Speaker Johnson

New thing to worry about with all the rain in SoCal

CA: Two Orange Unified School Board Members Face March Recall Election

Mexico confirms some Mayan ruin sites are unreachable because of gang violence and land conflicts

Missouri Senate votes against allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest

'Thousands' attend launch events in Missouri to gather signatures to put abortion on the ballot

MAGA Congress Hits NEW LOW With SURPRISE Guest on House Floor - Meidas Touch

Propagandists: Fact checking and content moderation give democracy an unfair advantage over lies and disinformation!

Kamala Harris speaks in Savannah on abortion rights, bringing VP's new campaign push to the South

Election map settlement approved between tribes, Nebraska county

Nebraska's casino industry eyes November ballot for legalized online sports gambling

THANK YOU so much for the beautiful hearts❤️❤️

A local redistricting battle in a New York City suburb may lead to a national fight

MI: Redistricting commission drafts new maps against tight deadline

CLASH between Trump and top ally spills into the open - MSNBC

House Republicans are helping Vladimir Putin


'He ain't up to this job': Reed Galen on Speaker Mike Johnson's leadership - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

OMG! I almost killed Betty!

Would You Start World War III To Save Ukraine? - Thom Hartmann

Jack Smith PREPARED to MAKE HIS MOVE Against Judge Cannon -MeidasTouch

'Supreme Court justices must have their track suits on': Arguments on Trump ballot eligibility begin - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Trump's Coup Clowns - Feb 7, 2024 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Is 'economy' code for life? Why Americans are feeling down on the economy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US government debt to top $54 trillion in next decade, CBO says

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Tucker Carlson's Russian Propaganda

General Mills urged to reduce plastic chemicals in food products

Attorneys respond to judge's inquiry about whether a former Trump Org. executive lied at trial

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/7/2024

'They will fall for that con': Expert shows how Trump is lying to his supporters

SF tow truck co owners charged with multiple felonies, illegally towed parked cars of vulnerable people

Republicans are not working for the American people-they are working only for Citizen Donald Trump

NASA climate satellite blasts off to survey oceans and atmosphere of a warming Earth

White House announces partnership with NFL, NBA to promote health and wellness for kids

Huntington Beach California librarians begin restricting access to books about "the human body and puberty"

The Fukushima nuclear plant leaked radioactive water, but none escaped the facility

Will Rogers Nov 26, 1932

Bounced cheques and Trump's 'unpaid fees': Rudy Giuliani lays bare his finances in bankruptcy hearing

Move over Joe Manchin. Chris Christie looking at No Labels ticket.

Wordle 964 Feb 8 ***Spoiler Thread***

Oh Father

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

The Biden administration is considering executive action to deter illegal migration at the southern border

Former Peruvian intelligence chief gets 19 years in prison for 1992 massacre of farmers

UN expert warns that Peru's forestry reform threatens Indigenous peoples' rights

Missouri Senate votes against allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest

Poverty and Inequality Mark Rural Life in Latin America

On live TV, Guardian Angels rough up a man in Times Square then misidentify him as a 'migrant'

Ohio backs off proposed restrictions on gender-affirming care for adults

Higher Education in Central America: Poor Quality and Unaffordable for the Poor

Thank you for my heart!!!

re. Missouri Senate votes against allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest: Of COURSE they did...

Where sea otters play, salt marshes stay, new study shows

Thanks for the stars. Sometimes those voices in my head

Palm oil supplier to Nestle, Kellogg's linked to Peru deforestation in report

Front-line Ukrainian infantry units report acute shortage of soldiers

Confirmation hearing for CEO of Nebraska DHHS revolves around religion, sin, social media (UPDATE)

Mark Meadows Got Immunity to Testify

Gingrich slams attempt at border deal, says it was 'stupid' to start by trying to work with Democrats

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Trump's Eligibility

Democrats sound alarm, take action against Biden's third-party threats

Breakfast Tursday 6 February 2024

On This Day: Lands act takes effect, called one of most destructive for Native Americans in history - Feb. 8, 1887

Teamsters Authorize Strike at Republic Services

Thank you for my hearts!!

