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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 17,351

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very liberal and progressive

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Gerrymandering means repug wins in the house are illigitimate-when are we going to shout this out

why are the traitor republicans allowed to get away with this illegal voting practices and still whine about made up Democratic voting problems?

When are the ads going to run? When are we going to keep hammering them with this gross corruption of Democracy?

The next republican president will likely be the end of Democracy

the next republican house will be the end of fiscal responsibility
the next republican senate will be the end of an impartial justice system
any republican governors will destroy democracy in their state

We cannot afford republican, criminal, treacherous leadership until the current criminals who have taken over that party are flushed down the toilet or in a collective prison.

These are my opinions.

I heard Trump got 90 on an IQ test and bragged that he got an A

he also bragged that he was on the extreme right side of the standard deviation curve showing the IQ distribution scores proving his right wing credentials.

The political fight is no longer about Democratic versus Republican

the right is now between:

those who support Democracy versus those who would turn America into a Totalitarian State/Dictatorship.

In this contest, the Democratic Party is pro-Democracy and the Republicans are pro-dictatorship (destroy America). Republicans seem to work for foreign enemies and are supported by fox (traitor) news and the traitor murdochs, and other totalitarians like the koch's. Segments of right-wind religious fanatics also want to destroy America and Democracy.

Anyone voting republican needs to understand they are voting to destroy democracy and to support mass killers like putin. Anyone not voting for the Democratic Party should be honest and admit they hate America. This is no longer about taxes, free markets or capitalism. This is about Democracy versus totalitarianism.

They are led by Moscow Mitch and Lenningrad Lindsay Graham

The Moscow Eight: Sens. Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), Steve Daines (Mont.), John Hoeven (N.D.),
John Neely Kennedy (La.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), John Thune (S.D.) and Johnson, plus Rep.
Kay Granger (Tex.).

Led By: Moscow Mitch and Lenningrad Lindsay Graham

2022 midterms may be the last democratic election we ever have in this country

If the repugs get the house and the senate, all their efforts will go to setting up a steal, destroying democracy, making the public angry. Foreign psycops with unlimited money will pour into right wing channels to spew lies. GOP victory in 2024 will mean an effective stealing operation and that will be it for Democracy in this country. Trump will change the 2 term rule and stay in power for life. The rest of the gop will gobble up the left overs as trump enriches his family much as the other dictators around the world do,.

The planners of the Jan 6 coup knew it had to be a permanent direction - frightening implications

There are so many people involved in the Jan 6 coup a the highest levels of repug government. They would know that if the coup succeeded, the only to stay out of jail after future elections we to ensure they could never lose power. This is what dictatorships are about. So i'm pretty sure the plan was for trump to never lose power again and for democracy to be dismantled or function like a third world dictatorship.

This is the mindset of the republican leadership. If they were willing to support a coup on Jan 6th, i don't believe they have any interest in protecting our Democracy. We show weakness at the risk of American values and Democracy.

If the GQP is a virus

the treatment is to win office and then destroy the virus. It is not time to go easy and stop the antibiotics when it seems the virus has retreated a little (e.g. a Democrat became President). The virus only comes back stronger. Some examples:

1992 - Bill Clinton becomes President. The GOP virus retreats and then takes over the House while we are patting ourselves on the back for defeating Bush I.

2000 - The republicans steal the Federal election for Bush II while we talk about the need to get along and not disrupt the status quo.

2002 - we lost the Senate because the media shows pictures of Democrats seemingly out of touch with the common man (what a disgusting joke that is), while the republicans give the rich the most generous tax cut in history.

2004 - Kerry picks Edwards who decides to have an affair while running for office because he doesn't care about defeating bush at the polls. Meanwhile, the republicans probably stole another election for bush.

2006 - we win back the House because Nancy Pelosi firmly attacks Republican policies.

2008 - Obama wins as the republicans show how truly stupid their policies amid a complete financial system collapse.

2010 - somehow, we let the republicans win back the House and gerrymander races for the next decade.

and then we all shamefully know trump's history.

I believe the Republican dominated Supreme Court attacked our Democracy in 2000 by selecting

George Bush as President by stopping the vote count. If any of the bush family were patriots they would have insisted that the vote count continue to find the actual winner. The fact they did not and the fact that there is a muted outcry among voters shows how much support they had to destroy Democracy and the indifference among many.

This was a pivitol moment in history and a theft of Democracy. We responded by picking two weak candidates to run in 2004 and never raising the spectre of a stolen election. One of the candidates decided to have an affair when he should have been fighting for the country's very democratic survival.

Obama won in 2008 but then voted from the center and lost site of the coming census that would allow Republicans to cheat in redrawing voting districts. Again them stole Democracy. The media talked about Obama's tanned suit choices. Meanwhile, instead of embracing the left and talking about the Republicans as the american hating traitors that they were, Obama sought to work with McConnell for too long.

Hillary Clinton, love her, fought an intellectual game against Trump foreign fueled campaign. At a time to speak out about how corrupt trump was, and the foreign money, and visiting blue collar States, the threat to Democracy was not fully exposed.

Now here we are. Two Democratic Senators feel the filibuster is more important than minority votes in Texas and Florida. The executive team is doing what they should in normal times. But these are not normal times. We are at war with the republicans who hate us, hate our democracy and would like to see everyone on the left die of covid.

We better fight, because time is running out for Democracy. They better release all the truth, declassify documents, use the power of law to get to the truth and ensure it is talked about before the midterms. Losing those may mean losing Democracy.

In my opinion we need to keep reminding everyone that Republicans are the cult of death

Many of their leaders and supporters

- hate America.

- they lie

- they traffic children for sex

- they have sex with underaged victims

- they will work with foreign adversaries for money or influence

- they would rather serve Putin than anyone in America who isn't as rabid crazy as they are

- they would rather tell there supporters to not take precautions to save their own lives

- they will watch fox news hosts who lie about covid and give advice that risks the lives of their own supporters and other people in general

- they have to be hypocrites and idiots. A BLM demonstration in Florida is evil, but a Cuban one is perfectly okay.

- they are racist. Black and Brown lives don't matter to them.

- everyone has a right to a gun, but not the right to vote

- they are complete cowards - send other children to fight but dodge every draft themselves

republicans are the lowest of the low at this point in time. Cringeworthy, treacherous filth.
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