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very liberal and progressive

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Repugs commonly preface their arguments with - I'm not a scientist, but ....

ever notice how repugs preface all their arguments and actions with 'I'm not a scientist' or 'a doctor' or a 'soldier'. Then they proceed to not only give an opinion but lobby or change laws in support of their opinion. We have to realize the repug-inism is a dangerous type of thinking for this country and the world. These are their code words for passing policies that are beneficial to them at the expense of everyone else.

Coupled with the repug way of never accepting responsibility (e.g. cheney and the networks blaming Obama for Iraq), never remembering what they said (e.g. Rumsfeld on how easy Iraq would be to control post-invasion), willing to lie and cheat (e.g. stopping the count of actual votes and stealing a Federal election from the rightful winner Al Gore), and talking Religion but not actually practicing the message (e.g. how many Repugs believe in 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' and helping the poor), we need to GOTV, focus on taking back institutions like the Supreme Court and putting in a true media establishment - and passing universal health care.

We need to stop thinking the repugs will ever play fair or do what's right for the country. it's all about what they want and what they want to keep from other's in the country.


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