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very liberal and progressive

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Poll: What are your politics

Which side of the political spectrum are you on? (expecting most to be left!)

good point. But Obama had a mandate for change

in his first term he went conservative and alienated a lot of people who wanted big change.

- he should have taken a more progressive stand on weed
- should have been faster on healthcare and immigration
- should have gone as far left as bush had gone right
- should not have let bush's crimes be swept away
- should have talked to the people more

remember the difference in his performance between the first and second debates? I think he's spent more time governing as he was in debate 1 and a few times he's governed like in debate 2 (e.g. his recent immigration stand).

repugs will bend and destroy the law for their means. if we can't even show passion and fierceness for what we believe, then they will continue to steamroll over us.

i think it's more than darwin

it's the bloodsucking people profiting from the gun industry that have convinced so many people that they need to be awass in guns and to show their patriotism through guns. So many seem to think that loving their guns means loving their country.

what a wet dream for any marketer.

Pictures of officer wilson do not show major injuries - so he shot a young black male multiple times

this is not what armed police officers should be doing.

Brown was not threatening anyone. No one else was in danger. So how did Wilson who purportedly called for backup get into a situation that he had to shoot an unarmed man multiple times.

the acceptance of this tragedy by so many is saddening and frightening and smacks truly of something more inhumane.

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