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Expert: Why Trump was charged for keeping documents and Biden was not - CNN

The number of monarch butterflies at their Mexico wintering sites has plummeted this year

Cable news will be unwatchable tonight

Supreme Court WRAPS UP Trump DISQUALIFICATION Oral Argument - Meidas Touch

Merrick Garland must go

Two hearts! I am almost verklempt!

All we need to know about HUR

Federal judge SWIFTLY DENIES Trump's FAR-FETCHED motion - Talking Feds

Japan court approves a transgender man's request for legal recognition without needing surgery

CNN bursts into laughter over Trump's rambling speech

"The Approaching Horror"

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Jeffries defends surprise appearance of Texas Democrat to tank impeachment vote

Garland showed his stripes when he appointed "conservative" special councilor to investigate Biden.

Supreme Court erases part of Constitution to protect insurrectionist Donald Trump Opinion

If Russia Wins

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Minneapolis City Council approves $950,000 settlement with journalists detained or injured during 2020 unrest

The Minneapolis City Council voted Thursday to approve a $950,000 settlement on behalf of journalists detained or injure

I am having a thoracentesis (I hope that is right) tomorrow

2 questions: "Who Is their nominee? If Trump, then 2nd question is: Can Donald Trump beat Joe Biden?

Supreme Court puts details over democracy; appears poised to keep Trump on presidential ballot - Glenn Kirschner

Jr Walker & The All Stars - What Does It Take To Win Your Love ♥️

Lets be honest here.

This is a hilarious shit show. Putin is now 28 minutes into his history lesson. This is the 3rd time Tucker tries to...

Judge: Louisiana legislative districts dilute Black voting strength, violate the Voting Rights Act

Icelandic eye candy, new eruption

Biden supposedly speaking at 7:45pm EST tonight

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Here in Texas the political ads are running and showcasing abbotts fabricated border crisis

President Biden addresses Special Counsel's classified documents revelations - MSNBC

Caged dog tastes freedom for the first time

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Sunak criticized for a gender remark on the day a murdered teen's mother visited UK Parliament

"I'd like to know under what context in an investigation about classified documents the investigator would ask the date

When, very likely, DjT loses the 2024 election by majority vote...

With all the reporting about Biden's health and mental capacity, have any of them heard Trump? Ever? On anything?

Go to hell every last one of you Republicans.

Populist Slovak lawmakers back a new law that abolishes an anti-graft prosecutor

How sweet it was.

If things stay as they are and the election is Trump v. Biden.

Cilla Black - Alfie (Live in the studio)

UN experts take Russia to task over deported Ukrainian children and a 'military agenda' in schools

OMG - Curb Your Enthusiasm - new episode - DU peeps will love...

European monitors says Azerbaijan's election took place in a restrictive environment

President Biden is about to deliver remarks

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Guess Which SCOTUS Justices Believe Trump Is Still President...? - Thom Hartmann

Britain's Labour Party is watering down a green investment pledge. Environmentalists are unimpressed

Body shot from Biden connects with Trump

Teen Girl Faces Harassment After Utah Official Falsely Suggests She's Transgender

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Professor Biden is providing pages for reading, class

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Russian election officials reject antiwar politician's bid to oppose Putin in next month's vote

Special Counsel attacked the President over the death of his son

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I hope Derrick Garland is watching Joe Biden now, 8.00 PM EST

What a pack of jackals, those reporters yelling at President Biden.


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Stabbing of Palestinian American near the University of Texas meets hate crime standard, police say

Jesus Fucking Christ already. Fuck the press.

The look of hostility on the faces of many reporters.

Our good citizenship award for being the adults in the room over the years

I rather liked the slam on Doocy

S.E. WI 1st confirmed on the ground tornado of 2024!

*Rachel and C. Hayes on now,

Hur report gives Biden cover to discuss TFG docs case

Michael Abels - 'Global Warming', Sphinx Virtuosi

Hey. Media Motherfuckers. How about some that snarling for Smelvis? Are you SCARED?

As many of you have pointed out the "press" would never treat Cheato like that

'How in the hell dare he': Biden strikes defiant tone about special counsel report

I wonder if Garland is proud of himself tonight

George W. Bush was a gaffe generator. Trump is a dirty rotten insane fucking deranged

Biden Has Been a Great President

Andrew Weissmann slamming the Special Counsel report

Biden was sharp as a tack just now

Steve Schmidt Explains How To Make Donald Trump Lose The Election The Warning

Jamaican Maroons, Freed Black People in Interior Mountains, Wars with Colonial Powers

Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

Rep. Jim Himes: "I am a little puzzled why the Special Counsel chose to make statements that he had no business making.

So the press is whipped up into a frenzy over Hur report.

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Life ain't nothin but a funny funny riddle.

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For those of you who say that Democrats never fight back, I present to you...

'The law and the constitution are clear' Noah Bookbinder on Trump's ballot eligibility - MSNBC Reports

NFL HONORS.......the red carpet.....

Be Angry At Special Counsel Robert Hur's Smear Of Joe Biden

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Just 4 days ago, Mike Johnson confused Israel with Iran on Meet The Press. And he wasn't being shrieked at by a pack

SCOTUS discussion over Trump v Anderson on MSNBC is surreal

Is Trump An Officer of the United States & the Three Questions That Will Decide 2024 Election - Thom Hartmann

NY-03: Suozzi Holds Narrow Lead in New York Special Election

Watching Maddow et al - - -

Texas House candidate Kyle Biedermann blasts expulsion of Bryan Slaton, removed for having sex with a drunk intern

CNN panel roars with laughter after Jake Tapper cuts of Trump's rant over SCOTUS ballot hearing

Why does it seem that the more mud the maga-pubs toss at Biden...

