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very liberal and progressive

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they do. no amount of tragedy will change the minds of gun lovers and the nra

stats are made up
insults are thrown around
victim complexes are invoked
requests for calm when talking about victims and then hysteria when there is any threat to any gun type of gun access

and when all is exhausted, the twisted language used to justify an incorrect interpretation of the 2a is invoked, and supported by the same supreme court morons that think corporations are people, followed by threats that all elections will be lost if anyone tries to be rational about gun proliferation, followed by more name calling (while saying they are being called names).

where is toby keith's patriotism that he flaunted attacking the innocent Dixie Chicks?

the imbecile toby keith used to prance around and pretend to love America - meanwhile trying to destroy the first amendment in his nonstop attacks against the Dixie Chicks for simplify calling the selected bush before the Iraq war.

where is his patriotism now that the infamous 47 have violated the logan act, gone against the President, made us look weak in front of the world?
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