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very liberal and progressive

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I believe the Republican dominated Supreme Court attacked our Democracy in 2000 by selecting

George Bush as President by stopping the vote count. If any of the bush family were patriots they would have insisted that the vote count continue to find the actual winner. The fact they did not and the fact that there is a muted outcry among voters shows how much support they had to destroy Democracy and the indifference among many.

This was a pivitol moment in history and a theft of Democracy. We responded by picking two weak candidates to run in 2004 and never raising the spectre of a stolen election. One of the candidates decided to have an affair when he should have been fighting for the country's very democratic survival.

Obama won in 2008 but then voted from the center and lost site of the coming census that would allow Republicans to cheat in redrawing voting districts. Again them stole Democracy. The media talked about Obama's tanned suit choices. Meanwhile, instead of embracing the left and talking about the Republicans as the american hating traitors that they were, Obama sought to work with McConnell for too long.

Hillary Clinton, love her, fought an intellectual game against Trump foreign fueled campaign. At a time to speak out about how corrupt trump was, and the foreign money, and visiting blue collar States, the threat to Democracy was not fully exposed.

Now here we are. Two Democratic Senators feel the filibuster is more important than minority votes in Texas and Florida. The executive team is doing what they should in normal times. But these are not normal times. We are at war with the republicans who hate us, hate our democracy and would like to see everyone on the left die of covid.

We better fight, because time is running out for Democracy. They better release all the truth, declassify documents, use the power of law to get to the truth and ensure it is talked about before the midterms. Losing those may mean losing Democracy.

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