My professional views on memory, Biden and older people:

So, what happens when the conservative Supreme Court begins to wilfully sidestep and undermine the

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

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NY: Civil rights groups sue Nassau County, legislature over redrawn district map

We typically get really screwed when the Democrats we support appoint Republicans

anti choicers trying to pass out pamphlets at a school

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Rare: Trump lawyer admits 'shameful, violent, criminal' Jan. 6 conduct to Supreme Court - The Beat - MSNBC

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Special counsel's investigation into Great Bumpkin's handling of classified documents

whoever gave me the hearts....

Where's the political benefit is focusing on the salacious attacks in the SC report, instead of the exoneration?

Meanwhile, Putin shows Tucker why he granted an interview

Right, Joy Reid, it's a function of Federalism.

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Biden says Israel's response in Gaza to October 7 Hamas attack 'over the top'

NY-03: Suozzi (D) and Pilip (R) ready for debate

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Ari Melber gets it re: disqualification

The last Democrat who got appointed to be a special council was

WA-05: Energy and Commerce Chair Rodgers (R) won't run again

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Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, the US, talent, and secrets....

Why Trump was charged and Biden wasn't, according to the special counsel

Had A Nicely Done Beef Shank Tonight

Trump's Mind Unravelling, Repeatedly Calls J6 "Insurrection" - Reflect

NY-03: Hochul goes from enemy to frenemy for Tom Suozzi

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BHM 2024 - Caribbean History is Black History - From Lauren's Blog

Senators ask CEOs why their drugs cost so much more in the U.S.

Seth Meyers - Trump Lawyer Admits Jan. 6 Was "Criminal" in Supreme Court Ballot Ban Hearing: A Closer Look

Otis Gibbs - "Mojo Nixon saved me from getting an ass whoopin"

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Russian Dressing

So disgusted with Adam Schiff right now

A response to current news stories

'They Shot Ashli Babbitt!' Trump SHORT CIRCUITS, Says Nancy Pelosi Caused "Insurrection"

a few recent wildlife shots from right outside my door.....didn't even have to leave the shade of my roof...

Arkansas attorney general again rejects public education group's ballot initiative

Raskin's comments

I just watched the video of Biden's statement and press conference.

W.A.S.P. Miss You promo

AZ: From collision course to compromise: Hobbs, Republicans agree on election timeline fix

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Kentucky water utilities could opt out of putting fluoride in drinking water under advancing bill

MSM in a nutshell

Stefanik is a hot mess. Make her VP. She's terrifying.

KY: Bill would give health care providers criminal immunity for medical mistakes

Biden and Trump judges unite on ballot ban: Melber Supreme Court breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge rules Louisiana legislative maps violate Voting Rights Act

Just saw a bit of the Carlson-Putin interview, if you can call it that

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 11, 2023 - 31 Days of Oscar: Supporting Actress

Fox News Guests Assault Migrant During Interview With Sean Hannity

TCM Schedule for Monday February 12, 2024 - 31 Days of Oscar: Art Direction

Georgia Senate approves bill that aims to restrict the ways workers can form unions

What are the best and worst alcoholic beverages that you've ever tasted?

While mocking Biden for his press conference, Jesse Watters welcomes "South CAROLINA Governor Kristi Noem"

Streamline moderne

'Absolute rage': Biden delivers forceful rebuttal to special counsel report's memory claims - MSNBC LIVE

Otis Gibbs - " Big Whiskers"

It was a 90-year-old Republican woman in Colorado

LA: Black voters want congressional map lawsuit moved from GOP-stacked court

Ranked choice repeal group appeals big fine for violating Alaska campaign finance laws

My best friend when I was seven was Shannon. She was a beauty; with hair the color of of a sunset and

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U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers won't run for reelection

Michigan Rep. Josh Schriver (R) condemned for 'Great Replacement' social media post

The Scheme 28: The Judicial Conference - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Threats to potential witness in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Trump screws himself with damning public confession - Brian Tyler Cohen

Thank you Joy Reid

Aaron Donald Sauer: New York Man Arrested for Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Trump's memory problems are prevalent everyday. Only the abscence of the media gives him a pass

Growing threats to Wisconsin judges prompt security legislation

Riley Kasper: Wisconsin Man Sentenced to Prison for Assaulting Police With Chemical Bear Spray During Jan. 6 Capitol Bre

Jesus Christ here is another one, god dammit!!!

Missouri GOP state senator proposes barring women from Medicaid access for life if they receive an abortion

Ryan K. Yates: Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Felony for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Malware warning for DU ads

Moved out of the mall at the start of the year.

Colorado lawyer cites 'clear history' for disqualifying 'oath-breaking insurrectionist' Trump - MSNBC LIVE

Tell me something good

Christopher Douglas Finney: New York Man Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges for Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Br

Matthew Stallings: Virginia Man Arrested for Assaulting Law Enforcement and Other Charges During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Moms For Liberty Chapter Collapses Over 'Lack Of Interest' - Waldorf Nation

The core of Hur's claim that Pres. Biden knowingly kept classified information

My grandson is a Boy Scout working on Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

Hozier - Take Me To Church

Why would Merrick Garland pick as special counsel to investigate Biden a diehard GOPer who Trump liked so much that he

'Supreme Court doesn't want to do the right thing': Top dem slams Colorado ballot ban questioning - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Anger Is An ENERGY!