Putin makes huge confession! Russia plans to suspend offensive! Kadyrov begs to lift sanctions - The Russian Dude

Auto-deleted NT

The main reason ReTHUGs are defending Slobby

Icelandic Volcano Erupts Third Time in Months, Threatening Popular Blue Lagoon Tourist Site

'Friend of Ukraine': Warren Buffett's son provides $500 million in humanitarian aid

Even Moms for Liberty Are Tired of Moms for Liberty

2024 Begins With More Record Heat Worldwide

Russian Intelligence Is Pushing False Claims of U.S. Biological Testing in Africa, U.S. Says

Aw no . . . you shouldn't have!

at least 30 people now lined up outside the SC in anticipation of the Trump 14th Amendment ballot dispute Listen...

Mudslides, Crashes, Pot Holes, Rescues: See Los Angeles Storm's Stunning Numbers

For California DUers - Sister Rosetta Tharpe "Didn't it Rain?"

Sunrise on Osa Peninsula!

Biden to Coordinate Efforts with House Democrats

Nobody's Fault But Mine

CNN anchor pushes back on GOP lawmaker regarding president's power to shut border: 'You are just wrong'

What to know about Robert Hur and his DOJ investigation into President Joe Biden

Thursday TOONs

Feb 9 "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see."

Biden: Trump Is An 'Existential Threat' To America

Biden and Trump Jockey Amid Rubble of Border Deal

😃🇺🇸🥔❤️🗓️❗️Your favorite way to have potatoes?

Opinion Netanyahu and His Squad of Cease-fire Refuseniks Have Israeli Hostages' Blood on Their Hands

MAGA Border Convoy Instantly ERUPTS in Total CHAOS

Netanyahu will for ever be remembered in history as Israel's worst prime minister who led it into the greatest tragedy

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/7/2024

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 12 for March & April 2024

Art of the Week: Week of 02/07/24

5 Marines aboard helicopter that went down outside San Diego are confirmed dead, military says

The Rundown: February 8, 2024

For House Republicans, failure is the only option

Warmest January On Record Means The Planet Just Spent A Year Above 1.5C Target

Thank you everyone

The supreme court will hear the trump ballot eligibility case today. I cannot see THIS Supreme Court

People camped out overnight to get seat at SCOTUS for 14th Amendment oral argument

Lara Trump: Donald Trump has to get more golf in now b/c he'll be so busy saving the country starting January 20, 2025

Trump should promise absolute immunity for everyone!

SCOTUS has 'no legitimate off-ramps' to tossing Trump from ballot: conservative ex-judge

Meet the lawyers arguing Trump's Supreme Court Colorado ballot case

A raunchy rom-com just in time for St. Valentine's Day

As Lawmakers Debate Border, Immigrants Set To Add $7 Trillion To Economy

Sending one out to the sweethearts who gave me the sweet hearts!

Lake not frozen?...No problem.

Shocked, Shocked: "Widespread Noncompliance" W. New EPA Rules On Disposal Of Toxic Coal Ash

You raised $110.00 on February 7, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

TFG's legal fees and RNC/GOP fundraising

4 metro Detroit counties sue pharmaceutical makers to recover insulin costs

Former top Pa. lawmaker's lobbying firm paid $41K by Game Commission in unusual arrangement

"...on a winning roll...". Millions watch this every night.

They actually think Putin says the truth but Putin's Russia can't even say how Sergei Magnitsky died

Trump's new lawyer is his worst one yet

You can listen to the USSC arguments here:

Liz Cheney: Trump knows what his own WH staff, DOJ appointees, campaign officials, etc told the 1/6 grand jury.

Thank you for the hearts!

Biden: Trump Is An 'Existential Threat' To America the midst of the crowd. we are, all of us, fundamentally alone

If the GOP wants to commit hara-kiri fine let 'em.

