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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 39,665

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Dingbat Emeritus, host of the DU Spackling Group.

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New group proposal: Really F-ing Interesting DUers. Group.

Warning: salty language below.

I propose we establish a new DU group just for the fucking unbelievably interesting DUers out there. The ones who are so much more interesting than anything going on in the world today, that somehow their petty intra- and extra-DU squabble is important enough to share screen space with Nelson Mandela, or news of a half-million people who just died from a famine. Or the upcoming election of the fucking President of the United States.

It's getting absurd. I used to think the "no personal attacks" rule was a good one, because it was civil.

Horseshit. It wasn't a good rule because it was civil. It was a good rule because these little snipe-fests are fucking boring.

You know the ones I mean. Hell, sometimes it's even me. Who in the hell do I think I am? And who the hell are any of you to think you're so goddamn interesting that we need to hear the latest salvo in every shit-storm between you and some other idiot, when you each came here just to piss in every corner of the room and see who you can get mad at you?

Listen. The fucker on the corner of my street just put up a goddamn Santorum sign without a shred of fucking irony, and I've got to hear about how you think some guy posting on DU doesn't measure up, and ought to be posting somewhere else? Do you even realize how absurd it is to care, when this asshole on the corner with the flagpole and the fucking fifth-wheel thinks, "Hey, that Santorum guy? He should lead the free world. Seriously, it's a good idea."

What the fuck, people. You want me to care who needled your ego online in 2003??

I propose, no, demand this new DU group, so when we see this kind of nonsense we can tell the offenders "Hey, know what? There's a perfect place for you to have your 'who can be a bigger jerk before getting noticed' contest. It's in this group over here, we call it the Really Fucking Interesting DUer group, but so far it's just full of assholes. Hey, maybe you can be the one to make a difference!!"

In the words of the immortal Redd Foxx, thanks for listening, now I'm going to the toilet.

- R

"Special Forces Soldier killed in Syria" likely not dead, may have faked death (Occupy San Diego)

Update February 3, 2012:

Sgt. Polk's death has still not been reported by the Dept. of Defense, nor has any notice of his death appeared in his family's hometown newspaper.

A source has further informed ECM that his name has not been provided for addition to a memorial that honors fallen special services soldiers. Thus at this point, it appears likely that Polk did not die in service overseas. Perhaps he faked his death, or possibly someone else posted misleading information on his Facebook account.....

Read More: http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/8382

... Or perhaps no one picked up the phone to confirm before running breathlessly with story. Old mess of a DU thread here. Actual soldiers who have been killed here. Likelihood of this guy having been a Special Forces soldier here.

Again, the moral of the story: "Something I read on Facebook" is not a source.
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