Thank you to all of the MSNBC legal experts

GOP Special Counsel MAKES MOCKERY of Final Report - Meidas Touch

I really need to apologize to my DU friends

Great tweet from John Harwood

'It's up to states': Top Dem defends Colorado's right to keep Trump off ballot despite Supreme Court - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Lamar Jackson wins 2nd MVP award

President Biden Delivers Touching Teary-Eyed Response To Republican Attacks On His Son's Memory - Reflect

'Lawbreaking to sit on case where you don't belong': Will Thomas recuse in Trump ballot ban case? - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Huge fire in Moscow spread over several buildings.

Let's remember our choices

I hope I don't get flamed for this suggestion...but

Presidential Immunity

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Can anyone identify these wonderful women?

Church and State Separation Is Breaking Down Before Our Eyes

Kimmel: Nikki Haley Rips Off Mean Tweets, Ted Cruz's Suspicious Legislation & Can Trump Run for President?

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Check Your State: Here Are the Active Shooter Training Requirements for Schools and Law Enforcement

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Aggressive Supreme Court discovers new humility in facing Trump ballot case: Dahlia Lithwick - MSNBC LIVE

U.S. conducts new airstrikes targeting Yemen's Houthi rebels

Putin urges US to push Ukraine to talks, hints at possible swap of imprisoned WSJ reporter

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Not Fade Away - Greatful Dead

Lawrence O'Donnell: Every justice knows Clarence Thomas should have recused on Trump ballot case - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hey, guess what happened 48 hours ago?

Biden's Justice Department Just Handed the Trump Campaign a Gold Mine

Today likely brought a measure of smug satisfaction to one man:

American Pie

Prof. Tribe on Trump ballot case: Colorado was doing its job applying the Constitution - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Supreme Court Sure Picked a Curious Moment to Embrace Humility

The Battle is Over but the War Goes On - Levon Helm Band

'Appalling!': Historians torch Supreme Court's handling of Trump ballot case - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump's own attorney screws him with serious mistake in Supreme Court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Failed border bill would have stopped migrants from 'gaming the system,' Border Patrol union president says

Metaphors make the world

Warren Zevon. A West Coast version of a East Coast vesion of Lou Reed.

Leonard Cohen Chelsea Hotel #2...


Comey 2.0 reminds us of the damage done by Comey 1.0

Jennifer Rubin: What Biden's second term would look like, with and without MAGA obstruction

Virginia House Dems move to force vote on GOP delegate's anti-abortion bill

Pakistan Election Result 2024 Live: Ex-PMs Nawaz, Shehbaz Win; Imran Khan's PTI Claims Over 150 Seats

countdown (& olbermann is PISSED!) "OK which atrocity do you want to get enraged about first?"

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Van Morrison - Cleaming Windows

Progressive Democrats break fundraising records in election fight against pro-Israel PACs

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rudy, Trump, and $2 million....

Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby files for re-election

What Election Is Joe Lieberman Watching?

Right-Wing Supreme Court DROPS THE BALL at Hearing - Meidas Touch

New filing by Jack Smith asking Judge Cannon to reconsider/correct her errors denying government request *update below*

NY-03: Long Island House hopefuls Tom Suozzi (D), Mazi Pilip (R) joust on immigration, abortion in feisty debate

One Missouri abortion rights ballot initiative dropped, another continues toward ballot

Bernie Sanders Isn't Thankful for High Drug Prices

Tennessee bill to expand legal abortion criteria fails in subcommittee

Disturbing Proposal: Oklahoma Senator Wants Women Charged with Murder for Abortion

Florida Court Weighs Ballot Measure to Allow Abortion 'Before Viability'

Remember eHarmony??? It's more diverse......

Purchasing Hearts

Tennessee lawmakers reintroduce marijuana referendum ballot bill

Breakfast Friday 9 February 2024

Democrats On Track to Win George Santos' Seat in Special Election - Let's Talk Elections

Wisconsin Republicans seek to subpoena Supreme Court redistricting consultants

Simply put about some of the SC justices

Why U.S. Supreme Court justices avoided insurrection question in Trump Colorado ballot case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Politico: Tucker Carlson joins long line of 'useful idiot' journalists helping tyrants

Clarence Thomas Accused Of 'Intentional Violation' By Oversight Panel Member

Saturn's 'Death Star' moon Mimas may have an ocean scientists never believed could exist

Question: The Supreme Court seems to be working from the idea that...

'That was angry Biden we saw': Biden defiant against Special Counsel report claims - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Garland Teed Up Sly Attack Dog Special Counsel Hur to Screw Biden (and the country)

No Mercy! Judge Locks Up Trump Adviser Before His Appeal Is Heard - Rodecast

Classified Documents Witness Threatened - Raw News And Politics

I think they shot their wad prematurely

Are we stuck with this special prosecutor for the rest of Biden's presidency?

Mike Johnson Endorses/Unendorses Matt Rosendale

Insurrection Debate! Was Trump's January 6th Riot Really an Attempt To Overthrow America? - Thom Hartmann

Who here remembers Bush v. Gore? Who remembers the Brooks Brothers Riot to stop counting the vote?