Today's magical discovery

NY-03: Suozzi (D) Holds Small Lead in New York Special Election

I miss Dickey Betts

Republicans Admit in Private They Killed a Good Deal

I tried getting rid of the mouse in my apartment, but have been unsuccessful. Now it's getting bolder. Any suggestions?

SCOTUSblog: LIVE Announcement of opinions for Thursday, Feb. 8

Buttigieg emphasizes importance of Michigan's early primary importance during labor roundtable

Best alarm ever!

For House Republicans, failure is the only option

Indian states demolish Muslim homes as punishment, says Amnesty report

Ear-ritating: How TV commercials misuse sound to get our attention

Roberto Clemente

Could the 14th amendment disqualify Trump from returning to the White House?

Authorities investigating online threats made to potential witness related to Trump classified docs case

SCOTUS hears arguments in Trump v Anderson 10:00 AM EST

Thank you for the heart!!!

Thank you for the heart, great morning start.

US Initial Jobless Claims Drop for the First Time in Three Weeks

Dang, thinking about charging up

Thanks for the organ donations!

Federal Judge SCHOOLS Trump on FRIVOLOUS Motion - Meidas Touch

Biden Chooses Longtime Aide Who Runs His Oval Office to Be a Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Written by Scott

Wow! I have 2 hearts! Thank you, thank you.

The wealthy are cutting the line at the airport, Disney World and ski resorts

Jobless claims fall to 218,000 and show layoffs still very low

Minor issue; "New or unread"read posts show as Blue. Read posts show as a grayish purple.

FBI foils 2022 plot by militiamen to "start a war" at the Texas-Mexico border

Curtis Sliwa's vigilante group wrongly attacks man during Fox News live shot

Black civil rights organizations are rallying to counter anti-DEI rhetoric

George Michael - Father Figure

How a dishwasher works (from the inside):

Seal - Crazy

Another heart!!! I love you too!

Gaetz ousted McCarthy. Now he's moving on to another House GOP target

Speaker Johnson: Mess in House not a reflection on the leader

Alanis - Precious Illusions

***SCOTUS hearing Colorado case,

There is no "Border Crisis"

Woman Rescues Two Squirrels And Now They Visit Her Everyday

Anybody find it ironic that Trump's attorney is named "Jonathan Mitchell"?

This country should have not been in this position!

DAMN! Sotamayor "went there" and squarely landed a backhanded slap to more than one Justice *

Composer John Williams has a birthday today.

I've never liked PC Matic, but now I have a reason never to buy from them.

Judge rejects request for hold on challenge to Donald Trump's place on Illinois primary ballot

This week's major U.S. economic reports (February 5 -- February 9)

Tweet: Official Statement Regarding Federal Lawsuit Stern v. Flynn

Tom Rush has a birthday today.

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (February 12 -- February 16)

I think the SC Justices are not letting Mitchell getting his foothold lies to be heard?

Macron pays tribute to victims of 'biggest anti-Semitic massacre of century'

One Love

Near-total abortion ban rejected by Virginia House panel

Bolsonaro to surrender passport as Brazil probes 'coup'

Mercury Blues Live

Millions of Palestinians are trapped in Rafah. As Israeli troops approach, there's nowhere left to run

What Is Behind the Criminal Conflict Raging in Chiapas, Mexico?

The words of the official U.S. Presidential Oath are:

Philly has the largest jump in average cost of car insurance in the country in 2024

Just an opinion

Rudy Giuliani Makes Big Confession About Trump Campaign In Bankruptcy Court

Thanks so much for the heart.

Yes, there is so a border crisis

Brazil Police Accuse Bolsonaro and Allies of Attempted Coup

Alito is

So trump's defenders are arguing that the trump is not an officer of the government because he wasn't appointed?

Thank you for the hearts, It means alot to me.

Pet Shop Boys - Heart

Can we get a megathread for the SCOTUS oral hearing?

Thanks for heart. N/t

Mitchell: "This was a riot. It was not an insurrection." Huh? I think he just hung his client.

I'm no lawyer, but if Mitchell is the one who is defending me in a court?

Mojo Nixon passed away at age 66.

