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very liberal and progressive

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actually 'no'

I do not want to ban all guns, but I do want reasonable controls to eliminate misuse. I do want to ban weapons that are used in a lot of homicides and massacres - sort of like how the insurance industry requires higher premiums for 'red' colored sports cars.

however, I see the pro-gun crowd throw obstacles in the way such as:
1. focusing on trivial technical details
2. focusing on grammar
3. focusing on a subsection of a sentence in the second amendment
4. taking a page from climate deniers and cherry picking events
5. ignoring facts they don't want to believe
6. saying stupid things like 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' when people use guns to kill people. the bigger the gun, the faster the shooting, the more people that can be killed by the weapon
7. name calling
8. when all arguments fail, go back to point 3.
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