Rep. Goldman contrasts Biden's 'cooperation' to Trump's 'obstruction' - ABC News

Authorities investigating online threats made to potential witness related to Trump classified docs case

"Famed climate scientist wins million-dollar verdict against right-wing bloggers"

Time to pull some White House press passes

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/8/24

Just Say It, Democrats: #Biden Has Been a Great President The New Republic

Migrant crossings fall sharply along Texas border, shifting to Arizona and California

"The former president's stories of business dominance were often exaggerated. With Republican

Multiple threats to election systems prompt U.S. cybersecurity agency to boost cooperation with states

Thanks for the hearts! Awww! nt

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 9, 2024

McDonald's to cut prices on some items

Alabama considers bill that would criminalise absentee voting

Idaho Republicans oust House majority leader amid dispute over budget process

In Possible Test of Federal Labor Law, Georgia Could Make It Harder for Some Workers to Join Unions

Biden Criticizes Israel for 'Over the Top' Gaza Offensive

Biden Memorandum says countries receiving U.S. weapons must adhere to international law

House could weigh reauthorization of surveillance powers as soon as next week

I have a question about Medicare drug plans

Wordle 965 Feb 9 ***Spoiler Thread***

Jamaica and the Bahamas are pushing back against U.S. travel warnings

Fire Rips Through Moscow

Putin, in rambling interview, barely lets Tucker Carlson get a word in

Tough questions do not guarantee a negative result

The Xerverse/MAGA nation is on fire for Putin

Friday TOONs

Colombia: lawfare against progressive Petro

Prof. Tribe on Trump ballot case: Colorado was doing its job applying the Constitution - 9 min

Biden called out Bibi last night - nothing justifies this response

On this day, February 9, 1941, Sheila Kuehl was born.

I'm going to step back in time!

Utah governor says school board member who questioned a student's gender 'embarrassed the state'

Net tightens on Bolsonaro as police seize passport in coup probe

On this day, February 9, 1909, Carmen Miranda was born.

Kansas' AG is telling schools they must out trans kids to parents

😃🇺🇸🥯➕🔒🔓🗓️❗️Yay or Nay?

Biden and his time before the press yesterday

On this day, February 9, 1974, ABBA won Melodifestivalen 1974.

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Feb 9 Honorable service from Eisenhower to Obama

Well, Morning Is At Our Throats Again, Comrades

Can anybody recommend me a good cat litter?

Ecuadorean councilwoman shot dead Friday

Of Course Trump's Supreme Court Lawyer Is the Same Guy Behind Texas' Sadistic Abortion Ban

This is so touching

Since when did speculation and conjecture become part of DOJ reports?

Today is so touching

Seiji Ozawa, groundbreaking Japanese conductor, dies at 88

Leader of Mexico missing persons group shot dead

Colossal underwater canyon discovered near seamount deep in the Mediterranean Sea

On this day, February 9, 1961, the Beatles performed under this name at the Cavern Club for the first time.

When the hacks question Trump as frenzied and rude and disrespectful

Christofascists being sworn in for a coup against American Democracy

"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you...."

City-size seamount triple the height of world's tallest building discovered via gravitational anomalies

Sam Altman Seeks Trillions of Dollars to Reshape Business of Chips and AI

Biden's response to SC Report turned into a feeding frenzy by nasty reporters

Listen for the sound of

MadRadar hack can make self-driving cars 'hallucinate' imaginary vehicles and veer dangerously off course

Socotra Cormorant

MAGA media pushed "great replacement" theory to turn Republicans against their own immigration bill

Unaffiliated voters that vote D... Which ballot to pick for primary?

Rand Paul vows to drag out Senate effort to pass $95 billion foreign aid package

My godmother was just about scammed yesterday.

Caged dog tastes freedom for first time

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Greater Flamingos

When Samuel L. Jackson Was A Civil Rights Activist Who Once Held Martin Luther King Jr.'s Father Hostage

VA: Ridership on the Tide has not bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, but continues growth

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Morning coffee music

When the sun goes down, a swarm of rats emerges in downtown Vancouver

DC/MD/VA: The 5 Red Line Metro stations that will close for the summer

You raised $7,155.00 on February 8, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Inflation in December was even lower than first reported, the government says

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly.

I am perplexed, troubled, and yet unsurprised by all the vitriol being directed at Garland and Hur

Flux Capacitor in Green

Romans kept poisonous, narcotic seeds concealed in bone vials, new discovery reveals

Call in sick and get another cup of coffee

Tables turned! Wagner declares war against Russians! Z-Army attacks New York. Zaluzhny is fired. - The Russian Dude

Stefanik in her job interview, tells Trump she would commit treason for him.

Woke up to a bunch of new Hearts!! Great way to start the day. Thank You!!!!

Painted Storks - India

Did monster black holes or galaxies come first? The James Webb Space Telescope may have a surprise answer

Important Nature Tip...

Rescue Pup Snaps At Anyone That Goes Near Her

On the Friday night following October 7th, I lit a Yahrzeit candle.

How the Large Hadron Collider's successor will hunt for the dark universe

Another heart!

If Jock Itch were a Person...My choice would be....

Massive hydrogen reservoir discovered beneath an Albanian mine could be an untapped source of clean energy

Fantastic NYT Article Gets To The Heart Of Trump Voters' Loyalty, Outlook

If Jock Itch were a Person...My choice would be....

Preventative Medicine Needed: Israel's Roles in Genocides, Dictatorships, and Repression Around the World

Malicious candidate burns books

John Harwood is not happy with Hur.

Kissing Russian influencers hunted down by cops and forced to apologize for act that could 'harm the psyche' of kids

Philly schools tops in big-city U.S. districts in academic recovery:

March 13, 2023 was the last time sea surface temperatures were lower than the previous daily high temp

A Partisan Hit Job

Wow! I grew some secret admirers overnight

Wisconsin Republicans seek to subpoena Supreme Court redistricting consultants

The only 15 seconds of Tucker-Putin you need to see. Tucker was not hired by the CIA.