K Jackson's last question was brilliant

I scored on some CBG oil for Carys

Thomas seems to be arguing...

The "Border Crisis" can no longer be a political issue.

LISTEN LIVE: Supreme Court hears case on whether Colorado can remove Trump from presidential ballot

Important to remember that SCOTUS is not deciding whether to execute or incarcerate TFG.

Do you ever start conversations with other veterans you see, out and about?

Hey, it's my birthday! Go Colorado !

Zwei Herzen

Early signs from Supreme Court arguments look promising for Trump

2 Georgia senators propose changing Georgia law to void Trump's charges

Republicans are redefining the word 'equal' in an Iowa anti-trans bil

Name a song with name of an animal in tne title or lyrics , Can use Google, Mine is Horse With No Name.

Justice Roberts, "insurrectionist is a broad term".

Which judge is saying any state can define an insurrection?

Neal Katyal Predicts Supreme Court Won't Even Hear Trump's Immunity Appeals

U.S. Electric Vehicles Sales Are Poised to Rise a Lot in 2024, Despite What You May Have Heard

So when do we find out the Supreme Courts decision???

Now we have gorsuck telling the CO atty

US Senate panel votes to boost FAA staffing, rejects hiking pilot retirement age

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 8, 2024

Which way will the Supreme court rule on

Thanks for the heart.

Forget it, Motherfucker's judges have this

Many thanks to the kind DUer who gave me my most recent heart!

Justices openly hostile in questioning CO attorney.

Well these Supreme Court proceedings this morning prove one thing

Millionaire influencer BitBoy's fall has lessons -- 'perfect example of why crypto needs regulation'

Groundhog forecast: Weirdness is just around the corner

Two more hearts!

Ex-UNRWA Official: Funding Cuts Make Donor Countries Complicit in Starvation of Gaza

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 8, 2024)

Finally some Sun!

Looks like Jill Stein's and Cornell West's male justices are going to keep trump on the ballot.

A barred gate, a musty chamber and dirty dishes: Inside the underground compound where Israel says hostages were held

"Awful and unethical": Legal experts say Judge Cannon could face removal for "disturbing" order

I woke up this morning to another heart

I've heard enough. SC is going to overturn Colorado

Biden won't call for redactions in special counsel report on classified documents handling

update on snow amounts from last nites storm:

3 since departed Blues greats, covering Big Joe Turner's "Rebecca" in 1997

Senegal's "Unraveling": President's Delay of Election Is Latest in String of Anti-Democratic Actions

Republicans are redefining the word 'equal' in an Iowa anti-trans bill

Two key antiabortion studies have been retracted as junk science. Will the Supreme Court care?

THANK YOU DUers for the valentine hearts and your kindness

Anyone surprised by the SCOTUS hearings consumed too much "catnip"

We should know what SC's outcome before it even started!

and it's over......

SCOTUS: Andrew Weissman just called it for tfg, against Colorado.

The Daily B***h*: "Why are all the people my age so old?"

The fear of RW retaliation plagues conservatives.

DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS - Official Trailer 2 [HD] - Only In Theaters February 23

Is Clarence Thomas the worst Supreme Court Justice since C.J. Roger Taney?

Rookie mistake


Well, Trump wins a few times, but the final one is still coming!

That's The Way I Feel About 'Cha - Bobby Womack ♥️

Did trump just say they will win Nevada - in the 90's. Some say better ? How

Question about the series "Stay Close". (Spoiler alert)

My hearts are deeply appreciated!

Take your hands off your eyes with me and look

Poppy the Prairie Dog.

In some better judicial news, looks like Peter Navarro's going to jail.

Listening to today's USSC CO hearing, it should be clear to everyone that Justice Sotomayor . . . .

Biden is considering executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border


Abbot and Costello on Nevada's election...

Neal Katyal was not kind to the CO lawyers in his analysis

Indian state passes uniform marriage legislation opposed by Muslims as a Hindu code applied to all

FCC votes to ban scam robocalls that use AI-generated voices

A Quiet Place: Day One - Official Trailer - In theaters in June 2024

A West Virginia 'Women's Bill of Rights' is an effort to suppress transgender people, critics say

I got my tax refund yesterday. Wow just over one week after submitting.

In Gaza, anger grows at Hamas along with fury at Israel

So if the report of Meadows singing his heart out is true

14th Amendment 150 years dormant - but Alito referenced

Is TSF An Insurrectionist? That Is The Question.....

Let's be honest: if SCOTUS removed Whiny, there will be riots in the street

Statemen and women are remembered by a famous quote. What quote do you remember a cartoon or show character by?

Polish leader says US Republican senators should be ashamed for scuttling Ukrainian aid

SCOTUS Hilarity

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the mess in the Senate....

It will be in TFG's favor, SO

Cartoon: Border Crisis

A man accused of killing his girlfriend in Massachusetts escapes from police custody in Kenya

Clash erupts as Republican screws over his own party on Senate floor - Brian Tyler Cohen

I got a message that a few kind folks gifted me with hearts

FCC declares AI-generated voices in robocalls are illegal

One interesting takeaway about the SC oral arguments

Cartoon: Chopped cherry tree.

US Senate advances $95 bln Ukraine, Israel aid bill after failed border deal

Rivian plans retail hub at Bellevue Square, permits show

Trump praises the SC even before there is a final decision!

On this day, February 8, 1931, James Dean was born.

There is a point to be made overlooked by all.

Chico Marx - On The Beach At Bali-Bali (1937)

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Pic Of The Moment: Oh, So NOW He's A Journalist

What Could Be. Lincoln Project

Twist in Fox News Story Reveals 'Migrant' Is Not One at All

The end of the Human Race...

trump Erupts over Brutal New Ads

A personal plea from the Admins

SCOTUS 14th amendment case

Translation. Lincoln Project

I take note the Orange

Cartoons 2/8/2024

I hope someone can help me figure out what to do

Here is a thought.

He's going to be annihilated in November

ACLU Wins Settlement Ending Drag Ban Ordinance in Tennessee City

So I saw a clip with Smelvis the sick fuck Slobfather

'Is he a good guy or a bad guy?': an online hunt to solve a shocking death

On this day, February 8, 1943, Creed Bratton was born.

So a state can't disqualify a pres candidate, but same people on court: Also states can screw voters any way they want

On this day, February 8, 1928, Jack Larson, Jimmy Olsen in "The Adventures of Superman," was born.

Marysville homeowners to pay an average $818 more in property taxes

Colorado is NOT "deciding the election for the nation"

0.3% sales tax for public safety has support of local Democrats, police

Are conspiracy theories a cultural art form?

If your 13 year old son stole a car...

Supreme Court seems skeptical of kicking Trump off election ballot during landmark hearing

UCLA law professor expects Supreme Court 8-1, 9-0 against Colorado.

Wife of jailed Putin critic responds to Tucker Carlson's interview - CNN

What D.C. court's rebuke of Trump's immunity claim means

Ian Millhiser: The Supreme Court sure sounds eager to put Trump back on the ballot

Middle Age Riot: PHOTO: House Speaker Mike Johnson holding his breath until Congress turns blue

On this day, February 8, 1968, "Planet of the Apes" was released.

Trump Attorney STEPS INTO IT with Response to NY Judge - Meidas Touch

Donald Trump's Biggest Legal Problem May Be Yet to Come

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How Israel became a high-tech military power (and why it failed) - CaspianReport

Opinion: The right-wing misreading of 'Blazing Saddles' is so telling

Sweet Crispy Date Pecan Doughnut Bao Recipe (video)

Could Smith decide not to oppose the Supreme Court granting certiorari in the immunity case?

Teamsters Raise Future Strike Benefits at Molson Coors Ahead of Texas Walkout

'Unbelievable': China Hate For Messi Explodes; Chinese Economy & Global EV Push - China Update

On this day, February 8, 1994, Raymond Scott died.