A more realistic physical comparison for tfg to consider.

Politico: Joe Scarborough trashes special counsel's report

"That ain't workin' That's the way you do it............."

Scandinavia's first farmers slaughtered the hunter-gatherer population

So Gaetz and some other rethug idiots want to pass a resolution saying trump did not engage in insurrection.

Harlem Shuffle

Oldest Color Entertainment Videotape Discovered, Preserves the 'Kraft Music Hall Starring Milton Berle' (

It's Pizza Day . what do you want on your pizza. Type of crust, sauce, chese, and extras. I want thin crust, homemade

Oldest Color Entertainment Videotape Discovered, Preserves the 'Kraft Music Hall Starring Milton Berle'

Netanyahu orders Palestinians in Gaza's crowded Rafah evacuated ahead of expected ground invasion

UE archaeologists conduct study of Amazonian cave homes

Oldest Color Entertainment Videotape Discovered, Preserves the 'Kraft Music Hall Starring Milton Berle'

Luckovich - spot on

I just woke up to another kind person donating me another heart.

Today we say goodbye to Chloe, our papillon/dachshund mix.

What Biden Should Say When Questioned on His Memory

We have two parties - the Democratic Party and the anti-American party

MAGA is really about making Putin great again

Mike Luckovich-You used to protect me from monsters under me bed

Definitive autopsy of Washington's latest failure to govern

Ok Garland. Release the ENTIRE MUELLER REPORT

Archaeologists are too scared to look inside the tomb of China's first Emperor

Dear media: trump IS a rapist, a murderer of 1 million people, a business fraud and an insurrectionist.

The moscow fire is all a deep state plot. cucker tarlson is really a deeply

An upcoming anniversary

Who should serve as AG in the next Biden term?

Eight Words and a Verbal Slip Put Biden's Age Back at the Center of 2024 (NYT)

Another House GOP'er Stepping Down

Storms dump heavy snowfall in northern Arizona after leaving California a muddy mess

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On This Day: Nuclear sub while doing public relations maneuvers kills 9 on fishing ship - Feb. 9, 2001

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about GOP division, politics, and Montana....

WaHOO!! Thank you for all the stars. I now have 5.. Does that make me and "ace"????

Stefanik says she 'would not have done what Mike Pence did' on Jan. 6

Lesson for Biden supporters: Reagan was thought to be elderly and losing his memory in 1984 yet he won in a landslide

Pic Of The Moment: Elise Stefanik Could Be Trump's Pick For Vice President...

29 degrees f ths am @ 0723 a with a sinking high pressure and heavy frost. burr, a brief spat of rain came through

Listening to the 6 Supreme Wingnuts of the Supreme Court of the Confederacy

A Huge Positive For Merrick Garland Becoming AG

Arizona prevents election recount nightmare scenario with a bipartisan fix

The right wing shadow powers are scared to literal death of President Bidens' success. That's why the frenzied pressers.

Garland is batting .300

Illinois Department of Transportation Teamsters Authorize Strike (3,800 workers)

My local radio talk show wingnuts got my email about their conspiracy propaganda on the BIDEN Report

Lauren Boebert's Ex-Husband Skips Court Hearing to Make Dinner (Newsweek)

Is it me or do folks here seem somewhat ranty of late?

Greg Abbott Vows to Expand Texas Border Standoff With Biden Admin

Pres. Biden's own defenses about his mental acuity is a perfect backdrop for other responses

99.2% Collapse 'China's Economy: A Painful Lesson'; Stock Market; Deflation; Solar Sector - China Update

Unfortunately, pointing out all of Trump's gaffes and mental lapses isn't going to do much.

S & P breaks through 5K.

'Joe Biden falls victim to Democrats' special prosecutor delusion'

Hey all you DU cats and kittens, thanks for the hearts. I remain rather obscure here on DU, but appreciate

So, technically, Putin could run for US president...

The Beatles 2/9/64 -- The group makes their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show

Maru becomes liquid on the kotatsu.

And then there's this little tidbit.

I Have One Last Thing To Say About Hur's Report

Rick Springfield - Speak To the Sky

"Hyundai Can't Wait" Alabama Autoworkers Unionizing

Davy Jones - Rainy Jane

Republican calling for Biden to be removed under the 25th amendment

Jimmy Osmond - Long-Haired Lover From Liverpool

If such a clear partisan as Hur was appointed to investigate President Biden

The Bay City Rollers - S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

The fix was in as per the U.S. Supreme Court and keeping Trump on the ballot. We can't define what ...

Just a Rant over NFL "Honors" Last Night

Putin pulled a 'classic power move' to 'humiliate' Tucker Carlson: FT Moscow bureau chief

Greg Abbott Vows to Expand Texas Border Standoff With Biden Admin (Newsweek)

Civil rights AND union rights

Thanks for the hearts!

Republicans block attempt to add rape, incest exemptions to Missouri's abortion ban

New Videos Contradict NYPD Account of Lead-Up to Times Square Attack on Cops

I just took a stroll around the property. The fruit trees are starting to bud.

Didn't the President have an attorney present when he was interviewed by Hur?

Tucker Carlson is a useful idiot for Putin

Oceanator - I Would Find You

The Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (1970, live and in color)

What's exponentially worse than misnaming people or cities now and then?

Thank you to all those hearts ....

Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids - At The Hop

Thanks for the heart. Much appreciated.