Puppy birdwatching with his kitty best friend:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Storms Out Of Hearing As Dem Lawmaker Puts Her On Blast

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How plain do they have to be?

Earthquake felt in parts of Pierce, Thurston counties on Wednesday. Here's what we know

How do I contact the Administrators over a billing problem?

Oh so it *was* an insurrection.

Puppy yoga:

I am a Senior Citizen

Did anyone else get a email from Earl to pay for a membership, I did. and to pay for hearts? I just did. I am a star

First responder hero bee:

'Rooney Rule' placed under legal microscope, on and off the field

Trump again today said "there were no guns" at the US Capitol attack. BULLSHIT-It was an armed insurrection.

As with so many others, it finally hit me: the sick feeling I get seeing pics of Donald Trump. Like rubber-necking a

So if the States can't disqualify someone

RMS Titanic Grand Staircase (1912)

Republicans are sticking to Trump -- they're about to reap the whirlwind

Scientists have 3D bioprinted functioning human brain tissue

Fani Willis turns the tables

Conservative Personality Takes Credit For Threatening To 'Destroy' Republican Senator

Washington Post has this statement on today's SCOTUS proceedings:

Beautiful chameleon:

What was Gorsuch getting at when asked Colorado's attorney what would happen...

NY AG, defense lawyers ask judge to disregard reported perjury inquiry

Oldie but goodie:

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro ordered to report to prison

Nope, nope, nope!

Special Council report on Biden will be released with no redactions!

Just a reminder: Tucker Carlson is not a "journalist." That fact has literally been judicially adjudicated.


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The Supreme Court's Very Selective Originalism and Federalism

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am watching the film the mulligans on tubi.

Did Anyone Really Think That The Repugs Wouldn't Cry 'Double Standard' When.....

We have had some horrific wind and waves on our north and south coasts

Justice Department will not charge Biden in classified documents probe

I CALLED IT: 'Migrant' Beaten Live on Fox News was a U.S. Citizen from NYC!!!

'Enshittification' is coming for absolutely everything

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I could mow the yard here in Upper Michigan

Oh boy, this Special Counsel report is very political

Can ballots put an asterisk next to a candidate's name?

Trump is headed for the Big House, not the White House... And F*ck you, too, SCOTUS!

Today's Tiedrich rant: these leopards are too fucking incompetent to eat anyone's face

NBC Newz slant on Biden and classified documents decision

Misheard Lyrics memory....

What a pretty little dinosaur!

Where are they going? Let me at 'em!

Chuck Rosenberg concerns me

Labor News & Commentary February 5, 2024 MA teachers strike ends after two weeks & more

Henlo, Fren!

President Joe Biden to address House Democrats after a rough week for the GOP

Donald Trump is getting a pass from the press in accusing Pres. Biden or anyone else of election interference

Sexual violence is an ancient and often unseen war crime. Is it inevitable?

After a spate of education bans, Florida churches are taking Black history into their own hands

Baby goat mixes it up with cat:

Even the GOP Agrees...

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The origins of hiphop:

Feds investigate threats to potential witness in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents case

Conway reacts to Justice Kavanaugh's concerns raised in Trump ballot case

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Doofus admits it was an insurrection

More, please!

Why Should I Vote In The Primary Election?

2nd tweet--Horse jumps fence to join a bicycle race:

Music to soothe the soul in troubled times. Yes - "Soon"

2nd tweet--Cute little fella:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 8, 2024

I know some here might disagree, but I didn't see James Comey actions in 2016...

Any Criminal Record (Apple+) Fans here?

Biden just got Comeyed.

So my friend buys houses (Pa. and N.j.) off of H.U.D. and tax foreclosures.

The Colorado Case Thuds

This rock teaches me a lesson...

Maricopa County chief deputy sheriff and longtime Republican appointed as new sheriff

Kacsmaryk relied on now-retracted studies to outlaw mifepristone

We can all dream, can't we?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden and Trump being treated differently....

Summary of Hur (TFG Appointee) report from Andrew Weissmann

Senate just advanced a $95.3 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel

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'Chaos' is the word for Republicans, and the media has finally noticed

did anyone else hear trump's attorney say that trump is banned from HOLDING office today, during KBJ's questioning?

Biden vs Trump: Retention of Documents

Biden classified papers report from Department of Justice - direct link (from the New York Times)

My adorable heart donors (2:41 and 4:15)

Sen Ron Johnson [R, WI] now says it is not the Senate's responsibility to deal with--border issues...........

Supreme Court hears arguments in LANDMARK case determining TRUMP'S FUTURE - Talking Feds

Anyone replaced a car part with carbon fiber?

The War in Gaza Is Decimating Maternal and Infant Health

I am really fucking angry that we have this fucking special prosecutor and his fucking "report"

High-Ranking GOP Committee Chair Announces Retirement From House

Aw, shucks!

Compared to an unsympathetic, deceitful elderly man with a deliberately selective memory

How fast does TikTok send users down the antisemitic rabbit hole?

BREAKING: Special Counsel says Biden will not be charged for retaining classified documents - MSNBC Reports

Trump Press Conference Immediately Goes Off The Rails! - Luke Beasley

Got a personal plea from the admins in yellow lettering..

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 9 February 2024

John Harwood pushes back on Hur's bullshit. Interview w/Biden 10 days before that of SC

I have been an ardent defender of AG Garland, but after today's political charged report against

Harry Litman was in court for SCOTUS hearing today... 14 minutes. Great analysis

Keep shining the light

Starbucks Is Sending 1 Lucky Barista To Costa Rica, But Not If They're In A Union

Elon Musk hints at aquiring Disney.

Anyone else noticing performance issues here on DU?

Israeli media reports that Blinken cancelled Kerem Shalom crossing amid continued aid protests

Sisyphus - Andrew Bird

Katyal And Weissmann Blast Garland And Hur

Any word on when the SCOTUS will make their decision?

Judge Luttig: The most historic constitutional and political case in all of American history - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Gov. DeSantis' Florida Guard going to Texas is a stunt that's illegal under federal law - Opinion

Question for any DU legal eagles about Trump's S. Ct. hearing today on the CO ruling

Laura Jarrett: Supreme Court "looking for a way out" of Trump ballot case - MSNBC Reports

OK I've had enough, not watching the news tonight. I just took my blood pressure and it was alarmingly high

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ok, i have a potluck on sunday.

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Question re Colorado/SCOTUS case:

Why a 9-0 SCOTUS decision would be helpful whether you 'like or loathe' Trump - MSNBC Reports

Luigi Riva obituary

Mom Recruits Her Kids' Help To Tame Her Wild Rescue Kitten

Seems like the 1st question that should have been asked on 1/7/21 was: Was there an Insurrection yesterday?

Talk about a cheap shot

Jack Smith Claims Witness Is Being Threatened

States Rights Seems To Be Only Mentioned & Used When It Benefits The Repugs......

I'll just have a light snack for now:

This Window With 140 Prisms!

The Super Bowl has been rescheduled & will be played on Monday Feb 12th

Weissmann on SCOTUS hearing: 'Ketanji Brown Jackson was the star of the hearing' - Deadline - MSNBC

Prediction: the Scotus ruling is gonna be bonkers

I just sealed my ballot for the Massachusetts Democratic Primary which will be held on March 5.

Does anyone know the process for increasing your monthly donation to DU?

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Mouse and deer

WTF happened in the Speical Counsel Report on Biden? All the wingnuts are going nuts about some passages suggesting

Luigi Riva obituary

New York Times report: U.S. intelligence officers estimate only a third of Hamas fighters have been killed

US has enough funds for now to continue training Ukrainian pilots on F-16, National Guard chief says

WH: 'The inappropriate criticisms of the President's memory are inaccurate, gratuitous, and wrong.'

Biden was interviewed for five hours the day after Israel was attacked

Colorado lawyer: Trump's own statements incriminate him - Washington Post

Tempers flare after Graham accuses Sinema of 'half-ass' border effort

Michael Mann, a Leading Climate Scientist, Wins His Defamation Suit

Trump's position on immunity for the president would change the ethical and moral standards for the presidency.