I still have hearts left. Anyone want one? I've tried to go to the lesser populated forums to try and find

Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live' to host White House Correspondents dinner

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How Brazil is handling their insurrection

the hur report is nose candy for the media

The problem with unrealistic expectations

B.B. King and Eric Clapton - The Thrill Is Gone (Crossroads 2010)

Jeff Beck & Tai Wilkenfeld -- Crossroads 2007, full set

DNC files complaint against RFK Jr. and his super PAC for illegal coordination (ballot access)

Hearing on Nebraska's 'stand-your-ground' bill ends with tense exchange over race, crime

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For

How do I logoff DU?

Hur would have been thoroughly skewered by now if an equivalent report had been released about Trump or any Republican,

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (February 9, 2024)

If the SCOTUS votes to keep TFG on the ballot,

A light anecdote

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 9, 2024

What's for Dinner, Fri.,, Feb. 9, 2024

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El Salvador holds mass sentencing hearing for gang leaders

Michigan Arab & Muslim Leaders Press White House for Ceasefire in Gaza

Official says police in Haiti killed 5 armed environmental protection agents during ongoing protests

Tiedrich: fuck straight off with this "Joe Biden is old" bullshit

What is the status of: Alina Habba Accused of 'Grooming' Trump Employee After Sexual Assault

If the orange menace is convicted of a felony

Bo Jackson awarded $21 million in Georgia blackmail, stalking case

Larry Hogan running for U.S. Senate seat in Maryland

Kansas' AG is telling schools they must out trans kids to parents, even with no specific law

Liberals Feckless, Conservatives Reckless: Elie Mystal on SCOTUS Trump Ballot Ban Case

Better start building that wormhole.

Israel is holding up food for 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza, the main UN aid agency there says

Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) has started her deep dive into the Hur hit piece

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Another priceless meme

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So what's with the Amazon return policy????/

"fuck straight off with this "Joe Biden is old" bullshit. hire a MAGA stooge special counsel, get a MAGA stooge report"

Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa, who amazed audiences at Boston Symphony Orchestra, dies at age 88

Happy lunar new year of the dragon!

Funny European commercial for Canal+, which is a premium television channel.

Teamster Pilots at Omni Air Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize a Strike

I Look Forward To The GE Debates

Utah School Board Bigot Makes Clear: Coming For The Trans Kids Means They're Coming For *You*

Rampant COVID Poses New Challenges in the Fifth Year of the Pandemic

Close Contest in Pakistan Amid Election Crackdown

In battleground Wisconsin, election clerks must now accept absentee ballots with partial addresses

​Why Americans Are So Down on a Strong Economy

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Ernest Tubb was born on this date.

New Videos Contradict NYPD Account of Lead-Up to Times Square Attack on Cops

Half of American renters pay more than 30% of income on housing, study shows - PBS NewsHout

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Second man accused of vandalizing journalists' homes pleads guilty in New Hampshire

Carole King has a birthday today.

Second man accused of vandalizing journalists' homes pleads guilty in New Hampshire

How Local Idaho Prosecutors Lost The Case Against Patriot Front's White Nationalist Leader

When it comes to trippy covers, no one does it quite like Puddles - Pink Floyd's Brain Damage / Eclipse

Bryan, OH: City drops charges against pastor as sides negotiate over Ohio church's 24/7 ministry

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to run for Senate

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Former Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to run for Senate, 11 News confirms

Meta removes Instagram, Facebook accounts of Iran's Khamenei

Speaker Johnson must resign.

Ships from US, Australia and Japan conduct joint drills in South China Sea in defiance of Beijing

Why Alina Habba's connection to Allen Weisselberg matters

Israel seeks to evacuate Palestinians jammed into a southern Gaza city ahead of an expected invasion

That's the advantage of being a serial liar Presidential candidate,

Texas Democrats Issue Statement Following Greg Abbott's Press Conference at Movie Set in Eagle Pass, Texas

Consequences (Lincoln Project)

"Moderate Anti-Trump Republican" is just one brand of an evil cult.

Why did Garland allow this political hit piece to be released?

Donald Trump Puts the NRA Over the Safety of Texas Families

FDA says hands tied after suspect named in applesauce lead poisonings

Wohl and Burkman: Marine vet targeted in catfishing scam by right-wing operatives and conspiracy theorists who 'make s--

"Manifest injustice": Jack Smith calls out Judge Cannon's "clear error" in new filing

Wait! The GOBers are criticizing Biden over his memory?

HUGE gaggle!

Did garland have a chance to review hurr's report?

Donald Trump clinches win at US Virgin Islands caucus, which defied Republican Party rules

A Brief History Of Republicans Walking Away From Bipartisan Immigration Deals

Ex-Israeli PM makes devastating condemnation of Netanyahu's war in Gaza

5 Marines killed in helicopter crash are identified

The Daily B***h*: "Completely out of f#### to give."

S&P 500 Set To Close Above 5,000

WH Counsel's Office Responding live NOW on

How It Started

Sally Yates

These memory gaffes are going to ruin his Presidential campaign.

Dan Froomkin: When is a huge news story not a huge news story?

SCOTUS Colorado case

Democrats file FEC complaint against Robert Kennedy Jr. and allied super PAC

Peter Baker of the NYT was very angry on Stephanie Ruhle's show last night

Release the full, unredacted Mueller report

Strike Threat at Allison Transmission Strips out Tiers

It took two days but I finally managed to renew my star account.