Freshman virginia republican Tim Griffin, pushing anti abortion laws, cancelled his kids health insurance

CIA terminates whistleblower who prompted flood of sexual misconduct complaints

Colorado lawyer argues Trump should be disqualified - Washington Post

The Colorado Ballot case was brought by the kGOPb

Look what the dog dragged in.......(no pics, but graphic written content ahead).

Thieving little noodle snarfer!

Feds offer up to $10 million reward for info on Hive ransomware hackers

Mojo Nixon, Unabashed Outlaw Cult Hero, Dead at 66

Stay With Me - Foghat

AFL-CIO calls for a cease fire

Kagan presses Colorado on differing ballot standards - Washington Post

California governor to send prosecutors to Oakland to help crack down on rising crime

California governor to send prosecutors to Oakland to help crack down on rising crime

Neighbors, and Wild Ones

If you don't like Taylor Swift's music maybe you will like her performing Carole King's.

Biden to defeat Trump in election 2024 Allan Lichtman

(Vindman) OPINION: Tuckyo Rose Visits with Putin

Colorado official: Threats shouldn't affect court's decision - Washington Post

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I kind of hope that SCOTUS rules against Colorado.

Love bugs

Biden aides meet in Michigan with Arab American and Muslim leaders, aiming to mend political ties

China Economy Imploding - Fastest Price Fall in 14 Years & Stock Market Crashes to 5 Year Low - Joe Blogs

Southern MD heading home and toward sunset

So it seems like the universal rule that all special counsels must be Rs

Strikes against Houthis are "actually galvanizing them", says Yemen conflict expert

Judge affirms $83.3 million verdict against Donald Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

Jackson presses Colorado lawyer on section three wording - Washington Post

Never Forget When Beyonce Dropped "Self-Titled" with Zero Promotion - Lovett or Leave It

In possible test of federal labor law, Georgia could make it harder for some workers to join unions

What's With The Timing?

The Tee Set - Ma Belle Amie (Live 1970)

Trump points to presidential immunity after ballot arguments - Washington Post

Crocus, moving along!

Biden legal team blasts special counsel's 'inappropriate' report 'trashing' president

Why people still fall for fake news about climate change

Man who diverted national park river to ease boat access on Lake Michigan convicted of misdemeanors

'A dismal showing for challengers to Donald Trump': Neal Katyal on Supreme Court hearing - Deadline - MSNBC

MAGA Extremist Candidate Burns Books, Gets Torched

After November Biden should replace Garland

Mike Luckovich-We'll block efforts to destroy asteroid, then blame Dems when it hits

'Entirely Inappropriate': Weissmann reacts to Biden Documents Special Counsel's report - Deadline - MSNBC

If Donald Trump gets the same cooperation from the Supreme Court in his upcoming Absolute Presidential Immunity app

Okay, who wrote the report about Biden's memory?


NYT: American officials confirm Patriot missile shot down Il-76 plane

Any DUers have the quote from Smelvis the

Red-tailed Hawk Intense Gaze - Central Park, NYC

Chuck Todd: Hur report 'feeds a narrative' on............

I think Hur was trying to send a message to Trump

Globe breaks heat record for 8th straight month. Golfers get to play in Minnesota's 'lost winter'

'We need clarity': Joceyln Benson on need for Trump ballot eligibility issue to be resolved fast - Deadline - MSNBC

About Toby Keith and his passing

Zelensky replaces Ukraine's top general in major shakeup

J&J, Merck and Bristol Myers CEOs defend high drug prices in Senate hearing, as Biden tries to cut costs

NYC bodegas are undefeated

Progressives in Congress spoke up for a cease-fire in Gaza. Now they're breaking fundraising records.

The DU site is running slow for me

It is sad to see all the wealth trying to spin for a rapist to get back in the White House.

Historic: SCOTUS faces ultimate test against Trump that could define 2024 race - The Beat - MSNBC