La Vie En Rose - 'Life in Pink' - Louis Armstrong - Anthem of Love 💗 Edith Piaf

I Went Out For An Errand And It's A Fine Day In The City!

Difference of the document issue?

Here is the question that has plagued man for centuries ...

Golden Retriever Brings His Mom's Clothes To The Backyard Every Single Day

Well, I'm home from the hospital with a story to tell

The howling pack of hyenas at the press conference,

Currently listening to the white house briefing.

Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump

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100,000+ Flight Attendants Unite in Day of Action to Demand Better Pay, Working Conditions

This is how you set up an appeal

Ukraine designates US-based manufacturer as international 'sponsor of war'

Olive and Mabel - Puppy Love.

I have been kicked off the voter roll in Broward County, Florida!

OMG, looks like I'll pay $20K in federal taxes. Dividends were great in 2023. I guess

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New Fall of Civilizations video coming soon! Podcast out now!

Venezuela building up troops on Guyana border, satellite images show

Venezuela building up troops on Guyana border, satellite images show

I wish the WH Counsel's office would find another spokesperson

In the last two weeks I have assembled three pieces of Wayfair furniture.

Six months after Maui wildfire, 5,000 survivors still stranded: 'We're tired of broken promises'

Im in the wrist right side. 63 degrees in February. Is that terrifying or what?

Biden's attorneys react to Hur report: 'Highly prejudicial'

If you are unhappy with the media's treatment of President Biden

Relief coming for Seattleites in search of a downtown public restroom

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Colombia's government and FARC's former political chief announce peace talks

The world is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels - except for in three key sectors

VP Kamala Harris has weighed in on Special Counsel Hur's report. "As a former prosecutor, the comments that were made

Cartoons 2/9/2024

In light of Hurr's report, I think that this is apropos

Harris offers forceful defense of Biden and questions special counsel's integrity

Warm winter melts meager snowpack in Cascades, with far-reaching effects

Inflation in December was even lower than first reported, the government says

Former Mets GM Billy Eppler suspended through World Series for fabricating injuries

Toddler dead, mother wounded after shooting outside Prince George's Co. apartment complex

Police Officer Suspected of Killing Agent Investigating Militia Received Payments from Militia Leader

Legislative audit of Sarah Huckabee Sanders' lectern purchase delayed

Harris: Special Counsel's Biden Docs Report Is 'Politically Motivated'

Taylor Swift's 'psyops' plot is working; on 7-year-olds (satire)

Carnival and Brazilian Cultural Traditions Clash with Evangelicals

Our Father

US orders 'assurances' from nations receiving American weapons

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Why has the price of gas gone up so high again?

Harrop: Is Taylor Swift's shilling for elections un-American?

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Trump's memory is so good...

System of Atlantic Ocean currents approaches 'cliff-like' tipping point, could collapse, study says

Study visually captures a hard truth: Walking home at night is not the same for women

Statement from President Joe Biden

Given the political controversy triggered by the Hur report

What I'd say if I was a White House Spokesperson

Speaker Johnson EMBARRASSED After Getting Caught Playing Dirty

On hearts, minds and guts.

US Sanctions Ecuadorian Gang Los Choneros and its Leader "Fito"

In other docs case, special counsel won't charge President Biden

Jesse Watters Bombards Joe Biden On His Mental Fitness ― And Then Karma Strikes

Hawaii Supreme Court quotes "The Wire" in ruling on gun rights: "The thing about the old days, they the old days"

Why Are Trump Dudes SO Threatened by Taylor Swift??? Republican Political Consultant Explains.

In the Senate GOP, Ted Cruz isn't Mitch McConnell's only problem

When Tucker's Moscow testicle tanning goes wrong...

When The Media Dwells On Biden's Age - Day After Day - Night After Night On News Shows....

"Like sharks in a feeding frenzy..."

DNC files complaint over RFK Jr. super PAC's efforts to put him on state ballots

Forget Biden. Here's 'stable genius' Donald Trump in his own bizarre words

Senate Republicans manage to make the border fight even weirder

Heartless no more!

Note to Katy Tur: There is a huge difference between misspeaking and being confused

Is Elise Stefanik brown nosing to be Trump's veep?

Great OogaBooga!

Independent Operator Killed In Attack In The La Arrocera Town Of Culiacán, Sinaloa (Warning, graphic video)

Tucker Carlson Is The Most Cynical Man In America The Warning

"And another senior citizen who also has memory and confusion problems..."

Despite reality, Speaker Mike Johnson boasts, 'We're governing'

Ted Cruz blames Dems for failed border bill. Who drafted it and what would it have done?

Amidst VP chatter, Elise Stefanik joins the race to the bottom

Special counsel says Trump and co-defendants 'will stop at nothing' to delay classified docs trial

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Climate scientist Michael Mann wins defamation case against conservative writers.

John Harwood:I talked to him one-on-one at the WH 10 days before Hur did here's the video; judge for yourself

Just on ABC an 11 year old took a loaded

I have a question for this group,

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TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 15, 2024: 31 Days of Oscar--Writing, Original Story

The Guardian Angels BOGUS Segment on Fox

Extremely accurate election prediction model has Biden winning North Carolina - and reelection

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Scientists Reverse Alzheimer's Memory Loss by Repairing Damaged Synapses

Biden administration announces $5 billion commitment for research and development of computer chips

I just saw a headline that

Fact-Checking Tucker Carlson Interview With Vladimir Putin: Baseless Claims About The War In Ukraine

Happy Chinese New Year everyone

Missouri GOP state senator proposes barring women from Medicaid access for life if they receive an abortion

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Let's see how the GOP is doing

"'Inappropriate': Harris slams prosecutor's report about Biden" Click on link: VIDEO is AWESOME!

S&P closes above 5K. First time ever.

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Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what's being missed in Tucker vs Putin....

Osprey Talons

Kamala Harris Smacks Down Republican Attacks On Biden's Age - Reflect

Huge surprise win for Democrats in 2024's most crucial state - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rand Paul aims to stall aid package

Special counsel warns of 'significant and immediate' threat to Mar-a-Lago case witnesses

How we win...

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Stephen Marley's response to the travel advisory

Judge Starts Countdown Clock in Donald Trump's E. Jean Carroll Case

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Earthquake Rattles Hawaii

National Pizza Day?

Gun makers to ask US Supreme Court to bar Mexico's lawsuit

'Stealthy' felines make rare appearance crossing Florida golf course. See them frolic

Republicans again fail to read something that deserved their attention

Earthquake In the SFV

Holy shit. Just had earthquake in l.a.

Revealed: rightwinger Leonard Leo linked to efforts to keep Trump on ballot

Earthquake in SoCal!


Instagram, Threads no longer recommending political content

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Wisconsin Republicans urge state Supreme Court to reject redistricting report's findings

Born February 10, 1926, Hazel Court, English actress & screen beauty

Jesuits in US bolster outreach initiative aimed at encouraging LGBTQ+ Catholics

New DOJ watchdog report details FBI officials' misconduct with foreign prostitutes

❤️s a'flyin

Russia's fanning of anti-Israeli sentiment takes dark detour into Holocaust denialism

Stephen Marley responds to the travel advisory

Has anybody here watched the "Sisters in Law" podcast? Joyce Vance, often featured on Morning Joe, is one of the three

People are laughing at this because its funny.

HEALTH U.S. investigates alleged Medicare fraud scheme estimated at $2 billion

GOP lawmaker Claudia Tenney asks Merrick Garland to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office

AP: 4.6-magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California


Baltimore County Joins Long List of Md. School Systems Suing Social Media

Man Attacked During Live Fox News Segment Wasn't Actually A Migrant Or A Shoplifter

Finished "The Approaching Horror" acrylic 8x8 on canvas board

Caught on video: 2 soldiers allegedly steal Pride flag from Arlington home multiple times

Sun not notable in southern MD today, BUT

US FAA mandates Boeing 737 MAX rudder loose bolt inspections

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MAGAt greeting

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Opinion: Age matters. Which is why Biden's age is his superpower

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Prosecutors dismiss charges against Louisiana troopers who bragged of beating a Black motorist

Ex-DEA informant sentenced to life in prison for 2021 killing of Haiti president

Dan Goldman DESTROYS Jim Jordan's "Useless" Committee

Anyone who doubts Joe Biden -- HAS A SHORT MEMORY!

German firm BASF to pull out of Xinjiang after Uyghur abuse claims

UNRWA staff accused by Israel sacked without evidence, chief admits

Senator Sanders: No More Money For Netanyahu

MSNBC: Melber and Maddow on SCOTUS disqualification hearings

I don't get it.

A short observation about DU ads

Congressional age limit proposed in North Dakota in potential test case for nation

Prosecutors to seek prison term for biker who stomped on a family's car windshield and pulled a gun on the driver

Tucker Carlson interview: Fact-checking Putin's 'nonsense' history

When Is The State Of The Union Address?......

A Bronze Age pendant links lives centuries apart in this wondrous short

Heads up. Senate danger in blue, blue Maryland. Larry Hogan is running for Senate and he can win

DjT's ego and maniacal ambition...

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Josh Marshall: More Angry Biden, Please

US thermal coal exports hit 5-year highs and top $5 billion in 2023

Biden sending CIA chief to Egypt in latest push for Gaza hostage deal

Just made a donation to the Biden campaign

Hoosier troops being sent to Texas Border

Pres. Biden is 20 years younger than...

To my 6:06 DU Valentine,

Carlson's softball interview with Putin

Okay 'Swing' Voters, Here's Your Choice. (Re: Biden's Age)

Biden taps Democrat Phillips as head of FERC energy regulator

We have people in Congress who are enemies of the people

Four months ago I place a heart shaped card in the coffin of dad with a message that he will always be my valentine.

Omnipollo - Graveyard Shift: I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing Next Friday (IMPERIAL/DUBBEL IPA) 🖤🖤🖤

MST3K - Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm

Texas conservatives test how far they can extend abortion and gender-transition restrictions beyond state lines

MST3K - Mr. B's Lost Shorts - Is this Love

Pre-Valentine's Day Song: Daisy A Day

'Inaccurate and inappropriate': Harris responds to special counsel report on Biden - MSNBC Reports

Sweet-Love is Like Oxygen ( 12" long version )

Rep. Stefanik: I would not have done what Pence did - Way Too Early - MSNBC

Muse - Uprising [Official Video]

Illinois bill would give tax credit to residents fleeing states with abortion, gender-affirming care bans

Citing an 'insurmountable' lack of snow, Montana ski area closes for the season

Judge blocks Omaha's ban on guns in public places while lawsuit challenging it moves forward

The Special Counsel's report was a cheap shot

What was the last movie you've seen in the theater

Ari Melber

'Almost a wink-wink, nod-nod to Donald Trump': Breaking down special counsel report - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Loose Cannon just ordered Smith turn over death threats info to tsf

Lafayette, LA: Ban lifted on book displays celebrating Black history, Pride Month in SW Louisiana city